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Hey, Im Sil Penders, im a student of the Pantarijn College in Wageningen. Im 14 years old.

Last year we did a bike project, on November the 15th 20 Croatian people came visite us. First we talked to our students to know eachother better, the next dat, Saturday November the 16th we cycled with a special route to the Panorama Hoeve, we played mini-golf and ate mini panecakes on November the 17th, the next day, we went to Amsterdam and we visited the Rijksmuseum, after that we had some time to walk by ourselves threw the city. On Monday and Tuesday ( 18th and 19th ) the dutch people and the croatian were seperated, we did different things. On Wednesday the 20th weve bin in Houten and someone told us special things about Houten. After that we went to the Zaanse Schans, we visited the Saw-mill and they explained u show the mills worked. Thursday and Friday we brainstormed together about the bike project. Saturday and Sunday we had Family days so we can do some things together with our croatian people. Monday the 25th the croatian people went back home at 6 AM.