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Reading Comprehensions

Reading Comprehensions

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Reading comprehensions and exercises.
Reading for details
Reading comprehensions and exercises.
Reading for details

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Published by: Krishnan Rao Simmandram on Apr 25, 2014
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Read the passage and answer the questions. Mark Twain Samuel Langhorne Clemens was born in 1 !"# He $oo% $he &en name o' Mar% Twain an( is one o' Ameri)a*s mos$ lo+e( wri$ers# He is %nown es&e)iall, 'or his boo%s base( on li'e in $he sou$h o' $he -ni$e( S$a$es along $he Mississi&&i Ri+er# .Mar% Twain* was a )all ,elle( on Mississi&&i Ri+er s$eamboa$s $o mar% $he ri+er*s (e&$h# Twain/ $he wri$er/ s&en$ $ime as a s$eamboa$ &ilo$/ )ruising $he Mississi&&i# He wri$es abou$ $he wa$ers an( region in his boo%s# .The A(+en$ures o' Tom Saw,er* an( .The A(+en$ures o' Hu)%leberr, 0inn* are $wo o' his bes$1%nown wor%s# These $wo are )onsi(ere( )lassi)s o' li$era$ure# Bo$h wor%s depict $he mis)hie+ous na$ure o' ,oung bo,s/ $heir inno)en)e an( Ameri)a as a ,oung )oun$r,# 1#2hi)h o' $he 'ollowing names men$ione( in $he &assage is re)ognise( as $ha$ o' a mu)h1lo+e( wri$er3 A Samuel Langhorne Clemens B Mar% Twain C Tom Saw,er D Hu)%leberr, 0inn "#Mar% Twain is 'amous 'or A ,elling on $he Mississi&&i Ri+er B )ruising $he Mississi&&i Ri+er C his a(+en$ures D his wor%s o' li$era$ure !#The wor( depict means


(es)ribe wri$e $ell sa,

4#The boo%s men$ione( in $he &assage were mainly about A S$eamboa$s B S$eamboa$ &ilo$s C The Mississi&&i Ri+er D Pla,'ul ,oung bo,s 5#2ha$ gi'$ (i( Mar% Twain ha+e3 666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666 7#2ha$ (i( Mar% Twain wor% as besi(es being a wri$er3 666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666


Read the advertisement and answer the questions. ARE YOU STAR MATERIAL? Discover if you have what it takes to be a star! 2e are a Holl,woo( &ro(u)$ion )om&an, scouting 'or $alen$s 'or a 'ilm $o be sho$ in Mala))a# 2e nee( hun(re(s o' Mala,sians o' all ra)es 1 ,oung an( ol(/ male an( 'emale# 8n$eres$e( a&&li)an$s are re9uire( $o sen( a 'ull1bo(, &ho$ogra&h o' $hemsel+es $oge$her wi$h $heir &ersonal &ar$i)ulars $o $he 'ollowing a((ress no$ la$er $han !: ;une: The a(+er$iser P#O# Bo< 4= 47::: Pe$aling ;a,a Onl, shor$1lis$e( )an(i(a$es will be )on$a)$e( 'or an in$er+iew# 1#-n(er whi)h o' $he 'ollowing )a$egories woul( ,ou 'in( $his a(+er$isemen$3 A 0rien(shi& B >a)an)ies C Pho$ogra&h, D Business O&&or$uni$ies "#2ha$ (oes $he 9ues$ion a$ $he beginning o' $he a(+er$isemen$ mean3


Are ,ou a 'ilm s$ar3 Do ,ou %now wha$ is a s$ar3 Are ,ou in$eres$e( $o be a s$ar3 Do ,ou ha+e $he 9uali$ies $o be)ome a s$ar3

!#The wor( scouting means A Sear)hing B A&&l,ing C 8n+i$ing D En)ouraging 4#A))or(ing $o $he a(+er$isemen$/ A $he 'ilm is abou$ Mala))a B an, Mala,sian )an a&&l, C a&&li)an$s mus$ en)lose $heir i(en$i$, )ar( D &eo&le shoul( sen( in $heir a&&li)a$ions on !: ;une 5#2ho is $he a(+er$iser3 666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666 7#2ha$ will shor$1lis$e( )an(i(a$es be re9uire( $o (o3 666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666


Read the poster and answer the questions. !o Sa"s #ro$essiona% Sports&en and Sportswo&en Can't Make a Li(ing? ;us$ $al% $o some o' our ba(min$on/ s9uash an( bowling &ros an( $he, will $ell ,ou $ha$ ,ou )an earn goo( mone, b, ma%ing s&or$s ,our )areer# 8' ,ou lo+e s&or$s an( e<)el a$ i$/ )on$a)$ $he Bu((ing S&or$smen an( S&or$swomen Asso)ia$ion# 2e will point "ou in t!e rig!t direction $owar(s a )areer in $he s&or$ o' ,our )hoi)e# Remember/ s&or$s is heal$h, an( 'un# S&or$s $o(a, )an also earn ,ou mone,/ so s$o& %i)%ing or $hrowing balls aroun( as a hobb,# Le$ i$ earn a li+ing 'or ,ou# A message from the Budding Sportsmen and Sportswomen Association in its effort to raise the standard of alaysian sports 1#2here are ,ou mos$ li%el, $o see $his &os$er3 A A$ a ban% B 8n a s&or$s )lub C A$ a (o)$or*s )lini) D 8n a res$auran$ "#The main &ur&ose o' $his &os$er is $o A in+i$e &eo&le $o $al% $o &ro'essional s&or$smen an( s&or$swomen

s$i)% $o hi$/ &ush/ &ass an( (ribble $he ball# The aim is $o s)ore b. 'or .e(# You use $he ho)%e. are (i+i(e( in$o a$$a)%ers/ (e'en(ers an( mi('iel(ers# The mi('iel(ers )an bo$h a$$a)% an( (e'en(# Are "ou $o%%owing &e? Yes# During o&en &la. Ra? : .ou B Train . is &la.oe : Ra? : .ers earn goo( mone.ou C @i+e .ing s&or$s as a hobb. $hrough s&or$s C en)ourage more men an( women $o be)ome &ro'essional s&or$smen or s&or$swomen D s$o& &eo&le 'rom &la.our 'irs$ ho)%e.B a(+ise &eo&le $o s$a.ers* &osi$ions3 There is a goal%ee&er who guar(s $he goal# He has $o s$o& $he o$her $eam*s &la. !#The &os$er im&lies $ha$ A Pro'essional s&or$smen an( s&or$swomen )anno$ ma%e a li+ing B Pro'essional s&or$smen an( s&or$swomen earn ?us$ enough $o li+e C Peo&le (o no$ +iew &ro'essional s&or$s as a &ro'i$able )areer D Onl. &ro'essional ba(min$on/ s9uash an( bowling &la. be e<$ra $ime $o (e$ermine . 4#2ha$ (oes $he &hrase point "ou in t!e rig!t direction mean3 A @ui(e .ou how ho)%e.ers/ $he.oe : Ra? : Let's #%a" )ocke"* All rea(.ou D 0in( 'or . ge$$ing $he ball in$o $he o&&onen$s* goal# 2ha$ abou$ $he &la.oe : Ra? : .oe : Ra? : . game3 Yes/ 8 )an*$ wai$ $o s$ar$# Le$ me $ell . (i( $he Bu((ing S&or$smen an( S&or$swomen Asso)ia$ion &ro(u)e $he &os$er3 666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666 THEME: HEALTH PREPARED BY: HA Read the dialogue and answer the questions. goals $ha$ are s)ore( 'rom $he shoo$ing )ir)le are )oun$e(# 2here is $ha$3 The semi1)ir)ular area in 'ron$ o' $he goal# How long (oes a game las$3 Se+en$. heal$h./ onl.ou 5#2ho will $he &os$er in$eres$3 666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666 7#2h.ers 'rom shoo$ing in $he ball# As 'or $he o$her $en &la.oe : Ra? : . minu$es# 8n $he e+en$ o' a (raw/ $here ma.

