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1- Tell me two things you can do and two you cant do in your town. 2- Tell me two things you can do and two you cant do at work. 3- Where were you last night? 4- Tell me something about yesterday 5- Tel me something about last month 6- Is there a TV in the classroom? 7- Is there a swimming pool in your house? 8- When is San Pedritos day? 9- When is Independences day? 10- What do you think of Marc Anthony? 11- What do you think of Shakira? 12- Do you play sports? Which sports do you play? 13- What do you usually have for breakfast? 14- Are you using your cell phone in class now? Why? 15- What is your mother doing now? 16- Excuse me, where is the Vivero Forestal? 17- Excuse me, where is the Centenario stadium? 18- Tell me two things you can do and two you cant do in a classroom. 19- Tell me two things you can do and two you cant do at a hospital. 20- Tell me about your last vacation: Where did you go? When did you go? 21- Tell me about the last movie that you saw: What was its name? Did you like it? 22- Talk about how Chimbote was many years ago. 23- What about the weather in Chimbote ? talk about predictions. 24- How many students are there inside this room?

25- Are there 10 English teachers in the morning ? 26- Where was your mother last night? 27- How was your weekend? Why? 28- What time did you arrive at university last Monday? 29- What did you do on the weekend? 30- When is Christmass day? 31- When is your birthday ? 32- What do you think of English course? 33- Tell me about your plans. 34- Where were you at 6 oclock yesterday? 35- What is going to happen ? 36- Tell me about your dream trip.Where are you going to go? 37- When is mothers Day? 38- When is teachers day? 39- Did you have a good day yesterday? Why? 40- Did you have breakfast this morning? 41- What do you think of Gisella Valcarcel? 42- Is there a parking lot near here ? Where is it ? 43- Are there any supermarkets in Chimbote ? Where are they ? 44- Look at the picture.Where are they ?What are they doing ? 45- Are you going to go out tonight? 46- What are you doing? 47- Excuse me, where is Plaza Vea Chimbote? 48- Where is Cesar Vallejo University ? 49- What about the weather at 11 am Make a prediction. 50- Where is the cathedral?