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Jordan Christine Parchman

151 South 11th apt 7, Bozeman, MT 59715 (214) 770-4832

Teaching Philosophy Family and Consumer Sciences

When it comes to my teaching philosophy, I always consider that everyone learns differently and that students who have positive experiences in the classroom and feel connected and thus excited will succeed and grow more than those who do not. I think back on the classes and teachers I had while in grade school in order to separate the positive and negative experiences I personally had and learn from them in hopes of not leaving any of the same negative feelings on my students as I unfortunately had from some past teachers. However, it was due to the positive experiences and teachers I had that led me to pursue teaching in the first place, and so my ultimate hope is to instill some of that same passion for teaching and learning into my students as well. It is important to me that a class evolves into a family, for we can all learn and teach one another in a variety of ways that extends the walls of the classroom. Through respect and communication, we as a class (emphasis on the we because I will be fully included as well) will grow and learn together and build relationships. It is vital to all secondary students to not only gain knowledge on the content covered but to gain valuable social skills as well in order to be the best, well-rounded versions of themselves as possible when they step out into society. I will encourage students to work in groups as well as on their own equally throughout the year so that they can improve in either or both of those work styles. I also will offer student choice projects where they will demonstrate what they learned by any means they chose such as a written report, a technological presentation, a 3-d project, etc. so that they can be more productive and get a chance to really display their talents and knowledge. It is important to me to constantly be aware of how my students best learn and express themselves in order to ensure they are getting the very best education and chance in my classroom. By alternating work styles and allowing students to have a bit more freedom in their assignments, I believe I will help facilitate students taking responsibility for their own learning and therefore support their personal, professional, and academic growth and knowledge. After all, FCS is dedicated to producing well-rounded students with an abundance of life skills, and what better place to start that than in the classroom by helping them foster their own success and education.