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Assessment of Classroom Teaching Science Education Virginia Tech Intern: Name of Lesson: Observer: Whitney Powell Weather Maps

Jessica Stephenson Date: School/Grade: 11/12/13 Northside Middle, 6th Grade

1. How was the lesson constructed and organized? Whitney organized her lesson using the 5-E model, and started her class with a true/false game for her students to see what they already knew about weather and to assess their understanding of specific weather terms. The students explored a virtual weather mapping activity using their laptops, and then Whitney used classroom resources to explain the weather mapping activity they had just completed. Students were actively using technology throughout the lesson, and were assessed at the completion of the lab, and at the conclusion of class through summary questions and homework. 2. What strategies did the teacher use for engaging students? Whitneys class was extremely enthusiastic and were very interested in talking about weather. She used technology as part of her engagement strategy, but maintained interest through questioning strategies. 3. How did the teacher manage and monitor student learning? Whitney circled through the classroom as students were working on their laboratory activities, and answered questions and helped students as necessary. During the explanation phase of the lesson, Whitney monitored student learning through discussion. Throughout the class, Whitney did an excellent job of managing student behavior and maintaining a safe environment.

4. How did the students respond to the activities? The students were inquisitive and interested in Whitneys activity, and were very complicit and well-behaved while working on their laptops. It was evident that the students were accustomed to using technology appropriately in their classroom, and were engaged in the virtual laboratory throughout the class period.

5. What are suggestions for this lesson and for future planning? Realizing that we work within the constraints of the schools in which we teach, what are some ways you would change the format of this classroom to make it more cooperative, rather than individual? I really enjoyed the seamless incorporation of technology with the content, and I would encourage you to continue letting students work in that direction. If this were your

classroom, what would you have done differently? I know you mentioned going outside for part of the lessonwhat would you have incorporated there? How do you think the students would have responded? Where would you have put this part of your lesson in the 5-Es?