&la.ou (o wha$ 8 (o3 D Do . an( 'oo$ball C Ra? is a ho)%e.ou )oming wi$h me3 B Do .ers are $here in a ho)%e.er D .oe abou$ ho)%e.oe %nows how $o &la. ho)%e.# 1#0rom $he &assage/ we %now $ha$ A .$he winner bu$ $his (e&en(s on $he regu%ations o' a $ournamen$# Come on/ le$*s &la. &la. is 7#How man. D Ra? showing . $he e<&ression Are "ou $o%%owing &e? Ra? means A Are . some ho)%e. B Ra? $es$ing .s ho)%e.oe is a goo( 'oo$baller "#B. $eam3 666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666 =#2ha$ roles (o $he a$$a)%ers an( (e'en(ers ha+e3 666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666 .oe*s %nowle(ge o' ho)%e.ou %now3 !#2ha$ is $he role o' a goal%ee&er3 He A hel&s $o s)ore goals B a$$a)%s an( (e'en(s a$ $he same $ime# C &re+en$s goals 'rom $he o$her $eam D )omes ou$ in e<$ra $ime 4#The wor( regu%ations means A $ime B leng$h C D s$an(ar( rules 5#2ha$ is $his (ialogue abou$3 A Ra? $ea)hing . ho)%e.oe how in$eres$ing ho)%e. C Ra? en)ouraging .oe $o &la.ou un(ers$an( me3 C Can . B Ra? &la.

ol( s)hool in Auala Lum&ur# The s)hool has $hree blo)%s# Two o' $hem )onsis$ o' )lassrooms while $he $hir(/ whi)h is $he Main Blo)%/ )onsis$s o' $he hall/ librar. 'irs$ (a.THEME: >AL-ES PREPARED BY: HA Read the diary entry and answer the questions. acco&&odate $he 1::: o+er s$u(en$s in $he s)hool# 8$ also has 'our ba(min$on )our$s# 8 ha+e a&&lie( $o be)ome a member o' $he librar. ma$)hes are hel(# 8n 'ron$ o' $he buil(ings are a gar(en an( a )ar &ar% 'or $he s$a''# 8 li%e m.ing $here be)ause i$ is air1)on(i$ione( an( +er. mu)h# 1#2ha$ is $he main (i''eren)e be$ween $he wri$er*s ol( an( new s)hool3 . a$ m. new s)hool +er. new s)hool in 8&oh# 8 am sur&rise( $ha$ i$ is e+en bigger $han m. )om'or$able# 8$ is 'ille( wi$h shel+es o' boo%s an( $here are enough $ables an( )hairs 'or 5: s$u(en$s# There is a )an$een on $he groun( 'loor o' Blo)% B# Behin( $he row o' buil(ings is a big 'iel(# This is where 'oo$ball an( ho)%e.# 8 $hin% 8 will be s&en(ing a lo$ o' $ime s$u(. is m./ )om&u$er rooms/ labora$ories/ an( s$a'' o''i)es# Ea)h o' $he blo)%s has $hree 'loors# M. 'or $he 0orm Three $o 0i+e )lassrooms# The hall )an easil. )lassroom is on $he se)on( 'loor o' Blo)% A where $he 0orm One an( Two )lasses are lo)a$e(# Blo)% B is onl. 1! Mar)h "::6 To(a.

games3 A 8n $he hall B A$ $he 'iel( C 8n $he hall an( a$ $he 'iel( D 8n $he hall/ a$ $he 'iel( an( in $he gar(en 5#2h.A B C D The wri$er*s &re+ious s)hool is newer# The wri$er*s ol( s)hool is smaller# The s)hool in Auala Lum&ur is newer# The new s)hool has more s$u(en$s# "#The hea(mas$er*s o''i)e is lo)a$e( A in Blo)% A B in Blo)% B C in $he Main Blo)% D on $he groun( 'loor o' $he Main Blo)% !#The Main Blo)% is (i''eren$ 'rom $he res$ o' $he s)hool be)ause i$ A (oes no$ ha+e )lassrooms B is $he larges$ buil(ing C has more 'loors D has goo( 'a)ili$ies 4#2here )an $he s$u(en$s &la. (oes $he wri$er li%e $he librar. s$u(en$s (oes $he wri$er*s new s)hool ha+e3 666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666 .3 A 8$ is )ool# B She is a member# C 8$ is 'ille( wi$h boo%s# D 8$ has $ables an( )hairs# 7#The )an$een is si$ua$e( A below )lassrooms B ne<$ $o $he hall C behin( $he 'iel( D in 'ron$ o' $he )ar &ar% =#2ha$ is $his (iar. en$r. mainly abou$3 A The wri$er mo+ing $o 8&oh 'rom Auala Lum&ur B The wri$er*s o&inion o' a goo( s)hool C A s)hool wi$h goo( 'a)ili$ies D The wri$er*s new s)hool #The wor( acco&&odate means A in$eres$ B a$$ra)$ C $ea)h D 'i$ in B#How man.

Dear Ena/ 8 ho&e . be hel( a$ $he s)hool3 666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666 THEME: >AL-ES PREPARED BY: HA Read the letter and answer the questions.ou )ome home an( 'in( i$ $o$all.1:#2here woul( S&or$s Da.ou remember $he )ross1s$i$)h &ie)e 8 (i( o' a bea)h s)ene3 8 ha( i$ 'rame( an( hung on $he wall# 8 (rie( some 'lowers 'rom our gar(en an( &u$ $hem in a +ase on $he (es%# The. loo% . miss . ma%es $he room roman$i) in $he e+eningsC 8 ha+e also (e)ora$e( $he room wi$h some o' m. (i''eren$# 8 e<)hange( our (ouble be( wi$h $he single be( in $he gues$ room# 8 ha+e &u$ i$ righ$ below $he win(ow so $ha$ $he sun will wa%e me u& in $he morning# The )u&boar( is now at t!e $oot o$ t!e +ed an( $he (ressing $able is ne<$ $o i$# 2i$h $he (es% ne<$ $o $he (oor/ $he room is more s&a)ious now# Da( hel&e( me &ain$ $he walls ligh$ green# Mum sewe( some new )olour'ul be(shee$s# The room loo%s mu)h brigh$er now# 8 (ug u& an ol( lam&sha(e 'rom $he s$oreroom an( &u$ i$ on $he (es%# 8$ reall.ou as we ha+e been sharing a room sin)e we were small# To )heer m. han(i)ra'$ i$ems# Do .ou are ge$$ing use( $o hos$el li'e# 8 reall. &robabl.sel' u&/ 8 re(e)ora$e( $he room/ so (on*$ ge$ a sho)% when .

