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Layers of the Atmosphere Scientists divide the _____________ atmosphere into FOUR layers.

These layers are based on the changes in their _________________. Troposphere The inner or __________ layer Tropo means turning or changing. _____________ in this layer change more than any other _________. Clouds form and _____________ occurs here. From 0 12 km in altitude Reaches -60o Celsius near the ___________ point. Stratosphere ___________ means layer or spread out. Reaches 12 to 50 km in ______________. Ozone is __________ here. Lower regions are -60o Celsius Middle to upper regions are _______________ because the ozone layer ________________ energy from the sun. The ozone filters ______________ UV rays from reaching the Earth's surface. Mesosphere Meso means ____________. Reaches ____ ____ km in altitude. Upper parts up to -90o Celsius. Protects the Earth's surface from being hit by most ______________. When you see a ____________ _________, this is where the trail of hot, glowing gases are left behind.

Thermosphere Thermo means heat. _______________ can get up to 1800o Celsius It gets so hot because the sun hits this layer ___________. ______________ layer that reaches 80 km up to outer ___________. Two layers of the Thermosphere: Ionosphere From 80 400 km Gas ___________ form electrical ions. ________ waves bounce off ions back to ____________ surface. Northern Lights occur in this ____________.
Caused by particles from the sun entering the _________. They strike ________ causing a glow.

Exosphere Outer part that ________ 400 km upwards for thousands of km. Satellites ___________ this area.