Natal Sun in Aries
(Betty Lundsted) The Aries type is the most personal of the Fire signs, and it is often seen as selfish. Aries people are not selfish on purpose, but they tend to be thoughtless. They pursue their own interests with enthusiasm and seldom realize that what they are doing might overwhelm or hurt another individual. If this is pointed out to Aries, they will be hurt and usually defensive. After giving some thought to the situation, they'll probably apologize. When Aries discover they have hurt or disregarded someone, they are often filled with remorse. It's a combination of idealism and enthusiasm. As Aries people mature, they begin out of necessity to cultivate patience in order to lessen the hurt feelings around them. Aries usually say 'no' to anything suggested to them at the time the suggestion is made. But the saving grace of the Aries is that they do go away and think about what you've said, and eventually you'll see that they adopt your suggestions, if those suggestions are good. Aries are always in a hurry, rushing into the future looking to accomplish something - and they don't always know what that mysterious 'something' is. They are trained at an early age to react to accomplishment because Daddy thinks it's important. The father may not accomplish anything in the world's definition of the word, but it must be kept in mind that a child's perception of adult behavior may be very different from an adult's. The Aries child may have a parent who either talks about accomplishment or feels guilty when enough isn't being done around the home; Aries may also have a parent who actually is an accomplishment-oriented individual. These children tend to be born to parents who 'worry' about accomplishment. The father of the Aries child is a man who seems to be respected or idealized for his work. He may only be a laborer, but he is good at his job. He may also be unhappy; if he is a laborer and he wants to be a businessman, for example, he may retreat into the power plays that frustrated people choose in order to express his discomfort. When the Aries child is small, Daddy comes home either as a 'big deal' or as a tyrant; and, depending on the particular father type, the child will develop his own behavior pattern accordingly. The mother is seen as a service figure - it isn't that the Aries child hates the mother, but the mother-figure is someone who provides a service. In the case of the father-tyrant, the Aries sees the mother as a 'poor, frightened creature' who stays in a difficult marriage because she doesn't know how to change her circumstances. The Aries child may be defensive of the mother; may take Mom's side in quarrels between Mom and Dad, and will try to help the mother as soon as Aries is old enough to provide emotional or financial support. However, the mother gets more pity and compassion than love from this child and aries will in some way, as an adult, emulate the father's position. This is the way it works: the Aries male is often uncomfortable about his love for his mother - he may care for Mom more than the Aries female does. He may think that he's too close to Mom emotionally; perhaps too much like her as far as his emotional reactions are concerned. If this is the case, he may avoid her as he becomes an adult. He wants to be as much like his father as possible. Emotional closeness to his mother usually doesn't enhance his self-image. The Fire sign person has some natural confusion about sexuality for them, sex includes ideals as well as action and feeling. The idealistic types feel a bit embarrassed about sexuality, so the Aries male tends to treat women like little girls or daughters - and he plays the father. It may be that when his personality was forming, he

saw his father treat his mother like a little girl. It is not uncommon for the mother of an Aries child to call her husband 'Father' during the child's formative years. The Aries male has an image of Woman that combines Lolita with the maids in King Arthur's court. he wants a genteel woman who doesn't swear, who presents herself like a little lady, who doesn't confront him; and he's generally a male chauvinist as a young man. The youthful innocent he is pursuing must also fit his anima image - a long-tressed damsel in distress. He gets easily disappointed in love situations because he tends to pick the Cancer type femals for a partner. She often turns out to be much stronger than she looks; he then finds he has toruble running the relationship. He is not really sure of himself in romantic situations - or in relationship situations in general. His Fire sign idealism tries to maintain a courtship throughout a love relationship because that's what he thinks love is. As soon as he sees hair curlers or has to work through a problem that requires some kind of compromise, the 'romance' is not as wonderful as it once was. The Aries female has compassion for her mother - but she vows never to put herself into the same situation that her mother is on. She doesn't want her mother's career, or her mother's kind of marriage. She may be so father-dominated (through either love or hate) that she actually ends up being a 'better man' than most men. In other words, it's important to the Aries woman that she acts like a 'man' and not like a 'woman' - that she be 'rational' rather than 'emotional'. When she marries, she often marries a childish man so that she is, in essence, the head of the household... like Daddy. She tries to prove herself by doing everything well; she therefore has difficulty letting her partner do anything. It's easy to fall into the trap, for the Aries female can't stand to watch a man do a chore the hard way - so she does it for him. Sooner or later she notices that he isn't doing anything - since she has done everything so well, why should he? Ultimately, some event occurs that is so stressful to her that she falls apart and has noone to help her out of her dilemma because her man doesn't realize that she really needs help. She can be so overpowering in her identification with 'fatherdom' that she runs away from all the mature folks and winds up loving people who need to be saved. This is exemplified in the positive sign female who has an overdose of the masculine principle within her system and within her environment. When this principle is not understood, both the personal life and the career can be affected by this misunderstanding. The misunderstood masculine principle causes one to imitate culturally definied 'masculine' behavior. It is possible for an Aries female to develop a career, to develop her mind, and to find enjoyable and creative outlets for expression when she understands what kind of energy she is blessed with. Jung's definition of the 'animus' may give a better understanding of the problem. The positive sign female unconsciously lends more credence to the animus, and thereby loses a part of her sense of feminine values. When a woman has no real sense of the feminine within herself - that is, she doesn't think women are worth much - she often tries to be what she considers 'manly'. This has nothing to do with homosexuality; it merely indicates the kind of hardness that can be involved in developing the personality. Aries women can be extremely competitive with their fathers later in life; they can unconsciously illustrate the strength of the mythic Father image. For example, when an Aries female is involved with family situations, she often tries to outdo her father. She may even try to take away her father's position in his marriage. A case in point is an Aries female who rushed into the middle of her parents' marriage at a time when the mother was critically ill. The father wanted to do one thing; the daughter wanted to do another. The daughter didn't ask her mother what she wanted in terms of therapy. Instead, Aries took over the solution of the problem. The moral of the story is that she was trying to be 'a better man' to her mother than her father was. Of course, this attitude alienated everyone in the family and poor Aries couldn't understand why. When Aries don't understand their energy; when they don't understand what motivates them to action, their wonderful Aries ideas can be wasted because they may not be

presented in an acceptable manner. The Aries female, in her quest for being helpful to others, may push ideas on people when they aren't ready to accept those ideas, or when those ideas haven't been asked for. The influence of the father on the Aries female turns her into the Scarlet O'Hara type one who runs from strong men, who tends to approach males like another male because that's what Daddy would have done. When Aries examine their reactions to life, they'll find that they resemble the father in an uncomfortable fashion. Idealism has to be tempered, for too much idealism means that we are living in an unreal world. It means that we make unrealistic demands on our partners and then become wounded when these demands are unanswered. Aries people tend to ask for things that are selfish - in other words, they don't consider the needs of their partner. They often don't know how to voice their ideals; and when their feelings are hurt, they get buried deep inside and are not shared. When Aries people decide to abandon idealism, they tend to put themselves into strange types of relationships which can hurt them even more. For example, the Aries male (who is basically loyal and idealistic) may get into sexual relationships that have no meaning, therefore debasing his emotional and sexual needs. Or the Aries female may draw to her the type of men who have some unhealthy sexual habits. In order to participate with these men, she must turn off a part of her personality, for she is a romantic idealist. (Haydn Paul) The Aries personality tend to be an initiator and pioneer, expressing self-assertion and direct energy into the world. You should have ample creative energy and enthusiasms that can be exploited, allowing you to start a variety of activities. One problem can be a failure to complete them, due to losing interest and becoming bored; and you tend to leave several lose ends of uncompleted projects in your life. There are strong motivations to prove yourself through energetic activity; to be enterprising and ambitious, making your presence noted in the world. You can be animated by a desire to be 'number one', becoming competitively minded; and this will influence your career and social expression. You could become an effective leader, as fame, authority and superiority suits you, or so you believe. You can be quite impatient, impulsive and spontaneous in your actions and decisions, yet often you can fail to devote enough time and attention to acturally listening to the advice of others, or to considering the consequences of your choices; and this can create several problems later. You may need to consider your options more carefully before you rush into action; if you can do this, then you will find greater success. Associated with this is the need to discover more effective relationship with others, to be more considerate, and to think through the possible effects of any self-centred style of expression. You will be attracted towards idealistic causes, seeing yourself as an opponent of social injustice. There can be a naive, innocent outlook on life at times, where you believe wholeheartedly in high ideals; while this can be battered by reality, you are unlikely to become truly cynical, 'street-wise' or 'world-weary'. You try to speak the truth as much as possible, and can find it hard to lie; and even if you do try, it is rarely convincing. You have a quick mind with distinct philosophical tendencies, and a sensititivity towards higher thought, morals and ethics. You need independence and freedom, so that you can indulge in your impulsive decisions to act. You can be quite secretive regarding your personal life, feelings and emotional experiences, and are often reluctant to reveal your plans to others, especially as you can be deeply hurt. There is an attraction towards the past and traditional ways, which can be reflected in your home environment and attitudes; and you value domestic and relationship security more than you may be willing to acknowledge. This need evokes a sentimental response from you to family life, and you can be vulnerable in that area. Aries females:

This is not the kind of woman you can lead around in circles: she usually wants to know where you are taking her and she has some ideas of her own on how to get there! She can be temperamental, headstrong and independent, and exude a kind of charm and sex appeal based on a blending of arrogance and pride. She is quite a woman: you can't force or push her, but neither should you fear her. At least, never let her know you're afraid! This woman wants to think, to analyze, to arrive at her own conclusions. Let her do so, but tell her when you think she's wrong. Remember, the Aries woman can stand criticism. In fact, she can stand almost anything except being ignored. She requires a fair exchange of ideas, emotions, reactions. You can win your way with this woman by being diplomatic. She is conscious of appearance, her own as well as yours. She is Martian, fiery in nature, spirited to the point of being domineering - if you let her be! With her, it is all the way or nothing. She can be as cold as ice or as warm and comforting as any man could desire. It is up to you to bring out the best in this woman. She admires qualities of leadership, and is willing to follow once you gain her confidence. But if you disappoint her - look out! You will have to start your winning campaign all over - from the beginning. Never permit this lady to think you're an easy catch. Let her work for your approval make her strive to please you. This takes great skill on your part - but the results will be worth the time and trouble. Be wary when she becomes bossy. An Aries woman wants a man, not an individual who is looking for a mothe. Nothing discourages her more than always being able to have things her own way. The Aries woman often is striking in appearance; she appears aloof, but the fires of yearning and passion are there - if you are the right one for her. Aries males: The man born under Aries can be dominant, inventive and very impatient! He'll keep you hopping unless you teach him to wait. This man's bark is worse than his bite. But please do not get the idea that you can train him as you would a dog - he will rebel every time. He is constantly seeking new ways, new persons, new ideas. You'll have to keep up with the times if you want to keep the Aries man. In dealing with this male, try to keep his chin up. Once he beings to sag, he is heading for defeat. See to it that he gets plenty of exercise and encouragement. Tell him he's good. The more he thinks you appreciate him, the more he will return the compliment. Being interested in an Aries man is akin to taking on a new lease of life. His temperament is fiery, his drives are strong, his ambitions are great; his capacity for love is enormous. Knowing this, do not attempt halfway measures. Decide either that you want him and will fight to keep him - or forget him entirely. An Aries man can be militant, determined and obstinate. Once he gets rolling - even down the wrong road - he tends to keep in motion and in the same direction. You will have to be tactful in order to make him change his ways and his motives. Otherwise, he will fight you every inch of the way. You can get around him by showering him with compliments, affection and common sense. Remember, if you go about it the right way, this man will listen to reason. Never dare him; he will take you up on it. On the other hand, don't try to outsmart him by daring him to do one thing because you really want him to do the opposite. He's very likely to see through the ruse!

An Aries man is an adventure seeker; it is not easy to harness hie powers. His thinking, often brilliant, is just as often erratic. He will take a chance and worry about the outcome later. He is ambitious but once he finds a niche it is difficult to urge him on. He is more successful at fighting his way to the top than he is when it comes to securing his position through creative moves aimed at still greater success. This man plays hard and works hard; often he runs himself down. For the woman who wants him, close attention to these hints can prevent many a heartache and numerous headaches as well! (Skye Alexander) People who have their Suns in Aries are energetic, active, assertive and direct. You approach life eagerly and aggressively, and there is nothing subtle in your method, manner or motivation. Your only 'gear' is high; your only direction is forward. You know what you want and go after it fervently, rarely taking 'no' for an answer, and often succeeding through sheer energy and force of will. You are enthusiastic and curious; and each day offers you new challenges - if it doesn't, you'll create some! You can't stand to have life go along smoothly, and you like to keep things stirred up. Activity, conflict and crisis nourish you, and you are at your best under pressure, when you must think adn act quickly. You are always testing yourself, trying to jump over the next hurdle or to beat the next opponent. You need to keep defining yourself against something or someone else, to prove to yourself that you exist and have impact on your environment. Athletics offer a clear-cut set of challenges and opponents against which you can pit yourself, and you probably have some athletic ability or at least an interest in sports. Sports also provide an outlet for your abundant energy. Challenges in the business world can be just as invigorating and satisfying for you. You have an entrepreneurial nature, and are willing to take chances and risks that scare away more cautious people. Your pioneering spirit is strong and you long to go where no-one has gone before, to break new ground and do the impossible. Always rushing in where angels fear to tread, you approach every endeavor with the same head-long, reckless, indefatigable abandon, and you either succeed gloriously or fail dismally. Failure doesn't discourage you, though, for you have a naive and irrepressible self-confidence that lets you go on believing in your ultimate success, regardless of the odds. Since you never look back and don't learn from your mistakes, however, you are likely to make the same ones again and again. Your attention span is that of a young child, and you become bored easily. You are much better at starting things than finishing them, for you lose interest once the initial excitement has faded and routine, day-to-day opertions are in place. Therefore, you probably begin lots of projects, jobs, relationships, etc., but rarely see them through to maturity. Goals that can be achieved quickly are better choices for you than ones that require years of planning and development. In your chest beats the heart of an adventurer, and you are both courageous and daring. You want to keep the adrenalin rushing through your veins at all times. Although you never back down from a fight, you don't know how to walk away from one with dignity either. In fact, you are often the instigator. Aggressive and feisty, long on nerve and short on tact, you enjoy a good argument or even a fist fight now and again to clear the air. In a dangerous situation, anyone would like to have you on his / her side. Strongly individualistic, you have trouble compromising or working as part of a team or group. You need to be free and independent to do things your own way, regardless of how iconoclastic or outrageous your methods may seem to others. Although you are usually quite self-sufficient, when you run into a problem you can't solve yourself, you don't know where to run. Since you are basically unaware and unappreciative of others' strengths,

you aren't able to benefit from their knowledge and experience. A rebel at heart, you tend to see society as your adversary and thwart authority at every turn. Your self-centeredness makes relationships difficult, for you can't seem to see another's point of view or to adjust your behavior to accommodate someone else's needs. Your sex drive is strong, but when it comes to tenderness and affection you fall short. You are inclined to think of your partners as conquests rather than lovers, and sex with you resembles hard rock music: fast, rough, adolescent and without much variation in mood, style or tempo. Though you can be abrasive and annoying at times, you possess an endearing, childlike quality that makes people enjoy being around you. Your enthusiasm is infectious, and your unabashed, up-front, uncomplicated manner never leaves doubts about your motivations or intentions. You can be irresponsible and careless at times, but you are also honest, fun-loving and willing to stand up for what you believe. Your greatest failings are the result of your impatience, haste and self-centredness. Your greatest strengths are your optimism, courage, drive and vitality. (Sasha Fenton) Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and therefore represents the springtime of life. Ariens are considered to be straightforward, honest and enthusiastic about life. However, I can't help thinking that there are so many successful Arien politicians and would-be politicians that, despite their straightforward manner and approach, they can also be pretty crafty. Of course, political leaders do come from all areas of the zodiac, but Ariens or those who have very strong Aries features on their charts are well represented at or near the top of any organisation. This is odd in one way, because Ariens lack confidence and need a strong and supportive partner if they are going to get anywhere. The more successful Ariens seem to have the knack of picking just the right sort of partner to support their aims. The strongest Arien trait is competitiveness, and this exists even among those who don't appear competitive at first glance. The Arien may compete in the usual manner, by trying to be the most successful in his career or in hobbies, sports and games. Others push their children to succeed or push themselves to pass examination in order to prove that they have intellectual superiority. On the subject of Arien competitiveness, I vividly remember an occasion where a group of psychics rented space at a 'psychic and mystic' exhibition. Plonked right at the front of the available space was the inevitable Arien, his table piled high with knick-knacks for sale, fake flowers flopping about everywhere, busily catching the eye of every passer-by who could be persuaded to have a consultation. At the end of the festival, the Arien, complete with the lion's share of the takings, rushed off home only to lose the lot to a couple of overgrown, but not yet independent, children and a rapacious spouse. Ariens are quick on the uptake and impulsive in small ways, but they are not so quick to make major changes, preferring the security of a marriage, a settled home and a secure job. If marriage doesn't work out for them, they can happily live alone, thereby avoiding the possibility of dealing with matters of dependence. Most Ariens have many friends and acquaintances because they have an open and non-hostile manner and genuinely enjoy helping others. However, some Ariens have such an overwhelming personality that they frighten less outgoing members of the zodiac. Some Ariens are quite aggressive, and even those who appear to be mild have an aggressive or demanding streak hidden away somewhere. One friend of mine who had divorced an apparently meek and gentle Arien on the grounds of unreasonable behaviour told me that the whole weight of Arien aggression, determination and overriding need to have his own way at all costs showed itself in the bedroom.

One thing which I have invariably found is that Ariens love words and language. They read extensively and usually have a large vocabuulary. Their spelling is excellent and they have a precise way of writing and expressing themselves. They are conscious that they can express themselves well, and often use this as a weapon against less able people. Ariens have a very quick sense of humour and can range from enjoying a good joke and being very funny themselves to being unpleasantly cutting and sarcastic. Other factors on each individual chart will determine how considerate the Arien may be towards other people's feelings, because the pure Arien type is self-centred, selfish and apparently uncaring. This is the sign of the military leader who needs to 'get the job done without regard to the finer details such as who gets hurt or what gets destroyed. However, no sign is absolutely black and white, and Ariens are saved from inhumanity by their ability to empathise with the feelings of others and by their desire to help. There must be a few Aries wimps around somewhere although I, personally, haven't yet met any. The typical Arien is short to middling in height, skinny when young but square or rounded in appearance later in life. Ariens who belong to white races have very pale skin and blonde, light-brown or red hair, while even those who belong to oriental, mediumcoloured or mixed races tend to have a fairer skin than their counterparts. Arien hands and feet are small and blunt. Some Ariens comment when buying new shoes that the boxes they are stored in fit better than the shoes themselves. They also have a prominent 'seat'. Aries subjects move and walk quickly, and often finish a job of work before others have even got around to starting. There is another quite distinct Aries type. This one is tall and thin, with bony features and heavily rounded 'George Robey' eyebrows. This type of Aries subject seems to have a stronger and more awkward type of personality than the small, square ones. Weak spots for health are the head, eyes, the upper jaw and upper teeth; all Ariens seem to get headaches when they are stressed. Ariens are a pretty healthy lot on the whole, but they can go down with sudden feverish ailments, and they are also prone to accidents, cuts and burns due to haste or carelessness. Ariens have little patience with illness either in themselves or in those around them, and they prefer to ignore it whenever possible. The typical Arien likes to work among people in a large organisation which helps the public in some way. Many can, therefore, be found in the police, civil service, teaching and hospital administration. These subjects make good, if sometimes rather impatient, administrators, and can organise others without putting their backs up. Their cheerfulness and lack of jealousy towards others makes them good working colleagues, but their tendency to say or do things without thinking first can land them in trouble. Ariens are drawn to the military and paramilitary fields either as a career or as a parttime involvement. Oddly enough, many Ariens are attracted to religious or philosophical groups, and can work for the public in those areas too. Many find work in what were once considered to be the masculine worlds of engineering and technical drawing, as well as mining and ship-building. A quick round-up of some Arien acquaintances offers one who is a head in a large college of adult education, a policeman, an insurance administrator, an engineer-draftsman, the manger of a communications business, an executive of an electricity generating organisation, and a gifted medium who is the secretary of the British Astrological and Pychic Society. One of these is also a part-time soldier, while another is involved with the Salvation Army. If the Arien has planets in nearby Taurus, he could work in the building trade or as an architect, and he will also be keen on music and the arts. Aries hobbies include quasi-military interests such as serving in the territorial army and various other forms of 'dad's' army, navy or air force. They can also be found in the scout movement and similar organisations. Many Ariens love music or the arts; and they may collect artistic goods of one kind or another. Most of them are energetic people who need to be out of doors at least once a week, and who, therefore, may take up a sporting activity, or boating or gardening as a hobby. Ariens are impulsive and adventurous

people who will take off at a moment's notice when offered an opportunity of having fun. Ariens seem to have a strange attitude to money because, while they love the stuff to death, they seem to find it hard to deal with. Some Ariens feel so uncomfortable with budgetary matters that they leave these entirely to their spouses. Others prefer to take this out of their spouse's hands altogether and deal with the whole of the family's finances on their own. Most Ariens work hard and actually manage to make good money, but they may then lose a good deal of this to mendacious relatives or ex-spouses. Others are incredibly mean and penny-pinching; there seem to be no half-measures here. Anyone who finds themselves married to an Aries should either not think too much about money, or keep their finances completely separate. All Ariens love to shop, and will buy any amount of goods for their homes, their hobbies and themselves. They love new clothes, and they often have wardrobes bulging with every kind of fashion. This is not helped by the fact that they hate to throw anything away or to waste time organising their wardrobes. I have one Arien friend who is a devotee of garage sales, boot sales, jumble sales and second-hand shops, and he has thus cleverly managed to fit his house out in the 'contemporary' style of the 1950s which is now highly chic. Some Ariens are more interested in cars than houses, and they may own more than one vehicle. There are many Ariends who buy every kind of sports equipment known to man - and then never use any of it. Others spend a fortune on gadgets, equipping themselves with food processors, personal stereos, mobile telephones, novelties for the car, yoghurt makers and every other kind of new gismo which comes on the market. Musical Ariens buy the best sound systems that they can afford for their homes and cars, while many spend a good deal of time and money on creating gardens and growing indoor plants. Most Ariens are practical and capable when it comes to do-it-yourself jobs, dressmaking and the like, and they won't hesitate to tackle quite large tasks, even if these really are beyond their capabilities. Ariens are relaters who would rather be part of a family than on their own. However, a good many of them do seem to live alone, either because they have difficulty in finding or keeping a partner or because they have been hurt in the past and are worried about getting hurt again in the future. The vast majority of Ariens are surrounded by their families and will take care of their parents, children, in-laws and anyone else towards whom they feel a responsibility. However, these subjects are saved from being latter-day saints by their tiresome, impatient natures. Ariens are energetic and restless, always looking for something to do when they are at home, which means that on any reasonable weekend they can be found tearing down walls, building boats in the front garden, scattering tools around, and stamping about in fits of rage. An Aries man will use his wife's best vegetable knife and newest tea towel when servicing the car, and, for an encore, take the dishwasher to pieces half an hour before dinner guests arrive. Many Ariens are desperately untidy but, of course, there are many exceptions to this rule. Aries women cannot help running the lives of everyone around them, giving orders like an army general and expecting everyone around to jump to their commands. Even exhusbands and wives are 'looked after' in this way. Ariens love to sit down a visiting friend in a comfortable chair with a nice cup of coffee and a biscuit in hand, start an interesting conversation, and then walk out of the room leaving their visitor talking to himself. Ariens have strong allegiances to their chosen political views, often being strongly left- or right-wing. Some have violent racial or religious prejudices, while others genuinely love people of all creeds, colours and classes. Their strong political feelings probably account for the large number of Ariends who do actually go into politics and subsequently reach high office. When these subjects take up some specific kind of belief, philosophy or ideology, they embrace it wholeheartedly without being able to see the weaknesses or drawbacks in it. They may become so deeply involved in such interests that it becomes impossible to have any kind of discussion with them, without their chosen point of view

being dragged into it. This is fine if their partner shares their views, or if he / she can go deaf whenever these subjects creep into the conversation, but if the partner cannot cope with this, the relationship hasn't much of a chance. It is not a good idea to live with an Arien if one cannot drive and does not own a car, because Aries subjects either drive like maniacs, shouting insults at other drivers, or sit resolutely in the middle lane, travelling at a steady 30 mph. (Sasha Fenton) (contd.) Ariens are honest, straightforward and somewhat naive; their motto is 'Goodness, I hadn't thought of that!' However, their partners always know where they stand, because the Arien is incapable of deviousness or manipulative behaviour. To some extent, what you see is what you get. It is not a good idea to compete with an Arien, and it is better for their partners to be in a different line of work from them. Aries partners need quite a bit of support themselves because, despite their pomposity, they don't have much confidence in their own abilities. Anyone contemplating taking up with an Arien had better give a bit of thought to the subject of sex. If your personal pattern runs to a quick fumble on birthdays and anniversaries interspersed with late night bible readings and a cup of hot cocoa at bedtime, you had better think again. A friend of mine who had a lengthy affair with an Arien told me that she could only recall four occasions when they spent time together without actually making love. Aries women are either highly sexed or absolutely uninterested in the whole business. This is, of course, an all-or-nothing sign. Aries men, however, seem to be very ardent. Ariens can and do experience love in a purely poetic way, mooning about some dream lover from a distance, but they are more likely to put themselves in touch with their own feelings and also to express those feelings in a horizontal position! If an Arien fancies someone, he / she will make their feelings plain and will manoeuvre the object of their desire out of their clothes as soon as possible. Bed, in the case of Ariens, is more of an image or an idea than a necessity, because they will happily make love in the car, up against a tree in the local park, in a lift which is stranded between floors, or any of a thousand other unlikely places. A particularly favourite spot is the office, because there is something particularly delicious about enjoying an illicit session on such 'hallowed ground'. Sexually experimental and very oral, these subjects like nothing better than a tumble under the dining-room table. Whatever does or doesn't happen, even when the love-making stops, Ariens have the most wonderful sense of humour. However, Ariens can be surprisingly jealous and possessive, especially if they have planets in nearby Taurus; and, while they may 'play' away from home if they can get away with it, they cannot really cope with this being done to them. The Arien may be impatient with his parents or in-laws but he won't abandon them in times of trouble, and he can always be relied upon to help out financially. When the Arien becomes a parent, he puts his heart into the job. He will provide every kind of educational material for his children and will go to endless trouble and expense to see them enter the best possible schools and colleges. His competitiveness most certainly extends to his children and, if they don't or can't make the grade, he may lose all interest in them. Aries parents have no time for a timid, fussy or awkward child. As the parent or in-law to adult children, the Arien will either leave them alone to live their lives as they wish or, more-likely, will try to control and dictate to them. As a child, the Arien can be a demanding handful because he is full of energy and is easily bored. Some Arien children, especially girls, are studious and clever, but many of them are disinclined to study. To some extent, parents should insist on school attendance and homework being completeed, but if the Aries child is not really keen, then too much parental pressure will turn him off study altogether. An Aries boy may be better at coping with something practical such as construction takes or making objects out of clay.

These children need a physical outlet such as karate, dancing, sailing, or anything else which has a physical and a competitive slant to it. The Aries child needs to be encouraged to share, and to be shown that there are times and places where competitive behaviour are not appropriate. He may also need to be kept under contol and prevented from being ill-mannered and selfish. However, these children are not too difficult to raise because they are usually happy, healthy and self-sufficient. Honest and decent by nature whilst also being very loving, Aries children make friends easily and need the love and approval of parents, teachers and friends. The Arien youngster may find it hard to get along with his siblings. In some cases, the Aries child may get on with one sibling but be contemptuous of another. There is no point in making him try to like the other child; if he can't, he can't, and that's that. He is far too straightforward to be nice to the sibling in front of others and spiteful behind his back. (Julia and Derek Parker) Sun sign Arians want to stand out from the crowd, and have the will to succeed. They are basically uncomplicated, direct in their approach, and able to cope in a straightforward way with the day-to-day problems of life. They strip away everything that is not necessary to the achievement of their goals, whether these are immediate or long-term - for example, the menu for tonight's dinner or the details of a contract. Their ability to see clearly the essential elements of important decisions is both enviable and convincing. Deep resources of determination help Arians when reacting to challenge, although a tendency to rush in regardless can cause problems. Observing these sometimes overquick reactions, one reflects that some Arians learn the hard way (some, of course, do not!) Achievement is vital; if it is lacking, either in the career or in an all-important hobby, Arians can become physically or psychologically sick and extremely difficult to live with. This is often because of their worst Arian fault, selfishness, which is almost certain to appear to some extent during every Arian's life. Arian children must be made aware of this tendency; it is then much easier for them to recognize and counter it in later life. Ariens are extremely passionate. Just as they need fulfillment at work and at play, so they also need it sexually - probably more so than most other people. Their partners must be lively and capable of reacting well to the crackling flash of Arian sparks; joyous sexual romps with a permanent partner should not only be the prerogative of Arian youth, but also of middle and old age; otherwise, both they and their partners will suffer. The Arian child will display the typical lively enthusiasm of all fire sign children. That enthusiasm (which will cover the widest variety of interests) can tend to fade quickly, however, and before spending much money on some new craze, parents should be aware that their Arian child may soon lose patience with the new and expensive piece of equipment and push it out of sight, ready for the next enthusiasm. Patience is not an Arian strong point, so progress at school may be patchy. One hopes that surges of enthusiasm for study will come at the right time - just before important tests or examinations. Happily, the Arian has only to fail one examination and see friends moving ahead before becoming extremely concerned about catching up and reestablishing a lead; such a disaster will not happen twice. Restrictive discippline doesn't suit young Arians. Sensible rules will be accepted provided they are explained, but the Arian spirit will refuse to be dampened by silly regularions which have no apparent justification. Arians make very lively parents. They have delightfully simple, almost child-like, natures which are never entirely suppressed - seen, for instance, in the way a subject assesses a situation or faces up to a problem. Arian parents should find no difficulty in tuning in to

the real emotions of their children. They will also be happy to encourage them in any number of enterprises and out-of-school activities: every hour will be packed with incident. However, not all children necessarily share their parents' enthusiasms, and an Arian should not drag a child off to a ball game simply because he wants to go. The child might be happier at home with a good book, or - if the abundant Arian energy has been inherited - at ballet class. Such a situation can reflect Arian selfishness: doing what Aries wants, rather than what the child wants. Just as an Arian schoolchild must be given his or her head, so a certain freedom of expression is necessary in the career. A boring and routine job may have to be tolerated but, in that case, stimulating outside hobbies must also be established. A noisy, busy environment is meat and drink to an Arian - a stuffy, claustrophobic office is not. In choosing careers, the Arian could consider engineering or the electronics industries, the armed services or perhaps psychiatry or dentistry. But above all, the Arian should make for fields that enable him or her to move out in front of the crowd and become a successful pioneer of some kind. Arians are ambitious, but the achievement of that ambition is just as important as what is achieved. And the Arian will then be asking 'What next?' A good head for business is usual, and Arians can be very enterprising; many enjoy organizing their lives so that they have two sources of income. If enterprise and caution can be combined, a lot of money can be made, but a steadying influence is sometimes needed if it is not to be frittered away. Change is usually taken in the Arian stride, especially if progress can be seen to depend upon it. These people's lively spirits will accept challenge and, while many will look forward to relaxing once they have retired, after a week or two they will revive an old interest or establish a new one. By then, they may have cultivated more patience and can even end up with a new career rather than merely a new hobby. In any case, they will not want their standard of living to drop when they retire. Arians need plenty of exercise to keep their systems in good condition. This is necessary for everyone, of course, but for Arians it is as vital as breathing. They will, in general, be so enthusiastic that you may have to remind them to modify exercise routines and sporting interests as time passes, if their systems are not to be overstrained. The head is vulnerable; a tendency to knock and bump the head when young will probably result in early visits from the Tooth Fairy. Arians' natural tendency to rush about carelessly may result in cuts, bruises and even minor burns. The motto 'More haste, less speed' is a valuable one for these people; they enjoy working with all kinds of tools, and again carelessness may court disaster. Arians enjoy spicy food, but it is not usually good for them. They have hearty appetites, and thrive on traditional, rather than elaborate, dishes. Frances Sakoian and Louis S. Acker) Aries, the first sign of the Zodiac, is the sign of new beginnings. The Arian's present life indicates a new cycle in his personal evolutionary development. Arians are aggressive and direct in expressing themselves. The key phrase for Aries is 'I am'. Arians are full of creative energy and enthusiasm (because Aries is a fire sign ruled by Mars and Pluto); and, because Aries is a cardinal sign, Arians initiate new activities, which keep them occupied until the novelty wears off. These people have a tremendous psychological drive to prove themselves through action. Arians are not satisfied merely to intellectualize about their concerns; they are impatient to do something about them.

If Arians can learn to think before taking action, their energetic natures will enable them to accomplish much. However, their impulsiveness and inability to listen to the advice of others tend to involve them in difficulties. Arians are likely also to be impatient, and do not always finish what they start, leaving follow-up activities to those with fixed and mutable signs. Since they are highly competitive, Arians seek to be first and best in whatever they do. They make good leaders, seeking fame and recognition more than wealth and comfort. However, because of their desire for authority and superiority, they are sometimes overly aggressive and prone to use force rather than reason and diplomacy in dealing with others. If they do not possess the necessary wisdom and experience to back up their craving for leadership, they can appear foolish. Arians must be first! But much of their strength arises out of their refusal to admit defeat. They are never daunted by failure, and will always seek new avenues of expression. Arians need to learn the lesson of love, so that they can relate to others and reach out to them with consideration. By reflecting on the overall consequences of their actions, they can learn this lesson. The more highly evolved Arian types possess great willpower, spiritual self-confidence, and regenerative ability, due to the Sun's exaltation in this sign. (Robert Hand) You are very energetic and spirited. It is difficult for you to wait for other people, even your parents, and you tend to be impatient if events don't move as quickly as you would like. For this reason, you prefer to work by yourself, if you find that others aren't moving as quickly as you do. This may cause you to become totally wrapped up in yourself, simply because you aren't relating to others sneough and are not paying enough attention when you do. You have a mind of your own, and you do not care if anyone else agrees with you. You resent it fiercel when people try to impose their thinking or their methods on you. You like to be the first to do everything, and often you take risks that others consider unwise, because you want to be known for doing something that no-one else will do. Just be careful to avoid real trouble, and try to listen to what others have to say. They are not always trying to get in your way; in fact they may be trying to help you. You are rather quick to anger, but you do not hold grudges. As soon as your angry mood passes, which is usually quite quickly, you are willing to forget and forgive. However, while you are angry you act rashly and may say things that you will regret. In talking with other people, you prefer to be simple and direct; and whenever possible you are honest, simply because it makes life easier and simpler. Just be careful not to be so blunt that you hurt people's feelings, since some people are emotionally hurt more easily than others. You may also be rather competitive, which may alienate some people; but most will realize that your competitiveness is good-natured and not intended to harm. (Lyn Birbeck) You have a brave and impatient heart. You have the will to show a way forward - boldly and assertively, without being arrogant or pushy. Your life should be led in a spirit of championing the underdog, as opposed to always wanting to win. Your father is seen or expressed as one who is honest and direct, and / or blunt and hard. You generate a bright spontaneity that encourages Other to be more aware of simply being, and to live in and for the moment. You have an independence and straightforwardness that is refreshing and makes Other want to know where you are going. You have an air of heroism as you protect the weak and fight for the oppressed.

You can alienate Other with a childish naiveté that is tiresome and short-sighted; with a simplistic attitude that overlooks the subtleties and senstitivities of Ohter, causing him / her to avoid what is boring, annoying or upsetting about you; and by being arrogant and boastful, or coming on tough. You overemphasize your air of independence in order to be seen as you'd like to actually feel. You exaggerate how soon you'll be able to achieve an objective, and so you fall short and appear ridiculous. You present a desire to win at all costs, rather than simply doing your best. You can feel weak when it is made only to clear what or who you depend upon, for whatever reason; when it seems that you are not getting anywhere; and because you feel you have lost, when you could simply be learning a lesson. When alone, it is probably for one of two reasons, but they both come under the heading of 'enforced independence'. The first one is that you have never allowed Other to see the 'Little Lamb' inside you, and have only shown the forceful, independent Ram. People tire of such a seemingly two-dimensional nature, and ultimately let you be as alone as you like to be thought independent. If you think you have 'chosen' to be on your own because of Other's failings, then you will have only your ego for company for some time. The second reason is the converse of the first one - too much Lamb and not enough Ram. Failing to assert yourself and act independently, without approval from Other, becomes very unstimulating and burdensome for Other. He or she will be forced to look elsewhere for this, while still possbly maintaining a guilt-motivated link with you. (Grant Lewi) Aries's great independence is a symptom of vitality and physical energy, and becomes intellectuallized later in life, if at all. The highest type of Arian becomes capable of idealizing and universalizing his love of independence, which has its source in egocentricity. The first ambition of the Arian is to be first. He is an inveterate contestant, a professional competitor. His object is not so much the material stake as the glory of winning. He will never boast about coming in sensong; the also-rans he beats impress him less than the one fellow who beats him and thus steals his rightful place at the head of the profession. Literally as well as figuratively, this first-ness shows. Your Arian walks one step ahead of his companions, goes through doors first, and has the first word (and often the last) in any argument. He loves arguments, not as a means of arriving at truth so much as a means of demonstrating that he can come out in front. He often wins by sheer noise and vitality - that is, he makes the other fellow cry uncle. Aries is frequently original in his efforts to be first; and, when not original, is sure to be novel. Any Arian who doesn't understand the difference between originality and novelty should study the two words till he does. When and Arian is original he is a pioneer, an inventor, a great thinker. When he is only novel, he is putting first his ego ideal to be first and neglecting to make his ideas sound and his methods practical. He thus loses the benefit of his energy, his genius and his ambition. All the bugaboos of the ego beset the Arian, and he must beware of self-centredness. This can make him arogant, conceited, self-pitying, selfassertive; and, in the face of opposition or restraint, can lead to delusions of persecution in mild or acute form. To forget self, to become absorbed in mental matters, to put ideas first, and to make sure that originality (or novelties) rest on a sound basis of fact; to see the other fellow's point of view, and to regard the other fellow's needs, wishes and desires just as seriously as his own,... are the means by which Aries may emphasize his great good points and ensure that his desire to be first shall actually cause him to be first. (John Townley) Your fiery inner drive makes you the motivating force in any relationship. You tend to have so much physical and sexual energy that you can awaken all sorts of feelings in your partner, even feelings that have long been dormant.

It would be a good idea, however, to bank your fires a bit. Even though you may be overflowing with energy, your partner may tire more quickly, both physically and emotionally, which you must take into consideration. A calmer approach would be good for you personally as well, because your appetite for experience is voracious; overindulgence prevents you from savoring each valuable moment of a love affair. It is wise to read about sexual technique or learn the ins and outs of lovemaking with a highly skilled lover, because in your eager enthusiasm, you often brush past many of the finer points of sex. You will find a wealth of pleasure in lovemaking if you slow down and linger over each step, even though your high energies are pushing you to go faster. That inner high-intensity flame can heighten the details of love if you govern it. Few people have your ability to etch every experience into your mind and body (Jan Spiller and Karen McCoy) Sun in Aries individuals feel they have the right to do as they please; to display independent action and thought; to act on a whim without regard for protocol, timing, or the wishes or opinions of others. Static: When your attention focuses on gaining recognition for your independence from others, you may unknowingly act in ways that result in disruption and alienation. Wanting to be recognized as your own person, you can resist co-operating in team efforts. When you behave with rashness and lack of consideration, you experience other people blocking your path of action. Thus, using your natural independence in a way that dominates by insisting that others put you first can result in a lack of confidence when they fail to respond. Dynamic: When your attention is on sharing your talents and abilities with others, you notice how your independent action can be an inspiration to them. By being aware of this natural leadership, you can encourage those around you to express their independence and thus eliminate the need for constant battle. Recognizing your own talents in contributing a quick, courageous assertion of your positive spirit enables you to inspire others. This leaves you free to exit on the desired positive note. Awareness of this impact allows you to express your exuberance in ways that endear you to others. Then you will find others responding with love and appreciation for your dynamic energy. (Marcia Moore and Mark Douglas) Keynote: the power of individuality manifests through personal initiative. Symbol: rays of a rising Sun splash the sky with streaks of red and gold. Aries is the springtime sign of the zodiac. People born at this rosy dawning of the year are set to spring into activity. They glory in launching new enterprises, even while leaving previous projects for others to finish. They are direct, headstrong, and aggressive. like the fabled prince who mounted his charger and dashed off in all directions, the Arian must be ever on the go. His main problem is to control his impulses and avoid scattering his forces. Mars, as ruler of Aries, intensifies its hotheaded disposition. The exalted Sun adds executive power, energy, vitality, and optimism. Since the effects of an exalted planet are as favorable as those of the ruler of a sign, the placement of the Sun in Aries, at the head of the zodiacal procession, is conducive to individual accomplishment. Arians may not achieve the fame of Librans and Aquarians (signs in which the Sun is less strongly placed) because they refuse the curry favors from others and may be downright

undiplomatic in the pursuit of their aims. However, they have the boldness to assert their own ideas and are known as the pioneers of the zodiac. The Sun shines regally from the center of the solar system, while Mars, its marshal, issues commands and enforces its will. Careful attention should be paid to the aspects of Mars in the horoscopes of persons born with the Sun in Aries in order to ascertain the direction their drive for objective self-expression is likely to take. 'Solarians' have a fervent longing for independence and like to fancy themselves to be free souls. As leaders, they sway the destiny of others but soon grow impatient with the restraints imposed by mundane responsibilities. They aspire to know the truth, yet contrive to avoid becoming burdened by the consequences of their truth-seeking endeavors. When their affairs become too complex they wield the cutting edge of Mars as a sword to sever knots of bureaucratic red tape. Then, oblivious to the havoc in their wake, they march forward fearlessly in search of new fields to conquer. The Arian moves people to action through the heat of his personal enthusiasm. He is an idea man, but frequently someone else must do the groundwork if his concepts are to take route in the material world. He may also be a rolling stone who, if permitted to go first, will clear a path on which others may walk. However, if relegated to the rear, he may roll on heedlessly mowing down all who are so foolish as to impede his progress. There is nothing rancorous about this flattening of obstructing objects. He is what he is, and that is all there is to it. Aries people suffer from their own carelessness, recklessness, and immoderate behavior qualities which may, in turn, inflict suffering on others. Theirs can be the unwitting selfishness that results from excessive impulsiveness. Utterly spontaneous and moved by the mood of the moment, immatrue types may be so blithely unaware of their adolescent self-centeredness that it is impossible to resent them, especially since their intentions are nearly always honorable. Although seldom deliberately unkind, they may fail to consider the effects of their words or the far-reaching implications of their casual conduct. The more evolved Arians will never say 'die', but are ever ready to rise to new and more adventurous challenges. Their feeling is that the whole day lies ahead and they are eager to be up and doing. (Myrna Loftus) Aries is the point of all beginning. The person with his Sun in Aries is in the process of building a new personality. All the energies are self-centred and self-directed. Before one can give oneself away, there must be something to give. The Arian assumes authority quickly, but must resist the impulse to 'ram' ahead, pushing whoever is there out of the way. It is natural for the Arians to assume authority and responsibiliry. They can be inspired forces within a group. There is a joyousness and enthusiasm about the Arians. Thus, they are an inspiration to othses. Ideas and creative projects seem to flow from them in a never-ending stream. They are full of energy and never lack courage. However, they can, also, project the negative traits of their Sun sign. Because of this, you will find Arians who are self-centered. They are apt to forget that other people may have good ideas and can assume responsibility, too. This makes it difficult to form a partnership with an Arian. It is, also, difficult for an Airan to be an employee. Their natural instinct is to be the employer. They have a tendency to start a project then to suddenly lose interest in it if the progress is too slow or things have become too complicated. These people have a gift for waking up in an environment they find themselves in. THey do not sit quietly in a corner waiting for someone to speak to them.

They are not subtle or devious. If they want something, they go after it. Both sexes enjoy having a career as well as being attracted to community or political activities where they can use their talent for leadership. They like people, but they may drop out of orbit while pursuing new interests. In six months, they may be back again as if no time had elapsed. In love, they are passionate, with strong sexual feelings. They are usually healthy, because they move around enough to exercise their bodies. This produces good circulation. They rarely overeat. Their head is the most vulnerable spot. They are prone to headaches due to tension. They almost always end up with some type of injury to their head. You will find a number of small scars on their head from running into things or from accidents. Aries is a positive, masculine sign. Women who are Aries have some difficulties in relationships, because they are likely to be far too positive, opinionated, and masculine. They have to learn to build in their feminine side and be willing to be quiet and receptive. Fire, the element of Aries, is symbolic of Aries' burning desire to keep pushing onward against all obstacles. They react similarly to a horse with blinders on, looking neither to the right nor to the left, but straight ahead to their destination. Arian parents tend to push their children too hard in school. Their lack of patience doesn't help, either. Even so, they make good parents. As children, Arians are noisy and full of energy. They must be doing something every minute. Firm discipline is needed, but it shouldn't be too strict, either. They like games and sports, for they have a large amount of energy. There is a tendency to run high fevers. The three things an Arian should learn are: (1) patience, (2) conservation of energy, and (3) completion. Natal Sun in Taurus (Betty Lundsted) The Taurus child is born into a mother-dominated household, since the sign is a negative, or feminine, polarity. The father is probably present but passive. When the father figure is passive, the mother has to take on the family responsabilities. The child begins to pattern its decisions and values according to the mother's live philosophy. The Taurus person is Venus-ruled. Many people undervalue the Venus types because they look to be easygoing and perhaps a little weak. This is not the case. The childhood does not encourage children born in this sign to respond spontaneously. Therefore, Taureans rarely feel comfortable displaying reactions either in a career situation or in a relationship. The mother is an overpowering figure who manipulates the child with so much 'mother' love that Taureans hesitate to express themselves honestly or easily. It has been said that Taurus is stubborn, angry and sometimes rigid. All Fixed signs are, and Taureans try to build environment that they can depend on since not much in the childhood was dependable. Material acquisitions help create a feeling of a stable universe. Taureans are often drawn to the money professions for security reasons. The Taurus banker is not avoiding relationships with people and is not really pursuing money for money's sake, but is attempting to work in a stable environment. The world of finance is dependable - a dollar

is a dollar (more or less) every day of the week. The Taurus person is afraid to establish relationships with people because those people may change their attitudes toward their relationships from one day to the next. Taureans are quite sensual and need some emotional commitment in order to be fulfilled. When relationships frightedn them, they may avoid the emotional sensuality of sex and enjoy the sensuality of food, ending up with weight problems. They may also retreat into religious and philosophical orders which can protect them from living out their emotional needs. The irony here is that the validity of philosophical beliefs cannot be tested if they are not experienced through emotional involvements. The Taurus female is raised in a strongly mother-dominated atmosphere. Here the animus concept is different from that of the Fire signs. The animus figure for the Taurus female is colored by the fact that, as a child, she doesn't see her father make many meaningful decisions. Because her father is passive, she will unconsciously assume all men are passive. However, she sides with her father emotionally; for the two of them, Daddy and the child, can side with each other against this strong maternal force that is sometimes overwhelming. The Taurus woman wants a relationship with a man, but after she gets him she begins to treat him much as her mother treated her father - as an object to be controlled and manipulated. The young Taurus female does not consciously try to manage mne; she may not even be aware that the men around her feel 'managed'; but she may find later in life that her relationship with her husband is very similar to the one her mother had with the father. She is a strong and opinionated type. As she develops, she'll learn how to make solidarity, materialism, a search for the spiritually creative side of life, warmth and enthusiasm positive working forces within her. The fear comes into her relationships when she succumbs to dishonesty. It's difficult for Taureans to offend someone they love, and often they are dishonest with a lover. They become quite angry when they don't get what they want or when they are misunderstood. The anger is buried inside and begins to manifest when the throat becomes restricted, because tension settles in the Taurean throat. The Taurus female has difficulty accepting rejection. She also gets angry when her man doesn't feel happy with her, for she has given up so much of herself in order to secure that happiness. She eventually learns that if she expresses and shares herself honestly, she will draw to herself a person that really likes her. The problems with her femininity often come from the fact that her mother is overwhelming and jealously competitive with her as Taurus develops, especially during her teen years. Often, the mother of a Taurus girl competes with her daughter so heavily that the girl has no sense of her own feminine worth. The irony is that Taurus is one of the most sensual and feminine of the signs. The female is sensual and sexual; she brings men into her life because of her feminine approach to them - an approach highly seasoned with an animal sexuality that is hard to pass up. The Taurus male has a different set of problems. He is a male born into a motherdominated household with a passive father. His values are determined by his reaction to his mother's values. He also must cope with the fact that he's a nale who has to prove how 'good' he is to his mother. The mother is super-strong and seems to have all the answers as far as this child is concerned. Under these circumstances, the child becomes very careful about what he says to mothers, for she may shoot him down. This subconscious feeling is carried over into later relationships with women, causing a dichotomy within the Taurus male. He's interested in women, enjoys communicating with them, yet feels apprehensive about sharing his not-fully-formed ideas for fear of being rejected. It seems that when the Taurus male is a child, his mother is so strong that she

overwhelms his father; his father either remains passive (which disappoints the child) or causes the child to dislike and basically reject his father because he isn't a 'man' to his wife. The Taurus boy seems to be in the middle of his parents' relationship. He is a child who is allowed to sleep with Mommy and Daddy. Sometimes the father leaves, and the Taurus child then becomes an even closer companion to his mother. Because he loves his mother, he feels guilty about becoming involved with other women. This can lead to problems in his own marriage. He sometimes has difficulty determining where his priorities are: his mother's needs or his wife's needs. He thinks that it's important to show his mother how responsible he's become, so he may take on obligations he doesn't want. Sometimes the mother's influence is so strong that the Taurus male develops a bit unspoken fear in his psyche called 'Am I really gay?' When a mother is too close emotionally to her child, the influence affects the images in his psyche. Affection becomes confused with sexuality; affection can be confused with loyalty. Something also happens to the ability to express the creative self, for when the mother's influence is too strong, she can overwhelm his ability to use his creative processes. Taurus is creative but is often afriid to use the creative energy for anything other than building fortresses emotionally. This child tends to hold in tension because the early environment doesn't encourage spontaneous response to difficulties or to normal childhood fears. Taureans form habits that include the holding of tension. If the tension is not released or faced, it builds and builds until the body falls apart and Taurus winds up with some medical problem. These medical problems are signals that the inner tensions are not being released and that new habits must be formed - habits which include the proper use of the building talents that Taurus has at its disposal. (Haydn Paul) The Taurus personality often displays stability, purpose, persistence, determination, selfreliance, reliability and sincerity. You will not usually take any risks affecting your material security, as your possessions and home environment are extremely important to you; in fact, you will be cautious in all aspects of your life. You tend to rely on a commonsense approach, quite pragmatic and practical, being efficient and even adroit at financial management and organisational requirements. You will take time to consider future courses of action, evaluating your options, and will need to feel as convinced and secure as possible regarding your choices before deciding to act; once your mind is set, you will see the choice through. You will apply yourself to the task of earning money and obtaining those material possessions which you believe are needed to build a secure lifestyle foundation. Generally, your temperament is gentle and placid, and you try to live in ways which do not attract trouble towards you; but if provoked you can explode into a noisy display of temper. If others oppose you on issues on which you have already set your mind, then you can display a stubborn and obstinate resistence, failing to reconsider or listen to alternative opinions and advice. You prefer a quiet, steady life, and can be secretive and reserved regarding disclosure of personal matters. Your sympathetic nature creates a sensitivity to natural beauty, as well as to art, music and literature. As sensual pleasures and comforts attract, you prefer to create a home which is pleasant and attractive with a relaxing atmosphere which can have a calming and beneficial effect on others. As your life can pivot around home, the quality of the domestic life is crucial to your peace of mind. your health is often related to your success in creating a balanced and harmonious atmosphere around you. You tend to remain in touch with close relatives and friends, feeling secure in knowing that all is well with them. You are rarely a 'romantic dreamer', who tends to distort relationships by an over-active imagination; usually you are quite straightforward and honest with any partners. You

prefer to keep your emotions in their place as you are not always comfortable with them; and there can be a tendency towards repression, which can stimulate occasional outbursts of temper. Your relationships have a co-operative quality, and you can be tactful and diplomatic, even though you are often very direct in your communication with others. Partners will be carefully and cautiously chosen; and despite your often laid-back and relaxed style, you can be a demanding marriage partner, expecting a high standard from others. The relationship being the main focus for your emotional intensity, you can be jealous and extremely possessive. Satisfactory sexual relationships are important with your partner, and if your enjoyment of sexual passions fades, then the relationship becomes less stable, and unfulfilling. A degree of intellectual compatibility is also required, as you tend to see intimate relationships as a source of mental stimulation in your life too; and a depth of communication is necessary to feel the intimacy of relationship connection. An element of 'best friends' is also included in satisfactory Taurean partnerships. You tend to live by traditional moral standards and beliefs, and can be highly principled; and this often shows in your decision-making process and life choices. Your attitudes tend to be conservative and orthodox regarding questions of faith and religion, although possibly more fatalistic in tone, and less intellectualised or philosophical. You can become dogmatic and fixed in your attitudes and opinions, although an emotional involvement with causes can show you to be a tireless worker, sacrificing much for your ideals, especially in supportive and practical context. (Jan Spiller and Karen McCoy) Sun in Taurus individuals feel they have the right to actualize their material and sensual values; to never change those values; to accumulate a level of comfortable material security. Also, they may feel the right to establish rigid, fixed nonmaterialistic values, and to opt for a stubborn passivity in using their talents. Static When you focus on gaining agreement from others on the validity of your tangible and material values, you can appear as stubborn and intractable. You may give into the Taurean tendency to want to be recognized as worthwhile and important. This tendency can cause you to resist the efforts of others to expand your position by adding their input. You can be totally dedicated to establishing your merit by accumulating money and goods. When this happens and you fail to consider the values of others, you cheat yourself of the opportunity to enhance and expand your levels of material security and comfort. Dynamic You can direct your attention to uplifting others through expressing your talents and abilities. This allows other people to respond by sharing their own values. Thus, you give others centre stage in establishing their own worth, and give yourself an opportunity to become more objective about your values. From this objectivity, you can creat an even deeper sense of security in relationships. You revitalize your worth in the process of recognizing the worth of others. Being conscious of other people's value results in an expansion of your material security in the world. (Syndey Omarr) Taurus females Taurus women are generally hungry for experience as well as for food. They like the good life. But they are willing to give as well as take. These women can be very affectionate, but don't try to take advantage of them. They can see through a phony. Be frank with

them. Tell them where you stand and what it is you want - it's very likely they'll size you up and come to a decision in your favor. The secret is simply to be aboveboard; women of this zodical sign respond to good taste and understanding. Any flim-flam draws their fire as well as their ire. Here is another important hint: know when to draw the line at giving in to their whims. At times, like a crying baby, they will test you - to see just how much they can get away with. Let them go so far, then pull in the reins. These women are earthy in temperament; there is a tendency for them to become careless in the way they look. When you first meet them, their taste is impeccable. But after a while they appear to let down. Make sure you are treated as well as a stranger would be! Don't be a stuffed shirt, but do refuse to put up with curlers in the hair and rumpled dress or manners. This lady can entice, appease, attract, magnetize, hypnotize: she is seductive, pleasantly lazy, Venusian, obstinate and charming. If you want to run the gamut of emotions, she is for you. The way to assure happiness with a Taurus woman is to make sure you know what it is you really want. She'll help you to get it! But if you are not positive, she can be a worrisome thing - a Taurus woman needs a man. If you think you're up to it - go right ahead and good luck. Remember: don't try to force issues. This woman has a keen sense of beauty and awareness. She may be troublesome at times, but she is generally worth it. Taurus males This man likes luxury but he wants you to be practical about it! He likes style and he appreciates the best of everything. Yet he wants a partner who can also keep an eye on the budget. So, if you are interested in a Taurus man - you have a fascinating challenge, an over-all one that will keep you on your toes, the kind of challenge which is vital enough to make you aware of life. This man can be easygoing but it isn't wise to wave the red flag in front of the bull. He is earthy in temperament. Taurus men can be stubborn; when they make up their minds to go along certain paths it is difficult, if not impossible, to make them turn a corner. These men have to be won over with kindness, even guile. They are not always easy to live with - they enjoy the basic things: eating, sleeping, loving, fighting, mating, etc.. If you are looking for perfection, please bypass the Taurus man. On the other hand, if you desire a very human man then go full speed ahead in your campaign to nab him. Don't try to corral this man; he won't stand for being fenced in. He wants plenty of room. He will want to come back to you; he will need and desire your affeciton; but he wants to find this out for himself. He doesn't want lectures. He wants love with a capital L. (Skye Alexander) For people who have Sun in Taurus, love relationships are of primary importance. You don't like being alone and will settle for a partnership that is less than ideal rather than do without. Once you've set your sights on someone, you pursue him / her doggedly, undaunted by delays, ostacles or rejection. After you've bagged your game, you hold on tightly and are extremely possessive of your partners. Aquarians, Geminis and Sagittarians may feel suffocated by your love, but Cancers and Capricorns might appreciate your constant and uncomplicated devotion.

Your intense interest in sex is a powerful impetus to forming relationships. Sex is usually foremost in your mind, and it's one of your greatest pleasures. For you, sex is a natural bodily function, a primary need, and your approach to it is down-to-earth, uninhibited and unabashed. However, your strong sex drive and preoccupation with satisfying your physical desires can cause you to be rather indiscriminate and indulgent, and sometimes any warm body will do. Good-natured and easy-going, you are an amiable and loyal companion. You are patient and slow to anger, and tend to take life as it comes. However, when pushed too far you can be a stubborn and formidable opponent. To the people you love, you are attentive, affectionate, loyal, devoted and generous. You enjoy doing things for your loved ones and giving them gifts. However, your 'gifts' often have strings attached, and you are inclined to try to buy love or to make others feel obligated to you. You also may expect lovers to lavish material bounty upon you; and your less materialistic friends might think you are a bit mercenary. Indulgent and luxury-loving, you relish creature comforts and appreciate beautiful things: clothing, jewellery, furniture, art, good food and drink. You derive great pleasure from your possessions, and are usually in debt because you can't say 'no' to yourself. You probably have good taste in clothing and furnishings, and could succeed in a career in fashion or interior design. Or, your affinity with nature might incline you toward horticulture or landscape architecture. The original 'Earth Mother', you love plants, have two green thumbs and can make just about anything grow. In everything you do, you need to see the physical results of your labors. You aren't very assertive, innovative or especially hard-working however; thus, you'd probably be better off working for someone else or in a partnership, rather than striking out on your own. Because Taurus rules the throat, you may have musical ability and a fine singing voice. Cooking is another area in which you excel, and many people with Taurean Suns are employed in the culinary fields. Whether or not you decide to put your talents to work for you professionally, you probably like to bake and cook for yourself, your friends and your family. And you certainly enjoy sitting down to a good meal! As a result, you may always be at least a few pounds overweight. Your slow metabolism and lack of interest in exercise can compound the problem, and you might find yourself waging a lifelong battle with the scales. But then, who'd take a skinny chef seriously? Unwilling to take chances or risk lowering your standard of living, you'll stay with an unsatisfying job or relationship for years rather than make a switch. You are truly a creature of habit and always prefer something familiar to an unknown. You are likely to view your career and relationships as investments, and once you've put a great deal of time and effort into something you are loathe to cut your losses and move on. Consequently, you have a tendency to get stuck in a rut. Because you are reluctant to try anything new and are anything but adventurous, you can become a bit dull and overly-conservative. Others sometimes underestimate your intelligence because you aren't especially interested in mental pursuits or witty conversation (unless your Mercury is in Gemini). Your concerns are with the material, tactile world and its tangible realities, and you don't place much value in abstractions. In fact, you might have trouble even getting your mind around some philosophical or metaphysical concepts. You need to guard against being narrow-minded and dismissing out-of-hand anything with which you aren't already familiar, or that you can't see, touch, smell or taste. Your greatest strengths are your constancy, your sweet and loving temperament, and your appreciation of all things beautiful. Your greatest failings result from your indulgence, stubbornness, laziness and greed.

(Sasha Fenton) This is the second sign of the zodiac, and it is concerned with growth and protection, in the same way that the first tender shoots of a plant need to be protected. Taureans worry about money. They seem to be haunted by the fear that they will shortly be sleeping under the arches, with only a cardboard box for shelter. Needless to say, they don't live beyond their means, and they are never out of work for long. Some Taureans become very rich, while others keep themselves and their families going in a very modest manner. These subjects can be jealous of richer or more successful people, but they may miss out on reaching such dizzy heights for themselves because they tend to be lazy. Taureans are sensualists. Many people confuse this word with sexuality; and, while a sensuality often does include sex among his list of pleasures, it is not the only one. All earth sign people have well-developed senses, especially that of touch, but Taureans are the most sensual of all the signs, enjoying anything which appeals to any of their senses. These subjects are good with their hands, have excellent hand / eye co-ordination, and rarely drop or break anything. I know one Taurean who is a very creative builder and decorator, another who is a really inspired cook, yet another who has created a wonderful garden, and one who is the art editor of a magazine and loves to visit gardens on his day off. Notice how often the word 'creative' crops up in connection with this sign. These people may not be the most inventive members of the zodiac, but they love to create beauty in all its forms and they are often naturally artistic. Taureans are thorough and painstaking in all that they do. They are true craftsmen and women who can infuriate others by their fussiness. It is interesting to note that such a sedentary sign includes dancers. Taureans love to dance, and are often quick and light on their feet even when they are overweight. The average Taurean subject personifies middle-class values. He wants a reasonably spacious home with a fair bit of land around it, but he wants to achieve this on a very small mortgage. He needs a family, a couple of animals, a few good friends and a steady job. He may not have much imagination, but he pays his bills, washes behind his ears and avoids astrologers like the plague. These subjects are private people with all the usual reserve of a feminine sign. They don't wear their hearts on their sleevs and would be embarrassed at having their problems aired in front of others. Taureans are extremely thorough in all that they do, and almost totally reliable in all their undertakings. They project an image of respectability and hate to look feckless or silly. This is a fixed sign, which means that these subjects prefer to stick to a job, a home or a relationship. The families of Taureans always know just where they are, and can be fairly sure that they will not be abandoned or let down in any way. There is a quality of certainty about these people which makes a nice change in these days of fly-by-night relationships. Taureans are the plodders of the zodiac. They will make a good job of whatever they are given to do; they work at their own pace and are very thorough and painstaking. They cannot be hassled or rushed; it upsets them. In relationships, they are very loving and kind, but may be inflexible and opinionated. Their outlook is traditional, and they hate being crossed or undermined in any way. If a Taurean found a relationship or a situation too uncomfortable, he would simply leave it, and having done so he would rarely look back. These subjects need an uncomplicated life with a few luxuries and pleasures thrown in. They tend to attract jealousy without having or doing anything particularly obvious to cause it. It is simply that after an invariably bumpy start, their lives become so pleasant and orderly that other people envy them. With their gentle sense of humour, lack of spite and good intentions, routinely good manners and pleasantly ordinary appearance, Taureans help to make the world a nicer place. The typical Taurus is medium in height and sturdy in build. Many, but by no means all, Taureans have difficulty in keeping their weight down. Their hands and feet are small and neat, and their movements are surprisingly brisk. Their movements are graceful, and

many of them are surprisingly good dancers. Facially, they can range from being absolutely lovely to rather Churchillian, with that characteristically strong chin and jutting lower lip. Their best features are their eyes, which, in nordic races, are typically pale grey and rather large. In all races, the eyes are attractive and the gaze steady and unafraid. One particularly Taurean trait is the lack of a bottom. Just as the Aries has, in tailoring terms, a 'prom-seat', Taureans may have hardly any 'seat' at all. Many Taureans prefer to hide their faces behind beards, heavy-framed spectacles, make-up and elaborate hair-styles, while others are extremely stylish dressers. Taurean people always look good, whatever personal style they effect, because this sign is most concerned with images and appearances. Weak spots for health are the throat, lower jaw and lower teeth, the voice, tonsils and the thyroid gland. Diabetes is a possibilty through the connection with the planet Venus, as are cystitis and kindey problems. Over-indulgence can lead to obesity for these subjects, but this could be mitigated by planets in nearby Gemini. Taureans don't worry overmuch about their health, but they do take it seriously when they have to. Taureans are very good with their hands, and have a wonderful eye for line, design and colour. They like to build, preserve and conserve whatever they can for the next generation to enjoy, which is why many of them can be found in the worlds of farming, building, gardening and architecture. The beauty trade attracts these people, as does the fashion industry, and many Taureans love to cook for themselves and their friends either professionally or as a hobby. There is an attraction to the world of money, and they may, therefore, be found working in banks, as accountants, book-keepers and also in the field of insurance. Another area which attracts Taureans is that of entertainment. Many Taurus people love to sing and dance, and will make a career for themselves in opera or dancing on the stage, either as amateur or as professional entertainers. The Taurean gifts of common sense and reliability, coupled with thoroughness and a real love of their chosen work, make them excellent employees. Their natural kindness and sympathy make them wonderful employers too, but they can be very tough and canny negotiators. Their flair for making money may make them extremely successful, but they sometimes become too bogged down in minor money matters to see the wood for the trees. Since they are very visual, images in all their forms appeal to these people, and this could lead to such esoteric interests as heraldry. The Taurean gift of creating images and things which look good may take them into the world of marketing. A quick round-up of Taureans of my acquaintance reveals a builder, a roofer, a couple of dancers, a top chef and an artist, a couple of make-up artists, a dressmaker, and a bookkeeper. My Taurean cousin has always done clerical work, but she is a truly gifted amateur cook and a good dancer. Other Taureans of my acquaintance love to sign and dance, while a few actually enjoy sports. Many Taureans seem to spend a good deal of their lives dreaming of success as artists, sportsmen or performers, but not all of them can summon up the energy or the courage which would be needed to succeed in these fields. Having said all this, there is an odd breed of Taurean who seems to be able to thrive in the world of fashion, art or music and even live quite an eccentric and bohemian kind of life. Some Taureans relate well to other people and, therefore, work as advisors, particularly in the financial field. However, many of them seem only to need others in order to bounce their own ideas off them. Taureans love money, and spend a lifetime trying to find it. A good deal of their wealth is acquired by working, but many of them seem to inherit quite large sums of money too. These subjects are wonderful managers of money, and may play the stock-market to great advantage, but most are really rather cautious and prefer to keep their cash safely on deposit. Taureans don't like to admit to having anything, and, given the choice, would go to their graves with their Swiss bank account numbers engraved on their hearts. Those Taureans who don't have access to large funds still manage to save for a rainy day and strive to pay off their mortgages.

Taureans need comfort, but would rather wait until they can afford good things before buying anything. Many are gifted amateur builders and gardeners who make their homes as attractive and comfortable as possible, without spending money unnecessarily. Taureans are not keen on second-hand goods, except those which they inherit from their own families. Taurus subjects look after their homes and their possessions painstakingly. They think carefully, and prefer to survey the market before spending anything. Taureans are not particularly dressy, but what they wear is always suitable for the occasion. They only buy quality clothing for special occaasions, preferring ordinary chain-store goods for everyday wear. Some Taureans like collecting valuable possessions, and most will make sure that they have a good sound-system both in their homes and in their cars. Taureans enjoy travelling, but will only do so in great comfort, and only when they can well afford to do so. These subjects look after their families, but will not be taken advantage of by lazy or greedy relatives, even if these happen to be their own children. Taurus, being an earth sign which is fixed in quality, is the most steady, reliable and sensible sign of the zodiac. Their partners are in no danger of being let down or faced with fluctuating moods and unexpected events. Taureans take their time about everything, and will think long and hard before making any kind of decision. Whether they discuss potential decisions with their partners or keep their thoughts to themselves depends on other factors on their charts. Taureans are terribly stubborn, and will obstinately cling to a point of view. They aren't adaptable, and will stick to the same way of doing things throughout their lives. Anyone who wants a home-loving partner who will work hard to bring money into the home and not waste anything unnecessarily should look no further than this sign. These subjects are careful with money, but usually generous and thoughtful towards their families and close friends. There is a type of Taurean who doesn't want to work or take any kind of responsibility but who wants to be looked after and paid for all along the line, but such types are, thankfully, quite rare. There is, however, another, far more common Taurus type who will work quite hard without every really seeming to get anywhere in live; but as long as their partners don't mind this, they do at least offer emotional security, and there is a lot to be said for that. Socially speaking, some Taureans are wonderful conversationalists while others seem to be completely tongue-tied and need to be persuaded to open up and chat. Often the only way to open them up is to get them to chat about their particular interests. For many Taureans, the subjects which is closest to their hearts is money, and they will chat away about money-making schemes for hours. Taureans are good home-makers who can cook, build, make a wonderful garden, look after pets or do anything else which requires dexterity and practicality. They need a good, comfortable and safe home life, and they prefer to spend money on their homes, in areas where they can see what they have bought, rather than on such ephemeral experiences as travel or entertainments. Some Taureans will take their families away on holiday - once all possible household bills have been covered, of course! Taurus subjects need security in a relationship, and will offer the same to their partners, only leaving when a situation becomes utterly untenable. They can refuse to leave a marriage which is obviously defunct. Natal Sun in Gemini (Betty Lundsted) Gemini people are born into the most personal of the air signs. They wonder where they fit in the scheme of things. They have lots of 'me', 'I' and 'my' in their consciousness, and their life experience requires the incorporation of self into a larger universe. Geminis are raised in a father-dominated atmosphere. Communication between the parents is difficult for these children to understand, because disagreements between the parents are solved with words and not with deeds. Since young children don't understand what words mean, they are uncertain as to what the fuss is all about. But, they do know something important is going on because the parents are upset by these strange words. Gemini children learn to use words well, for they are good imitators; but often they don't know

what the words mean. Because Geminis find communication intruiging, they pursue either the world of conversation or the world of books. The media becomes important to them, and therefore they make great contributions in that area. Geminis are explorers of the intellect, and are naturally very curious people. Their curiosity is manifested in several ways, depending on the childhood environment. If little or no education is available, or if there are too many Air signs in the chart, they want to talk: they learn by talking, they entertain by talking, and they like a lively and entertaining social life. Each person they meet is a new source of information or entertainment. As they seek each new experience, they forget the old sources. This can cause conflict in their love relationships because their partner may resent all the new people. If the background was more intellectual, or placed more stress on education, Geminis will explore the world of the intellect, and pursue the study of language and / or education. In addition, they are enthusiastic about sharing information and social activities with all kinds of new and interesting people. However, the more educated Geminis have the same problem as those who aren't: they have trouble maintaining interest in an ongoing relationship. The parents of Gemini children have some interesting reactions to each other in terms of body language. The impact of the words they react to fascinates Geminis, who feel left out. Geminis often try to recreate these situations in adult life and in their relationships. They need verbal interchanges with their mates. This interchange can start with harmless banter and work its way into bickering. If the mate of a Gemini doesn't understand the Gemini need to see a reaction (body language) to words, and if the mate doesn't respond appropriately to this situation, terrible verbal fights can ensue, leaving lots of hurt feelings and misunderstandings. After the fight, Gemini feels wonderful, but the mate is ready to pack; and, after a long series of these interchanges, the Gemini may find he's lost a partner. One of the reationship difficulties for Geminis stems from a fear or a disinterest in working through problems to some compatible compromise or solution. Since they are social at heart, it's easier for them to run off and explore the new and different rather than to work through a serious situation with an 'old' partner. This type of Gemini needs to learn to work through disagreements without becoming resentful. The Gemini female child admires her father, who is very often a respectable professional. Or, if Daddy is not a professional of some sort, he usually is known for something he accomplished that was special. She wants to be special just as he is, but there is a resentment directed toward him along with the admiration. At some time in her childhood when it was important that she have his attention, he ignored her. And so, she brings her resentment for her father into her adult life. Because Gemini is a mental sign, it isn't always easy for the female to incorporate her emotional needs into her professional life. She sometimes looks at her body and physical needs as alien to her. She tends to select a mate based on his ability to mentally stimulate her, and she wants companionship with a partner almost as much as the Sagittarian female does. She loves the company of men, because she feels she can share her ideas with them; being born in a masculine polarity, she wants to feed her intellect. Because of this polarity, she may reject her feminine self. The less evolved Gemini type avoids the company of women because she basically doesn't respect the position of woman. As she becomes more conscious, she begins to cherish her relationships with women who are interested in mental development as she is. She may even find conversations with women more stimulating than the ones she has with men, for there are no sexual overtones. The Gemini male is known as a gadabout. He's difficult to own because he's always off exploring the universe. He rarely opens up with men, and seems to enjoy the company of women more. He likes to flirt. Because he doesn't really trust other men, he will develop few male friendships. This mistrust seems to come from his relationship with his father.

During childhood, he wants to be with Daddy, but, like his Gemini sister, is in some way rejected by Dad at a time when he trusts him and needs him - hence Gemini's suspicion of men. When he picks a partner, he chooses a companion or a woman with whom he is friendly, for he selfom bases his serious relationships on sex alone. He is emotionally attached to his mother; he used her as an extra support when he was young, so he often picks a super strong woman he can 'hide behind' or depend upon. An exceptionally handsome Gemini male seldom chooses to be with a 'pretty' woman; he tends to pick a reliable type. It seems that the parents handle situations in the early childhood of Gemini children with an overemphasis on the intellectual. The child is rewarded for doing 'things', and doesn't really understand why he is being rewarded. Adult life situations are not clearly understood, for hearty emotional responses were handled with words by the parents. The child matures only to learn that other people cope with emotional situations differently. Geminis may not understand what others want from them. Feelings of resentment may accompany responsibilities, for they don't know what is expected, or they may feel that their intellectual freedom is being restricted. The Gemini group worships 'freedom of the mind'. In personal relationships, Geminis feel misunderstood, for the emotion called 'love' is conveyed to another in an intellectual manner. Words are more important than gestures, but the other eleven signs don't respond to this kind of a demonstration of love very easily. When a Gemini says he loves you, he may love you with all his heart, but he has difficulty demonstrating that love. First of all, his intense feelings may be completely different in the morning! Second, he may feel threatened when you tell him that he is not acting as though he loves you. Neither the male nor the female wants to be put on the spot where love is concerned. Love is a lofty ideal that can be thought about, fantasized about, dreamed about. For the Gemini, the words 'I love you' might be a sufficient demonstration of affection, and might not engender another period of affection for six months. As Gemini matures, he will learn that he has to give more than mere words. And here comes the test, for Geminis often feel that the needs of the loved one involve testing, and they resent it. As far as career responsibilities are concerned, Geminis tend to get into the water over their heads. A basic difficulty affecting both sexes concerns direct and honest communication. It is easier to assume what the Gemini thinks the other party wants to hear than to handle delicate situations directly. The Gemini has a reputation for being two-faced, but the double personality has a basis in the early childhood environment. In order to be well-received, Gemini assumes that others won't accept what he has to say. So he changes it. Feelings can be hurt unnecessarily, and Geminis may get themselves an untrustworthy reputation. When this kind of behavior is applied in career situations, the Gemini may get fired. It seems that Gemini people don't understand where they fit in. They keep looking for a secure place in the universe, and this need for security is often the cause of the double talk that takes place. A dliemma is caused when the need to belong conflicts with apprehension about being restricted, for Geminis don't want to be 'beholden'. The conflict is intensified because they may not understand directions or instructions that go along with handling job responsibilities. Rather than asking how a particular job should be handled, they tend to make corporate decisions on their own. They often feel that asking questions will indicate to fellow employees that they don't have the qualifications for the job. Sometimes Geminis even change their résumés. One client of mine applied for a job with a phoney degree. Another obtained a prospectus from a large company, learned the names of several important men on the Board of Directors, and then went to the personnel department with a 'verbal' recommendation from them. The people in the department didn't confirm the recommendation because it came from a VIP. Gemini worked for the company for two years before his action was discovered!

