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How to Play the Chess Openings

Gambit Publications | ISBN 1901983021 | 1998-03-01 | PDF |1 28 pages | !31 "B #n e$cellent boo% &'ic' is not out-(ate( an( )o* t'e p*ice an absolute steal! +'oug' some ol(e* opening boo%s can be c*itici,e( as a ta( bit out-(ate most can still be use( to(a- to lea*n t'e basics st*uctu*es o) (i))e*ent openings! Besi(es. t'e actual /a*iations use( in a game &o*%s bette* i) it is -ou* o&n c*eation *at'e* t'an a memo*i,e( /e*sion an( t'is applies to beginne*s as &ell as t'e e$pe*ts! 0$cellent )o* inte*me(iate pla-e*s. but can also be use( b- all! I) -ou a*e not com)o*table &it' (esc*ipti/e notations. G0+ 12"F23+#B405 6ou &ill be missing out on a lot o) e$cellent boo%s 7&'ic' a*e usuall'al) t'e p*ice8! Being com)o*table &it' (esc*ipti/e as &ell as algab*aic gi/es -ou t'e option an( t'e )le$ibilit- to bu- &'ate/e* c'ess boo%s a*e out t'e*e. especiall- t'e best5