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Unit of Study Planning Phase I - Patterns of Discovery

Unit of Study Planning Phase I - Patterns of Discovery

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Published by: angelamaiers on Nov 03, 2009
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Unit of Study Planning Phase I - Patterns of Discovery 4 Quad planning Phase II - Vision Statement Unit of Study template Phase

III - Experience Design 2 Week Design (Time 10-15 min per conversation) Week 1 mini lessons Week 2 mini lessons Phase IV - Mentor Text Immersion Phase V - Support Resources Phase VI - Assessment

Unit of Study
During the next ______ weeks students will be immersed in _____________. We will explore, investigate, analyze, compare, and draw conclusions about the Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening and using communication patterns of this genre.

Each day the unit of study begins with a whole group mini lesson applying a specific and focused GLO and/or Content Standard(s) as it relates to the application to that specific genre.

At the conclusion of this shared experience, students will understand ________ and be able to ______________.

The following is a Òsugg estedÓframework for the conversation: The order and time spent on each mini lesson remains flexible as differentiation and teacher discretion is encouraged.

4 Quadrant Unit Planning

Text Code

Text Form

Meaning Making

Text Critic

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