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Notes: Air Pressure

Air is made up of ____________ and molecules which have _____________. Because air has mass, it also has other ________________ including density and pressure.

Density Density is the ________________ of mass in a given volume of air We can use the following formula to calculate the __________________ of a substance: DENSITY = MASS VOLUME The more molecules in a given volume, the _____________ the density. The less __________________ in a given volume, the lower the density.

Pressure Pressure is the force ________________ on a surface or area Air Pressure is the result of the ____________ of a column of air pushing ____________ on an area The weight of the column of air above us is about the same as the weight of a school bus! The reason we are not crushed is that air ____________ is also pushing up and sideways to balance out. Air pressure is constantly ________________. ____________ air exerts more pressure than less dense __________. Measuring Air Pressure A ___________________ is an instrument used to measure air pressure. There are two types of barometers:

Mercury Barometer Made from a ________ tube open at the bottom and partially filled with ____________. As air pressure ___________________, it presses down more on the surface of mercury ____________ it higher up the tube. As air pressure decreases, it presses down ____________ on the surface of mercury forcing it lower up the tube.

Aneroid Barometer A small ________________ made up of tiny _____________ connected to a needle and dial. As the air pressure increases, it squeezes the chamber more causing the ____________ to move more. As the air pressure _________________, it squeezes the chamber less causing the needle to move less.

Barometer Units for Air Pressure Most _______________ reports use inches of mercury to express the current air pressure This means how many ____________ the mercury rises in the __________________. More detailed National Weather Service ____________ use air pressure in _________________. One inch of mercury = ____________ millibars

Altitude Altitude is the distance __________________ sea level. Also called ____________________

Altitude Affects Air Pressure As ________________ increases, air pressure decreases. Example: A stack of books

Altitude Affects Air Density As altitude increases, the density of the air decreases. The higher up you go, the air _______________ are more spread out. Example: While climbing a mountain, it would be harder to breathe since the ______________ molecules are farther apart per cubic meter compared to ____________ _____________.