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Follow the Instruction Below To Start Using Your BlackBerry Device as Modem 1.

First and foremost, you have to install BlackBerry Desktop Manager on your PC. ou can get this soft!are from the CD pack that came !ith your device. But in case you purchase a fairly used or second hand BlackBerry device or you have misplaced the CD that came !ith your device, you can do!nload the BlackBerry Desktop Manager from here ". #fter proper installation of the BlackBerry Desktop Manager on your PC, launch the application and click on tools in the menu $ar section. Select Mobile Internet Settings from the drop do!n menu. From the drop do!n menu, click on add custom profile to define your o!n net!ork settings $ecause %igeria net!orks are not in the list of net!ork listed there. &se the settings in the ta$le $elo! depending on the net!ork of your choice. #irtel Phone %ame &sername Pass!ord #ccess Point #dd Command #fter inserting the settings for the net!ork of your choice, click on the *+ $utton to e,it the small pop up screen and press the *+ $utton again to e,it Mo$ile -nternet .ettings configuration ta$. /. (o $ack to the menu, click on tools and after, click on start mobile internet. # !arning !ill $e out informing you that you !ill $e charged, 0ust click on connect. -f you have already su$scri$ed to a data plan, ignore the message. But if you haven1t su$scri$ed to any data plan, you !ill $e charge at a flat rate of 2 ko$o per k$. 3. -f you have correctly configured it as e,plained, you must $e connected to the internet successfully. -f you have $een connected successfully to the internet, at the left side of your BlackBerry Desktop Manager, you !ill see the time connected and num$er of data used. -f you see something like that, that means you are connected to the internet so you can no! $ro!se. #irtel %( internet internet M'% M'% %( !e$ !e$ (lo (lo %( flat flat )tisalat )tisalat %( etisalat etisalat !e$ gloflat etisalat