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Sun Sign House Aspect

Sun Sign House Aspect


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Sun square Ascendant (Robert Pelletier)

The Sun square the Ascendant indicates that when you express yourself you
unknowingly cause others to react negatively. You tend to get off on the wrong foot
because you have trouble convincing people that you are sincere and honest. You
come on a bit strong, which just doesn't set quite right with people, and they resent
you for it. All the endearments you use never quite offset your suspected lack of

sincerity. You should ask your closest friend about this, because the chances are that
you will resent and reject what is said here.

You will compromise only when there is no other alternative. You have an incredible
inability to face the facts about yourself, although they are painfully obvious to
everyone else. You want to win everyone's approval, and you can do so by asserting
yourself more modestly, so people don't feel that you are forcing yourself on them.
The same holds true for associates with whom you are in close contact for extended
periods of time. People will appreciate you more if you let them make willing
gestures to you. In that way, they can feel that they are the aggressors. It is better to
attract them to you than to demand their submission.

In spite of the foregoing, you are accustomed to resistance when you try to do
something. Knowing that nothing worthwhile comes easily, you are ready to endure
frustration at times because the experience is valuable in building character. You had
to overcome difficulties with superiors in your formative years, and as a result you
may have grown up with a chip on your shoulder. You also know that you will have to
rely on your own resources if you want to succeed. The difficulty comes in dealing
with people in authority who expect you to recognize your inferior position. If you
realize that it's not your creative abilities but your attitude that offends people, you
will succeed in winning complete approval for your competence.

Sun opposition Ascendant (Robert Pelletier)

The Sun opposition the Ascendant shows that you are easily impressed by people you
meet and hope that they will be similarly impressed with you. You attract powerful
individuals with strong egos who always try to gain dominance over you. Without
realizing it, you are showing that you doubt your own significance, in the hope that
others will reassure you. Somewhat unsure of yourself, you fear you will be rejected
in your relationships. You become affiliated with successful persons whom you can
admire, because you need to know that you are genuinely appreciated, not merely
tolerated. In other words, you are always looking for backhanded compliments. You
enjoy having people fawn over you because it bolsters your sagging opinion of

In personal relationships, you try too hard to do everything you think is expected of
you, as if to make doubly sure that your friends think well of you. You must become
independent of the security you had in your parents' home and transfer your need to
belong to someone you can related to personally.

Before asserting your own opinion, you always try to put yourself in the other
person's place. This can be a definite asset if you decide to go into business or a
profession, because you would give your clients the impression that they are the most
important people in the world. Flattered, they would happily pay for your services.
Those who are the recipients of your services know your worth better than you do.

You have no difficulty in communicating with people, perhaps because you really
enjoy having people around you. But you have to work hard to convince associates
that you are as capable as they are, and if they don't accept this you prefer to work
alone. You need to assert yourself more aggressively when competing for job
opportunities, or you will be left out.

Sun square or opposition Ascendant (Karen Hamaker-Zondag)

Things are not quite so easy in tense aspects between the Sun and Ascendant. These
people's influence still makes a direct impact on those around them, and they do have

a desire to manifest in their environment; the trouble is that they are very uncertain
how to do so. Therefore external behavior is erratic: at one moment they sound
brimful of confidence but the next day they clam up as if they were unsure of
themselves. This makes them hard to understand and complicates relationships with
people. They shrink from criticism since it feeds insecurity. Sometimes they withdraw
into a shell or hide behind others.

With the tense aspects, the ego is out of step with expectations, and these people
have difficulty in seeing how they ought to behave. The world does not always
respond to them as they think it should - at least, not until they learn to adjust.

Sun square or opposition Ascendant (Betty Lundsted)

When the Sun squares or opposes the Ascendant, there is more difficulty in
expressing the qualities of the Sun in daily activities. Constructive action may not be
easily taken until these individuals become conscious of the sign dilemma.

When the Sun in the 7th house opposes the Ascendant, a compromise between self-
initiation and relationships. This may indicate individuals who feel they must give up
a great deal of freedom and personal decision-making in order to marry and have a

Sun opposition Ascendant (Sue Tompkins)

Those with Sun on the Descendant can sometimes seem to 'give' their Sun to others,
in as much as they give power to other people. I have particularly noticed this with
Sun-Descendant clients, for they seem to take more than usual notice of what might
be said during a consultation, tending as they do to ascribe far too much importance
to the views and opinions of others at the expense of their own and frequently looking
to other people to make their decisions for them. The astrologer-client relationship,
like any other counselling situation, is based on equality and sharing. If one person
could be said to be more 'important' than the other, then that person is clearly the
client. In the most extreme instances, the person with Sun in the 7th, when in the
role of client, is reluctant to accept this fact. He / she gives away his / her
importance, fights shy of the limelight, and tries to manipulate the situation so that
the counsellor is centre-stage and the one pulling the strings in the client's life.
Where this does happen, it is usually repeating a situation that has been created in
their other partnerships, whether personal relationships or working partnerships. All
too easily, the Sun-Descendant person can believe that his / her life is fated and that
he / she is merely a pawn in the hands of the heavens or of others' superior power.

This is not always the case, of course, but certainly Sun-Descendant, rather like a Sun
Libran, does like to share the decision-making process and does like someone to do
things with. Relationship and partnership are very important to this type. It's a good
placement for people who work in a partnership, and indeed for anyone who works in
a one-to-one situation. In some cases, the Sun-Descendant might say 'I am nothing
without a partner; life has no meaning without another person'. More positively, Sun-
Descendant people might say 'I find myself through close interaction with another

This is a very good placement for analysts, therapists and the like. They can find their
identity through close interaction with another person, and, similarly, in a one-to-one
situation they can enable others to shed light on themselves. They may even achieve
personal distinction and recognition through relationship. It's a common placement in
the charts of lawyers too; they often work in partnerships, and on each case they
work in partnership with their clients; usually, also, lawyers are involved in litigation

with 'open enemies', and are working, ideally, for justice and fairness.

The father of the person with Sun on the Descendant was usually viewed by the
individual more as a husband to the mother than a father to the child. Sometimes this
is literally true, where the father-figure in the home during the formative years is not
in fact the biological father; but usually this is more the psychological experience
than the actual one. Father was concerned with being a partner (in the marital or
business sense) above all else. If the Sun is in the 7th house, the individual will seek
through marriage a relationship with the father archetype, either by playing the role
of father or by expecting the 'other' to do it for him / her. If the Sun is in the 6th
house, the individual considers working partnerships to be especially important. In
any event, the individual is usually 'fathering' others in the sense of providing some
sort of identity for them.

Descendant-Sun people are proud of their partnerships. This is the type who, aged 70
or 80, can be found linking arms with their spouses and stating proudly that they
have been married fifty years or so. It is not that relationships are more likely to last
with the Sun conjunct the Descendant, or that it is necessarily a good thing if they do,
or even that the relationships will be necessarily better than any other people's. But
with this placement relationship tends to be the most important thing, and something
of which to be proud.

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