Geminis minimize or maximize any life situation based on the interests of the moment. The most common manifestation of this ability is the 'Gemini time system'. They tend to be late or early. If they enjoy what they are doing, time flies. If not, it drags. If they are on time, they're probably bored with what they were doing before they came. It is not uncommon for Geminis to be totally surprised that they are two hours late for dinner. (Haydn Paul) The Gemini personality is associated with intellect, mind and communication; and words are very important to you; you may possess literary ability and greatly enjoy reading and writing. You have an inquiring mind, being eager to accumulate knowledge and information through study, especially relating to factual and detailed topics. You tend to be curious about most things, and will search for intellectual security in the world. You need to be active and busy, loving change and variety which offers excitement to your life. You will be mainly focused in your mind, living in a world of fascinating ideas, although if over-familiarity occurs, then a lack of new stimulation can lead to a bored, restless mind beginning to look for the next interesting theme. Gemini can be sympathetic and sensitive to others, having a quick perception and understanding of people, but this can be overshadowed by a self-centred attitude. Your temperament may be essentially idealistic, tending to solve world problems by producing theories, which may fail to be applied in practice. There may be some problems with selfdiscipline, but if you can overcome these, you can be quite creative in arts or business. You are socially adaptable, being popular and easy company, and can be an interesting and entertaining conversationalist. You are effective at self-expression, and use your fluent communication both to persuade and to gain respect from others. Friends are important to provide variety and mental stimulation, and you are likely to be attracted towards artistic and intellectual types. You do not like to be tied to anywhere, preferring changes of scenery and people in order to renew and revitalise your interest. Haydn Paul) (contd.) Your reactions to life can be a little erratic, varying according to your moods (Gemini Twins), and you can be quite highly strung if life is not working out for you, perhaps becoming depressed. You are not a naturally tranquil sort of person, needing to be almost compulsively active; there can be periods of experiencing anxiety, indecision, impatience and irritability. You prefer tidiness, cleanliness and order; and you may prefer to work from home, where you attempt to create comfortable, peaceful surroundings, and to which you often need to retreat from the world for short periods of self-renewal. You may try to create a balance in your life between action, socialising and creativity, as you are suited towards application in several areas of life at once. The sort of work that may suit you includes research, investigation, and factual content, scientific or literary. You love life and can be erratic; and you prefer to retain independence and freedom. You will marry more for mental compatibility than for physical attraction alone, and will require a partner to be able to handle the practical everyday obligations and also be mentally stimulating, leaving you relatively free. You also enjoy contact with children, especially the aspects of play and their enquiring minds. You feel a need to maintain your individuality and separateness from others, and can resist any forms of imposition by others; you may rebel against the status quo and established attitudes, but as you grow older will realise the value of co-operation as vital in life to create harmony and peace. You apply logic and rationality to religious doctrines, which leads you towards non-conformist or agnostic attitudes. You enjoy sharing ideas and information with others, and are tolerant of alternative viewpoints and ideas, feeling

little need to impose your view on others, but just to exchange them. It is essential to clarify your life direction, and you may experiment with several occupations and lifestyles, displaying your versatility and adaptability. You can enjoy travel, art, music, and using your hands creatively. (Syndney Omarr) Gemini females A Gemini woman, if you are not careful, is liable to grow on you; you acquire a taste for her, just as some people do for lima beans or buttermilk or spinach or grits and eggs. If you want to win and keep a woman born under this sign - you will have to be in good physical and mental condition. She will lead you a merry chase. You will be exasperated; your nerves will tingle, sometimes with joy, at other times simply because you're becoming an emotional and physical wreck. Apparently she's worth the trouble. Gemini women are popular. They are charming. They can be seductive. They can even, on occasion, be reasonable! A must here is a sense of humor. Without it, you may as well give up. If you are going to pursue, or be pursued by, a Gemini woman, you must know how to laugh. This lady is on the go; she wants to know and be seen, and she wants to ask questions and to break the bubble of pomposity wherever she finds it. Sometimes, she talks too much! Gemini women can exhibit a disturbing habit: they laugh at the wrong times. There is a romantic moment - you wish to say or do something sweet - and Gemini is laughing. When you get used to them, Gemini women can become indispensible. However, once you let them realize this, you're in for trouble! Treat them lightly: the more you take Gemini women seriously, the more you are apt to suffer. Obviously, they have their excellent points. One of them is the stuff of life and living: there is nothing halfway about them. It is all the way or nothing at all. They can be daring, lovely, witty, and, at times, devastatingly funny. You have a job on your hands if you are involved with women of Gemini. But it could indeed be a pleasant job - nice work if you can get it! Gemini males This man is versatile, alert, charming, and blessed with loads of energy. No matter what the weather, he is willing to go out, to be on the move, to experiment, to satisfy his curiosity. He may tire you, but you must not complain. That is the secret hint: never let him know when you are brooding or worrying. He may agree that you have a right to be sad, but, in reality, he expects you to keep your chin up, to keep smiling, to be disgustingly healthy. Complaining or nagging is one sure way to lose a Gemini man. These men can be deceptive; often they are testing, probing, trying to find out what you are really made of, whether or not you are sincere. They are, like Gemini women, airy in temperament. They are idealistic; when forced to face practical issues, they are often downcast, hurt, bewildered - or at least give that impression. A Gemini man must be convinced of your loyalty. Once he is, he is yours: you can ask for and receive anything he is capable of giving. But as far as he is concerned, it is you first first you show your loyalty and love, then perhaps he'll come around! A Gemini man is elusive, quick with his hands, artistic, restless, with a tendency to scatter his forces. It is best for you to make him believe that you are many-sided. Once he feels he has figured you out, he is apt to shrug and go on to his next love. Gemini men talk their way into and out of almost anything. Listen to them but remain

sceptical; and keep a Mona Lisa smile on your face. That definitely helps! (Skye Alexander) For people with Sun in Gemini, communication is of utmost importance. You are fond of talking, writing, reading - anything that involves the written or spoken word. As a result, you may pursue a profession or avocation which involves some form of communication, such as writing, teaching, public speaking, advertising, sales, data processing, talking on the phone, or telecommunications. Many writers have their Suns in Gemini. Mentally-oriented, you enjoy discussing ideas with others, and respect intelligence. For you, knowledge is power. The written word has great appeal for you, and you are probably an avid reader. You are also eager to acquire as much information as possible, and want to share what you know with everyone you meet. A life-long student, you never tire of learning new things, and might enjoy attending adult education classes, taking mail-order courses and going to lectures. Your tendency, however, is to collect facts and tidbits of data without integrating them into the larger picture, so that you possess lots of information but no true knowledge. You gather so many disassociated bits and pieces, facts and figures, that you frequently mix them up, confusing words, events and people in the style of Mrs. Malaprop. Your interests are many and diverse; almost anything will attract your attention for a brief time. However, you don't have the perseverance to stick with one thing for long. One week you're fascinated with scuba diving; the next it's Tarot; then stamp collecting, weaving, oil painting, etc.. Truly the jack of all trades, master of none, you are eager to try everything, but rarely become proficient at anything. Insatiably curious, you want to know and experience as much as possible. You have trouble limiting yoruself to one job, one relationship, one residence or even one book at a time, and usually have several things going on simulataneously. You might switch jobs on a regular basis, or have a primary occupation and one or more avocations. You may engage in a series of brief relationships or several concurrent ones; at the very least, you are something of a flirt, and never stop looking around even if you don't act on your fantasies. You can watch TV, cook dinner, hem a skirt and do a crossword puzzle while you talk on the phone. You're afraid you might miss out on something more interesting if you devote yourself to a single pursuit or activity. At times, you can seem a bit schizophrenic, and may have trouble getting the divergent sides of your personality to work together harmoniously. You also tend to scatter your energies and spread yourself too thinly. A consummate shopper, you love to get a bargain, and pride yourself on never paying full price. You know the price of everything, but the value of nothing, and would rather buy a dozen inexpensive items of poor quality than a single good one. You aren't a bit tipper, and usually ask for separate checks when you go out to lunch. Extremely friendly, you enjoy companionship and probably have plenty of friends and associates. Usually you are cheerful and good-natured, and are always available for a movie, a card game, a party or a good chat. You don't like being alone or still, and keep busy doing things, running from place to place or socializing - anything to avoid looking at yourself deeply. Not at all introspective or reflective, you don't understand your own motivations or those of others, and can be rather shallow and naive. Gemini rules the hands; and, consequently, you might be quite dextrous. Perhaps you are skilled at drawing, woodworking, playing a musical instrument, typing, sewing, or some other handcraft. (Sasha Fenton) Geminis have a reputation for being friendly, clever, but not able to stick to anything or

anyone for long, although in reality this is not so at all. Many Geminians have a bad start in life, often because their families drift apart, so when it comes to forming a family of their own, they make a great effort to keep the household together. They will put up with a difficult relationship for longer than most, and will always keep in touch with their children, even if this is from a distance. They tend to stick to their main job although they may have subsidiary interests which bring in money, but all their jobs must offer them a variety of tasks and an opportunity to meet new people. Geminis usually have the sense to choose the kind of work which does not require deep thought or long periods of slog. They make great telephonists for example, because they can cope with a busy switchboard and they are rarely fazed by machinery. One genuine Gemini fault is obsessiveness. I have never seen this mentioned in any other astrology book, but I have known a number of Geminis in my time, and have seen this kind of behaviour quite regularly. When something sets off this behaviour, they can become amazingly unbalanced. One example is my old school friend Sherry, whose husband left her and her daughter for another woman when she was thirty-seven years old. Sherry wept and wailed, became hysterical and stayed like it for a couple of years. Even when she later began to make a new and more interesting life for herself, she never forgot or forgave her husband's treachery. Geminis take an interest in many things, but there is always one subject, one job, one interest (maybe in the background) which they tend to know thoroughly. Explaining anything to a Gemini can be frustrating because they only want to deal with the overview and they become impatient with details or logical processes. For example, if you are teaching a Geminian how to use a computer, don't bother to go through all the steps in detail; just give them an overciew and stay around so that they can ask for help when they need more information. It is sometimes hard to talk to a Gemini because they ask questions and then don't bother to listen to the answer. These subjects are not interested in the moods, needs and behaviour of other people because they are so totally involved with themselves. They are restless and uncertain about life because they feel that the grass is always greener somewhere else, and are often mentally on their way out of the field which they are in and looking for the next piece of grass. Geminians are witty and they often have a very funny sense of humour which helps them get through difficult situations. Their ability to move on quickly to a new interest or a new person also helps them overcome bad times. These subjects are noted for being excellent communicators, but they may be better at connecting people with each other in the sense of an agent or a broadcaster than actually talking (and listening) to people themselves. In a social setting, a Gemini will chat away nineteen-to-the-dozen whilst at the same time their eyes roam around the room, taking in everything that is going on and analysing it with some other part of the brain. I have to admit to being a little wary of Gemini men. They can be quite bossy and may treat the other members of their family and, indeed, women as a whole, as some kind of inferior species. They are so clever and persuasive in an argument that they become used to getting their own way, and can be terribly surprised and hurt when someone potentially slower and softer gets the better of them. There may be an unfeeling or thoughtless side to these people which allows them to use others or to 'con' people into giving them what they want. This mental arrogance can lead some Geminis into criminality. Others utilise these talents to turn themselves into excellent salesmen who, by means of a mixture of cheek and persistence, manage to close deal after deal. I recently read an excellent book about people working in the stock market, where the combination of a fast and active brain, a talent for selling and the ability to work at great speed strikes me as making it a place in which many Geminians would feel at home. A Gemini friend of mine who works for a merchant bank told me recently that nine out of their eleven accountants are Sun in Gemini subjects. Bankers and dealers need to be hard-hearted, and this type of unfeeling Gemini is ideal for the job.

As parents, Geminians will go to great lengths to provide their children with an education. They genuinely want them to succeed, but they may find it hard to express affection towards them. Geminis are not terribly keen on touching. Their sensitive nerves seem to reach out into their auras, and they may feel uncomfortable cuddling a child, just as they dislike being grabbed or rubbed against by casual acquaintances. These nervy people can be quite difficult to live with or to understand, but their sense of humour, quick minds and interest in everything make them excellent company. Another great plus is their non-hostile approach and their genuinely non-judgemental attitude to other people's foibles and failings. Whatever their age, Geminis are always in vogue; and they are often real trendsetter where fashion is concerned. Typically, their trim figures help them to look good, whatever style they choose to follow. The typical Gemini is small and thin, with a slightly sallow skin colour, and mousy hair. Non-white Geminis are also small and neat, but will obviously vary in colouring. Some Geminis put on a lot of weight as they get older, and begin to resemble that famous Gemini, Queen Victoria. All of the female Geminis whom I have come across sensibly use tints to make their hair a more interesting colour, often preferring to make themselves either very blond or jet black. Both sexes are fussy about their clothes and their appearance, and usually look very good indeed, preferring rather formal clothes to the casual look. Many smoke quite heavily in a rather nervous and 'twitchy' manner. Even if they are sitting down and reading a paper, they always look as if they are on the point of getting up and rushing away somewhere. Weak spots for health are the hands, arms, shoulders, and the upper respiratory tract. Some Geminis have considerable problems with bones, while others never seem to get ill at all. Asthma is a possibility, as is a whole range of auto-immune diseases such as eczema, psoriasis, migraine, rheumatism and colitis. Nerves play a large part in the health of this sign; and this may underlie most of their ailments. A number of Geminis suffer from arhythmia (a fast or uneven heartbeat) whilst being otherwise healthy. Geminis are the communicators of the zodiac, and can be found working in the media, in information technology (computers, etc.), as sales representatives, and as teachers. They make excellent secretaries, telephonists and technical writers; and some of them write books for a living. Quite a number of Geminis enjoy working in hospitals, but they are usually more interested in the clerical aspects of such work than the purely medical area. Others are interested in the way other people think, which draws them towards psychology and astrology. Sport interests Geminis, especially the more prestigious kinds of sport such as tennis and golf. Paradoxically, one type or work which is rarely mentioned in connection with this sign is accountancy, because Geminis are traditionally supposed to be at home with words rather than figures. I've met quite a number of Gemini broadcasters who excel at chat show interviewing. Gemini hobbies include reading, writing, talking on the 'phone, organising young people in sporting or outdoor activities, and driving for pleasure. These people enjoy games such as chess, Trivial Pursuit or cards; and many have the kind of creative hobby which allows them to use their hands. Light engineering or carpentry interest Geminis, and many spend hours solving problems associated with craftwork or model-making. Geminis are not notably money-minded, but they like it for the freedom it brings. These subjects don't enjoy being beholden to anyone, and will strive to gain financial independence, even under the most difficult of circumstances. Gemini women seem to attach themselves to wealthy men or to encourage their husbands to become wealthy, after which they help them to spend their money on classy and elegant goods. Geminis rarely have large sums of money put by, but they are never broke either. If financial trouble strikes, they will take two or even three jobs at once in order to solve the problem.

Geminis love shopping, and usually have large and very up-to-date wardrobes. The vogue for smart sportswear is right up their street. They usually look and dress younger than their actual age. Their homes are kept nicely, but not usually by them! They prefer to employ someone else to clean for them and, if this is not possible, they will either do what they have to do or ignore the whole business altogether. As far as décor and furniture are concerned, Geminis will buy the best that they can afford and then live with it for years afterwards. All the Geminis I have ever come across would rather lay out in the garden soaking up the sun or snuggle into a nice, comfy armchair in front of the television than do housework. Many Geminis love animals, and have at least a couple of dogs around the place. This mercurial sign loves to be on the move; therefore, a fast and efficient vehicle is a must for them. Geminis prefer small, sporty cars but won't say 'no' to a large and luxurious vehicle if the opportunity to own one comes their way. If all they can afford is an ancient rust-bucket, then this would be far preferable to being reduced to using public transport. Geminis love holidays in sunny, fashionable places where they can laze about in comfort. Geminis are relaters rather than loners, who will go halfway to meet a partner wherever possible. Relationship problems arise from their moodiness and restlessness. They can be dissatisfied with their lot even when it is very good, because they have an implicit belief that the grass must be a good deal greener elsewhere. To be honest, most Geminis are fairly stable and, as long as their relationship is not boring, they will put up with quite a lot. Geminis are quite mercenary, and will stay in a relationship if it gives them the standard of living that they require. These subjects need to live in style, but they are prepared to work hard and earn the necessary money to pay for this themselves. However, they cannot be persuaded to hand over all their hard-earned cash to the rest of the family while they, themselves, go without. Geminis can only function comfortably by being well-dressed, well-fed and in the process of looking forward to an entertaining outing of some kind. This sign has a reputation for unfaithfulness but I don't think that Geminis are any more likely than any other sign to cheat on a partner. As a child, the Gemini may be unhappy and very anxious to grow up and leave behind the misery of childhood. This is strange when one considers the Geminian's evergreen youthfulness when he eventually becomes an adult. Gemini children either do very well at school or drop out altogether. They are quick and clever, and they enjoy and appreciate any toy which occupies their minds and keeps freedom at bay. Some Gemini children are excellent at sports, while others have wonderful mechanical ability; all of them learn early and very quickly, but they become bored with the routine of school work and homework, and out of tune with the kind of teamwork and petty discipline in school life. If either a relative or a teacher takes the time to show a little approval to these children, they really blossom. Unfortunately, this rarely happens, and they have to do their blossoming much later in life. Sasha Fenton) (contd.) Geminis are never boring; they love to chat, but not all of them are good listeners. They are bright and intelligent, and usually well-informed. Some are intellectual, while others have street credibility, but none are fools, except to themselves at times. Neither sex is very domesticated; and, knowing this, Geminis usually make the kinds of arrangements which allow their homes to run smoothly without their having to do much themselves. They equip their homes with every kind of labor-saving gadgetry, and also hire someone to come in and do some, if not all, of the cleaning. Many Gemini women marry domesticated men who happily swap roles. Neither sex is particularly demanding in a relationship. These subjects won't complain if a meal is not up to scratch; and they don't need a perfectly-run household. What they do need, however, is a bit of peace and quiet. Gemini nerves are sensitive, and they can become extremely upset by hostility or anger; so if they have had a bad day at work, they need to come back to a peaceful atmosphere. [There are a few rogue Geminis who seem to thrive in an argumentative atmosphere, but these are rare.] These subjects need love and affection, but they cannot take smothering, jealousy or tyranny; and too much emotion in a partner unnerves them. If badly treated,

they will slip away and find themselves a nicer partner, probably as a result of getting to know someone at work. Gemini faults are supposed to be flirtatiousness, restlessness and an inability to stay put in a home or a relationship. Geminis are flirtatious, but only in circumstances where this is both allowable and appropriate. They may start off by flirting with a new face at a party; but if the person they are chatting up turns out to be interesting, they soon forget all about flirting and get into a serious conversation. Geminis can be critical and sarcastic, but usually only when they have been hurt. In some cases, their wit can be a little too cutting for comfort; but it is meant to amuse rather than to hurt. Gemini people are much warmer and more considerate then they are given credit for; and, although young Geminis can be a bit thoughtless, they are usually quite reasonable when they have gained a bit more experience of life. Geminians need to keep their minds active, and can become so absorbed in a hobby or interest that they begin to neglect their partners, although this is usually quite unintentional. One lady who filled in one of my questionnaires said that her Gemini husband sometimes put his computer before her. One nice thing about Geminis is that they will try to be accommodating to others in the family, and they even make good stepparents. however, they can be very self-absorbed, vain, and inclined to nag and worry about unimportant or transient matters. Geminis find decisions hard to cope with, and even panic when faced with a problem; although they soon get over this, and set their clever minds to solving the problem. Another trait which may or may not endear them to their loved-ones is their absolute cleanliness and fussiness about their clothes and appearance. Geminis also have an irritating habit of concentrating on something which interests them for hours on end, and then never touching it again. They appear to lack sympathy with people who are ill, which is due to the fact that they are unnerved by illness and don't know what to do for the best. This is balanced by an ability to ignore or to shake off their own ailments; and they hardly ever take time off from work when sick. Geminians can go on and on about little things, and they do try to cross bridges before they come to them. However, as long as they are not forced to live with a person who is a wet blanket or an absolute bore, and as long as they are offered enough stimulation, they are not unreasonable partners. Geminis are quite highly sexed. This may seem a surprising remark, because many astrologers traditionally comment on their need for mental rather than physical stimulation and their coolness where it comes to such matters. They may not be the most affectionate of signs, partly because they were rarely, if ever, cuddled as children. However, if they find themselves with a loving and affectionate partner, they blossom into very cuddly and loving partners themselves. Geminis are extremely curious, and not overly embarrassed by unusual sexual situations, as long as these can occur in private. Being analytical, Geminians can distance themselves from their feelings and enjoy sex in the same way that others enjoy good music or a good book. Geminis like to experiment, and they love variety, which, added to their changing moods, makes them excellent lovers. If a Sun in Gemini subject has the planet Venus in the neighboring sign of Taurus, sensuality is added to their need for mental stimulation; while, if the Geminian has planets in nearby Cancer, he may be surprisingly shy. In a loving relationship where the Geminian can relax and allow his tensions to drain away, he or she can make a very rewarding life-long partner. If an affair is on the agenda, then the Gemini would make the most amusing, and possibly slighly kinky, lover. Geminis are friendly but not always terribly close to those who are around them. They make good in-laws and step-relatives because they don't interfere. However, if a relative takes it upon himself to dictate to the Geminian, he will be given very short shrift. Friendly but distant is the way the Geminian likes to be. He will not abandon elderly parents or other relatives, and he will do all he can to see that they are comfortable and

well cared for; but he cannot live with cantankerous, sick or needy relatives, and will not allow himself to be pushed into such a situation. Geminis are reasonably good parents, but they may find it hard to cuddle their children because they themselves were not cuddled enough when young. They will do all they possibly can to ensure that their children have the very best education, and they will surround youngsters with every kind of educational toy or aid. They may be a bit too pushy, because they are competitive and they want their children to compete as well. A Gemini parent will not hesitate in sending a child away to school if he thinks that it is for the best. Indeed, he finds his children much easier to deal with if they are at a distance from him for part of the year. (Julia and Derek Parker) Versatility is the hallmark of Sun sign Geminians. This is the first dual sign of the zodiac, and its subjects find it essential to pursue several courses of action at once. They also need to communicate on all levels. Their potential can be expressed in many ways, but especaially through the media. This need for communication is so strong that they'll telephone their local radio station with comments on every conceivable subject and will even chat to someone in a bus line in no-one else is available at the time. Superficiality is the worst Geminian fault and should be controlled - these people tend to know a little about many subjects, and sometimes fail to acquire truly deep knowledge of the things that really interest them. An ability to quickly assimilate knowledge can work well under certain conditions, but it is important for this type to realize the necessity for deep thought and seriously based opinions on some matters. A tendency to inconsistency is another problem; the Geminian need for variety and change makes it all too easy for these people to start a great many different projects but leave most of them unfinished. Once more, awareness of this element of their characters will help counter it. Geminians are very logical, rational people and, generally speaking, their minds work very quickly; but the influence of their ruling planet, Mercury, is important and must be carefully considered. Geminians unquestionably need a lively, intellectual rapport with their partners. Shared interests are important, and the partner should have his or her own definite opinions, which will be enjoyably discussed and argued over. All of this will add lively spice to the partnership. Geminians often don't entirely trust their emotions. When overwhelmed by feelings, they will immediately bring their rational, logical minds into play, trying to explain their emotions to themselves in order to give them a coherent perspective. This can cause problems, especially when Geminians are still young and coming to terms with the expression of emotion. A Geminian child will start talking, and probably crawling, then walking, at a very early age. The parents of such a child should make quite sure that their youngster has plenty with which to keep happily occupied, as boredom will not be tolerated - indeed, Geminians almost fear it. To get to grips very early on with the tendency to inconsistency and superficiality, the child should be encouraged to finish all tasks that are started, although it would be wrong to insist that he or she tackle them one at a time. This simply doesn't work with Geminians, who obtain their best results when able to move from one project to another as the mood takes them and their interest waxes and wanes. Geminian children usually do quite well at school, but they can bluff their way through tests. Really clever teachers will soon recognize this, and be able to stay several steps ahead of their Geminian students; less shrewd instructors will be taken for elaborate rides. At examination time, the Geminian will probably write reams and reams of opinion, backed up by too few essential facts: they usually find facts boring!

It goes without saying that Geminians are lively parents, filling their children's out-ofschool hours with activity. They must be careful, since their children may not be as versatile, or have such quick minds, as they themselves. They should consider the basic needs and true qualities of their children, which may not coincide with their own. There is a very powerful critical streak in every Geminian, which can be more damning than they realize and may badly deflate and upset their children; it should be softened with humor and tempered by praise. The Geminian versatility and communicative skills should ideally be used in a career. Many Geminians do very well working in the media; and Geminians are also the natural salespeople of the zodiac, doing well in department stores, in advertising, and as commercial travellers. Their need for change and variety must definitely not be ignored: predictable routine is inimical to them. So is solitary work; but at least when a Geminian acquires a lonely top job, he or she will never fail to listen to former colleagues, although this doesn't always mean that their advice will be accepted! A full and free interchange of ideas, and the battling to and fro of different opinions, is important. (Julia and Derek Parker) (contd.) In business, Geminians can be highly shrewd and cunning; and if they apply these characteristics to making money, they often do extremely well, although sometimes a faulty decision, perhaps too hastily made, will result in financial collapse. This is not an overly ambitious sign, but the Gemini imagination will happily enjoy success before it is actually achieved, which acts as a spur! Continual change is a way of life for Geminians; as we have suggested, their chief fear in life is being bored, so they will continually find new ways of keeping themselves interested. If they don't, then their nearest and dearest must, at the slightest sign of twitchiness, do it for them. Leisure? They don't even have time for any - every moment is filled with activity, even if that is just writing or conversation. The thought of retirement won't dismay them, because there are many interests they want to pursue (probably all at once!) when they eventually find the time. Although not necessarily strong, these people are almost certainly wiry and apparently perpetually young, so should not have too much trouble with their health. Any difficulties that do arise may perhaps be for psychological rather than physical reasons - Geminians have vast amounts of nervous energy which must be burned off. They are usually too individual really to enjoy team games, and they can quickly grow bored with the strict routine of formal exercise. The best solution is to join a health club but to use it in combination with other, individual, forms of exercise, such as running, jogging, walking, squash and tennis. Gemini rules the lungs, and Sun sign Geminians must watch carefully for signs of breathlessness, or when a cold goes to their chests. It is vital that, if possible, they should refrain from smoking, which, while bad for everybody, is particularly lethal for them. They thrive best on a light diet of fresh salads and fruit, fish and white meat. (Frances Sakoian and Louis Acker) Individuals born under the intellectual air sign Gemini are ruled by Mercury, and think and act swiftly. The key phrase for Gemini is 'I think'. Since Mercury has to do with communication, Geminis must identify and classify. They must produce words and models in order for their contacts to be meaningful to them. Speech is especially important to them, serving as a framework for their activities. Words are anchoring or safety devices, as the mind jumps from one thing to another. Geminis' ease of speech is a positive attribute, but they must keep in mind the harm they can do by being chatterboxes.

They are thirsty for knowledge and eager to study. Generally, they have a highlydeveloped learning capacity. Their inventive imagination qualifies them for professions in writing, experimentation, and criticism. Education is therefore necessary to them from the time they are born. If their training is poor, they often make life unbearable for others. If they are well-educated, however, they tend to be charming and refined individuals. Geminis' reactions are prescribed by the mood of the moment; hence the dual quality to their personality. Variety is the spice of life as they see it, and this philosophy makes them high-strung. Unless things go their way, they are likely to become depressed. Geminis are happiest when they have more than one dominant interest. Their state of nervous awareness allows no intellectual or physical tranquillity. In emergencies, therefore, they rarely lose control, and their ingenuity provides unsuspected solutions. Since Gemini rules the hands and arms, as well as the nerves, these people experience much pleasure when their hands are busy giving form to their ideas; and their ideas are plentiful! Geminis must work to acquire calmness of minds as well as body. They might well begin by trying to keep their hands and feet still and to eat slowly. This discipline will enable them to maintain control even during angry moments or extreme nervous tension. Geminis enjoy great popularity, largely because of their witty conversation, mental agility, sociability, courteousness, and intuition. However, they dislike being bound to any particular person or place. Their home life, therefore, leaves much to be desired. They are continually curious, and always searching for personal intellectual security in the middle of their changing experiences. They are fond of constant travel and changes of atmosphere. Although they have no special attachment to material belongings, Geminis see money as power and freedom, and feel an attraction to it. They may be thrifty with their own money, but squander that of others. As children, Geminis are so charming and ingenious that parents and educators are often blind to their defects. They should be trained early, since their objectionable traits are extremely hard to correct in later years. Once they are adults, education or discipline must come through their own volition. When this process occurs, this passion turns into creative energy and originality, which can be manifested in both business and the arts. Geminis are the nonconformists of the Zodiac. Thus, they must maintain their separateness and remain different from those around them. They feel that if their potential is to be fully realized they must emerge from evey possible kind of bondage. They rebel against the status quo, often breaking rules and resisting authority, and never yielding their individuality to one place or to one person. They will never act because someone or convention tells them to do so. However, as they grow older, they come to realize that co-operation is necessary to self-fulfillment. As Dane Rudhyar says, the very air we breathe has been exhaled by someone else's lungs. The air signs bring the individual to realize his relationship to humanity's common lot. If Geminis master their deficiencies and negative tendencies, the excellent potentialities they possess at birth will enable them to reach high objectives. (Lyn Birbeck) You have a friendly and flippant heart. You have the will to use generously your levity and sense of humour - without it devolving into flippancy. Your life should be led in a spirit of

interest and communication - as opposed to tricia and distraction. Your father is seen or expressed as one who is light and amusing, and / or fly and insubstantial. You generate a sparkling display of wit and anecdotes that refreshes Other and relieves him / her of his / her heavier thoughts and feelings; a sense that things are easy to accomplish and that worrying is for fools; and an air of deftness as you turn your hand to all manner of things with style and agility. You can alienate Other with a superficiality that is paradoxically quite profound in that Other cannot penetrate it but can only leave it, ultimately; with a cleverness that masks a deep inner doubt with regard to yourself and life in general, which Other inevitably spots; and by knowing everything but understanding little - least of all how Other feels. You overemphasize who and what you know - or, curiously, your lack of knowledge and contacts. You overemphasize your fear of commitment, to the point of Other not wanting, or not being able, to commit to you. You also are reluctant to get right down to the real underlying truth of some issue, because it means you'll then have to stop flitting. You can feel weak in the face of not knowing what to say or how to behave; at the prospect of someone getting to know you well enough to discover that you do not love or know yourself that much; and when you cannoy rationalize or wander, which you do for fear of not being accepted for both sides of yourself. When alone, you have your other half for company. This can be your 'light twin' or your 'dark twin', but it is more usually the latter. Your dark twin is all the doubts and irrationalities that you find hard to accept and strive even harder to avoid. For this reason, Geminians try never to be out of relationship for too long. It is also why they have, or are tempted to have, more than one partner - or, at least, keep their options open. But sooner or later, your dark twin, like your own shadow, will overtake you. The song 'Yesterday' by Gemini Paul McCartney says it all: '...I'm not half the man I used to be; there's a shadow hanging over me'. It is at such a time of being alone (all-one) that you must get to know and befriend what you have come to regard as unlovable in yourself. You will eventually realize that your dark twin was simply in the dark. (John Townley) You have the potential for a broad variety of sexual experiences; indeed, you will not be truly satisfied if you repeat the same kind of lovemaking over and over again. This does not mean that you require a number of lovers to achieve happiness; but within one relationship you need the stimulation of change to avoid sexual boredom. It would be wise to choose a partner who enjoys experimentation or is willing to learn and to try whatever you dream up. However, sex is not your most important form of expression. You should avoid lovers who feel, as may people do, that personal intensity in lovemaking is the indicator of success in a relationship. For you, sex is recreation more than a personal statement, and you need a partner with an equally lighthearted approach who will become involved with you in other ways as well. It is unusually important to you that your lover be your friend, because no matter how good it is, sex alone is simply not enough. It is only one of many expressions of personal togetherness and communion that you need for a rewarding relationship. Your most fulfilling moments come when you are deeply in touch with your lover, and this does not happen in the bedroom alone. Natal Sun in Cancer (Betty Lundsted)

Cancer is the most personal of the water signs. Because Cancerian children respond to their environment so intensely, they are among the most sensitive in the universe. The ruling planet of this sign is the Moon; and the Moon rules the tides and symbolizes the 'great mood-changer'. This sign is not an easy one to live out, for the emotional tensions and sensitivities create great inner turmoil in these individuals. It is for this reason that many people don't recognize the power of the Cancerian types. This is a cardinal sign, full of energy and possessing a great ambition to do something in the world. Yet, this driving ambition is difficult to see because of the emotional tensions. It has been said that Cancerians are the orphans of the zodiac; that more Cancerian children than any other sign have lost a father or mother. (This also happens when the Moon is in Cancer or when Cancer is the Ascendant.) It has also been said that when Cancerians are lucky enough to have kept both parents, they nevertheless feel emotionally orphaned or emotionally deprived. Cancer arrives in a mother-dominated world. The mother rules the marriage at the time of the child's birth. Sometimes it seems to Cancer that mother rules the universe because the father is missing. The father can be absent for many good reasons: he may be in the military, he may be travelling, etc.. The child doesn't know why he's absent, or even that he exists - Cancer only knows that mothers do everything. And the mother seems to be a particular type of person: she's highly manipulative; she controls the people around her by never showing her personality as woman; she handles people by acting the role of mother surrogate or by acting the role of helpless little girl. The child sees this kind of behavior, and grows up to act just like Mom. The Cancerian girl plays Big Momma or Helpless Little Girl; the Cancerian boy plays Big Daddy or Helpless (and cute) Little Boy. Everyone plays roles at one time or another, but Cancerian types have little experience in how to play the role of adult men and women. They control their relationships by being a parent or child; and sometimes this behavior causes difficulties in the career and relationships. The Cancerian female presents herlelf as a helpless little thing who needs protection. She marries a man who will save her from her environment. But, she develops into a very strong woman, for she is mother-dominated. And since she is female, it's easy for her to imitate her mother. She usually has no idea of her strength until she reaches thirty. She felt left out when she was an infant; her mother's love was not apparent. Consequently, she wants security as an adult. So, when she feels uncomfortable in a relationship, she'll use her wiles to regain control: either by playing helpless so that her partner will have to take care of her, or by being insecure, which usually manifest in wonderful jealousies. When there is insecurity, there is a tendency to over-compensate, so she may be jealous of her husband's friends or even of his business. She may be the type who calls him at his office twenty times a day; or she may pull scenes if he arrives home late from the office because he stopped to talk with someone after work. She may become a parasite, looking for constant reassurance of his love and affection. The irony here is that although she needs love and affection, she may have difficulty giving it in return because she never saw her mother give it. She learned through observing her mom that one must control men, manipulate them gently, in order to get what one wants. She learns what her mom teaches so well that she tends to have a lot of 'gimme' in her personality until she matures out of it. If she wants a role-playing relationship, these traits are fine. But if she's looking for a meaningful adult relationship with another person, these traits will stand in the way of its development. Because her mother was so competent, the Cancerian female becomes quite aggressive in the career areas. She wants to make money so she can spend it. She wants to have a nice home to return to when she gets tired of the world. The Cancerian type is not the homebody we hear about; she prefers to have a nice home available to her, but she has to be out in the world exploring and feeling with the masses of people. (The Moon rules the general public.) She does well in her career once she settles into something that interests her. Many Cancerian women have jobs that include travel. She looks for executive power, for that is one way to use the Great Mother energy in a constructive sense.

The Cancerian male has more trouble getting free of his early childhood environment. He's raised in a mother-dominated atmosphere. He realizes that womein are strong and powerful, and adopts his mother's mannerisms and attitudes. He may either be too emotionally close to his mother - a momma's boy - or really dislike her and later make the women in his life pay the dues for his mother hatred. In any event, he usually prefers the company of women; they are easier for him to talk with, they are more familiar. He enters relationships playing the role of Big Daddy or Little Boy. Whichever role he begins with, once the relationship is established, it is not surprising to see the Cancerian male playing Little Boy, for he thinks this will get him what he wants. He, too, is looking for emotional fulfillment and affection, but usually something akin to 'mother love' is more important than a sexual relationship. Sometimes he establishes sexual relationships outside his marriage; he doesn't want one with his wife since she's playing the role of mother for him. He needs lots of attention; and when he can't get it, he tries to make his wife angry. This is usually the time the Cancerian male starts playing around. But, he plays around to get caught. Getting caught arouses his wife's ire, and this signifies to him that she still cares. However, this is a dangerous way to secure his wife's attention. It may be the beginning of the end of the relationship! He is looking for a love that he is seldom able to return. His mother was not a giver; he didn't learn how to give as a child, so giving becomes something that is learned in his adult life. The Cancerian type holds on to what he has and keeps asking for more, all the while giving little in return. The Cancerian man may not be quite as interested in a career as the Cancerian woman. He may have ambition or not - usually the motivation for accomplishment comes from impetus elsewhere in the chart. He can do well in a job situation is he so desires, for he can play father surrogate and be Big Daddy to all the people in his office, or he can play Little Boy and sell products better than anyone else in the zodiac. A Cancerian salesman makes lots of sales because he adopts the Little Boy role, which doesn't threaten the security of his customers. Cancer walks home with nice commissions over the years! If he has problems holding a job, it's usually because he's too much of a rebel. Motherdominated signs (with Cancer at the top of the list) have little respect for male authority figures. They are emotional and moody, and don't often care about father-approval, so they can be controversial and rebellious in the traditional business setting. They need freedom on the job, and they need to be interested in what they are doing or they won't fit into the business atmosphere. Cancer is the sign that indicates nurturing and growth. Both the males and the females have the capacity to teach and train; to encourage and help others. This is a good indication that they will do well in the helping professions; that they make good teachers and that they can be helpful to people in general. They can also use this nurturing ability to develop a business that plays on the 'fad' consciousness of the public. There's no better horse trader in the zodiac. Cancerians are moody and intuitive. They function much better when they listen to their intuition rather than their intellect. Because no-one paid attention to what Cancerian children said at home, it sometimes becomes very important for them to get a college education, for the 'grades' prove to the world that they really are as smart as everyone else. They are often put down as children since they have emotional reacions to what goes on around them as opposed to 'rational' reactions. However, the emotional reaction is the start of the intuitive process, and the rest of the signs have to take courses to reopen the channels of the intuitive process! Cancerians respond better to feelings than to words. If you want them to respond to you or to a situation, ask them how they feel about it rather than what they think. When Cancerians reject their intuitive energy, they become very stiff and overrational. It's usually a cover for a wonderful intuitive self they haven't learned to value. It needs to come out. (Haydn Paul)

The Cancer personality is predominantly involved with emotions, feelings and sensitivity to life, which often stimulates changeable moods and fluctuating emotions. This can create situations where you often feel hurt by others - intentionally or not - and you feel extremely vulnerable and defensive. You will have a strong concern for family well-being, and will be very emotional and sentimental towards them, with a very private attachment to your mother. You often look back towards your childhood, feeling that it holds an important set of memories for you. You can be fearful of what the future holds, and usually you will avoid looking too hard in that direction. You may tend to be quite talkative at times, despite tendencies towards a more retiring and reserved nature; and this can sometimes be a 'defence' from confronting yourself by joining in with others, rather than retreating into your own private world. You are a sympathetic listener, unless it coincides with a period in which there are problems with your own sensitivity, in which case you are too preoccupied with your needs to be much use to others. You have an active imagination - perhaps too active sometimes, as it can lead to brooding and worrying; and you tend to feel first and think last. This means that you can emotionally react quickly to situations, excessively so at times, whereas a more thoughtful response may have been more appropriate to avoid exacerbating any problems. You can tend to resist confronting problems, preferring to run away from pressures whenever possible. While you may give an impression of self-confidence and an ability to cope, you are only able to do so for a limited period, and then you need to retire into privacy and isolation to get yourself together again. There can be a tendency to exaggerate personal problems - especially health - and this can cause illness through excessive worry. It is likely that you will become interested in health-giving foods and dietary concerns. Home will be extremely important to you, both as a retreat from the world (your 'shell') and as your 'centre point' in life. You will try to maintain harmony and peace, hating any signs of discord. You prefer to live in style, and can become a knowledgeable collector of some type, enjoying the display of these interests in your home. You are fond of material possessions, and these often form your sense of material security. You enjoy and appreciate beauty in any form, and try to surround yourself with a pleasing environment, which can be enjoyed even more by opening your psychic sensitivity while at home. You need to feel that your family appreciates and thinks well of you, and will feel most uncomfortable if you think that you are being criticised or ridiculed. You prefer traditional attitudes and values, despite any superficial appearance of contemporary style; and can sometimes find it hard to understand the complexity of the modern world. There may be an artistic talent present - perhaps a craftsperson in some way - but any artistic originality can be blocked by tendencies towards emotional repression, which is one of the major Cancer challenges to resolve. When you are feeling emotionally upset and imbalanced, your food intake will be affected, by way of your either eating to excess as 'compensation' or reducing food until the mood has passed. You consider marriage is important, although you need to ensure a wise choice. Your emotional needs for love and nurturing may make you dependent on a strong partner, or attract a weaker personality to you, depending on whether your dominant pattern is for giving or receiving love. You can be highly supportive in helping a partner achieve his or her aims. You may become a day-dreamer, indulging in regrets or wishful thinking. Your inner life has an ebb-and-flow action like a rhythmic motion, emphasising your indrawn nature and then your instinctive outgoing social urge, leading often to moodiness and contradictions. The phases of the Moon may affect you more than you realise. (Jan Spiller and Karen McCoy)

Sun in Cancer individuals feel they have the right to be emotionally self-centred; to be pampered by others; to be motherly to a fult; and to demand that others respect their sensitivity. Static When your attention is on yourself, you might expect others to react in such a way that your sensitivities are never injured. This leads you to appear as hypersensitive, moody, and self-protective. When you yearn to be recognized for your sensitivity, you may demand that others respond by being constantly perceptive to every mood. You may require that any intimacy centre around your feelings. This leads to others feeling alienated since they cannot share themselves for fear of a potential defensive reaction. You might be so dedicated to protecting your sense of vulnerability that the slightest input can cause you to withdraw into your shell. Dynamic When your attention is directed toward sharing your talents for emotional perception with others, you can care for and assist them. This results in your becoming more objective and contented with your feelings. You can use your natural sensitivity to recognize the hidden emotional pains of others. This recognition enables you to inspire them and also yourself through your sympathetic understanding of their distress. You can give others center stage in the expression of their feelings and vulnerabilities. As you empathize with their suffering, your vitality increases, and others can appreciate you for your intuitive and loving nature. In the process of expressing your gifts for emotional participation in a way that serves others, you come to realize that your best security rests in caring for those outside yourself. (Sydney Omarr) Cancer females Cancer women are lovely and often lonely; they reach out for love and affection. Often, when their desires for security are not fulfilled, they stray. They seek and experiment. However, if you can give this woman love, if you are willing to make a home for her, she will usually prove faithful, loyal, warm and exciting. Besides, she is a good cook! This woman likes to aid loved ones. Here is a good hint: ask her for advice! Don't always follow it - but ask, anyway. Include her 'in'. To shut a Cancer woman out is to invite trouble. If you are interested in keeping your Cancer woman - pay attention to the home. Domesticity becomes a key word, along with bigger and better household furnishings. But don't think she is satisfied merely to be kept busy around and in the house. She wants to share your life, not merely wait on you. She is highly emotional, being of the Water element. Her intuition is highly developed. She can usually perceive when something of importance is about to occur. She has a tendency to brood and worry; she requires constant assurance and reassurance in love, and is not satisfied with a peck on the cheek. She wants sincerity and plenty of affection. Don't try to fool this woman. Place your cards face up and then let her make up her own mind. If she loves you, she will fight in your corner. This is true no matter what the odds. She is a valuable ally. She can make life worth living as long as you are loyal. Once you are not, you begin a chain of events that could boomerang. If you are looking for a waoman who can make a home for you, she is for you. But never take her for granted!

Cancer males Be sympathetic with the Cancer man - but don't spoil him! He is more emotional than the average man; he is sensitive to his surroundings and to your moods. And he has plenty of moods of his own, too. It is said that most Cancer men love the home and good food. but the truth of the matter, most likely, is that he appreciates homemaking efforts, including the talents that make up a skillful chef. He does not require a palace or a queen, but he insists upon undivided loyalty. With this insistence, there is a lurking suspicion that all could not be as good as it looks; he feels someone, somewhere, is doing something he or she should not be doing. This makes him unhappy! This is not the easiest man to love. He is an idealist; he expects to make mistakes himself but he is astonished when a loved one slips in any manner. His standards are high; he is patriotic, loyal; he doesn't mind fighting with members of his own family. he enjoys a good family quarrel: it clears the air! But let an outsider say something about a person he loves - then he fights. He is a moody man and the best hint is this: recognize that his moods are expressions, nuances of his feelings, character, hopes, dreams. Don't try to pull him out of his thoughts. His ambitions are based on ideas. He realizes that fulfillment of dreams depends upon his ability to outmanoeuver or outthink competitors. once this man declares his love for you, he is apt to be pretty serious about it. Avoid sniping at him. Keep your head - give and take - don't ask for special favors or priviliges. This man appreciates honesty and frankness; he cannot tolerate whining. Remember, he is the one who seeks sympathy - to ask him to give you too much is to make him think that maybe he's with the wrong woman! This man appreciates women and the finer things in life. The better he has it, the more discriminating he becomes. He fears ridicule, and the quickest way to lose him is to laugh at him. (Skye Alexander) People who have the Sun in Cancer are highly sensitive and emotional. Because you are emotionally tuned into the moods and feelings of others, you are quite intuitive and sometimes seem to be psychic. You may choose to express your sensitivity by being caring and compassionate toward others, or through some artistic medium. If, however, you believe that sensitivity is a sign of weakness, you might try instead to hide behind a mask of bravado; and some men who have their Suns in Cancer affect a macho attitude as an overcompensation. You place great importance on the home and family. Your family is at the centre of your life; and whether or not your experiences with family members are positive, your ties to them are strong. Your family provides you with a sense of security and belonging. It is hard for you to see yourself as an independent entity, for your role within the family structure is integral to your self-image and usually overshadows your sense of individuality. Even as an adult, you may have difficulty breaking away from your parents and their expectations, or living a lifestyle which is different from theirs. The sign Cancer also is associated with mother and motherhod; and both men and eomwn with this Sun sign are strongly attached to their mothers. At their best, men tend to be caring, respectful, protective and devoted to their mothers; at worst, they are neurotically dependent 'mama's boys', who never untie the apron strings and expect all women to be substitute mothers. Women see their roles as mothers as all-important, and often think of themselves as mothers first, people second. Whether your feelings toward your own mother are fond and loving, or hostile and resentful, you probably have trouble severing the umbilical cord.

You love children, and if you don't have any offspring of your own, you are probably an adoring aunt / uncle, godparent, or teacher, or are working with children in some way. You respect the image of the traditional, nuclear family, and see it as a microcosm of society. You consider your friends, co-workers, neighbors and fellow-citizens as part of your extended family. Alternative lifestyles and attitudes are threatening to you. You believe that someone is either with you or against you. To those whom you define as being 'in your camp', you are protective and supportive. However, anyone who is too 'difficult' is potentially dangerous and must be cast out of the group. Differences might destroy the structures and securities you've established so carefully. You are affectionate and generous toward those you love, and enjoy doing things for them. You especially like cooking for your family and friends, and are fond of having people come to your home for dinner, particularly on holidays. The 'Jewish Mother' cliché fits you perfectly. A warm and gracious host, you make guests feel welcome, and no-one goes away from your home hungry. You might choose to use your talent for cooking professionally, as a chef, baker or restaurateur, or in another area of food service. Your hospitality also could make you the ideal innkeeper. Hard-working and ambitious, you are the perfect employee, for you are loyal, dedicated and respectful of authority, and you rarely question company policy. As a boss, you are supportive and protective, almost maternal, toward employees who agree with you, but intolerant of anyone you view as contradictory. You tend to surround yourself with 'yesmen' who reinforce your delusions. Always a bit unsure of yourself, you try to insulate yourself from those who question your actions or motives. The caring professions attract, including teaching, particularly of young children. Nursing and gynecology are also popular. It is also good for them to develop and express their vivid imaginations. Any work involving the past - such as the antiques business or museum work - will appeal to them. Cancerians are also natural cooks. Fulfillment is more important to them than ambition, but they are keen to make money; and sometimes the Cancerian hoarding instinct can mean they are reluctant to part with it. Changes of mood are very much part of the Cancerian make-up, but these people are much less ready to change their lifestyles - usually because of the disruption involved. Nevertheless, when faced with the prospect of retirement they will consider moving to another area, but should think carefully about this: they may be parted from their family, and if they buy a smaller property it may not be large enough for everyone to come and stay. Retirement will allow them to enjoy a new rhythm of life, and they will enjoy following their many spare-time interests, which may include a specialized collection of some kind. Losing a job is hard to accept; a Cancerian's determination to find a new job should be supported to the hilt, so that the effort eclipses the worry of being out of work (which may demolish the self-confidence). Keeping the sensitive Cancerian system in good order requires regular, rhythmical exercise. Swimming (from as early an age as possible) is strongly recommended, as is dancing. The digestion will almost certainly suffer from time to time - especially when the individual is at all worried. A diet rich in fish and dairy produce (provided the cholesterol level is not too high) is usually beneficial, and will help stabilize the system. The sign

Cancer, it must be emphasized, has nothing to do with the disease of the same name. However, because Cancer rules the breasts, women of this sign should ensure they regularly examine them and have periodic check-ups with their doctors. Cancerian men should not ignore any minor ailment, if only to prevent undue worry. (Robert Hand) You are an emotional person who is sensitive to the subtle ways that people communicate with each other. If there are bad feelings in the air, you know it. You very much need to have emotional support and to know that your loved ones love you, especially your mother. It is important to know that you will be taken care of and that no matter what happens, you will always have a secure place to come home to. When these needs are fulfilled, you are a very generous and giving person. You like to take care of people and give them the love and comfort that you need so much. You like to know that others feel free to come to you for help and reassurance at any time. However, if your own basic needs are not provided for, you will withdraw into yourself and act very insecure, as if there were only a limited quantity of love and attention in the world and you were afraid of losing your share. An insecure Cancer can be very selfish, just as a secure one can be very generous. You are attached to the old, familiar things that you have had since earliest childhood. You may keep an old toy long after you have stopped playing with such things. You probably have a secret, quiet place that is all your own, where you can go and be alone with your thoughts. Wherever you go in life, one of your first objectives in new surroundings will be to find such a place for yourself. Your home and family will always be important to you, both the home you are growing up in and the one you will have later on. It is important to you that both of these be secure. (Frances Sakoian and Louis Acker) Cancers were born under the sign of emotional security. The key phrase for Cancers is 'I feel'. This is the strongest of the water signs, favoring women more than men, since Cancer, of all the signs of the zodiac, is most strongly linked to domesticity and homemaking. Cancers possess highly-developed protective and defensive instincts, which are aimed at material and domestic security. They are extraordinarily sensitive and fearful of ridicule. The crab shell, Cancer's symbol, represents the crust of armor which hides extreme sensitivity and shyness, as well as physical and psychological vulnerability. Cancers protect themselves from the possibility of emotional hurt by withdrawing and finding their security in solitude. This tendency is unfortunate because of their powerful need for home and children. Completion is not a reality for them until they are able to lavish their protectiveness on the family. Because of their strong need for security, they will do whatever is needed to establish and serve that security. They seldom gamble unless they have safely put away their 'rainy day money'. Even then, gambling is rarely a means of livelihood, since they are reluctant to jeopardize their security. However, if their future stability depends upon taking a risk, they will take the risk - if possible, with someone else's money. But in that case Cancers would take great care to watch over the investment; they pay their debts, and expect others to do the same. These people are very complex; at certain times, they appear to have the strength of a giant, and at other times they display the weakness of a child. This variability is due to the reversal of the Sun's direction in this sign: it stops in the northern skies and starts its trek southward.

As a rule, Cancers are well-intentioned, but because of their inconstant Moon they are at one moment sweet and charmingly outgoing (especially when they have some objective in mind) and at the next melancholic, introverted, and distant. They are noted for their diplomacy, and seldom fail to achieve their goals. However, when they are hurt, they may behave in a nonsensical manner, being unable to collaborate with others. At times, they can behave extremely childishly and stubbornly - and this is one of the major flaws they must owrk to overcome. Although they appear gentle and tranquil, their inner thoughts are difficult to fathom. Since few people every really comprehend how Cancers feel, they rarely get the necessary understanding from others. Cancer children are by nature very tender, sweet and loving, willing to be helpful. Cancer mothers and fathers warm those who are lucky enough to be in their proximity. A word of caution: all Cancers should guard against bearing a smothering love. Cancers desire the absolute possession of their beloved. It can be said of people under this sign that once a love is begun, it is never stopped. Resentment may make them cruel enemies, but they never stop loving. Theirs is the maternal love which brings out some of the complexities of this zodiacal sign. It is that of a mother who continues to love her sons even though she receives ill-treatment at their hands, so great is the maternal and paternal instinct of the sign. Cancers tend to be very much aware of their family trees. They are patriotic and have good memories for historical events. They seek to avoid at all costs any mental or physical discomfort. Since neatness and cleanliness are conspicuous with this sign, it follows that they also dislike activities which prevent absolute cleanliness. They prefer a refined atmosphere. Because of their powerful imaginations, it is imperative for Cancers to avoid all thoughts of illness. They must also cultivate the courage to say 'yes' or 'no' at the appropriate moment. They need to control their tendencies to moodines, intolerance, timidity, and excessive emotionality. Cancers will not joke about themselves. They are inclined toward self-satisfaction, and can be quite egotistical. On the other hand, they can be equally helpless in their determined, silent way. They have a great deal of personal vanity and like clothing and frivoluties, which they use as tools to keep up appearances. Cancers are masters of the art of passive resistance. This is a powerful weapon which, when wielded, makes the individual unapproachable. With kindness, Cancers can be directed easily, since they are basically understanding. If they are forced, they become immovable. They are averse to being told how to do things; they must complete tasks on their own, since the ideas of others confuse them. At times, they shun responsibility. However, if they work on an enterprise that promotes or requires it, they are punctual, exact, and efficient, willing to guide things through to a successful concluion.

Natal Sun in Leo
(Betty Lundsted) Leo is a Fire sign, but the Leo energy expresses differently from the Aries. Aries are personally and emotionally idealistic whereas the Leo type is far more intellectual about it. Leos are not as selfish as Aries. Like Aries, Leos aer born into a father-dominated atmosphere, but the effect of the father shows in a different way. For example, Leos live in a more intellectual fantasy world than do Aries.

Religion and ethics are important to Leos because they usually get overdosed with both when they are children. They get a wonderful but unrealistic code of ethics from the father. Because they are immersed in ethics, in rigid codes of behavior, Leos impose difficult life situations on themselves. The difficulties tie into a subconscious message these children pick uyp from the father. Ethics can be a subtle cover for the disease called perfectionism. Perfectionism doesn't leave any margin for error, and when one must be perfect, one becomes either horribly judgemental of the behavor of others, or frightened of doing anything new. Heaven forbid a mistake should be made while trying something new! This subconscious need is a difficult position for Leos to work out of; they restrict themselves and say things like 'I wouldn't be caught dead doing that.' Approval is another quality Leos pick up from their father.... All Leos want to be approved of. Many people think that Leos are pompous, but that doesn't seem to be the case - they are really in need of approval. They are afraid that they may not get it. So they withdraw, waiting for some sign of appreciation. It's important for Leos to learn self-approval, for that is the key to the proper use of their energy. When approval comes from within, one doesn't need to look outside oneself for recognition. This frees up the natural energy for constructive purposes. Idealism is very much a part of Leos - they can radiate enthusiasm for new causes and new ideas for which they have a basic respect. They are not afraid to accept responsibility. Once their word is given, they try to stick to it. This puts Leo types into managerial positions, for they take responsibility seriously. The entire life is affected by the influence of the father because the ethics learned from him are applied to every possible life situation. There are standards for work, for social life, for love. In exploring the parental experiences with Leos, they don't find their ethics really coming from the mother. Clients who have either been abandoned by the father, or who have been born into a family where the father is very old, seem to have the most difficulty getting in touch with themselves. For Leos who have no visible father influence, it's most difficult. They don't know where they get their standards from, and they can end up feeling like outcasts. Leos born into unusual situations, such as not easily fitting into the environment because of a racial or an ethnic or a religious split between the parents, may live lives of self-condemnation. The other side of Leo manifests when the child decides that the universe just will not approve of him, or will not respect him; he therefore has no self-respect. A Leo woman will throw herself into the most demanding of situations involving her love life, and a Leo man may take on a sexual relationship that causes him tremendous inner pain. For example, I was consulted by a Leo man living in an 'open marriage' who said it was wonderful. It took several meetings before he admitted that he had agreed to this kind of experience because of his wife. She decided he was not sexually interesting enough for her. He couldn't force himself to consider losing her and his status in the community. When an idealistic person succumbs to a situation he doesn't think is ethical, the inner pain is heart-breaking. Fire signs can die of a broken heart; when they become wounded and hurt, they may begin causing pain to themselves. One may conclude that the Fire sign person is more susceptible to masochism than some of the other signs. The Leo female is influenced by the attitudes of her father. She therefore tends to look for a place ni the world that puts her either into a profession or in a place of trust in a business situation. She needs approval on her job, and she needs to be treated with 'proper respect' at all times or she gets very hurt and outwardly quite negative. As far as her father's influence on her romantic life is concerned, she, too, like her Aries sister, is looking for a knight in shining armor to come and save her from her plight. But he must let her be the boss after he gets her! These needs cause confusion in relationships. A Leo woman will often align herself with inferior types of men, for she, too, is being the 'masculine' head of the household. Since she wants approval, she finds it difficult to let her mate get close to her. She can't let anyone see her imperfections. Her married life is

often based no what she thinks she must do in order to maintain approval from the community. She will stay in bad situations because, as the old adage goes, she made her bed and now she must lie in it. Often she lies in that bed because her husband gave her approval and respect before the marriage - and she was so flattered by it that she never looked to see what kind of person he really was. Some Leo women have been so adversely affected by the father image that they don't function well sexually. They want the absolutely perfect partner and, therefore, tend to judge each new candidate so harshly that they can reach sixty years of age and wind up never marrying. Rigid codes of behavior regarding sexual activity may be strictly enforced, so much so that the Leo female never gets a chance to experience life without guilt. Usually this happens when the Leo child is raised with a strong religious upbringing. One of my Leo clients 'saved herself' until she was forty-two years old and married a man who wanted her to be a virgin. When the knot was tied, she found that he was impotent. At forty-four, she had been married for two years and still was a virgin. Obviously not all Leos are so adversely influenced by the father, but the natal chart will give a good idea about the effect of idealistic ethical training regarding sex. The Leo male is one who normally has a double standard. He wants to be strong like his father; he wants to be perfect as he thinks his father is; and he spends his life trying to live up to his father's standards. He can pursue a career in a responsible way and assume positions of authority. Leos often choose a profession or a career in high management. If the early environment does not encourage education, the adult Leo will look for work where he is known and respected for his integrity and ability. Leos are trustworthy and devoted employees if they are given a responsible position, and often they will assume responsibilities for which they are not being paid. They give their all for the position they hold, and expect respect and approval for what they have done. Leo men can be terribly wounded if they are shoved in a corner after having given twenty years to a company. Again, there is a need for counseling regarding self-approval rather than looking to others for it. When we are centred within ourselves, we can withdraw from the emotions of the situation at hand and begin to see how the situation is really going. When Leos give their trust to someone, they seldom re-evaluate it. For example, friendships formed early in life are held in the same regard years later even though those friends may have changed considerably. Leos have a tremendous loyalty toward established friendships. If the friend has had a change of values or ethics, Leo doesn't want to see where the friend has gone. He will defend his friend to the end! The idealism of Leos often draws them toward working in the political arena, but poor Leo doesn't do too well there. They bring idealism into the ball game, and find it difficult to handle the political situations - the deals, the graft, the political compromises that are sometimes made within the various political party structures. They may trust their fellow politicians too much, not realizing that each new election brings about a change in attitude for 'the party'. They may not recognize the wheeler-dealers until it's too late, and their reputations can suffer. The inner suffering that Leos feel is not always visible, but the pain is intense. The Leo male brings idealism into his relationships as well. He wants to be King in his castle, which is fine. But when things are not going his way he tends to withdraw into silence and loneliness. It's difficult for him to talk about his sensitivities and hurts in a relationship (and no matter how much we love each other, we will sometimes unknowingly hurt each other). The Leo is so sensitive that one sees him withdraw when another person inadvertently uses words he doesn't understand - or if he feels his position isn't respected enough. Many Leo men don't want their wives to work because they feel their position in the community will be jeopardized. Their standards are noble. Because of this, they may even have sexual difficulties, for 'one doesn't have sex with a women one loves'. Leos can put the people they love on such

a high pedestal that they don't want to touch the loved one. If the Leo man marries a comfortably sensual, sexual woman,, she may begin to resent the fact that she doesn't get the loving she needs - or that she has what is called the 'dull' lover who just goes through the motions with no feeling. Often, Leo men who come from a background where sex was forbidden don't have a strong sexual relationship with their wives. They may function better with a woman they don't love, for then they can relate to her sexually. The idealism of the Fire signs is not always easy to live with. Idealism has to be re-evaluated on a conscious level if there is to be a happy and fulfilling emotional life. Leos tend to live lives of quiet desperation because they don't question the basis of their ethical decisions. Their reasons are often 'one simply does'. We've heard that Leos can be judgemental - and they can be. They usually apply the ethics learned from the father on the universe around them, without considering the fact that each person is different. Each of us has a path to walk, and each of us must find his / her answers for him- / herself. Leos try to tell us how to live without considering what our needs are. And there is more to judgement - for it often makes the judge 'better' than the person judged. Perfection is Leo and the rest of the world is not as good. This quality sounds distasteful - but it is merely an offshoot of the need for approval. 'I want approval', says Leo, 'so I will disapprove of you'. The creative energy will manifest in Leo types when they re-evaluate their personal ethics, examine the foundation of any ethical decisions, and consider developing a code of ethics that allows them to grow. The Leo personality is attracted toward power, influence and being in the spotlight, where people notice them and where they can perform. If you can achieve such positions, then self-confidence rapidly expands; you will be more successful when you act from positions of responsibility and authority. Yet underlying these needs are feelings of insecurity and uncertainty regarding your abilities; and these need transcending by attaining some success. You have the opportunity to inspire others towards greater achievements, unless you become too obsessed with exerting power and influence over others. Once your direction and aims are determined, you can apply your powerful will to great personal advantage. You have a basic optimistic faith in the future and in your ability to meet life's challenges, and can have a secret conviction of performing some act of destiny in life, under the inspiration of unknown intangible forces which you believe are personally beneficial. You can be quite highly strung, occasionally quick to anger, although tending to forgive people who you feel have wronged you. Your temperament is outgoing, expressing goodwill and geniality towards others, although you can also greatly enjoy those hours when you can be alone, quiet and with yourself. Problems that may arise are confronted and tackled with enough energy to dispose of them; you do not allow problems to persist or attempt to evade them. You have a strong quality of pride, dignity, integrity, loyalty and generosity; and you try to stay true to your beliefs and values. You can be dominating in your social sphere, having an independent, outspoken and frank communicative style which can upset those who react against a direct, blunt approach. Sometimes you tend to play to the 'audience' and 'go over the top' in terms of what is acceptable, and so you can lose friends or acquaintances through your comments. You can be an effective persuader, articulate and capable of communicating your ideas and enthusiasms. You are sincere in whatever you do, wanting only peace and harmony to exist around you. You tend to have extravagant tastes, but try to ensure that those spending habits remain prudent; and you hate to get into financial trouble, although you can be tempted to buy on spontaneous impulse. You have a need to be dominant, at least at home, and this can cause some friction

between personalities, especially if your partner is equally wilful and assertive. There is a strong need for freedom and independence, which, with a sometimes authoritarian attitude, can create partnership disputes. Dramatic artistic types can often attract you, but it is likely that once the passion wanes, personality clashes will later occur. You require an intelligent partner, and have a strong impulse to share, which can involve sacrifice by you, especially when it contradicts your natural urge to satisfy purely personal desires. You rarely feel content with any achievements, always driving onwards; and you can be an inspiring teacher, helping others to fulfil their potential. You need mental stimulation, and this helps you avoid becoming fixed in attitudes and opinions. You may choose to associate with humanitarian groups, but can be too individualistic to stay, unless you are the leader. Sometimes you feel unappreciated, and become moody. You need a distinct purpose and life direction, and can serve selflessly, but you often look for the applause too. (Skye Alexander) People who have the Sun in Leo are generally good-natured, enthusiastic, confident and gregarious. You are an amiable and well-liked companion, popular with men and women, young and old alike. Your favorite role, however, is that of the lover; and you can be amorous and ardent. Actually, you are in love with being in love, with being the centre of your beloved's attention and with the excitement and drama of love's first blush. Leo is the sign of self-expression, and you seek to express yourself with flair in all you do. Highly creative, you may choose some artistic form through which to express yourself. Many artists have the Sun in Leo. At the very least, you love beauty and don't hesitate to adorn yourself and your home with fine (and often showy) clothing, furnishings and artwork. Or, you may consider your children to be expressions of your creativity. Most probably, you enjoy children, especially their vitality and joie de vivre. At best, you are an inspiration to your sons and daughters, a loving benefactor and protector; at worst, you can be a petty despot and treat your children as your subjects and slaves. Though you have a high opinion of yourself, you need others to reinforce your ego and to serve as your admirers and followers. In short, you need an audience. It is important for you to be the focus of everyone's attention; and you will do just about anything to keep the spotlight on yourself. This desire to be at centre stage might lead you to a career in the theatre. Whether or not you pursue acting professionally, however, you have a natural talent for drama and theatrics which you are likely to employ in all areas of your life. With your powerful persona, regal bearing and lack of modesty, you make your presence known in any crowd. You see your 'role' in life as that of the leader. You possess natural leadership ability and project such confidence and authority that you inspire others to follow you unquestioningly. However, you feel you should automatically be granted power, as if by Divine right, and might not be willing to work your way to the top. Though you are ambitious, you can be lazy, and only want to work at jobs that offer you prestige, glamor, power or a good time; where you can exhibit your 'star' quality and garner the attention and respect of others. You long to be 'king'; to have absolute authority and the total devotion and adoration of all. Though you'd prefer to be a benevolent monarch, you can be ruthless and cruel to those who don't show you the respect you feel you deserve. You can't bear insubordination or anything that injures your enormous but rather fragile ego. Your greatest gift is your ability to inspire others, whether on the battlefield, the playing

field on the stage. Your greatest failings, however, result from your exaggerated sense of self-importantce and prideful arrogance. (Sydney Omarr) Leo females Leo women have a flair for the dramatic: they abhor the humdrum, the ordinary, the routine. These women believe in living life as if a spotlight were turned on - they are not always exhibitionists, but they certainly want you to be aware of them. A touch, a gesture, an expression - a secret signal - these are all important to the women born under this zodiacal sign. If you want a really good hint concerning the feminine Leo, just remember to recognize her. She wants and needs recognition. Stand up when she enters the room. Smile in a special way; let her know that what you do is done especially for her. You can win her and hold her if your manner is regal. Carried to extremes, of course, this could be ridiculous. You must use your judgement. The Leo woman helsp you to become familiar with the finer things of life. She is in rhythm, with the nuances of life. It is motion, animation - the opposite of drudgery, of repeated action leading to a rut. A Leo woman is in love with love: romance is as essential as food and drink. Affection is a necessity. Her personal magnetism is strong: she attracts members of the opposite sex. It is all right to be jealous as long as you don't let her know it. Be calm and cool. Admire her. Once you lose your temper or show weakness by being obviously jealous, you begin to lose out with this lady. Let her win you! Make yourself a fascinating challenge. Indeed, you learn a great deal by being involved with a Leo woman. The involvement may tire you, you but you learn and live and love. Leo males If you're looking for secret hints concerning Leo men, then you automatically mark yourself as an unusual woman. This is not to say that you are necessarily a wise woman but certainly unusual! It seems that Leo men attract persons - especially women - with unique personalities, talents, problems, etc.. A Leo man is fiery and romantic; he demands attention and can become jealous, offended or aloof if he feels you regard him as anything less than kingly. He tend to be inflexible and seeks - generally to your surprise - stability. He likes to get around and to be seen and heard, but he wants to return to the lair and be cuddled, cooed at and reassured. A Leo man is never satisfied merely to be great: he wants to be told so. He is attractive to women; he seems to draw them like flies. He doesn't mind if you're jealous - he even enjoys it. But he does not like you to make scenes. The best way to hold the interest of this man is to be quietly dramatic. He is fascinated by subtle women. If you shout, you are lost. But try wiping away a tear, then holding up your chin as if nothing happened. Make sure, however, that he sees you! he'll melt; he'll change from a lion into a purring kitten. A Leo man can be taken advantage of; he enjoys being the centre of intrigue. You can lead him to a trap and even make him fall in. But, unless you keep him interested, he will get up and get out. He is a natural showman; he likes the theatre but he dislikes theatrics. He admires beauty but shies away from the obvious: from women who use too much make-up; from women who cry openly; from women who laugh too loudly; from women who steal the limelight. He is a man of tremendous pride; you can win him and woo him and do almost anything you want with him if only you will remember to compliment him. He wants to be proud of you but he wants you to keep your place as a woman. He believes in equal rights for men and women, but he wants you to believe that he is just a little better. He wants you to be independent, but to completely depend upon him. He is a rather impossible person, but at least you've been warned!

Sasha Fenton) Most Leonine people are good-hearted, generous, helpful, good to their families, absolutely reliable and dead honest, but a minority are not. I have come across one or two really cold-hearted confidence tricksters born under this sign. These are the sort of people who couldn't be trusted to cross from one side of a room to another without causing some heartache. To be honest, these types are few and far between; and if a Leo does let you down, it will normally be due to either laziness or the simple fact that his circumstances have changed. Leos are proud people who, except for the rogue type which I mentioned before, have great integrity. To accuse a Leo of stealing or of taking advantage of another is to risk having your head removed from your body. Leos can be irritable and very bad-tempered, but their bad temper usually evaporates quickly. Fatigue and hunger have a bad effect on the Leo temper, and Leonine women become extremely irritable and depressed when premenstrual. Leos can panic when under pressure; but after the initial dramatics, their brains engage and they cope marvellously. The natural Leonine state is a cheerful, charming youthful one. Leos are realists, but they take a view of life which leans towards optimism, so they bounce back from problems and they can always find something good to look forward to. These subjects have very high standards and will often work harder and be far more successful than their colleagues. This earns them a good deal of jealousy and spite from less successful types. Leos instinctively understand that the harder they work, the luckier they are, and that a pleasant and co-operative manner will advance their cause better than a sour or hostile one. Leonine people can be awkward, arrogant, insufferable, unco-operative and idle; but they usually reserve this kind of behaviour for people towards whom they feel contemptuous, or occasionally for their own families. Leos usually make excellent parents, neither smothering their children nor neglecting them. They respect the innate dignity of children, and will try to keep the lines of communication open whatever the circumstances. Some Leo fathers can be too loud, bossy and disciplinarian, but they usually mean well and, unless the child is exceptionally timid, he understands this. One fault which I see in myself is that I try to protect my children from pain, and find it almost impossible to step back and watch them experience unpleasant circumstances at first hand. Leos have a strange work pattern, interspersing periods of frenetic activity with times of utter idleness. Many people watching their Leo spouse or offspring spending three days in a row stretched out on the sofa begin to wonder if there is something seriously wrong with them; but as soon as the planets shift around a bit and the Leo's energy level is replenished, he gets up and gets going again. This is a fixed sign which means that Leos don't like change, preferring to stick to a job or relationship until it becomes clear that it really has no future for them. One way to shift them is to treat them unfairly over money and to make them repeatedly ask for what is due to them, while another way is to continually change the rules and blame them for the ensuing muddle, or to treat them with contempt. There is no way the Leo will stay in a job if he is not properly paid and if agreements are not met. The surest way to shift a Leo wife is to force her to be dependent, then pay her irregularly and insufficiently whilst, at the same time, being vaguely angry and totally uncommunicative. These methods are, of course, last resorts! The typical Leo may be tall or short, but is usually good-looking and on the plump side. A Leo can be a determined dieter but is never really well or happy when he loses weight. Leo men sweep their hair back from their foreheads, while Leonine ladies have lots of thick hair which sweeps and swirls around their faces. Many Leos have a strangely forward-facing and direct gaze which can make them look a bit like a chimpanzee, while others have chubby cheeks and twinkling eyes. Leo colouring can range from fair, through red, to very dark, but the skin is usually pale or sallow and looks far better with a

suntan. Some Leos have a characteristically regal stance, walking slowly and in a very erect manner as if they were balancing a crown on their heads, while others prowl like restless lions. Most astrology books accuse Leos of being extravagant, always buying and wearing wonderful clothes. This is simply not so. Leos wear whatever is necessary for their work and then come home, rip the lot off and sit around in an old track suit. Neither do they have the kind of patience which allows them to fiddle with their appearance. They may spend money on a weight-loss programme once in a while, but that's about all. On the other hand, Leos hate buying or wearing rubbish, and would rather have a couple of good-quality outfits which they wear to death. The traditional areas of health weakness for Leos are the spine and the heart. Leos like to eat and drink well, which leads to obesity and too much cholesterol in the arteries, which, coupled with their rather tense nature, can be dangerous for the heart. The way to deal with all this is as obvious as it is boring, because it means that Leos should strive to keep a moderate life-style without too much stress, while following a 'good' diet and taking regular exercise. Unfortunately, few manage to achieve this. Leos must enjoy their work, or they simply won't stick at it; and they need to be among pleasant and cheerful companions. Leos are well-organised, and they enjoy taking responsibility, and have no fear of handling large and costly projects. They can be excellent salespeople if their heart is in their product, but some Leos have to beware of bordering on becomin 'pressure salesmen' or confidence tricksters. Many Leos are drawn to the world of entertainment, and can happily use their talents on the stage, in films or on television, while others are happier to work behind the scenes as camera, sound or lighting engineers. Leos can be found working as theatrical agents or happily demonstrating computers at specialist exhibitions. These subjects love to be where it is all happening and to be part of the creative process, but they may not be quite as dramatic and showy as most astrology books seem to imply. Many Leos work on the land, in industry and in education; but, although there is no specifically Leonine career, they all need to be clean and comfortable, and to feel as if their contribution counts. Many Leos choose to work in glamorous and up-market industries which give them status. Some Leos allow themselves to become bossy and arrogant, which does not endear them to their colleagues; while others can be lazy and indifferent. Traditional astrology suggests making or selling jewellery as a Leo career, but I haven't really surveyed this one. A quick round-up of my own Leo acquaintances reveals a secretarial administrator, an airline reservations agent, an insurance salesman, the editor of a small publication, one absolute crook, various show-business personalities, and an oil and gas engineer. Some Leos are workaholics who pressurise themselve into ever-increasing successes, due to an underlying fear of failure. Leo hobbies can include almost anything, but they would probably be unusual, expensive, glamorous and not involving too many other people. The real 'biggy' here is travel. Some Leos work in the travel or overseas property fields, partly in order to take advantage of the opportunities for cheap travel which these jobs provide. Other Leonine pursuits include sports and games of all kinds, some gambling within limits, and, of course, love affairs. Many Leos enjoy working to raise money for charity or, more directly, by helping less fortunate people in some way. For example, when a Leo gets rid of his children's outgrown clothes, he usually tries to ensure that these are utilised by other, less well-off children. The Leo would, however, rather die han dress himself or his children in other people's cast-offs. This may look as if the Leo has a double standard in the way he sees his own needs and the needs of other people. As a fully paid-up member of the Leo tribe, I have to admit that it is just that: a double standard. It is not surprising, therefore, that many young Leonine mothers are excellent dressmakers. There seems to be a need for change and adventure which can lead Leos to seek out stressful or dangerous hobbies; and most of them are instantly at home with computers.