# 8 %now .ou will lo+e $he wa. our room loo%s now# 8 be$ .ing a$ a hos$el B i$ hel&e( her 'eel be$$er C she wan$e( $o sho)% Ena D she (i(n*$ li%e her ol( room "#0rom $he &assage/ we %now $ha$ Aamariah*s room A is in a hos$el B is bigger now C ge$s $he morning sun D is share( wi$h her &aren$s !#2ha$ 'urni$ure (i( Aamariah re&la)e3 A Be( B Cu&boar( C D Dressing $able Des% 4#2ha$ (o we %now abou$ Aamariah*s room be'ore i$ was re(e)ora$e(3 A The be( was below $he win(ow# B The room was no$ so s&a)ious# C The )u&boar( was a$ $he 'oo$ o' $he be(# D The (ressing $able was ne<$ $o $he )u&boar(# 5#The &hrase at t!e $oot o$ t!e +ed means A besi(e $he be( B abo+e $he be( C un(er $he be( D a$ $he en( o' $he be( 7#2ha$ has a((e( some )olour $o $he room3 A Ena*s absen)e B The lam&sha(e C The rearranging o' 'urni$ure D The &ain$e( walls an( new be(shee$s =#2ha$ is $he main purpose o' $he le$$er3 A To as% abou$ Ena B To $ell Ena how mu)h Aamariah misses her C To (es)ribe $o Ena $he )hanges in $he room D To )om&are Ena*s hos$el wi$h Aamariah*s room #2hi)h o' $he (e)ora$ions (i( Aamariah $a%e 'rom $he s$oreroom3 A Drie( 'lowers B A single be( C An ol( lam&sha(e .lo+el.our hos$el is no$ hal' as ni)e as our roomC Do wri$e soon# Lo+e/ Aamariah 1#Aamariah re(e)ora$e( her room be)ause A Ena was s$a.

)ling mus$ wear a helme$/ ri(ing sui$/ %nee &a(s an( elbow &a(s# .)les o' $o(a.D A &ain$ing o' a bea)h s)ene B#2ha$ &ie)e o' 'urni$ure is neares$ $o $he (oor o' Aamariah*s room3 666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666 1:#2ha$ han(i)ra'$ i$ems (i( Aamariah use in re(e)ora$ing her room3 666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666 THEME: SC8EDCE E TECHDOLO@Y PREPARED BY: HA Read the passage and answer the questions.)les (o no$ gi+e ou$ to.)le is one o' $he bes$ means o' $rans&or$ in $he worl( e+en $hough i$ has no engine an( onl. T!e Bic"c%e The bi).)lis$ ri(e 'as$er# Some also ha+e gears $ha$ hel& $he ).)ling has be)ome a &o&ular s&or$ wi$h man. in$erna$ional $ournamen$s being organise(# Those who &ar$i)i&a$e in )om&e$i$i+e ). are mu)h im&ro+e( 'rom $hose o' a 'ew (e)a(es ago# Some are ma(e o' ligh$ ma$erial whi)h hel&s $he ).ic 'umes# There'ore/ $he. (o no$ )on$ribu$e $o &ollu$ion an( heal$h &roblems# The bi).)lis$ ri(e u&hill wi$h ease# C. $wo wheels# 8$ is )hea& $o &ur)hase an( main$ain be)ause i$ (oes no$ run on 'uel# -nli%e o$her +ehi)les/ bi).

s when i$ was +iewe( as a &oor man*s $rans&or$# 1#2h.C.si(e where $he.)le D The bi).)ling in $he )oun$r. )an en?o. D ugl.)le wi$h gears C a 'as$ bi). C (ir$. A ha+ing an engine B ha+ing man.)ling3 A 8$ is a goo( wa.e( in $he )oun$r.)ling is also a goo( 'orm o' e<er)ise# More an( more &eo&le in $he )i$.)ling )lubs $o go on $ri&s $o $he )oun$r. &eo&le# 7#The bes$ $i$le 'or $he &assage is A A(+an)e( Bi).si(e# D 8$ is 'or )i$.)le: More $han a Means o' Trans&or$ =#2ha$ are $he (i''eren)es be$ween $he bi). $he s)eni) +iew an( 'resh air# 8n(ee(/ $he humble bi).)le has )ome a long wa. 'rom $he (a. $wo wheels# D 8$ is ma(e o' ligh$ ma$erials# "#Some +ehi)les )ause air &ollu$ion b.)le D $he &ro&er a$$ire 5# 2hi)h o' $he 'ollowing s$a$emen$s is TR-E abou$ ). $o %ee& 'i$# B 8$ is a &oor man*s hobb.)le no$ )onsi(ere( a mo$or +ehi)le3 A 8$ is )hea&# B 8$ has no engine# C 8$ has onl.si(e3 666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666 .)les o' ol( an( $hose o' $o(a. are ?oining ).ic means A &oisonous B smell.)le ma(e o' ligh$ ma$erials B a bi).)les B Trans&or$a$ion on Two 2heels C Seeing $he )oun$r.# C 8$ is en?o.)lis$ who $a%es &ar$ in )om&e$i$ions mus$ ha+e A a bi). is a bi). 4#A))or(ing $o $he &assage/ a ). wheels C running on 'uel D gi+ing ou$ $o<i) 'umes !#The wor( to. on a bi).3 666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666 #2ha$ are $he bene'i$s o' ).

.THEME: >AL-ES PREPARED BY: HA Read the poem and answer the questions.

4#A))or(ing $o $he &oe$/ bir$h(a.s D $he (a. are a $ime $o 'all in lo+e# D The. an( lo+e A $ime $o $reasure li'e an( lo+e So )ome an( )elebra$e wi$h me The )ir)ums$an)e $ha$ ma%es me/ me T!e &o&ent w!en I ca&e to +e An( wha$ 8 ha+e now )ome $o be# 1#2ha$ is $he &oe$*s +iew on bir$h(a. are a nois.ous o))asion# C The.s3 A The.s are also )elebra$ions o' A being a goo( &erson B wha$ a &erson shoul( be C $he %in( o' &erson one has be)ome D $he &erson one will be)ome in $he 'u$ure 5#2ha$ signals $ha$ i$ is going $o be somebo(. are an e<&ensi+e )elebra$ion# "#2ha$ (oes $he &oe$ $hin% one shoul( (o on bir$h(a. .3 666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666 7#2ha$ woul( $he &oe$ wan$ her 'rien(s $o (o on her bir$h(a.s are $he $olling o' A bell $ha$ mar%s $he )oming o' A $ime o' 'es$i+e ?o.*s bir$h(a. e+en$# B The. bir$h(a. bir$h(a.s3 666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666 THEME: >AL-ES PREPARED BY: HA Read the news report and answer the questions. when 8 )elebra$e( m.Birt!da"s Bir$h(a.s3 A Toll bells B A&&re)ia$e li'e an( lo+e C 8m&ro+e one*s )ir)ums$an)es D Ma%e )hanges in one*s li'e !#The line T!e &o&ent w!en I ca&e to +e means A $he $ime when 8 was born B $he &erio( when 8 was growing u& C $he 'irs$ momen$ o' m. are a ?o.

e+en$ C 'es$i+e D )elebra$ion "#The good cause men$ione( in $he &assage re'ers $o A $he amoun$ RM5!:: B $he 0un( 'or 0loo( >i)$ims C all $he i$ems )olle)$e( D $he &ubli) !#The sale woul( DOT ha+e o''ere( 'or sale i$ems $ha$ were A use( C )hea& B (ona$e( D e(ible 4#2hen was $he sale hel(3 A Mon(a. B Sa$ur(a. &eo&le )ame $o bu. D Sun(a. $he o+erwhelming res&onse 'rom $he &ubli)/ $he s)hool wan$s $o (o more# FE+er. sale a$ $he s)hool )om&oun( was laun)he( b. $he hea(mis$ress/ Puan La$i'ah# The i$ems &ri)e( be$ween RM1 an( RM1: so%d %ike !ot cakes# En)ourage( b. 5#The e<&ression so%d %ike !ot cakes in(i)a$e( $ha$ $he i$ems A were in grea$ (eman( B sol( as well as e<&e)$e( C were as )hea& as ho$ )a%es D were as 'resh as $he.UALA LUM#UR/ Sun 1 Se%olah Menengah .one is so gla( $ha$ $he ?oin$ e''or$ was su)h a su))ess# 2e won*$ s$o& here/G sai( Puan La$i'ah# FParen$s are willing $o e+en &re&are 'oo( $o sell so $ha$ more mone. $rans&or$ing $he i$ems $o $he s)hool# Tea)hers hel&e( ou$ wi$h $he sor$ing an( men(ing# The $wo1(a.e( $heir &ar$ b. $he i$ems# .ou in'er 'rom $he &ubli)*s res&onse3 A Some &eo&le (ona$e( a lo$ o' mone. C Sa$ur(a.alan Can$i% organise( a ?umble sale o+er $he wee%en( 'or a good cause# All $he &ro)ee(s 'rom $he sale/ whi)h amoun$e( $o RM5!::/ will be (ona$e( $o $he 0un( 'or 0loo( >i)$ims# S$u(en$s o' $he s)hool s$ar$e( )olle)$ing i$ems su)h as ol( boo%s/ )lo$hes an( e+en 'urni$ure 'rom $heir own homes/ an( 'rom neighbours an( 'rien(s $wo wee%s ago# Paren$s &la.# B More &eo&le bough$ $he )hea&er i$ems# C Man.Sc!oo%'s -u&+%e Sa%e a Success . were new 7#2ha$ )an . )an be raise( 'or $he 'un(#G 1#The ?umble sale is organise( as a A business &ro?e)$ B )hari$. an( Mon(a. an( Sun(a.

