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There are lots of ways your family

can give to and bless other peo- GPS

It ple. As a family, discuss how you
ow can help other people in need. Grow
Sh You can check the KiDSCOR blog
for some fun ideas to bless others. K—2nd grade

“Give thanks to the Lord

for He is good.”
Psalms 107:1

We can show our love

Check the box to the left if you learned this week’s memory verse!
for God by caring for
I, _________________________________________________
and sharing with
(Student Name)
have completed this week’s activities. other people.
Parent Signature __________________________________________
I t Each of us has been given many blessings from God. We
n ow have also been given talents that we are to use to help
K others. Talk with your family about what special gifts and
talents God has given members of your family and how you
can use those skills to bless others. Draw a picture of
something you can do:


Have someone read the

Parable of the Talents.
The story can be found in
Matthew 25:14-29.

After you have read the story ask

your family the following ques-
tions: Thank you God!
• What has God given our family Kno
to take care of? Gr w I
• How can we use what we have ow t-
been given to do more for NoIt