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April 4, 2014 NOTICE OF JOB OPENING TO ALL DEPARTMENT HEADS: To ensure that in or!ation is a"aila#le to all present e!

plo$ees, the ollo%in& noti'e o "a'an'$ shoul( #e poste( on $our #ulletin #oar( i!!e(iatel$) ************************************************************************* DEPARTMENT: POS+T+ON: SALAR0: POL+,E DEPARTMENT E-E,.T+/E SE,RETAR0 1 14)21 PER HO.R

Responsi#le or per or!in& a(!inistrati"e (uties at the (ire'tion o the Poli'e ,hie ) Duties in'lu(e 'oor(inate an( s'he(ule (epart!ent a'ti"ities3 !ana&e ,hie 4s 'alen(ar3 prepare an( su#!it (epart!ent pa$roll3 !aintain atten(an'e an( relate( re'or(s3 assist %ith #u(&et preparation3 !aintain o i'e in"entor$ an( or(er supplies3 'o!pile in or!ation an( prepare (epart!ent reports3 prepare 'orrespon(en'e an( !aintain (epart!ent iles) Appli'ants shoul( possess e5'ellent 'o!!uni'ation an( or&ani6ation s7ills an( ha"e %or7in& 7no%le(&e o o i'e 'o!puter appli'ations an( e8uip!ent) Hi&h s'hool (iplo!a or 9ED re8uire() Applications for transfer %ill #e a''epte( throu&h :ri(a$, April 11, 2014 ro! ;:00AM to 4:<0PM at the Personnel Depart!ent, 100 E) Mi'hi&an =oule"ar(, Mi'hi&an ,it$, +N 4><>0)