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Q.1. Indian constitution is a living document. Comment Ans. Constitution of any country is a supreme law of land.

It determines the form of government and governance.It establishes the relationship between various institutions of the government vis a vis legislature,executive and judiciary.Also,it guarantees some fundamental inalienable rights of its citizens. Based on above it can be said that constitution is a reflection of prevailing social,economic and political conditions of society.therefore to be in tune with prevailing conditions it needs to be in dynamic conditions. The original constitution of 1950,made by the constituent assembly was a manifestation of contemporary scenario.Later,when situation demanded,it was amended to accommodate the popular sentiments. It includes removal of status of rajpramukhs,putting bar on number of Loksabha and vidhansabha seats,inclusion of fundamental duties or right to inclusion.98 amendments in constitution of india reflects dynamism of constitution. Therefore it can be said that constitution is a living document reflecting aspirations of we the people of india.