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Zach Blumstein


Today, four missing

persons have
been found...
Today, four missing persons have been found,
hiding in a forest right off I 75 along the Michigan-Ohio
border. Three of them have been identified as John and Molly
Williams, and Bathsheba Goldstein. The 4th body was found
minus a head with several letters in his pocket. If anyone has
any information regarding the 4th person please contact the
Michigan or Ohio highway patrol.

Ive become a
disgusting man

February 10, 1992

Dear Son,
I want to prove to you that I was a good

wife. She will be loyal to you, love you, and

father. I should have been there for you.

take care for you.

Maybe, then, you wouldnt have died.

Maybe you wouldve found a companion

I was a horrible father, and you deserved

and had a happier family. Ive become a

better. Tomorrows your birthday; I got a

disgusting man but somehow I still live at

surprise, shes waiting for you...

home and go to work.

It has been a week since Ive seen your
smile, but I will never get you out of my
head because I still see you sitting before
me, and I am still determined to find you a

February 11, 1992

Dear Son,
Today is your birthday, mom made a

you grew up I never saw you leave the

cake for the three of us. A teardrop

house. You stayed at home for college

dribbled down her face as she cut a

and you never branched out.

slice for you. I hid your slice away on

I think of all the new friends out there

my way back to the forest where you

you couldve made. I had dream last

still lie.

night that I sent you off to college

happy, but that day never came.

Ive been coming here for a week.

Every Judgment Ive ever had of you

I guess it was actually me who held

needs to come out of my skull.

you back. I wanted to trap you in the

I also brought decorations for your

arms of our house like you were still

new home in the forest. I decorated the

my little boy and never let you go. Well

place with more leaves and shrubbery.

now youre trapped in the decorations

I procured for you. Have a Happy

You always liked nature; you loved being outside when you were a kid, but as

birthday son.

A teardrop dribbled
down her face as she
cut a slice for you.

I feared what
your mother
would say if she
could pry open
my skull and
look into my
brain and see
behind my eyes.

February 12, 1992

Dear Son,
Ive been to Temple twice this

Others asked:

week. Everyone seems to talk

about you like youre dead. It

Whom is he talking to?

frightens me that they actually

think that. They really believe

Theyre right, I did see a ghost; I

youre dead, when actually youre

saw your face pop all over the place

alive. I saw you today and looked

like a campfire burning. I

pretty animated to me.

couldnt even focus on the book

right in front of me. The words

You always hated going to Temple.

looked like slit wrists with blood

If I recall correctly, your mother

dripping before my tired eyes.

forced you to go every Sunday

when I wasnt home.

My hands twitched, my pupils widened. I feared what your mother

Today was the first time I went

would say if she could pry open my

to temple in a long time and I

skull and look into my brain and

walkedin red handed. I had the

see behind my eyes.

guilty conscience; I looked as

though Id seen a ghost.
I heard people whisper
Hes looking for his son.

She doesnt know youre still alive.

February 13, 1992

Dear Son,

I have to apologize Ive skipped

You remember Bathsheba Gold-

work the past couple days. But I

stein, that girl you had a crush on

forgot to mention what happened

in high school? I knew you had a

the second time I went to Temple.

crush on her. I guess back then you

Right After Temple

were invisible to her. Well shes

married now, but not for long.

I saw this girl, the girl you once

loved. She didnt know I was right

After she was finished putting

around the corner watching her

together her crown made of daisies

collect daisies in the courtyard. She

she headed inside to go to the bath-

was enjoying the cool spring breeze

room. I wiped off my face, which

that trickled down my spine like a

had been sweating profusely. I

piercing needle. as I watched her

thought I heard her mention some-

pick a daisy and dig her nose into it.

thing about the bleeding cuts I had

on my arms. I wanted to scream
out loud, hes alive!

She didnt know I was

right around the corner
watching her collect daisies in the courtyard

February 12, 1992

Dear Son,
But, when Bathsheba walked past
me, boy I kept my tongue in
my mouth. She was more
beautiful up close. I got a closer
look into her eyes.

She had the daintiest eyes that I

She could still hear me whisper-

had ever seen, a diamond ring laid

ing into her sweet ears you were

perfectly on her ushed skin. Also,

perfect for my son! As she struck

she had the tiniest fingers that now

the pavement. I hopped in a van

held that ring on her finger.

and drove like hell. I needed to

match you with Bathsheba before

As she rushed by me with the

swiftest motion like a butcher with
a knife, I took her by the arm and
Jammed a needle into her neck.

she died.

February 14, 1992

Dear Son,
Now, I showed her the real you. I

Then she let out a scream that the

started a fire and fed it with vodka.

forest could hear loud and clear.

It burned with excitement.

I covered her face and tied her

The ames were shooting

to the tree and knotted her arm

everywhere. I was ecstatic.

to your arm.

This was going to be the most

exciting moment of your life you

I rubbed her head and told her Its

were getting married finally.

ok, you should be happy youre

getting married to my son. Too

I poured some vodka down her

bad your beautiful face terrified

throat just as she was starting to

her. I tore her ring off and said,

wake up. The first thing she saw

You wont be needing that. Then

was you. She recognized your

I presented her a new ring that I

sweet face. She was stunned and

pro-cured myself from your bones.

couldnt move.

She got stuck

at I do as
the medicine
from the
needle got the
best of her.

Lastly, I forced her into

she got stuck at I do

your mothers wedding

as the medicine from

dress. You and Bathsheba

the needle got the best

looked stunning together I

of her and she passed

just wanted to take a

out again for good. Dont

picture so I could remem-

worry, she died in her sleep.

ber it forever and show it to

I promise to search for the

your grandkids. I had you

perfect bride because you

both take another gulp of

deserve the best.

vodka then the celebration

went underway. I had to
open her eyes so she could
see my beautiful son. Just
as I made her say her vows

Dear Son,
The worst is happening; your mothers
funeral is tomorrow. She finally followed
me into the woods the other day. I didnt
mind it too much; its been a while since
shes seen you. When she came upon us,
however, I was bewildered because you
horrified her. How could she not stand the
sight of you, her only son? That lady had
no respect for what Ive finally done for
you. She was exactly like Bathsheba
use-less. I stabbed her in the heart
because she had no heart for either of us.
She never called me when I was on

17, 1992

business trips. That heartless woman lies

next to the other women. Im fighting for
whats best for you son.

Friday March 13, 1993

Dear Son,
Its been a month and these woods are getting
lonely. The trees say nothing. I have almost
given up on trying to find you a wife. You will
always be my son, and I will always love you.
What has changed? People in the community
have become concerned and they are looking
for us! Also, youve appeared in my dreams.
You asked me to toss you a ball. I couldnt, I just
could not play with you. I saw you cry and tell
your mother how terrible a father I was. I was
the ghost and you were alive. Son, come back to
me please. I will play ball with you, maybe even
take you to the zoo. Do not make me go insane.
I wanted to do whats best for you. I will find
you another wife I will even consummate the
marriage for you.

June 17, 1993

Dear Son,

I need to tell someone. I need

forgiveness, and I need you,
son. The dreams of you keep
coming back. I cant take it! I
need to get out of the woods
but how does a killer enter
society. I havent shaved.
My body is sore to the bone
because Ive dug all the graves
for all your dead fiancs and

your mom. I cant however

bring myself to bury you, the
pride of my life, the soul that
keeps me going. One day, you
will rise. One day, your family
will be happier than the one I
gave you.

they are
for us!