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Unit of Study: Concept or skill to be taught Lesson Goal Lesson Objectives Accomodations Common Core

Stress Learning how to live healthy and exercise to prevent stress. Students will have demonstrate understanding of exercise stress-prevention strategies. students will name two types of activity; students will discuss their results of their fitness assessment; students will explain 2 links between stress and exercise Review behavioral expectations. Use proximity. Use specific praise. Set clear boundires before charades. Health 1.5 Assess ones personal nutrition needs and level of physical activity according to the federal dietary guidelines.

Sequence of Plan

Time (approx) (40 min)

Modality (visual, auditory, tactile, motor) visual, kinetic, auditory visual, auditory, kinetic, visual, auditory auditory, visual, kinetic

Grouping Pattern (1-1, 2s, 3-5, 2-3 groups, whole group)

Anticipatory Set: Instruction:

Say, "lets review our lesson from last week" and then lay down on the floor and pretend to go to sleep. Then ask class if they remembered what the lesson was on. Explain todays lesson will be on exercise. Take 1 minute to do pushups, jumping jacks, or jogging in place. Teacher will lead guided notes that connect the reasons of stress and how exercise ties in with it. During instruction offer opportunities for students to add ideas to the class notes. With students using their own paper, go through the fitness assessment on the projector and read aloud. Have students count up points. Using a think-pair-share- have students discuss for 1 minute the results of their fitness assessment. Have students write down 3 types of activity that would help relieve stress. Put them in a hat and play charades to reinforce healthy ways to prevent stress. Go over how regular activity helps reduce stress. Remind students that the next lesson is on relaxation techniques so come ready to chill out! Exit ticket is for students to list 2 ways stress connects with exercise.

3 min 5 min

whole group whole group

Guided Practice (Modeling):



Independent Practice:

15 min

small groups


2 min


whole group

Evaluation Materials needed References

See participation rubric attached- assess participation during the assessment and gp, collect data for ojectives rubric during IP and closure. projector, doc cam, hat, slips of paper for charades, guided notes, teacher notes

3: Fully
Obj 1:students will name two types of activity;

2: Partially

1: Attempts

0: does not try

ideniftied 2

identified 1

tried by was incorrect

didnt try

Obj 2: students will discuss their results of their fitness assessment; Obj 3:students will explain 2 links between stress and exercise

discussed and listened to partner; offered ways to improved

discussed and listened but no offer or ways to improve

did not listen to partner

didnt try

ideniftied 2

identified 1

tried by was incorrect

didnt try


Participation during instruction/ GP 10 or above: great! 5-9: good 2-4: Participate more 0-1: Focused attention needed