$he s$u(en$s &un in e''or$# C The &ubli) ma(e i$ a big su))ess# D 8$ is a 'ine e<am&le o' how 'rien(l. .D Mos$ &eo&le )ame when $he sale was o+er# =#2ha$ (oes $he s)hool &lan $o (o now3 A En)ourage o$her s)hools $o hol( ?umble sales# B S$o& organiHing sales# C Raise more 'un(s# D Dona$e 'oo(# #2hi)h o' $he 'ollowing s$a$emen$s is TR-E o' $he ?umble sale3 A 8$ was Puan La$i'ah*s i(ea B Onl.sians are# B#2ha$ is a ?umble sale3 666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666 1:#2ha$ was $he &ur&ose o' $he ?umble sale3 666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666 11#2here (i( $he i$ems on sale )ome 'rom3 666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666 1"#How long (i( i$ $a%e $he s)hool $o &re&are 'or $he sale3 666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666 THEME: >AL-ES PREPARED BY: HA Read the passage and answer the questions. Mala.

s )arr.&es o' boo%s D boo%s 'rom au$hors who are no$ &o&ular 7#How (oes $he wri$er 'in( himsel' (i''eren$ 'rom mos$ rea(ers3 A He has no 'a+ouri$e au$hors# B He )an rea( 'or long &erio(s# C He rea(s regularl.ear1ol( bo. &eo&le/ 8 (o no$ ha+e 'a+ouri$e au$hors bu$ 8 lo+e rea(ing s)ien)e 'i)$ion an( s$ories mos$ 'i'$een1.# . own mini librar.# 8 ha+e a )olle)$ion o' more $han 7:: boo%s now an( 8 ha+e rea( all o' $hem/ some $wi)e# 8n $he &as$ $en . i' $he boo% is $hi)%# -nli%e man.oung# M.mes a$ be($ime# 2hen &eo&le %new abou$ m. in$eres$ing/ 8 )anno$ &u$ i$ (own un$il 8 ha+e 'inishe( rea(ing i$# Tha$ o'$en means rea(ing $he whole (a.M" 0irst Lo(e 8 lo+e( rea(ing 'rom $he $ime 8 was +er. his mo$her C rea(s be'ore going $o be( D li%es &i)$ures boo%s "#The wor( $ascinated means A )le+er B in$eres$e( C D )urious bore( !#2ha$ (oes $he &assage $ell us abou$ $he wri$er*s rea(ing habi$3 A He rea(s a boo% $wi)e# B He rea(s $wo $o $hree boo%s a$ one $ime# C He (oes no$ 'inish rea(ing some boo%s# D He o'$en 'inishes rea(ing an in$eres$ing boo% wi$hin a (a.oung B was 'or)e( $o rea( b. %nowle(ge# Tha$ is how 8 learn man. s$ar$e( gi+ing me boo%s as &resen$s# Soon 8 ha( m. single boo% in his )olle)$ion# 5#The wri$er lo+es $o rea( A $hi)% boo%s B s)ien)e 'i)$ion C all $. 'irs$ boo% when 8 was $hree .ears ol(# She remembere( how $ascinated 8 was wi$h i$# 8 lo+e( $urning $he &ages $o loo% a$ $he )olour'ul &i)$ures# 8 woul( as% her $o rea( $o me one o' $he nurser. rh. wee%# Howe+er/ when a boo% is +er.able &as$ime/ rea(ing in)reases m. in$eres$/ $he. new wor(s an( $hings abou$ $he worl(# 1#The wri$er A (e+elo&e( a rea(ing habi$ 'rom .# 4#2hi)h o' $he 'ollowing s$a$emen$s is DOT $rue abou$ $he wri$er3 A He len(s his boo%s $o libraries# B He has his own librar.ears/ 8 mus$ ha+e rea( a$ leas$ "::: boo%s in)lu(ing $hose 8 borrowe( 'rom libraries/ 'rien(s an( boo% ren$al s$ores# 8 rea( an a+erage o' $wo $o $hree boo%s e+er. o' boo%s# C He has rea( a $o$al o' more $han "::: boo%s# D He has rea( e+er.s li%e# 8 alwa.where/ e+en while wai$ing 'or a bus# Besi(es being an en?o. mo$her bough$ me m. . a boo% wi$h me be)ause 8 )an rea( an.

s li%e B how no$ $o was$e $ime C how $o use his %nowle(ge D new wor(s an( in)reases his general %nowle(ge B#How ol( was $he wri$er when he s$ar$e( rea(ing on his own3 666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666 1:#2ha$ %in( o' boo% (i( $he wri$er*s mo$her 'irs$ bu. . 'or him3 666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666 11#2here (oes $he wri$er ge$ boo%s 'rom3 666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666 1"#2ha$ is $he wri$er*s +iew o' rea(ing3 666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666 THEME: HEALTH PREPARED BY: HA Read the advertisement and answer the questions.D He rea(s an.ear1ol( bo.where# C D Thir$een 0i'$een =#2ha$ is $he wri$er*s age now3 A Three B Ten #Through rea(ing/ $he wri$er learns A wha$ 'i'$een1.

3 A The manu'a)$urer B Ai(s an( a(ul$s C Those who lo+e $heir bo(. 5#The wor( $%a(ours means A $as$es B smells C D )olours sha&es 7#2ho are )onsi(ere( $he 8ron Iui)% 'amil.ou lo+e 8ron Iui)%/ .ou (o no$ ha+e $o ea$ (i''eren$ iron1 ri)h 'oo(# 8ron Iui)% has been s&e)iall.our bo(.# 8ron Iui)% hel&s .ou all $he iron .our bo(.our heal$h C lea( an a)$i+e li'e D lo+e .LO1E YOUR BODY/ LO1E IRO2 3UIC.# Those are $he reasons wh. energe$i) $he whole (a.# Howe+er/ .ou nee( iron 'or a heal$h. min( an( bo(. an( ?oin $he 8ron Iui)% 'amil.gen aroun( $he bo(.ou s$a. 8ron Iui)% D show &eo&le how 8ron Iui)% loo%s li%e "#A))or(ing $o $he a(+er$isemen$/ i' .# 8$ )arries o<. $%a(ours 1 orange/ a&&le an( s$rawberr.ou A (o no$ li%e ea$ing iron1ri)h 'oo( B +alue .# Lo+e . nee(s wi$h ?us$ one $able$ a (a.# C 8$ ma%es &eo&le more energe$i)# D 8$ $as$es li%e 'rui$# 4#The a(+er$iser )laims $ha$ 8ron Iui)% is A 'oun( in iron1ri)h 'oo( B goo( 'or $he min( C re&la)e 'oo( D sol( )hea&l./ hel&s buil( $he immune s. 'ormula$e( $o gi+e . )ell o' $he bo(.# Ai(s an( a(ul$s who lea( a)$i+e li+es lo+e 8ron Iui)%# 8$ is )on+enien$ an( )omes in $hree 'rui$.s$em an( is essen$ial 'or $he &ro(u)$ion o' energ. . !#2hi)h o' $he 'ollowing is DOT a 'a)$ abou$ iron3 A 8$ is 'oun( in $he human bo(.our 'amil.# B 8$ hel&s %ee& (iseases awa./ 9ui)%C 8ron Iui)% is sol( a$ RM1 #:: 'or a bo$$le o' !: $able$s an( is a+ailable a$ all &harma)ies# 1#The main &ur&ose o' $he a(+er$isemen$ is $o A $ell &eo&le wha$ iron (oes B in'orm &eo&le how im&or$an$ iron is C en)ourage &eo&le $o bu. 8ron is 'oun( in e+er. D Peo&le who $a%e 8ron Iui)% =#2ha$ %in( o' &eo&le is 8ron Iui)% sui$able 'or3 .

