The Gunpowder

In 1605 King James 1 was the King of England. Not everybody in England liked him.

A man called Guy Fawkes decided to blow up the Houses of Parliament with the King inside.

Guy Fawkes and his friends planned to use gunpowder to blow up underneath the King’s chair.

36 barrels of gunpowder were put in the basement of the Houses of Parliament on November 5th .

The barrels were found. Guy Fawkes and his friends were arrested for trying to kill the King.

Guy Fawkes was tortured until he confessed to trying to blow up the Houses of Parliament. He was hung.

Every year on November 5th we remember the gunpowder plot. We have fireworks outside.

We burn bonfires and put a model of Guy Fawkes on top. We remember how his plan failed.