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The Judaeo-Christian perspective is that the Earth and all its Creatures was created for Humanity to use as it wills, while the reasoning for the Angels to make war amongst each other amidst the Stars of "StarWars" conflict is due to them serving Humanities needs, which some of the Angels perceived as being rather demeaning for them to do, whence to Fall into Evil becoming as Demons. However, the shared deity of Judaism, Christianity and Islam is seen to have power over the Angels, whether they are of the fallen or not; whatever the Demons do of malign Evil acts are in fact controlled by God via his Good Angels, while Satan or otherwise called Lucifer is but a servant of God, whence Satan is an aspect of God, whom is both Good and Evil. Should one see God and Satan as being seperate entities, one then has two Gods; such cannot be the case within a Monotheistic paradigm, even if one to split Camel hairs to say that Satan is a mere Angel, not a God; one is then faced with the philosophical conclusion that an all powerful God is undeniably both Good and Evil whom is said to have created Humanity in his own image. This Bronze-Age Mythological perspective has permeated the Symbolic perspective of the Modern psyche for over 2000yrs, which has evolved into a technological orientated Mythology whose Angels have now been transformed into warring Aliens; this is but a continuance of the Mind-Control-Construct of the Torah, Bible and Koran. The Emotively Charged Mythological Paradigm of dualistic extremes has pre-programmed much of the Western Occult practioners interaction with the Spirits especially in regards to the supposed Fallen Angels and thereby that of a Feed-Back-Loop, which reflects back a Subconscious Imprint based upon the Emotive Charge of Fear caught betwixt a Fight and Flight response. One can make an analogy that ones Soul is like that of a Rat in a maze caught betwixt and between testing Angels and Demons, while God is akin to a sadistic lab technician whom is determining, which Rats are the most intelligent, or that ones Soul is seen to be that of Food over which an Angelic War to rage, to make one feel physically In-Secure; for ones Soul is perceived as being what is at stake in this never ending conflict. However, there is one Emotive response, which is not dealt with at all, being that of 'Fuck;' this is quite strange since the Judaeo-Christian tradition to speak much of Love, but then they do not equate Love with 'Fucking', to perceive Love as being some intangible Celibate abstraction to centre around their Patriarchal deity to 'Spin', while Fucking to be castigated as being the First Sin of Woman and she, the Great Tempter. The Judaic, Judaeo-Christian, and Islamic perspective sired by Abraham out of Ur, whom was caught between two warring women can also be perceived as a War between the Feminine of the Left-HandPath and that of the Masculine of Right-Hand-Path; whereby one could conjecture that the underlying unsaid emphasis of the Judaic tradition, which to have sired Christianity and Islam is that the Demons of an 'Adversary' who are full of the Sin of Pride are in fact all Female to make War upon the Male Angels dancing around their phallic storm God atop of mount. One could thereby say that the conflict is that of a Sex War between the Patriarchal Father and the Mother Matriarchal over their Children's Souls, which to make the Mythological binding of the Psyche into an enclosed Plato's Cave of a prison imprisoning a
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Child Infantile! The Myth of Warring Aliens merely emphasises this Infantile Perspective to bind the Psyche of the Collective further, which is bound betwixt a Fight and Flight response of a Child, whom is about to be Sacrificed upon Abraham's slab as mere fodder to be verily consumed by a deity of a Parental Influence. The Sexual response of Fuck has been relegated to that of the Celibate yet it is the Creative act of Sex, which brings forth things into material Form via the birth portal of Woman; whereby all things material and hence that of life its self is seen to be Evil along with the Mother, while death releases ones disembodied Spirit to return back to the loving embrace of the Good Father. One can thereby determine that something is very much amiss with the Religious paradigm whose all Male orientation is rather questionable. Ones Imagination has in essence been castrated to make celibate; for Sex is the energetic foundation of the creative act of Art, and Art is that of the Imagination. One is only limited by the extent of ones Imagination, but if another seeks Control over ones Mind then it is ones Imagination, which will be hit first in order to bind ones fearful thoughts to their own hidden Centralist agenda of an ulterior Fascist motive. It is at the Centre of ones 'Triangle of Art' Imagination that one can bring forth ones Internal desires Evoked into External Flesh, wherefore if ones Imagination can be Controlled by Religious stimuli, caught between 'Fight' and 'Flight' one will bring into manifestation the desire of another, being that of their desired 'Food' and material Security of a lavish Temple to that of a richly adorned Church along with their Political clout; all they have to do is to make one Fear ones own Creativity whose foundation is that of 'Fucking'. Ones Imagination fuels ones thoughts, while ones thoughts determines ones actions of choices made; by controlling ones Imagination, ones thoughts and actions are in turn tethered to the whims of those who control ones Imagination via a passed down script to see as written by their God. By making one believe in a Myth, which stirs ones Imagination into believing it to be true, one then has a Religion and that of its Politics controlling ones Mind and Body. The issue of Control is subtly wrought through Emotively Charged Myth via Words strung around one as a woven 'Magick Circle' leading to Associative Symbols of Correspondence in order to Internally 'Spin' the desires of another into External Flesh; easy to do, when one has been made to fear God's wrath of ever fearing his punishing butch Demons while to adore his resplendent Angels all macho of a Bad Cop, Good Cop game; hence in order to overcome this Control by another, one has to Change the Myth, which is ones indoctrinated Imprint of Symbolic stimuli to thereby transform and Evolve beyond, whereby regaining ones own Magick Circle of Awareness; whence no longer Brainwashed by those few who live atop of a Ziggurat of skulls whom bind ones Soul to their own purpose. Find Below an Alternate Perspective of the Goetia made Shamanistic of hue and that of an ongoing exercise in Guerrilla Ontology to be updated through Experiments of Active-Imagination.