8ron Iui)%3 666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666 THEME: ED>8RODMEDT PREPARED BY: HA .666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666 #8n wha$ wa. is 8ron Iui)% )on+enien$3 666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666 B#2here )an one bu.

b. (a. hear$ be 0resh/ )heer'ul/ )ons$an$/ -&war( li%e $heeC E<$ra)$e( 'rom T!e 0ountain b. THEME: ED>8RODMEDT PREPARED BY: HA .C @lorious 'oun$ainC Le$ m. a$ nigh$ B when $he &oe$ )omes C onl. a$ mi(nigh$/ Ha&&. !ames Russel "owell 1#The 'oun$ain seems $o be wor%ing A onl. 8n$o $he sunshine/ 0ull o' ligh$/ Lea&ing an( 'lashing 0rom morn $ill nigh$C 8n$o $he moonligh$/ 2hi$er $han snow/ 2a+ing so 'lower1li%e 2hen $he win(s blowC 8n$o $he s$arligh$/ Rushing in s&ra. an( nigh$ "#2hen $he win(s blow/ $he 'oun$ain loo%s li%e A s$ars B a 'lower C snow D ligh$ !#Loo%ing a$ $he 'oun$ain A ma%es $he &oe$ sa( B gi+es $he &oe$ a &ea)e'ul 'eeling C )heers u& $he &oe$ D ma%es $he &oe$ slee&.Read the poem and answer the questions./ Ha&&. in $he (a.$ime D $hroughou$ $he (a.

'oun( in3 A A biolog.sia D The s&or$s se)$ion o' a news&a&er #2ha$ is $he bes$ $i$le 'or $his &assage3 C D bi$$er 'ragran$ . )rawls along $he rain'ores$ 'loor# 4#8$ )an be in'erre( 'rom $he &assage $ha$ A $he Te$ras$igma is a 'lower B $he Te$ras$igma (e&en(s on $he Ra''lesia C $he Te$ras$igma i$sel' is 9ui$e rare D $he Te$ras$igma an( $he Ra''lesia )ome 'rom $he same 'amil. s&e)ial 'lower B a )ommon ?ungle 'lower C sligh$l.sia is $he Ra''lesia/ $he larges$ 'lower in $he worl(# This 'lower is 'ull o' sur&rises# 8$s (iame$er is an a+erage o' one me$re# 8$ has no roo$s/ s$em or lea+es# Ea)h 'lower &ro(u)es ?us$ one see( whi)h )an onl. germina$e i' i$ a$$a)hes i$sel' $o $he Te$ras$igma# The Te$ras$igma/ whi)h a)$s as $he hos$/ is a +ine 'oun( almos$ onl. boo% B A gol' magaHine C A $ra+el bro)hure on Eas$ Mala. is one o' $he 'ew &la)es in $he worl( where $his 'lower is 'oun(# An un&leasan$ 'a)$ abou$ $he Ra''lesia is $ha$ i$ gi+es o'' a $ou% smell# Some &eo&le ha+e )om&are( $he smell $o $ha$ o' ro$$ing mea$# Des&i$e $ha$/ $ouris$s s$ill $re% in$o $he ?ungle ?us$ $o a(mire $his won(rous )rea$ion o' na$ure# 1#The Ra''lesia )an be )onsi(ere( as A a +er. T!e Ra$$%esia A uni9ue a$$ra)$ion in Eas$ Mala.# 5#A))or(ing $o $he &assage/ wha$ (oes Mala.sia ha+e a lo$ o'3 A Ra''lesia C Rain'ores$s B Te$ras$igma D Touris$s 7#The wor( $ou% means A s$in%ing B swee$ =#2here is $he &assage mos$ li%el.Read the passage and answer the questions. in rain'ores$s# 8$ usuall. )rawls along $he rain'ores$ 'loor# Than%s $o $he abun(an)e o' rain'ores$s in Eas$ Mala.sia/ our )oun$r. (i''eren$ 'rom o$her 'lowers D similar $o some 'lowers in $he rain'ores$ "#The Ra''lesia is bes$ %nown 'or i$s A siHe B see( C D germina$ion smell an( siHe !#2hi)h o' $he 'ollowing is DOT $rue o' $he Ra''lesia3 A 8$ has no roo$s/ s$em or lea+es# B Ea)h 'lower &ro(u)es one see(# C 8$ )anno$ germina$e wi$hou$ $he Te$ras$igma# D 8$ usuall.

are we lu)%. $o ha+e $he Ra''lesia3 666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666 1:#2ha$ is $he smell o' $he Ra''lesia )om&are( $o3 666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666 .sia The Ra''lesia an( Te$ras$igma B#2h.A B C D A Large 0lower The Aing o' 0lowers 0lowers in Eas$ Mala.

$o re&or$ $o $he au$hori$ies $hose $ha$ . $o laun)h $he .ou# 1#Base( on $he &assage/ whi)h o' $he 'ollowing s$a$emen$s is an o&inion3 A Man. more will (isa&&ear $ro& t!e $ace o$ t!e eart! i' we (o no$ s$o& (es$ro. s&e)ies o' animals are e<$in)$# B Some &eo&le %ill animals 'or 'un# C Pollu$ion is harm'ul $o animals# D Animals are our 'rien(s# "#The s&ee)h is mos$ li%el.ou %now who are hun$ing animals# On .ind to Ani&a%s @oo( morning/ la(ies an( gen$lemen# 2e are here $o(a. s&e)ies o' animals are alrea(.ing $hem# Al$hough hun$ing o' &ro$e)$e( animals has been &rohibi$e(/ $here are s$ill &eo&le %illing animals as a s&or$ or $o ma%e a &ro'i$# Pollu$ion is also %illing our animals# There is a grea$ (e)rease in $he amoun$ o' 'ish in our ri+ers be)ause our ri+ers ha+e be)ome )ommon (um&ing groun(s# 8 )all on . Be .bo(.our &ar$/ s$o& (is&osing rubbish in$o ri+ers# Remember $ha$ animals are li+ing $hings li%e us an( we shoul( $rea$ $hem as our 'rien(s ins$ea( o' &ushing $hem $o e<$in)$ion# Than% .ou $o(a. !#The &hrase $ro& t!e $ace o$ t!e eart! means A 'ore+er C in )er$ain &la)es B 'or a while D 'rom our sigh$ 4#2hi)h o' $he 'ollowing is DOT a )ause o' animal e<$in)$ion3 A Hun$ing B S&or$s C Pollu$ion D Sale o' &ro$e)$e( animals 5#A))or(ing $o $he &assage/ &eo&le are DOT allowe( $o A hun$ &ro$e)$e( animals B ea$ animals C &ollu$e ri+ers D )a$)h 'ish . $arge$e( a$ A &eo&le %ee& &e$s a$ home B &eo&le who ha+e )hil(ren C animal lo+ers D e+er.THEME: SOC8AL 8SS-ES PREPARED BY: HA Read the speech and answer the questions.Sa+e Our Animals* 2ee%# Man. e<$in)$ an( man.

