 AISC Design Guide 7 Industrial Buildings Roofs to Achor Rods 2nd Ed Page 62

More easily replaced if damaged. b. More easily reinforced. Unaffected by differential settlements. d.eng-tips. Lighter shapes. Here's the advantages of continuous beams: a. . http://www. Reduced end rotations and movements c. b.com/viewthread. Reduced deflections. Easier to design. c.cfm?qid=161806 Here's the listed advantages of simple spans: a.

Although continuous beams may function well for light duty cranes. that's because 1) negative moment may cause fatigue issue on the support connection 2) runway beam thermal expansion may be an issue if there is no gap at the support location  . That's correct. Simple spans have always been required in the industrial environments where I have worked.   I never use continuous runway beams. I still wouldn't do it.But it also includes the provision that fatigue may be much more significant with continuous steel runway beams in that they have more "parts" that are in tension.

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