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These are the 72 Mighty Queens and Princesses of the Valkyria which the first Shaman Wodkhan commanded into his Sleipnira Drum of a Harem repository, together with their Legions at a time most ancient when the great flood waters were still about the Altai surrounding the Orion Dwelling of the Gods of three horned Mt Beluha that did scatter the Nomadic tribes far and wide. Wodkhan was the Toyon over the Valkyria Harem of whom BELIALA, ASMODAYA, and GAAPI, were Mistresses over. And it is to be noted that Wodkhan commanded the Valkyria into his Drum because of their Great Power, for he never declared other reason why he thus bound them. And when he had thus bound them up and sealed the Drum by their signs, he by Divine Power did eventually hide them away by casting all into the depths of a barrow-mound at midst of Midgard Olkhon isle residing at the centre of Lake Baikal. And they of Baikal, wondering to see such a thing, did then go wholly into the depths of the barrow-mound, to retrieve the Drum, expecting to acquire the power therein contained to make as their own. But when they had retrieved the Drum, out flew the Chief Valkyria immediately, with their Legions following them; and they were all restored to their former places except BELIALA, who entered into a certain Golden image, and thence gave answers unto those who did offer Sacrifices unto her, and did worship the Image as their Golden Woman of Ugra, etc.

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You art to observe first the Moons age for your working. The best days be when the Moon is 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 or 14 days old, as Wodkhan saith, and no other days are profitable etc.

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(Note: Some texts related to the Goetia assign each of the 72 Spirits to one of the 72 five degree faces or Demi-Decans of the Zodiac. Aleister Crowley arranged the Spirits by Decans, or ten degree divisions, giving one spirit for day and one for night.) The Seals of the 72 Queens are to be made in Metals. The Chief Queens in Sol (Gold); Marchionesses in Luna (Silver); Duchesses in Venus (Copper); Prelacies in Jupiter (Tin); Female Shamans/Utygans in Saturn (Lead); Presidents in Mercury (Mercury); Countesses in Venus (Copper), and Luna (Silver) equally alike. Each of the Metals to represent thy own Corporeal Frame of Altar to Alter by the Affect of the Emotional Charge of particular ejaculatory Quality pertaining to each Planetary Sign evoked. These 72 Valkyria Queens be under the Power of Great Female Shamans AMAYAMONA, CORSONA, ZIMIMAY or ZIMINAIRI, and GOAPA, who are the Four Great Queens ruling in the Four Quarters, or Cardinal Points, viz.: East, West, North, and South, and are not to be called forth except it be upon Great Occasions; but are to be Invocated and Commanded to send such or such a Spirit that is under their Power and Rule, as is shown in the following Invocations or Conjurations. The Chief Queens may be bound from 9 till 12 oclock at Noon, and from 3 till Sunset. Marchionesses may be bound from 3 till in the afternoon till 9 at Night, and from 9 at Night till Sunrise. Duchesses may be bound from Sunrise till Noonday in Clear Weather. Prelates may be bound any hour of the Day. Female Shamans/Utygans may from Dawning of Day till Sunrise, or from 4 oclock till Sunset. Presidents may be bound any time, excepting Twilight, at Night, unless the Queen whom they are under is invocated. Countesses any hour of the Day, if it is in the Woods, or in any other places whither men resort not, or where no noise is, etc! The Valkyria Images or their respective Repositories, such as that of Spirit-Dolls are to be bound in Coloured Thread according
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to their Planetary Natures so as to bind them to thy Will at those Times given unto you! If ye to have such Valkyria Dolls, tie them up within ones Drum so as to bind them further to thy Will to own as Spirit-Wives to keep in order!


