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I wish you


the strength of all elements

It is seldom that I send out this type of presentation but I found this one particularly impacting and thought provoking. NO you will not have to send it out to 2,5, or even 10 people for luck, just sit back and enjoy the true meaning!

Your Friend

The one who takes your hand but touches your heart is a true Friend

We seldom think of what we have, but always think of what we miss

Don ' t cry because it ' s over now, laugh because it happened

The more precisely you plan, the harder destiny will hit you

What happens, happens for a reason

Don't make an effort because the best things happen, when you least expect them

The greatest events aren't the loudest, but the most quiet hours

The most difficult lesson to learn is: Which bridge in life to use or which one to break off

Everybody sees how you seem, however, only some know who you are

He who would like to have something he never had, will have to do something well, that he hasnt done yet

Perhaps God would want you to become acquainted with many different people in the course of your life, so that when you meet the right ones, you can appreciate and be grateful for them

Plan for tomorrow but LIVE for today

Love doesn't require two people look at each other, but that they look together in the same direction.
(Antoine de Saint Exupery)

Life is drawing without an eraser

I wish you always: Air to breath, Fire to warm you, Water to drink and The earth to live in.

I hope you enjoyed it and have a great DAY !