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Uur zel 1914290 Instructor: Filiz Etiz

First Outline

Thesis Statement: The theory of evolution should be t u!ht in schools"

Counter Argument I: Evolution contr dicts reli!ious beliefs# thus it should not be t u!ht" Refutation I: $eli!ion nd science re t%o distinct funds of &no%led!e" 'ince the scientific (ethod c nnot be ))lied to reli!ion# this r!u(ent is unrel ted"

Counter Argument II: Evolution is *ust

theory# not

l %"

Refutation II: Theory does not necess rily (e n uncorrobor ted thesis" Evolution is f ct"

Counter Argument III: +ost of the scientists do not believe in evolution" Refutation III: ,lthou!h the r tio ch n!es ccordin! to country nd scientific field# (ost of the scientific uthorities cce)t the theory of evolution"

Pro Argument: ,s evolution is unifyin! conce)t in biolo!y# educ tion of evolution nd biolo!y re not se) r ble" Therefore# evolution should be t u!ht in schools"