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Selling Notes

Selling Notes

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Published by: djay35 on Apr 26, 2014
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**************************************************************************************************** ** FOR YOU* Learn what customers want by watching their actions.

Sell the idea of achieving what the customer wants through your product or service. aily read about your field or mar!et. "inimal of #$ mins a day esire to fail% and learn why you failed and don&t ma!e that mista!e again. "a!e a voice mail stating your name% why your unavaliable% and why they should leave a message. irect and short. 'f you have a blog or site% post lin!s to your blog or site to where ever you leave valuable information. Start branding your business. (hen presenting information !now your content% show passion% and don&t recite any scripts "a!e your wor!ers represent the image that you want your brand to have )lways than! your customer regardless of what. )* S + )lways *e oing Something

,ive a customer what they want and they will start mar!eting for you. Start blogging your ideas or interest. *uild your networ! through complimenting others Figure out how to use public relations as a mar!eting tool Learn how to tell stories on how your service or product improved the lifes of your customers. )lways give the word of mouth about your service to strangers. *e fearful and wor! with them. "ar!et what people want to them. Learn why things wor! and why things don&t wor! "a!e customers laugh% act silly and energetic.

"a!e customers believe that they need your service . Find out what the customer needs and desire and fulfill that need Send email to people that did some form of wor! that interest you or leave a comment on there website or blog. (rite a manifesto. Spend -ust $ mins.et involved in community events to build networ! Right out daily tas! everyday..

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