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Biotic Parts

Harrelson, Ecosystems Unit Science: Grade 5, Ages 10-12

Time One 60 min te class !eriod

"esson #escri!tion $n t%is lesson, t%e learners &ill identi'y (iotic com!onents o' ecosystems (y re)ie&ing t&o se!arate gra!%ics* T%ey &ill de)elo! t%e a(ility to de'ine and identi'y !rod cers, cons mers, and decom!osers (y &or+ing in gro !s to c t and !aste e,am!les 'rom old -ational Geogra!%ic maga.ines* /inally, t%ey &ill (egin adding to t%e "0earned1 section o' t%e 23" c%arts created in t%e 'irst lesson*

State 4 rric l m Standards 5*"*2: Understand t%e interde!endence o' !lants and animals &it% t%eir ecosystem*

S"*5*1: Engage e''ecti)ely in a range o' colla(orati)e disc ssions 0one- on-one, in gro !s, and teac%er-led1 &it% di)erse !artners on grade 5 to!ics and te,ts, ( ilding on ot%ers5 ideas and e,!ressing t%eir o&n clearly

$nstr ctional O(6ecti)es #e'ine t%e terms !rod cer, cons mer, and decom!oser $denti'y (iotic com!onents o' ecosystems S!eci'y (iotic com!onents as (eing !rod cers, cons mers, or decom!osers

$nstr ctional 7roced res "esson $ntrod ction T%e lesson &ill (egin (y as+ing st dents &%at t%ey remem(er a(o t t%e com!onents o' ecosystems t%at &ere disc ssed in t%e !re)io s lesson* St dents &ill (e as+ed a(o t t%e 'lo& o' energy in ecosystems 0e*g* &%ere does t%e energy come 'rom81* T%ey &ill t%en (e as+ed a(o t di''erent 'oods t%ey eat and %o& t%is relates to ecosystems* Tec%ni9 es and acti)ities St dents &ill t%en (e s%o&n t%e (iotic com!onents !age o' t%e nit &e(site* 3e &ill disc ss t%e di''erences (et&een !rod cers, cons mers, and decom!osers, s!eci'ically 'oc sing on t%e 'lo& o' energy* 3e &ill relate t%is to t%e !re)io s 9 estion a(o t &%at &e eat and %o& t%is relates to t%e (iotic com!onents o' ecosystems* St dents &ill also create !ersonal de'initions o' t%e terms !rod cer, cons mer, and decom!oser in t%eir science note(oo+s* $ &ill t%en s%o& t%e la+e ecosystem !age 'rom t%e nit &e(site and $ &ill as+ t%e st dents to identi'y t%e !rod cer, cons mer, and decom!oser s%o&n in t%e gra!%ic* -e,t, st dents &ill &or+ in gro !s to create !osters &it% t%ree col mns- one eac% 'or !rod cers, cons mers, and decom!osers* T%ey &ill (e !ro)ided &it% old -ational Geogra!%ic maga.ines to c t and !aste di''erent e,am!les o' !rod cers, cons mers, and decom!osers* Eac% gro ! s%o ld (e a(le to !ro)ide at least 'i)e e,am!les o' !rod cers, 'i)e e,am!les o' cons mers, and t%ree e,am!les o' decom!osers* A'ter allo&ing st dents time to create t%eir c%arts, t%ey &ill (e allo&ed to )ery (rie'ly s%are t%em &it% t%e class* "esson 4los re At t%e end o' t%e lesson, t%e st dents &ill need to (egin adding in'ormation to t%e " section o' t%e 23" c%arts t%at &ere created in t%eir science note(oo+s d ring t%e last lesson* Ada!tations 'or s!ecial learners $ &ill read in'ormation 'rom t%e gra!%ics dis!layed on t%e S:A;T (oard to assist t%ose st dents t%at str ggle in reading* St dents &ill (e allo&ed to create !ersonal de'initions t%ro g% &riting, listing, and< or dra&ing as needed* $ &ill also ! t st dents &%o o'ten str ggle in gro !s &it% st dents &%o are ty!ically %ig%er !er'ormers to !ro)ide modeling and %el! o''set any c%allenges* S !!lemental Acti)ities Any st dents &%o are str ggling &it% t%e material &ill (e !ro)ided &it% !rinted co!ies o' t%e gra!%ics to +ee! in t%eir science note(oo+s 'or re)ie&* Any st dent or gro ! t%at %as tro (le identi'ying !rod cers, cons mers, and decom!osers 'rom t%e maga.ines &ill (e a(le to se net(oo+s to loo+ ! in'ormation* Assessment<E)al ation St dents &ill (e in'ormally assessed on t%eir contri( tions to t%e gro ! disc ssions, as &ell as t%e data in t%eir science note(oo+s* E)ery st dent s%o ld %a)e (eg n adding to " section o' t%e !re)io sly created 23"* $n addition, t%ey s%o ld %a)e !ersonal de'initions 'or eac% o' t%e +ey &ords disc ssed d ring t%e lesson* T%ey &ill also (e assessed on contri( tions to t%eir res!ecti)e gro !s* /inally, eac% gro ! &ill (e assessed on t%e incl sion o' t%e re9 ired n m(er o' eac% com!onent as !re)io sly s!eci'ied 0minim m 'i)e !rod cers, 'i)e cons mers, and t%ree decom!osers1*

"earner 7rod cts St dents &ill list de'initions o' +ey&ords in t%eir note(oo+s &it% dra&ings to %el! t%em remem(er t%e meanings o' t%ose +ey&ords* T%ey &ill (egin 'illing in t%e " !ortion o' t%eir 23" c%arts* /inally, eac% gro ! o' st dents s%o ld %a)e a com!leted c%art identi'ying e,am!les o' !rod cers, cons mers, and decom!osers*

* Note for learners: This lesson plan template is adapted from the model that is recommended in the book Preparing to Use Technology: A Practical Guide for Technology Integration.