April 25, 2014

Hon. Daniel Maffei 207 Commerce Street Alexandria, VA 22314 Dear Mr. Maffei, Thank you for your recent letter dated April 22, 2014 expressing your interest in conducting an “honest, straightforward campaign” this year. I couldn’t agree more and share your intent to promote an “issuefocused campaign.” To that end, I suggest we agree immediately to a series of free, open, and public debates and exchanges across NY-24 beginning this June and extending to Election Day on November 4th. Debates could be hosted by independent, nonpartisan organizations in each county with rules and moderators agreed to by both candidates. To begin the scheduling of this robust, straightforward, and issue-focused series, I offer the following dates when Congress is currently not scheduled to be working when it may be most convenient for you to travel to Central New York to participate:      June 1 – June 8 June 27 – July 7 August 1 – September 7 September 20 – September 28 October 3 – November 3

Regarding the use of campaign resources, please know that my campaign and I will continue to comply with the law just as I have during my entire career as a Federal prosecutor. You are exactly right when you wrote, “This (campaign) is an opportunity for us both to lead and set a higher standard for democracy. We should not pass this up.” I look forward to hearing from you about the issue of debates. The creation of a healthy series of public exchanges will surely encourage the “clean campaign” you now pledge to run. Sincerely,

John Katko Candidate for Congress, NY-24