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John T. Standley Chairman and CEO Rite Aid Camp Hill, Pennyslvania

Appeal to Save West Virginia Jobs
Dear Mr. Standley: We are deeply troubled by your decision to abandon your long-standing commitment to our community by closing the Poca Rite Aid distribution center. Closing the center, a mainstay in our community for 35 years, will deal a devastating financial blow to nearly 250 hard-working West Virginians and their families and ripple throughout the region. We are stunned by your disregard for the workers who have dedicated decades of service to your company and for West Virginia elected officials who have made every effort to help Rite Aid maintain its position as a strong, thriving corporate citizen. Youve rejected employees proposals to improve the productivity of the Rite Aid distribution center and side-stepped efforts of state elected officials to find a larger, more modern facility for your operations. We call on you to restore trust at Rite Aid. Stop the distribution center closing and work with your employees and our state to find ways to keep Rite Aid in West Virginia. Sincerely,

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