Leos buy everything that their incomes will allow, and often as much as the finance companies will let them borrow too! Many Leos are high earners who will take an extra job or two to cover expenses if their main job is not bringing in enough money. If a Leo is careful with money, one can be sure that there are other factors on his or her birthchart which keep him or her in check. These subjects need a spacious and attractive home. They may not keep their homes in the latest style because, like Cancerians, they develop sentimental attachments to their belongings and surroundings. For much the same reason, they prefer to buy a house and then stay in it for many years, even when their families have flown the coop and left them with more space than they really need. If the Leo can acquire land, further property, a holiday apartment, a boat or two, and even an aeroplane, he / she will do so. Everything which enhances his / her life and makes for fun, as well as supreme comfort, is of interset to him / her. Leos believe that money is meant to circulate, to be spent and to be enjoyed. There is no Leo on the face of the earth who will put up with cramped conditions, cold or discomfort for one moment longer than is absolutely necessary. The typical Leo's home is well-proportioned and comfortable, but not necessarily filled with the latest goods or gadgets. Leos don't set out to impress their neighbours with their wealth or their possessions, but, if the neighbours happen to be impressed, the Leo won't mind one bit. A nice care is a must for most Leos. Some of them prefer a sporty, high-performance vehicle, while others prefer a large, expensive and well-appointed saloon. Whatever car the Leo chooses, you can bet that it is impressive and definitely beyond his means. Leo snobbery ensures that their children attend the best possible schools and that everything they do or have is the best that is available. As far as holidays are concerned, the Leo would rather not travel than do so in discomfort. Leos are not particularly materialistic in the sense of deriving security from money and possessions, but they must have good music, good food, a good home and a good life. Leos are relaters, so they rarely live alone, and are very attached to all members of their families and also to any pets. Leos grow up needing a lot of love, understanding and approval. They need to feel that they count, both out in the world and in their homes. On the whole, these people are not that hard to live with, although they do have some peculiarities which can irritate others. Leos are fussy, and they have high personal standards which they make seek to impose on others. They are also snobs. My Leo daughter won't shop in certain areas because she doesn't like the class of clientèle who frequent the shops! This behaviour doesn't seem a bit strange to a Leo. Their homes must be well-run and very comfortable, but they are not excessively tidy, as they prefer a home to be a home rather than a shop window. One rather odd fact that I have come across is that all Leos have a place where they leave notes telling themselves what they need to do over the next few days. When entertaining, they will do so lavishly and in style. Leos can be very ambitious, both for themselves and for their families, and therefore they expect their partners to get on in life. These subjects are fairly hard workers, especially when they have their minds set on some special ambition. They like their jobs, homes, families and children to have a status and standing in the community, and they derive great pride from this. Leonine subjects expect their partners and, indeed, other members of their families to put their backs into work too. Leos are loyal and very warm-hearted, sociable, good to their friends, and very supportive of all members of their families. They will bend over backwards to help a partner; and their children are never short-changed when it comes to love, help and advice. Being members of a fixed sign, Leos don't chop and change regularly. They will stay in a relationship even when it isn't working; and divorce is really a last resort. If there is any chance that they might lose their children as a result of divorce, they simply won't go through with it. Leonine subjects can be very irritable at times; they take things to heart and blame themselves when things go wrong. They may also blame others, but they really do feel that they have let themselves down then mistakes occur. Leos don't sulk or brrod as a rule; and, if they are angry or unhappy, they prefer to talk things over or even have a row, rather than cope with their problems silently or inwardly. Some psychic sense tells them that their sensitive cardiac systems cannot cope with a lot of inward fuming. These

subjects can be very self-absorbed and self-centred, becoming totally involved with their own lives and their own problems; and this sometimes makes their partners feel like observers of the scene rather than full participants in the relationship. They take life, and themselves, very seriously; and they can be very bitter and unforgiving of those who use or hurt them. Leo loyalty makes them rush to the defence of those whom they love, but they must be able to respect their partners or they can sink into sarcastic and contemptuous behaviour towards them. Male Leos can be very demanding, expecting their wives to be super-woman; but, on the whole, as long as they can run their homes smoothly, with the addition of paid help if necessary, they won't grumble too much. It is possible to talk to these subjects and get them to see reason, so most problems can be worked out. Leos don't play games in relationships; they are honest, and they usually mean what they way. These subjects can be somewhat eccentric, and they do appear to march down their own road, even if this is completely different from everyone else's. They are more concerned about their own measurement of their worth than other people's opinions. Like all fire signs, Leos need freedom. They don't appreciate being told what time they should be home, and they won't stand for being given the third degree if they arrive late. It is unlikely that they are up to anything wrong anyway, because they usually get held up by people who buttonhole them in order to talk to them. leos are fairly careful with money, hating to be in debt, but they are never mean to others. They won't sponge off others, and they are embarrassed by those who see sponging off as a legitimate practice. Pride can be a Leo's downfall; and, although they can be teased a little, they won't be ridiculed. If they find themselves with a competitive partner, the kind who loves to have conversations in front of others about whose job is more important, they will just walk away. Leo dignity is sacrosanct, and they never forget a hurt or an insult. As a Leo myself, I can absolutely guarantee that nobody outisde of my immediate family is ever likely to see me cry; and the chances are that the family won't see much of this phenomenon either. Leo women don't make a sound when giving birth, but they scream the hospital down after the event if they find themselves and their infant are not being properly treated by the staff! Some Leos are quite lazy, preferring to watch TV than to do anything useful, but most are good, steady workers if for no other reason than because they like a good lifestyle. Some Leo men and even a few women can become so immersed in their work that they neglect their partners and lose them as a result. Like all Fire signs, Leos are strongly sexed; but they are also fussy about sex, and prefer to do without it altogether than to get tied up with the wrong person or to feel in any way uncomfortable about it. Most Leos are very clean and tidy, and cannot stand the idea of making love with a dirty person or in dirty surroundings. They are not particularly excited by the idea of making love in strange places or anywhere that they are likely to be discovered or compromised. It is the famous Leo need for dignity which is at work here, because they hate the thought of looking foolish. They are able to stay in a marriage which doesn't work on a sexual level, but this can make them vulnerable and prone to extra-marital affairs. Most of all, Leos need to play in an affectionate and loving manner. These subjects are very sensual; they love to play with their partner's hair and to touch and be touched in a nnon-sexual manner. Even a good tickling session is part of the game to them. However, they love the feelings which surround the sex act as much as the sex itself. Leos, almost as much as Taureans and Librans, can extend sex play for as long as it amuses them and their partners, both before and after completing the sexual act. Leos will try to keep on good terms with the more distant members of their families, and they make strenuous efforts to get on with in-laws, cousins and neighbours. They don't like family rows, and they usually take a fairly responsible attitude to everyone around them. If, however, a family member persists in insulting them or harping on about their faults, they will drop this person completely and forever. They won't even turn up to the offending relative's funeral. Leos are sociable and friendly, and they tend to keep their friends for many years, valuing their friendship almost as much as they value their relationships. Even ex-lovers and previous marriage partners are often kept as friends wherever possible. Many Leos are good letter-writers, keeping in touch with distant

friends and relatives over the years, and visiting them whenever possible. Most of all, Leos love and value their children. They treat them with dignity, and allow them their independence; but even when their children are completely grown up with families of their own, they try to keep a close relationship with them. While their children are small, Leos try to give them all that they need, but they may be too pushy and demanding, expecting them to live up to standards which are hard to meet. If their children show any kind of talent, the Leo parent will do everything in his power to foster this, and he is never jealous of a successful child. As children, Leos can be disappointing to their parents. This is because they seem to fall short of their parents' educational expectations and are more inclined to play than to study hard. Leos often make up for this later in life by going back into education or working hard at climbing the promotional ladder. Leonine children are affectionate and loving, and even quite generous towards their siblings, although they can be fierce rivals in the race for their parents' love and for status both within and outside the family. if a school teacher ridicules a Leo child, the child will switch off and do as little as possible for that teacher. This can be a tragedy because the child can miss out on a particular school subject as a result. In all things, and at all ages and stages of life, Leos need to be treated with fairness and respect. Don't take a Leo child to a zoo; he can't bear to see animals in a prison! (Jan Spiller and Karen McCoy) Sun in Leo individuals feel they have the right to express themselves gloriously; to be noticed and admired simply for being themselves. Static When you focus on yourself and on gaining the admiration and attention of others, you may act in ways that are needlessly dramatic, understated, or overstated. In the Leonine desire to be admired, you may subdue true emotional expression. This desire can lead you to respond to situations with empty displays of drama. You may fall into Leo traps: demanding attention whether it is earned or not; being hypersensitive, taking criticism as a personal affront; and refusing to accept the input from others that could actually lead to a more powerful expression of your creative gifts. By trying to obtain the attention and approval of others, you might compromise your own identity. This process leads to defeating the natural and healthy expression of your spontaneous, childlike ego. Dynamic When your attention is directed toward encouraging others, you have the ability to create warmth and sunshine. You can experience your vitality and power in the process of recognizing and uplifting those around you. Your natural enthusiasm inspires the life in others by drawing them onto the stage. This dramatic ability can motivate them to become excited about themselves. When you consider yourself a part of the team and truly seek to enrich and enhance those around you, you can experience not only their magnificence but also yours. When you acknowledge others' uniqueness, you allow them to occupy the centre of the stage. This gives you the objectivity needed for confidence to express yourself. As an example of childlike innocence and spontaneous vitality, you can inspire others to express the radiance within themselves. (Julia and Derek Parker) Organization is essential for Leos, who need control in their lives. With the slightest encouragement, their organizational ability will spill over into the disordered lives of others. The risk lies in their taking over, because they hate to see ability wasted. Their worst fault is in assuming they always know best. Leos may also be extremely dogmatic, and so must cultivate flexible minds and respect for others' opinions. The characteristic

Leonine warmth, generosity and desire to understand others can then be fully indulged. A powerful creative urge is present in every Leo and must be expressed; otherwise, a very great deal of potential will be wasted. This does not mean all Leos are painters, actors or sculptors: creation can take place in the kitchen, at the sewing machine, in the garden or at the workbench. The innate Leo enthusiasm is expressed in other areas of life, too: the Sun, ruling this sign, gives Leos an infectious vitality. They must live life to the full, and like to see others doing so as well. They have an inner Sun which not only illuminates their own lives and activities, but also lights up the lives of others, or perhaps gives them energy. Leo days should be full, with not a moment wasted, since lack of fulfillment, professionally or personally, can totally destroy them and cloud their personalities. Domination of partners is a possibility that cannot be underestimated. It may be well meant, as when they long to bring out the best in the other person; but nevertheless, Leos shouldn't always be allowed to wear the trousers! They are surprisingly sensitive, and can be hurt very easily - partly because they are often emotionally idealistic. While this makes them wonderfully supportive and often real powers behind the throne, few people can be safely worshipped, and invariably Leos are disappointed in the end. Leos can also take criticism very much to heart. (Julia and Derek Parker) (contd.) Exuberant enjoyment and pleasure are gained from sex, but Leos don't like their love to be rough and ready. They almost demand to be wined, dined and then seduced in luxury! The sunny disposition and ready enthusiasm of a Leo child appears at a very early age, and is always quite delightful. Natural organizational ability soon shows itself, but parents should watch for any tendency towards bossiness in their Leo offspring, who may be seen putting the whole playschool in its place. Managing the lives of siblings is a distinct possibility when the Leo child is older then them. This self-assertion, however, is not quite as strong as it seems, and it is surprisingly easy to deflate young Leos - perhaps when a well-meaning adult severely criticizes a piece of work. If you must criticize a Leo child, do so with affection and humor: otherwise, you will severely crush his or her self-confidence. Listening to the opinions of others, even if the child does not accept them, should be actively encouraged. He or she is then less likely to become entrenched in fixed ideas and beliefs. The Leonine stubborn streak must also be discouraged. Try to distinguish it from determination, which should, of course, be welcomed and encouraged. Leo enthusiasms last a lifetime: if a Leo child is interested in a particular hobby, it is unlikely that it will ever be completely rejected, so it is worthwhile and most important to nurture early interests. Leo parents are excellent at recognizing and encouraging their children's potential, but they must beware of forcing their own interests and enthusiasms on them. They will insist on the highest standards, but must not expect more than can be given. Challenge is good, but insistent pressures is not. Emotional involvement in a career is essential if Leos are to feel fulfilled. They are found, of course, in all walks of life, but basically are at their best when able to use their excellent creative potential and organizational abilities. Their natural sense of drama should also be expressed. The theatre is an obvious possibility, but they can be equally at home in trades associated with luxury and glamor. Many Leos are in their element in a courtroom or in the operating theatre: taking centre stage comes naturally to them.

Innately ambitious, Leos are interested in money chiefly for the luxury it can bring. They love buying and enjoying beautiful things and quality clothes, and they also love to travel - just as long as it can be done in comfort! When Leos reach the top of the tree, they usually contrive to stay there, and to make quite sure they are seen! Leos make excellent employers, due to their good powers of leadership. However, they must retain their natural enthusiasm for life and their desire to improve the lives of others. As they deplore anything second-rate or of a low standard, their employees will be well looked-after - but also expected to give of their best. For this reason, Leo bosses can appear difficult, and must subdue any autocratic tendencies. Leos never rush into change in a foolhardy way, because they are not over-fond of it. However, if they can learn to view important periods of change as a succession of challenges and a means to progress, they will cope well. Leisure is an alien concept to Leos, who prefer to fill every moment with activity. They are amateurs in the true sense, since they have no hobbies as such: all of their interests are taken to a professional standard. However, they must not be self-satisfied, as selfcriticism is important. Retirement will open new doors for Leos: they will already have many interests to follow up and develop. They will be very likely to turn some hobbies into moneymaking concerns, for they won't want to accept a standard of living that is lower than the one they have been used to. Keeping an even tenor in their lives is important. Otherwise, their usually excellent vitality may be burned out now and again through exhaustion. The heart is the Leo organ, so Leos would do well to prevent possible heart disease by careful diet and regular exercise. The back is also vulnerable and should be carefully exercised as well. Dancing, ice-skating and forms of exercise with a creative element are especially rewarding. A love of rich foods should be curbed. (Frances Sakoian and Louis Acker) Leos were born under the sign of generosity and nobility of feeling. The sign Leo represents man's attempt at self-expression; the unfolding of the internal-power principle. Leo is a Fire sign ruled by the Sun. Since it is the Sun's function to bestow upon the world heat, light, and life, it is the benefactor of every living creature. In our planetary system, it is the centre around which the planets rotate. Leos, then, are generous. They must have the spotlight; and, once in it, they must shine. They enjoy being the centre of attention. Providence helps Leos when they need it most. New fields of action open at a time when there seems to be no visible solution to their problems. As the Sun inflitrates the darkest shadow, so it puts Leos in the light. Leos' roots lie in the home and in their own personal independence. They feel the need to produce children both of their minds and of their bodies. Leo rules the heart; therefore these people give of themselves generously through time, money, and knowledge, with no thought of the self. They are strongly attracted to the opposite sex. Their love nature should be held in check, or serious heartache can be the result. Leos are unconsciously drawn to the idea that 'the means are justified by the ends'. Money is important only as a means of achieving their goals. They assume that others possess a sense of integrity equal to their own; and consequently they are overly confident, frank, and outspoken. These traits cause them many interpersonal difficulties, and they often lose their friends.

They dislike repetition. Once they see the point, they become quite impatient, and often obstinate, in discussion. Those who disagree with a Leo's opinions should be tactful, for he will surrender so long as his dignity is recognized. He wants people to think well of him; and as he directs a great deal of energy to this goal, it is frequently achieved. Leos are very aware of the effect they have on others, and study what to do in order to create a better effect. (This does not mean, however, that they are introspective or that they analyze themselves in order to improve their character.) The role that they assume is a noble role, and their sense of the dramatic is so strong that they achieve nobility in playing this role, and thus create their own reality. But selfapproval is also important to them - self-approbation replaces conscience. They will do anything they think is right - if necessary, sacrificing public disapproval for self-approval. If they are forced into a compromising situation, they will despise their work and neglect it. The symbol of this sign is the lion, denoting majesty, power, and dignity. Leo is a kingly sign, and Leos express pride in every movement and a stateliness that will not escape the keen eye. Power will increase Leos' self-confidence amazingly, to the point where they seem actually to glow! As long as Leos feel that they are in a position of authority and responsibility, they will leave no stone unturned in order to justify the confidence that has been placed in them. Leos function well in positions of responsibility and management, expressing their creativity by setting policies. Leos whose desire for authority is unfulfilled may develop traits of indolence, laziness, impetuousness, and inconstancy. Women born under this sign tend to dominate their marriages. They are like ferocious lionesses in defending their children. One may step on the toes of Leo mothers, but never on the toes of their children! Leos are practical, philosophical and spiritual. These qualities, along with their enthusiasm and inspiration, help them to mold public opinion. When Leos are controlled and informed, there are no others so powerful, useful, and capable of giving to their fellow men. They have a reckless courage, but they never fight unfairly, no matter how great the advantages offered. In victory, they remain magnanimous, and in defeat stand unconquered. The key phrase for Leo is 'I will'. (Robert Hand) You are spirited and strong-willed, and like to be the centre of attention. Sometimes you may be a show-off, which others may find annoying. Nevertheless, other people like you because you are basically warm and affectionate. You work very hard to get your way with others. You should be careful of carrying this trait too far, however, because it may turn away people who would otherwise be your friends. You are proud, and consider yourself important. The positive side of this is that you are reluctant to compromise yourself or lose other people's respect. Being respected by others is very important to you, and for this reason you are less likely than others to tell lies. You feel that everything should be out in the open. Once you have made up your mind about a particular course of action, you are very persistent. You select a goal and follow it through to the bitter end. When you are older, you will want to be a person of some importance and, if possible, a leader. Even while you are young, you will play this role whenever possible, which should work out very well, because you also want to be worthy of being a leader. For you, self-respect is as important as the respect of others. (Lyn Birbeck)

You have a noble though potentially tyrannical heart. You have the will to use generously your sense of privilege - without it descending into pomposity. Your life should be led in a spirit of radiating light and warmth, as opposed to merely holding centre-stage. Your father is seen or expressed as one who is powerful and noble, and / or downright cruel. You generate an aura of certainty that enables Other to become more confident in him- / herself and his / her own abilities; a positive and cheerful glow that gives the impression that you have life under control; and an air of dignity as you bear life's difficulties without complaint. You can alienate Other with a patronizing attitude that causes Other to rebel against you in a way that gets to your most vulnerable area: your pride; by having those around you conform to what you see as your idea of correct living; and by hardening yourself to Other's sensitive spots as well as your own. You overemphasize your need of admiration in order to gain a sense of importance and specialness. You also overemphasize what you see as your stengths, because you equate weakness with being unlovable. And you overstate your convictions and rules, fearing taht you'll lose your grip if you are magnanimous enough to loosen it. You can feel weak in the face of what appears to be Other's lack of attention or affection; when you are afraid that your all-too-human weakness has been spotted; and when you are unceremoniously 'cut' or 'banished' as a result of Other having to give you the truth but, because of your pride, not telling you it. When you are alone it is unmistakably because that is the only way that you can feel in command of your own life. The trouble with being a King or Queen is that to have a consort means being without any special privileges or perks such as you have come to regard as your divine right. The bedchamber may be royal, but what goes on in it can be decidedly common. In other words, emotions make equals of us all - and this can prove too much for your sense of pride and exclusiveness to abide. And so either you have ironically bowed out for want of being able to step down from your throne and relate in a human-to-human way, or your consort has had no other choice but to leave you with only that throne for company. Either way, it is time to reflect and accept. (Grant Lewi) The mainspring of Leo's great energy, vitality and charm is his instinctive desire for both public acclaim and self-approval. Of all the signs, Leo is perhaps the most aware of himself; in a sense, he is always before the looking-glass, seeing what effect he is making. In shallow types, this makes for mere vanity, pompousness, pride and show. Add profundity, and all this is changed. Your best Leo type is earnest, sincere, eager to please himself and the world around him, and willing, in order to do so, to take on infinite work and go to infinite trouble. He is not genuinely introspective; he has little capacity to discover his inner faults; but he is very sensitive to the effect he makes on others, and studies therefore what to do to make a better effect. There is a difference here from selfanalysis to improve character from the inside, but the difference is in method rather than in result - for Leo, in the process of appearing something desirable, actually becomes something desirable. He knows instinctively the wisdom of the advice Hamlet gave his mother: 'Assume a virtue if you have it not': by assuming the appearance of a virtue for the sake of winning approval, he actually acquires the virtue itself, for he is the soul of truth and cannot behave as he doesn't feel. He thus removes the curse from his playacting, for his sense of the dramatic is strong, and the roles he assumes are noble. This would be unbearable if in the provess Leo did not actually become noble - but he does; some of the greatest spirits who have ever walked the Earth are these very Leos who chose for themselves a high role in which to merit the world's approval, lived up to the role, and actually became what they wanted to be admired for. 'Such a price do the gods exact for a song, to become what we sing.' Whether he is found in business, on the stage

(and he often is), or in a love affair (where also he often is), Leo is acutely aware of himself, always standnig off and appraising the effect he is making. He will usually be found, if not conventional, at least discreet. Self-approval replaces conscience; he'll do anything if he thinks it is right, and will brave public opinion if his self-approval is sufficiently important to outweigh the loss of public approval. However he behaves, you can rest assured that he is always acutely aware of what people are thinking of him and that he is striving to make them think as well as possible. (John Townley) Leo is the sign of the lover, and the Sun here gives your personality grace, generosity and charm. You give and receive love freely, and you surround your partner with tenderness and affection. You must be especially aware of the kinds of attentions your lover likes and dislikes. Your innate tendency is to lavish affection on your partner, which may startle or overwhelm someone who isn't used to it. You can give out too much of a good thing. Do not expect your lover to return your affections in the same style. Even the deepest love can be expressed in many different ways, which you may have to search for. Few people are as open and direct as you are, so you will probably have to spend some time finding out about your parner's channels of communication. Although you may not be the dominant partner in every relationship, your partner should give you plenty of room and not try to confine or restrict you in any way. You are a very loyal partner, as long as you are given freedom to be. You must also grant that same right to your lover and avoid possessiveness or jealousy. Loyalty comes from the heart, and you will know through feelings rather than actions if a partner is right. Whenever you have problems in a relationship, analyze them with your feelings, not your mind. Then your inner radiance can dispel the darkest emotional clouds. (Marcia Moore & Mark Douglas) Keynote: The power of individuality manifests through creative self-expression. Symbol: A richly robed king sitting on a throne raises his golden scepter. Leo, like the Sun, must shine. As lord of the heavens, the Sun sheds life-giving rays on all who move within its orb of influence. People born in this solar sign are often convinced that it is their destiny to command and to make themselve sthe focus of all eyes. They need to remember, however, that the Sun is sovereign of the sky only bu virtue of its willingness to bestow itself unstintingly upon those who can receive its revitalizing emanations. The Sun reigns supreme by grace of its demonstrable power to radiate light and warmth, and not because a law has been passed decreeing that it should rule. The dominion of the Sun over Leo is so complete that no other planet is in its exaltation or fall in this sign. This undisputed autonomy is reflected in the single-mindedness of many Sun-Leo people who know what they want out of life and purposefully set out to obtain it. Most natives of this sign have a virgorous constitution and the ability to influence others through sheer force of personality. THey need to be careful that enthusiasm does not become blind zeal, lest they expend their energies in behalf of casuses that cannot stand the light of reason. The Leonian often wins the support of others through dramatic gestures and a magnanimous attitude. Frequently, the programs he promotes are less impressive than the way in which he advertises them. Leo wants to be appreciated. This individual can be the most self-aware of all the zodiacal types, and generally he makes certain that others are also conscious of his presence on the scene. As a child, he says, 'Look at me'. As an adult, he says, 'See what I have done'. He calls attention to himself through creative accomplishments which display his singular

talents. These Sun-ruled people are fond of jewellery, colorful clothing, eye-catching decorations, flashy cars, and large-scale displays. They want to enjoy, and to help others enjoy, these light, bright pleasures. Even a sophisticated Leionian will, at times, betray the self-centered simplicity of a child. A youngster wants to be the center of attention; and Leo, with his naturally trusting disposition, may have the same naive faith in the importance of his place within the cosmic scheme. When disappointed, a Leonian is downcast, like the Sun obscured by clouds. He seldom gives way to bitterness, however, for he has an abiding faith in the fundamental goodness of people. He is not inclined to worry about the future or to brood over the past, but lives to the fullest extent in the ever-present Now - and Leo loves luxe living. Imperial Leo may at times be overbearing, but it would be a pity to corrode his selfconfidence by harsh repressive measures, since as long as he feels loved he will work his heart out for others. If he is discouraged, however, he cannot work at all. He is seldom mean or petty, although he tends to disregard, with more than a trace of snobery, that which he feels to be beneath his dignity. Even undeveloped Leonians, though they may bully and bluff their way through life, honestly aspire to be bigger and better than they are. Leo-born people should endeavor to remain in charge of their own affairs. Beacuse they liek to wield authority, they make better employers than employees. Noble, generous, and high-minded, they quickly weary of small details and petty problems. As leaders, their success depends largely upon personal magnetism. The encouragement and cheer they radiate to their satellites strengthens many a faltering soul. The desire for recognition is the mainspring of Leo's success, but he needs to beware that his craving to be admired does not give rise to delusions of grandeur, causing him to waste his strength attempting the impossible. Even in failure, he seldom loses faith but consoles himself with the thought that he has acted from the heart. As long as he retains his integrity, he can cope with almost any reversal; but if he no longer believes in himself, he will falter and fail. The pride of the spiritually evolved Leonian is based on more than mere egotism. His motto is 'I am the light of my world'. This affirmation is based on the profound convivtion that a spark of divinity resides at the core of every human being. Thus, he feels that by expressing his true Self, he is also expressing the will of the Creator. He would rather fail in the attempt to achieve this high purpose than aim for anything less. (Isabel Hickey) The Sun is in Leo from July 22nd to August 22nd, approximately. It is represented by 'Fire of the heart; the steady controlled fire of affection, the hearth fire.' The keyword of Leo is 'I will'. It rules the heart and the spine in the physical body. Leo is the sign of self-consciouslness, as Cancer is the sign of the instinctual conscious. Whether Leo people are constructive or destructive in their approach to life depends on who drives their chariot; self or Self. Leo people have great courage, but unless they have a sense of responsibility and are willing to take discipline of their own accord, they can bring great difficulties on themselves. One of Leo's keywords is 'dominion'. This does not mean dominion over others (a trap Leo needs to learn to avoid) but dominion over their own unsubjugated forces. Leo is the most vital of the signs and has tremendous energy. They have a confidence and an assurance that strengthens those who are timid and angers those who are seeking the power inherent in Leo. Leo is the royal and kingly sign of the zodiac. In an age where Kings are a thing of the past, Leos need the realization that the royalty of the Aquarian age will be the spiritual aristocrats who function through the heart and soul in real simplicity. What is simplicity but going to the inner heart of things and seeing things whole? Leo rules the inner center - the heart.

There is an ancient astrological aphorism: Leo rules by divine right and Capricorn by delegated authority. This is Leo's greatest stumbling block - authority. Leos will not delegate authority to others. They give it with one hand and take it away with the other. This is one reason so many Leo people die of heart attacks before they reach old age. They think they have to do it all themselves, and in the process wear themselves out. Leos' faith and loyalty to those they love is very strong. Being a fixed sign, once they give their affections they do not change easily. Where their opposite sign, Aquarius, is too impersonal and indifferent in relationships, Leo people are too attached where those they love are concerned. They have to learn true detachment. Can the Sun shine for itself or just one other? Only when Leo individuals become impersonal and give their warmth and affection to all do they come into their inheritance. Of all the signs, they cannot live for themselves alone. All energy and power comes from the Sun, which rules Leo, but Light and Power can warm or scorch, create or destroy. The solar radiation has the power to bring forth life, but Leos have to use that life wisely or pay a heavy price. That is why Leos' will must become God's will, or they are in trouble. There is dignity, self-respect, courage and integrity in the evolved Leo individuals. They are honest, direct and fully dependable when they are evolved; arrogant, egotistical and bombastic when they enthrone their ego where their Higher Self should be. Their virtues are big ones as well as their faults. Love should become divine compassion before their regeneration is complete. The Leo destiny is a high one. No man can be a true leader until he is willing to be servant of all. The greatest gift a Leo can bring to the world is an understanding heart. (Myrna Lofthus) Leo people enjoy work that gives them scope for their creativity, their organizing ability, or for self-exploitation. Some of the careers are leaders, professional sportsmen, military, actors, teachers, salesmen, and jewelers. Five positive key words are: generous, optimistic, ambitious, loyal, and affectionate. Five negative keywords are: demanding, intolerant, domineering, lazy, and self-centered. The key phrase is 'I will'. The key word is 'faith'. Their basic nature is 'the ruler or entertainer'. In mythology, the lion ruling the Leo sign was the Nemean lion. The Nemean lion's skin was so strong that it could not be penetrated. Thus, he seemed to be unconquerable. However, Hercules proved this false by breaking the lion's neck. Like the Nemean lion, Leonians are courageous but not invulnerable. Surprisingly, they can be broken, too, but in a different manner. It is their feelings that get broken. In fact, Leos are extremely sensitive. This is very well hidden from their antagonists. The Leonians will merely leave the scene, either quietly or snarling, and lick their wounds in private. Leos like to organize everyone else's life. They do this because of deep-seated feelings that it is for that person's benefit. But not everyone takes too kindly to being told how to live his / her life, with the resul that fur generally flies fast and thick. If a Leo is angered, he immediately goes into his regal role. He 'mounts his throne' and quickly puts the challenger in his / her proper place. Leos literally roar at people when they are angry. But once their tirade is over, they forgive and forget, and never hold a grudge. At their best, Leonians are affectionate, cheerful, optimistic people who can be counted on to bring sunshine into other people's lives. They are exceptionally generous. Money appears to slip through their fingers as it it were grains of sand. Leos love to have a good

time. The theater, arts, and sports are of special interest to them. Leos like to visualize broad schemes, even if they know they can't possible afford them or that their ideas are not practical. However, if it does come down to making these schemes and ideas a reality, they usually succeed in persuading someone else to do all the paper work for them. Their leadership potential is hindered because of their dislike for paper work. In the work world, Leos are ambitious but never ruthless. They are hard workers, especially if they admire and respect their employer. There is a need for them to express their enthusiasm for life in their work. For this reason, they can easily become deeply involved with their career. They have vitality and good health, with strong recuperative powers. When they are ill, they have a tendency to run high fevers. They are seldom depressed; but when they are, they are devastated. Fortunately, their resilient powers are excellent, so they are soon sunny and happy again. There is a need for them to receive attention, praise, and recognition form their fellowman. In love, they are affectionate, wanting to give happiness to their loved one. But they have to admire their marriage partner. If they don't, the marriage may not last very long. Their most frustrating trait is that they have closed minds. They cling to their opinions stubbornly and cannot be appealed to either emotinally or with reason. Any new idea must be mulled over privately. Then, they consider the pros and cons until they reach a conclusion. But, most of the time, they haven't changed their minds at all. You feel as if you have been hitting your head against a stone wall when trying to get a Leo to consider your ideas and opinions. As a parent, a Leo expects a lot from his child. He is disappointed if the child does not measure up to his ideas. They are generous and enormously proud of their children. Most Leo parents thoroughly enjoy their children. If the children are energetic and eager, all is well. If, however, the child is timid and shy, the Leo parent must be very careful not to push this child beyond his capabilities. As a child, the Leonian will be sunny and happy. Be sure to give them responsibilities early. They have a tendency to become 'bossy' with other children, and should be gently persuaded to take turns. They need plenty of rest, outdoor exercise, and protein. Natal Sun in Virgo (Betty Lundsted) The Virgo child enters a mother-dominated environment. The Sun is in a feminine polarity, which indicates that the father is a passive figure. There is a different expression of the earth element in the Virgo, since the childhood environment stresses education and mental development. For centuries, Virgos have been told that they are too critical, too intellectual, too rational, too involved with education, too involved with finding fault in others; and that they emphasize petty details rather than concentrating on main issues. It seems to be true - these qualities are often a part of a Virgo's character. But how are these character traits developed? Virgo is born into a family where Mom is quite put out with Dad. In many instances, Virgo is born when the mother decides to have a much-wanted child. She then goes through the crisis of having to stay at home from work to take care of the kid. The work environment offered office relationships that were enjoyable; the office offered a chance to exchange

information with others that is usually lost when a woman stays at home to take care of a child's needs. This mother begins to resent her husband, for after the child is born she can't afford baby sitters since the family has just lost her income. Or, the Virgo child is born into a family where one more child is another financial responsibility that is added to an already heavy burden. The mother resents her position, and begins to question her husband's ability to support his family. She not only criticizes her husband, but doubtless criticizes her own mother, her in-laws and the whole neighborhood. It isn't too long before she gets around to criticizing the little Virgo as well. Because the mother is such a dominant force, the criticism that she offers is taken quite seriously by the child. In general, Virgos have a serious need to be appreciated and needed as they reach adulthood. They choose occupations which are necessary, which provide service for different groups; or they tend to become involved in occupations where they are overworked and underpaid. They are an employer's delight because they often give more time to a job than they are being paid for. Their problems begin when they start to find fault with everything and everybody around them. The motive is simple: 'If I can find fault with you before you find fault with me, then everything is ok.' Children raised by highly critical parents are going to grow up to be critical adults. We pick up our basic patterns of behavior from our parents. The attitudes we encounter are deposited in our subconscious very early in life. As we get older and look inside ourselves, we sometimes notice with amazement that we have become a carbon copy of our parents! The mother may instill in her child values that will also discourage Virgo from feeling comfortable in certain adult aspects of relationships. Often, the mother of a Virgo goes through an antisexual period during the kid's infancy. She worries a lot about hygiene, and the normal functions of the body are often regarded with distaste. Mothers of Virgo infants have been observed to have extremely negative reactions to the job of changing dirty diapers. All children wear diapers, and all humans eliminate body waste. However, when a child's diaper is changed with disgust, and the child is only two or three months old, he begins to feel that the disgust relates to some unsatisfactory behavior on his part. If one shows disgust or disdain to a dog while it's in the training process, it can be trained not to eat! A child exposed to this response will develop guilts about natural functions, including sexuality. Most Virgos feel guilty about their sex life, and handle sex with embarrassment, or not at all. However, Virgo is an earth sign. We often use the word 'earthy' to indicate someone who is practical and sensual and a part of the earth. Virgo children have trouble compromising between their sexual desires and their sexual attitudes. The Virgo female grows up in an environment in which she is close to her mother, but this closeness may be of either the love or the hate polarity. She feels criticized and unsure of herself. She doesn't have a lot of confidence in her ability to handle life experience, since her childhood was full of admonitions and criticisms. As she progresses into her teens, her body starts making demands and inquiries into her sexuality. Many young Virgo girls have early sexual experiences because they are looking for 'a port in the storm'. They also want to understand how it feels to be a woman. Some Virgos marry for the first time in order to get away from home and mother. But as time goes by, the Virgo begins to feel guilty because the power of the subconscious pulls on her rational mind. She may even grow to resent her sexual needs. She often goes back to college after marriage to get her degree so that she can go back to work in a professional capacity. At that time, she begins to treat her husband much as her mother treated her father, and disappointments begin to happen in the relationship they begin to grow apart. The Virgo male has a more difficult time of it. He is a mother-dominated child in an atmosphere where his father is criticized and rejected. As he grows up, he's quite angry that his father is so incompetent. He feels that if his father were a better provider, his

mother (the centre of his universe) wouldn't be so unhappy. Consequently, the Virgo often works too hard on a job in order to prove he isn't the 'no-good' that Daddy was, and he gets very angry when his work is not appreciated. He gets the same dose of bacteria phobia and disgust that his sister did from his mother, and he enters adulthood with a bit of a sexual double standard. He wants to be sexually involved, yet he thinks sex is a little vulgar. The Virgo male can carry a great deal of resentment towards his mother. If she is really overpowering, and if she is intensely critical of him and his dad, the boy may not want to have any involvement with women at all; for every time he sees a woman he sees the characteristics of his mother. Men born into feminine signs have more trouble dealing with women than do their masculine sign counterparts. Because Mother ran the household, and seemed to be the ruler of the universe, it is more difficult for these men to converse freely with women; subconsciously, they think that women have 'therpower'. When they learn that 'the power' is really related to the concept of the feminine principle, and that this power is in them and can be used in a material sense for building something in the material universe - whether the building is intellectual or physical - then they are free to see men and women as human beings. Until they reach an understanding of the masculine and feminine principles operating in the universe, they will over-listen to women. It's difficult for them to have a disagreement with a woman; they can't easily handle opinions from a woman, and they overreact to what she says. A woman may have no idea that the Virgo male is reacting to her in this way. She just notices that he's too detailed, too involved in statistics, too involved in proving his points by quoting passages from all the books he's read; and she can't get a straightforward conversation out of him. If it happens to be a positive-sign woman (who wasnt to be respected in her own right by men in general) encountering a Virgo male, these two can engage in a most interesting argument, all based on the subconscious drives within them! If Virgos want to form real relationships, they need to sincerely dedicate themselves to the art of relating. It's something they need to learn because when they were children they didn't see relating between their parents. Their parents essentially play 'Mr. and Mrs.' roles; the man-woman factor in the relationship was impersonal. Virgos have to figure out for themselves what a relationship is, how to do it, and whether or not they feel they can take a chance with it. Perhaps the most difficult thing to understand about Virgos is that it's normal for them to criticize people they are fond of - they criticize when they care enough to criticize at their very best! However, they don't accept criticism very well, because they're already a selfcritical group; so they don't want to hear any suggestions from a partner. When they realize that they need to share their mind and their emotions with someone they care for; when they begin to care enough to care about how their partner feels; when they can give up being self-defensive every time a serious discussion takes place, then they are on the road to haveing a good relationship. (Haydn Paul) The Virgo personality is usually careful, efficient and methodical, deriving great pleasure in creating order from confusion and chaos. You will like to put things straight and tidy, to organise your environment and also any people that happen to be there.... You have a high degree of common sense, and can be an active thinker who has to put thoughts into practice. You are efficient at handling and working with details in life, and are able to learn new things quickly and easily. You may find it difficult to feel content with life, yet have difficulty distinguishing which aspects should be changed to improve it. There can be anxiety undercurrents, and through excessive worry your nervous system can be affected, creating ill-health. You may need to be careful that excessive work does not place too much strain on your health, as you tend to be one of the consistent and reliable workers of the zodiac.

Your life-attitudes are fundamentally conservative and traditional, and you are cautious and protective regarding your interests. You tend to seek perfection in people and the world (which you will never find), and can tend to point out faults to others; sometimes, these comments can be too sharp and upsetting, even if your perceptions are generally accurate. Yet when you consciously choose to be, you can reveal a tactful and diplomatic style of expression. You may not always judge yourself to quite the high degree that you expect from others though.... Your attitudes, beliefs and opinions can become too fixed and inflexible, which can make change and development difficult to achieve, as well as leading to conflicts with others. You can be an efficient financial manager and organiser of your domestic life, needing this to feel secure. You are very conscious of the value and importance of ensuring that the family unit remains cohesive, and are willing to expend considerable effort in that direction. There will be a strong sense of morality - reflecting traditional values - and your life will probably move along socially acceptable routes; you prefer this, as you are a bit restrained and choose to stay on secure 'well-trodden paths'. (Betty Lundsted) (contd.) You probably hold back your emotions, feeling less comfortable with them, because they represent elements of chaos and unpredictability which you feel you are opposing in the world. You will rarely be openly demonstrative about your feelings, which can lead to greater inner strains and tensions until they need to be periodically or explosively released. You need a partner who appreciates your efforts and sympathetically understands the challenges of your nature. You may display philosophic resignation and attempt to 'soldier on' when difficulties arise; you tend to subdue your desires in order to maintain a working relationship, but you may have to beware of becoming resentful of your sacrifice and frustration of needs. There may be some inhibition with sexuality, perhaps a self-consciousness and unease with your sexual desires and feelings, until you can overcome deep fears of losing self-control to those powerful energies. You are domestically oriented, enjoying home life, and are not too keen on travelling far unless it is with your family. You are orthodox and conventional regarding most things in life, but your main criterion and test is for practicality and applicability in life; and if that is met, then it is acceptable. You can serve as a valued adviser, organising behind the scenes, and be a performer of thankless tasks due to that self-sacrificial Virgo quality. (Sydney Omarr) Virgo females Virgo women are discriminating, often regal, very often tiresome in their pursuit of cleanliness; andf, more often than not, aware of the details of any project you might be considering. This woman appreciates money in the bank, and is not at all averse to seeing the ring on her finger. Promises are fine; she will appreciate the fact that you are wellmeaning. But she does demand results. In so doing, she is capable of bringing out the best in you. She is mercurial, earthy, energetic, full of plans; she is ambitious, not only for herself but also for you. One of the best hints is this: do not underestimate her. She knows what she is about. She can set a goal and overcome the most tremendous odds. She is an invaluable ally; she will not let you down if you take her into your confidence. If you are seeking some kind of half-relationship, she is not the woman for you. But if you are serious; willing to go all the way for her, and accept her as a full partner; then she can be a wonderful asset. Virgo women want to know where they stand. It doesn't help to beat around the bush

with them. If you are kidding, or if your purpose is a night of fun, come out and state the case. That way, the Virgo woman respects you and you'll probably have more fun than would otherwise be the case. These women have a genuine interest in serving the public; they are dedicated workers, and seldom know the meaning of fear or defeat. They are natural fighters, and their goal is truth. It doesn't matter what traditions fall before them in their quest; the important thing is to reach the goal. You had better look elsewhere if it is a 'Betty-Bop' girl you want. However, if it is a woman who is intelligent, loyal, frank, discriminating, thorough, and wryly humorous, you have picked the correct one in Virgo. One more hint: confide in her, and you will assure her that you are sincere. Keep things from her, and she will suspect the entire framework of your character and your motives. Virgo males The Virgo man is demanding; he asks that you prove yourself, that you be willing to sacrifice when necessary. He is not apt to be a 'sugar-daddy'. He knows the meaning of work and the value of money. He is discriminating; not easy to fool; he is the kind of man a woman can depend upon for security. But if you are not willing to give as well as receive, then it would be best for you to forget the Virgo man. This man likes to feel he is worthy; integrity is a key word. He applies his own standards to others, including you. He will not tolerate deception. His mind is quick; he is mercurial and earthy. He usually says what he means, and he usually means well. This, however, is not always apparent. At times, he may appear hypersensitive and over-critical. These are things you should know if you are interested in a Virgo man. He is practical, honest, fair; he is also basically shy - it is difficult for him to express his true feelings. he is not the kind of happy-go-lucky fellow that others immediately accept. This is one of his problems. Learn to read between the lines; try to understand that sentiment is something he has trouble expressing. This man is conservatinve in the way he expresses himself; there is plenty of reserve in his make-up. You will have to be patient and loyal. This is not a pretentious man; often you will have to help him build confidence. He needs a woman who has faith in him; who can appreciate his patience and willingness to work toward and achieve important goals. In all, the Virgo man often proves his value; he is a good bet for a long, solid relationship. If you are looking for lots of laughs and little permanence, this is not the man for you. But if you want to build for the future, you've found your man. (Skye Alexander) People who have their Suns in Virgo are usually hard-working, conscientious, meticulous and well-organized. You pride yourself on your efficiency and your dedication to duty, and you can always be depended upon to get the job done. What you lack in creativity you make up for with effort. You express yourself in practical ways and want to see the results of your work. Modest and unpretentious, you consider yourself an 'ordinary guy' and identify with the common people rather than the élite. Methodical and analytical, you have an eye for detail that could serve you well in careeers that require precision and accuracy, such as accounting, tailoring, watchmaking, dentisty, drafting, microbiology, engraving or finish carpentry. You

patiently and diligently work to hone your skills, always striving for perfection. However, you need to guard against carrying your perfectionism to extremes. Your focus on individual details often causes you to miss the larger picture. The expression 'can't see the forest for the trees' certainly describes you. You expect yourself and everyone around you to be perfect, but because your expectations are impossibly high, you set yourself up for disappointment. Your outlook is often rather negative, and you can be overly critical and 'picky', finding fault with things that others don't even notice. You see your 'role' in life as serving others, and frequently prefer to remain in the background, in a support position, rather than grabbing the spotlight. Timid, shy and selfeffacing, you tend to undervalue yourself, and, as a result, often allow yourself to be taken advantage of by others. You rarely seek rewards or recognition for what you do. When others take you for granted, however, you become bitter, complaining and resentful; yet you still might not stand up for yourself. Exceptionally neat and orderly, you can be a bit neurotic about cleanliness. You may wash your hands every fifteen minutes and brush your teeth after every cup of herb tea, and wouldn't think of wearing the same shirt twice without washing it. Your desk is the epitome of organization; your checkbook is always balanced; and unless your Moon is in Pisces, Scorpio or Aquarius, your home probably looks a bit like an operating room. Also fastidious about your health, you worry excessively about germs, take your vitamins and are fussy about what you eat. Sensitive, nervous and not particularly vital or energetic, you might experience a variety of stress-related illnesses. When you're upset, you are more likely than other people to suffer from problems with the digestive system. Your interest in health and nutrition might lead you to pursue a career in a medical or dietary field - which also would satisfy your desire to serve and help others. Sasha Fenton) Virgoans are not usually good at dealing with strangers. They are shy, suspicious and unsure of how to act or react. They convey this discomfort to others and may, therefore, present a hostile or even surly front upon first acquaintance. Some Virgoans learn how to present themselves in a pleasant and welcoming manner, but the coolness and suspicion are still there just below the surface, hidden from the masses, but easily detectable to those with sensitive antennae. Once they have established that the stranger is not going to borrow money from them, laugh at them or bore them to tears, Virgos can become excellent and very animated company. Virgoans are kind, and can be a soft touch to less scrupulous types. They want to be liked, and, even more importantly, to be respected. They are very sensitive, easily hurt, and easily defeated or turned from their purpose. This tendency is, thankfully, often modified by the presence of planets in stronger, more determined signs. They are the specialists of the zodiac, possessing a great deal of knowledge about their own particular subject, but are fascinated by all forms of knowledge, and they take an interest in everything around them. Virgoans are modest and retiring, so they don't care to blow their own trumpets or to push themselves to the forefront. However, they won't tolderate being made to look foolish. Being clever and articulate, they can react in a very spiteful manner when their feelings are hurt. Many Virgoans have a great deal in common with Geminians because the planet Mercury rules both of these signs. Virgos can be as adept in the business of communicating information as Geminis, but the difference is that Virgos will usually keep within their own subject when doing so. Therefore, Virgos make excellent teachers, specialist broadcasters, and sports, business or fashion reporters. These people like to help others, and love to feel that their contribution to the betterment of the lives of others really makes a difference; thus, many Virgoans choose to work in the field of medicine, social work or politics. The chances are that the Virgoan's childhood was nothing to write home about. It seems

that whenever this sign is prominent in a chart, the parents probably went through the motions of caring for the child but didn't really love him or imbue him with much selfconfidence or self-respect. The parents may have been repressive or over-disciplinarian, with far too much emphasis on keeping up at school, keeping clothes and shoes clean, and being seen and not heard. Virgoan children don't need much discipline because they respond very quickly to love and also to reasoned argument, and they want their parents to love them and to approve of them. Unfortunately, they find themselves spending too much time staring at their shoes in shame while being berated for some totally unimportant minor infringement of parental rules. In childhood at least, this sign seems to have an extremely difficult karma. Virgoans are modest and retiring, and they don't like to make a display of themselves in front of others, so they are easily embarrassed. They frequently have specialised knowledge and skills which are highly developed because they concentrate on their chosen subjects and take a deeply professional and responsible attitude to all that they do. It sometimes takes a while before this knowledge and ability becomes apparent to others because they tend to hide their light under a bushel. Work is important to Virgoans, and they need a measure of status within their job and also need to be acknowledged as experts within their field. If they have this status and they feel secure in their work, then they are happy and comfortable; but when uncertainty strikes or when they have to fight for their rights, they lose confidence and become dejected. Whatever task a Virgoan tackles, he does it in the best way possible and likes to think that he is fulfilling his duties to the best of his abilities. He is quick, intelligent and thorough, and deserves to have his efforts recognised by his superiors. The fact is that the opposite often happens, and he is made use of, taken for granted, and not accorded the respect which he deserves. This can turn him very sour, and make him extremely tetchy and difficult. It is all too easy for Virgos to be sarcastic and hurtful to others and to undervalue their efforts in much the same way as they feel that their own efforts have been undervalued. Indeed, many Virgos have quite hard exteriors, but the prevailing Virgo nature is to be kindly and thoughtful to others, and to have impeccable manners. Virgos often have quite good hair and, in common with the other earth signs of Taurus and Capricorn, males tend to keep most of it until well into old age. Virgoans look old for their age when young, but they seem to stop ageing somewhere in their mid-forties and remain much the same for the next thirty years or so. Most astrology books talk about a protruding tummy and, although usually slim, they often do have a slightly bulging stomach. Virgos have an intelligent and lively look about them which becomes very animated when they are talking on their favourite subjects. The two most common Virgo features are a strong jaw bone with a rather protruding chin and also a widow's peak. Some Virgos suffer from acne when young, but most have excellent skin and a very good bone structure which makes them highly photogenic. Weak spots for health are the nervous system, bowels and skin. Virgos can suffer from allergies such as hay fever, eczema, asthma, and stomach ailments such as colitis and ulcers. These subjects are usually very health-conscious, and strive to look after themselves. However, Virgos should try not to over-analyse their problems, and they should treat themselves to some gentle but regular exercise. Virgos like to be of service, both to the community in general and to their superiors at work, but they need to be appreciated in order to be happy in their work. They are probably better off as part of a team than as the boss of any organisation. As a boss, they can be pernickity and demanding towards those under them. Virgos have an aptitude for any kind of communications work, and, therefore, can be found in the media, as secretaries, telephonists and drivers. These subjects like to help humanity, and they also love to teach, so many of them take up teaching either as a main career or as a hobby.

Anything which involves sorting or analysing is right up most Virgoans' street; therefore, accountancy, systems analysis, computing or record-kepping, and even marketing jobs, will suit them. Many Virgoans are attracted to the world of medicine in all its forms, and thus can be found working in hospitals, as alternative health practitioners, or as therapists of all kinds. Their sympathy, kindness and ability to listen carefully make them excellent counsellors and advisors. Many Virgoans like to follow an unchanging routine in an organisation which has a well-defined structure. Other Virgos are attracted to jobs which give them a bit of variety and a chance to express themselves. The sign of Virgo is associated with the harvest, so the idea of growing and preparing food, especially nutritious food, appeals to them. Virgos like travelling, and will often turn their experiences to good advantage by writing about both their travels and the people they meet along the way. One profession which is peculiarly Virgoan is that of acting. It seems that Virgos can shake off their shyness and inhibitions as soon as they don the mask of another character, and they seem to have a real knack of making their portrayals realistic. There is a fairly large segment of the Virgo community who seem to defy the usual interpretations of this sign's nature. For one thing, these people can be extremely untidy in some or all areas of their lives. Some are tidy at home but keep their papers in a muddle, while others do the reverse. Some appear to live in apple-pie order but shove all the mess into cupboards where it cannot be seen. Others are simply completely disorganised. The reason for this phenomenon is the theory of 'polarity' in which the very characteristic for which a sign is known is polarised so that the person displays completely opposite traits and habits. Another Virgoan polarisation is laziness. There are many Virgos who, while having very active minds, don't actually get down to doing much of anything. Yet another anomaly is the type of Virgo who is attracted to big business and who may be a tough, heartless gogetter who neglects his family and makes everyone else's life a misery. In fact, this last one is not such an anomaly because obsessional workaholism is a very Virgo trait, although it is unusual ofr a Virgoan to have the confidence or the strength of character to become a mogul or a tycoon. The motivation behind the go-getter Virgo is a sneaking feeling of worthlessness or a fear of losing what they have gained. Typical spare-time activities might include helping out in a café, making cakes for pleasure, running a small library or acting as secretary to a committee. Many Virgoans are keen on sports, either as a spectator or as a participant, and they will follow their team's progress with great dedication. A quick round-up of those Virgoans whom I know reveals a famous broadcaster who was once a top actor, a top chef, an accountant, a teacher and a vet. Virgos are fairly careful types who don't like spending money unnecessarily. They are quite fussy, however, and don't care to live in dirty, cramped or run-down circumstances. Virgoans are very clever at making and mending, and will repair or renovate whenever they can. These subjects don't seek an ostentatious or glamorous lifestyle, but they may be more interested in the quality of life than the quantity of it. Being neither high earners nor big spenders, Virgos are thrifty, modest in their requirements and sensible. Being an earth sign, they often enjoy having a bit of land or a garden to work in, and they will grow good things to eat whenever possible. Many Virgos work from home, either on a part-time basis or as part of their normal job, so a study or room where they can think is much appreciated. Virgos are sensible with money, making sure that they have enough behind them for times of trouble or to help their families out if they need it. They don't throw money around and, although charitable, don't give it away unnecessarily either. Virgo is a mercurial sign, which suggests that they can be restless and that they need a decent and reliable vehicle at hand. Many Virgos own subsidiary vehicles such as a small van or a bicycle in addition to a car. Some Virgos enjoy travelling, especially when this offers an opportunity to gain new knowledge. Virgos spend money on books, magazines,

newspapers, computers, television and radio equipment, and then more books. Some Virgoans are keen on gadgetry and collect the kinds of tools and equipment associated with craft work or even office work. They enjoy visiting the local cinema and theatre, the ballet or opera, or local sporting events. Some are avid followers of sports, while others are involved with local dramatics and dancing or exercise classes. Some Virgos spend a good deal of money on special kinds of foodstuffs or alternative remedies. Sasha Fenton) (contd.) Virgoans, in general, look forward to retirement as an opportunity to cultivate and develop the hobbies with which they have always filled their spare time. These will almost certainly include gardening, for they are natural and enthusiastic gardeners. Any diminution of income, provided it is not massive, will be greeted with equanimity; careful with money, they are not devoted to it. Lack of self-confidence can make changes at work rather difficult to cope with. The threat of being fired is frightening; out of work, they are peerless in their effort to find a new job; and, willing and hard workers, they should do so more easily than most. It is essential for Virgoans to spend as much time as possible in the fresh air and, if possible, in the country. Children of nature, their spirits are revived by long walks and cycle rides. This is also a sign much related to wholefood diets and vegetarianism. The Virgoan diet must contain plenty of fibre: this Sun sign rules the bowels, and constipation can cause problems, usually because of an unbalanced diet. Medically administered drugs don't suit many Virgoans, and they should always watch carefully for any allergy. Holistic and homeopathic treatments are often favored, with excellent results. Balance is the best answer to Virgoan health problems, plus exercise and fresh air; it is a mistake to sacrifice these for family or work. These people also benefit considerably from relaxation techniques such as yoga; meditation is especially good if they are prone to worry, although resulting introspection may exacerbate the problem. As a result of worries (perhaps about their career or family), Virgoans are often vulnerable to severe headaches or even migraines. A change of diet may help more than they realize, so they should seek medical advice if they do have painful headaches. Virgos can be fairly good family members, but they can also be very difficult to live with. The two main problems are their lack of confidence and their fussiness. Unless the Virgo can find a partner who is prepared to help them get over their doubts and fears and who can also go along with their 'fiddle-faddling', they may end up out on their ear. Virgoans are very houseproud, good cooks, and wonderful friends. They are very responsible family members, taking care of their partners and their children even if the relationship breaks up. Many Virgos marry more than once, possibly because it takes the experience of a couple of serious relationships before they can relax enough to become livable with. Many Virgoans make better friends than marriage partners because they cannot take too much of the day-in, day-out demands of a serious and committed relationship, and they can be far too critical. Virgos are kind, and this kindness seems to lead them to attract a fairly demanding type of partner. Their constant attempts to fulfil these demands can wear them out in the same way that a sparrow can be worn out by an adopted cuckoo. These subjects are quite easily bored by those with whom they have to live, and, in many respects, are happier when working than when trying to deal with relationship matters. Most Virgos are hard workers who define themselves by what they do rather than what they are. Some of these subjects duck out of the family or relationship problems by trying to make themselves indispensible at work. Many Virgoans are so genuinely devoted to their work that this puts an unbearable strain on their relationships. Some Virgos can be intellectual snobs, choosing their friends from among those who reflect their cultural or intellectual status. Others may choose to 'marry beneath them' so that they can look down contemptuously

on their partners. Virgoans don't leave jobs half-done, and they are not sloppy in their approach, so their partners can be sure of good meals and a well-kept home and garden. Some Virgoans are highly intellectual and fairly incompetent at 'hands-on' household jobs; while others are highly dextrous, incredibly practical and capable around the home, and far less tense, intellectual and difficult to live with. Virgos can be surprisingly untidy, and they may not like their own particular corner of the house or their personal papers to be cleared up or disturbed. A Virgoan household may be filled with interesting friends and relatives, because they love nothing better than to chat. Virgoans are wizard at helping others or giving excellent advice; however, they don't like people to overstay their welcome. These subjects are not vain or especially demanding, but they like to have things 'just so', and can make a terrible fuss about trivial matters. Virgoans can be quite irritable, partly because they find it difficult to stand up to people. This means that they may bring their work problems home and thus become quite tetchy to live with. They can be perfectionists who expect too much of themselves and far too much of everyone around them too. Virgo is an earth sign, which gives them common sense, practicality and a love of the good things of life. Although fairly careful with money, they are not mean, and they will do all that they can for their families. Virgo men are very supportive of working wives, and they are often happy to occupy themselves with some of the housework. This is partly due to a reasonable attitude, and partly due to their hatred of sitting still and doing nothing. These subjects can be seen at their best when one of their loved-ones is ill, because they make excellent nurses. However, when they themselves are ill, they can be quite demanding, and some Virgoans are permanent hypochondriacs. Not all Virgoans bother with relationships; after experiencing an early failure, many of them go on to live alone and look after themselves. Virgos are surprisingly strongly sexed, probably because this is an earth sign. They are also curious, and may get into sexual experimentation fairly early in life. If they miss out on this, they are likely to go in for 'adventures' later in life, either after a long-standing partnership breaks up or even while it is still in operation. Virgoans of both sexes quite like to be shown what to do in bed because they sometimes find it difficult to take responsibility for their own sexuality. The rulership of their sign by the planet Mercury suggests that they are willing to live out their fantasies; and, being kind and fair-minded, they will help their lovers to live out their fantasies too. Virgos don't like making love with unwashed people or in dirty places, because their sensuality demands a certain amount of comfort. They have an almost theatrical sense of 'scene', which suggests that they enjoy love-making in a pleasant, perhaps even specially arranged and decorated, area. Virgoans are fussy about their partner's looks, and don't much care for someone who is obese or who doesn't look after him- or herself. Virgos find sex easy, but affectionate behaviour quite difficult, probably due to the lack of cuddling or play in their own childhood. Being very dutiful, Virgos will try their best to do the right thing by a whole variety of family members. However, they can't take too much of a good thing, and, therefore, prefer to keep their visits to or from relatives very short. However, these subjects love to entertain and will happily provide food and drink on a special occasion, and then more happily say goodbye to them at the end of the visit. Virgoans will help out their sisters and brothers when necessary, and will strive to keep in touch with them over the long periods of time and over great distances. They also tend to keep in touch with friends, even those who move out of the country. Their favourite relationships are probably the ones which they can conduct on the telephone; but, surprisingly enough, they are not good letter-writers. As children, Virgos are shy and diffident, and easily hurt. They are easily shamed, and seem to carry the burden of the guilt of the whole world on their shoulders. They may suffer quite a bit at school, and can be bullied by other pupils or teachers, or both. They seem to make a very bad karmic choice of parents, having fathers whom they love but

who are distant and rather demanding. Their mothers may be far more interested in keeping up appearances and fussing about silly things than loving and caring for the Virgo child. Some Virgoans have mothers who are so incapable of looking after their children that they find ways of opting out of motherhood altogether. These children are expected to excel, but their fears, phobias and lack of self-esteem makes it hard for them to do so, while other children and even the parents of other children may be jealous of their obvious intelligence. Many Virgoan children grow up with a sense of abandonment. As parents, Virgoans try not to recreate the mistakes of their own childhood. however, because they were not shown much real affection themselves, they find it hard to relate properly to their own children, and may, therefore, pass on the silly demands for scholastic performance and perfect behaviour which made their own childhood so intolerable. If the Virgoan finds his children difficult to understand or to deal with, or if his marriage breaks up, he may physically distance himself from them. (Robert Hand) You are very careful in everything you do, and you put a high value on neatness. When you aren't neat, you lose respect for yourself, because you have very high standards in that as well as in other areas, which you want to come up to as much as possible. You expect others to live up to those same high standards, and you are easily disappointed if they do not. When you see something is wrong in someone or something, you don't hesitate to point it out. But you will have to learn to be considerate when you do this, because criticizing others creates bad feelings. You are very interested in learning as much as possible about the world, particularly about how to use various kinds of tools. Since you want to learn practical skills, it would be a very good idea to have a hobby in which you use your hands. In whatever you make or do, you apply the same standards of perfection that you want other people to live up to. As a consequence, your work is far more careful than other people's. If you knwo you can't do something right, you won't do it at all. You tend to worry about your health, but you don't need to. Your health is as good as anyone else's; you are just more concerned about it. Probably you will follow good rules of health. You like to help others, because being useful makes you feel good. You are able to put off what you want for yourself in order to help someone you love do what he or she wants. Others will respect you for this. Frances Sakoian and Louis Acker) For those born under the Earth sign of Virgo, the hub of the universe is work. Since Mercury rules Virgos, they are forever seeking knowledge, which will bring matter under the control of the mind. Through this seeking, they learn that the mind of man is a good servant but a bad master, especially when the mind usurps the sovereignty of the spirit. Virgos have to learn that although the body must serve the mind, ultimately the mind must serve the spirit. Virgos are meticulous in their work, paying a great deal of attention to detail, and doing things carefully and efficiently. They like to bring order out of confusion. Because they value work and have a great deal of respect for it, they will go to great lengths to help a friend find employment, but will seldom raise a finger to help someone who gets into difficulties because he refuses to work. To Virgos, the only true aristocracy is the aristocracy of the worker. Virgos, however, are much too practical and intelligent to allow anyone to make martyrs of them. When the demands made on them become excessive and unreasonable, they say 'no', with conviction.

In its best form, this sign makes for efficiency and a brilliant performance of duty. At times, however, it bestows a narrowness of outlook: the individuals may be unable to talk about anything except their work, and they lack interest in anything that is not related to work. Virgos subject their world to a microscopic analysis. Occasionally, they are engrossed with trivialities to the extent of becoming blind to the significance of the issue as a whole. Eventually, developed Virgos learn discrimination between the essential and the trivial. Once this power of making distinctions evolves, Virgos are able to become great scholars, constructive critics, excellent editors - all exacting perfection. The key phrase for Virgo os 'I analyze'. However, Virgos should not mistake brilliant intellect, with its accompanying faculty of criticism, for heavenly wisdom. They must learn to be absolutely dispassionate in evaluating both their own performance and the performance of others. They function at the height of their powers in careers that are related somehow to service. They are capable of great self-denial if they think their work is worthy of it. Virgo also rules health. In this phase of their evolution, therefore, Virgos must learn that wise men do not exhaust their body energies by worrying, fretting, or overworking. Foolish fears and apprehensions can lead to semi-invalidism. Nevertheless, this sign has a marvelous physical resistance to disease, once the mind develops discipline. If Virgos can keep out of the clutches of disease, they become effective healing agents, excercising a splendid influence on the sick. Virgo bodies reject all artificial food or medicine. Food is quite harmful to them when they are angry or in extreme anguish. Because Virgo is an Earth sign, Virgos admire material progress. They like good food and are fond of comfort and good clothes. Many people born under this sign are leaders in fashion. Virgos will inspect the labels on clothing to determine whether the article was manufactured by a reputable firm. No shoddy workmanship is passable for Virgos! However, they must learn to refrain from gossip and chattering about people who do not seem to approach their own particular standard of good appearance. It is difficult for Virgos to accumulate large sums of money because of their excessive expenditures. They need to develop a system whereby they can avoid unnecessary expense, for while they are able to go on saving 'sprees', the saving never lasts. They are impressed by eloquent words strung together like pearls. These sounds are music to their ears, and they prefer them to less subtle expressions of affection. Many Virgo people are indifferent to love adventures, and often remain voluntarily unmarried; no-one measures up to their standards of perfection. Married women of this sign possess a greater executive capacity than their partners. They place themselves as the real family heads, governing husband and everyone around, and taking the responsibility for their homes and families. (Lyn Birbeck) You have a helpful though critical heart. You have the will to use generously your sense of precision - withhout developing it into pedantry. Your life should be led in a spirit of service and modesty - as opposed to one of drudge and self-doubt. Your father is seen or expressed as one who is thoughtful and attentive, and / or too exacting or lax. You have an aura of authenticity that acts as an example to Other that it is possible to improve his / her life and to be true to him- / herself. You generate a sense of industriousness that encourages Other to become more efficient at his / her life tasks, as

well as your showing him / her better techniques for doing so. You also have an air of selfcontrol or inner restraint. You can alienate Other with a pat or know-it-all attitude that invites Other to leave you with only your apparent self-righteousness for company. You can also alienate with a workaholic life-style which misses the point that true efficiency leaves time for rest and recreation; and with an inhibited nature that smacks of being afraid of life beyond your idea of it. You overemphasize your need to be seen and heard to be right - which could be wrong in itself! You also overemphasize the importance of the practical at the expense of the natural or to the detriment of emotional priorities. And you stress your insistence on purity and correctness in Other, while overlooking the fact that rough edges and imperfections are a fact of life. You can feel weak when you have no answer, reason or solution for something - and when you have to allow Other to help him- / herself. You can also feel weak when your efforts appear not to be producing an obvious result; or when Other reflects personally on you as not being the 'perfect person' that you like to think you are but obviously are not. When you are alone, it is hardly surprising because Virgo is the sign of the hermit. The reason behind such withdrawal will be a feeling that you or Other is not good enough. When deliberate, such a retreat would be for reasons of 'getting your act together' or to become more sure of yourself as an individual before letting anyone else too close. In the case of involuntary isolation, it could be for the same reasons - but you just don't know it. But it is just as likely to be because you have still not removed the fly from your own ointment. This means that you continue to have, or rather believe you have, a dimension to your being that is too delicate and private to share. If so, you will be alone until you accept that this is a judgement you have made upon yourself (or Other), in order to avoid making any real changes in yourself. (Grant Lewi) To discover the motivating drive in the life of any Virgoan, it is necessary to look at the work he is doing; for so deep is Virgo's utilitarian sense that he identifies himself with his work and is quite willing to lose himself in it. His personality and character development depend, to a peculiar extent, on the nature of the work he has set himself, for he will be as big or as small as his job or mission. He is capable of becoming single-tracked, absorbed and narrow over whatever he happens to fall into. He is capable of making work his god, and thus going high and far in a chosen direction. He is capable of expanding his spirit by selecting a career somehow related to service. He is capable of the extremes of self-denial if he thinks his work calls him to that. And he is also capable of feeling that his work requires self-immolation, self-limitation and self-sacrifice to an inordinate degree. However you figure it, the puzzle of his nature will be solved if you find his attitude toward the hub of his universe, his work. So true is this that when you run across an unemployed Virgoan you have the most woe-begone and incomplete personality in the world. In losing his work, Virgo loses his whole reason for being. In its best forms, this makes for efficiency and brilliance in the performance of duty, and it may take the sense of duty into very humane realms of selflessness. In its worst form, it makes for narrowness of outlook, great inability to talk anything but shop, and lack of interest in anything not related to work. So engrossed does Virgo become in his job (task, mission, message, or whatever he calls it) that he sometimes seems intent on destroying all the rest of his personality that doesn't belong to his work. He loses interest in extracurricular activities, so that his life is one long routine of keeping the nose to the grindstone; and he is unhappy when for some reason or other the grindstone stops or his nose gets away from it. To fix the aim high, to select a job that requires diverse talents and wide knowledge, is Virgo's best bet for a well-rounded life. If he has the misfortune to be able to find progress and security in a rut, he is likely to see only the progress and not realize it is a rut. He needs activities, companions, fun, diversions, hobbies to broaden his life,

and should seek these along constructive lines lest his overtaxed body and brain force him to seek them in undesirable forms of escapism, brooding and introversion. (John Townley) Of all the Sun signs, Virgo is the most adept at the care and feeding of a lover. You will go to great lengths to find out and provide whatever pleases your partner. You also put a high value on a lover who is aware of what pleases you. You must, however, make a particular attempt to let your lover know just what makes you happy, because other people are not likely to be as observant as you. What you consider neglect may just be an oversight. Don't wait for your lover to stumble accidentally on your favorite turn-on; let your tastes be known from the beginning. You will do well to find a lover who is very meticulous about being physically loyal to you. Carrying on more than one affair at a time would be difficult for you, because you want to give each one such detailed attention. Therefore you are more comfortable with a longterm affair that gives you plenty of time to structure the relationship. For you, a partnership is like a house - the more careful the craftsmanship that goes into building it, the more enjoyable and rewarding it is to live in. Giving and receiving gifts, particularly hand-made presents, may be a very potent expression of love for you. But do not be disappointed if your loved does not appreciate your gifts as much as you do, for not everyone is the same. Instead, find out what kind of communication your partner prefers, and direct your love energies there. (Julia and Derek Parker) Virgoans are in constant motion due to their abundant nervous energy. It is vital that this energy finds a positive outlet; otherwise it will be frittered away in restless twitchiness. Virgoans should also learn to center themselves and achieve inner calm. If they don't, tension can be a severe problem and, mixed with the almost inevitable Virgoan worry, will lead to nervous upsets. Worry is at the root of most personal problems for these individuals, and is best countered by their analytical, critical and practical qualities. Most Virgoans are practical, but those who aren't can all too easily become bogged down in the small details of problems. This, indeed, is one of their chief difficulties: that their critical acumen can be overapplied, both to themselves and to other people, causing problems in personal relationships. Relentless, carping criticism is their worst fault. What is needed is a positive synthesis of these qualities, producing people who are hardworking and practical; who will stand no nonsense, and deal sensibly with problems (their own, or other people's); and who are most likely to realize their full potential. Virgoans are talkative and lively in argument; and, like their Mercury-ruled cousins Geminians, they enjoy communicating their ideas, which are usually without frills, and clearly and economically expressed. Here again, however, a penchant for detail can trap them into overelaboration; they must learn to see the broader outline of things. Self-denigration can often get in the way when a Virgoan is thinking of deepening a personal relationship: 'What does he / she see in me? - I'm not good enough for him / her.' This can be genuine modesty, which (especially in a young person in love for the first time) can be charming - but more often the problem is deeper, and Virgoans should strive for the self-confidence which will allow them to accept compliments gracefully, and (most important) to believe them. They ar kind and willing to do anything for their partners, but their natural modesty can stop them fully expressing both their physical and their emotional love. They must learn to relax, and if (in some cases) they have taught themselves to regard sex with suspicion, learn to see it as a happy expression of that emotional devotion which they should allow themselves to show to a partner. The other most inhibiting factor is their tendency to nag, which they must curb.

The Virgo child is neat, clean, and a very willing worker at school. Exercise books will be totally devoid of dirty smudges, and the handwriting will be clear and legible. Willing workers who truly enjoy being given things to do, these children can earn a reputation as teachers' pets; this is not the case. Thy simply like being kept busy. Rather shy, so that the playground can seem threatening, they may be seen as standoffish. Parents should do everything possible to help them develop self-confidence, especially at examination time. The Virgoan tendency to worry will otherwise be overwhelmeing, and mysterious illnesses will appear. Virgoans will work from dawn to dusk to build and maintain their family home in a way that satisfies their own highly critical standards. Career women will make time for domestic work, but mustn't spend so much time cleaning and polishing that they never enjoy the environment they so lovingly create. If a partner accuses them of an obsession with spit and polish, they should take note! Similarly, both sexes should try to avoid bringing work home; otherwise they'll never have time for their family. To work at their very best, Virgoans probably need supervision. Not only is it often difficult for them to see what should be done, but even if they can do so they may be apprehensive about taking matters into their own hands, fearing themselves incompetent or wondering how other people will receive their efforts. But given an instruction they will follow it to the very best of their abilities. They make excellent personal assistants and here, too, are the natural formal critics of the zodiac. As writers, they have a sharp, incisive style which is of great advantage if they are working in the media. Many make excellent teachers, and others do well in the medical profession, both in conventional and in complementary medicine. Virgoans are not frantically ambitious; in top jobs, they must watch their tendency to carp if they want to be popular as well as efficient. A high salary will be carefully managed, but they should try to enjoy spending money as well as investing it. (Marcia Moore and Mark Douglas) Keynote: The power of individuality manifests through selective analysis. Symbol: Chemists in a laboratory test the purity of various drugs. People with the Sun in Virgo have a consuming desire for perfection, especially with regard to their work. This is not an easy placement because the work of nature is still far from perfected and the Earth itself is only slowly evolving toward an ideal state. Therefore, the Virgoan is frequently frustrated in his efforts to tidy up his small corner of the universe. Yet he toils without much visible reward and, gradually, the results of his labors become evident. Virgoans accomplish much of the drudgery of the world. They are essentially practical, not because they disbelieve the metaphysical verities, but because they already have more than enough to busy their hands and minds. They are like the industrious Martha in the Bible, who was too preoccupied with hosuehold tasks to attend to the words of the Master. Their philosophy maintains that the kingdom of heaven is won through selfless service, and their efforts are directed toward making life more tolerable for people here on Earth. They believe that cleanliness is next to godliness - or is the first step in that direction. As a result, they are more often to be found scurbbing than praying. The Virgoan mind is acute, discriminating, and methodical. With nimble Mercury held down by a concrete Earth sign, this person is more of a plodder than a sprinter. His efficiency may be impaired by a tendency to fret over trifles that other less-conscientious souls would dismiss or fail to notice. In consequence, he is accused of 'missing the forest for the trees'. He needs to make a special effort to gather up the details he so readily analyzes and to resynthesize them into a comprehensive whole.