7#The au$hori$ies re'erre( $o in $he &assage are $hose who A )an hun$ animals B $a%e )are o' ri+ers C )an &unish hun$ers D sa+e animals =#The main &ur&ose o' $he s&ee)h is $o A s$o& &ollu$ion B (is)ourage hun$ing C sa+e wil( animals D en)ourage &eo&le $o li%e animals #2ha$ is $he resul$ o' &ollu$ion in ri+ers3 666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666 B#How (o &eo&le &ollu$e ri+ers3 666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666 1:#2h. (oes $he s&ea%er +iew animals as 'rien(s3 666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666 .

ellow !#2hi)h o' $he 'ollowing bree(s men$ione( in $he a(+er$isemen$ (oes DOT belong $o $he smaller bree(3 A Chihuahua C Terriers B Pe%inese D Labra(ors 4#The &e$s are all A &u&s B o' $he same )olour C selling )hea&l. D bree(s o' (ogs 5#2ha$ %in( o' animals are Ro$$weilers an( @erman She&her(s3 666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666 7#2ho )an &ro+i(e 'ur$her in'orma$ion on $he &e$s3 666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666 .ers shoul( A ha+e big houses B $rea$ $he &e$s well C be 'rom ri)h 'amilies D %ee& $he &e$s in $heir houses "#The wor( si%k" means A so'$ an( smoo$h B small an( lo+able C D warm .THEME: >AL-ES PREPARED BY: HA Read the advertisement and answer the questions.ellow Labra(ors/ bla)% Ro$$weilers/ brownJbla)% @erman She&her(s# Pri)es 'rom RM :: 1 RM 14::# Tel: :!1=55!1""1/ SamJMi%e# 1#8$ )an be in'erre( 'rom $he a(+er$isemen$ $ha$ bu. #ets $or sa%e Pu&s loo%ing 'or goo( homes# Cu$e Chihuahua/ a(orable Pe%inese/ "1mon$h1ol( si%k" Terriers# All going )hea&# 2i(e range o' larger bree(s a+ailable/ &u&s an( a(ul$s/ .

/ bo$h o' us were s$ung an( i$ was a +er. s&o$# D The 'en)e ha( a hole# !#Hassan an( $he wri$er ha( (is$urbe( a hi+e o' bees b.elle( $o Hassan# 2e das!ed out o' $he or)har( an( ran all $he wa. when 8 'el$ a su((en &ain on m./ Hassan an( 8 were &assing b. A hanging some rambu$ans on $he bran)hes B &lu)%ing $he rambu$ans C ea$ing $he rambu$ans D sha%ing a bran)h 4#The bees A 'ell on $he groun( B es)&ae( 'rom $he or)har( C s$ung Hassan an( $he wri$er . rambu$ans $ha$ we (i( no$ no$i)e we ha( (is$urbe( a hi+e o' bees# The hi+e ha( 'allen $o $he groun( when we were sha%ing $he bran)h# Onl. home# -n'or$una$el. Once Bitten 0ore(er S!" One (a. bun)hes o' rambu$ans were hanging 'rom some low bran)hes# 2e were so bus. a 'rui$ or)har( when we saw $he $rees 'ull o' ri&e/ re( rambu$ans# The. ne)% (i( 8 realise a small swarm o' bees was a$$a)%ing us# KRunCK 8 . &lu)%ing an( ea$ing $he swee$/ ?ui). loo%e( so (eli)ious $ha$ Hassan an( 8 (e)i(e( $o $a%e some# 2e wal%e( along $he 'en)e un$il we )ame $o a &ar$ where $here was a hole we )oul( )rawl $hrough# 8$ was awa. 'rom $he main roa(# 2e loo%e( aroun( us an( $here was no one abou$# 2e (i( no$ e+en ha+e $o )limb an. &ain'ul e<&erien)e# 8$ $augh$ us ne+er $o s$eal again# 1#Hassan an( $he wri$er A s$ole some rambu$ans B ha( &lanne( $o s$eal rambu$ans C ma(e a hole in $he 'en)e D ha( s$olen rambu$ans 'rom $he or)har( be'ore "#2hi)h o' $he 'ollowing s$a$emen$s is DOT $rue3 A The rambu$an $rees were near $he 'en)e# B The or)har( was 'en)e( u&# C The hole was a$ a lonel.THEME: >AL-ES PREPARED BY: HA Read the story and answer the questions. $rees be)ause man.

C slowl. B normall. is A En$ering o$her &eo&leLs &ro&er$.s swee$# C Rambu$an $rees are shor$# D Bees li+e in hi+es# 7#The &hrase das!ed out im&lies $ha$ Hassan an( $he wri$er le'$ A in a hurr. wi$hou$ &ermission is wrong B @ree( lea(s $o $rouble C Dis$urbing a hi+e o' bees is (angerous D S$ealing (oes no$ &a. #2ha$ is $he bes$ $i$le 'or $his &assage3 A The 0orbi((en Or)har( B Deli)ious Rambu$ans C A Pain'ul Lesson D Angr. Bees B#How (i( Hassan an( $he wri$er en$er $he or)har(3 666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666 1:#2ha$ )ause( $he &ain $ha$ $he wri$er 'el$3 666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666 . D noisil.D ran a'$er Hassan an( $he wri$er 5#2hi)h o' $he 'ollowing s$a$emen$s is a 'a)$3 A Or)har(s ha+e rambu$ans# B Rambu$ans are alwa. =#The main moral o' $he s$or.

S.oung ri)h .M O+er us $he &lanes buil( The shining ra'$ers O' $ha$ new worl( 2e ha+e sworn b. 1 where3 He loo%s a$ his 'ee$/ 8 loo% a$ $he s%. Tra&p A %no)% a$ $he (oor An( he s$an(s $here A $ram& wi$h his )an As%ing 'or $ea/ S$rong 'or a &oor man On his wa. C D .#homas 1#2ha$ is a $ram&3 A B A &erson who lo+es $ea An o))u&a$ion C D A homeless &erson A noma( "#The &oem (es)ribes $he $ram& as being A s$rong B (ir$.THEME: SOC8AL 8SS-ES PREPARED BY: HA Read the poem and answer the questions. (reams are haun$e(M Are his (reams ri)h3 8' 8 wa%e earl./ He wa%es )ol(# R. be(/ He slee&s in $he ol(/ Dea( lea+es o' a (i$)h# M.# 8 slee& in m.

!#2ha$ (oes $he $ram& wan$ 'rom $he &oe$3 A A )an o' $ea B Dire)$ions $o a &la)e C Shoes 'or his 'ee$ D A &la)e $o s$a. D has goo( (reams 5#8$ )an be in'erre( 'rom $he &oem $ha$ $he &oe$Ls (reams are A $rouble( C won(er'ul B &leasan$ D in$eres$ing 7#2ha$ is $he las$ s$anHa o' $he &oem abou$3 A Peo&leLs habi$s B Slee&ing &la)es C Two (i''eren$ li+es D Two goo( 'rien(s =#How (i( $he &oe$ mee$ $he $ram&3 666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666 #2h. (oes $he $ram& wa%e u& )ol(3 666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666 . 4#The &oe$ %nows $ha$ $he $ram& A has 'lown in an aero&lane B has no home C wa%es u& earl.