This is the Form of the Magickal-Circle of Wodkhan, the which, he made that he might preserve himself therein from the malice of those working against his Will. This Magickal-Circle is to be made 9 feet across, and those Divine Names found of ones Vision quest are to be written around its Ouroboros circumference. The Circle is as the Circumference of thy own Universe of Egg to Split encircled by Jormungand Serpent to hold within ones own Mind should there be no place so that to draw its round for a Sorcerer has to evoke wherever he be! (Note: Aleister Crowley gives colour schemes for the circle and triangle, most likely derived from Qabbalistic sources.)


This is the Form of the Magical Triangle, into which Wodkhan did command the Valkyria Spirits. It is to be made at 2 feet distance from the Magickal-Circle and it is 3 feet across. Do take note that this triangle is to be placed toward that quarter whereunto the Valkyria belongeth; and the base of the triangle is to be nearest unto the Circle, the apex pointing in the direction of the quarter of the Valkyria. Observe thou also the Moon in thy working, as aforesaid, etc. The Triangle to represent the Female Sex organ of Vaginal Star barrelled Portal that does Birth ones Desire into Flesh when to fertilise the womb of the Imagination to stir by ones Seed of Charged Intent.


This is the Form of the Hexagram of Wodkhan to represent the Sacred Marriage of Mind and Matter, Conscious and Subconscious, Male and Female, Shaman and Spirit Wife. The figure whereof is to be made on parchment of Reindeers skin, and worn at the skirt of thy Blue Sky Shaman Coat, and covered with a cloth of white Northern-Chinese silk, the which is to be shown unto the Valkyria when they have appeared, so that they be compelled to take human shape upon them and be obedient unto the Shaman as their Bride Groom.


This, the Form of Pentagram of Wodkhan, the figure whereof is to be made in Sol of thy Conscious Intent or Luna of thy Trance Intuition (Gold or Silver), and worn upon thy breast; having the Seal of the Valkyria required upon the other side thereof. It is to preserve thee from danger, and also to command the Valkyria by for it to represent thy (Azatoth) Sultans Hand of Five Sense Seeded Action guided by Eye within Palm of Vision so as to access the Vaginal Portal of (Yog-Sothoth) Oibinkungata into the Microcosm betwixt the Stars.


This is the Form of the Nine power Draupnir Magic Ring; it is to be held before the face of the exorcist to indicate that he is the Husband and Lover of those Valkyria called upon and they being as his many Night-Gaunt Wives wedded to him of Most Sacred Wedding whose hierarchy are of the Pyramidal Harem he to rule over.

