The Virtual White Board is used as the Virtual Class Room Where the server acts as Teacher and client as student. This project will establish a Teacher-Student communication. Being a web based project the people may be located any where across the world and still can communicate. The students can clear their doubts through chatting. The teacher can send the iles! pictures! sounds and videos. The project is completely a web based module. This project uses the "ava Servlets! "S# and $etwor% Soc%ets technologies o "ava. This application will open a di erent port to establish a communication between the client and the server. The #roject is divided into our modules &. The client module. '. The sever module. (. The $etwor% module. ). The ile Trans er module. *n the e+isting system! The students interact with the teachers when ever they re,uired to learn a new subject. The students and teachers will move to a class room and then they e+change their ideas. The teachers used to respond to the ,ueries o the student orally. The students and lecturers must move rom di erent places to one place in a speci ied time. -R.WB.C/S 01 23*ST*$4 S5ST26 &. Re,uirement o in rastructure or conducting classes. '. Students and teachers re,uired move to a common place called class room. (. Students may eel un com ortable or direct interaction with the teacher. ). 6ore time is consumed in Traveling. 7. 8n-availability o training in overseas. #roposed System and its eatures9 The Virtual White Board has the ollowing 1eatures. &. Virtual White Board contains o the material that can be distributed to the students via the networ%. '. The teacher can use the system to interact with the students world wide. (. This application is a Web based .pplication. ). Being a web based application it doesn:t re,uire any client side installation.

Requirement Specification Hardware:     #entium *V #rocessor.pache Tomcat Web Server ). 2thernet card with an *nternet and *nternet >one. '7. 6icroso t Windows '<<< #ro *nternet e+plorer 7. Software: Server Side:       Client Side: . . .ny Web Browser on any operating system.7.) or @ater versions. 0racle ?i or @ater versions.vailability o . 6B R. TC#A*# #rotocol suite.< or above. "-/ &.< or above or $etscape navigator.6. . . )<4B =ard -is% space.udio!Vedio and #icture ile based training is more interactive.ny number o users can interact with the system simultaneously.

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