THEME: >AL-ES PREPARED BY: HA Read the message and answer the questions.ouL 'or being a grea$ mo$her# You are alwa.s ma%ing mis$a%es C Dina gi+es her mo$her a )ar( e+er.ou# 8 wan$ $o $ell . (a.ou $r. LThan% .ou +er.s/ Dina 1#2ha$ o))asion is $he )ar( mos$ li%el. $o gi+e me e+er.s $here $o $a%e )are o' me an( a(+ise me# You 'orgi+e me 'or $he mis$a%es 8 ma%e an( . Deares$ Mum/ 8 ?us$ wan$ $o sa. 'or3 A Dew . "#2ha$ is $he &ur&ose o' $he message3 A To e<&ress a&&re)ia$ion an( lo+e B To as% 'or more )are an( a(+i)e C To see% 'orgi+eness D To wish goo( lu)% !#The message $ell us $ha$ A Dina has a goo( mo$her B Dina is alwa.ear B Chris$mas C Mo$herLs Da.ou 8 lo+e . D DinaLs mo$her as%e( 'or a &resen$ 4#How (oes Dina 'eel $o ha+e su)h a mo$her3 . mu)h# Ha+e a won(er'ul (a. $o(a.$hing 8 nee(# 8 am in(ee( blesse( $o ha+e a mo$her li%e .ou li%e $his )ar( an( $he li$$le &resen$ 8 go$ .ou# Lo+e alwa. D 2e((ing Anni+ersar. an( 8 ho&e .

uliaLs %i( bro$her C .e( games li%e Chara(es wi$h us# 2e will be going $o Penang in $hree (a.s washes $hem awa.3 A . morning# 2e ha+e $o %ee& buil(ing $hem/ as $he sea alwa.uliaLs sis$er B .ulia (oes DOT A buil( san()as$les B swim in $he sea C )olour her s%in .uliaLs mo$her D SusieLs sis$er "#8n Pulau Lang%awi/ .ear# Ho&e . A Langkawi )o%ida" Dear Susie/ 8 wish . guests sang along# Some Ameri)an )hil(ren we ha+e ?us$ ma(e 'rien(s wi$h &la. an( 8 ha+e been hel&ing our %i( bro$her buil( san()as$les e+er. song an( man. 'or me b.eC Your 'rien(/ .ou were here wi$h me in Pulau Lang%awi# 8$ is a beau$i'ul islan( wi$h lo$s o' &alm $rees an( whi$e san(. ne<$ . s%in is ge$$ing 9ui$e a $an now# @uess wha$3 The resor$ $hrew a bir$h(a.ou )an )ome along wi$h us $hen# B.666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666 5#2ha$ (i( Dina gi+e her mo$her3 666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666 THEME: ED>8RODMEDT PREPARED BY: HA Read the postcard and answer the questions. Bir$h(a.ulia 1#2ho is >i)%.s ago/ >i)%. @ran(maLs be'ore going home# 8 %now 8 will miss Lang%awi a lo$/ bu$ Da( sa.sL $ime 'or a nigh$ a$ m. $he &oolsi(eC The ban( &la. &ar$.# 8n $he a'$ernoons/ we go swimming# M.e( $he Ha&&. bea)hes# Sin)e we arri+e( $wo (a.s we will )ome ba)% here 'or a long holi(a.

ulia is A homesi)% B en?o. $here# D She wen$ $o $he &oolsi(e# 4#8n $he &os$)ar(/ guests re'ers $o A &eo&le in+i$e( $o . in Pulau Lang%awi s&e)ial3 A She go$ a $an# B She &la.D ma%e new 'rien(s !#2ha$ ma(e . B o$her &eo&le s$a.ing in Pulau Lang%awi3 666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666 B#2ha$ is .ulia s$a.uliaLs bir$h(a.ulia (es)ribe Pulau Lang%awi3 666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666 11#2h.ing in $he resor$ C members o' $he ban( D &eo&le 'rom o$her )oun$ries 5#8$ )an be in'erre( 'rom $he &os$)ar( $ha$ .uliaLs main &ur&ose o' wri$ing $he &os$)ar( was $o A in'orm Susie she misse( her B in+i$e Susie $o Pulau Lang%awi C ma%e Susie 'eel ?ealous D $ell Susie abou$ her s$a.uliaLs s$a.ulia go $o Pulau Lang%awi wi$h3 A Her sis$er an( bro$her B Her 'amil.e( games# C She )elebra$e( her bir$h(a.ulia ge$$ing a $an3 666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666 . C Her gran(mo$her D 0rien(s =#.ing hersel' C ge$$ing bore( D eager $o go home 7#2ho (i( . is .ulia (oing in Pulau Lang%awi3 666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666 1:#How (oes . in Pulau Lang%awi #2here is .

'or $he (e&ar$men$ .ou woul( li%e me $o (o# Yours $rul. &romise( $o loo% in$o $he &roblem# -n$il now/ no$hing has been (one# 8 regre$ $ha$ i' no a)$ion is $a%en wi$hin $he ne<$ $wo (a. )om&lain$ $o $he news&a&er# Tha$/ 8 am sure/ is no$ wha$ .our garbage )olle)$or )leare( $he rubbish here# The smell is ge$$ing unbearable an( $he in)reasing amoun$ o' garbage is be)oming an e. is $he wri$er )on'i(en$ $ha$ $he (e&ar$men$ woul( no$ li%e him $o )om&lain $o $he news&a&ers3 A The o''i)ers woul( ha+e $o )olle)$ $he garbage# B The garbage woul( ha+e $o be )leare( wi$hin $wo (a. Dear Sir/ 8 woul( li%e $o )om&lain abou$ $he un)olle)$e( garbage along .es "#2h.s# C 8$ woul( be ba( &ubli)i$.alan Per(ana# 8$ has been $wo wee%s sin)e . $imes regar(ing $his ma$$er an( ea)h $ime $he. onl.s/ 8 ha+e no )hoi)e bu$ $o $a%e m./ Awang Hassan 1#8$ is DOT $rue $ha$ $he rubbish A has been un)olle)$e( 'or $wo wee%s B gi+es o'' a ba( smell C is &iling u& D )auses sore e.THEME: ED>8RODMEDT PREPARED BY: HA Read the letter and answer the questions.esore# 8 ha+e )on$a)$e( .our o''i)ers man.

ha( 'inishe( har+es$ing $heir 'iel(s bu$ $o(a.ear an( &eo&le 'rom as 'ar awa.# Ai$e1'l. )an li'$ i$ 'rom $he groun( $o $he &alm o' $heir han( wi$hou$ in$erru&$ing $he s&inning# To&1s&inning )om&e$i$ions are ?u(ge( b.s# The./ i$ has be)ome an in$erna$ional s&or$# Ai$e1'l. B )olour'ul C 'lower. ano$her in$eres$ing game/ whi)h is s&inning $o&s# 8$ is s$ill &o&ular $o(a. an eagle (oes .e( b.ing is a &o&ular game &la. as Euro&e $a%e &ar$ in $hem# Be'ore $he har+es$ing season/ $he padi 'armers use( $o &la. Ai$e1'l.D The (e&ar$men$ )anno$ sol+e $he &roblem# !#The wri$er wan$s $he (e&ar$men$ $o A )lear $he garbage 9ui)%l. i$ regre$s i$s a)$ion THEME: >AL-ES PREPARED BY: HA Read the passage and answer the questions. al$hough 'ewer &eo&le are s%il'ul a$ i$# The $o&s use( are no$ )hil(renLs $o. $he leng$h o' $ime ea)h $o& s&ins# An e<&er$ )an se$ a $o& s&inning 'or o+er an hour# 1#A %i$e is bes$ (es)ribe( as A &re$$. +illagers who li+e in $he eas$ )oas$ o' Mala. B ge$ ri( o' $he smell C (e)rease $he amoun$ o' garbage D sa.ing use( $o be $he 'a+ouri$e &as$ime o' padi 'armers a'$er $he. D large "#8$ )an be in'erre( 'rom $he &assage $ha$ a %i$e A is ma(e o' &a&er B is (e)ora$e( wi$h 'lowers C )an be $he siHe o' an eagle in 'ligh$ D 'lies $he wa.ing e+en$s are organise( ea)h . are man.# Some &eo&le are so goo( a$ s&inning a $o& $ha$ $he. 'loral &a$$erns are )u$ ou$ an( &as$e( on $he %i$es as (e)ora$ion# The wing s&an o' some %i$es is larger $han $ha$ o' an eagle# The (esigns on su)h big %i$es are +isible 'rom $he groun( e+en i' $he %i$es are 'lown high u& in $he s%. $imes larger an( hea+ier# A ro&e is woun( aroun( $he $o& an( $o se$ $he $o& s&inning/ one mus$ un'url $he ro&e 9ui)%l.sia# The %i$es are (esigne( an( )ra'$e( in brigh$ )olours an( &a$$erns# Pa&er $assels an( &re$$.

