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26 May 2007

EE 210 Digital Electronics:

Quiz 2

Time Allowed: 10 minutes N TE: T!ere may "e more t!an one correct answers# read all gi$en c!oices and t!en encircle T%E M &T A''()ATE answer*
1. One of the Reasons for Propagation Delay in Inverter is; a. Resistance R of the Inverter b. Inverters poor conductance c. Transmission problem d. The apacitor harge!Discharge before Output hange ". #hen an Ideal Diode is O$; a. V is lo% I is high b. V is high I is lo% c. V is &ero I ' &ero d. V is negative I is positive (. #hen an Ideal Diode is O)); e. V is lo% I is high f. V * &ero I is &ero g. V is high I is lo% ' &ero h. V is positive I is negative +. In Thermal ,-uilibrium Recombination and .eneration of ,lectrons and /oles; a. 0re 1n2no%n b. Recombination ' .eneration c. Recombination * .eneration d. 0re ,-ual 3. 0 45T is onsidered as Open 6%itch 7or O))8 %hen; a. 5unctions are )or%ard 4iased c. ,45 is )or%ard and 45 is Reverse 4oth 5unctions are Reverse 4iased d. ,45 is Reverse and 45 is )or%ard 4oth b.

9. 0 45T is considered as losed 6%itch 7or O$8; a. #hen 6aturated b. #hen 0ctive c. #hen utoff d. #hen )or%ard 4iased :. Diode is; a. $on;<inear 2t ,lement c. 6imply a p-n >unction b. The 6implest and =ost )undamental ,lectronic Device d. 0ll of the a? b? and c

@. #hen no .ate 6ignal is applied to a =O6),T; a. /igh R eAist bet%een 6ource and Drain and no current flo%s b. T%o 4ac2;to;4ac2 Diodes eAist in 6eries bet%een Drain and 6ource c. 4oth a. and b. d. 0 hannel is reated bet%een 6ource and Drain B. )or a small value of VDS the channel in =O6),T is; a. $ot formed b. a linear resistor %hose value is controlled by VGS. c. Pinched off d. ,nhanced

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1C. 6mallest 6i&e Digital <ogic Inverter is; a. 45T 4ased b. Diode 4ased c. =O6 4ased d. 0mplifier 4ased

26 May 2007