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ME 428

I.C. ENGINES Seventh Semester (Mechanical Engineering Branch) Departmental Elective-II

L T P C 3 0 0 6

Introduction :Basic design components and nomenclature, The working principles of engines, Comparison of S.I. and C.I. engine, Comparison of two stroke and four stroke cycle engine, Classifications of I.C. engines, Engine Performance parameters, Review of basic principles. Air Standard Cycles And Their Analysis :The Carnot cycle, The Otto cycle, The Diesel cycle, The Dual cycle, Brayton cycle and other cycles. Fuel Air Cycles And Their Analysis :Significance, Effect of operating variables, Actual cycles, Various losses in actual cycles, Fuelsimportant qualities of engine fuels. Carburetion :Factors affecting carburetion, Air-fuel mixtures, The simple carburettor, Essential parts of modern carburettors, Solex carburetor, Carter carburettor, S.U. carburettor. Injection :Air injection system, Solid injection system, Common rail system, Injection pump, Nozzle, Quantity of fuel and size of nozzle orifice, Injection in S.I. engine, Battery ignition system, Spark plug, Magneto ignition system, Modern ignition systems, Ignition timing and ignition parameters. Combustion Chamber :Stages of combustion in S.I. engines, Combustion chambers for S.I. engines, Combustion in C.I. engines, Stages of combustion in C.I. engines, Phenomenon of knock in S.I. and C.I. engines. Engine Friction And Lubrication :-

Lubrication of engine components, Lubrication system, Wet sump and dry lubrication, Properties of lubricants. Measurements And Testing :William`s line method, Morse test, Motoring test, Retardation test, Prony brake, Rope brake, Hydraulic dynamometer, Emission, Fuel consumption, Volumetric type flow meter, Fuel consumption and air consumption measurements, Combustion phenomenon, Performance parameters and characteristic, Two stroke engines, Air pollution due to I.C. engines.

Reference book: 1. I.C. Engine By V. Ganesan, McGraw Hill Publications