1. A person disposes waste daily

1. All solid wastes and liquid waste mingle together without separation 2. Number of waste produce per person is quite high in Malaysia 3. Habit/Lifestyle

Learning Issues
1. What are the elements or strategies that need to be done to enhance waste separation? 2. How the Integrated Solid Waste Management System works in Malaysia?

Resources Needed
1. Find information through books and websites.

2. Interview solid waste operator and DOE executive to gain more knowledge on waste management and Akta Pengurusan Sisa Pepejal dan Pembersihan Awam 2007.

3. What are the factors affecting waste generation rate?

3. Comparison of waste generation data within countries or cities.


Solid waste characteristics

1. Type of waste

1. How types of waste influence the solid waste management, disposal and treatment method?

1. Information of waste characteristics from library and websites.


Reduce , Reuse and Recycle

1. Awareness

1. Do we have enough campaigns to increase the awareness of Malaysians regarding 3R concepts?

1. Gather information regarding campaigns and awareness of 3R concept through books, websites, mass media, DOE, KeTTHA

2. Strategies for waste minimization

2. How do we implement 3R concept in Malaysia? -What are the benefits of 3R

2. Gather information regarding implementation of 3R

Gather information through reports or statistically data.concepts? concept through books. cost of waste management 3. KeTTHA on how the 3R concept contribute to the community. space. books. How 3R concept contribute to the community in waste minimization which mainly involve household waste and industrial waste 3. . KeTTHA 3. mass media. DOE. mass media. Reduce volume. websites. DOE. websites.

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