!#2hi)h o' $he 'ollowing s$a$emen$s is TR-E o' %i$e1'l.# C 8$ is &la. wish 7#The bes$ $i$le 'or $his &assage is A Tra(i$ional @ames B Eas$ Coas$ E+en$s C A(ul$ Hobbies D How $o 0l. $o&s be'ore $he har+es$ing season B )an mo+e $he $o&s while $he $o&s are s&inning C ?u(ge $o&1s&inning )om&e$i$ions D )an se$ $o&s s&inning 'or as long as $he.ing e+en$s# 4#The &assage im&lies $ha$ )hil(renLs $o&s are A less &o&ular B har( $o s&in C small an( ligh$ D $he same as $hose use( in )om&e$i$ions 5#To&1s&inning e<&er$s A &la.ing $o(a.e( a'$er $he har+es$ing season# D 0oreigners )ome $o &ar$i)i&a$e in our %i$e1'l. in Mala.sia# B 8$ is a &as$ime o' padi 'armers onl.3 A 8$ is &o&ular onl. Ai$es an( S&in To&s .

THEME: SOC8AL 8SS-ES PREPARED BY: HA Read the passage and answer the questions. &rin$e( &a&er $ha$ is har( $o rea(# Rea( o+er $he $es$ an( &lan how . as mu)h as $he.ou ha+e $o bring 'or $he $es$ $he (a.ou 'in( more (i''i)ul$# Pa.oursel' $ime $o ge$ rea(.ou si$ 'or i$# 8$ will onl. a$ $he in+igila$ors 1#A))or(ing $o $he &assage/ i$ is a(+isable $o A S$u(. an( arri+e a li$$le earlier a$ $he &la)e o' $he $es$# Tr.ious# As% hel& 'rom $he in+igila$ors i' .ou will 'eel 'resh $he ne<$ (a.ou are going $o $a)%le i$ su)h as whi)h 9ues$ions $o answer 'irs$# Answer all $he 9ues$ions $ha$ . $he nigh$ be'ore a $es$ so $ha$ .# Allow . &roblems su)h as ha+ing a &oorl./ slee& earl. well in a(+an)e# A+oi( las$ minu$e )ramming# Pre&are wha$ .ou 'a)e an. C B Re+ise un$il $he las$ minu$e D "#2ha$ shoul( s$u(en$s (o on $he e+e o' a $es$3 A S$u(. an( ge$ rea(. )an .ou %now 'irs$ an( $hen go ba)% $o $hose $ha$ . $o rela< an( remain )lam while wai$ing 'or $he $es$ $o begin# Don*$ $al% abou$ $he $es$ wi$h 'ellow s$u(en$s ?us$ be'ore .our surroun(ings# a+oi( all $he o$her s$u(en$s loo% )losel. )onsis$en$l. B Pre&are i$ems $o bring an( slee& earl. ma%e . C S$u(. TE2 N N N N N N N N N N AYS TO #RE#ARE 0OR TESTS S$u(. be'ore# Slee& earl.ou an. a$$en$ion $o $he $es$ an( no$ $o o$her s$u(en$s or .

ou DOT (o when . ou$ (is)ussions wi$h o$her s$u(en$s !#The wor( an. har( b.ou are in $he e<am hall3 A S$u(. B $ire( C worrie( D un)om'or$able 4#2ha$ shoul( a s$u(en$ (o i' he or she has &roblems answering a 9ues$ion3 A As% 'or hel& 'rom $he in+igila$ors B Com&lain $ha$ $he &a&er )anno$ be rea( C Rea( o+er $he $es$ &a&er an( &lan again D Tr.D Carr. .our $es$ &a&er o+er an( o+er again . $o answer i$ a'$er (oing $he o$her 9ues$ions 5#2hi)h o' $he 'ollowing )an .ious means A unha&&.oursel' B Aee& 9uie$ C Pu$ u& .our han( i' .ou nee( $he in+igila$or*s a$$en$ion D Rea( .

$em&orar. relie'# There is s$ill $he 'inal e<am $o )ome# 8 am no$ loo%ing 'orwar( $o $ha$ a$ all# 8 (onL$ $hin% 8 (i( well in $he $rial# Rela</ .in Abu : : : : : : : : 8Lm so gla( $ha$ $he $rial e<am is o+erC 8 )an $a%e a brea% now# 8$Ls onl. 'or $he rea% t!ing# YouLre righ$# A$ leas$ 8Lll %now whi)h sub?e)$ 8Lm wea% in# How (i( . 8 s&o$$e( some li%el. 9ues$ions an( $he. 'or $he ne<$ e<am# C To show s$u(en$s $he 9ues$ions $ha$ will be $es$e( in $he a)$ual e<am# D To allow s$u(en$s $o ge$ a 'eel o' $he a)$ual e<am# "#. o' &re&aring 'or e<ams# 8$Ls bes$ $o s$u(.in Abu .ou 'in( $he His$or.in Abu . all $he $o&i)s# ThereLs no shor$)u$ $o (oing well# 1#2ha$ (oes a $rial e<am aim $o (o3 A To le$ $he s$u(en$s %now who $heir in+igila$ors will be# B To hel& $he s$u(en$s $o s$u(.in Abu .in is no$ loo%ing 'orwar( $o $he 'inal e<am be)ause he A has ?us$ 'inishe( $he $rial e<am B wan$s $o $a%e a brea% C is no$ &re&are( 'or i$ D has a &roblem remembering (a$es !#T!e rea% t!ing is $he . . were $es$e(# Tha$Ls no$ a reliable wa.in# Tha$Ls wha$ $he $rial e<am is all abou$ 1 $o $es$ our %nowle(ge an( $o ge$ us rea(. &a&er3 8$ was $ough# 8L+e a &roblem remembering (a$es# Lu)%il.THEME: SOC8AL 8SS-ES PREPARED BY: HA Read the dialogue and answer the questions.

&a&er# B . &a&er e<amina$ion &re&ara$ion 4#2ha$ (i( .in ha( &roblems wi$h his His$or.ing 5#2hi)h o' $he 'ollowing s$a$emen$s is DOT $rue3 A . &a&er will be C How $o s$u(.A B 'inal e<amina$ion wea% sub?e)$ C D His$or.in learn 'rom $he $rial e<am3 A 2hi)h sub?e)$ he is wea% in B How (i''i)ul$ $he His$or. all $he e<amina$ion $o&i)s D A shor$)u$ $o s$u(.ing is $o re+ise all $he $o&i)s# .in is a more )ons)ien$ious s$u(en$ $han Abu# C Abu (oes no$ belie+e in s&o$$ing 9ues$ions# D AbuLs me$ho( o' s$u(.

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