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Our exchange project with Croatia Hi, my name is Violeta and Im 14 years old.

I was really excited for the Croatian students to come to Holland. I had a great time teaching my Croatian partner things about the Dutch culture. Friday The croatian students arrived at 1 pm. My parents picked my Croatian partner and me up, and we showed her my house and the city. Saturday We had to be at school in the morning. We went midgetgolfing but we had to go there by bike. We searched for a knooppunt route on the internet and then we had to follow the route in groups of 5. After that we went to a restaurant and we ate poffertjes ( a Dutch dish). Sunday We went to Amsterdam by bus. When we arrived there we visited the Rijksmuseum for about 2/3 hours. Then we took a group picture on the Dam. And then we had some spare time to walk around in the city. Monday The Dutch students had their own program, the Croatian students went to the city hall of Wageningen and had a few Dutch lessons. Tuesday In the morning we had a sportsday, in the afternoon the Croatian students had Dutch lessons and the Dutch students had their own program. Wednesday We went by bus to Houten, the cycle city of Holland. The mayor told us things about the city, after his presentation we walked around in the city for like an hour. Then we went (by bus again) to de Zaanse Schans. We walked around for a bit and then we drank chocolate milk in a woodmill. The man who owned the woodmill showed us a movie about how everything worked. Thursday Someone from a bike organisation showed us some places in Wageningen. The rest of the day we had to make something for the dinner at school. After the dinner we had a schoolparty. Friday We had to go to school, we first got drinks etc. and then we made plans for the bikeproject. When we were finished, I went with Roos and her partner (and my partner too) to the city. On Saturday and Sunday we had a family weekend.