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Kerima Amer 902 C.I.


I read two myth's in class today, "The creation of the universe" & " Osiris isis & horus. Both myths have many differences and a few similarities. The main character Osiris gets buried alive, and his son Horus live changes forever.

The Egyptian myth does shares some differences with the Chinese myth. One difference is that the Egyptian myth is about getting power and trying to overrule somebody else. While the Chinese myth is about creation, creation of people and places. Pangu really struggles with creating people because he is trying so many different things to get it perfect at the end he finally discovers his hard work pays off. in the Egyptian myth everything is created already, the Egyptian myth really focuses on overruling as i said. Horus also works hard hard but in a different way, he is working on being king or leader while his father is in the underworld..

The Chinese myth shares some similarities with the Egyptian myth. Both myths have something to do with marrying siblings and family members. But both myths show a sense of determination. Both characters Osiris and Pangu work hard to accomplish what they need to, while Osiris works hard in the underworld, his son Horus works even harder being king. And while Pangu works hard to find a right solution to create people he also realizes his hard work pays off.

The Egyptian myth displayed many differences and similarities to the creation myth. The myths teach a lesson of determination, both main characters

pangu and osiris worked hard to accomplish their goals.