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Mercury Sign House Aspect

Mercury Sign House Aspect


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(Jan Spiller and Karen McCoy)


When you fear losing the visible impact of direct and authoritative communication,
you cease to communicate successfully with others. You may have a tendency to
speak in ways that appear aggressive, overbearing, and almost militant in expression.
This challenging, intimidating attitude toward the audience can result in alienation
and misunderstanding.


When your attention is on communicating in a way that inspires others to act, your
natural sense of combat is turned into a creative, stimulating interaction. By focusing
on inspiring others, you are able to express yourself in ways that awaken them to new
perceptions of their immediate circumstances. By becoming aware of their reactions,
you can know in advance the impact your communication will have. This awareness
of the other person leads to gaining the Aries sense of freedom for assertive

(Grant Lewi)

Your reaction to sense impressions is keen and alert. You detect smells, sounds,
sights and tastes actutely and are very much alive to what you do or don't like in the
world of sense impressions. Your sense of touch is not as alert as the others senses,
though you are capable of training this sense if one of the others is served by it. Thus
you can develop the sensitive fingers of a musician (violinist or pianist), making your
touch serve hearing; or the robust hands of a sculptor, to make touch serve sight.
Your reaction to sense impressions is personal; you interpret what you sense in the
light of your ego, and are a scientific observer only if your total ego development is
along those lines. Generally you will be impressed by, and remember, what serves
your purposes; let the chips fall where they may. Sound is very important to you, and
you should strive to live only amid harmonious and agreeable sounds. Cultivate the
habit of listening to music, for sound penetrates directly to your ego centers, and, if it
is harmonious, serves to harmonize your whole nature.

(Sydney Omarr)

In Aries, Mercury tells of one who reacts quickly, is sensitive, perceives artistic
values; appreciates originality; is delighted by skill, talent and creativity; and is
capable of offering criticism on the highest level. The astrologer must help the native
to become something more then merely clever. He needs to learn the value of being
thorough, determined - creative rather than merely headstrong.

Indications are that the native is fluent in speech. Grant Lewi makes that point that
sound is very important to the native, and he should strive to live amid 'agreeable'
sounds. The native, thus, would be attracted to music and should be encouraged to
develop his sense of music appreciation. He reacts to first impressions and must
avoid acting completely on impulse. He has an active imagination but requires

direction, discipline and realization of his own potential.

(Skye Alexander)

Your mind is quick and active, and you tend to grasp concepts with lightning speed. If
an idea or subject interests you, you pursue it with fervor and enthusiasm. However,
you have trouble sticking with anything for long, and your memory isn't very good.
Your mind is always racing from one thought to another, and you find it difficult to
concentrate. Consequently, you probably weren't an 'A' student even if you are quite
bright. Mentally restless and easily bored, you need to be continually challenged
intellectually in order to keep you interested.

You especially enjoy exploring new ideas and concepts. You don't believe something
just because everyone else does, and you can be something of a renegade thinker.
Conventional wisdom and accepted truths don't have much value for you, and you are
eager to contest them with original ideas of your own. This is the position of the
inventor and the adventurer. Because you aren't blinded by religious attitudes and
beliefs, you sometimes come up with brilliant insights and epiphanies. But in your
headlong rush to discover the new you sometimes overlook important bits of
information or are careless in your research.

You have a powerful voice and tend to speak loudly and forcefully. This planetary
position often signifies the dynamic orator or the irritating loud-mouth. You love to
argue, and will debate almost any issue heatedly, even if your purpose is only to
exercise your mental muscles. Verbally assertive, even provocative, you get yourself
into trouble regularly because you donm't know when to hold your tongue or use a bit
of tact. You have a real knack for saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. Even
when you aren't angry, your tone of voice can be so abrasive that it antagonizes
others immediately; and you can be difficult to get along with. Your bark, however, is
much worse than your bite, and if your Sun is in Taurus or Pisces you are probably a
pussycat who roars like a lion.

You often espouse unconventional beliefs, and aren't afraid to champion an
unpopular cause. Direct and honest (sometimes brutally so), you say what you think.
Not deceitful, you believe in laying all your cards on the table so that everyone knows
where you stand and what your intentions are. Your purity of intent at times is so
innocent and naive, though, that people who are more conniving or cunning can
easily take advantage of you.

