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CAE-A / Saturday / 8:30 am Student: Amanda Rezende Date: September, 8 2009

CAE 2, page16 Rep rt Report for Rivardale College Sports Club Introduction This report aims to provide information on the current clubs situation, regarding an assessment of the Rivardale College Sports Club services carried out among college students two weeks ago, and to recommend any changes. Results of assessments and recommendations !" of students complained that the fitness room is always overcrowded. It might be advisable to e#pand it as soon as possible. $lthough the clubs recent investments in the implementation of different modalities of sport, it was appointed a lack of organised classes. It would be preferable if students could have classes with professional instructors and a previous schedule of activities defined. %hen it comes to the cloakrooms, &''" of students reported that showers are always broken. I propose an urgently replacement of all showers. (!" of students identified that the club has nowhere to have rink and rela#. It would be a good idea to build a kind of bar and organise events in special dates. Students college could also be hired to work in the bar. In view of students involvement in a lot of college activities during the week, the ma)ority of students can only come to the club at weekends. I highly recommend that the club is opened at weekends. To sum up, I have no hesitation in recommending the implementation of all items described above in the ne#t si# months and, in order to make necessary improvements, financial support *+S, !','''- from the college is essential.