Too often the Virgoan belittles when he ought to be big. This hypercritical attitude is hardly conducive to romance, and may delay marriage - sometimes permanently - while the search for the perfect mate continues. Once the choice is made and the knot is tied, however, the chastity for which the sign is renowned makes the Virgoan a faithful spouse, who expects the same of his amte. The meticulousness of this sign finds an appropriate outlet in matters relating to diet, hygiene, and sanitation. A competent Virgoan nurse in an immaculate white uniform, keeping an eye on things, isa reassuring sight to a bedridden sufferer. Virgoans are often accused of being fussy, but these servers of the race are welcome to be as exacting as they please when their attention is centered on teh selection and preparation of food and medicine, or the maintenance of sanitary conditions. They are especially suited to the medical professions since their discriminating minds are directed by a genuine impulse to be of practical assistance to people in need. Many are capable dieticians, nurses, pathologists, pharmacists, and laboratory technicians. A drugstore is a typically Virgoan institution because it dispenses medicines and handles a multitude of small necessities. Many Virgoans assume that 'where there's an ill, there's a pill', and they like to be able to count on their doctor to spot something wrong with them. Virgo people are invaluable in business as accountants and secretaries. Other congenial professions are teaching, writing, and research. As editors and proofreaders, they are unexcelled. Seldom assertive, they manage in a reserved way to make themselves indispensable to whatever organization they are serving. Their predilection for order and routine may lead to a career in one of the military services. Women of this sign are such that they are often called upon to work outside the home. The Virgoan's vices are his virtues carried to excess. He can be factual to the point of tedium. Attention to minutiae may degenerate into hairsplitting; and his insistence on keeping everything in its proper place can fray the nerves. He is prone to hypochondria but generally leads a long and healthy life because he pampers himself. He regards his body as an instrument to be maintained in the best possible condition, and he expects it to give him faithful service in return. Virgo rules both work and health. For many members of this sign, the conditions of their employment, and the satisfaction or dissatisfaction they feel in the performance of necessary duties, are intimately connected with their physical and mental well-being. It is, therefore, supremely important for the Virgoan to find his proper niche in life. If his job is not in some appropriate field, he will be at odds with himself and will suffer in body and mind. He can maintain a steady routine and work in unassuming ways, like a small jewel in a complicated watch, and should take special care to select an occupation where his critical attention to detail can be put to practical use and his reliability appreciated. (Jan Spiller and Karen McCoy) Sun in Virgo individuals may feel they have the right to be right; to discriminate, to criticize and analyze themselves and othters; and to be acknowledged for their righteousness. Static When you focus on wanting others to recognize your righteousness and purity, you may unconsciously behave in Virgo ways that are stuffy, prudish, puritanical, compulsively ordered, and haughty. To be acknowledged, you might elicit judgement on right and wrong, and use your analytical ability to appear important and set apart from others. In proving your ultimate rightness, you may use your finely honed critical talents to point out your own flaws. This backfires by resulting in a basic lack of confidence in your own spontaneity. Additionally, you may attempt to appear more righteous by pointing out the

flaws in others, in accordance with your value system of rigid rules and regularions for perfect behavior. When others don't appreciate or understand your good intentions, you are surprised. Indulging in the Virgo tendency to compulsive self-righteousness can scatter and deplete your energies. This indulgence may disrupt the focus and selfconfidence that are needed to act. Dynamic You can focus your attention on uplifting others through your talents and abilities for creating order. Then you notice the ways in which you can truly serve others without having to feel right about it. Recognizing the inherent worth of others gives you trust in your vision of their perfection. This frees you to contribute in a way that effectively supports them. Your desire to serve is appreciated when you expose others to your perception of their inherent value. This reinforces mutual self-worth. By being aware of others' personal desires, you can motivate them successfully through assisting them in reaching what they want. The resultant success increases their vitality and sense of wellbeing. When you place serving others above your judgement about whether or not it is the right thing to do, you can abandon rules and regulations. This results in self-trust, allowing you to act spontaneously in a way that automatically works to facilitate any situation. If you are aware that your intentions are truly pure, your sense of acting rightly is fulfilled. (Isabel Hickey) Virgo is represented by 'the harvest time', the gleaming of the wheat and the fruits of the earth'. The keyword is 'I analyze'. It rules the assimilative system in the physical body. Virgo's symbol is depicted as the Virgin, holding a sheaf of wheat. This symbol indicates the gathering in of material needs, just as the Virgo people collect, digest and correlate facts for their mental values. The Virgin denote purity and perfection. Virgos' desire is to reach the highest possible perfection, not only for themselves but for those around them. They have a greater sense of power than they are able to express, resulting in an inferiority complex. An inferiority complex is a superiority complex turned in on itself. Virgo is constantly learning the lesson of humble service and patience. These people find their fullest expression through service to others, being willing to do it quietly but thoroughly. Taking care of endless details and routine jobs is where they function best. There is a cautiousness and oftimes a selfishness in Virgo that is often unrecognized by the person born in this sign. It is difficult for the person to communicate and articulate where their inner thoughts and feelings are concerned. Their home is extremely important to them, for they feel more secure there than in any other surrounding. They are not gregarious because of their shyness. Their state of mind has a direct bearing on their health. They can become hypochondriacs if they become too self-centered and anxious about their health. Nervous tension is the person in the body giving the body a hard time. The Virgo individuals' greatest fault is being too critical. Their analyzing mind can cause them to degenerate into faultfinding, criticism and irritability. Virgos' real satisfaction lies in the realm of work and service. They are one of the best workers in the zodiac. They are practical and down-to-earth in their approach to life. They are good in the field of accounting and bookkeeping. Virgo women make excellent nurses and there is a strong purity and fastidiousness in them. They dislike anything crude or coarse. There is a sweetness and a lack of aggressiveness in this sign that gives a great attractiveness to those born in this sign. Virgo people make few enemies and have many friends due to their quiet, gentle manner. Because of their own inner feelings of inadequacy, they can be very demanding where their loved ones are concerned. Their need is to learn to be less critical and more loving. Venus, the love principle, is unhappy in an area where the lower mind operates. Love withers in a critical atmosphere. We related to others through the heart, never through

the head. We recognize this fact subconsciousnly when we use the term 'Never mind'. In the universal scheme of things, Virgo stands for the 'womb of time' wherein God's plan is being worked out through pain, struggle and conflict. These are the things that set the consciousness free from being earthbound. Virgo represents the sign of the hidden Christ in every man; the seed planted in earth, that must root in the darkness, and through struggle break its sheath and struggle towards the Light. Virgo is the last of the personal or involving signs, and is the threshold of the birth of the inner man. The personality is developed from Aries to Virgo; the soul is developed from Virgo to Pisces. (Myrna Lofthus) Virgo people are happy in careers that demand technical or analytical skill or that affords the oppotunity for service - often in a subordinate capacity. Some of the careers are medicine, chemists, craftsmen, administrators, accountants, secretaries, teachers, and photogrpahers. Five positive key words are: analytical, industrious, systematic, considerate, and reliable. Five negative keywords are: aloof, skeptical, finicky, critical, and self-centered. The key phrase is 'I analyze'. The key word is 'service'. Their basic nature is 'the critic or craftsman'. In mythology, Virgo was the goddess of justice. She was the daughter of Jupiter and Themis. Her reign was during the Golden Age of Leo. When humanity defied her rule in the Age of Cancer, she returned to the heavens in disgust. Virgoans have inquiring minds, with keen analysis and remarkable memories. They enjoy analyzing problems. This is a major reason for their wanting to know how, why, when, and where. They are hard workers who are practical, with a flair for detailed work. Their nervous energy causes them to become involved with a lot of activity. However, this nervous energy also causes them difficulties, for they find it hard to relax. They can, usually, rise above defeats. Their ever-active mind seeks new ways to find success. A Virgoan can generally be depended upon to fulfill a promise. They have a flair for organization, and enjoy setting up schedules. There is an inborn love of order and harmony. They are always subconsciously seeking perfection in whatever they attempt. Because they push themselves so hard to be perfect, they have a tendency to look for perfection in others. If they find it lacking, they can become critical and fault-finding. As a general rule, Virgoans dislike anything crude or coarse. They prefer satire over smutty jokes. They do not enter friendships lightly, but have a sincere interest and a loyalty to those they make their friends. A buddy-buddy relationship on first meeting is not for them. This may make them appear to be standoffish. In actual fact, they are very reserved, shy people who find it difficult to talk about their inner thoughts and feelings with comparative strangers. They have very few enemeies because of their quiet, gentle manner. Like Gemini, Virgo is a sign of worry. This tension can affect their health, causing intestinal disorders, skin eruptions, and ulcers. They need to develop a positive outlook on life, as this has a direct effect on their health. If they become too anxious about life, they can become hypochondriacs.

They are generally healthy and are always looking for new ways to take care of themselves. Whether young or old, all Virgoans need a quiet period each day in order to rest their active minds. Their rulership over the sixth house causes them to feel that service to others is imperative. They do this willingly, thoroughly, and without fanfare. In love, a Virgoan has difficulty in expressing himself as ardently as he desires. Although they may appear to be self-sufficient, they are really happier when they have someone to love and who loves them. A Virgoan can be a difficult parent if allowing his / her love of neatness and tidiness to become all-important. These people must, also, watch their tendency to be over-critical. However, they are extremely helpful when it comes to assisting their children with homework or handiwork of any type. Because of their inability to express their affections easily, they must actively cultivate and project warmth to their children. As a rule, Virgoan children are conscientious students. They enjoy the routine and discipline of school. They do, however, like to know 'why' a certain procedure or routine is required. If the answer is acceptable, they willingly comply. Out of school, they enjoy working with their hands. The girls have a flair for sewing, and the boys enjoy tinkering with bicycles, wood products, and construction kits. They must be encouraged, however, not to be too tidy or fussy.

Natal Sun in Libra
(Betty Lundsted) Libra is the second of the Air signs and is more intellectual and less personal than Gemini. The family situation for Libra is one of dissention between the mother and father. Often, Libran children are born at a critical time in the marriage relationship: the parents may be staying together 'for the sake of the children'. When children hear parents discussing these reasons for the marriage staying together, they feel excessively beholden to the parents; this can cause deep-rooted resentments. Because of the tense family situation, Librans develop a sense of diplomacy; they try to soothe the troubled waters and to smooth over rough situations between the parents. The habit gets so ingrained that it becomes difficult for Libran children to voice their real feelings or real angers or real disagreements with those around them. Because their feelings and ideas are not easily expressed, this holding-in turns into rage that is directed inward upon the body. Often, the 'idea' that they support is more important than their 'personal feelings'. Their diplomatic actions seldom soothe their own troubled personalities. Words don't make the emotional Libran feel any better; and often they have strange and mysterious diseases that need medical attention. Hypochondria results when there is no other outlet for emotional needs. Because their parents stayed together for appearance's sake, Librans find it important to create a good social image. The danger is that they may only create a social image and never get a real and honest life-style going for themselves. Their relationships may be more socially acceptable than meaningful, and they may stay in emotionally damaging relationships because they need the image. They either have marriages that give them social support, or they may be so afraid of marriage that they never enter into it. Many unmarried Librans are reacting to their early childhood environment: they saw so much dissention and disharmony between their parents that they feel all marriages are like that. We all bring into our relationships what we saw happening in our early childhood environment unless we make a conscious effort to change. Unconscious Librans recreate their childhood circumstances and enter into a relationship with wonderful expectations

but turn it into the inevitable cold war of their youth. They seldom say what they mean; and when their feelings are hurt, they will wait for some appropriate time to intellectually attack the partner. This is done with well-chosen words designed to cut the other person to the quick. The partner either stays and suffers, or leaves. The Air sign curiosity manifests differently in Librans from in Geminis, for they are interested in social acceptance rather than the controverisal positions in the world. Librans pursue education, end enjoy being known as mediators in the universe. The rest of us love to have them solve our problems, for they have the ability to bring diverse people together in a spirit of co-operation. They often go into the learned professions: doctor, lawyer, psychologist, or corporate management. When they are not interested in pursuing a diplomatic or political career, they enjoy pursuing anything that brings beauty into the life. Because ther childhood circumstances were not pleasant, they are drawn to any occupation that brings pleasure, beauty, or harmony into the life of another. Librans pursue interior decoration, antiques, and the fashion or cosmetic industry The tension in the childhood brings Librans into the pursuit of classical forms of entertainment. Classical music is soothing to the troubled brow; the dance is a work of art. This group of people can be involved in creating new art forms for the general public. Since Librans seldom like to look too far below the surface, their personal problems are very difficult to solve. As soon as they begin therapy or any related type of treatment, they become upset. They don't want to look at the years of suppressed anger. First of all, most people do not want to seriously admit that they are angry with their parents, and they don't want to admit that hostility lingers within due to having had so much difficulty in expressing real emotions. People who have close contact with Librans are sometimes surprised at the anger and hostility beneath the surface of the personality. We are taught that the Venus-ruled signs of Taurus and Libra are warm, loving, easygoing and placid people. They are not. They are merely fantastic actors and diplomats! In considering the concept of beauty and our ability to appreciate beauty and love, we encounter the various forms of maya projection. Maya is the Hindu goddess who represents the world of illusion and beauty. This symbol is meant to teach that beauty is an illusion. We must look beneath the surface to find the truth. When we look at the beauty of Libran people, we don't often see the pain inside, but it is there. And it needs to be understood so that they can let it go. Air signs are meant to bring new ideas into formation or new ideas into acceptance by the present-day consciousness. The analytical Virgo sorts through all the chaff and sifts out the valuable grain. The Libran takes the grain, the ideas that Virgo has left, and lifts them one step higher in consciousness. Libra asks, 'How can we take these ideas and make them work? Where do we go from here?' And after Virgo has stripped each idea of its protective covering and harvested the crop, Libra tries to make it all lovely and beautiful. As Libra works on these new ideas, they are picked up by Scorpio and transformed. Every Air sign increases awareness. The Libran woman has more difficulties making it in the universe than the Libran man since she's a female born into a masculine polarity. Because the masculine principle is strong within her, she wants to be known as a professional, as a woman with meaningful ideas, and as a rational human being. She looks very feminine and usually is very attractive, but she doesn't really believe in being feminine for she wants the status and rank that is often given to males. She enters into marital relationships with hostility because she doesn't want to be known as a 'housewife'. She wants an intellectual relationship, but often she is so pretty that she is seen merely as a lovely object. When she's continually treated like a lovely plaything, she becomes angry and will attack her partner. Because she wants to enhance her social position, Libra will often get into relationships that can be defined as masochistic. She will allow herself to be emotionally abused while her need for a social image is being satisfied. Because her parents argued so much during childhood, and because there was so much tension between them, it doesn't seem abnormal to her to live in the same environment when she reaches

adulthood. The Libran male, on the other hand, can be more in control of his circumstances because males are generally bigger and stronger. He, too, gets into a tense marriage in which he feels that he has to soothe the relationship rather than express his feelings. This results in open hostility later on. He becomes angry and hostile due to the fact that it is difficult for him to express his feelings or his needs. He may spend more money than he makes, or feel that he has to keep up with the 'Joneses' in order to keep his image in the community. If he is immature and abuses his credit cards in order to keep up his image, this can create lots of tension when he has to face all his creditors. The Libran male is also quite physically attractive, and his partner often doesn't understand his internal tensions because he looks so good on the outside. She may misinterpret his moods and feel that when he is depressed he is really unhappy with her, when in reality it's himself he's unhappy with. He rarely gets the understanding and affection he needs. Until he learns to ask for what he needs directly, and until he learns to express how he feels honestly instead of placating others, he will be lonely. (Haydn Paul) The Libran personality seeks order, balance and harmony. You will be pleasant and an agreeable companion, looking for peace in life, but can often be emotionally quick to anger, especially within your intimate relationships. You will try to please everyone by using diplomatic skills, but can create situations where you are indecisive for fear of upsetting someone. Making decisions can be often difficult for Libra, and you would prefer to satisfy all options, not knowing what direction and decision to take. You are temperamentally more suited to waiting for things to happen to you, or decisions to be made for you, rather than initiating them yourself. However, this tendency can be modified by a strong wilful Ascendant. You enjoy socialising; and your grace, charm and congeniality will be appreciated by others. Your favourite companions often display an artistic temperamnet which reflects your love of beauty, as found in nature, art, music and literature, as well as asserting free individuality and a dramatic presence which you would like to create as your self-image. You can be idealistic and mentally adaptable, having an intuitive perception which should be used for life-guidance. However, you will also be very impressionable; and this can lead towards romantic fantasising; sometimes a distaste for actual reality; impracticality; plus a distinct changeability to your temperament. Your social attitudes are humanitarian and sympathetic, although sometimes diminished by self-preoccupation; and you are often attracted towards the 'high-society' type of life with its elegance and money. You will be ambitious, but this is more directed towards creating a certain quality of life where harmonious balance is achieved. It is quite important to you to keep your life ordered, controlled, efficient and organised. You are usually very patient and tolerant regarding house and family, and you require a sense of domestic security in a home of which you feel proud. You are especially sympathetic to the needs of children, and are usually good with them. You have an interest in tradition and previous expressions of style and culture, and this can be reflected in your home, where you create a homely atmosphere which attempts to reflect qualities of beauty and harmony for you. You may need to become periodically reclusive, so that you can restore your energy and your 'social mask'; and this can also be reflected in periodic changes in your choice of appearance. In romance, you are often guided more by your head than your heart, as you lack total trust in your ability to be emotionally realistic, and can often be shocked at the power of your feelings which shake your inner balance too much. You can lose emotional control in love affairs which produce dramatic changes in you, and often your romances can become stormy. You are more able to apply your harmonising energies and talents for the

benefit of others than in your own passionate relationships. Often, while attempting to maintain your inner balance, by following idiosyncratic needs and desires, you succeed in stimulating imbalance and aggression in your partner, who feels either ignored or dominated. You tend to have an idealistic and often unrealistic vision of the perfect relationship, so it is little wonder that your partners do not compare favourably. There is a dissatisfaction with unharmonious relationships which conflicts with your needs for harmony, stability, and the continuity of relationship; this is a sphere of your life that requires more clarity. You can enjoy involvement with group endeavours, especially with those groups reflecting beneficial social aims and ideals, as you can become a natural fighter for the rights of others. As you mature, you tend to develop a personal philosophy which you try to apply in daily life, and can enjoy study and intellectual interests, being able to translate abstract idas into more accessible forms of communication to others. Physical or mundane work rarely appeals to you. (Jan Spiller and Karen McCoy) Sun in Libra individuals feel they have the right to develop harmonious relationships; the right to know what others want; and the right to be treated fairly. Static When you focus on wanting to be recognized as a fair and harmonious person, you may behave in ways that are compromising and manipulative. You may act like 'Mr. or Ms. Nice Person' and maively expect others to respond in the same way. When you use good manners to get your way, your manipulations create only an artificial harmony. If your attention is on achieving a positive image for yourself, you may indulge in the Libran tendency to play tit-for-tat games. This puts you in situations where your integrity can be manipulated merely by being convinced that you are being treated fairly and are getting an equal portion. When you allow yourself to become lost in the realm of co-operatively sharing ideas, you may not realize that whatever you do to control others, others can also do it to you. Dynamic When your attention focuses on uplifting others through sharing of talents, you can enliven social situations by contributing to the inherent harmony. You can do this by adding the missing ingredient of your independent point of view. By trusting the overall picture, you intuitively perceive that you are able to interject your ideas of justice and fair play into situations. This occurs in a spontaneous way that brings about a higher level of co-operation but does not offend. Recognition of your abilities to bring a larger truth into a situation enables you to contribute your ideas of justice, fairness, and harmony. This sharing increases your level of vitality and well-being. You can create true harmony in relationships through your willingness to communicate the full truth of what you're experiencing. Through this integrity, a higher harmony may establish itself. Thus, rather than trying to manipulate others into a state of false harmony, you learn to establish good relationships by facing the existing harmonies and disharmonies with acceptance and objectivity. This frees you to share your intuitive sense of fair play with others. (Sydney Omarr) Libra females These women possess charm. In fact, it is very likely they can charm you into anything! They are generally intellectual, idealistic, 'airy' in nature, sensitive, and greatly aware of beauty. Being beautiful is of the utmost importance to this lady; she is Venusian, has

natural finesse, is desirable, and makes a delightful hostess. If you want to win this lady, avoid coarseness. Appeal to her sense of justice, of good, of beauty. If you are blunt; if you rush things; if your language or your manners are not up to par - then you'd better wait. You simply are not ready for the Libra woman. She needs affection and love. She must have faith in you and your motives. Her principles are paramount in her life - she is not likely to compromise. There is a tendency for her to withdraw; if she has been hurt emotionally, she isn't likely to stick out her chin. Thus, patience on your part, mingled with understanding, is essential. This woman balances one thing against the other: she appreciates money and luxury, but compares those advantages to character and stability. She is creative, and appreciates that quality in others. She doesn't enter a relationship with the idea that it might end tomorrow. She looks to the future - and you now have fair warning. Do not become involved with this woman unless your intentions are serious. Living, for her, is an art. As a companion, she is most desirable. When she gives you her heart, you will realize you have something to treasure. She is liberal, and graceful, and possesses a sense of freedom. Love is as important as food for this lady. Her surroundings are important. Carelessness in taste is one way to lose her. She has her faults, and one of them is being affected to an extreme by where she is, by manners, etc.. Often she is apt to bypass something or someone worthwhile because she insists so highly on manners. Her keys are romance, partnership, marriage, independence, beauty. Her moods can be all the way up or all the way down; she exhibits a tendency to say 'show me', while neglecting to prove her own abilities and motives. She is worth winning, but expect evasive action - and never push too hard for direct answers. There is no black and white with her; there are shades of good and bad, and you may as well get used to that idea. Libra males This man is considered highstrung. In reality, however, it is not so much his nerves, but his sense of awareness, his keen convitions, his drive for justice and independence. He likes proportion in all things, and is very apt to notice bulges in the wrong places! He isn't the easiest man in the world to live with, but he is appreciative, and seldom asks the impossible - he just requires that you strive toward that goal! He needs to be told how good he is; flattery is a necessity. This does not mean he is egotistical; it does mean that he requires someone to share in his triumphs; someone who appreciates him. He has more of a sense of humor than you might first realize; his natural bent is toward intellectual subjects - he is nobody's fool, though at times he may act like one. It is important for you to avoid irritability; the Libra man adores a woman with an even temper, one who can laugh in the face of adversity. He is appreciative of talent, art, literature, and music: he will encourage hobbies, even if such encouragement costs him money. This man demands refinement; he is a man to whom culture is important. He is a good catch, but it takes quite a run before the chase is over. He is apt to demand perfection, but will settle for less - provided you 'understand' him. Convince him you are on his side, and the world is yours for the asking! Any breach of good taste is offensive to this man. He is a social being, demanding manners, grace, charm and dignity. And don't be shocked if, despite his demands upon you, he himself breaks every rule by arguing with guests, challenging their ideas, and causing them to look at him goggle-eyed as he presents what may appear to be outlandish theories. The Libra man is an individual, if nothing else!

His key word is challenge. He loves expressions of originality; and when he argues, it is for the sake of bringing out the best in the thinking of others. He is not always easy to understand, but he would never knowingly hurt you. (Skye Alexander) Libra is the sign of balance and harmony, and you see your 'role' in life as that of the peacemaker. So vital are peace and tranquility to you that the least sign of discord upsets you. You can't bear anger, hostility or conflict of any kind; nor can you stand to have anyone mad at you. You strive for peace at any cost, and often fail to speak your mind for fear of starting an argument or alienating someone. Always ready to compromise in order to keep the peace, you may let others take advantage of you, or back down when you should take a stand. As a result, you sometimes seem wishy-washy or unreliable. You are the one called in to mediate family disputes or on-the-job squabbles. Because you can see both sides of any issue and remain a detached and impartial judge, you are wellsuited to this task and may even put this skill to work for you professionally. Your ability to see merit in all sides of any issue, however, causes you to have difficulty making decisions about even simple things in life, such as which movie to see or what to have for dinner. When faced with larger decisions, you might vacillate indefinitely. Tactful, refined, diplomatic and socially adept, you are concerned with saying and doing the 'right things'. You want to make a good impression and to have everyone like you. Your personal appearance is neat and attractive; your manners are impeccable; and you value such things as etiquette and social graces as ways to set you apart from the hoi polloi. You share Virgo's love of cleanliness and order, and want everything to be 'nice' at all times. Because you are intent on maintaining balance and harmony at all times, you shun strong emotion of any kind. Emotions are too unpredictable, messy and even dangerous, and you prefer to remain detached. Although you are superficially pleasant and friendly, you can be a bit bloodless. Your dispassionate nature, however, allows you to see things in a detached, rational manner; and you might be a master strategist. At the very least, you are good at laying plans, organizing people, and objectively analyzing situations. Your love of balance and harmony incline you to appreciate music, art and all beautiful things. Even if you don't have any special talent yourself, you probably enjoy most art forms and might be a patron of the arts. You have good taste, though you tend to be overly traditional and not very imaginative. Libra also is the sign of relationships, and relationships of all kinds are important to you. Unless you are involved in a partnership, you don't quite feel whole, and you'll settle for a relationship that is less than ideal just to have someone around. You think of yourself as half a couple instead of as an individual; and will hold on to an unsatisfactory marriage for decades rather than have to face yourself alone. Always willing to put your partner's needs and desires ahead of your own, you may have trouble even deciding what you really want, since you are so intent on trying to figure out what your partner wants. You take great joy in your partner's happiness, and bask in the reflected glory of his / her successes. Supportive and dedicated to helping your mate achieve his / her goals, you may be content with being thought of only as your partner's 'other half'. Or, you may achieve success or recognition through your partner. Although you invest much time and energy in relationships, you don't invest much feeling or passion. Formalized partnerships appeal to you more than torrid love affairs, and you'd really like to return to the days of courtly romance, chivalry and idealized love. For you, love exists more in the head than in the heart.

ibrans are good workers and are fair to their families where money is concerned. They have a reputation for being spendthrifts, but I don't think this is justified: they are usually sensible where money is concerned, and they don't let their credit cards run away with them. They are always youthful and optimistic in outlook, and like to keep themselves upto-date in every way. These Librans are not afraid of new technology, new ideas or new terminology, and they never become fossilised in their thinking. The very best thing about these people is that they like to do everything in conjunction with their partners and they don't abandon their other halves in favour of their own interests. Their worst faults are their need for everyone and everything around them to look good; and they worry about what the neighbours might thinnk. Their inability to make a decision is quite frustrating to live with because they often miss opportunities as a result of shilly-shallying. There is a third type of Libran who is usually, but not always, male, and who is pretty much impossible to live with. These Librans are highly ambitious, and their jobs frequently come well before their relationships. So, for that matter, do their entertainments, holidays, cars and other lovers. When caught out by a furious partner, these fascinating Librans turn on the charm and behave like the proverbial two-year-old who knows that he has been naughty but now wants to be forgiven. Acquisitive, greedy and selfish, these subjects are very successful in their chosen fields; and their families will enjoy a good deal of wealth and status. Most Librans have considerable charm, but this type uses it to manipulate everybody in order to get his own way. These subjects can argue the hind leg off a donkey, and will break up a relationship altogether rather than concede a point. These Librans talk at people rather than with them, and they need a sycophantic audience. Many of these subjects are bare-faced liars who are chronically unfaithful. They seem to need a stream of admiring females in their lives in order to prove to themselves that their charming, suave, fascinating image is in proper working order. Vain, domineering, jealous, demanding and selfish, these Librans live a double, triple or multiple life, doing everything to excess and moving between jobs, debts, lovers and ex-spouses with the speed of light. These Librans, after trying a relationship or two, end up happily living alone. They never feel lonely because they have many interests and can make friends so easily. All Librans seem to have a problem dealing with reality. It is as if the material world is too much to cope with, and a measure of self-delusion is necessary in order for them to handle it. If they decide that black is white, they will be able to convince themselves of this despite all the evidence to the contrary! The dirty, lazy negative Libran doesn't connect with anyone long enough to get into bed in the first place; but all the others make the most wonderful lovers. It is probably this talent which allows them to get away with so much and encourages their partners to forgive their excesses. Being ruled by Venus, Librans are sensual and very generous lovers. They take their time over love-making, and they go to a lot of trouble to ensure that their partner's requirements are met. These subjects are experimental, possibly even somewhat clinical in their approach at times; but are unlikely to demand behaviour which their partner would find embarrassing or unacceptable. Librans can be critical of a partner who gains weight easily or who allows his or her looks to deteriorate; and they can quite easily leave a lover on these grounds. Some Libran men confuse love with sex, and can only cuddle or express love in a sexual way. Being pleasant, sociable and eager for the good opinion of others, Librans usually get on well with other members of the family. They will flirt with father- or mother-in-law, listen to aunty's grumbles, laugh at uncle's jokes, and play, for a little while at least, with grandson. Some Librans genuinely like their relatives, while others are simply accommodating. Most of these subjects welcome visitors and like visiting, but their nerves are quite delicate and they can't take unpleasantness. If a family member insists on being offensive or difficult, the Libran will either give him / her an unexpectedly hard time, or simply escape from the situation until the offending relative has left. These

subjects are very sociable, and love to chat and to listen to others; but they tend to dominate a conversation. As children, they get away with a good deal due to their charm and good looks; and they are both clever enough and wise enough to achieve the required standard. These children make sure that they have the latest in clothing and equipment, and are happily accepted as part of the 'in crowd'. They don't stand out in any way, and they don't cause trouble, but they can usually stand up for themselves if the need arises. Librans are either wellunderstood and well-loved by their parents, or at something of a distance from them. The father is often a rather detached or distant figure, while the mother may be somewhat ineffective, stupid or snobbish. If they don't like their families, they manage to slide away from them by becoming involved with school friends and outside interests. As parents, Librans are kind, cool and considerate, but not always terribly involved with their children. They may not be able to relate to their children on a deep and understanding level. Libran parents really need to employ a good nanny who will deal with the reality of small children, leaving them free to stroll round the shops picking up a pretty outfit and a classy bottle of wine for their next dinner party. (Julia and Derek Parker) The scales, the symbol of this sign, have a deeply symbolic meaning for Sun sign Librans, since the need for balance and harmony in their lives is paramount. They need a harmonious background, free of undue pressure and argument, in order to be happy. They will sometimes even make sacrifices for the sake of peace and quiet, giving in too easily to pressure from others; and when confronted with a problem they will sit on the fence until the problem goes away, rather than commit themselves to one side or the other. Decision-making, or supporting one side of an argument, often involves taking one person's side against another, and Librans have a deep dislike for hurting other people. Indecision is the worst Libran fault. Librans find it more difficult to cope with loneliness than any other sign of the zodiac. Complete happiness for them means sharing their lives, although when they are alone, other areas of their birth charts may show qualities which enable them to come to terms with this problem. Laziness and relaxation are often associated with this sign, but that is not entirely fair. While Librans may not enjoy dirty, heavy jobs, they certainly don't lack physical energy, especially if the work has a creative element; indeed, recent research has shown that those born within the first five or six degrees of Libra may seem relaxed because they make tiem to listen to friends' problems and sympathize in sorrow or share joy, but actually they are very active and anything but time-wasters. The most important sphere of a Libran life, whether Libra is the Sun sign or Ascendant, is the one-to-one relationship. Librans are not psychologically whole until this has been successfully achieved, and their usual indecision may well take a back seat when it comes to romantic commitment. Sun sign Librans are pure romantics, and will be starry-eyed for months when planning their wedding, without, perhaps, giving sufficient thought to what comes after the ceremony. Although usually peace-loving, Librans sometimes provoke arguments (even quite serious ones) with their partners to test their affections and reassure themselves that the partnership is really loving. They should be aware of this tendency; repeatedly upsetting the boat just in order to be rescued can be irritating to others. Librans can be extremely generous, but should recognize the moment when their motives become not the giving of pleasure but the purchase of affection. The Libran child is charming and eager to please. Parents should watch for any tendency

to procrastingation or laziness, which can develop into serious problems later in life. It is essential that the child is encouraged to be decisive; given a choice, Libran children will often ask 'What would you choose, Mommy?' Don't give in to this ploy! Point out the various options, and do all you can to make young Librans have the confidence to think for themselves. Happiness at school is important for all children, but a Libran child treated unfairly ('It's not fair!' is a common complaint) will magnify the injustice to such an extent that it will interfere with the teaching process, and upset the child for much longer than might be expected. Creative potential should be recognized and encouraged; there is often real talent here, but if left to itself it may not develop as quickly as with some other Sun signs. Libran parents are kind, loving and gentle, but must beware of being outwitted by a quicker-minded child playing on the Libran tendency to give in rather than insist on the course they know to be best. It is too easy to spoil a child for the sake of peace and quiet, especially by offering bribes! It is also all too easy to allow oneself to be worn down by a child's pleas for an expensive toy or piece of equipment; don't give in too quickly (if at all), especially if fashion is involved. A Libran parent's indecision can infuriate his or her children: decisions should not be shelved or handed over to the partner ('Wait until Daddy comes home'). Librans enjoy luxury and a comfortable lifestyle, so they need to earn plenty of money. They can also be overly generous, which can act as a spur to often impressive careers. Their working environment is not of great importance to them, but their colleagues are they dislike fussy people, slave drivers and employers who won't allow them to work at their own pace. Their need for harmony is shown here: like-minded colleagues are a boon. Any profession calling for tact and diplomacy offers them great opportunities. The luxury trades (fashion, beauty, cosmetics) are popular, while the qualities of their polar sign, Aries, sometimes attract them to the armed services, where they may attain rank. They are ambitious, but should think carefully before taking a lonely top job: isolation does not agree with them. Moving from one district to another will be very disturbing to a Libran, so changes of this kind should be minimized unless the individual is certain of their many benefits. The idea of approaching retirement will be blissful - in theory, nothing is more attractive than the thought of not having to rise early, go to work, or cope with the petty problems of a working life. However, without a compelling interest in life, retirement will be less fulfilling than these people imagine, and they may even find themselves aging quickly. New and enjoyable hobbies or activities will release fresh areas of potential. It is all too easy for Librans to dismiss the idea of regular exercise, but they really do need it. Indeed, it should be an integral part of their life. It is excellent for them to join a health club that offers a good social life and a pleasant ambience, so they can not only work out but also meet congenial people. The exercise itself should be steady rather than spasmodically energetic. The Libran liking for rich, sweet food should be resisted whenever possible; a lighter diet is best, and inaction can encourage weight gain. The kidneys are the Libran organs, and tension or worry can provoke headaches. If these persist, medical advice is needed. (Frances Sakoian and Louis Acker) Librans are ruled by the planet Venus, which gives them charm and grace in expression, combined with a desire for popularity and the approval of others. The highly evolved natives of this sign will never compromise principle in order to gain approbation, because experience has taught them that ultimate humiliation is the result of such expediency.

Because Libra is a cardinal sign, Libras are concerned with the present and will initiate activities. But they usually seek the co-operation of others rather than continuing alone. Libras have a special need for companionship in order to be fulfilled. However, they need to maintain their own individuality within the framework of their relationships. Marriage and partnerships are a primary concern of Libras. Typical activities involve social relations and contact with the public. They can include the legal profession, public relations, art, the performing arts, music, and partnerships that require close co-operation. Libras have a strong sense of justice and fair play, hence Saturn's exaltation in this sign. Thus they demand that their partners work as hard as they do. Contrary to what has often been said by astrologers, Libras are anything but lazy. The more highly evolved the individual, the more likely he is to be hard-working. Since Libra is an Air sign, those born under it are intellectual and actively seek knowledge, new ideas, and mental stimulation. They are especially adept at analyzing what is occurring in the society around them. All matters pertaining to psychology and human relationships are of deep interest to them. For this reason, they make good counselors and often seek to help people with their personal problems. They frequently play the role of peacemaker. The key phrase for Libra is 'I balance'. These Venus-ruled natives rarely express anger, but when they do it is as though a tornado has gone through a room - they leave nothing unsaid. They will tell you exactly what you said fifty years before and under what circumstances you said it. Yet, like the tornado, their anger soon spends itself, leaving them shaken and ill. (Lyn Birbeck) You have a graceful, though potentially superficial, heart. You have the will to use generously your sense of justice - without it devolving into indecision. Your life should be led in a spirit of radiating harmony and beauty - as opposed to merely being 'nice'. Your father is seen or expressed as one who is fair and diplomatic, and / or sitting on the fence. You have an aura of pleasantness that gives Other the feeling of being worth something. You create an impression of social ease, and of knowing the right faces and places as well possibly. You have an air of aesthetic awareness or social harmony, and may display artistic ability. You can alienate Other with a gloss of niceness that is purely for effect, and is in great need of sincerity; with your dependence on others (rather than Other) to maintain your own feeling of being of any social worth and desirability; and by treating everything and everyone but Other with grace and consideration. You overemphasize your looks and / or style rather than emotional commitment - which amounts to using superficial means for superficial ends. You also overstress your tactfulness and willingness to compromise, to the point of becoming a nonentity; and you overemphasize the 'nice' or glamorous side of life at the expense of being real or substantial. You can feel weak with respect to the value or attractiveness of your inner being; you should know that exposing it will strengthen it. You can also feel weak when having to risk being disliked or disapproved of by Other; you should be true to yourself - then, so eventually will Other. You can also feel weak when your 'muck' is raked up. When you are alone, it is most probably for one of two reasons. The first reason is that you are having to discover yourself as an independent individual rather than an 'Other to or for Other' - which is like being a two-dimensional being, a human mirror and nothing

else. In order to do this, you will have to bring to the surface what appear to be some quite anti-social feelings and ideas. But this is okay as long as you stick with it and fashion such crude steel ore into fine steel. The second reason could be that you hold the belief that you are too odd or unacceptable to be in a relationship. This is as may be, but being locked into such an incestuous and subjective relationship with yourself would prevent you from noticing that everyone, including a potential Other, is 'weird' too and has something to hide that they want discovered or uncovered by and with love. (Grant Lewi) Libra's aim is to identify himself with as much of the rest of the world as suits the demands of his very eclectic and elegant taste. Despite a gentle and firm sort of independence, he does not put too much stock in 'being himself', for he values other people a great deal; and, if no principle is involved, he will please others before thinking of what he wants. In a deep sesne, what he wants is what makes others happy. In some this makes weakness. The woman who 'made love only to her friends and didn't have an enemy in the world' was very probably a Libran. But so also is the person whose charm is so great and whose interest is so eager that he or she holds another's attention without yielding to that person's carnal passions. And many who have tried to force the apparently unyielding Libran along a path counter to his principles have felt the iron hand in the velvet glove. Libra's willingness to lose his identity in others - in society, in marriage - makes Librans ideal companions, or mates, for those who understand the curious need they have for independence that accompanies their selflessness. They merge with others, but they retain their identity, and will withdraw completely if their identity is attacked or endangered. They are democratic in spirit, but since they identify themselves with elegance, will not allow themselves to be forced into contact with things or people that offend their very strong sense of good taste. Thus they are often thought aristocrats or snobs, when in reality they have the deepest kind of respect, sympathy and understanding for all sorts and conditions of men. They also have a great deal of respect, sympathy and understanding for themselves, and see no reason why they should ever give this up. They are the living embodiment of the co-operative spirit; they will work with you till they drop, bur rarely for you. By the same token, if they are executives (and they often are) they treat their subordinates as partners, not as servants. Much is expected of the man who works for a Libra boss, who in return pays him well and treats him as an equal. The person who does housework for a Libran must keep the place spotless, but must be treated with respect, as a fellow mortal whose human dignity must never be violated or imposed on. Libra finds deepest satisfaction in harmonious union with those around him, and with the whole world, which is not too much to be taken in by his warm and tolerant spirit. (John Townley) What you most desire in a relationship is continual growth and development. If the modes of communication and expression between you and your lover do not change and evolve fairly continuously, you are likely to become bored with the relationship. Or you may decide to take steps to alter it yourself. Therefore you should avoid a lover who wants to settle into a warm, comfy, secure relationship. Your desire for change will just upset such a person, and he or she will seem like a stick-in-the-mud to you. Seek a more adventurous person who is always looking for new ways to make your affair more spicy to keep it in motion. Do not be disappointed if a few relationships break up because of this urge for change that's just part of the game. The true test of a happy relationship is whether each of you can steer the right course between evolution and stability. If you can steer that course, you will indeed be an explorer in the realm of emotions and interpersonal communication; and you will learn a lot more than most people about what makes a relationship good or bad. Because of this knowledge, you may be able to guide

your partner through the areas you understand so well. In that case, you must take particular care to be subtle in your approach, especially if your lover is not one who responds easily to direction. If you and your lover are creative and mutually responsive within your relationship, your love will be a continuously exciting adventure.

Natal Sun in Scorpio
(Sydney Omarr) Scorpio females Scorpio women are emotional, affectionate, often passionate; they are willing to tear down the past in order to build for the future. Tradition takes a back seat when it comes to the promise of better things tomorrow. These women have an air of mystery and are often considered psychic; it is difficult to know them completely, for they change as circumstances demand. A man involved with a Scorpio woman is not always going to have an easy time - but it will be exciting, and he will know he's alive. Do not seek relations with these women unless you are strong, willing to change your opinions, and able to adjust, and unless you have a basic respect for members of the opposite sex. This woman is dynamic, even explosive. She can lose her temper one minute and resemble a purring kitten the next. You are stepping on a merry-go-round when you begin to court a Scorpio woman. THe pace may be dizzying - but if you ask for it you have no right to complain. This woman can be fiercely loyal; she demands a great deal, but she also has much to give. She knows her way about the practical aspects of living. This may puzzle you, for one day she can discuss finances like an expert, and the next she is willing to follow a whim or a hunch instead of charts or facts. She is not easy to understand. It is best to close your eyes and enjoy the changes she is bound to make in your life. If you are the nervous or oversensitive type, please seek another woman! This woman possesses personal magnetism; she is physically attractive. She doesn't do things halfway. She gives of herself or holds back completely. She represents a challenge. She often enjoys a battle; when she believes the cause is right, nothing can deter her from a fight. She can be forceful, dynamic, dominating. Her willpower is admirable except when it fades into obstinacy. This woman likes secrets. Don't try to know all there is to know about her. If you ever, by some accident, actually succeed, she will lose interest in you and that will be the end of your relationship. Scorpio males Don't expect this man to say one thing and mean something else. He has a knack or gift of seeing through pretence, of knowing what others are really like; he can perceive, delineate, render shrewd analyses of persons and subjects. He is a tough one to fool, and if you are not up to it, you have better look elsewhere. Scorpio men are physical, yet emotional; they require love in its poetic sense, yet can be animal-like, even brutal. But the brutality does not stem from cruelty. Rather, it is brutality in a basic sense: brutal frankness, brutal honesty, and so forth. Nothing halfway here; these men can fight and win. They set a goal and can go underground or arise and fly like an eagle to attain it. Do not attempt to reform this man. He knows what he wants and usually has sound reasons for acting the way he does. If you want to lose him, start correcting his manners,

his speech; if you want to keep him - try to understand and sympathize. The Scorpio man is forceful, direct, independent, often aggressive. He is likely to be a man of action. If you want to impress him, you will have to do more than talk or make promises - he likes results. This man can be very jealous. Often he appears a little too careful in money matters. On the positive side, however, this characteristic is really an expression of desire for security. A Scorpio man does not forget a wrong. He is a good person to have on your side; bear this in mind before you try insulting or ridiculing him. He makes a formidable foe. A Scorpio man is capable of hard work and hard play. At times, his appetite appears insatiable. He is not an easy man to size up or analyze; sometimes he is like a quickchange artist, looking and acting one way today and another way tomorrow. If you want this man, you will have to meet and pass numerous tests. Once the examinations are over, however, you may well feel the trouble was more than worthwhile. (Skye Alexander) People who have Sun in Scorpio usually experience lives filled with dramatic, even traumatic chages, and encounter situations which transform them in some way. It seems that old parts of you are continually dying and new parts are being born, so that your life is never static. You also have the ability to strongly affect others, even to change their lives; and you see your 'role' as that of the transformer. Perhaps you are a therapist who helps people uncover and work through their deep-seated problems. You might be a teacher who awakens hidden talents in your students, a cousnellor who rehabilitates substance abusers, or a rapist who terrorizes victims. Regardless of the form your influence takes, you transform everyone you know in some way. You have a powerful, almost magnetic persona, and though you may not say much it's impossible not to be aware of your presence. As a child, you probably experienced some deep, emotional 'crisis', a loss of some kind which made you feel you were alone in the world, with no-one but yourself on whom to rely. Sometimes this crisis is an obvious and extreme one, such as the death of a parent, the loss of your home, a serious illness or a violent incident. In other cases, it may be more subtle and internal, such as coming to the realization that your parents will never love you the way you want them to. As a result, you withdraw into yourself, becoming sceptical and self-reliant at a very early age. When you were a child, you insisted on doing everything for yourself, and were quite content to spend time alone, entertaining and teaching yourself. As an adult, you are selfprotective and suspicious of others, hiding your thoughts and feelings behind an almost impenetrable wall. Very few people earn your trust; fewer still gain access into your private world; and no-one will ever know you completely. Although you reveal little about yourself, you want to know everything about everyone else. You are eager to find out what makes others tick, and delve into the secrets and hidden agendas of friends, family members and business associates. By understanding their underlying motivations and desires, you can manipulate them for your own advantage, or at least anticipate their moves to protect yourself. You'd be a good psychiatrist or private investigator, for you understand human nature - especially the dark side of life - better than anyone. You approach everything with intensity and passion; nothing is done half-heartedly. An extremist, you throw yourself heart, mind and soul into any undertaking. In your career,

you can accomplish more than most people. Your perseverance and your ability to focus your energies toward a goal can take you to the top of your field. However, you also run the risk of becoming a workaholic. No-one takes relationships more seriously than you. Though Scorpio has a reputation for being intensely sexual, what you truly desire is an intense emotional connection. You want to merge with your partner in every way. Only rarely do you give your affection to another; and you expect your mate's total devotion and fidelity. Highly emotional, you know how deeply you can be hurt, and are reluctant to leave yourself open to potential pain. When you do fall in love, however, you immerse yourself completely in the relationship. You see your partner as an extension of yourself and can be extremely possessive and jealous. If betrayed, you find it impossible to forgive and forget, and may become vengeful, vindictive, even violent. You have uncanny intuition and keep perception, and make instantaneous emotional connections with other people. You seem to see into their unconscious minds, and thus appear to be psychic. This natural psychic ability coupled with your desire to discover the inner workings of the Universe may lead you to become interested in the occult arts. However, you need to guard against developing your powers for the purpose of manipulating others or the forces of nature. Power and control issues are likely to arise frequently in your life. Perhaps you experienced your father (or your dominant parent) as being authoritarian, domineering, even cruel. You may have trouble with authority figures and employers who attempt to overpower, control or manipulate you. It is important to realize that you, too, desire power and total control, and are inclined to try to dominate others. Stubborn and willful, you want your own way and are reluctant to compromise or answer to someone else for your behavior. And, you can be ruthless in pursuit of your desires or goals. Your greatest gift is your power to destroy old, worn-out structures and give birth to new ones. Your greatest failings usually result from your extremism and your intense desire for power and domination. (Betty Lundsted) Scorpio children are born in a mother-dominated atmosphere. They do not come into an environment that is warm and loving, and a parent may be missing. There is often a death in the family a few days before a Scorpio is born. This affects the emotional set of the parents, for the person who dies is someone they love. This circumstance brings an attitude of grief into the small child's life. Often Scorpios are unwanted children; and sometimes they are the eleven-pound babies born into a seven-month marriage. Or, they are just one more child in a family that can't afford another mouth to feed at this point in time. Scorpios born in this type of atmosphere pick up all the unpleasant vibrations. Like any infant, Scorpio needs lots of attention and love, but the father ignores the child, and the mother often gives only minimum care: food, shelter, diaper changes, etc.. There is little affection, warmth and holding. Later, the parents feel guilty about not giving this child love, and try to make it up by spoiling him, or by providing many opportunities in life. But, the little Scorpio isn't buying it. The child needs affection early in life, and the allowance and extra privileges he gets later on don't mean anything; and the parents end up thinking the child is ungrateful. Because of the early experience, Scorpios are on a life-long search for love and affection. They search for the mother love that was missed in childhood. Scorpios have a reputation as the 'super sexed' sign of the zodiac, but they aren't as sexy as they would have us think. The young Scorpio male and female confuse sex with love. If you have sex with someone they will love you, thinks Scorpio. So they learn how to be good at sex; but people who have a relationship with Scorpios often find that after the relationship has been established, the sexual part of it is not nearly as important as it was. Affection

becomes more important to Scorpios. When young Scorpios feel insecure, they try to create sexual situations; it makes them feel secure when they think someone 'loves' them. (If you love an immature Scorpio, and you are perceptive, you may feel that sex for them is not merely sensual pleasure but is used to control you.) Scorpios are born to go through great personal transformations. The life is such that either they spend a lifetime trying to create a family experience for themselves, or they go into the business of self-transformation. The problem here is one of direction. Often Scorpios try both - they want to manage a tight household and transform the world at the same time. Because they felt unaccepted in their early childhood, acceptance becomes important to them. In the attempt to become accepted, confusion arises when they try to lay down the law to others and try to control the behavior of others. As they judge and control and push others, they become quite unpopular and don't really understand why. The Scorpio search for identity is a real one; and one of the things they learn is that the search is a personal one - it isn't one of transforming the world first and yourself later! In the process of discovering the meaning of existence, they uncover lots of information on the way. The sign is known for its investigative abilities. As far as career is concerned, Scorpio types can go in many directions. They often choose to become involved in the corporate structure, which is like a family for them. The newfound family can approve of them, and promote them; and they belong. Usually, the corporate type of Scorpio is indicating a need for father approval, which may mean that the father was either harsh or quite distant from Scorpio. We often seek in our adult life what we lacked in our childhood. Scorpios are also drawn to all kinds of scientific and social research, for their investigative minds can be put to good use in this area. Detective or police work, or analysis of any kind, is good for this sign. There is an interest in the various aspects of the medical profession; this field brings out the research abilities as well as the transformational or healing quality of Scorpio. The Scorpio female grows up to be strong and secretive like her mother, and she often copies her mother's mannerisms. She carries within her, however, a feeling of personal insecurity; a sense of worthlessness that can only be assuaged by getting into love relationships. She can use her sexuality for power. She gives herself sexually until she has what she wants under control, and then she stops. The person she relates to feels confouded when this happens, for he got involved with this 'sexy' lady who is no longer warm. He becomes suspicious and begins to wonder if she is seeing someone else. Sometimes the young Scorpio female marries a man who treats her badly because she thinks she doesn't deserve more than that. As she matures, she finds she wants more from a relationship than second-rate treatment, so she leaves. In her search for a strong man, she manipulates; she's magnetic, and, like the female spider in her web, she catches her guy. But if he turns out to be too powerful; if she can't control him, she may get so uncomfortable that she leaves him. The undeveloped Scorpio female stays close to her mother. If there's too much maternal influence in her adult life, it's difficult for her to form a good relationship with her husband. He feels he has two women - his wife and his mother-in-law. He may get fed up and leave. The more evolved Scorpio female looks for a relationship that will teach her something because she's a searcher. She needs someone with whom to share her growth and to share her learning experiences. These are fascinating women. The Scorpio male has a harder time of it than the Scorpio female. He carries a fantastic sexual reputation from all the dime-store astrology books, and he doesn't feel sexy inside. He wants a love relationship that includes plenty of mother love and affection, the kind of affection he missed out on when he was younger. He often chooses older women to relate to, sometimes heavy-set women with big bosoms - all symbolic of the search for his Mother. He is inscrutible, hard to get to know, and moody. All of this serves to make him extremely magnetic to some women. However, he confuses sex with love, and finds it

difficult to return the love that may be given to him since he saw little of it given when he was a child. He feels uncomfortable admitting that he loves someone: he thinks this leaves him open for attack. Seldom is the Scorpio male child not criticized and put down by someone in his family. The secrecy that Scorpio projects is a cover for the fear of rejection. The Scorpio child is extremely intuitive and 'knowing', and he is laughed at or rejected when he tries to share his thoughts. Rather than face more rejection, he learns to keep his thoughts to himself and grows into the tall, dark 'fascinating' stranger. Both the male and the female of this sign have tension-related illnesses. The Scorpio personality is so moody, so emotional, so sensitive, so intuitive, and so afraid to share emotion for fear of rejection, that all these feelings are pushed down inside, and they churn around and around in the digestive and intestinal tracts. As Scorpios hit theit forties, the tension begins to tell, and they are more prone to high-tension disorders or intestinal and digestive stress diseases. They need to learn to share. As Scorpios learn to share their ideas and dreams and hopes, they begin to find out if anyone really likes them. It's so important to Scorpios to have meaningful and intense relationships that it's more profitable to be open in the long-run. They draw people who are impressed with their 'mysterious' act, but their true selves are never really known. It is far more rewarding to be open and be either rejected or accepted. If we are rejected, we didn't have anything to begin with; if we are accepted, we have the start of what may become a wonderful, intense experience with another person. (Haydn Paul) The Scorpio personality tends to mask its qualities, rarely revealing them too openly. You are likely to be extremely determined and resolute, possessing a very powerful will when you choose to use it. You will tend to be forceful when chasing your goals, often using subtle manipulation over others to achieve those aims. You will have considerable self-pride, and will not take kindly to being embarrassed or humiliated in any way, and would certainly never forget who it was that placed you in such a position. Your sensitivity and feeling nature is a main source of contact with the world; and usually if someone offends you, causing an emotional reaction, then your perception and future response to that person will be affected from that point onwards. Generally, you are quite reserved, keeping others at a distance, trying to prevent them from seeing into your inner life, which can alternate between 'calm seas and boiling passions'; your inner life can be experienced as extremely 'raw' at times, and this can be difficult to handle. You will seldom display deeper emotions and feelings, as they are too intimate to your real nature, and impulses may be repressed due to the passion and power that can flood through you and outwards. You are likely to be quite secretive and private; and difficult to understand due to an inscrutable mask that you maintain, giving the appearance of controlled intensity (except for the eyes which can reveal your inner state). You can be direct, blunt, provocative, and potentially confrontational in attitude and style of expression. Some may find this refreshing; others may not; and this can lead to broken friendships or enmity occurring. Your words will be controlled and deliberate; sometimes very diplomatic and cautious, sometimes very pointed and designed to make their mark. At times, your passionate energies will make you say things which perhaps you should not, but in the releasing of pent-up energy you are glad to have been honest. You can be cynical and sarcastic, and display sudden outbursts of rage and anger, especially if you have been repressing feelings for some time. You are not easily impressed or influenced by others, and will usually tend to react

against authority, even though in family life and personal expression you are authoritative yourself; and your attitudes, beliefs, values and opinions are clear and firm. You try to guide your life by relying on passion and commitment to those inner compulsions and motivating life purposes. You can be quite ambitious, especially when attracted to power and influence over others. You prefer to take control and initiative in all aspects of life, tending to be a natural leader who is prepared to take responsibility but you do not make a good follower, often trying to undermine superiors by a very irreverent attitude. You will be shrewd and enterprising, although you will only apply effort if you are genuinely interested in what you are doing. Research can attract, or any work involving investigations, mysteries or the occult. The energies of your inner passions can be used intellectually, probing the depths of mind / being; and your insights and understanding can become extremely profound and clear. Your love life may be traumatic, with periodic crises or turning points, and can often be emotionally intense. Choosing a right partner is crucial in this sphere of your life, and you will have high ideals and expectations of any partner. You are likely to hold a traditional attitude to marriage, and can be very jealous. Essentially you are a 'loner', and even within marriage will walk a personal and solitary path. (Sasha Fenton) Scorpios can be silent and co-operative, hidden from view, unexpectedly meek or absoluately deadly. Astrology books give poor old Scorpio a very bad press. We are told that Scorpios are drunken, over-sexed, obsessive, untrustworthy, bullying rogues. This is simply not fair, although many Scorpions are not the easiest of people to live with or to work for. They respect strength and independence, and really cannot cope with anyone who either needs to be treated with kid gloves or relies upon them financially. Being members of a fixed sign, Scorpios don't appreciate change. This is not meant to imply that they are not ready to try a new hobby, meet new people or visit an area which is new to them, but it does mean that Scorpios are reliable as friends, neighbours, relatives and employees. Once a Scorpio has made a commitment, he puts his whole heart into it and makes it work. If the enterprise turns out to be absolutely unworkable, he will still give it his best shot before abandoning it. In some ways, I consider that the sign for Scorpio should be the bulldog or the bloodhound, because they hate giving up on anything. The world is full of women who are looking for men willing to make a commitment to a relationship and stick to it; and when they ask me which zodiac signs to choose for reliability, my answer in all cases is either Scorpio or Taurus. Scorpios have a strong sense of duty, and they are the world's best keepers of secrets. They are not casual in their attitudes. If a Scorpion lends you money, you must be prepared to pay it back by the due date. If you lend a Scoprio money, he will pay you back even though this may not actually be necessary. When I was an infant, I apparently inherited some shares in an engineering company. I had no knowledge of this until I was in my mid-thirties. At this time, the company was wound up, and I was sent $750 by the relative who had been charged with the administration of this matter. The relative was, of course, a Scorpio; and it is characteristic that not only did she fulfil her obligations to me to the letter, even though I didn't even know about them, but also she had never felt any obligation to tell me about this legacy until that moment. If a Scorpio finds himself the guardian of a cranky older relative, a small child or even an animal, he will take his obligation very seriously and make every effort to see the job through. He may have absolutely no affection for the unfortunate orphan, but he will do what needs to be done. As far as his own family is concerned, he usually loves them all unreservedly, but he can make life very difficult for anyone whom he considers weak or unworthy. These subjects are not dawdlers; they prefer to have specialised knowledge in a small number of fields and to shut out anything which doesn't fall into those categories.

Scorpio faults occur due to the emotional nature of the sign. Remember, this is a water sign which is intuitive, sensitive, and inclined to make decisions on an emotional basis. A big problem for these people is their inclination to over-react and to jump into or out of something due to either excitement or anger. Scorpios are normally excellent judges of character, often being able to see below the surface, but there are occasions when they seem to turn off this faculty and enter into some scheme with a person of dubious morals because they want to believe that everything will turn out well. They can just as easily cut themselves off from whole sections of their family if one member speaks to them in a disrespectful manner; and, unfortunately, it is not difficult to mortally offend a Scorpio. Forgetting and forgiving is not in the Scorpio nature, and they make implacable enemies. They find it extremely difficult to apologise, and can dig themselves into a hole out of which they then find it impossible to climb. Scorpios hate confrontations and they know that they have a dangerously hot temper. They will back off and back down if confronted directly by a quietly assertive person. It is difficult to talk openly to these people because it is all too easy to cross some invisible line and cause them unintentional offence. They also pick up on the anger and frustration of those around them, and can become unsettled and angry as a result. Like Pisceans, Scorpios can act as psychic sponges where strong feelings are concerned. Scorpio defensiveness may manifest itself in spiteful remarks. If a Scorpio decides that one particular set of people have let him down badly, he will either loathe the whole lot of them, or he will choose one particular member of the group on whom he will pour out his hatred. One elderly Scorpio lady believed that none of her family had ever appreciated her or returned her good deeds, and this disappointment finally corroded into detestation of her nephew, who was the last remaining relative. Even if you love or are loved by a Scorpio, don't expect anything to be left in his will; these people are notorious for getting in the last spiteful move, deserved or otherwise, by leaving their worldly goods to the nearest cat's home! There are Scorpios who are violent, oversexed, alcoholic, drugaddicted and / or obsessed by death or involved in black magic. There are others who use violent, manipulative or sexual tactics to control others. Most aim simply to live quietly and control nobody but themselves. Some Scorpios are sturdily built, while others are small and wiry. The bone structure is strong and prominent, and they often have a bony and angular appearance. Some of the most beautiful people on earth are born under this sign, while others may have arresting looks or can even be downright ugly. A typical Scorpio has thick, wavy hair which, in men, may thin out just a little in later years. Most astrology books talk about magnetic eyes, but I think this is less due to the eyes themselves than to the Scorpionic habit of looking directly at people. These subjects don't smile easily, and may scowl with concentration when listening. Many Scorpios stay slim all their lives and have a contemptuous attitude to those who put on weight. This is because they, themselves, don't appreciate their genetic luck, and they tend to consider fatness to be solely the result of weakness and over-indulgence. Fat Scorpios tend to ignore their own obesity, but still don't hesitate to criticise others. Scorpios hate to throw anything out, and will wear a favorite garment until it falls apart. Even when they are forced to admit that they really cannot wear that particular outfit again, they will hang on to it, just in case. Traditionally speaking, the reproductive organs are supposed to be weak in Scorpios, but I think that the lower spine is much more likely to cause problems. If a Scorpio does get ill, or if he has an accident, it is usually very dramatic; but Scorpios have the most amazing powers of recovery, and often manage to live a very long and, on the whole, healthy life. There are a number of jobs which are specifically associated with the sign of Scorpio, and all of these involve investigating or looking for something which cannot immediately be seen. Many Scorpios work in the field of medicine, either as surgeons, or as diagnosticians, or osteopaths; while others are drawn to psychiatry and hypnotherapy. This gives the Scorpio the satisfaction of both finding out what is wrong and putting it right.

Mining for coal or precious metals is supposed to be a Scorpio trade. Another typically Scorpio interest is police work, adn many Scorpios do indeed have a career in some branch of investigative or forensic work. Rather like Ariens, Scorpios can be drawn to the kind of job which was once considered to be masculine, such as engineering. The military world, and also that of armaments, appeals to Scorpios; and they may even become caught up in this without making a conscious effort to do so. The urge to investigate makes many Scorpios look into psychic and mediumistic matters. Scorpios are very physical and energetic, and they don't seem to worry about getting hurt. Typical interests would be wrestling, rugby football or American football, as well as sailing, competitive tennis and hang-gliding. Many Scorpios like to dance, and most love to listen to good music. This is a sensual sign; therefore it is no surprised that Scorpios love to use their bodies to their fullest extent, whether this be by going on a military exercise, indulging in physical and competitive sport, or making love! Whatever a Scorpio sets his mind to, he will do it thoroughly and to the best of his ability. Typical Scorpio sayings are, 'If you are going to do something, then do it properly!' or 'If you start something, then for goodness' sake finish it!'; or even 'You only fit double-glazing once, so you might as well fit the best'. This is a most peculiar sign as far as attitudes to money are concerned, because Scorpios can vacillate between extreme parsimony and being 'the last of the big spenders'. Scorpios will spare no expense on an exciting project, but shopping for boring everyday goods does absolutely nothing for them. The exception to this is food, because Scorpios like what they like and won't do without their favourite foods. All the feminine signs, especially the water signs, like to hang on to money, and they seem to get as much pleasure from saving as they do from spending. These subjects retain a sentimental attachment to their homes, businesses and possessions; and they prefer old favourites to novelties. Some Scorpios are wizard at hanging on to old paper bags, elastic bands and kitchen tools; while others have a wonderful ability to recycle their own junk. If a member of a Scorpio's family is in dire financial straits, the Scorpio will help them out unstintingly and without expecting to be paid back. However, if their nearest and dearest just want a few little things to make live a bit more pleasant, they should go about getting these for themselves. Scorpio houses are adequate, but they may be scruffy because, as long as they have enough to eat and drink, many Scorpios don't actually need possessions, although they will spend money like water on their own particular interests such as travel or the raising, breeding and keeping of animals. Having said this, there are some Scorpios who are very generous and free-spending in every way. This is a sign of extremes; and, therefore, extreme profligacy or extreme generosity are both possible. As far as possessions are concerned, they like books and music, tools for their trade or hobby, and sporting goods. Scorpios also like to own a large and comfortable car. They enjoy owning items which have some kind of sentimental attachment for them, but the best new possession by far is a ticket for a good holiday. In short, possessions themselves mean little to Scorpios, but anything which offers them the opportunity to explore and to experience life to the full is much appreciated. Scorpios are given a bad press in most astrology books; and, while it is true that they can be hard to live with, they also have some very good points. Scorpions are not loners; they like to be in a relationship and will make great efforts to keep it going through thick and thin. These subjects are loyal, and they stick to those whom they love even when this is difficult. Scorpios take marriage vows very seriously, and they don't leave a partner when he or she gets ill or if the money runs out. They are definitely not fair-weather friends. These types are possessive, and the very thought of divorce makes their blood run cold. They hate to lose anything, whether it be money, a battle, a business or a spouse; and they will hang in ther until the bitter end.

These subjects have high standards, and they may try to impose these standards upon the rest of their families. They respect courage and strength, and lose patience with those who whine or who cannot cope with life. When they themselves are faced with a problem, they worry intensely about it and may even do a fair bit of complaining themselves; but they don't give in, and they try to find a solution one way or another. I have been surrounded by Scorpio types all my life, and have seem them go through terrible times when their health has let them down or their businesses have collapsed under them; and in every case, these misfortunes have brought out the best in them. In a way, it is easier to live with Scorpios when they are in trouble beacuse it is only then that they allow anyone to help. In good times, they can be so independent that the relationship makes one feel like a spectator rahter than a participant in their lives. A Scorpio home is not a palace because they are not especially tidy and they don't set out to impress others. Like Cancerians, Scorpios tend to hang on to everything which comes into their homes, and every cupboard is stuffed with the junk of ages; they have a sentimental love of the past, and hate to part with anything. On a number of occasions, I have tried suggesting to my Scorpio husband that we get rid of our old-fashioned wardrobes in favour of fitted units, but he won't hear of it. Those wardrobes have twentyseven years of memories sunk into the grain of their wood, and it would be too much of a wrench for him to be parted from them! Most Scorpios are practical, and will find a way of doing what needs to be done around the house. Being restless, they prefer to keep busy rather than simply sit about. Both sexes will handle any kind of job, and they don't feel that anything is beneath them. They need to have quite an active social life, but they are easily tired by people. The answer seems to be for Scorpios and their partners to take up some sport or interest which they can do together and also in the company of others. If this allows the Scorpio to compete with others, then it serves as an outlet for some of his pent-up energies and occasional rages. Scorpios are very emotional, but they don't all express this in the same way. Some are self-pitying, especially when ill or unhappy; while others brood and get into long-term spells of free-floating bad temper. They take their work seriously and, if something goes wrong in their jobs, they can become extremely difficult to live with. The worst aspect of this is that their poor partner doesn't know why he / she is being subjected to such extreme unpleasantness; and it may be a long time after the event that the reason comes to light. The poor benighted partner knows very well that it would be far better if the Scorpio actually told them what was going on, but pride or the habit of silence seems to prevent this, and any probing or questioning is seen by the Scorpio as being intrusive. On the other hand, Scorpios are very inquisitive, and will even go through a partner's private papers if they think that something is being kept from them. Some Scorpions escape from their problems by drinking too much. Scorpios have a reputation for wanting to be 'top dog' in a relationship, but this is not necessarily so, although mutual respect is a necessity to them. Scorpions need to be consulted about decisions, and they hate being presented with a fait accompli, especially if it is likely to cost them money. These subjects are not easily influenced, but they will listen and take note when presented with a reasoned argument and a commonsense approach. Scorpios are not good at sharing, and they can use money or resources in order to control others. They either withhold money or from their families, or bestow it upon them as and when they think fit. The partner of a Scorpio is strongly advised to have an income and a bank account of his / her own. Oddly enough, Scorpios who behave in this way see money as a form of self-protection, and they feel that, if they relinquish financial control, they will allow other people to walk all over them. They are not alone in feeling like this; Leos and Capricorns feel very much the same way. These subjects see the world in black and white, either loving or hating, with few feelings in between; and if anyone insults them or even mildly criticises them, they can take their hate to the point of murder. They may give their families a hard time, but their love is as strong and genuine as their hatred, and they will feel things deeply. They respect and understand their partner's loves and hates, and will do all they can to help a partner succeed in what he or

she wants to do. It is worth remembering that this is a fixed sign, and these subjects cannot be influenced or moulded into something other than what they are. There are some Scorpios who are so self-absorbed that they cannot relate to anyone. Many Scorpios don't care what others think of them, and therefore won't compromise or meet anyone halfway. Scorpios have a reputation for sexuality which I think is probably quite wrong. They love to shock others and will come out with statements which makes people think that they are very liberated in their behaviour. For example, 'I used to go there on dirty weekends', or 'you actually like the missionary position?' might be typical remarks; but, in my opinion, Scorpios are actually rather prudish where it comes to sex. They are not libertines; and, unless there is a great deal of Libra on their charts, they cannot bounce lightly from one relationship to another without their feelings being engaged. Scorpios have a great deal of charm, and are probably the greatest flirts in the world; but this form of dicing with danger is rarely carried through into a true sexual adventure. They worry far too much about AIDS, other sexual diseases, the risk of pregnancy, and even the possibility of falling in love, to let themselves go. Scorpios like to be desired and wanted, because this gives them a feeling of power over others; and they can wilt if they are not the centre of attention. At a party, a Scorpio will work the room, using conversation and his expressive face in order to entertain and draw attention, but this is really just an act. Scorpios are super-cautious where their feelings are concerned, and will think twice and three times before getting into anything real. When in a relationship, they can be quite demanding, but they are also shy, afraid of looking foolish, and nervous of trying anything new. They need a partner who will encourage and reassure them, or they can become stuck in a rather boring sexual routine. Some Scorpios have a variety of sex partners, but don't allow themselves to fall in love, thus avoiding potential pain. Scorpios have many acquaintances but very few friends, and there are very few people who really know them well. They don't much care for the kind of cosy tête-à-tête where confidences are exchanged. They won't admit to foolish behaviour or indiscretions of their own, and are not sufficiently interested in other people to want to hear about theirs. They can be quite competitive as friends. Once a friend lets them down in some way, that is the end of the friendship and there is nothing that can be done to regain the trust which was lost. Scorpions try to get on with their relatives, but they don't lose any sleep if this doesn't work out. As parents, Scorpios can be absolutely terrible. One astrologer describes the experience of being the child of a Scorpio as 'Rocking backwards and forwards in horror on the stairs as the Scorpio parent screams the marriage to an end, and wondering what I had done to cause this'. Scorpios don't control their anger or their feelings for the sake of peace, and they are capable of destroying a marriage or their children's sanity through pride coupled with the inability to ever admit that they can be wrong. On the other hand, many Scorpios are very loving parents who somehow manage to control their wilder side and give their children the security they need. All Scorpio parents have a tendency to use their children in order to compete with others; and they are happiest with children who can and do cope with pressure. Many Scorpio parents seem to be blessed with talented, successful Leo children. However, some Scorpio parents can actually become jealous of their offspring's success, even while claiming that they had a hand in bringing it about. Scorpio children don't get on well with their siblings. They are far too competitive, too self-centred, and they simply don't consider that the other children's demands and requirements are in any way as important as their own. Scorpio children find sharing very difficult; and, rightly or wrongly, they feel they are being deprived of their share of their parents' love. These children have high personal standards, which means that they either make a great success of school or sports and of childhood in general, or see too many obstacles in their

path and opt out altogether and become anti-social. Most Scorpio children benefit from an active, sporty outlet, and they also enjoy being involved with organisations such as the girl guides, military cadet organisations, or para-medical ones. (Julia and Derek Parker) The chief characteristic of a Sun sign Scorpio is a remarkable reserve of energy. It is often said that this is the 'worst' of the Sun signs. Of course, this isn't true: the sign's energies are so strong they can seem overpowering, even inhibiting; the Scorpio can feel driven by them. But if they are fully and positively expressed, both physically and emotionally, the individual will be a big achiever. However, if the energy flow is inhibited or uncontrolled it can be disastrous, with typical resentfulness, jealousy and broodiness. Jealousy is the worst Scorpio fault, and not only in relationships: Scorpios can be jealous of colleagues and of other people's possessions. This can, however, act as a spur: seeing the progress of others, Scorpios may be inspired to do equally well or better. The Scorpio body area is the genitals, and this may partly explain the sign's sexy reputation. Sun sign Scorpios need just as much sexual fulfillment as everyone else, and may suffer more if they don't achieve it, but that doesn't mean every Scorpio is a putative sex-maniac! A great many of them express their sex drives through sport; the women may even devote themselves to becoming perfect housewives. The important thing is that the drive is properly directed and extended, and not allowed to stagnate and wast. Most Scorpios are capable of deep, incisive and analytical thought; they have a powerful urge to get to the root of any problem. They also want to get the most out of life, cramming every day with work and demanding spare-time interests. They may force themselves to extremes of action, and so should try to release their energy as evenly as possible. A Scorpio, who is all energy, needs a conductor. If the energy is not able to strike home and be received and used in some way, there will be problems, so it is most important in a personal relationship that the partner is not cold or undemonstrative. Scorpios, overwhelmed by the attractions of a possible partner, can put all their energy into the chase, and persist even when it is obvious that the object of their affections is unsuitable. Difficulties will follow. In the stressful periods of a relationship, the Scorpio's tendency to be secretive and vindictive (even to the point of cruelty) may emerge, but other areas of an individual birth chart may modify these characteristics. When something is wrong with a Scorpio child, he or she will become extremely quiet, and probably reject even favorite food. The sooner young Scorpio can be encouraged to talk over any problems, the better; the tendency to bottle things up can lead to serious difficulties in later life, when he or she may suffer unnecessarily. All children need compelling interests, but young Scorpios do so more than most; they should be encouraged to take up a hobby, preferably one that deeply interests them, and will burn up emotional as well as physical energy. This teaches them how to use that energy evenly. They will probably enjoy heavy team games, water sports, or, for the more creative types, skating and dancing. Fulfilled Scorpio parents demand much of their children - sometimes too much. They will be especially eager to encourage their children to take the path they have followed, and become successful in their own right. Deeply interested in their children and their development, they may go too far in their desire to know everything about them, and should remember that children need privacy, too. The intense relationship they desire should include fun and humor. Naturally rather strict, Scorpio parents must realize that some children react better to less stringent discipline. Their tendency to insist on what they think best can make them seem intractable to their children and incapable of sensible discussion and argument.

Less than successful Scorpios whose children are doing really well must be exceptionally careful that jealousy, perhaps their chief fault, doesn't spoil the relationship. They should remember that the children's success is their success, too; they brought them up! Above all else, and more than most other signs, Scorpios need to be emotionally involved in their careers. Like those of their polar sign, Taurus, they need emotional and financial security, and are willing to work hard to maintain it, and to improve their standard of living. Their energy can sometimes seem entirely devoted to making money, and these Scorpio businessmen or women will have found the way in which to direct their keen sense of purpose. Others may have to strive a little harder to discover ways of using their abundant energy and achieving thier potential. When out of work, Scorpios lack a daily outlet for their energy, and must seek somehow to expend it - even, perhaps, in part-time, unpaid work. Otherwise, it is all too easy for the forcs to be negatively use, perhaps even in crime. Scorpios need to be under pressure - they must have something against which to test their muscles, mental or physical. They do well in engineering, the mining industry, the navy, the wine trade; they are natural researchers and detectives. Scorpios will probably resist enforced change; their natural stubbornness will rise to the surface. However, there will be times when they feel that change is absolutely vital, and them nothing will stop them seeking it. Sweeping, drastic changes may result, after which they will settle happily into a new lifestyle, ready to accept new responsibilities. Care is needed, of course, that such changes are made for the right reasons and that valuable experience and hard work are not thrown away. Sitting about doing nothing not only isn't the average Scorpio's idea of pleasure, but may even be bad for them. These people will welcome retirement as a chance to do all the things for which there hasn't yet been time, although they may still lack time to do everything they've got planned. But at all events (however unlikely it is) Scorpios shouldn't look forward to days of sitting in the sun. They need a compelling interest instead. Just as Scorpio energy must be evenly spent and controlled, so the physical system needs a regular, controlled diet. That may not be easy; there is a tendency towards selfindulgence in food and drink, which often provokes stomach upsets or constipation. Moderation doesn't come easily to Scorpios, but they must cultivate it, in both diet and exercise, for what starts out as a keen interest in sport and exercise can get out of hand, causing strain. They must not hesitate to slow down when necessary. The martial arts will interest them, not only for the physical aspect, but also for their spiritual and esoteric qualities. Swimming is very beneficial. (Frances Sakoian and Louis Acker) In many ways Scorpio is the most powerful sign of the Zodiac. It is ruled by Mars and Pluto, while Uranus, the planet of sudden release of energy, is exalted in it. More than any other sign, Scorpio deals with processes of fundamental transformation on all levels. This transformation can be on a high or low plane, depending on the motivation behind the change. However, as a rule, Scorpios work to improve the status quo. Scorpios possess power, will, and intense emotional desires. Their life is likely to be a constant struggle to conquer desire through the creative use of the will. Since this sign is strongly related to the desire principle and the sex drive, there is tremendous emotional force behind the Scorpio's romantic involvements. When out of proper control, this can lead to possessiveness, jealousy, and violence. No side can be so potent for good or eveil as Scorpio.

