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- How was my first impression of my exchange partner? It was akward to see eachother the first time.

- What was the most interesting thing i see in Amsterdam? I really did enjoy the day in Amsterdam. I think the museum was interesting. -What was the first thing i did when I came home ( with my exchange partner) ? I did a house tour, and i introduced my exchange partner to my parents -Did you enjoy the bike tour around the Wageningse University? Well for me it was not so interesting, because I know the city and I already see it . But for the Croatian people I think it was more interesting. -How was it to talk to my Croatian partner? The first 2 days with my Croatian partner was difficult, but after 2 days it gets better. -How was my communication between me and my exchange partner? The first day was awkward and weird, but after a view days we know each other better. -Do I think my exchange partner like cycling? I think she really like it. -Do I think 10 days was to long for this project? No, I think 10 days is perfect because than we can know each other better and its not too long for me. -Do I think Im gonna have a good time in Croatia? Yes, I think it will be great, except that Im gonna miss my family and dog . -What are my expectations about Croatie? I think its hotter there, and more prettier than Holland.