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1. Which painting did I like the most in the Rijksmuseum and why?

The 'nachtwacht', it was big and it was a honour to see it because it is very old. 2. What did I learn of my exchange partner? I can speak a little bit Croatian and I learned a new recipe. 3. Which differents were there? My buddy is 2 years older than me. In Croatia they eat on different times. 4. What did I learn at the 'Zaanse schans'? At the Zaanse Schans are many mills, the sawmill is a very old mill it makes wooden planks on a traditional way. 5. Why am I going on exchange? Because it's very interresting: I want to now things about the Croatian culture(s) and it's fun! 6. What do I learn of the bike-project? Now I know that the cycle conditions in Croatian aren't good. 7. Do I like the Croatian language? It's a beautiful language but to difficult for me. 8. What did I like the most in Amsterdam? Taking a group picture was nice. 9. What for a person is my exchange partner? She is a very lovely girl. She is 2 years older but that wasnt a problem. 10. What do I expect from Croatia? I think it is a land with a nice culture and nice people. I spoke the family of my exchange partner and I think theyre very gentle.