Because Scorpios act with all their power, it is of utmost importance that they set out on the proper course from the start. They never deal with life superficially; and whatever they become involved with is generally of serious consequence. Sometimes their desire to do everything perfectly makes them unable to delegate responsibility, so they overwork themselves, seeking perfection in all details. Highly developed Scorpios are the most ardent defenders of justice, even in the face of death. Unlike Arians, who are also ruled by Mars and Pluto, they have tremendous staying power because they are in a fixed sign. They will see any matter through to the bitter end, regardless of the required effort and sacrifice. Although these people despise weakness in themselves and do not like to see it in others, they are often generous and compassionate, and will extend themselves in order to help someone else. Scorpios expect, however, that the individual, once helped, will stand independently and continue to help himself. They are not always diplomatic, since they believe in expressing their ideas and feelings with unfiltered truthfulness. They would rather remain silent than give a watered-down version of their true opinions and emotions. They have an intense drive to investigate the nature of things and discover the causes behind any outward manifestation. Consequently, they excel in work involving detection, science, research, and occult investigations. They tend to be highly secretive, and woe be unto those who give away their secrets or incur their wrath. In a battle they will give no quarter and expect none. If one takes up cudgels with Scorpios, he should be well-fortified. In appearance, they are generally of robust and strong build. They often possess keenly penetrating eyes and a strong aura of personal mystique and magnetism. Their intuition is well-developed, as a rule, giving them the ability to penetrate the inner thoughts of others and exact secret information from them. When spiritually developed, Scorpios derive immense power from their ability to tap the fundamental, creative, regeneratuve forces of nature. Thus, their accomplishments can sometimes seem almost miraculous. They are not inclined to fear death because they have a mystical understanding of the cyclic nature of manifestation. The key phrase for Scorpio is 'I desire'. (Lyn Birbeck) You have a deep, though potentially cruel, heart. You have the will to use wisely your penetrating insight - and so not let it descend into selfish manipulation. Your life should be led in a spirit of emotional authenticity - as opposed to merely being obsessive. Your father is seen or expressed as one who is powerful and uncompromising, and / or destructive. You generate an unmistakable sexual vibration that reaches Other on a level beyond his / her inhibitions or conscious resistance. You have a laser-like perception of life and Other that is irresistible and deeply healing. You have an aura of intimacy that enables Other to be more in touch with his / her real feelings. You can alienate Other through sapping him / her of his / her psychic and / or physical energy in order to subjugate him / her for your own darkly selfish reasons; by hitting Other where it hurts in order to vainly appease your own resentfulness; and with a compulsion to have Other feel as deeply painful as you feel.

You overemphasize a conviction that you are absolutely right concerning an issue about which you are obviously biased. You overaccentuate your desire to have someone exactly where you want him / her, be it very close, at a distance, or out of your life completely. You overstress Other's weaknesses, as a smoke screen to hide your own; and you are excessively secretive. You can feel weak when you are not 100% sure of yourself over any issue, especially an emotional one - but this is a weakness in itself. You can also feel weak about chinks in your own armour; and because you cannot bear to be unsure of where someone stands with you, and so you often enforce this with a finality that you later come to regret. When you are alone, it is because you have broken a taboo that most people observe to keep at bay anything they cannot manage psychologically. Like the pariah, you are cast out beyond the city walls of so-called polite society. The Other who does this could be one person in particular, a community, or your own family. As you stew in your own juice, it is down to your own formidable depth of insight to determine whether you were right or wrong in committing whatever deed it was that had you cast out - or what that deed was and whether you actually committed it at all. Scorpio has the arguable advantage of doing things out of a sense of inner conviction rather than out of a need for external approval. More often than not, the answer is that you have broken a taboo that was a cover-up for some species of emotional insincerity. What you have to face up to in the extremes of your isolation is that the underground river of truth will emerge when it will. (Jan Spiller and Karen McCoy) Sun in Scorpio individuals feel they have the right to possess, investigate, control; to search out the secrets of people's desires and needs. Static When your attention is directed towards getting a reaction from others that reflects your power, you may instigate conflicts. In doing so, merely as a cheap thrill and test of your dominance, you may alienate those closest to you. If you covertly insist that others recognize your ultimate strength, you may become impatient and insecure when they do not offer you the deference expected. When your potency is not acknowledged, you may become angry and demand attention through an inappropriate provocation. The unpredictability of the Scorpio's sharp responses may be emotional and destructive in nature. Indulging in agitating others may lead to their mistrust and wariness in including you on the core levels most wanted. You might rely on inciting others as a means of validating and measuring your power and control by their responses. This can lead to a type of self-expression that defeats your independence. Dynamic When you focus on uplifting other people, you can express your abilities for manifesting power in a way that is constructive and vital for both parties. Revealing your perceptions of another's inner thoughts and feelings allows you to feel the aliveness of significant participation. You can inspire others when you validate your self-control by exposing those factors that enable them to achieve the same self-mastery. You can be aware of the ambitions and goals that others are seeking. This awareness allows you to contribute your perceptions effectively in a way that others can accept. This results in your increased vitality and well-being. You give others an opportunity to know you and to appreciate the power of your discernment when you reveal the psychological insights that further them. Seeing the foibles and hidden motivations of others can inspire you to help them become aware of their own deepest desires. In this way, you can experience the satisfaction and acknowledgement of the Scorpion power to transform the lives of others constructively.

(John Townley) Of all the Sun signs, Scorpio is the most closely identified with sexuality. You feel life intensely and need to express your passions in all that you do. In a love relationship you want all or nothing, and you are quick to let a partner know there is no middle ground. Your basic drive for power is most clearly seen through your ability to manipulate others in less than obvious ways. You will be very tempted to use your sexual magnetism to gain material or psychological advantage over your lover. For this reason, you may attract less sophisticated partners whose naiveté allows you to be in command. But you will soon tire of that game and look for something that is more meaningful on a long-term basis. You usually are very clear about what you desire, and you know it is worth waiting a long time to get what will satisfy you. This can make you seem quite cold to those who want to get to know you but don't understand your secretive nature. You might explain to these people that you simply need to be alone. This small courtesy will win you much support from others, who may be able to help you. (Grant Lewi) The dualism of Scorpio makes it a baffling sign, for the Scorpion combines materialism with spirituality. He is 'the world, the flesh and the devil and also the spirit that renounces them. He is full of the zest of life, which however is meaningful only after he has added a unique, almost mystic, significance. The search for inner values, for the key to the riddle of self, of world, of life itself, is Scorpio's basic motivation; and his search, whether it takes him to spiritual heights or into the darkness of subconcious depths, is always intense. To him, 'Life is real, life is earnest, and the grave is not its goal'. Scorpio takes himself, his work, his ideals, his love seriously, and insists that others do the same; yet at the same time he is unaware of the fleetingness of it, the futility of it, the smallness of it. Not usually religious in any orthodox sense, he has his own personal religion, which is more mystic than philosophic, and which is part of the depths of his profound nature. Scorpio is the only sign that never produces a shallow person. The best of the rest slip into nonentities from time to time, but a Scorpion is always consequential. You must reckon with him even if you dislike or despise him. He can sink to the lowest level of them all if the sense of futility turns his great energies inward instead of outward; but to whatever level he may sink, he carries with him an essential dignity, as if to represent the greatness of Lucifer in fall as well as in glory. At his best, Scorpio is a mechanical, spiritual or legal genius, though rarely an executive. Luxurious and extravagant in his tastes, he lacks interest in making money because, when he calls on his maximum powers, they lead him to noncommercial fields. So great is his magnetism that he will generally be found in a position where he can get all he wants without giving his all, which is reserved for private, perhaps secret, pursuits. He is careful of appearances, generally a conformist in all that meets eye, and would not willingly let you into the private details of his life, thoughts and philosophies. Yet these are very clear to him and provide him with an unexpressed viewpoint that gives him great poise. He looks at the world with aware, perhaps accusing, eyes; he does not betray the secret he has with himself, which gives him reserve and self-assurance and an uncanny knack of making the other fellow feel that he knows more than he is expressing. Part of the secret of Scorpio (no-one can tell you all of the secret except the individual Scorpion himself, and he won't) is the simplicity with which he accepts the merger of the material and the spiritual. He relates all problems of life to a standard of intangibles that is unknown to other men; achieves a practical answer in terms of his secre, perhaps unconscious, doctrine of the worlds; and thus adds to his personality the sort of magic one would have who consulted with an invisible, but ever-present, guardian angel. (Marcia Moore and Mark Douglas) Keynote: The power of individuality manifests through regeneration.

Symbol: Lava from an erupting volcano flows hissing into the sea. In Scorpio, sign of sex, death, and regeneration, the somber gleam of an unseen Sun kindles the smoldering fires of Mars and Pluto to produce a strong and willful personality. The awesome potency of this combination is symbolized by the hissing steam that arises when the solar radiance heats the waters of the hidden psychic realm. The propensity of Scorpions to bottle up their simmering emotions creates so much inner tension that when proddings from the outside penetrate their wall of reserve they can erupt with scalding violence. They have a reputation for inscrutability since no-one can say what repressed passions are seething within the cauldron of their unconscious minds, but often they are less inscrutable than paradoxicam because of the clash of conflicting elements within their nature. Scorpio's intellect is incisive, his feelings vehement, and his body capable of extraordinary endurance. When the lower type of Scopion is antagonized, he sulks and broods, waiting in silence for the opportunity to strike. Then he lashes out so venemously that the object of his wrath is paralyzed by his sting. By contrast, when the evolved Scorpion turns his powers to good, no greater devotion to principle or capacity for sacrifice can be found. He is compassionate without being squeamish, and will uncomplainingly take on jobs too tough for others to handle. These higher types can be as forbearing as the lower types are vindictive. The only certainty is that their characters will not be flabby. They make heroes or villains - or both at once. In Aries, Mars is the warrior who marches boldly to fight upon the battlefield of the world. In Scorpio, he makes the discovery that the real battlefield lies within. The conflict then becomes infinitely more difficult and dangerous. Subtler stratagems are required because the antagonist lurking in the depths of the psyche is tricky, elusive, and difficult to engage in fair combat. It is often necessary to advance through retreat, triumph through surrender, and gain an ultimate victory through the loss of that which has been most cherished. Metaphysically, Aries represents the birth of man's sense of self. Scorpio represents the purging of selfish or ego-based desires. Scorpio's co-rulers Mars and Pluto bring conflict and destruction; but exalted Uranus promises that the shattering of the senses will effect a basic transformation. Thus, in Scorpio, the soul descends into an abyss in order to shed the waste matter of its existence in preparation for its ascent to a higher level of selfknowing. In actuality, Scorpio people are invariably subjected to periods of trial and testing. Then, if the Plutonian process of elimination has been successful, they arise phoenix-like out of the ashes of the past and go on to greater attainments. Scorpio concerns the inevitables of existence - sex and death. Since these irrevovable evnts touch upon the mysteries of life, they are shrouded with secrecy and surrounded with taboos to keep them from being profaned. Repression of the sexual instincts can cause the aberrations of cruelty, jealousy, and satanic pride, all negative traits of the sign. The Christian tradition has not dealt kindly with the sexual instinct (largely because of the Scorpio overlay given by Saint Paul); and as a result it has fostered a morbid emphasis on the blood and suffering of Christ, along with a prurient denial of the value of carnal love. The necessity to raise and sublimate the libidinal instincts impels many Scorpio people to seek an outlet for their energies in the field of the arts. In their creative enterprises, they are apt to be preoccupied with achieving emotional release rather than with the expression of conventional ideas of beauty. Consequently, their painting, poetry, and music may seem more decomposed than composed. A characteristically Scorpionic artist is Pablo Picasso, whose zeal for tearing down images into their basic components stems from a compulsion to restructure forms according to an interior vision. Since Scorpions are adept at handling other people's money, they are frequently found in business and finance, and are noted for their jealous supervision of the family budget.

They are well-suited to be detectives, inspectors, psychologists, and troubleshooters, being better adapted to the tasks of renovation and restoration of what already exists than to making a fresh start. They are capable of ruthlessly eliminating that which has served its purpose, even at the cost of personal pain. The real mystery of Scorpio is why, with all their wariness and strength of character, these people are so often caught in the grip of their sexual and aggressive compulsions, unable to avoid being sucked into a maelstrom of duplicity and intrigue. Yet, once they have squarely confronted their problems, they have the courage to find a solution regardless of personal loss and sacrifice. They can transform themselves, and often do.

Natal Sun in Sagittarius
(Betty Lundsted) Sagittarius is the last and most impersonal of the Fire signs. The idealism of Sagittarius is less personal than either Aries or Leo. Sagittarians are more involved in causes, politics; in formulating the law; and they have ideas about religion and / or philosophy. They too come from a home that is strongly influenced by the father. But often, Sagittarians are angry at the father. It seems he is quite fond of them when they are little but later forsakes them for some other interest as they grow older. The Sagittarian types are looking for approval and respect from the father, while at the same time they want to be independent from him. For some reason known only to Sagittarians, they think Daddy is a successful person; and like all the Fire signs, they feel that it is impossible to measure up to his greatness. Most Sagittarians grow up in an atmosphere of enough food and shelter, but they seem to feel left out in the emotional department. They seem to radiate self-confidence and enthusiasm, but inside they often question their personal values. Again, here is the Fire sign dilemma - ideals can be so lofty that the Fire sign person can't possibly live up to them. Sagittarians pursue ideals and ideas in an independent way. They are interested in all aspects of the concept of freedom. The political quest for freedom often involves the concept of revolution. However, when it comes down to the actual fighting, Sagittarians don't want to be involved - it's cold and uncomfortable on the battlefield, and suddenly philosophy seems to be the direction in which to travel! This type can be the great fireside revolutionary. Sagittarians who become interested in politics often have the same problems Leos have. As they become more involved in the political arena, they find that it's not as idealistic as it seemed at first. They don't care for the political compromises that take place - or graft, or dealings that are less than idealistic. No idealist likes to be in situations that are not 'fair'. 'The world isn't fair; there ought to be a law', say the Fire signs. After a number of hurts over the years - hurts caused by the unfairness of life - one begins to notice that Mother Nature is not fair either! She does not support 'fairness' in the life structure of the universe. It's the Fire sign people who work to develop a sense of fairness and justice, for the universe does not make moral judgements. Westerners regard certain Eastern practices with abhorrence because they seem so unfair, so inhuman. But our ideals will not allow us to see that life is a constant stream of transformation and change. Life is a force much like that of symbolic water, for it keeps on 'a-keepin' on'. Perhaps some insight can be gained as to why Fire signs don't understand Water signs and vice versa if the difference in the symbols of the two is taken into consideration. In the area of the Sagittarian's relationships, the father has a great deal of influence. He is a person who loves companionship and camaraderie. He likes typically male things sports events, the hunt, the 'man-and-his-dog' stuff in life. The child is influenced by this, and the effect manifests differently in the male and the female as they each mature. And because Sagittarians are so involved with ethics and justice and the theory of what is

going on in the universe, they often find personal relationships difficult. The Sagittarian female comes into the universe with a strong dose of father influence. The influence of the masculine principle interferes with the development of her concept of her feminine self. Her mother's influence is very weak; and like her Aries and Leo sisters, the Sagittarian feels sympathy for her Mom. She wants to be known for her mind; for her ability to be rational, to comprehend information in the same logical manner that a man is purported to. She is, however, a female; and lurking behind her sports events, her politics, and her career responsibilities, is that nagging fear that she may not be as feminine as she could be - or that men don't appreciate her femaleness. Her conscious mind doesn't think that she's worried, but her unconscious mind knows that she is biologically female. So an interesting battle takes place within her. She presents herself as an intellectual, with the body language of a sexpot. The men she talks with don't really understand what is expected of them, and she sometimes causes unpleasant and unwanted sexual advances to be made upon her. She doesn't want to be known as a sexual type; she really wants a relationship built on intellectual sharing. She wants companionship as Daddy had, and as she once had with her Dad. As long as she rejects her femaleness - the biological energy present in her life structure - she is the victim of animus projection. In relationships she will always be a bit disappointed because no man can live up to her projection of the knight in shining armor. Because of her sexual projection, and the reaction of men to it, she can develop a dislike for men because she thinks that all they want from a woman is sex. But the situation can be cured when she understands her own needs. The masculine principle is strong in her, and can be used profitably for career development. The feminine body can easily be incorporated with the masculine principle, for we are all a combination of both. Investigations into what a 'woman' is, or what a woman can be, can be very helpful to her. We are all a combination of energies, and when this is understood we can then proceed through life without resentment of our biological gender, and interact with people with interest rather than defensiveness. The Sagittarian male has a slightly different influence coming from the father image. He wants to be as successful as his father, but doesn't believe that he can ever be the man Daddy is, or the companion Daddy is. He has lofty ideals that he brings into his career but Daddy was a casual man who didn't hurry or rush or take responsibility too seriously. Life just seemed to 'happen' to his father. The Sagittarian child doesn't know how to follow through on activities, and doesn't think that one should work too hard since Daddy didn't. What he doesn't understand is that his father may have worked very hard to establish himself, but the Sagittarian kid didn't witness that period. So he doesn't work as hard as he can, and his lofty ideals and revolutionary ideas may never see fruition. He may wind up being supported by his wife, for life circumstances bring him into situations that cause those results. As far as his concept of his maleness is concerned, he's learned the companionship attitudes that his father had, and he's coupled them with idealism. Fire sign men have such lofty ideals about love that it sometimes becomes difficult for them to have a love relationship on the physical plane since so much guilt is attached to the earthy aspects of sex. The Sagittarian male may be a bit shamefaced about his needs for sex and may, therefore, approach women with such tactlessness that he unconsciously makes sure he never 'scores'. He may love one woman and have sex with another. He may trade in a good emotional sexual relationship for good basic companionship. He may choose to relate to the fellows in the locker room, following all the sports events faithfully, rather than building a strong relationship with a female. He comes from a father-dominated atmosphere - and this means Dads are important and Moms are not. So he may limit his relationships with women, feeling that they are cooks and domestics, and not companions. If most of his relationships are with men and he feels love in these friendships, he may wonder if he is really a 'man' because he knows that

he's uncomfortable with the opposite sex. Both Sagittarians will learn about honesty in their lifetime. They pride themselves on being idealists and on being honest as Daddy is. But often they are not honest with themselves. The female wants to be a masculine companion and avoid her feminine self. The male wants to be a companion to his mate but wonders about his masculine self. Both need to allow themselves to be emotional as well as intellectual. Learning how to give love is an important step for them. Honesty expresses itself in other ways as well: Sagittarians pride themselves on being honest in situations where honesty becomes rather tactless. In the process of being brutally honest, they may shatter someone else's self-image, or cast aspersions on antoher individual. Then they wonder why people withdraw. It has been said that Sagittarians have foot-in-mouth disease because they say things that hurt or shock other people. You ask 'How does my hair look?' and Sag says 'Gee, it looks nice today, implying that you haven't been looking well lately! This tactlessnes doesn't go over big in business either. Sagittarians learn as they grow older that some questions in life don't need to be answered - they learn how to listen. Learning to listen is one of the qualities of a judge justice and truth and fairness are qualities that can be used in a positive Jupiterian way. And in order to judge fairly, one must listen to the whole story. (Haydn Paul) The Sagittarian personality usually is good-humoured, needs freedom and liberty to roam around, and does not respond well to the imposition of orders from others. Your temperament will be cheerful, optimistic and generous, being a consistent and reliable friend. You prefer to live as free as possible, and may need employment which offers considerable work variety and independence, so that you can organise your own endeavours while ensuring that the job is also completed. You may be attracted towards medicine, law and religion, and have skills to become an effective teacher, but you may need to avoid any authoritarian or patronising attitudes. You will be quite ambitious and usually quick to take advantage of opportunities; your attitude may be too optimistic at times, becoming overly enthusiastic about plans before you have had time to consider them fully. You may need a clearer sense of direction and life purpose, which directs you towards suitable work, but once found should enable you to strive one-pointedly to achieve your goals. You can be a conscientious worker, especially to ensure an income which is sufficient to indulge your need to spend on your particular interests. You may prefer earning a living by working for large organisations, feeling financially safe and secure within them, and they also offer potential progress towards positions of responsibility. Although you love freedom, security is also important, allowing relaxation so that you can enjoy your freedom. Wealth and possessions also attract, as you greatly enjoy spending and luxury possessions. There is an innate sense of fair play and justice; and your manner is open and frank, possibly too direct, blunt and abrupt at times for some; but your comments and observations are usually quite accurate. You tend to make mental intuitive leaps, bypassing rationality and logic steps; but sometimes you are too quick jumping to conclusions about things, and then resist changing your viewpoint - even when it is incorrect. You may have an inventive mind, perhaps quite original in content through verbal or literary expression, and this will often closely reflect your moral values and beliefs. You can be an entertaining talker; and although you may not be too knowledgeable about all themes, your mind has an ability to piece together information fragments so that you sound quite informed. Haydn Paul) (contd.) Home and family evoke sentimental reactions, and you can have an image of self-sacrifice

for their benefit, although you want appreciation for your actions. You can express fixed and assertive opinions at home; and while you attempt to create a free, liberal atmosphere, this can lead to some conflicts, especially if your ideals or presentation of personal views tend to become a little extreme. You need mental stimulation and a variety of social company, and this can create a restless pattern of physical and mental activity. Your partner needs to understand your need for freedom, sharing your diverse interests and not attempting to limit or restrain you. You may not always be fully honest with yourself, especially due to tendencies for emotional self-deception; self-enquiry may reveal two sides to your nature, one bright and amiable, the other broody and insecure. You can be an abstract thinker, idealist not realist, inclined towards stubborn, dogmatic and fixed ideas; in later years your interest can veer to philosophy and religious concerns. You have an 'interest in death', and often have intuitive feelings or prophetic insights which you note but may avoid trying to explain or understand, preferring to ignore them. The alternative approach is to pursue and explore your inner psychology and man's spiritual heritage to gain a deeper understanding. (Jan Spiller and Karen McCoy) Sun in Sagittarius individuals feel they have the right to be free; to be the intellectual authority; to be acknowledged and appreciated as noble and deserving. Static If your attention focuses on wanting others to acknowledge your intellectual superiority continually, your intellect may inadvertently become pompous and self-serving. When this occurs, your communication might become directed only toward proving your moral righteousness. Indulging in the Sagittarian need to be recognized for a broad mental perspective may bring a focus on one area of perception. Then you might demand to be at centre stage, whether you deserve it or not, 'spouting off' ideas in that area. Thus, you may unknowingly alienate others by insisting that they agree with you. As a consequence, the base you could effectively expand on is lost when you refuse to add their factual input into your calculations. When others do not agree with your conclusions, your vitality diminishes, and you may lose contact with the Sagittarius ideals and sense of humanity. If you need others to acknowledge you as noble and deserving, you may inflate your words of action. This may distract you from putting energy into accomplishing the action itself. Dynamic When you focus on inspiring others, you can effectively listen for the areas in which they are asking questions. This enables you to share relevant insights that can be appreciated by the other person. You have the ability to use your intellect to help other people by demonstrating your capacity to see their lives from a broader, more optimistic viewpoint. When you share those beliefs that enhance other people's levels of self-trust, you can effectively expand their faith in themselves. This automatically brings about acknowledgement and appreciation of your intellect. The awareness of yourself as part of a larger brotherhood can enable you to express your perceptions spontaneously in a loving way. This enhances the situation for everyone and increases your vitality and well-being. Consequently, you experience pride and a sense of responsibility as your reward when you use enthusiasm to recognize the significance of others and to bring out their importance. (Sydney Omarr) Sagittarius Females

The Sagittarius lady is an idealist; honesty and frankness are key words. She is loyal; her love is a very real thing and she doesn't want to make light of it. This is a noble lady; when she makes up her mind to do something, it gets done, despite often overwhelming odds. Her decisions are swift; sometimes impulsive actions cause her difficulty. If you want this lady, you must stress integrity. Respect comes first - then love grows, at least as far as she is concerned. She must always have a goal in front of her; it could be an overseas journey, a book she is going to write or read, or any ambition; but the future must be there before her: she is not one to live on past memories or scrapbooks. This woman is proud, refined; she is sensitive, often disturbed by comparatively minor matters. Don't attempt to pressure her: it is best to let her decide, to make up her own mind, to take the initiative. She is fiery in temperament; her outlook is universal, philosophical. At times she does go to extremes. But if you are able to win this lady, you will have attained a great deal. Her assets far outweigh her faults. A Sagittariusn woman is exciting, yet gives the impression of being shy. She presents a challenge. You want to know her, to have her express her true feelings. In other words, this woman is difficult to resist! One important hint is this: be honest - state your business, your intentions - don't attempt coverups, false promises, statements. Another hint is that this lady appreciates the outdoors and sports, and is drawn to men who are kind to animals. She will bring out the best in you and will try to earn your respect. The Sagittarius woman is something special. Study these hints and apply yourself. She's worth the trouble! Sagittarius Males If you are the kind of lady who wants only to stay indoors, then you had better forget the Sagittarius man. He is open in his nature and he likes to be out in the open. He wants to share things with you: his likes and dislikes, his hobbies, interests, hopes, aspirations. This is a man who will make you know you are a woman. And he'll make you live up to it! This man dislikes petty persons; he will help you to grow and will expect you to be a big person. If you do not succeed, his initial attraction may turn to revulsion. The best hint is to follow your true feelings, even your intuition. By being honest, even impulsive, you can win this man's sympathy and understanding. Basically, this man is trustworthy. he may not always do things in the way you expected, but he gets them done. He keeps his promises. You can feel secure with him. During a time of emergency, he acts. He thinks quickly; he is fiery in temperament and has a knack for seeing the situation as a whole. Often, he does not take the time to explain his actions. These are the times when you must have faith in his judgement. It would be a mistake, for example, to nag, to question, to doubt, to undermine his motives. Sagittarius men do not pull their punches; you can trap them but, if so, they will withdraw to such an extent that you will be left more alone than if you actually were alone. Sagittarius men want to learn: by reading, experimenting, questioning, travelling, writing, examining, probing. If the kind of life you want is a 'sit still and be quiet' kind, then the Sagittarius man could only make you unhappy, and vice versa. You catch him with color, charm, wit; you intrigue him by asking fantastic questions. You make him lose interest by being too conventional in your outlook, ambitions, aspirations. This man wants companionship; he wants to share his experiences, adventures. By all means, stick to your views, your individuality. He may appear to be a rebel - but the one

quality he admires in a woman, above all else, is independence. (Skye Alexander) People who have their Suns in Sagittarius are generally jovial, friendly, fun-loving souls who know how to to have a good time and never take life too seriously. Optimistic and future-oriented, you don't let problems or disappointments get you down for long. You quickly put failures behind you and immediately start planning your next great adventure or million-dollar scheme. Never satisfied with just getting by, you want to do things on a grand scale; to make it bit and live life to the fullest. Your glibness, self-confidence and positive attitude make you the quintessential salesperson, and you could sell running shoes to a cheetah. However, you lack the organization and perseverance to see projects through to completion, and are much better at starting things than completing them. You tend to overestimate yourself, and often promise more than you can deliver. Consequently, you might earn yourself a reputation for being unreliable. You rarely get anyplace or finish anything on time, and are usually over budget. Somehow, though, things work out in the end - Lady Luck seems to smile on you - and despite your irresponsibility and rather cavalier attitude, it's hard to stay mad at you for long. Your quick wit and ready humor make you a much-loved companion, and you lift the spirits of everyone around you. You tie together the mundane and the cosmic in unexpected ways, and help us laugh at ourselves and the world around us. You have a vivid imagination, and may seek to enhance the monotony of daily life with fantasy. However, you sometimes try to avoid reality through escapism, and may be unwilling to assume responsibilities such as earning a living, paying your bills, committing to a relationship or taking care of your children. Sasha Fenton) (contd.) A Sagittarian partner may use the home and the family in the same way that a racing driver uses a pit-stop, calling in for food, fuel, a change of clothes, a new cheque book, and then off again. It also seems to take a Sagittarian quite a while to work out whether he actually wants a relationship or not. When he decides that he does want one, he then has to work out which of the many candidates for his attention will actually claim him. Sagittarians vary quite a bit in their attitudes. Some are relaters who want nothing better than to be in the middle of a happy family unit, while others are really better off alone, travelling lightly across the world, floating backwards and forwards between their parents, friends, assorted loves, sometimes spouses and pets. These free-spirited folks need to be able to take off ni a fishing boat for a few days at a time, to spend the evening drinking and gambling with friends, or to crash out on a beach somewhere. My daughter's Sagittarian friends send her cheerful, optimistic, jokey letters and postcards from all over the world. Many of those who do settle down with a partner choose one from some far-off, exotic location where the family background and lifestyle is very different. Many Sagittarians seem to spend their lives on the brink of travelling to their spiritual hoome, which is located, as far as I can ascertain, somewhere in the middle of Australia! The more settled types of Sagittarian are easy-going, pleasant and helpful. These subjects may not be strong personalities, but they are very loving and extremely kind. Sagittarians hate to see an injustice, and will try to intervene in family quarrels in order to put things right. However, they can be too ineffectual to do much to change things. These people need a strong and reliable partner who has a lively brain and a mind of his / her own. Sagittarians won't make many demands upon a partner, and will not grumble too much if left at home while the other half travels or pursues a career. So long as there is give and take and trust in the relationship, these subjects can survive most things. Sagittarians can't always deal confidently and efficiently with severe problems, but they do their best to help, and they won't walk away just because the going gets tough. If they love

someone, these generous people will give the partner everything they own and they will work hard to make the home a happy and comfortable place in which to live. However, if a Sagittarian finds himself in an increasingly difficult situation, he may be so powerless to change things that his only means of coping with it is to escape. One wonderful story which was told to me by a friend typifies the behaviour of this sign. Apparently my friend's mother had not had a pleasant marriage and, therefore, when the time came for the youngest child to start working, she arranged to go abroad and work as a contract nurse. The family came home to find a note on the kitchen table which announced 'Dinner in oven. Gone to Bermuda. Back in three years.' Sagittarians can be very eccentric. Their values are spiritual rather than material, and they don't stop to worry about what the neighbours might think. I have known more than one Sagittarian who, when asked out to dinner, takes her own food and even her own saucepan and spoon! These people can be very disconcerting to those who are not used to their kind of behaviour. They follow a peculiar kind of logic, and try to go through life without putting other people to any kind of trouble. They can be too outspoken for many people's taste because they don't hide their feelings. However, their honest and direct approach ensures that they are never two-faced. Sagittarius is a Fire sign, which means that these subjects are quite strongly sexed. They are also adventurous and experimental in all areas of life, and this carries over into their sex lives as well. Sagittarians are not afraid of sexual adventures, and they love to try anything new. They hate to think that they may miss out on anything, and they are prevented from feeling foolish or getting hurt by their ability to put everything down to experience. Sagittarians may be unfaithful when young, although this is not done in order to punish or humiliate their partners: it simply reflects the fact that they don't take material or bodily matters very seriously. The thing which counts most for them is friendship along with the experience of love and sex. Later on, some of these footloose people settle down and make quite reasonable partners. By then they will have experimented enough sexually to know what works best for them, and the whole business gets relegated to the background of their lives while they get on with other experiences which they find more interesting. Even later in life, they can do without sex altogether, taking up something like archaeology, religion or growing rare orchids instead. One thing which is worth pointing out is their sense of amazed loss and their genuine grief when someone else makes use of them and subsequently moves on, leaving them behind. Sagittarians can take or leave wider relationships. These subjects are friendly and goodnatured, and would far prefer to get on well with in-laws, aunties and a new partner's children than live in an atmosphere of rancour. However, if it doesn't work, the Sagittarian doesn't blame himself; he simply writes this off as one of those things and steers clear of awkward relatives. Sagittarians are very broad-minded and absolutely nonracist, so relatives who are mixed in colour, race or religion are viewed as a blessing rather than a curse. The only ones they really can't stand are those who are stupid or gratuitously unpleasant. As children, Sagittarians cause their parents very little trouble. They are out of the house almost as soon as they can walk, visiting friends or relatives, or getting involved with school activities. They escape most of their parents' wrath simply by not bting there; and many Sagittarian children have what amounts to a second family somewhere else in the neighbourhood. Sagittarius children are not particularly clever or remarkable, but they may do well if they are allowed to look after animals. Quite a number of Sagittarian children show an early talent for entertaining others or for sports. They have very enquiring minds and will want to travel away from home as soon as they can. As parents, Sagittarian subjects are kind, loving and interesting; they will do all they can to teach their children, and they will not leave questions unanswered. There is a danger that their children may have to take on the role of parents at a rather early stage in life,

especially if there are severe difficulties to be coped with. Many Sagittarian parents can't cope with the reality of life with children and, therefore, do best if they can afford to send them off to school as weekly boarders or share the chore of bringing them up with other relatives. (Julia and Derek Parker) Challenge is important in a fulfilling Sagittarian life. When an achievement is accomplished, Sagittarius soon begins work on the next one. The compulsion to set new targets and meet them is so strong that it can become all-engrossing, with present activities being skimped because the eye is always on future plans. Sagittarian enthusiasm, optimism and zest for life are second to none, but must be controlled. The worst fault, restlessness, can be a severe problem, for Sagittarians don't always see projects through to the end. Natural excitement and enthusiasm can feed the innate Sagittarian tendency to take risks, which can become real foolhardiness, especially when young. Developing their inherent intellectual powers will enable these people to avoid unnecessary risks. They should also cultivate a more philosophical outlook. If their natural exuberance isn't controlled, it will become boisterous. Their enjoyment of life and sense of humor are charming but can sometimes get out of hand - they should remember that practical jokes are rarely funny for their victims. One of the dual signs of the zodiac, Sagittarius gives versatility, which may contribute to the Sagittarian tendency to move too quickly from one task to another, or to be involved in too many things at once. Greater satisfaction will come from steadily working through one project towards the next, which, after all, they can ensure is as different as possible. This sign confers breadth of vision and the ability to assimilate quickly what may be a complex situation. However, these people are not usually good at coping with detail, which bores them. In ignoring the minutiae, they can run into difficulties, so they should always read the small print. No true Sagittarian can cope with claustrophobic conditions (they must have a room with a view, for instance), particularly within personal relationships. A possessive, suspicious or jealous partner will not last long: their independent spirits won't tolerate any restrictions on personal freedom. Sex is greeted with customary Sagittarian enthusiasm and exuberance; when they are very young, a possible partner's sexual attractions can be irresistible. With experience they will look for other qualities: someone whose intelligence at least matches their own, and with whom they can be friends as well as lovers. Enthusiasm is a wonderful element in any child, but in young Sagittarians it can be so generous that it needs to be channeled and not frittered away. Similarly, boisterousness may need to be calmed. The parents should discover as early as possible in the child's life where his or her true interests lie. There is tremendous potential here, but it must be properly led (without the child's knowledge). Achievement will feed enthusiasm, whether in class, on the sports field or during out-of-school hours. Sagittarian children find it difficult to obey school rules, but aren't blind to reason; and any sensible restrictions will be accepted. Their reading and language skills should be encouraged from an early age. As parents, Sagittarians are admirable: they respond in a lively way to their children, encourage their interests, and help them build up good libraries. However, it is vital that a Sagittarian mother doesn't sacrifice her own interests entirely to those of her family but tries to set time aside for herself. No matter how much she loves her children, their limited conversation is not always sufficiently engrossing; restlessness is certain if she has no means of escape. Ideally, new projects should be started as soon after the birth of a child as possible.

In career, once again, challenge is essential; and boring, repetitive work must be avoided if at all possible. Environment is also important: small, stuffy offices or crowded workshops are equally intolerable. Acquiring money is not in itself very important; Sagittarians usually manage to find it when necessary. Hard-earned cash is more likely to be spent on study, books and travel than on impressive material possessions. A spirit of adventure (not always physical) is important; work which takes these people out of their own environment is good for them. Taking short cuts to success can lead them into serious errors, usually because they haven't attended to enough detail.

Natal Sun in Capricorn
(Betty Lundsted) Children born into the mother-dominated sign of Capricorn obtain the values of traditional business and the corporate power structure and the ability to go about attaining power, from the influence of the mother. Father is a passive figure. However, most Capricorns have a father who is a respected member of the family, but one who is untouchable and uninvolved in the family structure. So the immediate decisions about running the family are left in the hands of the mother, and in the child's eyes she runs the universe. When Daddy comes home, he just upsets the applecart, for the little Capricorn is second-in-command during Daddy's absence. Capricorns usually feel apprehensive about confronting the father, unlike the other Earth signs. Capricorn's mother is very traditional in her attitudes. She runs a Saturninan household where children are to be seen and not heard. Capricorn children are usually quite wellbehaved, and they tend to frown on too much frivolity in life. They take responsibilities seriously. Even their sense of humor is serious - it's often cynical or satirical; funny stories are told with a straight face. Mother wants to go places in life, and Capricorn children pick up this vibration from her. She instills in them a sense of management, a sense of power, and a need for power and control, for she is a powerful and controlling figure. She uses every piece of information at hand so that she can keep her family in line. Capricorns learn how to do this from her. Capricorns go out into the world looking for a place to climb, and want to be the head of something at all costs. What they often don't understand is that they are born leaders. One enters the zodiac in this sign because one is ready to learn about the responsibility of power. If they are in a hurry to get ahead in life, Capricorns will use any means available, including using people to get what they want. This sign is sometimes considered the mercenary of the zodiac. If they will learn to wait, to earn their position, they will be better off. The natural vibration of Capricorn (and Saturn) will put them into positions of authority if they train themselves properly. When the Capricorn female grows up, she wants to leave home to get away from the strong mother influence. She doesn't immediately realize that she has the same strengths and ability to manipulate others that her mother has. It would be wise of her to select a mate carefully; she needs to unite with a man who has strong power drives and ambitions to match her own. If he doesn't, she'll get angry and will try to destroy him emotionally. She doesn't understand her own strength in her youth. As a teenager, Capricorn often looks like the ugly duckling; for this reason, she may not have a great deal of faith in her famininity. However, after she reaches thirty there's a transformation and she keeps on looking attractive into her seventies. She can be a terrific partner for any man who wants to develop a business or political career, because she will work tirelessly with a man who wants to go somewhere. She needs to learn how to relate emotionally because she feels uncomfortable with this aspect of herself. Emotional responses imply that one is out of control, and she wants to know what is going on in her universe at all times. She represents that part of the

feminine principle that has to do with building and collecting and overseeing the universe. She wants to create boundaries, but emotional expression has to do with letting down boundaries. In order to feel emotionally fulfilled, she will need to learn to let go of some of the control and work with the concept of universal flow. It will never let her down. The Capricorn male uses his energy a little differently. He has a great deal of respect for his mother, and particularly notices how she handles her husband. He wants to be Daddy when he grows up, but he has to use his mother's habit patterns to get where his father got. She is the strength his Dad relies upon, and he will pattern himself after her. She handles men in a certain way, and he will imitate her particular and individual pattern. He, too, can be so involved with getting to the top that he doesn't notice the means which he uses in order to get there. Materialists seldom do, for the end often justifies the means. However, the Capricorn power trip is a long and powerful one, and he can get to the top of the corporate structure the right way or the wrong way. Again, Capricorn has been given power in the zodiac, and the task he has in this life is to learn the responsibility of power. He must learn how to delegate responsibility to the proper people, and he must learn how to see who these proper people ar; he must learn how to leave emotions and loyalties out of his decisions. He must also learn how to trust people he cares for. Capricorns tend to want to have absolute control in their relationships. Sometimes they marry for the wrong reasons and feel insecure because of it. The Capricorn male can enhance his life position by marrying the boss's daughter, or the 'right woman' who fits in with the moves he wants to make as he climbs up the social ladder. However, the love and trust part of the relationship may be missing. When this occurs, he has to control her. In a sense he has to be protective of his status and his control, so he wants to be entirely aware of everything going on with his wife. He will resent any friendships she makes, and he can distort the truth so that it looks to be in his favor. When one controls a relationship, this only serves to build more inner feelings of insecurity and, eventually, symptoms of paranoia. When a person is too controlling, he can't think of everything, and sooner or later the situation blows up. It has been said that Capricorn falls from high places. The symbol for Capricorn is the Mountain Goat, climbing to the top of the mountain. The trick is for Capricorn to develop its sure-footedness in order to climb the mountain without falling. Some people think Capricorns should give up the climb; but the importance here is that of developing the qualities of an experienced mountain climber so that he can reach the top and do some good. The universe needs leadership, guidance into new traditions, and help to establish order and purpose into the social structure. Capricorn is an earth sign; it follows the Fire sign of Sagittarius. Sagittarians bring about theories of law and order and the spiritual or philosophical growth of the individual. Capricorn is here to carry these theories into being and existence. There is good reason for Capricorn types to develop surefootedness; they have the responsibility for building strong traditions and institutions in a symbolic sense. Those of use who use our power in a thoughtless or selfish way will eventually have that power taken from us, for it seems to be the way of the univers. Capricorn is the most theoretical of the Earth signs. All the Earth signs have something to do with the manifestation of an idea into reality in the universe. The pattern of Earth and Fire around the horoscope wheel shows the union of the masculine and feminine principles. As humanity co-operates with energies present in the universe, each new generation forms its own tao symbol in consciousness. The problem with the material, or feminine, polarity signs stems from a desire to keep everything static in the material universe. (Haydn Paul) The Capricorn personality tends to be serious in nature; and you will display a cautious, thoughtful quality, being quite practical, prudent and economical in your affairs, as if you

are on the defensive against the vagaries of life. You will usually consider all options before you act decisively. You prefer to express an individual dignity, often assuming a role of authority, as you highly value law and order in daily life and consider that these aspects are essential in both the individual and the national life. You will be attracted towards positions of authority and social prestige, and will be ambitious to achieve them; this will attract and satisfy you more than just material possessions, although you may also 'use' them to enhance your status. You will be capable of hard persistent work, designed to achieve your goals, and you should be an efficient organiser. You are usually very reliable at work, being quite conscientious, and you are likely to possess the gift of a lucid and direct writing style which can prove to be an advantage. You need to feel admired, respected and appreciated by others, in all your efforts at home and work. You are not especially emotionally or physically demonstrative, and although you are compassionate, you may find it difficult to display sympathy openly. You prefer to serve others through action, by physical aid in some way, rather than by emotional support, as you are less comfortable with that part of your nature. You prefer to judge others and be judged by them through actions rather than words; to you, words can be many, but few tend to back them up by action. You may periodically suffer swings of mood, ranging between the extremes of optimism and pessimism, partly because you have difficulty in always maintaining faith in life. You can often be very reserved and private, keeping a distance between yourself and others, and relaxing your guard only when you have known the person for some time, and feel safe and secure. When you choose to apply it, you should have a powerful will, which can be used in a concentrated, persistent manner to achieve objectives. You dislike wasting words, preferring precision and saying only what you want to say, or staying quiet, especially if you are afraid of being misunderstood; there may be some problem in communicating to others, particularly at times when you need to withdraw from excessive social contact. You often believe that you know best for all concerned, be they family, friends, relatives etc.; and at times you may tend to be insistent that your ideas are the right ones to follow. This can lead to domestic or work conflicts as you enter into disagreemnets, especially if you express yourself dogmatically and authoritatively, as you often do. You may need to learn more about the values of co-operation and joint decision-making at some time in your life. Marriage evokes your sentimental nature, and you may prefer a partner who is either 'motherly' or 'fatherly', looking for loyalty and reliability in partners and friends. Your view of life is realistic and pragmatic, preferring to establish a stolid pattern of familiar daily routines to offer you a sense of security. You may tend to repress emotions from public expression, as you feel uneasy if they become dominating, and prefer always to feel in control. You may need to open your mind to higher things, to philosophies, fantasies, abstract thinking; as your approach may be too factual, critical, analytical and practical, and the danger is that this - unless modified - can make you too rigid, dogmatic and narrow-minded. In chasing your ambitions, you will have to ensure that any relative failure does not frustrate or embitter you through your loss of perspective on the totality of life. (Jan Spiller and Karen McCoy) Sun in Capricorn individuals feel they have the right to authority; to govern and control others in terms of establishing order; to be respected for their achievements and position. Static

When you focus on wanting recognition and respect from others for your being in control, you may use your authority to dominate those around you. If you become totally dedicated to appearing authoritative and earning approval for your achievements, you may neglect using your talents to get the job done. This comes about when being in control and getting respect have become more important than actually accomplishing the task. You also may expect others to be as sensitive to your ambitions as you are insensitive to theirs; and when they do not offer the deference expected, you may become defensive and critical. Tension with co-workers can be aroused if you want your behavior to be sanctioned as perfect in their eyes. You might not use your organizational talents to benefit others, but solely to manipulate them into improving your social image. Thus, you may create, through self-interest, the necessity of having to manage them constantly in order to stay in control of the situation. This might limit success and put a tremendous drain on your energy and vitality, which may leave you in a state of tense watchfulness. Dynamic You can direct your attention to encouraging others with your organizational talents and abilities. This allows your sensitivity to expand into areas in which others are disorganized, and could use the benefits of your natural sense of order. In the process of effectively assisting them, with an awareness of their feelings, you automatically acquire their respect without having to justify it. Recognizing the intangible order and perfection of things can allow you to plan on a material level with less tension. Awareness of your emotional connection with the whole allows you to organize coworkers effectively. You can do this in a way that improves the situation and increases your vitality and well-being. In managing others to more effectively produce results that are in their best interests, you automatically gain their esteem and admiration for your executive abilities. This eliminates the need for further supervision. Increased selfrespect can come through your process of organizing and delegating authority in order to get the job done most effectively for all concerned. When your integrity comes to the fore, you cease to justify your position through the regard of other people, allowing you to forcefully channel your energy into accomplishing the task at hand. In so doing, you can produce results that earn you lasting respect. (Sydney Omarr) Capricorn females This is an earthy woman, not necessarily demonstrative. But she will not run out on you; she may appear aloof, cold, disinterested; but the fire of passion runs through her veins and she is a woman in the best sense of that word. Look for someone else if you want the frivolous; if you desire someone who can give you a 'line'. This woman has something to offer to someone who is concerned with the future. She is not for you if you are merely dabbling, experimenting, looking for an interlude. There is energy and strength here; this woman can perceive your character, can know you and love you and be loyal to you. But she does expect you to be a man. This woman is apt to be cautious; she isn't easy to win. She also has a tendency to be curious about the bank account. This is because she is aware of the future, is concerned about tomorrow as well as today. She can accept challenges, is able to work, is disciplined, prefers to avoid sensationalism and publicity, possesses great determination, and usually finishes what she starts. She is all of the above - but she is not cold. She may appear so, but once she feels you may be the one for her, she is as warm as a Venus - Mars conjunction. She is earthy in temperament; she is basically independent, original in her thinking - and can break from

tradition as easily as some persons drink a cup of coffee. It is not always easy for her to do so; the Capricorn woman does have a tendency to hang on to the familiar, to be classical, to adhere to a set line of action. Yet, when necessary, she can break habit patterns. That is a key word for her: necessity. She meets emergencies; she does what is necessary, including the making of sacrifices. She can give up luxuries for loved ones. This woman is not satisfied to be buried, hidden or relegated to second fiddle. She has her own thoughts and wants to express them. And she most certainly deserves to he heard. This woman has much to offer. If you feel you are not quite ready for her - why not wait until you've really become a man? Capricorn males This man may start slowly; but you can bet your life that he'll be around at the finish! He is earthy, possesses a keen sense of awareness, is human and warm, and can be depended upon to help the underdog and to fight for loved ones. At times you may have to prod him, to make him live up to his capabilities - but you will not have to ask for consideration. He would never knowingly hurt you. This man is more sensitive than you might at first suspect: he often laughs at himself, shrugs off sympathy and gives the impression of being immune to pain. However, he is not only personally sensitive, but transfers this sense of feeling to others; he can look at you, and at others, and somehow know when things are not right. This produces a dissipating effect; he tends to wear down, to worry more about others than about himself. One's first reaction, of course, is admiration for this man's apparent nobility. However, if you are really interested in his welfare, you should encourage him to face his own problems. The Capricorn man sometimes seeks an 'out'. He busies himself in helping others instead of putting his shoulder to the wheel with his own problems. An important hint is this: let him talk about himself and help him to help himself. This will almost assure you of winning him! Tact is important in dealing with this man. He may sound brash; he may appear tough but when it comes to women he expects them to be tactful, loving, tender, and aware of his particular charms. The Capricorn man constantly builds for his future: he may not always be aware of his struggle for recognition, but it is a part of him and you must recognize it if you are to be happy with him. Ambition is keynoted here, although he may deny it. He is not always sure of what he wants to attain - but he is going somewhere. Having a successful association with him means having faith; forget this man if you are looking for quick rewards. The relationship must be rewarding as a whole if it is to mean anything at all. Once you hook up with this man, you may find yourself hooked for good! (Skye Alexander) People who have their Suns in Capricorn are usually serious, hard-working, cautious and pragmatic. You may have had to assume adult responsibilities or go to work at an early age; and as a child you always seemed much older and more mature than your years. Your childhood may not have been particularly enjoyable, and perhaps you couldn't wait to grow up. Peers may have thought you were dull or uptight; and even as an adult you sometimes find it hard to relax and have fun. However, you age well, become more comfortable with yourself after turning forty, and seem to get younger as you grow older. You are conservative with your time, money and other resources, and your philosophy might be 'waste not, want not'. You don't like to do things spontaneously or without adequate planning, and you want your life to be carefully ordered and clearly defined. You are also likely to be conservative in your political and social attitudes. Traditional values and structures that have survived the test of time appeal to you most; you don't trust people, ideas or products that haven't 'proved' themselves yet.

The quintessential career person, you take your job very seriously and are never one to shirk work or duty. You tend to be something of a workaholic. Ambitious and diligent, you climb your way to the top of the corporate ladder with slow, steady steps. You probably won't set the world on fire, and you make your own luck. Your success is based on competence, common sense and perseverance; and employers, employees and clients know they can depend on you. Though you enjoy being in a position of power, you aren't fond of the limelight and prefer to run things from behind the scenes. You also may be ruthless, unscrupulous, or unconcerned about those you step on as you move upward, adopting an attitude of 'the end justifies the means'. Your public image is very important to you, and you see your 'role' as the pillar of society. You are the loyal, conscientious and reliable good citizen, the backbone of your family and community, the person who gets things done and holds it all together. Practical and predictable, you support the status quo and rarely go against majority opinion or community standards. You tend to show your best face to the public. In private, you are less adept. You are quite shy and sensitive, though you try to hide it behind a gruff exterior. As a result, you feel more comfortable with the ordered, detached relationships of the business world than with more personal ones that can be unpredictable and emotionally demanding. Unless your Moon is in a water sign, you might feel awkward and unsure of yourself in intimate situations. Your love relationships can seem more like business partnerships or practical arrangements, adn you probably subscribe to traditional attitudes when it comes to male / female roles. Though highly sensual and sexual, you aren't the 'playboy' type, and take your relationships seriously. You also can be something of a moralist, and tend to conceal your lasciviousness behind a refined, well-controlled, even prim exterior. Your greatest gift is the structure, order and stability you provide, particularly in the public and professional spheres. Your greatest failings usually result from your coldness, rigidity and fear of change. Like Virgos, these subjects can be too fussy for comfort, seeking perfection in all that they do, being quick to criticise other members of the family. Some of these subjects are dogmatic, opinionated and inflexible, which makes them very hard to live with; while others can be too self-absorbed to be true relaters. This self-absorption and attention to detail may be very hard to live with. Some Capricorns are quite arrogant; and some land their families in trouble through crooked business deals, but this is not the way most Capricorns behave. These people have a gentle manner but a tough centre. They can compromise, but they usually end up getting their own way. As homemakers, Capricorns are really rather good. They like to invest their money in bricks and mortar, and they won't allow a property to fall into disrepair. Being an earth sign, they need a bit of land around them, and they can be quite keen gardeners, with an especial penchant for growing food. Capricornian homes are comfortable and wellequipped, but not necessarily with the latest gadgetry. They don't actually spend much time at home, because their work and their many interests keep them on the go; but they do like something comfortable and pleasant to come back to. Earth sign people are usually quite dextrous, and many of them are good cooks. For example, in our family it is my Capricorn step-father who bakes the cakes! Some Capricorns are very shy and awkward with new people; and this tends to lead some of them to choose a partner who is more outgoing than themselves. In such cases, they don't feel upstaged when their partner is chatting away merrily while they sit quietly in the background. Other Capricorns need to shine in their own right, and choose partners who will complement them rather than outshine them. Most of all, these subjects need a partner who can offer them emotional security. Capricorns somehow seem to miss out on

their share of love when young, and they need to be able to rely upon this when they get into a relationship. Capricorns are easily embarrassed, and their dignity is as important to them as it would be to a Leo. This means that they cannot bear the thought of living with a stupid partner who opens his / her mouth without thinking, and a drunken partner is absolutely out of the question. Capricorns are quite intuitive, generally knowing when something is wrong with their loved ones; and they soon learn to trust their intuition. Generally speaking, as long as they are not hell-bent on a life in politics or a grand position in industry, Capricorns make rather good partners. Most Capricorns are shy, slow to get off the ground with the opposite sex, and definitely not overtly sexual. This doesn't mean that they don't care for sex; remember, this is an earth sign, and all earth signs are sensual. Capricorns are not particularly experimental as far as sex is concerned, possibly because they suffer from old-fashioned feelings of guilt, and partly because some of them actually fear sex. Others are quite happy to make love as long as they are in charge of the proceedings and are in no danger of being faced with something surprising or, worse still, embarrassing. Some Capricorns prefer to remain virgins until well into their thirties, while others give up the whole messy business as soon as they can. Having said this, most Capricorns are quite happy to make love while they are in a safe, wholesome relationship with someone whom they can love and trust. Some astrology books give these subjects a reputation for lechery, but this doesn't seem to be borne out by reality. There are some very flirtatious Capricorns who may well have a soft spot for the opposite sex, but I get the distinct feeling that they use flirtation in order to either gain attention or control the people whom they meet socially. Having said all that, there are some really sexy goats around. Capricorns are ideal family people because, although they get on well enough with colleagues and acquaintances, they reserve their real affection for their families, which includes parents and grandparents as well as their partners and children. Anyone marrying a Capricorn will have to take their fondness for other members of their family into consideration. Capricorns need an atmosphere of harmony, and they hate bad feeling or family feuds. Capricorns don't have many friends, but they do have quite a number of acquaintances. It is not easy to get to know these people because they don't share confidences with people whom they know casually. As parents, these subjects are very loving and a trifle old-fashioned. They are ambitious on behalf of their children, and they will make every effort to see that they have all the things that they need. Capricorns respect authority and will try to teach their children to respect their teachers, youth leaders and so on. These parents are very keen on education, perceiving it as the way forward for their children. As a child, the Capricorn is shy, retiring and lacking in confidence, but he is sensible, studious and mature for his age. Capricorn children can be quite ambitious, with their goat's feet in the valley and their eyes on the distant hills. Such a child is unlikely to be a problem, but he can be obstinate and distant. (Julia and Derek Parker) This is a sign of contrasts. There is great potential for success in every Capricorn, though sometimes they refuse to recognize it and their outlook can be pessimistic, so the potential may remain undeveloped. On the one hand, some members of this sign are ambitious and aspiring, with the energy and will to succeed in whatever they set themselves to do; on the other, there are those who may have the desire to do well, but are hindered by inhibition and lack of self-confidence (sometimes disguised by a feigned laziness). Both types of Capricorn are convention, and sometimes even slaves to convention; they want always to be seen to do 'the right thing'. Both have a splendidly offbeat sense of humor, vividly contrasting with a strong tendency to grumble. Both are prudent and methodical. Sometimes the successful Capricorn achievers suffer a lack of self-

confidence, while the less confident and successful may snap out of their negativity and make themselves enjoy life in a remarkable light-hearted way. (The influence of Mercury may be seen under such circumstances: when that planet is in Sagittarius, for instance.) One of the most endearing characteristics is the dour sense of humor already mentioned: even at their most serious and formal, this can suddenly erupt. Patience is one of their virtues, as is insight, but the less self-confident may not believe this and should be persuaded to develop the ability and rely on it in long-term planning. Confident, aspiring Capricorns are usually very disciplined, but again lack of self-confidence can result in discipline being thrown to the winds. It is not easy to find lovable, tender traits in a Sun sign Capricorn. Fortunately, this ie only one side of the character; other elements in the full birth chart will without doubt add warmth to this apparently rather chilly personality. Capricorns abhor starting married life in a garret, and may postpone emotional commitment until they are firmly established in a career - perhaps quite late in life. They may then choose someone who is a parent figure, or at least commands admiration and respect. They can also marry for money or social status. They have a rather low emotional level and may find it hard to show their true feelings, especially in intimate relationships. They should realize this, and accpet that very often their partners need reassurance that they are still loved, especially if the Capricorn is much involved with a career and if time at home is at a premium. Capricorn children are very loyal, and need to express natural pride in their parents, who in turn must realizze that these children are highly conventional, and need a secure, structured and disciplined background. They also need well-reasoned encouragement one of the best rewards is extra responsibility and pocket money. Their self-confidence, sense of fun and especially their sheer enjoyment of life need constant bolstering if they aren't to grow too serious and old before their time. It shouldn't be depressing if the child hovers near the bottom of the class as long as steady progress is made; sudden leaps towards the top are not likely. The sense of ambition should always be cultivated and encouraged. Capricorn parents are eager for their children's success, but should always remember to show their love, affection and appreciation openly - not just with impressive presents, but also by giving the children their time. Ambitious Capricorns can be so involved in their careers and in making money (albeit for the benefit of the family) that they have no time to enjoy their home lives; and in extreme cases - especially if the children went to boarding school - they will suddenly find themselves sharing a home with adults they don't know very well. The importance of moral discipline goes without saying, but Capricorn parents can be over-strict and heavy-handed, especially during the teenage years when children naturally rebel against parental control. An unbridgeable generation gap must not be allowed to develop. While members of many zodiac signs find it hard to cope with responsibility because of the loneliness that is often involved, self-confident Capricorns may welcome the chance to sit in their own offices at their own desks, keeping even their closest colleagues at a distance. They may of course still have to seek and take advice, but they can find this rather irksome, probably because they feel they should know everything, and don't like being reminded otherwise. It is, once again, a question of self-confidence: they find it distressing if anything tends to undermine this. not all Capricorns may be as autocratic as we suggest, but there is almost always an element of autocracy somewhere in their character. The Capricorn ladder to success must be steadily climbed; attempts to scale several rungs at once may be disastrous. On the other hand, the top of the ladder is always achievable, and they should set their sights at least as high as its topmost rung. The attitude to money is a careful one - and, yes, that may be a synonym for meanness! Early in their careers, these people will probably subscribe to savings schemes; and if

they are free with their money it will often be spent on people who can help them with their careers - entertaining them to dinner, perhaps. Although Capricorns are found in all walks of life, of course, many do particularly well in local government, banking and finance, estate management, the building trades, the dental profession and osteopathy. The self-made businessman is often a Capricorn. The Capricorn ability for long-term planning should mean that periods of change will be anticipated. Typically, each change should result in positive material progress, adding to the individual's self-confidence and positive outlook. Prudent saving and investment will ensure a good standard of living on retirement. These people should have no problems in filling their well-earned free time with all the activities they have looked forward to tackling. An earth sign, Capricorn persuades its denizens into the garden - or certainly into the fresh air. But this is also a very musical sign, and a literary one, so music and books will help to fill the days. Capricorns are on the whole very sensible about their diets, recognizing the drawbacks of self-indulgence, but they should perhaps watch their calcium levels. Perhaps the most important advice one can give them is to keep moving, for many spend long hours behind a desk and can easily develop stiffness in the joints, leading to arthritic conditions. They must take particular care of their knee-joints (this is the Capricorn body area). Teeth and skin are also concerns of this sign and need special care. Rather like their partners across the zodiac, the Cancerians, they should be very careful of their skin when in strong sunlight; a high-grade sun-screen filter should always be used when sun-bathing. (Frances Sakoian and Louis Acker) Since they were born under an Earth sign, Capricorns will never be content merely to keep body and soul together. They have a persistent feeling that they must develop into something. They must have some accomplishment to point to, some property to look after, or some obligation to fulfill, which may be in business, politics, or the social or intellectual fields. They have excellent intuitions and use them in their struggle to achieve personal independence and economic security. Like their symbol, the mountain goat, they are steady and surefooted. They love law and order, and are dogmatic in their view that a rule is a rule and an order is an order. SInce they are of the element Earth, everything has to be sensible. Capricorns have a knowledge of practical affairs, not through formal study so much as from reading articles and talking to people. Their prudent habits predispose them to utilize everything they see, hear, or learn; but they are not students per se. The key phrase for Capricorn is 'I use'. Capricorns are never deterred by things that stand in the way of their climb to the top. Their extreme capacity for hard work is linked with their notion that success means material security; and they will work and plan for it. They feel, however, that the world has to give them something in return for what they have contributed. They have great faith in their own power, and they are worldly and careful. Asking for no mercy from anyone, they drive a hard, but not unjust, bargain. They are extremely apt in finding solutions to the most difficult problems, and are very successful as troubleshooters. They are neat and methodical in their work, and tend to be slavedrivers at home. Their household, they feel, should be managed with precision, with everything in perfect working order. Capricorns are excellent executives, and remain in subordinate roles for a short time

only. They may appear to be meek as lambs, but they can take the boss's place without snapping a finger if the opportunity arises. They never voluntarily step backward. They move up by alternating security and ambition as their goals. They desire money, because theirs is a long-lived sign. They fear being dependent on others when they are old. This need for security may cause them to have frugal instincts, which make them stingy and at times greedy. They are old when they are young and young when they are old. As a child the Capricorn may have had difficulties with health, but once he passes the early years he can live to a ripe old age. Saturn rules Capricorn, and the natives has a tendency to be malancholic and, at times, lonely. Occasionally, they behave on the principle that the world is a place in which every man is for himself. Yet they have sensitive personalities and want very much to be appreciated. (Lyn Birbeck) You have a dutiful, though potentially calculating, heart. You have the will to use constructively your sense of order - without it crystallizing into rigidity. Your life should be led in a spirit of obedience to responsibility - as opposed to merely being a workhorse. Your father is seen or expressed as one who is thorough and objective, and / or cold and absent. You generate an aura of worldiness that offers Other a means of becoming more aware and stronger with regard to material values. You convey a sense of matters being under control, borne of your practical attitude and tried and true values. You have an air of seriousness that bespeaks dependability and single-mindedness. You can alienate Other with the stress you place upon form and position, especially when you try to pretend otherwise; with your reluctance to entertain a concept or innovation (that threatens your present reality) long enough for it to become a new reality; and with a heaviness borne of a need to contol. You overemphasize the importance of having a quantifiable result and a logical reason for everything; strictness and economy, for fear of anything emerging that is wild, original, or, at least, not of your own making; and your need to be top dog, or underdog by way of compensation, because being so keeps Other where you want him / her. You can feel weak when you have not got a plan, schedule or explanation for everything, while Other has probably survived quite well without; because you feel mechanical and dull as a result of not dippig into the unknown; and if you have a partner who is apparently beneath you or above you, or have no partner at all (there being no takers). When you are alone, it is often so even when there is an Other in your life. Capricorn likes to have the trappings of normality and success, and so will invariably have a partner and / or family, etc., but how you actually feel on the inside can be a very different matter. You have a relatively sombre interior (hence the sense of aloneness, whoever you are with), and this needs the light and warmth of a spirited and childlike personality to keep the melancholia at bay. Your dilemma is that this is precisely the kind of personality that you tend not to trust and try to control. In your book, such free spirits are loose cannons, even though they are fun at first or at a distance. And so you are inclined to banish the very 'prison visitor' you like to see the most. If you do not realize this pattern sooner rather than later, your shaft of sunlight will either go behind a cloud for good, or he / she will find someone more appreciative. If you are actually alone, as far as the placement of your Sun is concerned it will be for this very reason. (Grant Lewi)

Self-preservation aggressively carried into ambition and aspiration is the key to Capricorn activity. Not content with keeping body and soul together, Capricorn must amount to something, must have some accomplishment to point to, some property to take care of, some obligation to fulfill. His mind is subtly balanced between defence and attack; he will rarely risk either, but will pyramid his life by stepping from one to the other. Since he will never voluntarily step backward, he first shoves his security a little above his ambition, and then his ambition a little ahead of his security, till finally he is top of the heap and has taken no risks at all. He is worldly and careful; selfish, but capable of great devotion if he thinks it is merited; a stickler for the proprieties. He drives a hard bargain, but not an unjust one, and he asks for no mercy from anyone. He has plenty of suspicion, and figures that anyone who can 'put one over' on him has earned what he gets. Not the most ardent of signs in personal relations, Capricorn's love is still a muchto-be-desired thing, stable and steady, able to put up with a good deal for the sake of loyalty if not indeed for affection. He will rarely marry beneath his station, and frequently marries above it. He understands, "Thou shouldst marry for love, but thou canst just as well love where there is money". He is an excellent executive and will not long remain subordinate. He rules by instinct, adn sometimes makes those he rules quite angry. He has little interest in seeing their point of view or answering their questions, and believes that "orders is orders: he took 'em once, and now it's someone else's turn". When the main chance requires it, Capricorn can be mild and meek as a lamb; but he'll commandeer the foreman's job if he gets a chance. Once arrived, however, he can be lavishly charitable. He loves the sense of importance it gives him, the feeling that he has made the world give to him, and now he can afford to give something back to it. Underlying all his virtues and faults is the primary instinct to vindicate himself with power; to preserve himself materially in the highest structure he can build; and if some affliction in the Vitasphere doesn't undermine his judgement (which it often does) and cause him to overplay his hand at some critical point, he generally emerges with the world or some considerable portion of it at his feet. (John Townley) You are a very steady and reliable partner in a love relationship. When you make a commitment, you intend to stick by it. But you don't commit yourself hastily; in fact, a potential lover has to persuade you that you're ready to be involved. When you are, you want your lover to live up to all of your expectations, just as you are willing to give completely of yourself. You are not a very easygoing partner, for you are quite demanding of others as well as of yourself. Not everyone is as consistent or strong as you are, however, so try to take human foibles and weaknesses into account before judging your partner. In fact, for long-term happiness, it would be good to seek a lover whose style and personality are quite different from yours, who will continually inject freshness and originality into the relationship. You may serve as a stabilizing factor and emotional home base for such a partner. And while you are the steadying influence, your lover may be able to draw you out and allow you greater emotional expression within the relationship. (John Townley) (contd.) You tend to hold in feelings that you would like to communicate, so you need a fluid and sensitive companion who can explore the depths of your personality without treading on sensitive areas that you are not yet ready to share. Despite your inner vulnerability, you must remain master of your feelings in order to artfully sculpt the relationship. (Robert Hand) In youth, you are much more serious than others your age. Even adults notice that you act older than you are. After a while they may expect this of you and ask you to take on

respeonsibilities beyond what is required of other young people. You have two kinds of feelings about this. On the one hand, you like being taken seriously and enjoy having repsonsibility; but on the other hand you see that other young people aren't saddles withsuch responsibilities, and you tend to envy them. You feel that everyone should work to get what they want, and it annoys you when others get something they don't deserve. You may develop a rather odd and unusual sense of humor. Through jokes and humor, you show that you recognize the seriousness of life, but you also escape from its overwhelming effects. Often your jokes are aimed at yourself. When you grow up, you want to be important and achieve something real that everyone can point to as yours. You are ambitious in everything you do, and will work very hard to excel over others. But you will not take credit for anything that you have not done yourself, to make sure that all your achievements are real. You are very practical, and always ask what good something is. In school you do best at studies that obviously have some practical application. You are very concerned with what is real and what is not, and are less interested in fantasy and pretending than others. Whatever is not real has little value for you. (Marcia Moore and Mark Douglas) Keynote: The power of individuality manifests through organizational ability. Symbol: A mountain climber plants a flag upon a rocky summit. Capricorn represents the triumph of Saturn's discipline of thrift, industry, and perseverance. Time, that mysterious potency which Pythagoras called 'the soul of the universe', is converted into material accomplishment through the orderly process of evolution. The Capricornian is gifted with a special understanding of time. He knows intuitively that the mills of God grind slowly, but they grind exceedingly fine, and he will wait patiently to receive his rightful reward. Natives of this sign rarely scramble up the ladder of success. Instead, they deliberately and painstakingly shape the conditions that make success inevitable. Saturn, which is in its fall in Aries, the sign of beginnings, does not come into its own until its exaltation in Libra, the sign which introduces that latter half of the zodiac. Similarly, Capricornians often get off to a slow start in life but gain momentum as they mature, while more precocious people fall by the wayside. These children of Saturn may be shy and delicate in their early years, but they toughen with age and are most vigorous in later life. They seldom grow fat or lazy, and never cease to work if they can help it. Ingrained habits of prudence and self-discipline serve them well when at last they retire and enjoy the fruits of their labors. Capricornians can wait for what they want because they are so engrossed in carrying out their duties that time passes quickly. Some members of this sign seem never to have been young. They are liable to moods of depression; but their somber outlook binds them all the more compulsively to their obligations. Under adversity, when other types fall to pieces, Capricornians fall back on organized work habits, thereby weathering the crisis. They may appear dour, but because they cope competently with small troubles they seldom break down when largeer ones loom up. Fortunately, many Capricornians have an astringent sense of humor which leavens their basic gravity. In return for diligent application to their tasks, Capricorn people reap the reward of knowing how to enjoy the pleasures of the senses. Men of this sign will carry on love affairs in old age, even when they have denied themselves in their youth. Although cool and calculating in many respects, they have a reputation for being the most highly sexed members of the zodiac. Some are justifiably called 'old goats'. Capricornians are astute in business. They also have an affinity for the physical sciences

and make admirable doctors, lawyers, and judges. They are natural organizers who may be exacting in their requirements, but who are usually respected for their rectitude. Although quick to seize an advantage, they are seldom dishonest. Their authoritarian ways may drive others to violence, rebellion, or neurosis; but usually they themselves feel justified in what they are doing. Capricornian abuses arise from blindly adhering to the status quo and rigorously upholding conventions that have outlived their usefulness. These people feel that the greatest good is that which maintains the integrity of the social order, and if refractory elements do not conform to the mold, so much the worse for them. In their religious beliefs, Capricornians tend to be orthodox or to gravitate toward the conservative side of whatever faith they have embraced. They have little use for dreams and visions, and prefer their own solidly grounded, serviceable structures to castles in the air. However, they may want others to abide within the rigis and somewhat narrow walls of their ideological constructs, and can be morosely resentful or harshly retaliatory when their insistence upon conformity provokes insubordination. Nevertheless, it is fortunate for civilization that its cohesiveness can be maintained by cautious Capricornians who take life seriously, maintain standards of quality in the work for which they are responsible, and uphold principles of law and order. Their reliable ways may sometimes seem dull or uninspired, but they would be sorely missed if they were not working diligently to cement the disparate elements of society. (Isabel Hickey) The Sun in Capricorn represents 'the mountain goat, climbing toward the heights, solitary and alone'. Keyword: 'I use'. Rules the bones, the skin and the knees in the physical body. Capricorn is the natural ruler of the tenth house, the amplifier of what the person attains, or does not attain, in prestige, honor and success before the public. Capricorn is a 'testing' sign; and the tenth house is of deep significance to the soul on its journey to the highlands of spirit. Capricorn is symbolized by the mountain goat, solitary and alone, who climbs to the heights with patient persistence. He faces calculated risks in that climb, but nothing is going to stop him before he attains his objectives. Is it any wonder that Capricorn rules big business? Capricorn people can exemplify the highest or the lowest qualities of which human nature is capable. They are capable of great strength and have a strong sense of purpose. How they use that strength and what that purpose will be is of utmost importance. Expediency is a Capricorn keynote. 'How can I use this?' differs from 'How can this be of use to others?' These attitudes show the difference between the unevolved and the evolved soul born in Capricorn. Where Leo rules by the divine right of kings, Capricorn rules by delegated authority. The Capricorn's strength lies in leadership and in humility. Too often their weaknesses lead to false pride and to the assurance that they are the only ones who know what is good for the other fellow. Materialism is very strong in the people of Capricon. Money is extremely important to them, not for the money itself but for the power it wields in the outer world. Respect and reward have to be earned in the sign of Capricorn. Great wealth or power entails great responsibilities. Some of the robber-barons that took advantage of the laborers at the turn of the century found this out. They tried to right the wrongs they had done, and gave a great deal of their finances toward humanitarian causes, but their dues had to be paid. They were paid through the instrument that hte Capricorn values most the body. Good health was the one thing their money could not buy. Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, keeps a perfect set of books. We might break legal laws, but we can't break cosmic laws. Everything in this universe goes back to its source. Everything we do, good or ill, returns to us. This is the Law. Sooner or later, every one of us gets what he

deserves, no more and no less. The positive qualities of the Capricorn people are leadership, patience, persistence, efficiency and practicality. They are ambitious and willing to work and to work hard for what they want. There is strength and integrity in the higher-type Capricorns. They are dependable and confident, and give confidence to others. Tradition, home, mother, the past (often exemplified through their love of antiques); these are important to the people of Capricorn. The Capricorn male clings to mother even after marriage. While mother lives, she is at the hub of his life. This can lead to complications in marriage. Too often Capricorns are much nicer to people out on the world than they are to their own family. So many times they have been accused of being a 'street angel and house devil'. Too often this can be true. They are the disciplinarians. 'Do it because I say so.' This is because they do not understand the other fellow's feelings. Capricorns are accused of being cold and insufficiently concerned about those close to them. This is true if Saturn or the Sun has afflictions in the chart. Then they are apt to want their own way regardless of the other person's feelings. They may not consider the fact that every individual has the right to his own feelings and his own freedom. The antidote for an afflicted Saturn is Venus. Love is the healing force that dissolves arrogance and selfishness.

(Myrna Lofthus) Capricorn people are happiest in careers calling for organizing ability, integrity, and perseverance. Some of the careers are mathematician, civil servant, osteopath, politician, public administrator, government service, accountant, actors, teachers, and astrologers. Five positive key words are: ambitious, responsible, practical, efficient, and patient. Five negative keywords are: worry, retaliation, suspicion, stubbornness, and intolerance. The key phrase is 'I use'. The key word is 'attainment'. Their basic nature is 'the organizer, businessman, or conservationist'. Because of their quiet exterior, Capricorns appear to be loners. This trait is similar to the mountain goat who stands quietly upon his lofty perch, surveying the world far below. The goat appears to be totally unaware of the winds howling around him. But he is not really unaware of the winds; merely impervious to them. Like the goat, Capricorns have built a wall around their innermost being, so that they, too, are impervious to the buffeting winds. But the wall the Capricorns have built is sometimes not strong enough to keep the howling winds from penetrating. Then worries and pessimism flood their being. For all their quiet exterior, they enjoy the limelight. This is why many Capricorns are attracted to politics and acting careers. Their strong desire to succeed at whatever they do enables them to be hard-working and patient in the pursuit of their goals. If necessary they will bear considerable hardship in obtaining these goals. Their inferiority complex demands they produce concrete results from their endeavors. Thus, their spare time is spent on practical projects. Capricorns want to see all sides of an issue before reaching a conclusion. They like to plan in advance, weighing all the pros and cons. Decisions are never made rapidly. They rarely make mistakes. When they do, it is difficult for them to see where they went wrong, since they had carefully planned everything prior to starting the project. They are dependable, particularly in a crisis. When asked, they give sound, practical advice.

They are, as a rule, not aggressive people, but only express hostility as a defence when attacked. Their sensitivity causes them to be deeply hurt from these attacks. When the earth is dug up, it takes time for it to flatten out and become smooth again. So it is with a Capricorn, when he is battered in any way. It takes a long time for the wound to heal. Because of this, they sometimes seek to pay back hurts. They need people, but have a tendency to isolate themselves from people due to their reserve and fear of being hurt. Nevertheless, they never really like to be alone. They are very selevtive in choosing their friends, with only a few intimate ones. These friends receive unswerving loyalty. They are conservative in their thinking and attitudes, as well as in dress and social mannerisms. They believe in law and order, and respect tradition. It is unusual for them to adopt radical ideas. They are seldom dishonest. Their fear of being without necessitates their having a regular income. Their attainments in life are accomplished through steady progress rather than through speculation or getrich-quick schemes. They are natural organizers and have good leadership ability, which they can use to good advantage. They have a desire for recognition. Because of this, they find it difficult to do good deeds in secret, since they feel that their good deeds should receive some typ eof attention. They have strong self-discipline and nothing will sway them from their course if their mind is made up. They will give up many enjoyments in order to reach their goal. Hard work invigorates them. But, they must not overdo, or they will suffer physical exhaustion. They are ambitious. However, they do not feel a need to keep up with the people next door. Success is usually achieved later in life. They are thrify and like to collect things, but this is not a miserly tendency. They abhor waste, which causes them to see the possibilities of using the objects later. Periodically, the objects are discarded, if no practical use has been found for them. They are quite creative, but can be very pessimistic and negative about their abilities. They must learn to believe in themselves and to develop optimism. Capricorns seldom waste time talking needlessly. They speak only when they have something to say. Many people are quite surprised to discover that Capricorns have a dry sense of humor. The thought patterns of their mind are rational and constructive. Unless other things in their natal chart mitigate this, most Capricorns do not grasp ideas rapidly, but must plod along, slowly absorbing knowledge. However, this attribute assures them of the retainment of everything they learn. They can be troubled with arthritis of the bones and joints. Because of this, they should eat properly, take vitamins, and engage in some form of physical exercise every day. Calcium and Vitamin C are extremely important supplements. Capricorns have a lot of patience. This is fortunate, for they are forced to see many of their aimes meet with delays, setbacks, and obstacles. The stoicism of the Capricorns helps them face these objectively. If one path is blocked, they will try another. They know intuitively that work is therapeutic. This trait develops their strength of character. And yet, at times, the obstacles will produce pessimism; and some of them wil cease trying for fear of failing. Encouragement and praise are essential in motivating a Capricorn to continue.