Mercury in Aries focuses energy into your hands, giving you great manual strength
and / or speed.

Saturn aspects to your Mercury will help discipline your mind and focus your
attention so that you can direct your mental energy into productive channels. They
also improve your memory so that you are more likely to retain what you learn.

(Marion D. March and Joan McEvers)

You are imaginative, and you have good foresight and a desire to be first in
everything. You can express yourself easily, and you can improvise beautifully. At
times you use your nervous energies cuttingly or even sarcastically. Impetuous and
impulsive, you may tend to sudden shifts and changes of viewpoint. This placement is
not well adapted for sustained mental effort; therefore you need to cultivate patience
and learn not to be impatient with delays. Witty, inventive and quick on the trigger,
you have original ideas. Combative, you love a good debate. Sometimes you can be
too headstrong or too self-centred. If there are challenging aspects from Mercury to

Jupiter in your chart, you are prone to exaggeration. You tend to look at the world as
you wish it to be, not as it really is. Many fixed planets in your chart will help to
stabilize this placement of Mercury.

(Frances Sakoian and Louis Acker)

Mercury placed in the sign Aries indicates a way of thinking that is inclined to be
decisive and competitive. The natives are fond of debate and argument. They often
have the ability to think rapidly, and may produce many original ideas. However, they
can be impulsive when meking decisions and see things from too personal a point of
view. If carried too far, this tendency can result in intellectual egotism and
headstrong attitudes.

These people are impatient with opposition and delays; consequently, they will often
act just to make a decision, to avoid being subjected to lengthy, frustrating decision-
making processes. But their impulsiveness means they do not always follow through
on ideas they initiate, unless a fixed sign emphasized in the horoscope indicates

If Mercury is afflicted in this sign, there can be irritability and a quick temper.

(Julia and Derek Parker)

This gives decisiveness, quick thinking, and the ability to assess problems in a
straightforward way. If Mercury is in negative aspect to Mars there may be impulsive
thinking and hasty actions. Usually, however, the natural decisiveness works well,
with the individual making the right choice and taking positive, assertive action.
There is a love of argument and debate, with a tendency towards stimulating and
provocative remarks. Generally fools are not suffered gladly; the individual comes
straight to the point, and his or her outlook is both positive and optimistic. The
overall grasp is excellent; but help is advisable when making plans, for he is bored by
detail and prefers the broad sweep of a project. It can be difficult to concentrate for
long, so study may be erratic. Here is someone who will stay up all night before an
exam - and often this is no bad thing, since he is more concerned with the here and
now than with facts he tried months before to memorise.

If the Sun sign is Pisces, Mercury in Aries adds necessary decisiveness, a more
positive outlook, and to a certain extent more self-assurance. The imagination will be
ignited, and as a result the creative potential will be expressed positively when in
other cases it can lie dormant due to lack of self-confidence. The high emotional level
of Pisces will be expressed; and the ability to communicate feelings enhanced,
although if Mercury is negatively aspected by the Moon or Uranus there can be an
above-average amount of tension, and excitable, positive moods can alternate with
periods of uncertainty. Piscean strength of will is increased.

If the Sun sign is Aries, the Arian need for action, and to be out in front, is spiced
with extremely quick thinking processes. There is a general hastiness, with patience
almost non-existent, unless the Moon or Ascendant suggests otherwise. Directness of
approach, decisiveness and positive, uncomplicated thinking are splendidly in tuen
with Arian characteristics; and if they can be tempered (look for positive help from
Saturn) the individual will certainly make his or her mark on the world. Impulsive,
hasty actions with unnecessary risk-taking, and selfishness due to a lack of thought,
must be controlled.

If the Sun sign is Taurus, speed and vivacity are added to the stable Taurean type,
making him or her less cautious but more assertively decisive. However, the

individual will also be less patient and may even show some irritation when others do
not greet his ideas or suggestions in the right way. Problems and projects are
approached with realism and enthusiasm; and the Taurean need for careful planning
will be enhanced by the ability to grasp a situation quickly and concisely. A spirit of
enterprise blends with the Taurus business ability.

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