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1: What did you learn in Houten?

I learned about the bicycle community in the Netherlands and how a town looks where you can only ride a bicycle.

2: What did you like the most in Amsterdam?

I really liked taking the picture in front of the dam but what I liked the most is the free time because you could do whatever you want.

3: How did you think about a stranger moving in for 10 days?

It was a bit strange to sleep with someone else on my room but it was fun at the same time.

4: What did you learn about Wageningen?

I have learned that Wageningen is a city with a lot of history and progression in the community and the people themselves.

5: What have you learned about the traffic here?

I have learned that the traffic in the Netherlands and especially Wageningen is way more advanced than it is in Croatia because it is safer to ride a bicycle and people actually stop for a zebrapath.

6: What have you seen about the communication between the teachers and the pupils?
I could see that the communication is good and they communicate well about everything that they have to talk about.

7: What have you learned about the Dutch culture?

I have learned and seen that the church is less important here than in Croatia because a lot of people go to church in Croatia and here it are a few but not many people do, and i have tasted some good dishes that are typical Dutch.

8: What did you think about Zaandam and what did you learn?
I have seen some sawmills that really impressed me because i have never seen them before and that they actually have a use to do something usefull.

9: Were there any differences in houses and how people live here?
You cant see the difference between people that dont have a lot of money and people who do because a lot of houses look the same.

10: Were there a lot of differences between the way people travelled?
You can see that in the Netherlands people travel more by bike than they do in Croatia because it is a lot safer in the Netherlands to ride a bike than it is in Croatia.