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Sents Smart ents Everyone loves a good challenge, and everyone loves to help if that aid is really gonna

get to those who really need it. What it is? We want to challenge the people to outsmart themselves, so only then they can make a smart donation that can truly change the world. How it works? By giving them little but defiant puzzles, riddles and brainteasers to solve right when they are managing their bank accounts. A single 10 cents donation can be made by solving a basic puzzle. As higher the difficult gets, the higher the donation that can be made. Now share your laudable donation in your social networks, let the people know youre smart enough to donate to what you think it needs it more. Everything in an easy way. Why we do it? We think thats better to have hundreds of cents donated for causes wisely chosen that can truly change the world, than hundreds of dollars on superfluous causes.

By the time youre managing your account in the interface of Bank of America, a banner will appear to the side of the site with the invitation to take the challenge.

Puzzles like this and some other challenges as brainteasers and riddles will be the way to achieve a high score that will allow you to donate more. This score can be shared with your social networks so they can see how high your proficiency is and so your capability of make smart donations.

We are appealing to the fact that 5 years ago, the connections between online bank statements and donation institutions werent that trustable as today. And that most of the people check their bank info through a smartphone, being a really smart way to beat a smart game and make a smart donation.