They are thoughtful, self-contained people. They may not have the personal magnetism of some of the other zodiac signs, but they are tactful, compassionate, and warmhearted. Their own personal sufferings help them identify with the sufferings of others. The reason for so much personal suffering in their lives is so that Capricorns will seek spiritual attainment rather than personal attainment. The mountaintop the goat climbs represents soul growth rather than personal growth. Once a Capricon is made aware of this, setbacks and obstacles diminish. In love, they are as romantic and emotional as anyone else, but they may feel inhibited in expressing their emotions. They are cautious in making a total commitment, until they know that the traits and lifestyle of the possible partner are compatible with theirs. Once married, they seldom divorce, for they feel that any situation can be worked out. Capricorns are family-oriented, and enjoy their children. They must watch a tendency to want to dominate their children. Since it is easy for them to get sidetracked in their own work or projects, they must make a conscious effort to bring fun into their children's lives. It would help a Capricorn to set aside a certain time each day to do something with their children. Otherwise, time will elapse without their being aware of it. The children can learn much from a Capricorn parent because of their parent's responsibility and from their dry sense of humor which makes life appear amusing. A Capricorn woman enjoys working but should, if possible, avoid going back to work until the child is in school. Capricorn children benefit from beign introduced to a variety of experiences. They should be praised for effort rather than for achievement. In time, their achievements will be great, if not greater, than their efforts. Allow them to accept responsibilities early. They generally look older than they are. (In later life, they get younger-looking.) Because they appear to be very wise for their age, it is easy for their parents to unburden their troubles to them. This causes the child to lose his / her own small amount of optimism, since he / she is not old enough to help the parent solve the problem.

Natal Sun in Aquarius
(Betty Lundsted) Aquarian children come into a very impersonal household. The father runs the show and instills in his child the philosophical basis for life. The father is interested in the unusual and the unorthodox, and may have what the neighbors think are strange or odd involvements politically or philosophically. He lives in his mind and is often quite distant from the child. Aquarian children want approval and acceptance from their father, so they grow up to pursue the world of 'the idea' even more thoroughly than the rest of the Air signs. For some reason, Aquarians don't fit into the expectations of the family or the environment, and they grow up feeling there is some mysterious plastic wall between them and the rest of the neighborhood. This instills a feeling of loneliness, causing them to spend a great deal of time as adults looking for groups they can join in order to achieve a sense of belonging somewhere. However, beacuse so many years pass without the 'belonging' experience, Aquarians tend to question everything - every tradition, every group moral - and seldom stay involved very long with any one idea. This separation frmo other children (Aquarians can be alone in a crowd) serves to give them impetus to develop their minds more than other children, so the Aquarian types can be infinitely creative. Because the child doesn't fit in, the adult doesnt' fit in either. Aquarians end up being the square beg in the round hole as far as society is concerned. The 'misfit' complex has benefits however: innovations and inventions are created by those who hear the beat of a different drummer. Aquarians bring new concepts to everything they touch. They make innovations in social work, spirituality, humanitarian areas and the scientific world. They take the traditional ideas that Capricorn presents, and bring them into new perspectives. This creative ability doesn't always make them popular, and can even compound the Aquarians' difficulty in

fitting in with the group. Natural talents or abilities are seldom recognized when attention is focused on what is lacking: the Aquarian focus is on belonging somewhere when it should be on the creative process. Aquarians are raised in an impersonal atmosphere - one of ideas, intellect and words. Life situations are handled by their parents with rationality. Aquarian children don't see anyone reacting in an intense and personal way. It is difficult for them to develop the personal side of relationships because they have so little experience from the childhood environment to guide them. When personal problems arise, they tend to be solved with theories and ideas, which is more appropriate for dealing with concepts than with people. Although Aquarians can be social innovators in theory, it becomes hard to put theory into practice in personal relationships; they feel more comfortable in groups than in one-toone situations. The Aquarian woman is interested in following in her father's footsteps. Like her other positive sign sisters, she wants to be known as a career woman. She's unsure of herself sexually for her mother doesn't present a sexually feminine image. Since her father is known for his unconventional stands, she want to be known for hers - therefore, she will pursue anything that seems different or unusual. She remains unsure of herslef as a woman, for when concentration is on mental abilities, the physical side remains unfamiliar. She may want to reassure herself that she is a woman, but she gets nervous when too much attention is paid to her body. The dilemma concerns which direction to follow, the intellect or the emotions, and she vacillates back and forth. When she's feeling emotionally insecure, she can become what is commonly called promiscuous. But she isn't promiscuous at heart - she's only searching for her identity. As she gains a sense of identity, or if she gets hurt enough, she'll stop. She has to learn that self-assurance comes from within and can't be gained through approval from others. The Aquarian male has trouble settling into a relationship because he, as well as the Aquarian felame, has a strong need for social interaction and intellectually stimulating relationships. Since he also questions his sexuality, he may experiment with sex for a while until he figures out which direction he wants to move in. Most of his problems in relationships stem from the fact that he is too impersonal. He doesn't know how to give personal reassurances or the emotional responses necessary to his partner. He needs to learn how to operate in a personal relationship. He doesn't know what is expected of him. When he was a child, his mother often protected him against the violence (either mental or physical) of his father. Consequently, the Aquarian male is chary of accepting help from a woman. His mother asks that he never forget her and that she helped him, and he's afraid all women will require the same commitment. He can be an interesting and diverse partner if his need for freedom is understood. (Haydn Paul) The Aquarian personality displays a tendency towards humanitarian service designed to benefit others. You are likely to be friendly and sociable with a large circle of friends and acquaintances, although you also have an impersonal attitude towards them. You are sincere, or at least you think you are, and usually have quite distinct likes and dislikes in life. Your mental outlook tends to be dispassionate, based on logic and reason, dealing well with facts; and you have a good retentive memory. You prefer your attention to be directed towards intellectually appealing topics. Your mind is very fertile, imaginative and quick-thinking; but you may need to stop sometimes and consider before speaking, as you can create problems by speaking out first without giving due thought to content or effect. You may be interested in artistic expression, and can display some ability, too. You are often motivated by strong ideals, which you try to use as a guiding force in your life. You believe in the values of a co-operative approach to life, but this can clash with

your need for personal freedom. You often forcefully project your ideas and thoughts; and idealistic or practical disagreements with others can break down attempts at cooperation. Positively though, you are capable of applying great energy towards furthering any cause that you believe in, and are likely to tend towards unorthodoxy and unconventional behaviour, attitudes and ideas; sometimes you can be unpredictable, eccentric, and attracted to anything unusual, at least through curiosity. There can be a conflict within you of introversion or extroversion, where a part of you wishes to be quiet and unobtrusive, and another aspect wants to be a centre of attention and a dramatic focal point. You can be impractical with possessions, and may need to learn how to deal with money more efficiently, as well adjusting any attachment to material possessions and the values given to them. You usually overflow with ideas and talk about them at length, but there can be problems in application and seeing projects through; it is the mental world of ideas that fascinates and stimulates you, and you often lose interest when time comes for practical application. If you allow it, you can become obsessed and immersed in work, taking it very seriously, and this often leads to worry and nervous problems. You do not fall deeply in love easily or often, as your mind remains detached from your emotions; when you do, however, you might have difficulty coming to terms with your emotional power and intensity. Generally you succeed in keeping emotions away from many aspects of your life, believing that they distort the joys of the intellect. You may be late settling down with a partner, and need to choose wisely by seeking an intellectually compatible personality. You wish to retain independence and do not like being dictated to or dominated. This extends to common Aquarian beliefs in universal justice, peace, equality, and radical change of anything that leads to suffering for humanity. Your views are strongly expressed, and radical enough if you persist in them to disrupt groups or upset people. You may need to avoid a tendency to make 'speeches' calling for progress, liberation etc., and yet, when the time comes for action, being engaged elsewhere. You could be a visionary, but will need to learn the values of persistence and action to make those dreams a reality. Prestige and achievement is important for you, but be careful not to get a mentally inflated self-image if it does occur. (Jan Spiller and Karen McCoy) Sun in Aquarius individuals feel they have the right to be different and uniques; to be impersonal and objective in their search for individuality; to intellectualize the sensitivities of others. Static Your attention might focus on wanting others to reflect a public acknowledgement of the Aquarius uniqueness. This focus may lead to behaving in ways that do not actually contribute to the group or to individuals but merely serve as ego enhancement. You might want to be recognized as co-operative and fair, yet feel defensive about losing your identiy in relationships. This may lead to responding in ways that are erratic and disruptive to others, and can result in alienating them. If, under the pretence of objectivity, you try to impress others with the Aquarius certainty of knowledge, you may develop detachment and insensitivity to individuals as well as the group. This might result in a lowering of vitality if you become uncertain of your own wisdom in interplay with others. Dynamic

When you focus on inspiring others, you may realize that your knowledge is less important than the individuality of other people. By allowing others to express their point of view, you can expand the facets of your intelligence. Then you can share appropriate knowledge that contributes to the situation for mutual inspiration. When you use your objectivity within the framework of other people's sensitivity, your unique talents are enhanced. Awareness of the power of your identity and natural independence allows you to share insights in a balanced way. This revitalizes you and the relationship. You can recognize the power and the willfulness of the free child within yourself. This gives you the clarity to handle relationships with a sense of humor and perspective, to relate peacefully. You possess the ability to view any situation objectively. Thus, you can inspire, enhance, and lead group activities without giving an impression of dominance. You have a soothing ability to take the vote or get the data effortlessly. This automatically leads to the cooperation of others, since they feel included in the government of the group. Aquarius females You can lead a horse to water, but.... So the saying goes, and it most certainly applies to an Aquarius woman. This lady can be as fixed and determined as any person you've ever met, but you can win her if you follow these hints: 1. Since she is idealistic and airy in temperament, take her bluster and show of pugnaciousness with a grain of salt. Smile at her; make her realize that, no matter what she thinks, you are her friend. She appreciates and understands friendship, perhaps above all else. 2. Let her know she is not the only person with Uranian interests. Tell her about a few of your own, including astrology! Let her know that you are on her side when it comes to bucking tradition and caring for the underdog. 3. This might be the most important hint of all: be charming and imaginative in entertainment plans; remember, she lives in a world where dreams can - and often do come true. If you are drab in manner, in entertaining, in presenting your ideas and ambitions, she is liktly to think you a fool - or worse, a bore. She is a stimulus in the manner that cold, bubbly wine is - and before you know it she'll go to your head! This woman does like to have her own way. When she is right, let her. But when you feel she is in error, fight her every inch of the way! She enjoys a good fight; it has a tonic effect on her, and she will look at you with new respect. She'll lead you in circles if she can get away with it. Tell her where you stand, what it is you want and expect of her, and you will be on the way toward a happy, fruitful relationship. She loves the unusual. She wants you to be daring, dashing. Admittedly, this can be tiring; but the lady is worth it! An Aquarius woman can bring out the best in you. Her own poise, mental and physical, can be an inspiration. It can also be damned irritating! That's part of the inspiration: being inspired to think of ways to shake her up. In all, the Aquarius woman is loyal, is a wonderful person to take your problems to, and is able to help you to help yourself. There are likely to be very few dull moments with her. Her intuition is developed to a fine hone; she can usually sense what the future holds. Aquarius males Sometimes this man's mind is so much on the future that he tends to overlook the present completely! Make sure he doesn't forget you. Let him be aware of your presence. Make yourself a part of his plans, for he is constantly planning, dreaming, inventing, devising, prophesying. He is airy in temperament, fixed, determined at times to the point of being

stubborn. He isn't always easy to get along with, and he can be a bully, and absentminded: but those are the negative sides if his nature. On the positive side, he is worth working to catch! This man has a tendency to make dreams come true. He can fight and work against the odds. But he needs someone to have faith in him: you can fill that role. Please do not expect the Aquarius man to be perfect: he has faults, loads of them - and he can be exasperating. However, he is generous, reasonable, and willing to help; to listen to your problems; and to offer intelligent, sometimes sage, advice. He practises what he preaches, too. You have to teach him to be practical. If left to his own devices, he might give everything away. He experiments; makes friends with persons others are apt to consider mere cranks. He is willing to pioneer, to accept challenges, to lead a life of adventure and risk. Is that what you want? If it isn't, it would be better to forget these hints and to find yourself another, safer, more reliable individual. This man is not apt to fit into any pigeon-hole: he tends to sprout wings and to fly high. This man possesses the ability to learn without formal study: his knowledge could be described as subjective or intuitive. His learning and abilities are not academic: he learns by doing, feeling, experimenting, making as many mistakes as any beginner, yet displaying a master's 'feel' for a subject. The Aquarian man is concerned with hopes, wishes, friends, loyalty, promises: a broken promise can mean a broken relationship as far as he is concerned. Here's an important hint: do not say one thing and do another. No matter how innocent or noble your intentions, this man can interpret your word to the letter; and if you break that word, it is a serious affair with him. (Skye Alexander) People with Sun in Aquarius are usually independent, unconventional, outspoken and fair-minded. You see your 'role' in life as the rebel, the person who rejects bogus authority and outworn traditions and ushers in the new order. However, you sometimes lack perspective in your battle with the establishment. At times, you simply provoke confrontations to see what impact you have on others; and you enjoy antagonizing people who are in positions of authority. You like to take chances, to keep things stirred up; and relish a good argument now and again. However, you may become the rebel without a cause. Always ahead of your time, you are seen by others as a bit different or unusual - an image you encourage. You like to shock people and shake up institutions that have become too rigid. You have the ability to bring a breath of fresh air into stale, stagnant environments. Equality, freedom and fairness are important issues for you. You believe all people are created equal and should have the same rights and opportunities. You are willing to stand up and fight for the rights of others as well as your own, often without regard for your own safety or advantage. Most likely, you are socially and politically progressive, and are concerned with humanitarian issues. Though you are interested in the well-being of others, your interest is in an abstract, ideological concept and does not stem from empathy or true feeling. Unless you also have several water signs in your chart, you can be quite detached and impersonal. Inventive and ingenious, you eagerly seek out new ways to do things, and may excel in scientific or electronic fields, aerospace technology, computer science, astronomy or astrology. Generally, you can be found on the cutting edge of technology and scientific or 'new age' thought. Always looking to the future, you run the risk of losing touch with the present and not learning from the past. Friendly and sociable, you probably have an extensive and diverse collection of friends and associates; and your friends are very important to you. You are not status-conscious;

you choose your companions for their ideas, and enjoy the company of others of like mind. Intellectually oriented (though not necessarily intelligent), you are happiest in the world of ideas. You love to share what you know with others, and become bored easily with people who don't provide grist for your mental mill. Although at times you can be a bit abrasive and tactless, you are usually good-natured, enthusiastic, off-beat, and willing to try almost anything - qualities which gain you popularity among your peers. You are most comfortable in group situations, and might belong to numerous organizations, clubs, and professional or social groups. However, you may have some trouble in intimate, personal relationships since your feeling don't run very deep and you tend to be quite detached. Close emotional relationships also can threaten your independence. You insist on remaining 'free' to do your own thing, and to engage in relationships with whomever you please. Unless your Venus and / or Moon are in more emotional, possessive signs (such as Scorpio, Cancer or Taurus), you may decide to remain single or insist on an 'open marriage'. At your best, you are the one who fights for liberty and justice for one and all. At your worst, you are the freedom-monger who seeks change for the sake of change, without offering a better alternative to replace the structures you've destroyed. (Sasha Fenton) Aquarians, while being very friendly, are actually quite hard to get to know; and some of them are sp strange that it is difficult to work out what they are doing and why. An Aquarian friend of mine who, unusually perhaps, is not interested in astrology pointed out that both he and his wife are Aquarians, as are seven members of their family. He told me that, as all these people were very different from each other, this proved to him that there couldn't be anything in astrology. I laughed and told him that all Aquarians are different from everybody else, including fellow members of their own sign and of their own family. Each one is an individual who marches to his own drumbeat and doesn't follow any kind of collective thinking. Each Aquarian must live by his own rules and needs to do his own thing most of the time. Intelligent, logical, and blessed with the ability to think not only laterally but also around corners, these subjects are possibly the most exciting of the zodiac. They can also be infuriating because they choose to cling to their odd way of life and their ideas with great tenacity. Parents with Aquarian offspring frequently write them off because they cannot be made to conform to the family pattern. Aquarians make the most wonderful friends, but anyone who tries to cling to them or expects their friendship to be exclusive will be very disappointed. Anyone who needs encouragement can be sure of receiving it from an Aquarian friend, but they are quite competitive and won't appreciate being overtaken in their own chosen field. Aquarius is a fixed sign, which ensures that these subjects stick to jobs and relationships through thick and thin. If they decide that they need to make a break, they do this in an almost clinical manner and, although they may feel guilty about leaving, they still go ahead with it. If possible, they try to remain on friendly terms with the person or group of people even after they detach themselves from them. Aquarians can be loners who feel stifled by too much closeness. They don't like to be closely questioned about their intentions, or even their whereabouts the previous night! But they appreciate a nonclinging relationship. Aquarians do need to relate to others on a deep and loving level, but it may take them some time before they can relax and trust others to love them or to be loved by them. Aquarians can be stubborn and determined, and also inflexible in their attitudes; and they may have an attitude of superiority. They genuinely believe that they are special, and may patronise those whom they see as unfit or unable to come up to their exacting standards.

Most Aquarians have fields of specialist knowledge, often in offbeat and interesting areas; and they are happy to teach anyone who shows an interest in their particular subject. Some become involved in politics or causes of one kind or another, and are often way ahead of the crowd. Their very stubbornness makes them the most loyal and wonderful friends; the kind who can be called up in the middle of the night and asked for help. Most Aquarians love to teach and have a real talent for the job, and many of them work in the field of education, while others are happy to coach others in a more casual manner. These subjects derive a real sense of achievement from improving the lives of others, either on an individual basis or by educating the world in general. I have noticed that most Aquarians are strangely blind to the pain and anguish of those who are around them. They can deal with problems on a distant level - for instance, by campaigning for political change - but, when it comes to their own families, they cannot. Some of these subjects genuinely cannot see that a child or a partner is suffering, while others can see the pain but are irritated by it. One Aquarius friend tells me that, if anyone in his family is ill, he gets out of the house because he knows that he will lose patience with them if he hangs around. To be honest, most Aquarians are extremely helpful and sympathetic, but none of them can stand moaners or the type of person who has a negative attitude to life. They will, therefore, help out immediately when faced with a practical proble; but they become distant or angry when faced with someone whose emotions are out of control. They respect strength of character, and have very little time for what they see as weakness or failure - even when this is their own failure. Aquarians need to see themselves as competent, clever, and successful in their chosen field. They need to stand out from the crowd and to be respected for their knowledge. There is a tendency for Aquarians to be tactless, and some can be bullies. This is because they are devastatingly honest about other people's faults and failing, and also because they sometimes fail to understand how their behaviour affects others. In some ways, these people are easy to respect but hard to love. The typical Aquarian is tall and slim, while some are positively skinny. Many have a strong, bony frame. In white races, the complexion is pale and the hair blond or mousy. Many Aquarians have wispy and lifeless hair, and many Aquarian men go bald. If the Aquarian is blessed with good hair, then it is very good indeed, being thick, straight and dark. Their hands and feet are long and elegant, but they sometimes look as if they belong on a much older person. Many Aquarians have a strong jaw and a large, toothy smile and light-coloured or very bright eyes which look at others with a very direct and interested gaze. Their choice of clothes is totally individualistic and often downright peculiar! Aquarians adored the fancy dress which was fashionable in the late 1960s and early 1970s because they could indulge their personal fantasies to the hilt. Even in the staid and conventional 1990s, Aquarians were seen in jodhpurs, flowing kaftans, strangely patterned denims and top-of-the-range designer model clothes. The ankles are the traditional Aquarian weak spot for health, which suggests that breaks and sprains are likely. Flebitis, thrombosis and leg ulcers are also possible. Quite a number of Aquarians have sensitive lungs, so they may suffer from asthma, and they may be uncomfortable when among smokers. Aquarians are so varied in their nature that they can do almost any kind of work. However, self-employment and owning a small business appeals to many of them. Some years ago, my friend Denise had to hire a fairly large gang of workmen at her place of work, and she commented to me that out of the twelve workmen with whom she was dealing, eleven were Aquarians! It's not surprising that Aquarians find their way into building and other practical crafts because they are the world's best problem-solvers and they are also very independent. This is the sign of the journeyman, craftsman and computer-whizz. Many Aquarians take up astrology, so much so that it would be a very strange group of astrologers that didn't include at least one Aquarian. Many are drawn to the world of teaching because they have a real gift for this. All Aquarians have extremely enquiring minds, and often have a great depth of knowledge in a variety of areas. Many

are excellent advisors, counsellors and listeners, which leads them into either paid or voluntary counselling work. Aquarians are attracted to committee activities and to politics; and many of them find work in those areas where their sense of commitment, logical minds and humanitarianism can be put to good use. To be honest, Aquarians can be found in almost any kind of job, but they usually gravitate to something which has a humanitarian edge to it. Among my Aquarian friends I can count a bank clerk, the head of the central sterilising department of a large hospital, a designer of surgical instruments, the head of a large mail-order firm, the owner of a small publishing firm, shopkeepers, craftsmen and craftswomen of all kinds, computer experts, and astrologers by the dozen. If an Aquarian cannot help people, use his intelligence or specialise in his work, he will use these skills in his hobbies. Aquarians take their spare-time activities very seriously. These subjects may look after animals, work for the preservation of our planet, or make ships in bottles, but they don't simply come home and sit in an armchair in front of the television. Perhaps the greatest Aquarian hobby is friendship, because they love to chat and learn about ways of life which are different from their own. Oddly enough, very few of them seem to be keen on travel, and some become very ill-at-ease when away from their usual surroundings. Aquarians have a reputation for being non-materialistic, humanitarian and eccentric. These subjects are supposed to be elevated to an exalted level where all is love and light, and where money is unnecessary. Poppycock! Aquarians like money as much as the next sign, and more than many. Some Aquarians like money so much that they are prepared to work hard for it. Others are content to fiddle and dream their lives away while their spouses, relatives and friends pay their bills. Many Aquarians work at jobs which are far beneath their levels of ability, possibly so that they can expend their energies on more interesting pursuits. However, those who do pursue a career enjoy being well paid. Aquarians are so different from each other that few generalisations can be made. Some, for instance, live in pristine cleanliness in ultra-modern apartments, while others live in rambling old houses which are filled with children, animals, visitors, lodgers and filth. Many Aquarians work close to home by running farms or smallholdings; and others have offices or even schools within their homes. This suggests that their homes are viewed not as a possession, but as part of their general lifestyle. There are Aquarians who have a multitude of fascinating and wonderful possessions, ranging from the latest in computers to mobile games, ornaments and even, perhaps, a spaceship in the garden. Others collect antiques, junk or animals. All Aquarians seem to collect books and bits of paper. Some Aquarians spend their money on experiences rather than things. Aquarians can be found riding horses, learning to paint, hunting for ley lines or attending astrology groups. However much friendships and experiences are valued, the Aquarian also values a comfortable home, a good, fast car, and whatever eclectic status symbol appeals most to him. Aquarians need friends, but they don't all necessarily need lovers, partners, spouses or families. Their needs can change from one phase of their lives to another, so the Aquarian who starts out as a loner may end up happily surrounded by family and friends, or viceversa. These subjects are so unusual that they need partners who can understand their peculiarities and can put up with them. The best relationship for these people is usually with a partner who shares their interests and wants the same kind of lifestyle. It is not uncommon for Aquarians to live with other Aquarians or to choose partners who have a strong Aquarian cast to their charts. Hot favourites are Capricorns or Pisceans who have neighbouring planets in Aquarius. Anyone living with an Aquarian will have the benefit of his / her excellent mind, while another benefit is that boredom is unlikely to set in. Aquarians are not really homemakers in the old-fashioned sense of the word, but they do like to live in a pleasant area with enough space both indoors and out for them to be able to breathe. Some Aquarians are exceptionally neat and tidy in their habits, keeping a really well-run home, but many others seem to prefer living in a mess, complete with childrem, animals and neighbours wandering in and out. These homes, albeit untidy, are wonderful to visit, because the caller is always sure of a cup of tea, something to eat and

an hour or two of wonderful conversation. Mess or no mess, most Aquarians are very good cooks who try to ensure that they and their families eat a healthy diet. Aquarians are not as easygoing as they first appear, because this is a fixed sign, which denotes a stubborn and determined attitude to life. Aquarians tend to do exactly what they want to do, usually just when they want to do it, and it is no good trying to get them to behave in any other way. These subjects seem to have an agenda all of their own, together with a hidden set of rules by which everyone around them is supposed to live. They frequently have strong political views, or they may be 'into' some belief or peculiar way of life. Even the most ordinary, unassuming and 'normal' Aquarian chooses the kind of career which will help humanity in some way. Sometimes their beliefs take over the whole of their lives. Being highly intelligent, these subjects are sure that they can see themselves clearly and that they understand others just as well. However, they actually have quite a few blind spots which can make them difficult to live with. Aquarians can be unrealistic and impractical in some ways, while being very sensible and capable in others. This all depends upon the frame of mind they happen to be in at the time. Aquarian women need a job or interest of their own. They may choose to do something unusual but, whatever they do, they will be wholehearted about it and will find it hard to be clockwatchers. This means that their families will have to learn to cope by themselves from time to time. Some Aquarians are amazingly mean, being unable to see that other have any kind of claim on their income. Other Aquarians are amazingly generous because their values are mental and spiritual rather than materialistic, and they rarely worry about money or security. All Aquarians are incredibly independent people who are very hard to influence; but if they respect their partner's views and find them logical, they can usually be brought round to a different way of thinking. Most of these subjects lead very busy lives, and they would rather do almost anything in preference to sitting slumped in an armchair, staring at the television. Aquarians are frequently late for appointments because they try to pack too much into each day amd they leave too much to the last minute. Aquarians enjoy going out with their families, and take an interest in their partner's hobbies or pastimes, although they may not want to join in on a permanent basis. These subjects need mental and physical space; and they are also prepared to give this to a partner. About the only thing they cannot stand is being probed and investigated, because they seem to need to keep a little part of themselves private. Aquarians can be rude, bad-tempered and arrogant, but if their partner can laugh off these foibles and concentrate on the Aquarian's virtues, the relationship will succeed. One thing Aquarians cannot cope with is an over-emotional partner, because too much emotion upsets their equilibrium and may make them ill. Oddly enough, many Aquarians are worriers, and this tension can translate itself into ailments such as asthma and eczema. All Aquarians can be kind, caring and loving if given half a chance, although I usually find that female Aquarians are nicer, softer and more genuinely caring than the males of this sign. The vast majority of Aquarians are loyal and faithful lovers who won't break up a relationship without good reason. These subjects are not comfortable with duplicity; so if they meet someone they like whilst they are still in a relationship, they are likely to break up the first relationship before becoming involved in the second. Aquarians need freedom in a relationship; and a jealous or suspicious partner is absolutely no use to them at all. They find it hard to give reassurance when none is needed. The vast majority of Aquarians are perfectly reasonable people who like nothing better than to find a soulmate and spend their lives with them. Unusually, in this age of short-lived relationships, Aquarians tend to get married when young and then stay with the same partner throughout. They love to talk to just about everyone, but they don't usually allow emotional or sexual curiosity to get them into triangle situations. The saving grace of Aquarians in all situations is their wonderful sense of humour.

Aquarians vary so much from one another that it is not surprising that they vary in their sexuality. Many of these friendly, outgoing people are very attractive, but whether they will actually take up all the romantic offers they receive depends upon other factors on their charts. Some Aquarians prefer to be on their own, without any kind of involvement other than that of friendship; while others only really enjoy sex when in a safe, comfortable partnership. These subjects have many friends, but are cautious when it comes to deeper relationships, and they prefer not to flirt or play dangerous games with other people's partners. Once they are in a happy relationship, they enjoy making love, and can achieve a greater sense of closeness through sex than they can in practically any other way. Aquarians like a bit of variety in their sex lives, and will take pleasure in a partner who dresses well and wears attractive underwear. They themselves are usually slim, elegant and good-looking people who can be quite vain about their appearance. They either are well-dressed, appreciating the pleasure that this gives their partners, or dress in an eccentric manner which pleases nobody but themselves. Aquarians can be fussy about their partner's appearance, and they appreciate a lover who keeps in shape and looks good. These subjects especially enjoy the sight and the feel of food underwear, and they can have fun by dressing up specially for love-making. If the sexual side of a relationship diminishes, they will remain friends, but they may not continue to feel as deeply about the other person. Aquarians usually have many friends and acquaintances; and they are quite happy to have company or to go on holiday in a group. As far as the family is concerned, they try to avoid too much closeness. Aquarians see themselves as equal to other people; therefore if a member of the family demands to be treated with deference, the Aquarian will not accede to this demand. If any member of their family or of their partner's family needs help, the Aquarian will do whatever he can, but will not be bullied or dictated to by anyone. Aquarians are good parents, especially if their children are reasonable and intelligent, but they will switch off if a child becomes awkward and demanding. They will try to do everything in their power to help a child succeed, but they are not good at handling a child's emotional problems, and they may not even notice when a child is unhappy. Aquarian children are not difficult to deal with, as long as their parents respect their dignity and realise that they have strong opinions of their own. These children are usually keen on school and fond of a variety of outside interests. They have many friends, and adjust fairly well to whatever circumstances they find themselves in. Despite their logical and somewhat unemotional natures, they need to feel secure and to be understood in addition to needing space and freedom. (Julia and Derek Parker) The Aquarian need for independence can't be underestimated, and it is essential that Aquarians develop and sustain the right lifestyle. Although they have the reputation of being friendly, in many ways they are very private and dislike having their privacy invaded. Their natural friendliness is linked to a genuine desire to be helpful, so anyone in trouble will always find them ready to help, approaching others' problems as they approach their own - logically, detachedly, and without undue emotion. Aquarians have an original, idealistic streak; and the more positively this is shown, the more fulfilled they will be. However, this originality must not become too idiosyncratic or perverse, as others can then be at best embarrassed and at worst seriously annoyed. Aquarius is an air sign, and its inhabitants need air, both physically and metaphorically. They must realize how very stubborn they can be, and should try to counter this tendency. When young, they are usually leaders of their generation; but sometimes they continue to cling to youthful opinions, so that what was once a splendidly forward-looking nature becomes ultra-conservative. Again, awareness of the problem will go far to

counter it. Positive and optimistic even when life gets difficult, Aquarians rarely lose hope; and their natural humanity always reminds them that many others are less fortunate (in every sense) than themselves. Their chief fault is usually unpredictability; but their independence can also make them very remote, causing emotional problems. Partners and friends may be justified in suspecting that sometimes Aquarians act out of sheer perversity. Of all the Sun signs, Aquarians can find it most difficult to settle into and sustain a close emotional relationship. Their powerful need for independence makes it particularly hard for them to let others into their lives, for they realize this will mean modifying their lifestyles and tolerating an invasion of their living space - psychological as well as physical. They often decline to enter into a relationship until they are so set in their ways that it all seems impossible, so remain permanently single. Even so, there is a strongly romantic streak in many Aquarians, who like the glamor of romance, and once committed are - like their Capricorn cousins - very loyal. The placing of Venus will color this aspect of an Aquarian's life, and may modify the attitude considerably. Aquarian individuality and the need to be different will soon emerge in children of this sign, who on the whole will be happy and positive, with a great desire to do their own thing. Parents should watch for waywardness; the best antidote is to suggest that they do the opposite of what you really desire! Bear in mind that they will truly need to be unconventional, so a school devoted to rigid discipline, with very strong or obsessive academic aims, may not be suitable. They are rational, however, and always listen to reason. This will be a distinct asset in later life. Aquarian children are naturally friendly, but alas this means they may be overtrusting and too ready to wander off with passing strangers who take advantage of that friendliness. It must be very firmly impressed on them frmo an early age not to do this. It is particularly good for young Aquarians to become involved in charity work; it will help them to develop their strong humanitarianism, which is likely to be one of their strongest and most positive traits. Creative and scientific flair should be eagerly encouraged when and if it develops. These children often have an interesting sense of drama, but it can be exaggerated. Aquarian parents can have a very individual attitude to the education of their children. They must remember that the child may be more conventional than the parents, and it is a mistake to force him or her into a particular mould just because they wish it. Security and discipline may be really important to a child; and the parents, however adventurous, should accept this. Aquarian parents should always ask themselves whether they have moved with the times. Their immediate reply will be 'yes'; but they should realize it is unlikely (especially for them), and should not assume automatic and complete understanding of their children. They must learn to really listen to them. Despite possible problems, they usually make lively parents, always ready to bring out their children's potential and make the most of it. Aquarians must have a free rein to do whatever is expected of them in their own way, uninhibited by continual advice or the insistence on a particular régime. They have to express their inventiveness in their work. whether creative or scientific (or both). They may become inventors of some kind. Some do extremely well working in communications - the airlines, or the technical areas of television or radio, for instance. Despite their keen sense of ambition, they enjoy and are good at work which allows them to express their concern for humanity. They make excellent field or social workers, or administrators for large charitable organizations. Not obsessive about income, they must avoid wasting their money on trendy fripperies. Aquarians are often quite seriously disturbed if they are kept waiting for final decisions, or feel some change hovering over them without knowing precisely when it will happen.

A sudden decision (whether their own or someone else's) is not nearly as difficult for them. Their quick reactions may even make them sweep out of a well-established job given enough provocation. They should try not to let the prospect of retirement make them miserable for ten years before the event, instead gradually building up new areas of interest which can fill more of their lives when the time comes. If their work has been dull, uninteresting or too conventional, they should surely look forward to being able to express fully their originality and creative or scientific flair. They should give special thought to any necessary adjustments they may have to make, perhaps thinking of ways in which spare-time work can bolster their retirement income. The circulation can be vulnerable. Aquarians are often at their best in cold weather; and, like Capricorns, they usually enjoy it; but they should keep warm, wearing light but windproof clothes which won't restrict their movements. Regular exercise should be creative rather than dull or repetitive. Like all air signs, Aquarians thrive best on a light, nourishing diet. The ankles are ruled by this sign, and can be vulnerable; exercises to strengthen them, perhaps shoes with good ankle support, are desirable, especially if skiing or winter sports are enjoyed. (Robert Hand) You like new things and new ideas, and are bored by old ways of thinking and acting. The friends you choose are people who feel the same way. You are an individualist and a free spirit, but at the same time you need to work and share your life with other people. Friends are very important to you, although if they try to hold you back or make you conform to their ideas, you will rebel and go your own way. However, even though you are attracted to new ideas, you don't readily change your thinking once you have made up your mind. Actually you are quite stubborn, which may confuse other people, who interpret your interest in everything new and different as evidence of a very changeable mind. Because of your fondness for new ideas, you enjoy studying science, technology and other subjects that enable people to control the world in some way. As you get older, you may be attracted to more offbeat studies, such as astrology and the occult. When you are with a group of friends, who think about the group as a whole rather than just about yourself. You try to do what is best for everyone, without at the same time going against your personal needs. This can cause problems for you if your needs conflict with the needs of the rest of the group. But basically you are fair, and you try to make sure that everyone gets the same deal. You will stand up for anyone who is not being treated fairly. (Grant Lewi) The motivating force behind Aquarius is some form of gregarious, or herd, instinct. He likes folks. He is sociable. In a higher manifestation, he is social. In a lower manifestation, he thinks that the world - the folks - owe him a living. Any way you look at the Aquarian, and whatever Aquarian you look at, you will find folks at the centre of his attitude. Either he depends on them or they depend on him. Whether he is a social reformer, or a hobo, people will be around him; he will be holding them up, or they will be holding him up. He thinks himself a great individualist, and he may be, but you'll rarely find him alone. Rich or poor, great or small, deep or shallow, he is the life of the party. He may put his mind on the woes of humanity, solve their problems, give his time for theirs in a figurative or literal sense. Or he may fritter away his time in pool halls. But he will always be where there are people, in the flesh or in theory. His best expression comes when he has hitched his wagon to a star of social work or one of the social professions: invention, medicine, law, politics, architecture, literature, science, music or art with some social application. His worst expression is going places and doing things to

no purpose. Some prime examples of wasted talents come in this sign - as well as some of the greatest martyrs and benefactors of the human race. Aquarius is generally misunderstood even when he has achieved greatness - and always think he is misunderstood when he is wasting himself. In love, Aquarius is noble but not necessarily conventional; loyal, if not faithful; affectionate, if not independent, and resentful of intrusion on his private studies, which may irk the spouse because they never seem to produce anything except big electric-light bills. Aquarius the social or sociable can be anything or nothing, but the one thing he will almost never be is lonesome. He may think his spirit yearns for understanding, but he will never be far from someone to listen while he attempts to explain himself. (Frances Sakoian and Louis Acker) Individuals born under the sign of brotherhood and fraternity have as their symbol the water-bearer, who spills out to mankind the life-force and spiritual energy. Since the planet Uranus rules Aquarius, friendship and companionship are extremely important to Aquarians. Those whom Aquarians befriend have their unswerving loyalty. Born under a fixed sign, Aquarians have eccentric temperaments and are determined and stubborn. They sometimes feel that those who are listening to them are unreceptive and incapable of comprehending their ideas, and they tend to become annoyed when people fail to understand them. Then Aquarians argue; and when they do, they stir up opposition from others. They are capable of discarding these people from their intellectual circle. The key phrase for Aquarians is 'I know'. There is no affectation or snobbery in the Aquarian personality, but a dislike of spurious imitation and hypocrisy in any form. Aquarians operate as equals among equals. However, they are not dependent on their environments for their security, because they derive this from being in the company of others. Persons born under Aquarius can be anything or nothing, but they are never lonely. The influence of Uranus promotes an honest enjoyment in meeting new people and exchanging ideas. Aquarians' group instinct will always direct them to where there are people, or else people will come to them. Since Aquarians have friends of both sexes, they see no reason for giving them up, even after marriage. Because Aquarius is an intellectual air sign, those born under it relate to others at a mental level. Aquarians love the beauties of nature, but they like to admire them in comfort. They long for material possessions but are not greedy. They are disinclined to engage in sports as a rule, except as observers. Their pursuits are more intellectual than physical. Women with this sign should watch their tendency to exaggerate their problems. However, one can forgive them, for their charm and brightness of expression make them very attractive. The Aquarians' appearance of calmness is deceptive; their anxiety can even make them feel ill. Since they take their work very seriously, nervousness and apprehension seldom leave them. They do their best work with others or with organizations that attempt to bring about some ideal. In such pursuits, their excellent memory, creativity, knowledge, love of freedom, an humanitarianism find their outlet. Their interest in and sympathy for human problems win the respect and confidence of those about them. Their sympathy is impersonal and their response intellectual, but once aroused, Aquarians are tireless workers. (Lyn Birbeck)

You have an open, though potentially indifferent, heart. You should aim to have the will to use generously your sense of impartiality - without your becoming impersonal. Your life should be led in a spirit of liberation and reform - as opposed to your being aloof or antisocial. Your father is seen or expressed as one who is cool and friendly, and / or icy and remote. You generate a regard for Other's uniqueness and quirks of personality, thereby making him / her feel special. You create an electric and unusual atmosphere that is a constant source of surprise. You assume an air of gentle detachment that does not judge other, giving him / her space to be free. You can alienate Other with your oddness; or, by way of compensation, with your being a nonentity. You can also alientate with an unpredictability that is borne of your refusal to accept the limitations that make possible a measure of stability. Or you can alienate Other by a failure to tune into where he / she is at emotionally. You overemphasize your idea that Other and the world in general should fit some kind of social or scientific theory. You overstress an insistence that you be treated in some special way, and that you be unconditionally accepted, for all your foibles. You overaccentuate a set of values that often finds Other wanting, but always exonerates yourself. You can feel weak when having to live in the real world of material / emotional things, or even within your own physical body; when you realize that this imperfect world will not offer you very much until you offer up your own imperfections; and when nobody accepts or is impressed by your version of how things ought to be. When you are alone, it is because you have allowed detachment and eccentricity to run rife and develop like a virus until Other can no longer be bothered with trying to relate to the absurdly non-negotiable front you present. More than any other sign, you are capable of making being alone into an art form. The trouble is that this might not amount to quite what you originally had in mind. Beneath all your rationalizations of you-versus-the-world lies a deep fear of being seen to be just another human being, complete with emotionally tacky bits. But the paradox here is that they are partly what make anyone special! And the more we look at and allow others to see our emotional interiors, the more we grow and develop as people, rather than remaining frozen at some icy altitude of emotional immunity. A failure to evolve and mature in this way can mean that Other changes but you do not - leaving you apparently outcast. You must track back to when in your life you cut out emotionally in the first place - and why, for it holds the key to how you got to be this way. (John Townley) You are a very understanding lover, with a special ability to be helpful when a partner is having emotional difficulties. Your sympathy of others' foibles may even appear excessive to some people. But you do draw the line in what you will put up with, and when a partner goes past that point, he or she will find it very difficult to get back into your good graces. You can enjoy a wide variety of sexual experiences, and if you limit yourself to one partner, that person should enjoy lovemaking as a continuously changing adventure, not just as a series of repetitions, however affectionate. You are not the type to be tied down intellectually or emotionally, so you must have a partner who respects your freedom; and that respect will bring you closer to your lover. True freedom and equality bring a closeness, a mingling of mind and body that can't be attained in any other way. Achieving the kind of communication you want requires contact on many levels with your

partner, so a close relationship will develop slowly. Once established, it will last a long time and be strong enough to withstand the heaviest assaults. Although you find sex by itself naturally satisfying, you are quite capable of carrying on a love affair without any sexual contact at all. You can transmit the same deep and loving communication through other channels of expression; and that is the essence of an affair for you. (Marcia Moore and Mark Douglas) Keynote: The power of originality manifests through inventiveness. Symbol: A plane loaded with passengers rises gracefully into the sky. People born with the Sun in Aquarius are charged with a subtle electricity which works quietly but effectively to make them more dynamic than they seem. Theirs is a power as paradoxical as that of a heavy metal plane which uses the air to overcome the pull of gravity. The Aquariuan who lives up to his inner potential can transcend ordinary limitations by invoking nature's higher laws, and he sees nothing mysterious about so doing. Therefore, the sign is associated with both Saturn (law) and Uranus (breakthroughs). Since Aquarius stimulates the mind, as its opposite sign Leo arouses the emotions, the native of this sign is governed by his head rather than by his heart. His love nature is more altruistic than egotistic, and he prefers to express it in an impersonal manner. This coolness may seem enigmatic to the sentimentalist for whom love is a warm, spontaneous feeling rather than a mighty cosmic energy which can be tapped and utilized as scientifically as the physical energies of heat and light. At first, it seems a contradiction that Aquarius should be both a fixed and airy sign, for air must move and circulate. However, by one's broadening one's perspective, it becomes apparent that the only really fixed mass of air is that which envelops the Earth, remaning with the planet while it circles the Sun, and serving as an insulator and as a medium for the transmission of light. Analogously, the Aquarian temperament is programmed to regard things from many points of view and to think on a global scale rather than in terms of the needs and desires of its own chauvinistic group. Abstract principles rather than outward appearances are sensed to be the enduring realities of life. If many Aquarians seem aloof and detached, it is not because they are indifferent to others. Often they are too deeply concerned with the plight of humanity as a whole to expend themselves catering to the foibles of individuals. To the Aquarian, time is energy; and he is choosy about the people with whom he spends this precious gift. Since he is relatively unegotistical, he may not bother to exert himself to win approval. He would rather tend to his job and let others curry compliments. Despite his underlying impersonality, the Aquarian is human in the most literal sense of the word. When one says, 'Oh, be human', he is appealing to an individual's higher nature. To be a humanitarian means to show compassionate concern, not only for family and friends, but for all mankind. Man is caled Homo sapiens, the creature that thinks, and it is the rational faculty that the Aquarian glorifies, believing that intellect is the most purely human part of any person. Because man transforms himself and his world through the application of his mental abilities, the Uranian sign of transformations is associated with the higher mind. Aquarians seldom fall very low or engage in criminal acts, but too often their energies are short-circuited and they fail to fulfill the promise of what they might become. If they have not evolved to the point of being able to express individual love in the impersonal manner of dedication to a cause, they may remain uncomitted to anything. Then they become drifters because, like the air, they must move and circulate. If their unusual ideas cannot find a responsive audience, Aquarians may simply slide into a superficial existence.

Sometimes so much of their energy goes into cogitation that little remains for tangible achievements. Aquarians can rationalize their lack of accomplishment by declaring that the game is not worth the effort, and think that the world is unprepared to be awakened. Their outlook may be too panoramic to make the everyday struggle to eat, reproduce, and survive seem worthwhile. Then, if an Aquarian is unable to rise to the challenge of Uranus, he falls back into Saturnian pessimism and inertia. Some modern-day 'dropouts' seem to be tuning in on the vibrations of the Aquarian Age in this negative fashion. The Sun is in detriment in Aquarius. Symbolically, this shows that the desires of the individual personality must now be subordinated to the requirements of society as a whole. The scientifically enlightened Aquarian realizes that there are many suns in the heavens and that, of these, Earth's Sun is but a minor star. This broad view makes him a co-operative member of a group or association. Since he does not seek power for himself alone, people instinctively trust him and elevate him to a position of authority. As the most liberty-loving members of the zodiac, Aquarians can relinquish their petty egotism because they realize that it is man's self-centeredness that makes him a slave of unworthy impulses and an enslaver of others. The lesson this sign teaches is that the more charitably people behave, the greater are their chances of enjoying the benefits of freedom. Consequently, Aquarians are simultaneoualy the most individualistic and the most group-oriented of all the zodiac types. If, however, this individuality is carried to excess, it becomes mere eccentricity. Aquarians instinctively realize that true liberty grows out of freedom of thought. Yet Saturn's practicality, carried over from Capricorn, reminds them that the goals they seek must be won through the betterment of material conditions. Therefore, they often devote their talents to the task of making this earth a more comfortable place in which to live. They are concerned with abstract reasoning mainly because their experience has demonstrated that ideas are the most potent forces at work in the world today. (Isabel Hickey) The Sun in Aquarius is represented by the 'clear crystal electric air of winter'. The keyword is 'I know'. It rules the ankles and the circulation in the physical body. Aquarians are the mental pioneers, the forward-thinking individuals who live in the future and not in the past. They are outgoing and impersonally friendly, and appear to have a great deal of confidence. The fixity of the sign is not apparent on the surface, but Aquarians are inflexible in their ideas and cannot be pushed into anything they do not want to do. There is an impersonality and a detachment that is maddening to those who are completely immersed in their emotions. Aquarians approach life through their intellects, and it is difficult for them to understand those who respond to life emotionally. Aquarians function exceptionally well in the scientific fields or in research work of any kind. Aquarians are much more emotionally involved in their work than they are with people. It is important that they like the type of work they do, for it occupies most of their time and they invest most of their vital force and energy in their occupation. The Aquarian's home is important as a status symbol. It has to be a home that increases his / her sense of pride and prestige. Aquarians heartily dislike any restraint. They are rebels and individualists that have to go their own way. Independent, imaginative, creative and inventive, they possess a genius about them if they are evolved. If they live on the destructive side, they can be mentally cruel, sadistically so, and totally lacking in love or mercy. Because of their strong will that brooks no interference with their desires, they have difficulties in marriage or in unions. They have strong physical bodies, though they would rather use their minds than do

physical work. Aquarians are critical and demanding in positions of authority, and it is not easy to be their employees. There is a coldness and a detachment that repels rather than attracts, especially if the Sun is afflicted. When they are evolved and their emotions are tenderized, no sign is more magnanimous or as monumental. When they 'feel' love instead of 'think' it, they are great souls. No-one can 'think' love; one has to 'feel' it. The Aquarians usually have two types of friends, and never the twain do meet. They have the conservative, traditional type and the unconventional bohemian friends. One type represents the Saturnian side of their nature, the other group the Uranian side. Aquarians work well in organizational work or in big business. They are capable of being good leaders and organizers. They are the individualists who are ready and willing to break new trails where inventive ideas and new procedures are concerned. When Aquarians are of the higher type, they make lasting contributions to the world. Aquarius has two rulers: Saturn and Uranus. They must work together or chaos will result. Uranus is the shattering force that breaks up old forms. Saturn is the agent which crystallizes forms or structures and establishes them in an ego complex. Saturn is the oldest of the gods, and represents the first law of manifestation: the law of limitation. Without the concentration of energy within a defined field of activity, there would be no power or focus. Uranus represents the power or life force; Saturn represents the confining form that makes it useable on the earth plane.

Natal Sun in Pisces
(Betty Lundsted) This is the most theoretical, or the least personal, of the Water signs. It seems that Pisces people arrive in the universe through a difficult birth: the mother may have a long or difficult labor, or the child is born with some 'strange' disease, like eczema. Often Pisces children get a fever or the flu early in life, and several days are spent worrying whether they'll make it through the experience without brain damage. They pick up this worry from their parents because Pisceans are so intuitive. They begin to worry a lot about their health and welfare at an early age. The mother of a Pisces is a lady who worries a lot and who is afraid of everything: she worries about getting robbed, mugged and killed. She worries about life - and in the middle of all her worry she plays the martyr role. She will accept her fate, she sighs, and the little Pisces child soaks up these vibrations. These children are so intuitive and allknowing that they often make their parents uncomfortable. One mother of a Pisces confided in me that her brother came for a brief visit when her child was six months old. When the child was about four, the brother reappeared and the Pisces asked uncle where his beard was, since he'd had one the last time the child saw him. The mother couldn't believe what she'd heard. She had no photographs of her brother, and had not discussed his beard with the child. The memory these children have is terrific. Karmic astrologers feel that Pisces types bring a lot of past-life fears, apprehensions and knowledge with them into this life. Perhaps this is why Pisceans are so creative and intuitive. However, the early childhood environment usually creates a fear of developing their intuition - and as spiritual as this sign is, they often fear exploring the occult, the religious or the more spiritual sides of life. It may be that their fear of spirituality or their fear of developing their intuition comes from the fact that they knew too much as children; that every time they came up with some interesting information they were either turned off, disciplined, or made fun of by one of their parents. So Pisceans bury the spiritual self deep inside. The more intuitive they are, the more anti-religion they may be; the more psychic they are, the more they're against the occult in any form. The more Pisceans reject their natural creativity and reject their natural intuitive abilities and try to become hard, rational adults like some of the other sign types, the more miserable they become. It isn't unusual for them to immerse themselves in alcohol or

drugs. They seldom beome skid-row alcoholics because they enjoy the easy life too much. They are the 'miraculous' workaholics who drink at night but manage to show up for work every morning. They can be the 'week-end' alcoholics or drug abusers. Sometimes they go for alcohol because they can't cope with their intuitive or psychic experiences. If these experiences don't manifest during the day, they sometimes manifest at night during dreaming. The dream experience can be so overwhelming for Pisceans that they start drinking, since alcohol dulls the dream process. Prophetic dreams can be hard for anyone to take when one doesn't know why one is having them or doesn't know how to work with the energy in a more positive sense. The Pisces female enters her adult life with many of her mother's expectations and habits. She often resents the power of her mother, and she also resents her father bceause he didn't stand up for himself in the marital relationship. Pisces picks men that are as weak as her father was, and then resents them for being that way. She tends to choose someone she feels sorry for when she picks her first marriage partner. After she becomes conscious of what she has done, she begins to feel sorry for herself - and a little bit of the martyr begins to come out. She confuses sympathy with love, and doesn't understand that a love relationship can't be shared with someone she feels pity for. Pisces should use her strong altruistic tendencies for work rather than marriage. She suffers a great deal, either with an incompetent lover or husband, or with someone who mistreats her. When she learns to pick better material, and decides that although her mother suffered it isn't necessary for her to, she will get involved in healthy relationships. The Pisces male makes the same mistakes as the Pisces female. When he is younger, he also marries a person he feels sorry for. Or, the first 'big' love arffair is with someone who needs to be saved from herself or from something else. He soon finds that he has to take care of this woman all the time, and that he doesn't really have anyone to share his life with, and so he tries to get out of the relationship. However, if he fails to work his way out of the martyr syndrome that his mother taught him to be normal behavior, he will continue to make a martyr of himself in any relationship he forms. He will continue to expect to be a martyr, to be mistreated, and to be misused. He needs to learn to talk out his problems. When there are difficulties that need to be worked through in the process of a maturing relationship, he tends to withdraw and suffer. This is a habit he learned from Mom, and he doesn't know any other way to behave. He can, if he wants to, learn how to make a relationship work by giving as much as he expects to get. However, the Water signs have trouble giving in a personal sense. They're more concerned with getting; they worry about how much they'll get from a partnership. They don't get much guidance in their childhood environment to teach them the give-and-take necessary in a relationship. Since Pisces is a theoretical sign, these people are interested in the theory behind the idea; and, much like the Aquarian, they are an impersonal group of people. They talk about feeling; they talk about spiritual evolvement; they talk about how spiritually evolved and conscious they are. But when the time comes for being understanding or open in their own personal relationships, they tend to be more verbal than actual. They are mother imitators, and whatever the mother gave the father is often what Pisceans give their prartner, friends and business associates. Often the mother was a user; and Pisceans can use people too. Sometimes one hears from them only when they need something. They may never ask you how you are, or if you feel ok, but they'll tell you how miserable they feel and how much they need. When one observes Pisceans over a long period of time, one begins to notice that they don't really need that much, that they aren't doing badly, and that they complain more than is necessary. One may even begin to suspect that they enjoy complaining. They are here to learn spiritual awareness. It seems that they bring a lot of knowledge from the 'other side'; but they are here to learn how to put this knowledge into practice. As far as profession is concerned, Pisceans usually do quite well; they tend to get the breaks in life, and often wind up in positions they don't really have the background or experience for. They're usually drawn to the classical theatre, literature and art, or the

humanitarian fields. They are also drawn to the pleasant social-service positions like a maître d' or manager of a great resort hôtel, and positions that make a comfortable living. The creative Pisceans sometimes sell out, electing to take the easy money rather than using their creative energies. When this occurs, they suffer because the energy remains untapped. Some Pisceans may like money so much that the female can be drawn to the oldest profession in the world; she thinks she won't have to work too hard. Again, the spiritual urges in Pisceans hurt when such types of decisions are made, and they suffer later in life. Pisces children need lots of encouragement in early childhood. They should be exposed to music and dance, and creative endeavors in general. They often live in a fantasy world full of imaginary playmates, creating a universe of their own when the family structure is too harsh for them to cope with. This ability to create fantasy can be channeled in such a way that the child becomes an extremely creative adult, offering wonderful things to the rest of the world. Einstein was a Pisces who used his retreat into the 'windows of the mind' to bring a new perspective to the scientific community. All Pisceans have a piece of this gift, and it's there to be used. However, in order that Pisceans may use their creative energies, they must give up the martyr role - unless, of course, they're going on the stage to act the part of Joan of Arc. (Haydn Paul) The Pisces personality tends to be easy-going, sympathetic, trusting, kind, loving, charitable and modest; and not particularly interested in drawing attention to itself. You have a gift of understanding, although this may come about by using a psychic faculty which you can unconcsiously rely upon to receive information. You tend to 'merge your mind' with another during communication; and information is transmitted, often bypassing the conscious mind. Your approach to life and work will be orderly, although your inner states of mind, emotions and being will tend to be very changeable and fluid, reflecting the Piscean water affinity. You may be too impressionable, especially in your youth and early adulthood; and your life can be dominated in several ways by the power of your emotions and imaginative faculties. If you become committed towards supporting an idealistic cause, your involvement is likely to be an intense experience: partly because of the emotional attraction and energy expressed; and partly through the experience of disciplining your nature towards fulfilling any obligations and responsibilities that the 'cause' imposes upon you, and the inevitable inner struggle that usually occurs in such a context. You may lack firm self-confidence, and are rarely keen to push yourself into situations of competition and aggression, preferring to make efforts to seek a harmonious resolution of problems and conflicts in any confrontational situation. Often, you may inwardly rely upon money and possessions to give you a sense of self-worth, and to enhance your confidence in your abilities to succeed in the world. Potentially, you can be quite creative if you succeed in finding appropriate channels of expression; and the most attractive areas for you will be music, literature and the arts, especially when responses from your feeling nature are evoked, in addition to your mind. You tend to indulge in daydreams, partly as a form of evasion and escape from the demands of the real world; and you may have to be careful that you do not generate an inner climate of illusions, desires and wishes that prevent you from experiencing your actual reality, or even make you blind as to what is actually occurring; inner unfulfilled dreams can make you lose appreciation of life. You appear to be a flexible and malleable person, but there is a strong streak of stubbornness that can emerge when you are provoked, and you are not as open-minded as you can seem. Often you get 'stuck' on ideas, beliefs and attitudes from which you can almost refuse to move; and, in a way, these tend to give you a sense of personal 'centre'

amidst the ebbs and flows of your tidal feelings. You will desire the 'ideal home and family', and chances for success depend upon the degrees of realism or illusion expressed by you in relationships, as your expectations may be too high and not easily attained. You are liable to be emotionally hurt and disappointed. Realistic perceptions of relationships may require prior disillusioning experiences. There is a tendency to initiate changes in relationships or environments which reflect a 'new start, new dreams to create and chase'. You will have a romantic attitude to your love affairs, and can be quite sentimental. Often you can be quite critical of your partner, projecting your qualities of self-doubt and supposed inadequacies or lack of certain qualities onto your partner, looking to him or her to provide you with these qualities that you lack. You need a reliable, methodical and efficient partner; and you will work to make any marriage a success, but you may be tempted to evade confrontation and crises, pushing problems away. You may have difficulty at times making decisions, and can be psychologically dependent on others. You need to discover an inner faith, finding a clear direction and purpose to your life; and forms of humanitarian service may be a suitable path to look towards. (Sydney Omarr) Pisces females This woman appreciates kindness and consideration above almost anything else: you can win her by being sympathetic. However, once you do, she is apt to be possessive, and has a tendency to 'take over'. In a way, this could be pleasant: Pisces women are lovely, poetic, emotional, giving, generous; to have a woman such as this wanting you all to herself is not hard to take. On the other hand, if you are basically independent you will soon resent her. This brings us to the all-important hint: when dealing with Pisces women, be frank, open and honest to the point of confiding your secrets. This appeals to her and gains her confidence. Once this is established, she is not likely to hold so tight to the reins. The secret hint, in other words, is to give the Pisces lady confidence in herself. She has a tendency toward self-doubt, often expressed in her possessive attitude. If you want to be happy with a Pisces woman, don't hold back. No matter how terrible the truth, it is better to tell it. This lady is a fighter as well as a poet: she has a few secrets of her own; some contacts or ideas which, if utilized, might well pull you out of difficulties. She is not an easy woman to understand; she often changes with the scenery, with the situation - as if nature had given her a strange power to face any situation, no matter how pleasant or awful. You will want to shield her, protect her; but time and again she will prove that she is tough, able to take it. Then, in almost the next moment, she once more will become the gentle, leaning dependent Piscean. One of her great assets is a sense of humor: she will laugh when you most need to hear the sound of laughted. Give her confidence, warmth and love - and you will be amply repaid. These women are extraordinary when it comes to psychic power: they can see through a falsehood; they can tell what the next move will bring; they can read your motives with crystal clarity. In a way, living with a Pisces woman is similar to living with a lie detector. It is a wonderful feeling of vindication - when the indicator point to 'truth' - but the feeling of depression is severe when the needle points the other way. One more hint: despite her hunches, her psychic abilities, and her sympathy for the underdog, this woman has plenty of common sense. Don't attempt to play upon her weaknesses. Pisces males

One of the best hints is to go slow with this man. Don't push or force issues. Be subtle. Plan carefully. Ingratiate yourself with him; make yourself a part of his life and work. He will soon ask your opinions; he will confide in you. He is a sensitive soul if you take it easy. If you push, force, demand, he will stand up to you and show you the door. He is not the easiest man to be with, but he may well be one of the kindest and most considerate. Gentle methods can capture this man's heart; he does have a tendency to be selfindulgent, and forceful arguments can send him into a protective shell, where he will be quite satisfied to commiserate with himself. If you abhor daydreaming, then find another man. The Pisces male is imaginative; often highly creative; and he is a dreamer if ever there was one. He is emotional, Neptunian, and at times mediumistic in that he appears to be inspired out of the blue. He has flashes of insight; and these first impressions not only are often correct but ultimately prove profitable! This man is never completely contented. It is important for you to be aware of this trait. Otherwise, the tendency would be for you to blame yourself, or to blame him. The characteristic is ingrained; it is part of the man - it is a healthy discontent. On the highest or most creative plain, it could be termed 'divine discontent'. He is not satisfied to rest on past performance; he strives for improvement. Often he appears abstract: you are tempted to complain that there are problems to be attended to close at home - this instead of dreaming of a Utopia. But you ahve been forewarned: the Pisces man is a dreamer, but he is not a schemer. When he decides he loves you, it is with all his heart. This man's greatest fault, perhaps, is a tendency to be too trusting: he sees persons and situations the way he wishes or would like them to be instead of in actuality. This is part of his charm, however. It is one of the things that could make you love him. He is wonderfully considerate of those who are weak or ill, or who need help. He will seldom disappoint you when it comes to qualities of integrity or sympathy. (Skye Alexander) People who have their Suns in Pisces are usually sensitive, shy, introverted, emotional and compassionate. Peace-loving, kind-hearted and passive, you recoil from all forms of violence, coarseness and aggression. Christianity, for instance, with its emphasis on peace and love, often is considered to be a Piscean religion. Your gentle spirit is easily bruised, and you need regular periods of quiet isolation, to rest, meditate or simply restore your inner balance. You see your 'role' as the savior / martyr, and frequently help others at your own expense. Because Pisces is a non-personal sign, more concerned with the universal than the individual, you rarely consider yourself first. In fact, you may neglect yourself altogether: either through sacrificing yourself for an ideal, another person or God, through religious asceticism; or through ignoring your health and your body's needs. For this reason, Pisces sometimes is called the sign of self-undoing. At times, it may seem that you follow the most harmful or unproductive course, or get involved with people who aren't good for you. Your ego isn't very strong, and you may lack self-esteem and confidence. Consequently, your attitudes and behavior are sometimes self-destructive. You are more concerned with others' well-being than your own, and want to save people from themselves. Sympathetic to the plight of the worlds' unfortunates, you'd like to bring home every stray animal and helpless soul you meet. You are easily taken in by a hard-luck story, and often leave yourself open to being used. Tender-hearted and nonjudgemental, you are always there with a shoulder to cry on and a cup of herb tea for a friend in need. Friend and stranger alike tell you of their problems; and you not only commiserate with them, but actually feel their pain. You sympathetic and supportive

nature is a soothing balm for those in need. However, you have to guard against letting others influence you too strongly or take advantage of you. Your caring nature and concern for the welfar of others may lead you to a career in social services, psychology, nursing, nutrition, veterinary medicine or religion. Your sensitivity to others allows you to tune into their unconscious sides, and you often seem, to know what they are thinking and feeling. As a result of your keen intuition and your fascination with the spiritual realm, you may become interested in the psychic or mystical arts. Most probably, you have an artistic sensibility; and you may possess musical, poetic or other artistic talents. At the very least, you will probably appreciate art and music, and are sensitive to color, tone and rhythm. Overly idealistic, you sometimes find it hard to live in the physical world and deal with the harsh realities of earthly existence. The nonphysical realms may be more real to you than the physical one, and you rarely seem to have both feet on the ground. You might forget to pay the bills, keep appointments or put gas in the car. Your unwillingness to deal with practical issues might cause you to become dependent on others to take care of you physically and / or financially. At times you appear 'spacey' or unfocused, lost in daydreams and fantasies. This can be the source of great imagination and creativity - but it can also be dangerous if carried too far. You have a tendency to retreat into your own fantasy world in order to avoid responsibilities, painful experiences, or other difficult 'real-life' situations. In the extreme, you may escape through alcohol, drugs, insanity or religious isolation. Your greatest gifts are your compassion and your all-encompassing love for the least as well as the greatest of God's creatures. Your greatest failing usually result from refusing to face facts and learn the lessons of earthly existence. Pisceans may be multifaceted; sometimes confused; and able to be in touch with both heaven and earth, the spiritual and the material world, and also able to understand all the subtleties of thinking and feeling. Pisceans are rather unworldly people who have their heads in the clouds and their feet just about anywhere from the ground upwards! Pisceans are gentle creatures who want to make the world a better place than it is now, but who may lack the energy or the mental co-ordination to do so. These subjects invariably choose to work in some kind of caring field, which could take them into anything from politics to animal welfare. They loathe the idea of vivisection, prison, restriction and punishment of any kind; and it is probably this which leads so many of them to find work as nurses, prison visitors or psychiatrists. It seems that Pisceans grow to adulthood with painful memories which are left over either from their own childhood or possibly from a previous life. This makes them especially sensitive to the pain of others. In most cases, they respond to this by wanting to heal the world and to put right all the wrongs which they come across. Having said this, some Pisceans respond to the pain of others by lashing out and hurting the one who is suffering, presumably in order to push their own pain away in an attempt to relegate it to some far off corner. This kind of syndrome may lead a Piscean man to hit his unhappy wife and then rush out to drown his own painful emotions in the nearest pub. Others have such a need for security that they become desperately mean and penny-pinching or they collect so much junk for a rainy day that they can hardly move around their homes. Pisceans are idealistic and, in some cases, unrealistic. They can become very excited by an idea, and set off on a course of action without really thinking it through; but their superb intuition leads them safely and surely in the right direction. In both working circumstances and their personal life, Pisceans benefit by having a steady, practical partner who keeps them from going off ant a tangent or from falling into despair. Pisceans can become helpless, out-of-control and terribly depressed at times. However,

these subjects have a piquant sense of humour which probably does more to save them from themselves than anything else. They also have amazing powers of recovery, and can bounce back from physical or emotional problems very quickly when they want to. Pisceans are highly creative and often very artistic, with a strongly visual imagination. This ability to visualise, added to strongly intuitive capabilities, leads many Pisceans to encounter clairvoyant experiences, which means that many of them develop an interest in mystical and mediumistic subjects. Others can be found in all areas of creative or artistic work such as music, painting, film video recording, the creative side of the media, and fashion design. If a Piscean finds a job he really likes, or decides to go into business for himself, his stubborn determination to succeed will take his friends and relatives by surprise. These subjects also have the happy knack of making influential friends who can and do help them get where they want to be in life. Pisceans are not easy to live with because, although they are very loving and very lovable, their moodiness makes them difficult to understand. These subjects respond to everything in a mystical and sensual manner, so if something in the atmosphere is not right, they will feel it keenly. The Piscean may be uneasy because a storm is on the way, because a neighbour or friend is sick or unhappy, because one of his children has been nasty to him, or because he senses changes coming in his place of work. He may not know what it is that is actually making him depressed, simply because the problem may not yet have occurred, and may only be apparent in the form of a presentiment. Pisceans can be made to suffer by bullies or unscrupulous people, but they do have some forms of defence. They can be surprisingly sarcastic; and can, of course, see straight through to other people's underlying faults and failings regardless of how carefully hidden these may be. In many ways, these people never grow up but retain the innocence of a child or animal; and, indeed, many of them are happier in the company of children or animals than with adults. Pisceans can be surprisingly resourceful, and can also manage to live on surprisingly little. In the majority of cases, their values are spiritual rather than material, but they like to eat well and to live in comfort. Most of all, they value freedom and hate to feel that they cannot come and go as they like. Some feel uncomfortable when surrounded by the trappings of material goods, but most actually need a nice home and a nice garden, both as a form of security and as a place to which they can retreat. Many are good cooks and homemakers, and most are very loving parents, but this can go vaguely wrong for strange reasons. This is such an indefinable sign that it encompasses such varied characters as Paddy Ashdown, the ex-Royal Marine Commando and leader of the U.K. Liberal Democrate party, top surgeons, head-teachers, and down-and-outs who live in cardboard boxes, underneath the arches of a railway line. Pisceans are generally medium in height, and either slim or slightly rounded in appearance. Many of these subjects have to watch their weight later in life. In white races, the complexion is fair with a good colour, the nose is quite prominent, the eyes are pale and prominent, and the mouth is generous with a large and happy smile. Some have fly-away hair which is hard to handle, while others have a good head of thick, straight hair. Most Pisceans seem to wear glasses, and many need to wear sun-glasses in the summer because their pale eyes let in too much light. Piscean women are often very photogenic due to their strong bones and large features. Pisceans are quite fussy about their appearance, and they may spend quite a lot on clothing. They prefer to buy goodquality clothes which will last; and they always spend a good deal on comfortable shoes. Some Pisceans go for the sporty look, with upmarket track suits and training shoes, while others are 'country casual' in style. The traditional area of weakness for health is the feet; and Pisceans do have either very good or very bad feet. Pisceans seem to be 'creaking gates' who lurch from one strange ailment to anohter, but who still manage to live long and relatively healthy lives. Pisceans

are very sensitive to changes both in the environment and inside their own bodies; and they respond to this by admitting that something is wrong rather than ignoring any symptoms. These subjects are very health-conscious, and may dose themselves with all kinds of alternative medicines or seek out treatment from a variety of alternative practitioners. Some Pisceans drink too much. Pisceans work in a variety of fields and can be very successful if they are excited by their jobs. However, a great many of them only work because they must, and are content to take jobs which are well below their ability level. Pisceans are not particularly ambitious or materialistic in outlook, and they may save the bulk of their energies for their many and varied pastimes. Having said this, if a Piscean gets the bit between his teeth, he can be extremely successful. My Piscean friend Barbara Ellen recently opened a holistic health centre in Wales; and, through a mixture of faith and determination, is turning this unusual venture into a great success. Pisceans can be found working for themselves as craftsmen or as builders, gardeners and small farmers. Traditionally, Pisceans are supposed to be attracted to work on the sea, fishing, shoe-making and chiropody (through the sign's association with feet). I can't say that I have actually noticed Pisceans being attracted to these trades, whereas the world of art and entertainment is full of them. Other traditional areas are connected to the oil and gas industry and also film and photography. A number of Pisceans are attracted to medical or veterinary work, while still others teach. Pisceans love sports, dancing and movement, and may be found teaching these subjects. They are restless, and may therefore find work in the travel trade. Philosophy, religion and mysticism attract Pisceans, to a point where many of them find work in these fields. Among my Piscean acquaintances, I know a musician, a builder, a swimming instructor, a flying instructor, a lecturer in history, an executive in an oil and energy company who sells gas; many astrologers, palmists and clairvoyants, healers and medical workers; and one prostitute. Most of the people I have worked with in the psychic field (as opposed to the astrological field) have either their Sun or their Moon in Pisces. Pisceans can be extremely determined people who will not be deflected from their chosen pathway. Their choice of occupation or road to success may be an unusual one, but this is followed with more tenacity than most other members of the Zodiac but together. If a Piscean decided to open a sheep farm in the middle of Picadilly Circus, he would end up either achieving his aim or dying in the attempt. Some Pisceans are penny-pinching, but these subjects are often as miserly to themselves as they are towards others. Other Pisceans wil spend freely on food and drink for themselves and others, and happily forget all financial constraints if there is any chance of holding a party or festivity of some kind. Under everyday circumstances, Pisceans can be very frugal, saving paper bags, bits of string and slivers of soap for re-use. All Water signs are excellent recyclers, but Pisceans make an art of this. Many Pisceans are poor in a peculiarly romantic style. One example is Sarah, an acquaintance of mine who lives in a garret working as a china restorer, while another has turned her hobby of gardening into a livelihood. This type of Piscean will live for his art or craft rather then do an ordinary job which brings in real money. Despite this, Pisceans worry constantly about money, and could really do with a nice, fat legacy behind them. There is another kind of Piscean who actually does quite well financialy but still lives on next-to-nothing and feels just as insecure as his genuinely impecunious cousins. There are yet more Pisceans who live quite normal lives. This is one of those signs which, like its neighbouring sign of Aquarius, is hard to categorise. Piscean possessions can range from an ocean-going yacht to a few eating utensils and a cat. Many Pisceans don't drive, and those who do usually own beloved old bangers from which they can't bear to be parted. Some Pisceans are very independent where money is concerned, and yet others may be (almost) generous. Pisceans quite like their own company, and can live happily alone. However, they don't spend all their time in isolation because they usually have many friends. Most Pisceans

seem to drift in and out of relationships, perhaps being married for a time, and then slipping away to live with someone else. These subjects may share their homes with friends for a while, or they may choose to live temporarily with a friend in between one set of circumstances and the next (a situation common to Pisceans). There are Pisceans who marry when young and stay with the same partner throughout their lives, but many don't. Pisceans appear soft and malleable, but they are actually rather determined people. They choose a way of life which suits them; and, whether this is practical or not in financial terms, they stick with their dreams, which means that their partners have to learn to adapt and to live with their special interests. This also means that the Piscean may not earn much money, so they are probably best suited to a partner who can keep them in a reasonable style. Most Pisceans are very proud of their skills and talents, and need a partner who acknowledges this and respects their particular art. If a Piscean's partner ridicules what the Piscean does, the relationship hasn't much chance of surviving. A Pisces friend of mine who is an excellent psychic medium was married for quite a few years to a guy who detested what she did. He eventually told her that she must give up her work and get a job in a shop if she wanted to stay with him; and this spelled the end of the relationship. Life is never dull with these subjects, because they seem to go through a fresh drama every third week. Some partners of Pisceans find this emotional see-saw too much to handle. A Pisces home can be anything from a squat to a palace. Most Pisceans, after drifting for a while, do try to maintain a place of their own even if they are not always there. This is partly because they are not adaptable enough to live in someone else's space for any length of time, and partly because they see property as a form of security. Most Pisceans do keep their homes nicely; and their gardens are often really beautiful. These subjects are usually good cooks, and they may also be good at making and mending things around the home; but they get bored if they spend too much time indoors, and they have many outside interests. Most Pisceans need to get away to the sea from time to time. Pisceans are very sociable, and are also keen on short breaks of all kinds, so they need a partner who is as restless as themselves or who doesn't object to them being out of the house a good deal of the time. Some Pisceans are great travellers who work away from home much of the time and only see their families on flying visits, when on leave or between jobs. Pisces people can be moody and irritable, and occasionally self-pitying and angry, which can make them pretty difficult to live with. Female Pisceans can be draining, demanding and boring, while males can spend much of their time drowning some unexpressed sorrow in the nearest pub. The thought of a party, a meal out or a holiday by the sea cheers them up immensely. These subjects can be mean in small ways, saving scraps of soap, little pieces of string and paper bags with all the enthusiasm of a refugee; but they can be generous in big ways, good to their friends and families, and always ready to spend out on food and drink. Some Pisceans are loyal and faithful lovers, while others seem to need a change of bedpartner from time to time. If a Piscean's partner decides to take his / her love elsewhere for a while, the Piscean will be aware of it almost immediately, but whether he decides that he can live with this situation or not depends upon his mood and his circumstances. It is no use lying to these people, because they have excellent intuition. Some Pisceans are very fussy and old-womanish, demanding that everything be done in a certain way and infuriating their partners by creeping around the house double-checking that the doors are locked and that there is enough salt in the cooking. Most Pisceans are very capable in an emergency. Their calmness at such times makes a stark contrast to their usual state of near-panic. These subjects make wonderful nurses, but they become bored if a sick partner complains too much. Pisces partners cannot take too much discord, and they don't enjoy a good row in the way that some other people do. When verbally attacked, they can be surprisingly hurtful because their intuition tells them exactly where their partner's weakest spot is likely to be. Pisceans seem to go out of their

way to find difficult people to live with, but they survive these experiences, learning a lot from them and becoming independent and strongly-centred later in life. Pisceans who are devoted to their partners will do all they can to help when problems occur, and can be quite dazzlingly courageous in the face of fierce difficulties. The problem with these people is their unpredictability and their claustrophobic need to escape even from a very good relationship from time to time. Pisceans are heavily into fantasy, but whether they live these fantasies out in their mind or act them out in the bedroom depends upon the individual. Some Pisceans are happy to live with little or no sex, saving their energy and their imagination for work or creative hobbies, while others are very keen lovers who take every opportunity to experiment. Many fluctuate between periods of intense sexual activity and nothing at all, depending upontheir mood and their circumstances. If they find themselves with a co-operative partner, there may be no holds barred. Some Pisceans enjoy making love in strange places; while others like to be in, near or under water. Most find the bathroom an exciting playground. There are Pisceans who enjoy dressing up and acting out a part; and many like to shock their partners or encourage them to be more abandoned than they might otherwise be. Pisceans are quite comfortable with sex in any form, from playing affectionately to reaching for new heights of passion, and they love to instruct or entertain a lover with new love-making experiences. Many Pisceans are total romantics who love Valentine's day, red roses and candle-lit dinners, and consider this as much a part of love-making as the sex act itself. Pisceans are rather good at relating to friends and relatives, and will keep on good terms with their families and even ex-spouses, wherever possible. These subjects are good listeners and great gossips who can be relied upon to keep their friends and relatives entertained. Pisceans love both feeding people and being taken out for trips and meals; and they enjoy sharing their interests with those around them. They can be quite unpleasant to anyone who sets out to hurt them, but they will do anything to help someone they care for. As parents, Pisceans can be rather lax and absent-minded. The children of a Piscean woman may spend a good part of their lives being brought up by someone else, whilst Piscean men may drift away from their children as a result of a divorce. When all goes well, they are very caring parents; but they must have a life of their own, and cannot sacrifice all their time and energy for the sake of their offspring. Pisces parents try to introduce their children to the gentler aspects of life, such as art, music and 'New Age' interests; and they hate arguments and discord. As children, Pisceans can be dreamy and somewhat ineffectual, needing a strongly caring set of parents to shield them from harsh reality. They may be good at artistic subjects and, oddly enough, mathematics and engineering, because they have a good sense of colour, line and balance. These children are not competitive or ambitious, and they may suffer at the hands of bullying children or teachers. It takes a Piscean a long time to find himself; and childhood is far too early for him to begin to mould his life into any kind of shape. Nevertheless, the Pisces child may get a lot out of his interests and activities, and will make a few good friends among the more adult and tolerant of his schoolfellows along the way. (Julia and Derek Parker) The symbol of Pisces - two fishes swimming in opposite directions - suggests the main tension in Piscean character: a natural perversity. Kindness joins with keen intuition to make Pisceans the best sort of friends. They are friendly, charitable and self-sacrificing, but their willingness to help others has a drawback in that they too often make it an excuse for failing to exploit their own high potential; they are so busy using their energy on behalf of their family and friends that they have little left for their own affairs. It is often very difficult for Pisceans to learn to face reality; stronger, caring people

should encourage them to do so at every opportunity. The belief that 'whatever will be, will be' can become a veritable trap for them, in the worst cases resulting in complete inaction. Taking the line of least resistance, and deceiving themselves because they don't want to face up to harsh reality, are major faults. The colorful Piscean imagination, creatively and positively expressed, is an enormous asset, but Pisceans must learn not to allow their imaginations to work negatively, magnifying small problems into major ones. The negative Piscean characteristics will then take over. If they channel their imaginations creatively, finding a specific outlet for them (perhaps in some form of art or craft), they can achieve results which will surprise themselves. Traditionally, Pisces is known as the poet of the zodiac, but take this in the broadest sense - it applies to the creative use of the imagination in any area of life. The refusal to face reality can emerge in an inability to see things as they really are. This kind of self-deception can be a really dangerous fault, persuading Pisceans to lie because (they tell themselves) the truth will hurt those they love. On the contrary, of course, they are usually only making matters worse. Sun sign Pisceans should strive to develop minds of their own, thus avoiding evasion and indecision whenever major decisions must be made. The position of Mercury (which rules the mind) in the complete birth chart must be carefully studied. Piscean emotion is readily poured into an emotional partnership, and loved ones may be overwhelmed with affection. Provided their emotions are kept under control, Pisceans can bring something very special to a partnership; but their feelings are always close to the surface, and surprisingly trivial matters can sometimes trigger a scene. Romantic and sentimental, when they fall in love Pisceans wear permanent rose-colored glasses; they will only dispense with them as the result of bitter experience, when the partner's faults are ruthlessly exposed. A clear view of reality, however, usually enables them to build the relationship on firmer foundations. Not overly passionate, their romantic view of sex can be tenderly and handsomely expressed. It is vital that the parents of a Piscean child train him or her to be honest and straightforward. This may not be easy, but the tendency to embroider the truth with plenty of imaginative color can mean the less desirable Piscean traits do serious damage. Any interest which fires the imagination positively should be encouraged and praised from an early age. This may also be difficult - Pisceans always know someone who can do things better than them. It is no use denying this; but point out that some children will do things less well. Their confidence must be bolstered at all times, and their powers of concentration must also be sharpened if dreaminess is not to hinder progress. Any scientific flair should certainly be encouraged; science is potentially a good field for them to work in, provided other areas of the chart show that the necessary meticulous concern for detail can be added to their own imagination and inspiration. Piscean parents are eager to encourage their children, but they can be too easy-going with them; parental vagueness can be even more infuriating to a child than overstrictness. They put their children firstm wanting them to develop their potential to the fullest. Ideally, a Piscean's career should bring out the talent for caring which is one of the sign's strongest attributes, so they are admirably suited to work in the caring professions. They are not very good at organization, and usually work selflessly in the background; yet they are often excellent and successful actors. This is because, on stage, they can conceal their own personalities behind those of their characters.

