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Scenario of RRC Setup success Rate (GSM Originating Call) Mobile UTRAN User Node B RNC UE SNode B DRNC

SRNC LEG: RRC_SR RRC connection establishment CCCH:RRC Connection Request

Huawei:RRC.AttConnEstab. Sum NSN:[RRC_CONN_STP_A TT] (M1001C0) Ericsson:pmTotNoRrcConn ectReq ZTE: C310080001(attempt RRC connection establishment) Admission Control

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for all traffic classes

SRNC decides to use a DCH or FACH for this RRC connection, allocates U-RNTI and radio resources for the RRC connection Rejected for Congestion

CCCH:RRC Connection Reject CCCH:RRC Connection Request

NSN:[RRC_CONN_STP_A TT] (M1001C0) Admission Control

NBAP:Radio Link Setup

Parameters: Cell id, Transport Format Set, Transport Format Combination Set, frequency, UL scrambling code [FDD], Power control information. Parameters: Signalling link termination, Transport layer addressing information (AAL2 address, AAL2 Binding Identity) for the Iub Data Transport Bearer

NBAP:Radio Link Setup Response

For Evaluation Only

CCCH:RRC Connection Setup Parameters: Initial UE Identity, U-RNTI, Capability update (This message is not displayed in the registered version) Requirement, Transport Format Set, Transport Format Combination Set, frequency, DL scrambling code [FDD], Power control information.

NBAP:Radio Link Restore Indication DCCH:RRC Connection Setup Complete

Huawei:RRC.SuccConnEsta b.Sum

Parameters: Integrity information, ciphering information, UE radio access capability for different traffic class such as MO/MT Conversational,MO/MT Streaming,MO/MT Interactive ,MO/MT Background,MO/MT Subscribed traffic,MT Conversational,MT Streaming,MT Interactive,MT Background,Emergency call,Inter-RAT cell re-selection,Inter-RAT cell change order,Registration,Detach,MO/MT High Priority Signalling,MO/MT Low Priority Signalling

Huawei:VS.RRC.Estab.DRDOut.Succ Huawei:VS.RRC.Estab.DR DIn NSN:[RRC_CONN_ACC_ COMP] (M1001C8) Ericsson:pmTotNoRrcConn ectReqSucc ZTE: C310080170 (successful RRC connection access)

for all traffic classes