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Exchange questions by: Anouk Busscher 1.

What did I feel when I saw my exchange partner for the first time in real life? I thought oke now Im going to meet my exchange partner, I was nervous but also happy. 2. What did I expect from my exchange partner? That she is really nice and happy. 3. how does it feel when there is a person in my house that I have met through Facebook? I was really nervous that a person came in my house that I only met through Facebook. 4. Do I think my partner liked staying home with me and my family? I thought my partner liked it very much it was a challenge. 5. How is it to meet people from another country and others cultures? It was a challenge. 6. How was it to talk English all the time? It was partly difficult but it also good for my English. 7. How was the trip to the Zaanse Schans? Me and my friends had a lot of fun! It was very nice. 8. How is it to talk about her life personally? I was confused the first day but later I talked every time English also to Dutch people. 9. Did I enjoy being with my partner during the project? Yes I did it was very intersecting and she is very nice. 10. Do I like that Im going to Croatia with the airplane? Partly: Yes it is a challenge for me, the first time Im going to fly in a big airplane. No Im a little bit scared.