Natal Sun in 1st House
(Sepharial) Gives honour and success. A proud disposition; frank, outspoken, generous; despising cliques and coteries; independent and firm. It also gives a love of display and publicity, accompanied by high motives. (Dane Rudhyar) In the first house this energy should illumine and sustain the search for identity and the intuitive perception of who one really is, or of one's self-image. The person with the Sun about to rise may experience an inner enthusiasm, a freshness of viewpoint, or simply a robust health that will enable him to radiate what he is in a distinct and compelling manner. It is in such a search for identity and in all deeds requiring personal self-assertion and emotional intensity that the Sun function will be called upon to operate most successfully. The negative aspect of this position may be pride and 'in-solence'. (Sydney Omarr) The Sun, traditionally speaking, tells of a native with a 'sunny disposition'. (Isabel Hickey) Keynote: to be. As the first house is the outward reach for experience, and the Sun represents the drive for significance, this is a good placement for the Sun. They are the executive types with leadership qualities, and they are happiest when they are in a position of dominance. They want the freedom of being on their own. There is courage, enthusiasm, dignity and nobility if the Sun is not heavily afflicted. If it is afflicted, especially by Mars or Saturn, then arrogance and ego have to be overcome if these individuals would be a success in life. Too much of the Martian force in their magnetic field will drive people away from them rather than draw them to them. An attracting personality draws through the power of Venus, and an unattractive personality repels through the force of Mars. Back of any planets in the first house is the energy of Mars, for Mars is the natural ruler of the first house. The Sun is the most powerful force in the universe. It can warm or it can scorch and burn. Let the person with a first house Sun learn to use it wisely and well. (Frances Sakoian and Louis Acker) The Sun in the first house, especially if it is conjunct the Ascendant, indicates a strong will, abundant vitality, and intense self-awareness. This postition carries with it great initiative and powers of leadership. People with this position are not easily swayed by the opinions or desires of others; they manifest a strong determination to choose their own course in life. They have a clear view of what they want and are extremely individualistic. They have abundant energy and strong recuperative powers that help them overcome physical ailments and afflictions of every nature. Their energy makes them ambitious for success; and they will work long and hard to achieve personal distinction and esteem in the eyes of the world. It is a paramount

necessity for them to feel that they are persons of importance and distinction. If the Sun is afflicted in the first house, there can be excessive pride, egotism, compulsiveness, false ambition, and the desire to rule others. (Marcia Moore and Mark Douglas) A strong sense of identity. This confident, spontaneous, and outgoing individual is determined to make something of himself. He rises to a position of eminence by his own enthusiastic efforts and through an inherent conviction that he has the freedom to bend destiny to his will. There is considerable love of power and often a desire to be appreciated 'for oneself alone', rather than for one's background, wealth, or prestige. Good health is based upon a robust constitution which can stand up under strain. When well aspected, a first-house Sun shows a happy childhood and success derived from being in on the start of new enterprises. (Howard Sasportas) Those born with the Sun in the 1st are born just before sunrise when the creative forces of day and light are gaining supremacy over the darkness of night. As the Sun edges its way over the horizon, the planet wakes up - hidden things become visible, greater activity commences, and people drag themselves out of bed and into the world. The Sun in this position has an obvious stimulating effect on life; and those born at this time should have a similar impact. These people are meant to influence and catch the attention of others, to radiate their power in such a way that others are attracted to their energy and warmth. They should meet life with vigour, enthusiasm and the determination to make something of themselves. Rather than relying on the family background to feel important and gain a sense of identity, they need to forge their own 'place in the Sun' and be appreciated and respected for what they themselves can do, create or make happen. These people should not go unnoticed. They require a position in life which exercises their natural authority and fulfils their desire for recognition. The constitution should be strong if Sun is in the 1st, although this will very much depend on the sign it is in and aspects to it. When the Sun and the Ascendant are in the same sign, astrologers say that the person is a double Aries, double Taurus, etc.. In this case, they usually clearly exemplify and embody the qualities of that sign. If the Sun is well-aspected in the 1st, the influence of the early environment is likely to be supportive of the person's desire to express his or her individuality. Usually their birth will draw much attention, as if to corroborate their need to feel important. A negative expression of the Sun in the 1st may be an overbearing personality, extreme egocentricity, and excessive pride. Those who do not manage to express or develop a healthy outlet for their power and authority may turn bitter and cynical. Rather than being resentful if their worth is not acknowledged unquestioningly, they should recognize that admiration and appreciation from others must be earned first. (Jan Spiller and Karen McCoy) Expresses the right to be acknowledged as a leader and the ability to bring this about by asserting one's independence. (Robert Hand)

You have a strong personality that immediately makes an impression on other people. When you enter the room, everyone knows it. You are very strong-willed and energetic. The problem with this is that you may not let the people around you be themselves. Your own energies are so strong that you try to impress your will upon others, and you are very impatient when people try to assert themselves with you. Nevertheless, they have the right to assert themselves, and you should give them the chance, even though you may find it irritating. Your high level of self-confidence can be very useful, as long as you know your limitations and avoid being cocksure. Don't try to do more than you can; and when you are unable to do domething, don't take it as a personal defeat. It's hard for you to realize that no-one can do everything. You are physically strong and should enjoy good health. If you can learn to accept your limitations and control your energy properly, you will be able to do a great deal. People with the Sun in this house who learn how to get along with others and let them have their way now and then are very well liked. But if you do not learn these lessons, you will not be liked. This position indicates that you are a person who stands out in a crowd. At any social gathering, you have the first choice of potential partners. Because of this outstanding quality, you don't need to strive to make a stronger impression when you encounter someone who is attractive to you. In fact, that might work against you, because you would probably seem rather overwhelming. Better to relax and let your naturally magnetic presence do the work for you. You tend to be quite direct and honest in your approach to people, and you don't bother to beat about the bush with a potential lover. Elaborate courting is not your game. Because of your honesty, your love affairs begin and end quite abruptly, as you have no desire to continue a relationship that is no longer working well. You tend to dominate your partner, simply because you're the first one to make a move in most situations. Here you must be particularly careful of your lover's feelings, for you may cause emotional harm without intending to; you must make an extra effort to see that you both have equal expression within the relationship. The main advantage of this position is that it indicates a strong, forceful personality. But you must use that power carefully in your love relationships. (Julia and Derek Parker) This placing is vitally important for the Sun. Because the subject will have been born very near sunrise, it is extremely likely that the Sun and rising signs will be the same. Such people are known as 'double Cancerians', 'double Librans', and so on, for the Sun sign and Ascendant sign characteristics and motivations will be those of the same sign. The whole chart will be dominated by the influence of the Sun, and the effects of the planet ruling the Sun and Ascending signs will also be considerably increased. Self-absorption may be a result of this emphasis on the first house, and the individual should be aware of any tendencies toward selfishness, trying to counter them whenever possible. Consider the health not only in relation to the sign that the Sun occupies, but also to the aspects it receives. For instances, there may be a tendency to nervous strain and tension (square aspect to Uranus), exuberant physical energy (trine to Mars),

digestive problems or biliousness (squares or oppositions to the Moon or Jupiter respectively), and so on. A cetain Leonine coloring is given to the personality when the Sun is in the first house. The bearing will be regal, and the back and heart will need the special attention that is advisable for those who have Leo prominent in their birth charts. Equally, because this is the Aries house, the subject will be motivated to win, to be first, and will have the necessary competitive spirit. (Stephanie Camilleri) This is a powerful location for the Sun. It gives great strength, a strong ego, and physical stamina. People with a rising Sun are inclined to be self-indulgent. They go after what they want without a second thought, and usually get it. They tend to be autocratic with children, employees, and hangers-on, but are also generous in a patriarchal way. They are usually attractive, with an air of aristocratic authority or dignity. Their strong egos make enemies, whom they generally ignore. If Mars, Uranus, Saturn, or Pluto are conjunct or square the Sun, they can be cruel, but usually they are kind, generous, and paternalistic to others. That is, unless their anger is aroused or their status is threatened, when they can become extremely dangerous to any they perceive as a threat. When they fight, it is animalistic, no holds barred - and they usually win. They may be lazy, unless they are working toward something they really want or care about, in which case their strength and energy are double that of anyone else. They rarely pursue anyone; usually they don't have to, as they attract others easily and will take their pick of friends and lovers from among those who come to them. When friends become disenchanted by their lack of interest in anyone but themselves, they do not suffer over the loss but simply turn to someone new. It is a good position for leaders who must pull others with them, such as politicians, performers, and statesmen, because the charisma here extends well beyond their immediate circle to those who know nothng of their personal lives. The Sun rising gives great strength and vitality, but takes away sensitivity and insight into others. Even if the Sun is in a Water or Air sign, everything must be related to the self before it can be accepted. This is a powerful position, but inclined to be narrow in perception. Other aspects can broaden the perspective, but nothing can mitigate the intense egoism of this position. They can be incredible liars, but their lies are the truth to them. They structure reality to suit their needs, rather than the other way around. They can usually make a fairly convincing case for black being white, and vice versa. It is a difficult placement for marriage for a woman. She may appear passive in the beginning, but her need to dominate will surface sooner or later, and then, husband beware! She needs her own arena in which to become important, or she will try to take over his. The rising Sun gives a strong constitution which can take a lot of punishment in every way and come back for more. They are usually extremely healthy, though there is a danger of fevers and accidents, especially in youth, and sometimes heart trouble later in life. (Haydn Paul) The Sun in the house of identity will encourage you to be self-assertive, intent on making your mark on the world. You will be attracted towards a 'search to become

someone' noticed, respected and acknowledged by others, and by choosing such a life path you will have the opportunity to develop your latent talents and potential which can become the main channels for your unique self-expression. It is this desire amd ambition for success that begins to focus your will and application into specific directions. The major challange facing you is crossing the gap between your dreams or belief in being special and important and the real level of your actual achievements. You are likely to have an eager, enthusiastic temperament, with abundant selfconfidence and physical vitality, generally possessing an optimistic spirit which enables you to pass through times of adversity without allowing depression to occur. There is a positivity about your nature which helps to create an attractive personality capable of radiating a warm, friendly atmosphere to others, and coupled with an enjoyment of life this can make you a stimulating and entertaining companion. Underlying this, though, is an impulse which prefers to be dominating, attracted towards roles of authority and positions of power, which tends to reflect an attitude that to become influential in society you have to aspire towards leadership positions, perhaps through management or business endeavours. You dislike having to take any secondary and subservient roles, as these fail to match your self-image. This trait could be your Achilles' heel, if you assume the role of authoritative leader too strongly, and through the force of your self-assertion start to impinge on family members, fellow workers or employees. If an egocentric attitude becomes prominent, then your sensitivity to others may correspondingly diminish, and instead of being a bearer of a positive stimulating energy you may display characteristics which inhibit the self-expression of others, or which cause interpersonal conflict of wills. It seems essential that you take the responsibility to unfold your life path, through determining what you want from life and then pursuing this vision with persistence and determination. Without knowing your destination, which path will you take, and which signpost will you follow? Clarifying this route has to become a priority for you, and this can only be successfully achieved through knowing yourself, so that you can choose a path that has meaning, fulfilment and purpose, one taht resonates within your being as 'right'. Your way becomes an individualistic journey, where you learn to listen to those subtle messages and inner whispers so you do not lose your way. This can be a solitary path, even within a family environment; and while the opinions and contributions of others should never be dismissed and ignored, you need to give most focus to your inner promptings and take the initiative in following them. There may be a realisation that merely pursuing power and influence is not sufficient to satisfy, and that the real goal attracting you is the need to reflect an inner image of manifested potential, to become that special person by your state of being. Aspects to the Sun (conjunction, sextile, trine) can indicate that your childhood was favorable to later development, and that your parents' contribution and early environment helped to form a stable identity. More challenging aspects (square, opposition) may indicate conflicts that require a deeper resolution; and attempts to impose yourself on the world may be frustrated until adjustments in attitude have been achieved. Much will depend on the influence of your father in the development of your identity centre; and certain keys to yoru ease of self-assertion may lie in the relationship with him. (Bill Herbst) Self Expression: The placement of the Sun in the 1st house indicates that your lifepurpose centers around spontaneous self-expression. Everything else is secondary to self-discovery. You are not necessarily selfish, althought that pitfall exists, but you

are a self-motivated and self-generating individual. What you express is certainly meaningful, for it conditions the feedback you get from others and from the environment. but expression itself is the single most crucial factor. Inhibit or block expression, and you cut yourself off from life-energy. The challenge is to radiate outward, letting yourself flow into behavior. Fill your spirit with vibrant life. Natural persona: Ordinarily, the 1st house masks the inner essence. In your life, however, we see your essence projected directly through spontaneous outer personality. When the ascending and Sun signs are the same, there is a basic naiveté toward life, expressed along lines of the zodiacal sign. However, much depends on whether the Sun's support planets, Mercury and Venus, are located in the 12th, 1st, or 2nd. When the ascending and Sun signs are different, personality still retains the 'what-you-see-is-what-you-get' tonality, but there is greater complexity in selfexpression. However, any conflicts are open for all to see. The pitfall lies in assuming that others are put together in the same way, and can be understood directly through their actions. This is definitely not the case - most people are constructed differently from you. The challenge is to be yourself. Your name-tag says, 'I am exactly who you see'; and you believe that, even though finally it can hardly be true. Self-awareness: You are constantly 'birthing' self-awareness through activity; and when that activity stops, your awareness subtly begins to fade. The sign placement of the Sun determines what 'activity' is. For Fire signs like Aries or Sagittarius, it often implies literal physical movement - you have to do something. For Water signs like Cancer or Pisces, activity may mean emotional radiance - the expression of feeling. Your challenge is to awaken the awareness that you exist as a separate individual. You live for the here and now experience of discovering yourself, over and over and over.... Boundaries: What is usually a means to an end is for you an end in itself. The Sun represents the inner essence; and ordinarily we create a bridge to connect with the outer world. For you, the bridge is the same as the essence. The 'lens' and the essence looking thorugh it are identical. Any self-expression not true to your core self damages the lens, making real interaction impossible; and purely egoistic excess blurs the distinction between the self's inner world and the outer environment, causing social blindness, flawed perceptions, and the recurring experience of rejection. The challenge is to express yourself fully while recognizing that others have the same rights of self-expression. Vitality: The condition of the Sun by sign and aspect is crucial to understanding your health; but in general you are vital and strong, with the ability to recover from otherwise devastating setbacks, both psychologically and medically. You are pushing into life, determined to 'get born', willing to thrust through any and all obstacles, including the personal vulnerability to disease or breakdown. Your strength is not 'conscious', but instead reflects a fundamental will to survive at a very basic level. (Robert Pelletier) You are optimistic and have faith in your ability to succeed. People easily let you exert your influence, so you have little difficulty in promoting your plans. You are aggressive, outgoing and personable. If you persist, your talents will be recognized, which is very important to you. Getting some formal training will help you achieve your ambitious objectives and refine your creative talents. Even your competitors will admire you, for you try to be the best in whatever you undertake. It is heartwarming to know that the public appreciates you, as do those close to you. You enjoy

travelling, and when possible you try to mix business and pleasure. You learn all you can about your competitors' strengths and weaknesses, but you also try to stay on good terms with them. You want a lot out of life, so you use your creative ideaas to reach your future goals. A self-made person, you would rather not depend on others for assistance, but you will help anyone who deserves it. You enjoy a broad social circle and are quite influential with friends and close associates, so there is always someone who will do favors for you. You plan for long-range goals rather than immediate results. You've learned much from your parents' failures and successes; and this knowledge guides you as you pursue your goals. Though you appear to be in complete command of every situation, you are more easily intimidated than you would care to admit. You feel most threatened by people who are your equal in creative talent, because you hate to admit that you can't always compete successfully. By improving your skilpls, you can avoid this problem in the future. It isn't easy for you to distinguish between people who are just trying to win you over and those, actually your staunchest allies, who offer constructive criticism. Your childhood has left scars, and you tend to look for conflicts where none exist. But you are determined to improve on your early circumstances. The frustrations of that time produced some anxiety about your ability to rise above the conflicts that come up in interhuman relationships. You want to live up to your parents' expectations, but you also want to pursue your own destiny without guilt. You are basically loyal, but you know that you must rise to your fullest potential. Your dilemma is to choose between indulging yourself and making some meaningful contribution to improve other people's lives. This is a powerful problem, because you are not inclined to make concessions to others. If you give the matter more thought, however, you will understand that your public stature will increase only if you contribute your vast creative talent where it will be appreciated. Also, this will improve your self-image. You can motivate people and teach them to use their own resources. You work hard to promote your talents because you are afraid that otherwise you won't be recognized. Your temperament is suited to handling demanding responsibilities. Your self-esteem if tied to the value that the public places on you for your services. You don't like to be without funds, but human values are more important to you than acquiring great material wealth. To neglect character development is to waste your potential and place a low value on your worth.

Natal Sun in 2nd House
(Sepharial) Gain by superiors and association with persons of rank and title. The native is inclined to extravagance and luxury. Gains by high offices and affairs of government. (Dane Rudhyar) In the second house, the Sun tends to stimulate the production of inner or outer wealth - that is, the outpouring of collective, ancestral, or social energies into the personality; the result may be that these collective energies - which may manifest as money - will overpower the person's individuality, that they will use him instead of being used by him. Vitality can become possessiveness; 'having' may overcome 'being'. On the other hand, the person may become an eminently successful manager of wealth and fulfill his individual destiny in this way.

(Sydney Omarr) The Sun in this position is quite favorable. The personality is integrated where needs are concerned. The native is able to distinguish between desire and actual requirements. This position often 'attracts' money. (Isabel Hickey) Here the desire for power is concerned with resources, values and material success. With the Sun in the second house there is the power to attract finances and gratitudes. Desire for material success is strong, and desire is potent. There is a strong stubbornness, and with it a stability and a persistence. If they want something, they never give up until it is attained. Because energy, backed by action, is extremely powerful, they usually attain what they want. Where the first house Sun wants recognition on the personality level, the second house Sun is interested in material values. If the Sun is unaffliected, there is security where resources are concerned. If the Sun is affliected, there is ability to attract money; but often there is no happiness with it. (Marcia Moore and Mark Douglas) Concern with values and possessions. The Sun in the second house gives a facility for handling money and an appreciation of the comforts it can buy. There is a tendency to accumulate status symbols, to lavish care and attention upon them, and to adorn the body in ways that indicate refinement and an individualistic sense of style. The person with a second-house Sun can be generous to the point of extravagance, but he likes his good works to be recognized. A great deal of energy goes into making money solely for the sake of spending it again. Benefits are often obtained through the father and through the patronage of superiors. (Frances Sakoian and Louis Acker) The Sun in the Second House indicates natives who must learn the lesson of stewardship in the correct use of material resources. This will be in relation to the affairs ruled by the sign the Sun is in. They must learn to use money and property constructively, in ways beneficial to life, and not merely for their personal satisfaction. The sign position gives an important clue to the way the person will acquire and utilize wealth. For instance, if the Sun is in Gemini in the Second House, the native is likely to earn money and spend it through intellectual pursuits; if the Sun is in Leo in the Second House, the native might earn money in a managerial capacity and spend it in pursuit of theater arts and romantic or social endeavors. In any event, these natives will want to earn money since they have a strong will to attain financial independence. If the Sun is afflicted in the Second House, the natives may believe they can achieve prestige merely through wealth. They also tend to impose their will on others for purposes of material self-aggrandizement. In addition, they may squander money on expensive luxuries for purposes of display and ego gratification. (Jan Spiller and Karen McCoy) Pinpoints the right to establish personal values and the ability to attract monetary success.

(Robert Hand) You love security, which for you means being surrounded by comfortable and familiar objects. You like to own things - toys, books, whatever - because it makes you feel good. The only problem is that you may try to own more things than you really need, so that your life is cluttered with material possessions. You are likely to be a collector of some sort; and since you have an excellent sense of value, your collection will probably be quite valuatble, as long as you are systematic. Otherwise you will be surrounded with vast quantities of junk. It is difficult for you to part with your possessions; and you may find it difficult to share, but if you want to have good friendships, you will have to learn how. You are even possessive of your friends, and don't like to share them with anyone else. If a friend pays too much attention to someone else while you are together, you are likely to feel jealous. But you have to learn to share that person with others. Your friend can like someone else and still like you. As you get older, you will have a strong sense of values, which you will not compromise. Just be sure that your values go beyond material objects and that what you value is worthwhile. You have the ability to preserve a strong sense of integrity and security in this changing world. (John Townley) Your style of loving is very concrete, and you go out of your way to give your lover tangible evidence of your affections. A few words of love are not enough without a gift to back them up. You also particularly treasure any tokens of love that your partner gives you, for they represent an assurance that the relationship is thriving. Similarly, the highest values you seek in a lover are faithfulness and loyalty, qualities you are most willing to demonstrate once you have chosen the person you feel is just right for you. But you don't take a lover hastily; in fact, it takes you quite a while to really settle into a relationship. Once that is done, you are a model of steadfastness and often are the main source of stability in the union. Remember, however, that your partner may not be quite so settled and may require more freedom while still remaining true to you. Therefore, you should try to be more tolerant with your love than you would be with yourself and avoid letting feelings of jealousy hurt your relationship. (Julia and Derek Parker) The acquisition of possessions is extremely important to the subject, who will feel a great sense of pride in showing these off on every possible occasion. He or she will not simply want to gloat over an ever-increasing bank balance or folio of stocks and shares, but rather will want the world to know of such success. Generosity is usual unless it is mitigated by other influences (a 'careful' Sun sign, for instance). In some cases, the acquisitive powers can extend into the personal life, with the partner becoming yet another possession. The Taurean tendency is to own; and when the Sun is in the second house the attitude is 'Look - this is mine!' If this happens, problems can arise since the subject is insensitively bulldozing over the real needs of his partner. Pleasure is important to the individual, such as a concentration on enjoyment of

expensive, rich food in glamorous surroundings. All of these tendencies will be encouraged by positive aspects between the Sun and Jupiter, while either an opposition or a square may make the subject go overboard in second house matters. Venus will not be very far away if the Sun is in the second house - and do not forget that Venus rules this house. If there is an aspect between the Sun and Venus, the influence of the Sun's house position will be increased, especially in relation to the overall influence of Venus itself. Hard work will always be undertaken to achieve the subject's ever-increasing materialistic needs - his solar vitality will be powered by the material results of his efforts, and he will bask in the light of any glory that comes his way. (Howard Sasportas) If the Sun is in the second house, this area of life should be met with vitality and forcefulness: there is a pressing need to develop personal skills, values and resources to achieve a sense of individuality. They need to find and define what constitutes security for them, rather than relying on other people to provide safety, money or resources. A sense of power and self-worth can be gained through acquiring money and possessions and through the ability to manage and organize the material world. Some may incline towards status-seeking, showiness and extravagance to prove their value and enhance an insecure internal identity. They can be generous with money and possessions, but usually expect some sort of recognition in return. Wherever the Sun is is where the personal ego is seeking acknowledgement. The impeccable, internationally loved singer and actor Maurice Chevalier had the Sun in Virgo in the 2nd: he was born in a slum and died a millionaire. The nature of whatever planet is in the 2nd house is valued because those qualities offer us security. Therefore, with the Sun in the 2nd, security comes through developing and possessing such attributes as strength, nobility, authority, a sense of specialness, and courage. People with this placement will feel safer in life if they foster these traits, regardless of how much money is in the bank. (Stephanie Camilleri) With the Sun here there is instinctive good taste, with a feeling for the basic worth of things and the ability to translate this awareness into dollars and cents. There is a need to be surrounded by beauty and quality. These people are strongly attracted to those who can provide them with the environment they seek. Generally 'handy', they are able to create attractive environments, so this is a good position for architects, builders, carpenters, landscapers, and interior decorators, as well as fashion designers, dressmakers, hairstylists, jewelers, perfume and cosmetics manufacturers, and all those who are adept at enhancing the environment or the body. Very sensual, they have a powerful sexual charisma that enables them to attract others easily. They are usually quite successful at establishing sexual relationships with those they desire. If other aspects frustrate this, it can be a source of great physical and emotional suffering because the desire nature is so powerful. It is very important that there be sufficient love from both parents in infancy and childhood. Otherwise, the need for it may manifest later in agonizing desires and abnormal sex relationships. The stability of a dependable on-going sexual relationship is a real need. They will work hard at a marriage because of this. Separation and divroce only occur when the sexual aspect of the relationship fails. The desire to be independent of others is a powerful motivating force that can result

in success. It can also create difficulties by keeping them from joining partnerships, groups, compnaies, staffs, or other organizations that are necessary to establish any kind of work / career position in the community. most women, and some men, with this Sun position are into body culture in some way, frequently dancing, or, if the Sun is in a water sign, swimming.

Natal Sun in 3rd House
(Haydn Paul) Your path to unfold life potential will lie in the cultivation of your mind, intellect and communicative abilities. This is an especially important area of experience for you, and will help to shape your identity and life direction, and be the channel for your specific type of self-expression. You will enjoy learning; and a spirit of curiosity encourages the examination and exploration of many varied and fascinating avenues of human knowledge. In such a rich world as ours, there is no real excuse ever to feel bored with life, as even the most active of individuals can only touch a miniscule fraction of its treasures. This curiosity may be strongest in those areas of life symbolised by your Sun-sign. Your mind may be biased towards the external reality, exhibiting a more scientific attitude towards exploration, although the stimulus for this is often a less recognised need to understand the nature of the universal life process. As your mind tends to display an analytical tendency and intellectual clarity, life appreciation is often found in matters of mental interest; and it is important to continue simulating this as it vitalises you. However, if you elevate the accumulation of information and knowledge into a reason for life, then you may be making a mistake; it is understanding and synthesis that is the real key to applying knowledge. Intelligence is displayed through your whole life, not just in the reflection of a specialised area of knowledge, and also involves adaptation to your environment and the creation of a fulfilling lifestyle. One of your major assets is that enquiring nature; and this can be directed towards an intellectual search in either the outer or the inner worlds. You may find that a redirection of questioning inwards to explore yourself proves to be highly rewarding and illuminating. It is important to follow your light, having faith and trust in the validity of your beliefs, values, attitudes and feelings, rather than needing to rely on others to provide you with your worldview. Obviously, social conditioning imposes its perspective on everybody while maturing towards adulthood - and many continue to reflect the mass mind all of their lives - but this is not inevitable, and you can break free to discover your own perspective if you are wiling to make the effort to build a truly unique and personal view. If you can achieve this, then greater energy and vitality will begin to flow through your intellect, making deeper insights and revelations possible, as well as enhancing your sense of identity and self-esteem. Passive absorption of social attitudes, values, beliefs and traditions effectively diminishes individual identity, reducing it back into the mass mind and so restricting opportunities and freedom. You will derive considerable enjoyment and stimulation from communicating with others, and the exchange of ideas and personal perspectives will prove to be highly valuable. This opens you to the multifaceted ways of looking at life and the world, pointing towards different areas of interest of which you had previously been unaware. A tolerance of other points of view can develop; but you may tend at times to become intellectually arrogant and too self-assured in the rightness of your views. In relationships, you may need to open to the variety of others' individual

expressions, and to share whatever you feel might be of some use to them, such as your information, knowledge or understanding. This can minimise any tendency to force your worldview on people, or those projections of power and authority that can distort your relationships if mishandled, and which derive from those needs to be assertive within your sphere of influence. Be wary of adopting an intellectually dilettantish approach, that of the 'accumulatory magpie', where information and knowledge is expressed in a style designed to gain admiration and social approval, and yet is inherently superficial and unintegrated. If aspects to your Sun are challenging (square, opposition), then you may have experienced some difficulty in absorbing information properly, perhaps an interrupted school life or an inability to know what to do with your knowledge or a struggle to convey this to others. More application on gaining intellectual clarity and articulacy may be necessary prior to your potential progress. The prospect is that your identity becomes defined and assured through deepened communication with others, and that by living from your light you are able to help others to develop their unique perception of the varied world in which we live. (Stephanie Camilleri) The Sun at this communicative angle is an excellent position for teachers, writers, actors, performers of any kind, or for any position in television, film, advertising, publishing, or communications. They have a facility for transmitting information, ideas, and new ways of looking at things. Good companions, they usually have a wide circle of friends and acquaintances. They usually have at least one brother who is important to them. If not, establishing a permanent brotherly relationship with a male friend is very necessary. They are good neighbors (unless there are afflictions) and usually work to keep up relationships with friends, family, and neighbors, organizing get-togethers, relaying news, and so on. If they get into politics, it is usually more because some group needs a spokesman than because of their own hunger for power or the spotlight. They don't like to be stuck in one place, and will go from job to job until they find one that offers a lot of mobility; for instance, where they must drive a lot or can travel. If their job won't let them do this, they will save up for vacations in far-away places. They usually enjoy school - particularly the social aspect - and continue the study of one thing after another all their lives, though the credit aspect, degrees, etc., is usually of little interest (unless the Sun or its dispositor is in Capricorn). They generally relate well to children and have a way with them. They maintain a youthful, eager approach to life, and rarely get overweight or out of shape. (Howard Sasportas) Rather than just absorbing and reflecting attitudes and influences from the environment, these people should develop and honour thier own thoughts, views and perspective on things. A sense of value, worth and power comes through strengthening the intellect and communication abilities. Often they feel the most alive when they are learning something, or when they can be sharing and exchanging their ideas and knowledge with others. Those with the Sun in the 3rd need to feel heard and to be noticed in the immediate environment. Consequently, rivalry with siblings and competitiveness among peers could be issues worth investigating. Some may project their own need for power and authority onto a brother or sister. Or knowledge itself is worshipped like the Sun. Difficult aspects to the Sun in the 3rd could indicate problems with early schooling. These will need to be examined if learning is to proceed unfettered. No matter how clever or articulate the 3rd house

Sun appears to others, those with this placement normally feel that they could still know more or communicate better. (Bill Herbst) Outreach: With the Sun in the 3rd house, you are fascinated with the stimulus provided by any natural or human environment. Quality is less improtant than quantity, content less important than form, for in your life it is the sheer kineticism of activity at the surface that provides the essential energy for all other life processes. Depth has less meaning than breadth. Additionally, simple day-to-day activity is crucial. Where there is no kinetic movement, there is no vitality. The central challenge of your life is to discover the infinite variety of that which is not-self, to fuel yourself from that diversity, and to move energetically through the environment. Concrete mind: This level is the core of 3rd house meaning, and with the Sun it indicates that the essence of your life-purpose is in the evolution of concrete mentality. The development and use of rational intelligence become paramount. Pride is directly tied to the development and expression of your intellect, as is its negative shadow, shame. The view that all experiences in life should be seen as learning experiences is in some ways true for us all, but it is specifically true for 3rd house Sun individuals. For you, learning is at the center of all things; and logic, rationality, and categorization are all ways life-energy is absorbed and transformed for personal use. Curiosity: Curiosity may or may not be a strong trait in your apparent personality. You could conceivable seem calm and self-absorbed. What is overtly visible to us depends on many other factors. But however you appear, you're likely to experience curiosity as a fundamental source of motivation. It gets you up, gets you going; and even when life is too much, as sometimes it can be, curiosity will renew you, lifting your spirits. Basic education: Basic education is central to the fulfillment of your life. It si not simply one of a number of equally important phases of growth, but rather it is the touchstone from which everything else will later blossom. If the experience of primary education is a positive one, thent he child's life unforlds with vibrancy. On the other hand, if the experience is stultifying, much of what comes later will be a struggle. In either case, the emphasis usually returns to the fundamental concepts of basic education: reading, writing, and speaking. A significant part of life's essence is education, and with this placement especially, learning is built on the cornerstone of communication. Communication: You depend more than others on the ability to communicate with words, since development and use of the nervous system's rational capabilities are so strongly indicated as a key to life-purpose. You want to shine through your words. As usual with the Sun, the sign and aspects reveal the tonal quality of communication and speech patterns. But whatever the sign, whatever the interplanetary connections, the issue of communication is central. Anything that can't be understood through thinking or speaking has lowered value in the evolution of self. Communication is a battery change, filling the tank of life-energy. (Robert Pelletier) Your affable disposition is the result of having so many interests and wanting to say in the mainstream of social activity. Your ability to express yourself dramatically attracts people's attention. Your views are reasonably well-informed, but you are willing to change them as you gain new information. You are eager to get on with

achieving your goals; and your optimism about the future helps you get through difficult situations. You do learn from past mistakes, which helps you plan more carefully for the goals you aspire to reach. If you put your ideas into action you are very likely to get what you want out of life. Luckily, your easy way with words convinces people to give you the necessary co-operation for success in your endeavors. A formal education will enhance your natural talents and give you greater finesse and polish. Public relations, education, writing or a related profession would give you the stage you need to express your creative potentials. Because you express yourself freely, everyone knows exaclty where you stand. Your self-promotion yields significant results, for you realize that your innovative mind is useful only when you apply it and spread your ideas around. You are optimistic that your children will fare as well, and you hope their success will justify the energy and effort you've expended on them. You are a friend to your children, and should enjoy good relations with them throughout your life. It is urgent that you acquire as much training as possible in order to deal successfully with competitors. With education, your ability to meet challenges will improve so much that no-one will be able to intimidate you with claims of great competence. You must be as determined to find answers as you are to ask questions, or you will be poorly equipped for open competition. Be sure that you don't overstate your abilities, because making claims about your qualifications that you cannot possibly live up to will certainly ruin your image. You might be tempted to do this because you are repelled by the idea of being forced into an obscure position. But this need never happen if you use your natural talent for learning. If you develop great expertise in your career, your credentials will certainly be recognized. More important than merely talking about what you hope to achieve is the need to physically apply yourself to that objective. It will mean hard work; but few alternatives will give you the same yield. You will have no difficulty convincing superiors of your capabilities, and your chances for improving your position on the job are better than most other people's. You may have to make some sacrifices on your way up the ladder, but such an investment will pay handsome dividends. Don't be afraid to help someone who is in a similar position, for that can be an investment also. Those you help will reciprocate with favors when you need help in the future. If you want to derive the utmost benefit from your natural talents, you must establish your independence as early in life as possible. The longer you delay making your own decisions, the more opportunities you will miss. It is especially important that your decisions be based strictly on your own beliefs rather than on your parents' ideas. Thinking for yourself is the first step toward building an identity that is exclusively your own.

Natal Sun in 4th House
(Haydn Paul) The search for the path of development lies in 'your roots', which can include family heritage, ancestral patterns, social traditions, the collective mind and your home life, both as a child and as an adult. These roots represent individual identity and security; and it appears as though part of you has been submerged and requires a conscious raising to the light through an inner investigation and integration of the creative roots that have been influential in forming your nature. Look towards your early home life, childhood environment, social conditioning and relationship with parents, especially your father. These may hold clues as to the later

development of your personality tendencies. Try and evaluate if you have succeeded in asserting your identity by now, or do you still reflect childhood conditioning and live a life formed by powerful social traditions or family attitudes? Do your choices have to conform to parental or sical pressures, or do you feel free (and guiltless) when you follow your path? Is your father figure a symbol of social authority, or a supporting parent who encourages the unfolding of your potential and identity, and who never condemns if you take wrong turnings? Can you stand free and alone from the shadow of your parent's presence? How do you perceive your father, as a source of strength and power, or as an absence in your inner life? What are your attitudes towards social traditions? Do you accept their validity, and conform accordingly to their directives; or do you challenge and question them, eventually creating your own response and way of living, irrespective of issues of conformity and social approval? While you may look externally for roots, their real anchoring point is within your nature. Creating a beautiful, secure and safe home environment may be certainly an advantage, but unless those inner roots are secured will still remain unsatisfying. Family life will prove necessary for you, providing that you do not depend on it for your sense of life meaning and purpose. Otherwise, changes in family composition and relationships will have great effects on your state of well-being, especially at times when children mature and leave home, or teenage friction with parents may be rife. It may be during the later part of your life that you begin to shake off the influences of earlier conditioning, or find the path which redefines your sense of identity. Probably the earlier part of your adult life will be spent in following socially acceptable life-tracks with relatively little questioning. A reorientation towards inner unfoldment may be required, so taht your attention is less focused on attaining security, stability and roots only in the outer world. The point to be realised is that childhood foundations are present only to build the adult life upon successfully, so that individuality can flourish. Most adults fail to build upon their foundations, taking those patterns as boundaries and directions that they have to conform to for fear of losing parental approval; and so they fail to become free and independent. Through integrating those roots firmly in the ground of your being, you create the opportunity to grow and become self-assertive, confident in your nature, responsibilities and individual expression. As self-belief matures, a sense of inner security begins to form and a renewed degree of vitality flows, enriching your life again. You will feel that finally you have arrived home, and that your past is now fused and integrated correctly into your present. (Stephanie Camilleri) Deeply concerned with basic values, these people generally have a philosophy of life that makes them uncomfortable with mere surface show. They crave to live righteously, to be a meaningful part of a healthy society. They will work hard to own their own home or a piece of land. If they grow up in comfortable surroundings, they may find it hard to leave. They usually stay near their childhood roots, maintaining the family and neighbor relationships they have known since childhood. If life forces them out and they must live far from 'home', they will miss it, sentimentalize it, and yearn for it. They gravitate toward the kind of work they can do at home; if they must have an office or place of business away from home, they will usually contrive to do their creative thinking at home. Politically they seek a just society, with equal opportunity for all. To this end, they

will work hard, usually on the thankless, organizing, detail end. They tend to shun the limelight and, when they must step forward, are known for their modesty and concern for issues rather than ego. They tend to be shy and undemonstrative (unless other aspects contradict), but their feelings are deep and active, and they never forget love or kindness. They have great endurance, usually work into old age, and, if forced to retire, soon find something useful to keep them active. (Howard Sasportas) Those with the Sun in the 4th need to delve deep inside to find themselves. What is achieved in the outer world is perhaps less important than what is accomplished in terms of soul-growth and inner spiritual development. The struggle to define the self rages on the home front. They need to distinguish their own individual identity as distinct form the family background, without denying that they are also part of the family. On one side, the danger is deriving the identity too much from the ancestry and becoming just a replica of what it represents or how it has shaped them. On the other side, however, there is the danger of totally rejecting the background altogether as a means of freeing themselves from its imposition. The first instance denies their own uniqueness and originality; the second denies their 'fate' - their biological and psychological roots. The task at hand is somehow combining the two: acknowledging their heredity and links with the family of origin, and yet at the same time developing an identity in their own right. They may carry something of the tradition of the family, and yet do it in their own way. If the 4th house is taken to be the father, energies here may be experienced through the father or projected onto him. Those with the Sun in this house might have experienced the father as so powerful and authoritative that they subsequently cannot surmount a crippling sense of their own smallness or inferiority. They may have to do battle with the father to sever the hold he has on them. In other cases, the father may have been physically or psychologically absent. For the boy-child this could mean that there wasn't a clear sense of a father upon which to model his own masculine qualities. These would have to be found from within the self. For the girlchild, the experience of the absent father could entail a lifetime search for the lost father. She, too, would ultimately need to 'find' father qualities inside. There is a strong need to own their own homes where they can exercise authority and influence. Sometimes there is a prolonged search for the right place to root. The Sun in the 4th suggests that they come more into their own in the second half of life.A ewnered sense of creative potency, vitality, and the joys of self-expression are potentially avalable in the later years. The nature of the Sun in the 4th is similar to Leo on the IC. A deep need to express their own unique and special identity is the foundation upon which much of the life is built. (Bill Herbst) Microcosm: A 4th house Sun indicates that you have come to the Earth to realize that you are ultimately the center of all things in life. This is the essence of the lifepurpose, to experience fulfilled self-centeredness in as personal a way as possible. You're decidedly modest where overt expression is concerned, as the 4th is not only conservative, but private; and the Sun's placement here shows that you plug into life-

energy by maintaining essential privacy, as a way of guarding your importance. The challenge is to protect your sense of divine centeredness without denying others their own subjective experience of Godliness. Personal security: Home, family, and the traditional values that form our cultural sense of personal security are at your core. Your life goal is to achieve and maintain security, to define what family means, and to experience the fulfillment of total safety for yourself and complete acceptance by those you emotionally value. At any given moment, you may or may not feel secure, but you inevitably return to the search for the perfect nest. The sign and aspects of the Sun reveal the type of family security most suited to your particular evolutionary dance. In a crisis, you will sacrifice everything else to protect your family. Emotional imprints: Emotional imprints and the conditioning of early family life form the center from which everything grows. Though the matrix of family systems is important to each of us, regardless of the Sun's placement, for you it is the hub of existence. You experienced an early sense of self-importance in your family system, but curiously, what was even more critical was your reception by the world outside your family. This is likely to have been either a triumph of confirmation or a trauma of contradiction. Insofar as the imprints were positive, your life unfolds in a kind of perpetual, happy sentimentality; and where they were negative, your life becomes a long and painful ambition to dig up, reveal, and free yourself through understanding and acceptance. 'Inner-link' parent: One or both of your parents had extraordinary importance in your development, even more than we would normally expect. You were very attached to nourishment, since you needed more emotional warmth than other individuals. This attachment occurs whether your experience was positive or negative. Whether the inner-link was your mother or your father, you tend to 'maternalize' the memories. What you learned from and about your own parents has direct and powerful relevance to the way you understand the central role of parenting as an adult, since your life-purpose revolces around the issues of protection and security. It is often helpful with this placement to unearth your parents' backgrounds, to separate myth from fact, for your challenge is to amplify what was best about them while improving on their flaws. Private intuition: Private intuition is a natural method of rejuvenation, something too important to be overlooked or taken for granted. The radar of inner guidance is often more compelling than the rationalities of ordinary life. You seek to contact the deepest, most personal inner sanctum of selfhood. Every time you truly feel your inner self, life-enmergy rushes into your whole being. It is a 'coming home' to oneself, a life built around private answers to the question, 'What do I need to feel whole, safe and secure?' (Robet Pelletier) You have strong family ties, and you need to have the security of familiar surroundings in order to feel at ease. Because of this need, you would be more comfortable working in an environment where you know most of the people you deal with. To win approval for your accomplishments, you must first understand what people need and then get the right kind of training to satisfy that need. Indulging in daydreams about your future accomplishments is futile unless you accept the responsibilities that go along with success. If you are somewhat apathetic and content with only a modest level of achievement, it is highly unlikely that you will ever gain public recognition for your efforts. With proper motivation, however, and by using the resources of your creative imagination, you could make a substantial

contribution to fulfill your social obligations. You are afraid that you cannot earn enough to feel secure; but this anxiety will diminish as you start putting your ideas to work and more confidently assert your right to think for yourself. The value of your ability to solve problems can be determined only when you apply when you know. You will become independent and free from obligation to others according to the amount of effort you put into developing your creative talents and resources. The public at large will provide every opportunity you need to achieve distinction in your career. When you live up to society's expectations, you also live up to your potential. Fearing failure, however, you tend to withdraw from a challenging opportunity when you feel intimidated by competitors. If you can resolve your selfdoubt and fear, you will soon have proof of your capabilities. You will become more aggressive and determined to reach your goals as soon as you realize that setbacks and reversals are normal for most people who are pursuing an objective. Someone you love, perhaps your partner, will give you the stimulus you need to exploit your talents. This will win that person's respect asnd also improve your own self-image and feeling of self-respect. The future is yours to shape and mold. You can make it comfortable and secure or dreary and dulpl, depending on how ambitious you are. You must slowly pull away from depending on others or allowing them to depend on you. Then you can begin to lay the foundation on which to build your future. The best motivation for this is education and training. Start by turning a deaf ear to people who try to make you feel guilty for refusing to helkp them when you know they can help themselves. You will progress more rapidly and become more self-reliant if you live apart from your family. You must learn the joy of being truly independent and realize that you are competent to make the most of your mental assets and resources. Only then can you be sure enough of your talents to dismiss anyone, including a member of your family, who says you can't do this or that. Natal Sun in 5th House (Haydn Paul) In this house, the natural tendency of the Sun is towards more egocentric, hedonistic pleasures in life, which may be associated with the releasing of a creative artistic spirit. It is a search for enjoyment that becomes a path of development, although care may be necessary to moderate any innate selfish traits that rise to the surface and demand satisfaction. An underlying attitude is likely to be a self-centred naive innocence, which may sometimes fail to be consistently conscious of the reactions and feelings of others. This can be displayed in attractions towards romances and love affairs which initially often appear so enticing and exciting, and yet can bring considerable confusion and emotional suffering in their wake when the sprark of love or lust extinguishes itself. You may notice that while the flame of love burns brightly as passions are ignited, your intensity of feeling is more short-lived, and your interest wanes. Maintaining permanent relationships may prove problematic for you; and attractions to pleasure may sometimes prove detrimental. You will enjoy children, however, feeling great pride in your creative prowess, and will happily spend many happy hours playing with them or performing dramatic theatrical roles for their entertainment. Your attitude is that life should be fun; and you intend to pursue this theory and

prove that it is right. Your vitality is increased by spending as much time as possible devoted only to doing things which are generally enjoyable. 'Why waste time in activities that are not enjoyable?' you wonder. Ideally, you want to transform your whole life into one of pleasure and interest; and it is through your endeavours to achieve this that your direction unfolds with a sense of purpose and meaning. The search for personal satisfaction motivates you; and if this diminishes in your life, then so does your level of vitality, as the two are interwoven and affect both your psychological and physiological states of well-being. Expansive desires could become distractions for you, as you may feel that you have to chase every object, person or interest that activates your curiosity. You may express a childlike one-pointed focus of desire towards whatever promises you pleasure, and this could have compulsive qualities. You may be like a child standing in a toyshop, who looks round and says 'I want' to everything. Developing your artistic creativity could prove important to release self-expression and a channel for some of your overflowing energies. Such creativity is likely to have a passionate emotional content, a dramatic or theatrical intensity and joy which adds increased colour to life, lifting it above the greys of mundane superficial existence. Perceiving yourself as a creative artist in some sphere offers an alternative self-image and a social role to perform to increase your influence in the world. You enjoy attracting attention, and this helps to vitalise your sense of identity, as you hope that you stand out from the crowd; being anonymous and invisible is not to your taste, and you prefer to be noticed and appreciated by others. You may overproject yourself at times through sheer ebullience, and you may need to keep a wary eye on any adoption of roles, so that you do not begine losing your full nature through the performance of selected facets. You can be over-confident, taking unnecessary risks or adventures, or through unwise speculation may jeopardise your position or family security. Sometimes, a pause for reflection and thought may be appropriate before you leap into action. (Stephanie Camilleri) Those with Sun in the fifth possess a strong sense of self, a natural pride and dignity, and exhibit great creativity and originality in everything they do. They can be selfcentered, so inner-directed that they may lose sight of others; but once reminded, are usually quick and generous in their response. They like being left alone to do things their own way, though, as soon as they feel the need for companionship, it is easy for them to find, as they are charming and entertaining companions. They are usually healthy, strong, and very courageous - physically in Earth, mentally in Air, emotionally in Water; and apt to be reckless in Fire, taking risks without paying much attention to danger. They are very inclined toward love affairs and romance all their lives, which can be a problem; other placements will show how much of a problem. Affairs are brief, intense, and sexual in Aries; they are sexual and enduring in Taurus, and liable to become marriages or as enduring as marriages. In Gemini, affairs will be sentimental or mostly mental; they may involve two partners at once, or a relative, neighbor, or childhood companion. In Cancer, love affairs are very emotional; in Leo, very sexual; in Virgo, cautious but enduring; in Libra, marriage, sometimes several, sometimes a refusal to marry anyone; in Sagittarius, intense but brief; in Capricorn, slow to develop but enduring; in Aquarius, either sudden and unique, or similar to Capricorn; in Pisces, sentimental first, then sexual. There is a danger with this fifth-house Sun of withdrawing from life to too great an

extent, shutting out the world and its confusing demands, protecting a privacy that becomes all-engulfing, particularly later in life. Here are mavericks, eccentrics, loners; those who go their own way, no matter what. There is the danger of ignoring the attitudes of society to too great an extent, ignoring public opinion. These people are hard workers, able to keep at the job longer than others. They like to work hard and relax thoroughly. Physically, they are healthy and strong. They generally like competitive sports, especially in Earth and Water signs, and like to play hard to use up their abundance of physical energy. The competitive nature of the fifth house is not so apparent with the Sun in it; it seems to scorn competition. The true competition here is with the self, to outdo oneself, to be better each time than the time before. Self-development is generally more important than a single steady career effort. Frequently, the family pet in childhood, the apple of the parents' eyes, these individuals have been given such a strong sense of their own innate worth and importance that they feel no need to prove themselves to anyone but themselves. (Bill Herbst) Conscious persona: With the Sun in the 5th house you are truly the 'star' of your own life-movie. Persona, and the paradox of controlled yet spontaneous behavior that accompanies it, is crucial. You have come to the Earth to develop more awareness of the self's radiant power, and to use that power as an actor would, fuelling a consciously-chosen ego-role. Every time you see your name in lihgts on the marquee, every time you occupy center-stage successfully, you absorb basic life-energy, which is then transformed for use in other areas of the psyche. The pitfall involves becoming so self-centered, so enamored of your ego presentation that others are alienated. Pomposity is not becoming to your essential dignity. The challenge is to develop a consciously powerful personal charisma that retians its sensitivity both to the audience and to other performers. Romance, giving love: Life is a continual romantic adventure. You are the courtier who loves nothing better than the pursuit of a possible beloved. The very center of your life-purpose lies in loving, in the risks, the excitement, the sheer thrill of personal impact through the game of courtship. The aspect of performance in loving is part of your core; one way life-energy is absorbed from the cosmos. If you stop the creative flow of the risk to love for a short time, energy intake is reduced sharply, allowing any backlog to radiate outward, thus re-establishing homeostasis. But if the risk to love is curtailed for any prolonged period, your life-energy can be endangered. Love alone is not enough; you must have powerful impact on others for love to be fulfilled. First generate charisma; then learn to use it well. Sexual performance: Sexual performance is an important part of your life-purpose. You are charged by the impetus toward being 'the world's greatest lover'. Directing energy into another person, having the thrill of seeing, sensing, and feeling the result of that psychic - and physical - penetration is an experience that goes right to your core. Naturally, the Sun's sign and interplanetary aspects strongly highlight your natural approach to lovemaking; but with any condition, what's important is the concrete experience of self-validation through the successful expression of sexual ardor. You love the idea of having children. However, whether you love the sustained effort of raising them is another matter entirely. Personal creativity: You are creative by nature, and it is a significant part of what you intend to develop and express in this life. You may choose an obviously artistic path, but it is more likely that you will choose your niche in the world based on other

considerations, then attempt to use that niche as the outlet and arena for your creative impulses. Whether or not your creativity ever fully fleshes itself out, and whether or not it is considered successful, depends on a myriad of factors beyond the condition of the Sun, factors that go beyond even the symbolic indications of astrology in general, qualities such as 'heart', depth of character, and, especially, flexibility in the face of criticism. Competition: Life is a gamble, a game to be won or lost; and no-one appreciates this more than you. Every time a risk is chosen, every time competition is accepted, lifeenergy flows into you. The very essence of your life involves the paradoxical dance between confidence and risk. Winning or losing is not the crucial issue. The challenge is to play the game fully, with all the consciousness you can muster. Go for the gusto. (Robert Pelletier) Your ability to develop your creative potentials gives you many options for selfexpression. You are generally a charming person who looks at life optimistically, knowing you will reach your objectives. People who are close to you find you delightful, and you enjoy their attention. You should take advantage of your creative gifts, or the chances of achieving your ambitions will be greatly diminished. You have lots of talent, but it may be obscured by your preoccupations with pleasure; and you may not have enough time to reach your goals. You cannot afford to take that chance. It's fine to believe in your eventual success, but until you can demonstrate your effectiveness in real situations, you haven't achieved anything. The future is not a vague abstraction; it is every tomorrow of your life. Your magnetism and dramatic flair for communication are your best assets, which you should use to distinguish yourself. People like you and you like them, so you could work most effectively with the public. Once you get started, you will be filled with enthusiasm, and every success will be a catalyst for greater achievements. You know how to communicate with people, and they respond to you. You capture the public's imagination and win their confidence that you will fulfill your promises. You know how to generate enthusiasm, for which people are very grateful. Your partner will be loyal and dedicated to your causes. You may have more to choose from than most people, so your decisions my be more difficult. Pattern your growth after the lives of your successful associates; learn how they establish and realize their goals. You need substantial financial resources for the lifestyle you want, and you msut accept responsibility for devising ways to increase your income. Even people who are less talented are able to do well financially, but you could do at least as well as they, if not better. You can easily resolve these developing anxieties about your worth by applying yourself. Before you do anything, however, you must define your goals and objectives and glow with the expectation that you will achieve them. By developing self-discipline, you can sustain yourself solely on your merits. This investment means sacrificing certain pleasures, but you will have established your priorities, which can guide you. You will have to give up some of your self-indulgent ways to make a personal investment that will provide long-term dividends. If you start at the bottom, you can learn how not to fall flat on your face; and if you suffer some setbacks, only a few people will know. Put your vanity on the shelf, and do your best to earn the position you want. If you bring all your creative resoureces to the surface, you will attract the attention of important people, who can help you move up the ladder of success. Your early conditioning has give you a good base on which to build your life. But don't think that you can coast along, letting your family take care of your needs. Your

heritage should be the bottom rung of the tall ladder you will climb in fulfilling your destiny. Creative talent has no value unless you develop it. It's what you do with your creativity that determines how successful you will be. You may not enjoy hard work, but you, especially, have to accept its reality in your life. To escape from it is to escape to nowhere. The Sun is strongly placed in the 5th, its natural domain. For those with this placement, a sense of identity, power and purpose in life is found through wholeheartedly engaing in activities which make them feel good about being alive. The need to give expression to the self is vital to physical and psychological health; and people become ill and depressed if they have nothing to live for. Of course, they also fall sick if they are trying to pack too much in. It is not a case of how much the 5th house Sun can do, but rather the quality of the involvement and the degree of satisfaction which is obtained from it. Some form of artistic expression is advised - not necessarily in order to be another Mozart or Matisse, but more for the sake of freeing the spirit, releasing emotions and feelings, and having the opportunity to create from inside the self. The richness of life is also enhanced through hobbies, sporting events, recreational pursuits, trips to the theatre, art galleries, etc.. The 'playful child' is alive and well in someone with a 5th house Sun, and struggling to be free. No matter how creative people with this placement may appear to others, they usually feel they could be better at whatever it is they do. The Sun by nature is expansive; and in teh 5th it seeks to express itself more and more and continually increase its territory of influence. For those with the Sun in the 5th, love affairs and romance heighten their sense of participation in life as well as embellishing their feelings of specialness. Producing children is another way they can bolster their sense of identity as well as extending their power and influence. There is a danger, though, that a parent with this placement could attempt to 'live out' his or her life too much through a child, projecting unfulfilled needs for fame and glory onto the offspring. The child might be exhibited like a work of art in the hopes that what has been 'produced' will be praised. The need to be the centre of attention is very strong with the Sun in the 5th; and these people may be unable to tolerate situations in which all eyes are not focused on them. A difficultly aspected Sun in this house could resort to devious, manipulative or exaggerated ways of gaining attention: even negative 'strokes' are better than no 'strokes' at all.

Natal Sun in 6th House
(Haydn Paul) Your life direction and sense of fulfilment can be discovered through involvement in the areas of work, health and service; and applying your attention to these spheres will help to deine your sense of unique identity and offer channels for your path of development. The organisation of life, both within domestic routines and through a working environment, is especially important, and provides a focus for your abilities, efficiency and practical skills. Being capable of functioning well in the material world is probably one of your assets, especially if there are harmonious aspects made to

your Sun; and this is also a source of competence that adds to your self-esteem. You tend to develop regular routines or private 'habitual rituals' as an ordering pattern to your life; and providing that these do not become compulsive and you do not feel that these routines are inviolable, then they can serve as a positive structuring to your days. Retain some flexibility of action and choice within these routines. Associated with this habit-forming tendency is a willingness to accep the boundaries of your situation. This may be a pragmatic acquiescence to circumstances that you feel cannot be changed, or it can be a fear of actually stretching beyond your present limitations, in which case it can become restrictive. A point to be remembered is that if you choose, you can chanvge anything in your life that fails to satisfy, once you decide to do so. Part of your self-definition is derived from your work, and you are normally a hardworker and concentrated on your tasks, hoping to achieve due recognition from your efforts, either from an employer or by the success of your own business. You feel that such acknowledgement is necessary, and can become disheartened whenever you fail to receive this for your wholehearted efforts. You may need to be wary of any tendencies to be a hard taskmaster as an employer, and need to recognise that not everyone has your capacity and dedication for work. If your Sun has more challenging aspects (square, opposition), then you may discover hindrances within your working life, perhaps requiring additional education and training to open new paths for development, or there may be difficulties in settling into suitable employment. As your identity can be associated with your work, this can have a detrimental effect on your well-being, so you may need to ensure that selfesteem is disassociated from your working status, or else it may become permanently diminished. Health may become a focus of attention, especially the relationship between bodyemotions-mind and psychosomatic links. Challenging aspects may imply physical weakness or liability to illness and lack of vitality, perhaps through a sensitivity to types of food and diet. Taking care of body needs and your level of physical vigour may be required, so listening to the promptings from your body is important, and exercise may also be necessary. The concept of body-mind wholeness may appeal, and you may choose to pursue studies in the complementary therapies or allopathic medicine. Herbalism and the medicinal use of plants may attract, especially once you have received benefits from any herbal remedies, or homoeopathy, aromatherapy, reflexology and the various types of body massage and energy alignment, such as Rolfing or polarity therapy. You should not forget the importance of your emotions and mental attitudes if you become involved in body preoccupations: the three are interwoven, affecting each level; and harmony and balance need to exist between all of them. This could become the sphere of service to a broader community for you, perhaps through helping to heal others or to show them ways to attain satisfactory health and well-being. You feel that it is important to be of value to the community and to contribute in some way for the benefit of society; and this could be a path that you eventually take. The ideal of service is one that can inspire your energies, creating a focus and a dedication to your self-created tasks. Your skills of practical efficiency can be valuably employed wherever you choose; and seeing their results will help to heighten your sense of self-worth. (Stephanie Camilleri) This can be an awkward placement for the Sun unless it is supported by strong

aspects from other planets. This is a 'Saturday's child' who must work for a living. Generally not the family pet, they were loved, perhaps, but not enough. They must get away from the home environment in order to discover their worth among strangers. At home, they may crave the love of a parent, particularly the father, and see all of it go to a brother or sister instead. Away from home, they still have a hard time fitting in, and often feel somewat out of place or misunderstood. Their egos are not strong with the Sun at this 150 degree angle of sacrifice; and they need a good deal of stroking by those who love them, though they will rarely ask. They are hard workers, very demanding of themselves and of others who may work for them. They yearn for the perfect work situation, with a boss who behaves like a good father - demanding, yet understanding and appreciative - though few find it. Disgust over bad work situations often drives them to work on their own; yet this is not the answer, either. There is loneliness here, a feeling of being off to one side, unrecognized. They do best in the helping professions, as doctors, nurses, veterinarians, social workers, healers, special education teachers, or working with the underprivileged or handicapped. They can identify with those they serve, to some extent; and their need to lose themselves in work goes for a clearly recognized cause and is of obvious value. Their need for love and appreciation, if unrecognized or unfulfilled, can manifest physically as a variety of illnesses or psychological problems. If the Sun is trine the Midheaven, or if another important planet is in the tenth house, there may be an opportunity to rise past all difficulties by means of a successful career effort. (Howard Sasportas) With the Sun in the 6th, the experiences needed to develop a solid ego-identity revolve around health, daily ritual and work. Without becoming unduly obsessive, those with this placement should pay particular attention to matters of selfimprovement. Physical and psychological weaknesses and imperfections are often highlighted in some way so that necessary adjustments can be made. First and foremost, they need to form a good relationship to the body - respecting the physical vehicle is a lesson they sooner or later must learn. Unfortunately for some, the recognition of the importance of caring for the body only registers when the consequences of neglect and ill-treatment have gone too far and manifested in illness. And yet, even if difficulties do arise in this area, the quest back to health and wholeness will serve the larger process of individuation more appropriately than other paths. They also have the ability to enlighten and illumine other people about better ways to participate in maintaining good health. Those with the Sun in the 6th house strive to develop skills and abilities which secure them a useful place in the employment market. A sense of personal worth, value, and distinction is obtained in this way. They 'find themselves' through being of service to others. There is a need to organize effective daily rituals and routines which ensure a smoother running of the life. Learning to function efficitnely in practical matters strengthens the sense of identity. This is not the placement of someone who should just sit and meditate all day. It is suprising what poignant realizations can dawn scrubbing the kitchen flaw or washing your socks. With the Sun in the 6th, accepting boundaries and routines empowers a person to perfect and refine the art of living. The end results of this attitude are not necessarily glaring, but show ever so subtly

and tastefully in all the person does, recalling a Zen saying: 'Before enlightenment carry water; after enlightenment carry water'. (Bill Herbst) Disease and healing: Disease and the careful restoration of health are at the center of life-purpose. You've come to the Earth to explore and correct anything that prevents fulfillment in wholeness, both for yourself and others. Even when you are healthy, disease is still a presence in your life; it will touch you in some significant way. Often this takes form through a professional interest in health and healing. Pride and dignity are usually involved in any significant disorders. The pitfall is succumbing quite literally, surrendering to diseases of the body or neurotic attitudes. The challenge is to re-energize through a persistent focus on wellness, to learn and practice a wide range of healing techniques. Unequal relationships: You have great sensitivity to the protocol surrounding exchanges between persons of unequal stature. Fulfillment depends upon how well you conduct yourself when relating to superiors of inferiors. The pitfall is confusion about authority. When we defer to a judge, a policeman, counselor, lawyer, or doctor, even a priest, we do so out of respect of the position, not the human being. A person's inherent quality is not necessarily reflected in the social role he or she portrays. Your challenge is to treat each person in a manner appropriate to the cultural role, while striving to honor the essential equality of our spiritual dances. Curiously, you have a much easier time when in the inferior position; it's the superior role that gives you fits. Duty and service: Being helpful is nothing short of essential; if you don't demonstrate a sincere interest in aiding others, you unplug from the source of cosmic energy that fuels your being. But that likelihood is remote, and passes quickly if it happens, for you can feel your life-energy beginning to ebb. Of greater danger is the possibility that you feel too flawed to be helpful to others. It's crucial to be proud of the services you offer. The worst pitfall lies in exaggerated subservience - false humility that's actually self-denigration masquerading as devotion. True humility needs to be focused in service, in the action of helping. Remember, however, that compensation or payment is also crucial to your life-purpose. Receiving gratitude is as important a challenge as offering competent aid. Technical mind: One aspect of your life-purpose is to develop analysis into an artful lifestyle. When you use your mind to organize and understand sequences or logical processes, you plug into a source of universal energy, and your fuel tanks begin to fill. As discrimination develops into careful reasoning, you draw purer energy. Let your mind move toward significance, even when it begins with trivia. The challenge is to observe and interact with anything that catches your interest, to learn how it works, and to empathically understand why it exists, what function it fulfills in teh larger scheme of things. Discipline and routines: The experience of regularity is essential for you. A life without discipline is no life at all. You are on the Earth to understand efficiency, to promote steady productivity in your pragmatic and spiritual goals. The actual regularity of yoru living depends on other factors, such as the Sun's sign and aspects; but remember that you can enhance your access to life-energy through consistency. The pitfall is losing the forest for the trees, while the challenge is to organize the layers of self into shining effectiveness. (Robert Pelletier)

You try to make the most of your everyday circumstances by setting up a plan for developing your creative skills. As a result, you have little difficulty finding suitable employment that allows you to increase your skills in diversified fields. You know how to use your resoureces efficiently and imaginatively to earn a comfortable living and have a feeling of accomplishment. Although money is important to you, the way you earn it and the skill required in your work are equally important. You believe in yourself, and you know that your dedication in carrying out your career responsibilities will one day bring you deserved recognition and satisfaction in making the most of your creative potentials. You are grateful for what you learned from your parents, and you know that their training was instrumental in preparing you for the responsibilities of making a life for yourself. Because you appreciate their effots, you won't forget them in later years, and you will be increasingly able to provide for them, if necessary. You look forward to a time when you can help people in genereal with their problems; and you hope that with their assistance they will become more self-reliant in using their resources. If you are willing to work behind the scenes, there is much you can do to help improve social conditions. Your understanding of how to convert people's basic resources into worthwhile tools can be of inestimable value to those who are untrained and therefore unskilled. You know how valuable your education was in making you ready for any opportunity, and you want to use that talent as an educator to give others a similar chance for success. You've learned to think for yourself and use your ideas to get ahead, although at first you were uncertain that you could do this. You know that it takes a lot of hard work to succeed in reaching your goals; but you consider this an investment in your future, and you are right. But it is important not to overextend yourself and neglect getting enough rest and relaxation. Don't feel obligated to lend your friends a hand unless you are sure they are making a reasonable effort to help themselves. People who have succeeded on their own will motivate you to achieve your goals as they have. At work, you should be cautious about doing more than your share, and learn to say 'no' when others ask you to compensate for their incompetence. You work hard to provide for your family, and you hope that your children will benefit from your example by making full use of the material advantages and training you've given them. Knowing that you are loved and that your efforts are appreciated gives you much inner satisfaction and contentment. You are devoted to your partner; and in return he or she helps you in your pursuits, so you both benefit. Your mate supports you when you are down and rejoices with you in your successes; and that's a winning combination.

Natal Sun in 7th House
(Haydn Paul) The sphere of social relationships will assume a high priority and importance in your life; and your path of self-development will be interwoven with experiences within partnerships and relationships. There is a need to reforge yoru identity so that you can follow the way indicated by your light, rather than acquiesce to paths imposed by social traditions, or parental or peer-group pressures. By your redefining your self-understanding and taking responsibility for your actions and choices, there will be a corresponding shift in social and intimate relationships. A new perception fo the interaction between

yourself and the outer world can begin to emerge, and a new type of relationship may be discovered. Until this shift occurs, you may display dependency tendencies, allowing a reliance on others for a sense of security and life direction, lacking real confidence in your strengths and capabilities. Your solar power may have been projected into the world, so that others are perceived as expressing a quality of power which is actually latent within your own nature. Failing to acknowledge its presence within, you search for its reflection by others and become involved in a variety of relationships. This is not a power that should be dominating, but a power emanating from inner light and personality integration; yet through outer projection and reflection, you misconceive its presence as existing only within others. The dangers of such a projection are that you are left vulnerable to any tendencies of emotional manipulation and domination by others who may be less sympathetic or even unscrupulous. If you allow a passivity to rise in your relationships, then partners may take advantage of you, until you begin to assert your own strengths. Issues of domination are often associated with challenging aspects to the Sun in this house. An alternative expression of this Sun position is to be too assertive, lacking sensitivity to others, and adopting a more self-centred attitude which can ignore the needs and desires of partners. The lesson that requires understanding in this case is the development of a co-operative spirit which recognises the validity of differing styles of self-expression, and a corresponding dominution of that impulse to dominate. Sometimes there are needs to attain social prestige or community authority, so that a mark on society is made. The search for 'power' is again externalised into society; and evidence of personal potency is gained from the range of social influence, rather than unfolding the inner solar strength. You will probably rediscover someone who serves as an inspirational role model to emulate; or you may observe qualities in associates that you would like to express. Part of your unfoldment will come through a process of personality modelling, although this should be only a preparatory phase to convince you of the mutability of the personality and the potential for a conscious reshaping. Later you can begin to work with the totality of your nature, revealing those innate strengths and qualities through your social interaction. This stage may develop after experiences of relationship conflicts and disappointments have served to awaken you to your independent nature, transforming the nature of your social relationships. It is through participation with others that your new identity will be shaped, and you can discover a renewed sense of power, meaning and direction within your intimate relationships. As insight deepens, self-motivation expands and your life path becomes more illuminated. While external success may not form until after you have created a more successful partnership, inner changes will certainly compensate you for any earlier difficulties. There may be a potential to share your insights about the nature of relationships and the need for individual integration and partnership balance, through some sort of communication to others, perhaps through counselling or writing. But this is a later stage of your possible life path; and unless those earlier and necessary personal modifications are made, you may still be confronted by relationship challenges and disillusionments. (Stephanie Camilleri) 'Always true to you, dear, in my fashion; always true to you, darling, in my way.'

This is a strong position for the Sun, bringing all the qualities that come with an angular Sun; strong sense of self, strong constitution, powerful will, but at this 180 degree angle, these people always need partners in order to put their tremendous capabilities to work. Until they have found the appropriate partner, they will seem to drift from one thing to another. This is true of love partners as well as business or professional partners. Those with the Sun in a fixed sign, no other planets in the seventh house, and no unrelieved afflictions, will probably take their time about finding a partner and then remain with the same person for life. Such people are inclined to be somewhat emotionally dependent and, if the partner breaks off the relationship, leaves, or dies, may feel that their lives are shattered. Those with the Sun in cardinal or mutable signs, or with other planets in the seventh, are not likely to remain with one partner; and some will change partners regularly throughout long, lusty lives, perhaps even maintaining several long-term relationships at once. Their need for a partner usually finds them married at a very early age and, as an angular Sun is a sign of life-long growth and development, they often outgrow these early relationships and move on to greater challenges in their love lives as their capacities grow. They usually have a philosophy of life that suits their style and needs, and so will be advocates of free love, open marriage, or something of the sort - privately if not publicly. As long as they have a dependable nature, these people can support whole tribes of admirers, dependents, employees, and such, standing gladly at the center of movements, special interest grouips, cults, etc., as a father or mother figure. They have a great sense of purpose and make good leaders, but whether for good or evil must be indicated by other factors, as their sense of being right is so strong that they can take large numbers of their fellows a long way down the wrong path. Although this is a strong location for the Sun, it is not so good for a career, as they are so strongly inclined to follow their own private star wherever it may lead. The path of personal development will carry them far from a single career track, and they may end up a long way from where they began. (Bill Herbst) Mirrored Awareness: In the 7th house, the Sun indicates that you've come to the Earth to discover yourself through the contact you make with other human beings. This mirroring is crucial, for it's the way you plug into Cosmic Central. Every time you relate to someone, every time you even consider relating, you energize yourself. The pitfall lies in believing that the other person is the energy source. The challenge is to maintain the self-awareness you create through relationship, so that your awareness continues even when relatedness isn't present. In that way, each new encounter, whether with the same or a different person, builds on a previous foundation, the comprehension of who you truly are. Equal partnerships: The face that you tap into power through relationships doesn't mean you need to be with a partner twenty-four hours a day. In fact, it is essential that once you have established a significant relationship, you then use the energy it generates to further your own singular pursuits. Thus, the pitfall is the tendency to become overly dependent on your partners, to feel incomplete without them, and, as a result, to diminish your sense of self. The challenge is to create partnerships that are mutually supportive to the unique life-paths of both partners. Do not become One with another, but instead stay in the dynamic, unresolved polarity of two-ness. Contracts, commitments: Commitment is life-affirming; noncommitment is lifedenying. Honoring promises furthers life-purpose; breaking promises damages it.

