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Name: _______Carrie Johnson ________ Site: ___________________________

Description of Activity: Scarf Play

Type of Activity: Creative Movement Age group: 2 ! year ol"s Num#er in group: $%

&pening 'uestion()nvitation(Prop(*inger Play: Sing the goo" morning song *inger play +here is thum#,in Tal, a#out the scarves +ith the chil"ren

Concepts - S,ills: The chil"ren +ill demonstrate "ifferent things +ith the scarves. /0. *lap li,e +ash1 flag etc.

'uestions to as,: 2o+ "oes a flag flap in the +in"3 2o+ "o clothes flap on the clothesline34 5hat "oes a ,ite "o in the +in"3

Proce"ure: To start1 ma,e a little game +ith simple instructions encouraging chil"ren to 2ol" one corner an" +iggle your scarf1 Scrunch it into a #all1 2ol" your scarf #y t+o corners an" ma,e it flap li,e +ashing on the clothesline1 Ma,e it flap li,e a flag on a flag pole1 Ma,e it fly li,e a ,ite. Than play music an" let the chil"ren "ance +ith their scarves to the music.

Materials Nee"e": Scarves Music player

Performance Stan"ar"s: 2ealth an" Physical Development 6. Motor Development 6./7.$a Moves +ith strength1 control1 #alance1 coor"ination1 locomotion an" en"urance.

Potential 8ui"ance Techni9ues Nee"e":

WITC Instructor Use Only: (2 Activity Plan is "evelopmentally appropriate (2 Activity Plan is comprehensive ($ Professional presentation(spelling - grammar is correct