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Choose the correct answers. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. You (dont have to/ ought to/ could/ shouldnt) eat healthy food.

A: This programme isnt very good. B: (Must/Had to/ Need/ Shall) I turn it over? I think Diana (will/ must/ have to/ had to) pass the exam. A: Lets go out tonight. B: What time (must/ shall/ could/ need) we meet? A: When is Barbara going to phone you? B: I dont know. She (cant/might/couldnt/neednt) phone this afternoon. (Must/ Need/ Have to / Could) you open the door, please? Im sorry, but I (dont have to/cant/shouldnt/couldnt) come to your party next Saturday. (Should/Could/Must/Shall) you pass me the salt, please? Customer: (Should/Can/May/Would) I have a bar of that chocolate please? Shopkeeper: Here you are. 10. I had a party last weekend but Paul and Jenny (couldnt/ could/shouldnt/wouldnt) come. I was so upset. 11. We (can/ have to/ must/ cant) go to the bank today we havent got any money. We need some money. 12. You (couldnt/dont have to/ mustnt /can) wear shoes in this area. Shoes arent allowed here. 13. You watch TV all the time. You (can/ cant/ should/ shouldnt) watch too much TV. 14. A: My bag is heavy. B: I (will/would/have to/need) carry it for you. 15. I think everybody (cant/ wouldnt/ should/couldnt) learn another language. Its a good idea to know more than one language. 16. Im not working tomorrow, so I (wouldnt/couldnt/mustnt/ dont have to) get up early. 17. A: (Must/Could/Would/Can) you like a chocolate? B: Yes, please. 18. Im hungry. I (can/shall/would/may) like something to eat. 19. Tom (can/mustnt/should/ doesnt have to) go to bed early. He goes to bed very late, and hes always tired.

20. We didnt have any food yesterday, so we (could /can/ must/ had to) go shopping. 21. We have got enough food, so we (cant/mustnt/neednt/ should) go shopping. 22. A: You cant park your car here for nothing. You (can/will/could/ have to) pay. 23. A: (May/Shall) I sit here? B: Yes, you may. 24. A: Can you change twenty pound? B: No, I .(can/cant)

Answers 1.should 2.shall 3.will 4.shall 5.might 6.could 7.cant 8.could 9.can 10.couldnt 11.must 12.mustnt 13.shouldnt 14.will 15.should 16.dont have to 17.would 18.would 19.should 20.had to 21.neednt 22.have to 23.May 24.cant