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This is the Form of the Secret Seal of Wodkhan called the Ginnir, wherewith he did bind and seal up the aforesaid Valkyria with their legions within his Sleipnira Drum. This seal is to be made by a Phoenix Fire Woman of a Sacred Clown whom is clean both inwardly and outwardly, and that hath not defiled her self with any Man in the space of a month, but hath in prayer and fasting desired of the Highest to forgive her all her sins, etc. It is to be made on the day of Mars or Saturn at night at 12 oclock, and written upon virgin Mare skin with the blood of a black cock that never trode hen mixed with her own Menstrual Blood. Note that on this night holy of Blood emission the Moon must be increasing in light and in the Zodiacal Sign of Virgo. And when the seal is so made the Shaman shalt then perfume it with alum, raisins dried in the sun, dates, cedar and lignum aloes. Also, by this seal Wodkhan did command all the aforesaid Spirits into the Drum of Sleipnira, and did seal it up with this same seal. He by it gained the love of all manner of persons, and overcame in battle, for neither weapons, nor fire, nor water could hurt him; for the Drum was as his shield; and this privy seal was made to cover the skin of the Drum at the top withal, etc. It be however said that the Seal was tattooed upon the fair skin of a far Northern Maiden called Louhi, a powerful Finnish Sorceress of the land of Pohja, whom in her madness committed patricide to have also had sexual congress with a black Stallion when she to act as a Mare to be mounted by, whereby thence she to have hung herself. Her skin was verily flayed from her back of fresh corpse to cover the Drum, which was verily named the Sampo by those of the far North, while her flesh and blood was fed to a Bat and Raven over Nine Moons. From the Bat's corpse, ink was then derived from its blood to quill with Raven feather Runic signs upon the Sampo Drum skin of Louhi's hide; for Louhi is a Sacred Clown of a Phoenix Fire Woman.


This is the Form of the Sleipnira Drum wherein Wodkhan did house the Valkyria Spirit-Wives as his many Lovers within of Harem. Birch be that of its skeletal frame cut by Nine Maidens under the tutelage of a Phoenix fire Woman Louhi whom to have carved the Yew handle, which be that of a womans body sculpted with her arms and legs outstretched of Cross at the Drums midst.

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It be otherwise said that the frame of Drum was that of a bone whose handle be likewise carved of bone, which was derived fom that of a Mare whose skin to cover it of secret Sign, which alludes to the Nine (Virgin) worlds of the World-Tree atop of whose branches is perched the (Phoenix Fire Woman) Eagle. There be a Spirit to arise from the Drum to ride of Eight-Legged-Grey-Dappled-Mare that be a fusion of Two Mares, which then to become as Two bound Pony-Maidens, one Black the Other White of pylons running along either side of ones spine and their singular name be Sleipnira.


The other magical requisites are: a Drum Stick of whip that be too a Thigh-Bone Flute and Tibetan bell, a Katana blade engraved of Dragon, a Horned Crown, a Head Dress of Feathers derived from predatory birds from whence a Vision visor of bone beads to hang, a long Sky Blue robe of Wode dyed linen upon which be embroidered the Tree of Worlds along with Dragon motifs, and other garments for the purpose; also a girdle of entwined Snake skin three inches broad, with all the names written about it in Runic signs which be round the outmost part of the Magical Circle from whence Nine tassels of Snake Skin skirt to hang. The Shaman to wear an Iron bone Shirt of Rib-Cage from whence to hang small talismans of Power Animals to accompany Chinese Bells, which to represent the Valkyria; upon his chest and back feminine metal mirrors of silver to be engraved with two other disks symbolising both Moon and Sun to wear as female Breasts. Also perfumes, and a chafing-dish of charcoal kindled to put the fumes on, to smoke or perfume the place appointed for action; also anointing oil to anoint thy temples and thine eyes with; and fair water to wash thyself in. And in so doing, thou shalt say: Thou
shalt purge me with Hysop, My Self given unto My Self as Sacrifice to Hang upon the World Tree of the Valkyria and I shall be cleansed of the Mundane to leave behind: Thou shalt wash me with Mysteries to make known, and I shall be whiter than snow to know thy Light. And at the putting on of thy garments

of Shaman coat thou shalt say:


By the figurative mystery of these holy vestures (or of this holy vestment) I will clothe my self with the armour of the Ancestral First Shaman Wodkhan to attain salvation within the enfolding strength of the Most High Tengri whose Dragon Eagle wings of Light shield me, that my desired end may be effected through Thy strength; unto whom the praise and glory will for ever and ever belong! After thou hast so

done, make prayers unto the Highest Blue Sky Tengri according unto thy work, as Wodkhan commanded.

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