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Observation of a Guest Presenter/Classroom Teacher PDA Reection Form (Submitted no later than 48 hours after completion of a PD activity) THANK

YOU DR. HOLCOMB! Please provide commentary of what you learned that will contribute to you being a better music teacher. Name: Anthony M. Carrella Date of Observation: November 1, 2012 Presenter: Dr. Helen Kemp, Dr. Andr Thomas, Dr. Pearl Shangkuan, Kemp Family (etc.) 1. Describe the event (general music, guest presenter, focus, topics, perceived objectives). The Kemp Church Music Symposium took place in Bristol Chapel and The Playhouse, with presenters who were very uent in choral and sacred music. Dr. Helen Kemp arranged for numerous speakers to talk to us on a lot of various topics. We partook in sessions regarding rehearsal technique, orchestral conducting, and two reading sessions. They each brought a di!erent topic to central focus, and helped shed light on more ambiguous areas of music. It was great for Freshmen Music Education majors to attend this symposium, because we were able to learn a lot of in classroom technique that we are not familiar with yet. It was a great introduction to choral pedagogy. 2. Describe the pedagogical strategies the presenter used (e.g., lecture, visual presentation, warm-ups, small groups, questioning, problem solving). Dr. Shangkuan really had everyone in the session involved in the pedagogy she was teaching. Every element of her presentation was demonstrated in a very hands on way. It helped people understand pedagogy, and how to teach it. Dr. Thomas reading sessions really put the music in your body. We were able to move with the pieces, and his knowledge of music really provides for an accurate performance of pieces. Teachers in the session were denitely able to grasp what Dr. Thomas was saying, so that they could apply it in their own classrooms. 3. Describe insights or strategies that you will apply to your teaching. I would denitely apply a lot of Dr. Shangkuans techniques in my own teaching. Her vocabulary was something that could be understood in all age groups, and her food elements were something every child and adult could relate to. I also learned a lot of valuable information in working with an orchestra. I am foreign to orchestral conducting, so, it

was a great introduction. I was very happy to have sung hymns with Helen Kemp. She was inspiration, and a great knowledgable person. Dr. Thomas is a great musician and conductor, and to see him work so well with so many people is great. He has such a knowledge of choral repertoire. Ive felt such a large amount of condence under his direction. He really knows the exact emotion he wants to portray in repertoire, and has such technical ability to do so.