That much is simple. What is not so simple are the intricacies of distinguishing a good commitment from a bad one. Relationships manifest the extraordinary paradoxes of being alone and being together; and it is easy to lose our bearings. Partnership is a two-way street, involving mutuality by two individuals, yet each of us alone must decide for ourself what we want and are willing to promise. Fo not commit to someone else, for that surrenders your essence. Instead, commit to the willingness to share yourself with another. Co-operation: If, for any reason, you experience confrontation rather than negotiation, defiance rather than compromise, or opposition rather than co-operation, your life-purpose falters. The more you are able to see and understand the other's point of view - without giving up your own - the more vital your life becomes. Back away from relatedness when compromise is temporarily impossible. See the ebb and flow as natural, not as winning or losing. Anything can be negotiated between partners if there is sufficient time, interest, and good faith. So look for partners who will negotiate with you, partners who understand that compromise does not - and should not - require winners and losers. Natural partner or partnership: Your natural partner embodies essential power and visible dignity. This peron's life-purpose should affect you deeply; you feel yourself responding, moved by the sense of meaning in your partner's journey. Your mate must have a stronger-than-average will, a central core with real power. There's a radiance that others besides you can see. A natural partnership stimulates your pride, not the false glory of ego-centered vanity, but the pride that results from recognition of your essential wholeness, and from the increasing ability to express yourself in open and fulfilling ways. It should clarify your life; and though it cannot hold the limelight - that is for the self alone - it must occupy a position near center-stage in your existence. The image is dawn, with the sun breaking through the clouds, rising to warm the earth and evaporate the mists. (Robert Pelletier) You must depend largely on others for opportunities to exploit your creative talents. Through the people you meet and deal with, you will achieve recognition for your accomplishments. Once you get the approval that you need to be reassured of your capabilities, you can use your authority to achieve your goals and objectives. You need to gain public support for the programs you initiate, so you must find a way to win converts among your competitors. You are easily intimidated by people who question your motives, and you resent having to explain your actions to anyone. Still, if you try to be understanding of others' motivations, you will have every chance to justify your position on issues and your reasons for acting as you must. Your sweeping command of language will be an asset when you are challenged, for few can resist the persuasiveness of your delivery. With a formal education, you can win over the most unyielding adversaries. You need to be fully informed at all times so that you don't have to take second place to anyone. You have a way of convincing people that you are important to them and to their dreams for the future. Your flair for communicating dramatically what people need to know about your skills is formidable, to say the least. No press agent or public relations person could match your ability to promote yourself. You feel that the public needs and wants your product; and your effective salesmanship wins you their patronage. Public relations and sales are two areas in which you could excel. You truly believe in yourself and your ability to serve the public with dedication.

Your most persistent opponent is yourself. Even the slightest doubt about your ability to win in competition can be devastating to your self-image. You unconsciously create situations and foes that stimulate you to prove that you could win in spite of the odds against it. When you were young, you might have had some difficulty in accepting this responsibility, because your training caused you to doubt your ability to compete successfully. With experience, this attitude could change. You will grow more selfconfident and learn to roll with the public criticism that is often levelled at peole in authority. On the other hand, the public admires and respects those who distinguish themselves by their achievements. You should accept the fact that you will earn your living mainly from the services you offer the public. Don't consider this demeaning, for services include a wide variety of products or skills. Instead, consider it an opportunity to exploit your talents and derive much satisfaction and fulfillment in doing so. You don't have to make huge sacrifices to win public recognition for your efforts. Stop comparing your position to other people's; and be grateful for the privilege of utilizing your skills in ways that bring you the greatest benefits. The public needs your skills much more than you know. Once you realize this, you will be inspired in finding ways to give people what they want and earn a comfortable living at the same time. As long as your patner doesn't threaten your self-image, the relationship will go along well. Don't choose someone who needs you to compensate for his or her deficiencies. You cannot afford to be less qualified than your opponents in any endeavor, or you risk being relegated to insignificance. (Howard Sasportas) When the philosopher Martin Buber wrote that 'Man becomes an I through a You', he could have been referring to those with the Sun in the 7th. Almost paradoxically, a sense of their own power, purpose and individuality is found through partnership and relationship. Participating in joint activities raises issues which enable them to define who they are more clearly. Through the ups and downs and entanglements encountered in the attempt to form vital, honest and life-supporting alliances, the identity is shaped and strengthened. It is a fact of life that something exists more clearly if it can be seen in relation to something else; likewise, a personality has more meaning when seen in relation to other personalities. When the Sun shines in Libra's house, the 'I' needs a 'Thou'. However, it doesn't always work this way. In some cases, those with the Sun in the 7th may try to abscond with another person's identity by finding someone who will be big and strong for them or who will tell them what to do with their lives. Or they may be preoccupied with gaining prestige and authority through aligning themselves with an important or influential figure, or by looking for a hero or heroine they can serve, worship and forever adore. In a man or woman's chart, the Sun here can indicate a search for a 'daddy' figure. In short, an attempt is made to 'live out' the solar principle through projecting it onto the partner. This is different to discovering the self via the help of another. It is also less productive, and often doesn't succeed for very long. The 7th house also depicts how we interact with society in general. For the sake of the individuation process, those with the Sun in the 7th need to be involved with people. Some may even find a vocation which deals with the issues of interpersonal relationships - marriage guidance counselling, for instance, or work which requires skill in arbitration and diplomacy. Leo on the Descendant is similar in meaning to the Sun in the 7th.

Natal Sun in 8th House (Haydn Paul) One important tendency in the psyche is the deep impulse to move beyond existing boundaries, barriers, limitations and restrictions. It is an expansionary drive that seeks the experience of an intense union which dissolves the paramets and constraints of the separate self. This impulse can be disconcerting and disruptive, agitating within your personality, manifesting as an undefined inner pressure striving for release, and often displaying its presence through compulsive fascinations, unconscious motivations and an ambivalent reaction to life; there can be a simultaneous desire to taste life as deeply as possible or to withdraw from external life involvement. Underlying this is a need for reconnection, to touch a deeper centre of your nature that is magnetically attracting you. Your emotional and feeling nature is especially responsive, and due to inner conflict may become a battlefield that is opening you to experience greater life intensity. This may not be easy, as it is probably your relationships that become the source of contention; and as those inner pressures increase, they will strip away the veneers of control and self-image previously imposed upton these relationships. In the stark light of emotional anguish, you may become aware of unresolved areas of your nature, negative emotional patterns and unconscious tendencies that require cleansing, releasing and healing. Yet it is through such experiences that your lighted path can be discovered. By these unconscious patterns rising to the surface of your life and consciousness, you have the opportunity to use painful experiences in a positive and transformative manner, even though one result may be a phase of difficult relationships. If this has occurred, then the message is pointing you towards personal change, and such experiences are serving as catalysts for an expansion beyond your present limits. You may become interested in deeper self-understanding, and through your need for this begin to search in the realms of psychology, religion and occultism and commence your spiritual quest to discover your holistic centre. This attraction to the mysteries of life is associated with the 8th house; and your solar path of development will lead towards such realms. Areas of social taboo can particularly fascinate; and you may become interested in techniques that require the application of a focused will, such as magic or creative visualisation. The exploration of your sexuality may assume a high profile, as that is one way to gain experiences of emotional and physical intensity. Much will depend on your reactions to the issue of life intensity, whether you wholeheartedly embrace its potential or whether you feel afraid of exalted and heightened feelings and senses. If fear dominates, through unease about moving beyond existing boundaries, then you may choose to resist deeper life intimacy and reject the potential transformation. however, if you persevere in daring to explore the scope of life, your inner experience can become enriched and those pressures dissolved through conscious selfexpression. Relationships may then become less a battlefield and more a foundation for progressive growth and enjoyment of life, as you succeed in transforming your need for union into positive life enhancement, instead of passively allowing yourself to be dominated by the consequences of inner storms. Another sphere within this 8th house dimension is related to investments, legacies, law and resources. Your path may be helped or hindered by family relationships, especially through the potential of legacies and personal partnerships. If the Sun has challenging aspects (square, opposition), then there may be more difficulties

occurring, which can frustrate and restrict you, so care may be needed in respect of marital and legal disputes. If the Sun has harmonious aspects (conjunction, sextile, trine), they you may have better fortunes if involved in family legacies, business, partnerships, financial transactions and speculation; but be cautious if you feel the impulse for greater expansion, and ensure that you carefully investigate and evaluate your plans and options to assess their viability. Fortune may arise from utilising your personal contacts, and through the sharing of resources in joint endeavours. Ideally, you could use any financial success to increase your potential for greater life intensity and inner abundance, rather than allowing money or possessions to act as a substitute for a life meaning and purpose. (Stephanie Camilleri) Here the Sun gives strength, independence, endurance, and great potential power, which can show forth in the outside world as success in business, politics, the arts, or in any arena. There is the ability to sense what will work and the courage to act on it. There is also an ability to manage others with skill, though that skill may sometimes appear somewhat Machiavellian. Unfortunately, along with these powerful gifts this position also brings emotional isolation in some form. In youth, they were usually socially isolated in some way, the ego undergoing difficult tests of the loss of love, death of loved ones, undue restriction, social ostracism, possibly even institutionalization, or a combination of these, at an early age, and often alone, without loving counsel. Rather than destroy the ego, this usually works to crystallize it, strengthen it, forcing it to feed on ideas, fantasies, on religious truths, or plans for the future, giving it great potential for the adult years of power. These people seem complete unto themselves, cool, self-reliant, and secure within their own abilities; but they will always be vulnerable, deeply craving affaction and commitment, and more or less terrified that they will never find it. In their own isolation, it is hard for them to see the need and vulnerability of others; and they may be capable of terrible coldness, and even cruelty, to those who need the, They may latch onto one person who they hope will give them all they crave in the way of emotional sustenance and commitment; but this can be neurotic in intensity and lead to an agonizing breakup. There may be a number of such relationships. A woman with this position tends to choose a partner whose need is even greater than hers. Often, though, she will eventually come to resent her partner's dependency, not realizing that it was her own need to be needed that prompted her to form the relationship in the first place. A man with this position will yearn for a partner who seems to be emotioanlly secure, often someone with more money or social position, one with a powerful or well-to-do father, or who is older and more successful in her career; or the well-kept mate or lover of a successful man, whom he will woo with all his power. These relationships usually have a hard time in reality. He may dedicate much time and effort to winning her (or him), then back out at the last minute out of fear of the emotional or financial demands of the relationship. Should the object of his dreams actually turn to him and begin to reveal an ordinary neediness of her own, he may even begin to hate her. Death, imprisonment, and / or exile may mark the life; if not directly, possibly through someone else. In a group, they tend to stand apart in some way, isolated from the rest by fate or by choice. In their isolation, they are vulnerable to the intrigues or enmity of groups, and can be made into scapegoats or patsies, suffering condemnation, ostracism or worse for doing the same things that others do with

impunity. (Bill Herbst) Union: An 8th house Sun indicates that the question of personal worth through partnership is central. The experience of being with someone - not just interacting with the person, but truly merging - is an experience so important that everything else pales in comparison. You plug into life-energy through trusting relationships. Faith in your partner parallels belief in yourself; choose the wrong partners and you short-circuit your growth. The 'right' partner will work with you to achieve a state of union. The surrender is not to each other, but to something mutual, and more profound than either ego. You'll know you're on the right track when togetherness is accompanied by the feeling that you are more and more your true self. The challenge is to be productively connected - not dependent, yet not separate; linked in trust while still honoring your own path. Transformation: Approach transformation with your whole self. It's mnot a process you can flirt with, for when you undertake this path, the essence of your life-direction changes. It's like a solar eclipse. The lights of your universe temporarily go out - not something to be undertaken lightly. If you can't die well, you can't live well. You didn't come to the Earth to live one life; you came to live many, in sequence, each built from the ashes of the one preceding, and all within a single lifetime, within a single body. An ordinary life is not for you, so don't try to create one - it can result only in the suffocation of being buried alive. You need to live in the flow of the extraordinary. Forget normalcy; go for the gusto. Sexual merging: The psychological release of sexual union is central. Orgasm opens the door to the cosmos, especially that achieved by a steady increase in emotional and physical stimulation, one where you momentarily lose track of who is penetrating whom, where maleness and femaleness lose their distinctions, where lover and beloved merge together into a different sort of creature, something more than human. It's a release that may be fuelled by biology, but is consummated in spirit. Needless to say, this is most effective when your heart opens, when you are with a partner you truly love. During sex, focus on the center of your being, and flood yourself with warm, inner light. Focused intuition: Intuition brings out your divinity. The tools exist innately within yourself; they merely need to be brought into play. You can see into anyone you're willing to focus on, for your radar is strong. The pitfall is your tendency to be overwhelmed by what you pick up. You may have difficulty distinguishing between your subtle perceptions of others and your own experience; and this can be confusing. The challenge is to act on what you sense, without concern for its origin. Check out your hunches. Push for full clarity. The benefits will be heartwarming. Shared assets: One level of your life-purpose involves the management, responsibilities, and benefits of money, property and possessions. There is no clear way to tell from the Sun's placement alone what your monetary circumstances are, not what your characteristic reaction will be; the sign and interplanetary aspects must be considered for that. What we can know is that your circumstances and reactions directly influence essential fulfillment. You may have power you apparently didn't ask for, or you may lack power you desperately want; but in either case, the power of shared resources will eventually be yours. The pitfall is failing to see how many people you affect. The challenge is to own this power fully. Use it consciously, however you choose to 'spend' it. (Robert Pelletier)

Fulfilling your destiny requires participating in public affairs and serving the needs of others, even though it means making sacrifices. If you turn your strong desire nature to providing dependable public services, you will be amply rewarded for your efforts. A career in medicine, psychology, research, crime detection, insurance or financial guidance might be suitable; and you can earn a comfortable living in these areas if you accept the responsibilities. Your parents will encourage and support you until you are established in your career. Examine your moral and ethical standards, for nothing erodes your gains so quickly as taking liberties with legal guidelines. Misrepresenting your ability to perform the services that your career requires will undermine your credibility. When you agree to provide a service for someone, you are in that person's debt until the service is rendered. Your position is unique because you are so sensitive to people's failings and needs. You also understand that you have a need responsibility to others, because they tell you their problems, knowing that you can help them, and of course you can. Make certain that your profession allows room to grow and expand the services you give to those who need them. As you grow and develop, your earnings will increase and bring you financial independence. Romantic affairs and self-indulgent activities may divert you from getting established in your career. On the other hand, your desire for pleasure and freedom to enjoy yourself with your loved one and children may be so intense that you will make the necessary sacrifices in your early years. Such a sacrifice would indicate that you are willing to accept the challenges of responsibility. Contact with well-to-do people may motivate you to rise to the highest degree of competence in your field. If you give the best service, you can charge accordingly. Your friends may provied opportunities during your training period; but they may demand favors when you reach your goal. Money is very important to you, but you enjoy knowing that you are making a worthwhile contribution to the people who depend on your services. An effective salesperson, you easily convince people of the value of your services. They are impressed by your ability to carry out your promises; and they learn to depend on you. Be wary when you are asked to give away your talents, as often happens in a social gathering when people assume that it's all right to ask favors of you. You may have to steer the conversation elsewhere or suggest that they contact you in a different setting. In your desire to serve others, you sometimes do more than you should, which doesn't allow them to solve their own problems. You should serve in an advisory capacity and help people when they truly need you, but you should not take on their responsibilities. Be alert to the danger of becoming so greedy that you accept jobs for which you aren't qualified, simply because of the money you can make. You demonstrate your best qualities when you stimulate people to capitalize on their own resources. This gives you an opportunity to repay any debts you feel you owe society for the benefits you've gained in serving the public. This applies to your partner, who values your talents and supports you in your endeavors. Your mate must share your desires. If you maintain high ethical standards, you can't lose.

Natal Sun in 9th House
(Haydn Paul) This indicates that your self-development path lies in the realm of the higher mind, which can include a spiritual search, creativity and imagination, philosophy, law, culture and foreign travel. This involves an impulse to move beyond existing

boundaries through a broadening of life interests and experiences, so that your mental worldview gains an expanded perspective and the world is enriched by your intellectual curiosity and studies, becoming a perpetually interesting and stimulating environment for your exploration. The motivation to pursue such a path may be present from birth, unfolding a natural curiosity, or may be awakened by an awareness of your life's lack of meaning or direction. You are likely to look for an underlying order to life, a structure that both explains and illuminates the questions about life that begin to preoccupy you. You may have an intuitive sense that a deeper meaning is present within life, and following such promptings you will begin to focus your explorations to discover this golden unifying thread. You want either actual knowledge or a suitable belief structure to create inner stability, and can be attracted to reluigious doctrines, moral and ethical philosophies, humanitarian principles or political ideologies, believing that these hold the key that you seek. It is the issue of relationship between the individual and society that perplexes you; and you need to arrive at an understanding of this interaction, which can form a dynamic and positive connection serving to inspire the creation of a more utopian vision of the world. It is a resolving and reconciliatory impulse acting within you, seeking to reconnect you to a deeper centre, that joins the individual in conscious relationship to the collective group, and begins to integrate the whole individual. Through your ongoing exploration of varying approaches to this key issue in the world, you will eventually develop your own unique perspective and worldview which could be useful to others through shared communication. Your path could be highly influenced by foreign lands, people, culture and traditions; and this may imply a resonance and attraction towards the spiritual paths of the East at some stage. You see your search as a lifelong quest, perpetually assembling new pieces of the cosmic jigsaw puzzle, recognising that there are many paths and viewpoints on the mystery of life, and that all could be valid and trye from certain perspectives. A picture is assembled, a picture is disassembled; the mental search can be neverending. However, there may also be a tenedency towards fixed attitudes, especially if your Sun is placed in a fixed sign. Under the influence of certain religious, moral and doctrinal teachings, the assumption of certitude can be made, especially as there can be an underlying pattern of desiring to be authoritative, and to assert or impose personal views as being the only correct ones. Ultimately, taking such a stance proves to be restrictive and self-limiting, closing perceptions and options down to only those which are 'allowable', and thus distorting individual understanding and perespective. Taking moralistic attitudes often corresponds with assuming critical and judgemental positions, which only fuels the separation of people within society rather than connecting them more strongly. Take care not to fall into any trap of viewing others through moralistic filters; allow them freedom to live their lives in their way. Why should they confortm to your precepts? Do you intend to conform to theirs? Moving towards ta higher path always takes you closer towards inadvertently assuming condescending and hypocritical positions; and those who take that road need to remain on their guard against their own separative inner patterns reasserting their presence in more subtle ways. By your discovering the foundational patterns of life, your vision will expand due to the insights revealed by lighting your inner flame. Mental intuition will be amplified, and you may feel inspired to offer your direction to others who are still searching in their own darkness, those who are trying to discover their path. Whatever you have

found useful can be shared, and it is hoped will be of value to people too. The dissemination of knowledge, insight and information is probably one of your skills, and may be expressed through the spheres of teaching and writing as your vision becomes more widely influential in the world. The content of this is likely to include the themes of inspiration, relationships within society, the potential for individual development and integration, and the visionary pointing towards future trends. For those who become channels for insight, one of the greatest tests is for them to embody the wisdom themselves, rather than just perform the role of offering it for the benefit of others. (Stephanie Camilleri) These people are dreamers who are also doers. Courageous, pioneering, adventurous, and very demanding of themselves, they compare themselves with ideal models, heroes of history or fiction, rather than with ordinary people known to them. They tend to settle far from native roots. They are often very career-minded and will sacrifice home ties and stretch bonds of affection to the breaking point to achieve what they desire. Their search for meaning may cause them to change careers or, at least, to contemplate such a change. At any rate, they are always intent on achieving great things in some area (the location of the Sun's dispositor can give a clue to which area). They are usaully attractive, with a charisma that outshines any physical imperfection they may have an attracts others to them, a popularity they do not seek as they are intensely private and protect their inner selves by becoming distant or polite at moments of potential intimacy. They are inclined to be truly intimate with very few. They may change their inner circle from time to time, but rarely seek to widen it. Frequently exceedingly gifted in their field of interest, they seem to have a source of knowledge, inspiration, vision and insight that puts them above everyone else, causing legends to form around them. Often, they are creators of new ways of thinking, of new forms, higher standards, and newer, higher goals. Iconoclasts, they destroy the old ways of seeing and doing in order to find new ones. Willing to take risks for what they believe, they will sometimes risk everything (including their lives) in pursuit of impossible goals. Although the ninth house is the political angle par excellence, for some reason the Sun here makes them somewhat politically vulnerable. They have strong political ideas and objectives, but tend to lack the finesse and diplomacy necessary for successful political maneuvering and the caution necessary for political survival. Therefore, although the Sun in the ninth gives them the necessary upward thrust to achieve high office, they will need trines to outer planets in the first or fifth houses, or planets in the tenth house, in order to remain in power. (Bill Herbst) Conceptual frameworks: If the Sun is linked with the 9th house, the essence of lifepurpose involves opening the mind to new realms. You've come to the Earth to pursue fresh mental perspectives; to develop, explore, and find a philosophy of lide. Whenever you open mentally, you plug into the cosmos. By living at the highest ethical level you can achieve, you expand the life-energy available to you. It isn't sufficient that you adopt an existing philosophy; you must synthesize all you learn into an original understanding, a personal philosophy, one that you can live by. The pitfalls lie in having your head so completely in the clouds of abstraction that you lose touch with the grounded reality of one living on the Earth. Understanding the secrets of the universe has little point if you can't remember your zip code. The challenge is

to merge the delight of pure thought with the discipline of a moral life, and to convey this wisdom wherever it can uplift others' spirits. Cultural perspective: Reading about faraway places, thinking about them, and travelling to explore them are a natural way of life for you. The sense of exploration is fundamental, whether physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. The more you can learn about other cultures, especially by direct experience, the more you fulfill your central life-purpose. You are more yourself when you're on the go, moving through foreign territory. This includes not only far-off locales, but the infinite varieties of experience right in your own backyard. Your challenge is to assimilate the broadest views of humanity, to act as a networker of the one human world. Higher education: You keep yourself charged by the stimulation of learning. Whether or not your early education reflected this basic enthusiasm, there is little question that you will develop into a perpetual student as your life goes on. Especially as an adult, you are an eager student of the more conceptual fields of study. While you are certainly permitted to undertake these studies on your own, there's a great deal to be said for using the formal structures of cultured education, since credentialing is a relevant concern. Learn everything you can, then teach by example. The search for truth: Here, more than with the other 9th house planetary placements, there is little distinction between profound and pragmatic truths. What is important is the absence of untruth. And there are two kinds of untruths. The first is active lying, which is to say believing or communicating something which is objectively false. That experience is clearly negative for you. It disconnects you from your divinity. But equally important is the experience of passive lying, either by withholding the truth when it is known, or by substituting a lesser truth for the one in question. These diminish your essence - a very serious pitfall. It is of paramount importance that you search for the highest truths you can discover, and communicate the highest truth you know relative to any circumstance. It's not necessary that you be able to express it perfectly, nor that others totally comprehend. But it is your challenge to strive for honesty, integrity, and illumination. Truth is life. Ideal society: Your perfect society would be Olympian in scope. Humans would become like the Gods of ancient myths, with honor and wisdom sparking an unceasing flow of creativity. The consensus of opinion on any subject would reflect your own most basic beliefs. As Ruler of the World, you would be authoritative but generous, powerful yet benevolent, noble and dignified but always accessible to your loyal subjects. (Robert Pelletier) Because you believe in yourself, you will probably succeed in your endeavors. Not one to avoid any opportunity to demonstrate your talents, you eagerly rise to every occasion that offers a chance to prove yourself. At times you are willing to take risks because you are so confident. Once involved in a project, you grow increasingly enthusiastic and sure that it will succeed, but your patience may wear thin if there are delays beyond your control. You want to know that your efforts have influenced others; and when they appreciate what you are trying to accomplish, you are even more inspired. Your children are especially aware of your ability to inspire others, and they hope to do the same and live up to your expectations. You offer your children every opportunity to exploit their potentials, and you let them make mistakes, knowing it is the only way that they will take full responsibility for their actions. You know you must have training to achieve your goals, so you strive to get the

formal education that will enhance your natural talent for creative self-expression. You get involved only in enterprises in which you can visualize success. You know how to cultivate the right contacts through friends and associates to help achieve your plans. You prefer a professional career that will bring you into close contact with people, for you understand their problems. They look to you for insight to find solutions to their difficulties. The partner you choose will be most helpful in your affairs and will share your enthusiasm for the goals you seek. You will go far if you don't assume that you know everything there is to know. Your sustained interest in acquiring knowledge will assure you a permanent place in the public eye and eliminate the necessity of having to work at routine tasks. Many occupations would be too boring and tedious for you, since you need considerable mobility and freedom to express yourself. You should be self-employed if possible, or at least have a career that allows you some self-determination. You can serve people by helping them understand their predicaments and thus arrive at solutions. You have much to contribute to society, and you will not live up to your greatest potentials unless this objective is part of your career. Your accomplishments may have little relation to your parents' lifestyle, for they may not have helped you get established. The chances are you had to work hard to prepare a base on which to build your own life. It is also possible that family obligations delayed the time when you could utilize your talents for personal objectives. Any sacrifices you made to get an education were worth it, for that is the best investment you could make in the security you want for your later years. Your major obligation is to help people whose lack of education or skills has denied them some of the priviliges you enjoy. You can derive much satisfaction from knowing that you've been instrumental in improving the quality of their lives. Your own growth is intimately tied to your ability to handle this responsibility. You might have to accept some obscurity during your developmental years until you are competent enough to fulfill the public's expectations in the career you've chosen.

Natal Sun in 10th House
(Haydn Paul) The focus of attention is towards the outer world and the assertion of your nature and qualities through social status and acknowledgement. Your motivation will come from a desire to become socially influential, aspiring towards public recognition and the satisfaction of needs for power and the attainment of your ambitions. This will attract you into striving for career or social progression, so that you can rise to positions of authority and responsibility, and others can easily recognise your success and achievements. You want to rise above the crowd through expressing your abilities, to become a leader directing others rather than be a passive follower. This reflects a need for egoic assertion; and your experience of self-worth and esteem will be directly related to your degree of visible success in the community. Entering socially respected professions may be the direction you choose; and your self-image will be closely connected with and modelled upon the ideals of your profession or type of employment, especially if you are at supervisory or management levels. As success is so important in your chosen direction, you should have the ability to focus your will, consistently and powerfully applying it to amplify self-discipline and perseverance so that some degree of attainment is achieved. However, by rigidly pursuing this path you may simultaneously restrict your freedom and options in life, as certain ways may be considered to be unsuitable as they fail to fit into the

idealised image that you are projecting. The danger may lie in the possibility that even if you do reach your aims, the apex fails to fulfil and you are confronted with the question of 'what next?'. At some point you will reach your apex, which can become a limiting plateau and may have a dispiriting effect on your well-being and identity. While you have to strive for your ambitions to activate your path of development and purpose, try not to narrow those goals but instead expand them so that they become more inclusive, touching all areas of your life and nature. This will lead to a greater sense of satisfaction, and will unify disparate aspects of your life. Otherwise, by following the star of the glorious career to the exclusion of other spheres of life, you may be creating your downfall in your private and domestic life, having a negative effect on marriage or family relationships. Conflicts may rise between career and home, especially with any challenging aspects of square and opposition to your Sun; and a balance may need to be established for personal security and stability. Your Sun's ideal is to help you become centred, expressing your strengths and qualities; this is what can make you impressive to others and a source of inspiration and influence, rather than the positions of prominence that may glitter as the summation of your dreams. Displacing your sense of identity into a professional community role or position of social status is often unwise, because at the end of a career (through retrement, ill-health or redundancy, or perhaps through some career reversal or disagreement), there is always the possibility that some external agency can be destructive to both your aims and your stability of identity. You may fall prey to temptations which surround positions of influence, and your morality and integrity can be challenged or impugned; few rise to the 'top' without having upset others along the way. If your Sun has challenging aspects (square, opposition), then you may display dictatorial traits, a love of power and tendencies to be less than scrupulous in chasing your aims, or fail to realise how power can 'turn the head' through an egocentric misapplication. Your need for personal and social power is likely to be directed through the Sun-sign associations. It may be beneficial to consider parental influences upon your life path and career needs. The 10th house is associated with the importance of parental conditioning, particularly that of the mother; and evaluating their impact on your attitudes, values, motivations and aims may be illuminating. You may be striving to achieve so that they fully acknowledge your worth and abilities; you may have come from a highachievement family, and so need to match an unspoken level of success; you may be living out parental desires, rather than fulfilling your needs, as they may have encouraged you to take a certain life path and you surrendered to their pressure. A need to be seen by others as being an achiever can emanate from a hidden insecurity; but the right use of your Sun potency would heal any such tendency, giving you a stable, deeper centre to live your life from, transforming your style of personal assertiveness from any predisposition to exploit power over others into a cooperative attempt at mutual benefit for all. (Stephanie Camilleri) This is one of the strongest testimonies of career success. Negative aspects in the chart must be extremely severe to counteract its effect. It gives a proud, calm, dignified bearing, with an air of authority and a charismatic quality that others admire and respect, though they are usaully quiet and undemanding in attitude. They appear to rise to high position through little or no effort of their own, just by being in the right place at the right time. At the same time, there is a loneliness here; events of early life operate in some way

to set them apart from others so that their qualities of character and mind develop in solitude. They are gratified by the admiration they attract, but would gladly exchange it for the rollicking freedom of a close-knit group of life-long buddies with whom they can be totally at ease and let down their defenses - something they may imitate, or experience in passing, but rarely find for real, or for long. Family relationships are extremely precious to them, and they may cling to their family ties and early-life relationships, sometimes to too great an extent (particularly women), thus blocking their own natural growth and development away from the family into broader and more effective spheres. There is great power in this location of the Sun, but they are often unaware of it, or unwilling to use it, fearing the loneliness that comes with it. If they try and fail, it is always due to their lack of belief in themselves or their willingness to continue always to see themselves as the folks at home see them. They must learn to let go of the advice and opinions of others and make decisions on their own. Once they can do this, their rise will be rapid. The earlier they are on their own, the better, as the habit of making their own decisions and taking immediate action will carry them forward. They should steer clear of closely binding business partnerships at the outset, as these will often come to hamper them later. The warmth and trust they seek will come later from people who trust them and are supported by their strength and selfconfidence: their employees, students, constituents, or own children. (Bill Herbst) Collective responsibility: Your life-energy comes from the awareness of collective culture, life in the visible world. There's 'guru-consciousness' operating here. It may be profound and powerful, or subtle and almost unfelt; but others recognize the potent divinity that flows through you. Your task is to make expression of that energy as complete and correct as you can, for you are on the Earth for a purpose larger than personal fulfillment. Every time you're responsible, every time you succeed in right action, you absorb life-energy. In order to live, you must address your place in the world. The challenge is to carve out a niche where you make as significant a contribution as your potential allows. Professional ambition: Depending on other factors in the chart, you may be conservative, a three-piece suit-and-tie person, formal and cautious, or you might be quite the opposite, someone who rises out of the crowd to assert his own opinion. In any event, you're sensitive to the issue of cultural power, and are drawn to acquire as much as you can, whether you earn it, inherit it, borrow it, or steal it. Your lifemachinery gets basic energy from career considerations; and whenever you need to energize yourself, juicing your profession is a natural way to do it. The Sun is too broad to indicate specific career choices. It does show that whatever you do for a living must have core importance in your life, that you must do it with great dignity, and that you want impact on the world. Your challenge is to achieve broad social respect. Remember - be authoritative, not authoritarian. Missions and messages: Your personal purpose and your mission are the same, although you may not experience them as the same. There is often conflict between living for yourself, and consecration to a larger purpose. You are certainly selfinvolved, and you may have at least a slight God complex. It's not that you see yourself as more improtant than others, but you are very egocentric in expression of your message. You are the message. In observing your life, we're reminded how important it is to maintain our dignity, and we remember the relevance of personal integrity. The Sun's sign and aspects reveal the tone of what's coming through you, so look to those factors to fine-tune your message.

'Outer-link' parent: In either obvious or subtle ways, your father embodied strength; and you've assimilated many of his attitudes and traits. His importance in your life cannot be underestimated. If he was clearly present during your childhod, then his imprint is profound and enduring. The similarities between you grow as you age. If he was physically or psychologically absent, you'll flounder until a surrogate authority figure can be found, someone who takes the missing father's role, or until you take it for yourself. Authority: Authority may be your great strength or your Achilles heel. It all depends on your maturity, on how well you've reconciled the paradoxes surrounding pride. If your inner growth has gone well, you may be a model of responsible power. On the other hand, you could be ambivalent in your behavior, oppositing any external authority wielded over you by others while commanding total authority in your own dealings with others. This pitfall is the 'pot calling the kettle black', and results in others eventually opposing or undermining your power. The challenge is to understand the gentle strength of true fathering, to develop and release the authority that resides within you, in a way that is honorable, respectful to others and yourself. (Robert Pelletier) To realize your ambitions, you utilize every opportunity that arises. You are determined to gain recognition, but in your own way. Having a position that requires responsible leadership will help you feel important, because others will depend on your skill and good judgement in fulfilling their needs. Your enterprising ability enables you to achieve many objectives with ordinary creative talents. For the most part, you truly like your work, and you energize others who are involved in your goals. You understand the value of money and can use it effectively to buy the talents you need. You avoid being obligated to others, because you want to keep control of your own destiny. You generally know what people want; and you offer yourself as the person most qualified to provide it. You aren't afraid to promite yourself, and you are convincing enough to win people's confidence. You realize that you must plan ahead so that you will be prepared when an opportunity comes along. Don't form secret alliances with so-called friends who may be using you to satisfy their own objectives. Being wellinformed at all times should prevent this. Try to be specific about what you hope to achieve in life, and don't be misled by well-meaning friends. You can accomplish almost anything if you are willing to sacrifice some immediate pleasures. And you will gain the resources you need for security in your later years. Your domestic relationships may be strained if you become so obsessed with satisfying personal goals that you neglect to spend time with your family. You could be trying to live up to the expectations of your parents, who may have unwittingly programed you that way. Your need to assert yourself and win over your competitors could alienate you from your loved ones. You must expect some loss of personal freedom and privacy when you are in the public spotlight, so be prepared to live with it. One of your best assets is knowing how to promote yourself, which will bring you many gains. You probably want a partner who supports you in your objectives. Your mate's sympathetic understanding of your needs will give you additional strength. Probably your children have a high priority in your life and will serve as the catalyst to your success. You hope they will benefit from your experience, and you ive them training so that they can achieve according to their individual needs. Your preoccupation with a career may not leave enough time or energy to fulfill your responsibilities to your loved one. Admitting you are wrong takes courage, but it also

gives you the opportunity to correct your errors. Your many valuable ideas need development, but you will gain a great deal if you decide to invest in them. If you assume you can do whatever you want without acquiring the necessary skills, you are deluding yourself, as you are if you feel you can work outside the law or ethical guidelines. Because you are better informed than most people, you can be held more accountable for your actions. Don't assume that everything will work out favorably in the end unless you have planned carefully to make it so. If you treat your friends kindly, they will help you when you need it. You should derive much satisfaction from working to improve social conditions. The chances are good that you will also gain the security you need for retirement. With the Sun in the 10th, the identity is bound up with career and professional achievements. The 10th house describes the qualities in ourselves which we wish others to notice: in this case, the Sun strives to be seen as emanating power, strength and authority in respect to the sign in which it is placed. The Sun in Gemini there, for instance, wants the power of its intellect acknowledged; the Sun in Pisces craves recognition for its power to heal, enchant, or inspire, etc.. The Sun in the 10th has a deep urge to be admired as a 'Somebody'. Some degree of ambition should be 'owned' and satisfied if they are to fulfil their life-purpose. Women witht his placement who do not satisfy their own need to achieve through a career may be drawn to prestigious or successful men as partners (the 'Hollywood wives' syndrome). For either sex, conflicts between the home and personal life versus achieving publicly and professionally are shown by oppositions from teh 4th house to the 10th house Sun. The kind of self-exertion, dedication and perseverance required to ascend the ladder of success often limits the freedom and spontaneity to move in other directions. Another danger with this placement is that the sense of identity or worth could rely too much on their title or position in the world. Should that be lost, they are left totally bereft and annihilated. If the 10th house is taken to be the mother, then the Sun in this position makes her very important. The child with the Sun here could project his or her own identity and power onto the mother: her needs and wants become the child's needs and wants. Conversely, this placement sometimes indicates a child with a mother who requires that the child mirror her, imposing her own individuality onto the offspring, as in the classic example of the 'stage mother'. ('I'm a frustrated actress, so my child is going to learn to act.') Usually there is a collusion here: the child worships and adores the mother and offers the self up to her - 'You want be as your showpiece and I want to be that for you'. At some point, those with the Sun in the 10th must examine how much they are doing something for themselves, and how much it is being done to win Mother's love.

Natal Sun in 11th House
(Haydn Paul) This indicates that your path of development is directed towards group participation in the ongoing search for social and cultural progress. Idealism and dreams of a better future are vitalising energies; and you may become a channel for new perceptions, insights, knowledge and understanding of society, and a living exampe of how such abilities serve as a transformative potency which generates periodic social reform or revolution in varying ways. You will probably have a developed group or social awareness, conscious of the

interplay between the individual and the collective, and an awakened heart to the often unnecessary suffering that man often inflicts on his fellow men, animals and nature unknowingly. This will lead you eventually to become more active in joining with others to propose creative solutions to minimise group pain and discomfort through the creation of greater public awareness and alternative policies that can be applied to resolve conflict situations. Such group endeavours can include those of hte ecology and environmental causes, civil liberty and community welfare groups, or those dedicated to providing spiritual, religious or psychological techniques designed to integrate the individual and awaken him / her to his / her power within society. As you are more future-orientated, you will feel less bound by the weight of existing traditional attitudes, and may enter into adversarial or conflicting relationships with those who stand firmly behind older viewpoints. You may be considered to be radical in attitude; and this can always make those who prefer the maintenance of the status quo feel uncomfortable. Following your sense of universal fellowship, you may become a staunch advocate of human rights and liberation, and through integration with the collective favour a vision of universal guiding principles. This can involve you with activities related to political and social humanitarian development, and provide you with an ideological foundation in life and a defined meaning and purpose. Enlivened by such group participation, you may need to be aware of the nature of your self-expression, so that you remain open to other points of view too and do not become blinkered by the particular focus and worldview of any particular group. The persuasive powers of a group cause and belief structure are often extremely powerful, and liable to overshadow individual attitudes; by choosing to remain a group participant, many lose the ability for free thinking due to having to conform to the dominant group perception, and they lose sight of everything except the group viewpoint. This is the main danger of the group potency and should be avoided through understanding. Certainly the potential for your path of development lies within group activity, and increasingly your sense of identity will be associated with group affinities. If your Sun aspects are harmonious (conjunction, sextile, trine), then your relationships with groups should run relatively smoothly, positively and co-operatively; if they are challenging (square, opposition) then more friction and disputes may occur. Through asserting your solar potency, you could rise to positions of spokesperson for such groups, and gain recognition for your social contributions and progressive innovations which help to regenerate and revitalise society. Public involvement and organisational abilities are likely, although you may need to ensure that your grand designs and schemes for social betterment are capable of being applied and are actually tested in the fires of daily life. It is through becoming a solar crusader for a better quality of world life that your identity is reformed into one of purpose and power. Releasing your inner light through affinitive group activity and kindling the collective light is the ideal direction for your Sun expression, and one to which you should pay the most attention. (Stephanie Camilleri) This location of the Sun gives a strong and unshakable sense of self from early childhood on. They seem to know who they are and what they want from the beginning. Generally attractive, they can be intensely charismatic, in some cases projecting an almost godlike quality of higher knowledge, inner strength, or supernatural wisdom. Many kings, queens, emperors, heroes, and actors who portray heroes have the Sun here, as well as many great innovators, those who set new styles or start new ways of thinking and doing things. They go their own way and devil take

the nidmost. They attract others to them, and they enjoy the company and the good times, but they also think nothing of pulling up stakes and seting forth on their own, leaving old friends behind forever. They feel confident in their ability to form new relationships when they need them. They are charming and can project great warmth toward others, but are not at all sentimental, and rarely create needs out of habit. Those who are close to them may come to be very angry at them for this cold streak. They are exceedingly classconscious; and, though they may appear to be completely democratic in their treatment of others, in truth they will usually jettison one set of friends for another group higher on the social ladder, one that is closer to the glory land of big names, easy living, and classy surroundings. They are capable of working along their own lines for years without compromising their integrity, believing that their way will win out in the end or not really giving a damn, more interested in doing it their own way than in any eventual success. However, if and when success does come, it usually comes as much from their being adept at social manipulation as from the quality of their efforts. (Howard Sasportas) Those with the Sun in the 11th establish a more cogent sense of identity through social, humanitarian or political activities. The phrase 'no man is an island' is commonplace; but it still has particular significance for this placement. In some way, the identity should be linked to a larger unit than the individual self. Personal recognition could be gained through group involvement, and it is not unusual for someone with the Sun here to rise to a position of prominence or wield influence within various kinds of organizations. The nature of the experiences encountered through group situations - how easily a person functions or adjusts in this sphere - can be seen by aspects to the Sun in this house. The person may be a channel through which new currents or trends entering the collective could manifest. There is a danger that the identity could be bought wholesale by alignment of the self with a group, belief system or cause. In this instance, it's not a case of you are what you eat, but you are what the group feeds you. Those with the Sun in the 11th need to distinguish carefully between what they believe and what the group tells them they ought to believe. Friendships are important to the full development of the Sun in this house. Those with this placement could have a marked impact on close friends and conversely friends could open new vistas and be helpful in the achievement of goals and objectives. As with groups and belief systems, taken to an extreme, some sort of divine potency could be projected onto friends. It is wise for people with the Sun in the 11th to make a conscious effort to set themselves feasible goals towards which to aim. Somehow, their efforts to realize these will contribute towards the formation of a more solid and concrete sense of identity, purpose and power. One of the most vital ingredients in the self-healing process is having a reason to live. (Bill Herbst) Group participation: Groups are where you shine. Exercise dimplomacy, however, for you may throw your weight around a little too freely, assuming a dominant or superior pose. Be equally careful to avoid identifying so strongly with a group that

you create a psychological clique, an in-group / out-group, 'us-versus-them' reality. These pitfalls may initially offer you more stability, security, and confidence; but in the long run they could sap your energy and threaten your life purpose. Remember that everyone on the planet is a member of the same group: humanity. Your challenge is to ground yourself in social reality, using groups to help define and express the most important themes of your life. Appropriate behavior: You're a very social animal; you don't set your own standards, but instead absorb a sense of appropriate behavior from the milieu of those around you. As your social group changes, your sense of correctness changes with it. As always, the sign and aspects of the Sun can dramatically alter your attitudes; but in any condition, you will be aware of others' expectations. What is constant is the emphasis on dignity. The major pitfalls involve inordinate pride surrounding your 'perfect' behavior, as well as haughtiness in reaction to criticism. The challenge is to find a way to merge your inner self with the best outer behavior, so that each supports the other. Friendship, social circle: You absorb life-energy through your friendships. The support of true friends is a crucial requirement in your life-purpose. No friends, no life. Your social circle is large and diverse. One or two friends are not enough to feed your demand for contact. Equally, if all your friends are of the same general mind or orientation, you limit the scope of fulfillment. It may seem that you're building a wonderful world, but you'll later discover that you've limited the potential of your own Godliness. Loyalty is essential, but there could be conflicts around dignity and power. Don't let pride get in the way. Be the best friend you know how, then watch as others are drawn to you. Shared creativity: Your power increases when you work creatively in a group setting, and this energy is then available not only for you, but for the others in your group. And though this process is, by definition, shared, you want to lead, to call the shots. Temper your ambitions with humility. Your creative role is to provide basic fuel for the group's expression, to give it both power and purpose. Receiving love: Being loved means being treated with respect. It also means having another's attention; if people say they love you, but then ignore you, you don't feel loved, even if you're deeply in their hearts. Expressions of care must be powerful and total, to penetrate your own power center. Curiously, to feel loved, you must love. You cannot conceive of being loved by anyone for whom you don't feel love. Equally paradoxical is the fact that you are not receptive to courtship unless you've already chosen the courtier as your beloved. Yes, you are susceptible to flattery (sometimes too much...), but unless you actively love the individual already, compliments are interpreted as simple friendship. Those who love you need to know that their love is safe with you. The challenge is first to be loving, then to let the love that comes in return fill your center until you glow. (Robert Pelletier) Your life circumstances are such that you seek opportunities to freely exploit your talents. Because you want to be free from financial burdens in the future, you willingly work at your career to get the greatest yield from your efforts. You look for opportunities to promote your ideas, for you know you can satisfy the demands of your job and have some assurance of tenure as well. Your partner must support you in your endeavors and show appreciation for your accomplishments. Reaching your goals will benefit both your partner and yourself. Your income will allow you to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle while you are employed, and will assure you of security in retirement. The public you serve is generally pleased with your efforts, because you

know how to serve them. You are very skilled in communication, which is reflected in your success in dealing with people. You take great pride in being able to reach your objectives without having to resort to questionable practices. You are sure of what you know; and you aren't afraid to communicate that fact to your superiors. Your ability to satisfy your employer's needs and objectives makes you a valuable employee. You enjoy the friendship of your personal and professional associates, on whom you can depend for support if you need it. As you realize each goal, you immediately set yourself a new one, ever widening your sphere of influence among your colleagues and in general. The one factor that may frustrate your desires is being overburdened by family obligations so that you are forced to accept an inferior job that will provide an immediate return. Even with this predicament, you can still strive to reach your goals if you plan carefully. You want the best for your children so that they can better exploit their potentials according to their dreams for the future. As long as you don't try to tell them what to do with their lives, they should appreciate what you have done for them. You may have to make some sacrifices as you invest in your personal development, and you and your partner may have to curtail your spending for a time, but the eventual returns will more than offset your present discomfort. You have the necessary potential for growth and development, so you don't ever need to fear that you won't achieve financial security. You can guarantee your future by being willing to work at refining your skills. If you plan carefully, you won't jeopardize your health while pursuing your objectives. Be sure to set aside time for simply indulging in personal pleasures. The need to satisfy your family obligations makes you push yourself beyond safe limits, but you should avoid doing that. As long as their needs are being met and you have sufficient opportunities to expand your area of responsibility, you should feel all right about yourself. You have all the resources you need to satisfy your material requirements and achieve fulfilment. With a reasonable amount of self-discipline, you can achieve your goals. You are lucky to be so aware of the social problems around you, because you have the talent to do something about them. It can be rewarding to know that you have stimulated the people around you to improve the quality of their lives.

Natal Sun in 12th house
(Haydn Paul) This suggests an emphasis away from the outer world towards an inner direction, in an attempt to shine the Sun's light into those darker recesses of the emotions, mind and psyche. Your conscious identity needs to be redefined in a way which takes account of your whole nature, and has the healing quality of inclusiveness rather than tending towards a separatist exclusive bias which has consequences of inner alienation and personality splitting. The 12th house has deep associations with the collective unconscious mind, the personal subconscious, and the past; and it is the psychic content of these that interferes with and infleunces your present life experience. Residues from the past and the constraints of 'unfinished business' may still litter your psyche, and you may need a phase of releasing energies and blocked emotions from your nature by experiencing a healing and liberating inner cleansing. If you suffer from feelings of guilt, irrational worries, or a sense of unease, then it is likely to be patterns agitating within your unconscious mind, which if left unresolved could begin to form neurotic

complexes or inhibit your capacity to form satisfactory social relationships. You may be highly self-aware, and this can be restrictive, especially as you may register empathic vibrations from people around you which could become uncomfortable or even distressing, particularly if you fail to identify that you are being receptive to others' feelings and pain, and that they are not necessarily your own. Your unconscious mind is demanding access into your life; and a confrontation with those inner ghosts is essential to begin resolving certain conflicts. These unlived or repressed aspects of your nature plus any absorbed psychic accretions from your environment have to emerge into the light, or else they will unbalance your identity and personal stability. You may sometimes feel as if you are struggling to maintain barriers, fearing that those inner dam walls will crack and those stormy waters will break through, tearing down all attempts at control and limitation. One of your strategies is often denial; but this is sowing seeds of later problems, as energies are repressed and personality splits amplified by such an approach; or you try to established fixed habit patterns and worldviews which you hope will support security and stability in life, ignoring and disregarding anything that fails to fit the constrictive bounfairs that you have established around yourself for protection. Your path of development has to be two-fold: an inner healing is required which purifies and liberates any blockages, and offers a transformative attitude of selfacceptance as its foundation; and the next stage is then to begin opening the parameters of your self-circumscribed barriers against life, so that a new and more inclusive identity can slowly form and be more suited to deal with life. This can involve a fusion of your conscious and unconscious mind, of your ego and higher self, and requires a greater flexibility of your personality than you have previously allowed or believed possible. This step may not be easy to take; and you may feel that everything is falling apart, but it is a phase of dissolution prior to a new re-assembly of the psyche, and is a transformation of state similar to the phases of the new creation in the alchemist's crucible. A reunification of the separated components of your nature is required; this is your solar quest and task, and when achieved will open a whole new dimension for you to enjoy, as your inner life takes on a new vitality and cohesiveness. It is unlikely that you will discover this path early in life, but you may find it later once you have undergone certain experiences. You have to heal yourself, and may need periods of relative privacy or seclusion to generate the healing silence. You will probably feel uneasy about intimate relationships during youth and early adulthood, and may choose to withdraw from deeper human contacts. Transcending any feelings of inferiority and insecurity may take you several years of effort, but will be worth your attempts to change. Mundane life may seem to lack a vital spark with you, and you may not be at your best in dealing with the demands of everyday reality; it is not your favoured dimension, and you prefer the inner life, even when it is not so pleasant. Discovering a life purpose, meaning and direction is likely to be difficult until you re-orientate your inner life. There may be artistic and creative talents present; and these should be consciously developed as a medium for self-expression and as a channel through which to release blocked energies. Dance, music and art may be specific areas, and there will be a latent psychic ability which could be exploited for both your own and others' benefit. Mediumistic tendencies may lie close to the surface of your nature, and through your sensitivity healing powers may also be contacted; but until you rebalance your nature and have healed your dilemmas and conflicts it may be wiser to leave such types of

expression alone. Similarly, prophecy and visionary tendencies may also be present, emanating from that close connection to the collective unconscious mind. Esoteric and occult work may appeal, especially the type of inner meditative service that invokes spiritual energies and potencies into fertilising, influencing and overshadowing the collective mind of humanity, and which inspires the global vision of interdependence. Participation in this service is an act that all can join. Your potential is considerable, but it is imperative that you redefine your identity in more inclusive ways, so that you expand beyond the walls of your self-imprisonment, achieving this through an inner redemptive healing. Then your social contribution and desires for service can become more effective. Refusing to take such actions is liable to intensify your discomfort as inner pressures are amplified and become more insistent, breaking those dam walls which cannot remain intact for ever as the 'water level' rises. The preferable alternative is that through your using healing and creative 'valces' the pressure can be regulated and directed into positive channels. (Stephanie Camilleri) Here the ego is under great pressure. They have the same powerful ego thrust as those with the Sun rising, but are met by so much opposition in youth that the ego either swells to immense proportions to crish out all opposition, or retreats from battle altogether. In youth, they are so determinedly and uncompromisingly themselves that they attract the opposition of family members, schoolmates, friends, and neighbors, who never cease to give them a hard time. They will learn to live with others the hard way. Some truly learn to compromise, and some to dissemble and intrigue, pretending to compromise while pulling strings and making secret deals to get what they want; while some retreat from all confrontation, if they can. Those who attempt to retreat often find that life has a way of coming after them and forcing confrontations that they would rather avoid. Some become monsters of egotism, seeing enemies everywhere and crushing all who stand in their path. Anyone not with them will be considered against them, and even their friends may be suspected of being enemies in disguise. Still others will go the opposite way and come to suspect their own egos, and ego itself, as a negative, selfish force. These people will be inclined to champion the voiceless underdogs of the world and give endlessly of themselves to others. Most people with this position have an intensely private side that they keep hidden from all but their most intimate friends. On the other hand, there are those who go to the opposite extreme and live only for the spotlight and, as their close associates know, have absolutely no private life at all. They have an instinct for the public mind and can capitalize on (or even create) popular trends, though there is always a strong streak of the purely individual in everything they do that brands it theirs. They are usually quiet on the surface and become talkative only with those closest to them, though even this can go to the opposite extreme, in which case they can be compulsive talkers, pouring out a continual stream of egotistical self-applause. They are usaully involved with an institution for a while, whether as a patient in a hospital, as a student in reform school, in an orphanage, as an inmate of a prison, or as a worker in one of these facilities. Given to working for causes, they can even create a cause in order to give themselves something to work for. The overall truism about the twelfth-house Sun is that it tends to go to extremes;

what sort of extremes will be indicated by the aspects to the Sun and its dispositor. Often, these people will go to one extreme in youth, then overcompensate at mid-life by swinging to the opposite extreme, coming finally late in life to more perspective and a more comfortable position near the middle of the road. Those who rise to power have a tendency to misuse it. The tendency to go to extremes and to vacillate from one extreme to another can have terrible consequences, both for them and for their constituents. Those who become successful in other fields often carry a reputation for misbehavior or suffering; for instance, actors or writers may prefer to portray martyrs, villains, or underdogs, than more upbeat types. In almost any field they may have a reputation for being hard to get along with. (Bill Herbst) Imagination: Fantasy is central to your life-purpose. No dreams, no life-energy, it's that simple. Fantasies are constructed around two sets of images: monumental selfimportance where the whole univese is commanded by your particular essence, or total surrender, the release of self as you dissolve into the cosmos. The difference is that one image expands ego while the other evaporates it, but the end-result is identical: reunion with everything. The pitfall is losing the distinction between what is real and what is only possible, what's actually happening and what you imagine to be happening. Don't get lost in the Twilight Sone; you could go crazy. The challenge is to offer no resistance to either realm. Allow dreaming to influence and be influenced by real life; and let fantasies gently guide your development rather than blinding you to what is true. Unfocused intuition: Give intuitive receptivity high priority in your life, without controlling the specifics of what you receive, and your life sings with vibrant energy. Shut down your intuition, and you close off access to cosmic juice. Don't strain to figure out why you pick up flows of imagery and feeling, bits of information and insight. Don't strive to figure out what they mean nor what you should do with them. Your task is to remain radiantly quiet, vibrantly still, pregnantly calm. The pitfall is misinterpretation, creating sophisticated forms while missing the truth. The challenge is to become a clear channel for the universe to speak through, a prism for otherwise invisible light. Withdrawal or isolation: You require frequent periods of isolation from ordinary life. You nee time away to recharge. It is when you are most isolateed that your purpose is revealed. This propels you back into the world with renewed enthusiasm. You are everywhere and nowhere simultaneously, both a real person and yet a mere vessel for greater divinity. Your power somes from balancing the paradox, allowing both poles to exist simultaneously. Meditation in some form is an essential. Selfless giving: When you give of yourself with total compassion, you plug directly into your Godliness. When you act with forgiveness, you absorb life-force. When you give of yourself, you fulfill your destiny. Giving does not mean martyring yourself. Don't give yourself away. Instead, give the understanding that we're all in the same boat. Don't strive for sainthood, for too often that course boomerangs back toward egotism. Let your life respond to a power beyond that of mere selfhood. 'Not my will, but Thine.' 'Past lives': Your past lives are pressing in, trying to be felt and understood. You're at the end of a life-series; it demands integration through this current life if the whole evolutionary pattern is to be made spiritually meaningful. The precise nature of the lives in question cannot be seen from the Sun's placement alone. We can suggest,

however, that they focused on developing personal effectiveness through the integrity of individual power. In addition, your relationships to your father or to other authority figures have karmic rhythms. Naturally enough, the pitfall lies in replaying the mistakes of the past without letting go of the attachment that cause such patterns to exist in the first place. The challenge is to see in every action the signature of prior momentum, and to adjust your understanding accordingly. Eventually you can achieve true spontaneity rather than be undermined by repetitive cycles of unconscious reaction. (Robert Pelletier) You can achieve significance and successfully exploit your creative potentials if you use your skills for some cause that improves the quality of life for others. You may have to maintain a low profile, but that should afford you privacy to come and go freely according to the demands of your work. You need to go your own way in your career, so you can grow into increasing opportunities to demonstrate your skills. You invest your resources as necessary, and you expect a favorable return. An imaginative and creative person, you realize you can't do everything yourself, so you obtain the services you need from people who are qualified in their fields. It is important to establish your own roots to prove to yourself that you can achieve on your own. You keep your private life separate from your professional affairs, rarely allowing one to interfere with the other. Your career allows you to utilize your ideas in a program designed to satisfy your need for personal security. You need to know that you are independent and that you can extend your field of infleunce when the opportunity comes up. You see what goals can be achieved by capitalizing on your resources, and you have the focus and determination to pursue your objectives with consistent effort. Your ability to improve your financial condition is unlimited, and you have the imagination required to succeed where others fail. Success inspires you to even greater achievements. You will always be challenged to find worthwhile ways to use your skills creatively to get the results you want. You will have to be very discriminating in handling challenging situations, which may occur often in your career. This may cause some problems if your partner resents the time and attention you give to your professional interest. Getting an education will enable you to define your goals and objectives and decide on what training you need to pursue them. You have always known that you have the potential for success; and you spend much time formulating plans for making the most of your creative ideas. Success depends on paying attention to all the details of a project, so that you know the results in advance. You must invest in your creative potentials if you want to derive any benefits from them, and you should establish priorities in your professional and personal objectives. It's simply a matter of deciding which is more urgent. Your career may have to take precendence over personal considerations, for that requires the greatest coordination of your skills. Succeeding in the marketplace also satisfies your need for gainful employment and security. Ideally, your partner should get involved in your career; but he or she should also realize that you need some time to be alone with your thoughts. A sympathetic mate will stimulate you to greater achievements. Failure to recognize your potentials can be a serious liability. You can succeed if you promote your skills aggressively. Obscurity in your developing years doesn't matter if you know your efforst are appreciated by those who benefit from them. You might prefer to keep a low profile so that you can have a private life away from the public eye. At the same time, you will know you've made a significant contribution to improving the quality of life for other people. You can satisfy your own needs when

you work to serve others. (Howard Sasportas) There is a basic archetypal discrepancy between the solar principle and the essence of the 12th house. The Sun's task is to establish, clarify and perpetuate a separate identity, while the 12th house dispatches forces which threaten to dissolve, undermine, de-structure and overwhelm the boundaries of the individual ego. Resolving the conflict requires that the person's sense of 'I' extends in scope beyond the more normal or usual reaches of consciousness. With the Sun in the 12th, the ego must play its part as a servant of the soul. Those with the Sun in the 12th need to learn how to straddle the borders between personal and universal, conscious and unconscious, individual ego and collective self. This is challenging: the personal ego needs to be flexible enough to allow entry to these elements and yet not so weak that it is overwhelmed by them. In the effort to maintain a solid and firm identity, the person may reject the existence of a personal or collective unconscious altogether. In the name of clarity and reason, barriers are erected to prohibit the entry of anything fuzzy, vague, irrational, mystical or transpersonal. The daytime border patrol follows the orders of the ego with the utmost alertness and alacrity, but the nightwatchmen are notoriously inefficient. As soon as they fall asleep on the job, what has been hidden or kept out of consciousness slips through and invades. The next morning the day patrol is back at work and the intruders are driven out once more. And so it goes on - vast reserves of psychic energy are spent keeping one part of ourselves away from another part. Alienated from aspects of our own make-up, it is not surprising that we suffer so much conflict and disease, not to mention the feeling of being cut off from other people. The Sun in the 12th, however, is given the opportunity to join the two sides of the self - personal and universal, conscious and unconscious - in an attempt to help these make friends with one another. The coalition between the forces of the ego and the hidden, deeper realm of the psyche is potentially very fruitful. Those with the Sun in this house can act as channels or mediums for the expression of mysthic or archetypal images in the collective unconscious, whether it is through art, poetry, dance, music or some form of psychic work. Their sensitivity and openness to that which is beyond the requirements of the personal self make them effective servants and healers who respond to the needs of others. They may be used as vessels for invoking chances on the level of the collective. In some way the personal identity meets and incorporates something larger and more universal. In line with traditional 12th house associations, those with the Sun here may need to spend a good deal of time on their own. So receptive to others, they continually absorb influences from the environment. Periods of withdrawal and retreat help them to shed what they have 'picked up' and regain a sense of their own boundaries again. Sometimes, crisis and confinement precede an experience of awakening and illumination. Others may be so confused and undermined by unconscious forces or outside elements that leading an ordinary day-to-day existence is severely hampered. Various forms of institutions may play a part in their lives. The vocation could involve work in hospitals, prisons, museums, libraries, etc.. Certain astrological texts suggest that those with the Sun in the 12th have used their will-power too selfishly in a previous lifetime. Now they must employ their power for the sake of other people, or have the experience of being at the mercy of somebody else's authority. Hidden pride and arrogance or the unconscious belief that the world owes them a living and should

without question recognize them as special could cause problems. The Sun is a 'male principle'; and in the nebulous 12th it could mean some confusion around the father or other males in the life, or sacrifices to be made regarding them. Sometimes, there is a strong psychic link with the father.

SUN BY ASPECT Natal Sun conjunct Moon
(Robert Pelletier) This shows that your temperament is unilateral, or almost unaffected by conflicts with the will of others. Your personality is basically integrated, but this does not mean you will have a trouble-free life. It merely indicates that you are reasonably satisfied with yourself and with the goals you hope to realise. You do not adapt to circumstances unless doing so will serve your best interests. Beacuse you are highly motivated to achieve your objectives, success is more than likely. You waste very little effort in activities unless they will benefit you in some way. You know how to coordinate your available resources with your life pursuits, and always have the skills required to carry out any special task you choose. No-one is allowed to interfere in your affairs; nor do you concern yourself with the affairs of others. You establish a barrier between yourself and others and do not permit anyone to intrude. You allow yourself the privilege of going beyond that barrier, but you rarely do so. Generally, a person who wants to meet with you will have to make the first gesture. You would rather not have to extend yourself if it can be avoided. Because you prefer to be independent of close involvement with people, you have to rely on your own ingenuity when the going gets rough. In this way, you are self-sustaining and self-defeating at the same time. You can becaome enormously successful in your own estimation, even if others can't judge your success. You don't measure your level of accomplishments by the same devices most people use when making comparisons. You can best succeed when you work alone or at least can determine for yourself how or when you do your work. You are qualified for positions of authority, although you may be resented by those under you because you are so sure of yourself. You have the power to help others become intergrated, although you may decide it isn't worth the effort. In spite of your seeming self-assurance, you are not too successful in relating to people except at the social level. You are so afraid to have your emotions trampled that you keep personal contacts at arm's length. Your sensitive nature is your Achilles tendon, which you try to protect. You depend heavily on small quiet moments to give you the spiritual nourishment that your outer life feeds on. Irritated by the constant distractions and the hustle and bustle of competitive society, you must periodically rejuvenate your forces privately, perhaps in meditation. (Haydn Paul) The conjunction indicates the potential integrated personality, moving towards selfcontainment and self-sufficiency focused on a firm identity and a purposeful life direction. As there can be a fundamental inner harmony between your feelings and will, energy will not be diverted into dealing with inner conflicts and stresses, and

this will enable you to concentrate on unfolding a life-path or career. You will feel comfortable with your temperament and pursuing your aims absorbs most of your time and energy. Success is likely due to the consistent level of motivation and perseverance that you can apply, and the ability of making maximum use of personal and material resources to further your ambitions is a great asset. Wasting time or effort is not your style, as you feel that you are following a golden thread of density which offers meaning and continually urges you to follow its direction. If the spiritual dimension is your chosen route, then you may feel a 'mission' waiting for you to perform, some type of world service. This can be the presence of your solar centre making an impact on your consciousness, trying to guide your path of purpose. Taking responsibility for directing your life is important, and you can display a selfassured independence of spirit, refusing to accept any unnecessary interference and being determined to follow your own light. You may find that working alone, or taking full responsibility for a self-employed business, is preferable to being an employee, so that you gain the full benefits of your efforts. While you may be able to act in a responsible position of authority, there may be a question mark against your style of relating. Through tendencies of self-absorption you may lack awareness of others, and this can result in authoritarian attitudes, creating barriers of communication and retaining a detached role denuded of any concern for how others are reacting to you. Relationships can be a weak point, except on basically superficial social levels, and people may receive the impression that you are not unduly interested in human contact and friendship. They may also note a certain inflexibility about you, which rarely dissolves unless it is for a matter which will actually benefit you; compromise for mutual harmony may be a casualty with this attitude, which could be described as an almost innocent self-centredness. Privacy and independence of thought and action remain high priorities for you. Much of this stance is derived from a need for protectiveness, emanating from the moon's influence. It is not that you feel threatened by others, but that you feel you should protect your vulnerable emotions. This side of you is often kept hidden, although you recognise how intense your feeling nature really is, and in many circumstances you are highly dominated and influenced by the Moon's promptings in choices and decisions. There is a fear that your emotions may be battered by experiences, so at times there can be an avoidance of certain relationships or contentious issues, because your sense of well-being is intimately connected to the feeling tone of your emotional nature. You can be emotionally impulsive, especially if the balance between the sun and moon is swinging to favour the moon, as there can be an alternating pattern where one planet is more dominant than the other, before the balance rectifies itself again. It is perhaps fortunate that you are able to trust the unity of feelings and will, applying it instinctively and spontaneously in chosen directions and expecting that it will lead you towards right results. THis enables you to concentrate your energy into narrow channels of attention, and through the act of focusing make it more powerful and penetrating. Being self-contained, you may lack the ability of self-reflection and have no objective perspective and appraisal of your actions and temperament; you may rarely try selfanalysis. Your ambitions are often extremely personal in nature, and may not be easily understood by others. What you may need to guard against is an overemphasis of either Sun or Moon tendencies, perhaps through an excessive preoccupation with career decelopments which can amplify the Sun principle in your nature, or even through and absorption in the traditional lunar preoccupations of domestic life. An

equal expression and balance is required, or there is the possibility that health problems may occur if one planet becomes consistently dominant. Your emotional and physical well-being can be affected by unbalanced activity, especially if the career / mission consciousness rises to the forefront. To remedy this, you may need to withdraw into periodic inner communication, possibly through quiet retreats and meditation to recharge your batteries. You should also insure that your emotional nature is regularly vitalised by intimate human contact and not left to atrophy through a temporary ignoring of its needs. Maintaining a flowing balance helps to avhieve your goals as well as keeping that temperament healthy. (Karen Hamaker-Zondag) The sun and moon go together to form a unit, which certainly has its good side, for the behavior we adopt in order to feel comfortable (the Moon) coincides with the way we naturally develop and realize our potential (the Sun). This gives a certain poise and sang-froid. Much can be achieved, both socially and in the inner life, thanks to the sense of unity imparted by a sun / moon conjunction. Astronomically speaking, a conjunction of the Sun and Moon is a new moon; the symbol of a fresh start, a propitious moment to sow. If the sun is well placed, the conjunction can give plenty of drive and enthusiasm. But if the Moon is the stronger of the two, involvement in new undertakings is often much more impulsive, and their consequences are not properly thought out - which is not to say that these initiatives are any less important. At its best, this conjunction unites the male and female principles - anyway, the native seeks to unite them. Sometimes this leads to strained relationships, because the native does not know which ought to have the upper hand. the active male side or the passive female side. Both side are niseparably bound together. Because the sun sign receives added emphasis from this conjunction, there may be an identity problem or a poor understanding of the nature of activity and passivity. More explicity, the relationship with the partner can become confused. On the one hand, the emotions (Moon) can be stimulated by the conjunction with the Sun; on the other, the emotions can sometimes have a detrimental effect on the resilience of the sun. The conjunction of the planet of personal awareness (Sun) with that of unconscious reactions (Moon) often gives great immediacy and application. Whatever is done is done wholeheartedly. (Betty Lundsted) This conjunction indicates that one parent is both mother and father to the child, one parent is very strong and out-influences the other. This may mean that one parent is missing so that the other is forced to take both roles. Sometimes it means that one parent is ill and the other must pick up all the parental responsibilities for the child. Most of the time, the stronger parent can be discovered by observing the polarity of the Sun and Moon, for it indicates that either the mother or the father was super strong. In the search of someone with sun conjunct moon trying to discover the early childhood environment, the parents may not be truthful about what was going on at that time. (Charles Carter)

This is sometimes regarded with disfavour, it being stated that it tends to weakness of body and no very bright condition of mind. It is of course a critical position, since the two most important bodies of the horoscope are placed together, usually in the same sign and with the same aspects. It can scarcely, of itself, tend to breadth of outlook or adaptability, for the interests will naturally incline to centre on the matters of the house that is occupied and the character will be heavily marked with the sign in which the Lights are. It often happens that Mercury and Venus are also one or both in the same sign and house, and the tendency to unbalance is then considerable. Some extremes must therefore be expected: in fire, the emotional nature will be active; in water, the feelings and susceptibilities will be stong; in air, there may be mental coolness or fickleness and caprice; in earth, heaviness and stagnation. Yet these dangers are by no means inevitable. It may be surmised that this conjunction does tend to make the native in some way (to use a colloquialism) a whole-hogger, or one whose eggs are all in one basket, whether they are material, emotional, or mental eggs. It is likely that they will be in part emotional in any case, and some degree of self-will and stubbornness is probably, for the pliancy of the Moon is stiffened by the Sun. It inclines a little to vanity and self-opiniation. Sometimes there is considerable repression, and a tendency to live to oneself, in mental or actual isolation.

Natal Sun trine / sextile Moon
Sun trine Moon (Robert Pelletier) The trine of the Sun and Moon indicates that there is a certain harmonious balance between your will and your habits and emotions. You naturally react to stimuli in such a way that your ego can continue to develop properly. There is a good balance between the lessons you have learned from your past experiences and your ability to use these lessons to realize your destiny. Your relationship with your parents was generally favorable to your continued growth. They might even have inspired you to assert your own individuality so that you could become your own person rather than a reflection of their desires. You should enjoy a pleasant relationship with them and with other members of your family throughout your life. Only stress contacts between the Sun or the Moon and other planets in your chart could complicate the foregoing. In such instances, you would be responsible for the difficulties; the favorable influence here would still hold true, as you would eventually realize. Your greatest problem, if it can be called that, is your tendency to be apathetic when you could deliberately assert yourself. You have an abundance of creative talent that can be usefully applied in situations that involve people and close relationships. Young people and children are comfortable with you and are on their best behavior because they want to please you. They respond to your attitude of protective caring for them, and they would never forget your contact with them. You have the opportunity to rise to prominence if you want to. There is a luck factor in your favor, but you also have the temperament to feel completely at ease in positions of authority. You always exercise your will with an understanding of how people will react to it. Persuasive but not offensive, you have a knack for getting people to do what you want without appearing domineering. Your refined nature is a decided asset if you choose to pursue a professional career.

Your sincerity and honesty make you attractive to both sexes. You are warm and friendly towards casual acquaintances as well as close friends, and wherever you go you leave a lasting impression. You underestimate your potential to climb to the top in any endeavor you find attractive. You should choose a field that has possibilities for growth. Land or land development, homes, and domestic enterprises in general are some of the areas in which you could build a very rewarding future. Working with the public is advised because you have the calm disposition to cope with any situation that ccould develop. Sun trine Moon (Haydn Paul) This indicates that there can be a positive harmony of conscious will and your instinctual, emotional, and habitual response patterns to life; fewer inner conflicts between your feeling reactions and the application of your purpose should occur. You are likely to feel self-confident and optimistic about fulfilling your potential, aims and ambitions, and you may discover that doors open for you at the right times, or people offer support and help which enable you to move forward; luck may be a factor in your life. Your early life experiences, parental relationships and childhood social conditioning are likely to have been generally favourable, and little negativity has made any deleterious mark on your development. There may be benefits from hereditary influences, possibly in natural talents and gifts, and some of your habitual pattern tendencies may be family traits, although the likelihood is that they are essentially positive and constructive. In your adult life, you will try to maintain good family relationships, both with your parents and with any family that you are responsible for creating. You tend to relate well with young children, who enjoy your sincere concern, care, understanding and attention. You ensure that you learn from all experiences so that lessons do not need to be painfully repeated. One area where extra prompting may be needed is in application. As your basic temperament is relaxed and laid-back, generating sufficient momentum towards achieving aims can sometimes seem to be too much hard work to bother. You may be unwilling to stretch and really challenge yourself to develop, and thus may fail to realise the depth of latent potential that you actually possess. In fact, you should have considerable natural talents waiting to be exploited, and you should become alert to any opportunities that offer the prospect of growth and unfoldment, so that your creative drives and ability to unite feelings and will are successfully released in your environment. Self-assertion may need a concentrated focus for you to progress in a career; although the potential is there for good advancement to be made, there may be a question mark against your level of commitment and desire actually to enter senior positions. Your sensitive good nature may be less of an asset in such positions, however, where harsh impersonal decision may be required for business viability. Yet you could effectively serve in an authoritative role, especially in spheres of interpersonal contact and communication, where your assets of friendliness, sincerity, persuasiveness and understanding people's motivations can make you a very good mediator between levels of employees. Feeling right with yourself is important, and you recognise that is a key to good personal health and enjoyment of life. The free-flowing nature of this Sun-Moon contact helps you to appreciate your strong physical vitality, stamina and ability to recover easily from any temporary illness.

In social situations, you tend to act as a 'bridge' between people, being able to understand and empathise with different types, and throgh that reconciling aspect of your nature can help people to join together more easily. You can be sexually attractive, and this can lead you into successful relationship experiences. The main issue is to use this aspect's positive and constructive nature as fully as possible, and not just allow that stable, tranquil and contented nature to cast a soporific spell over you. You need to awaken your solar nature and qualities, in addition to expressing your lunar qualities comfortable, because that will become your path of selfdevelopment. Sun sextile Moon (Robert Pelletier) The Sun sextile the Moon indicates that, as a whole, your life will be reasonably happy and essentially tranquil. You relate easily to people in general and will enjoy a lifelong pleasant relationship with your parents and other members of your family. You maintain a well-balanced attitude toward both the past and the present. Deriving much benefit from your experiences, you use the lessons sufficiently effectively to become successful in future enterprises. You are sufficiently strong-willed to assert yourself when necessary, but you are careful not to offend people who may be sensitive. You try to treat people as you want to be treated, and your consideration makes you well liked. You understand people and make allowances for their negative qualities while enjoying them for their good points. A very creative person, you have a wealth of ideas to draw on. Communication is relatively easy for you, and you strive for mutual understanding between you and the people you deal with. You are not afraid to make concessions to others if it will promote greater rapport between you. Because you are secure about your goals, you never really feel threatened when challenged. You feel that even though you may lose a few, you will win at least as many and probably more. Your ego is important, to be sure, but not so much that you would seek another person's submission in order to satisfy it. You prefer to relate to people as equals, regardless of their situation in life. There is every indication that you will succeed as a person. You can achieve fulfilment in whatever profession you choose and simply need the right opportunity to express your creative talents. You are on good terms with your superiors and coworkers, and you respect their trust in you. Because you are a good listener as well as a good talker, you learn well and can use what you learn. You remember the lessons of the past, but you have no desire to return to it. You are content with the present, knowing it will provide you with what you need to courageously face the future, and you are grateful for it all. You are equally comfortable with men and women. Your early relationship with your own parents has given you a healthy attitude about people and resulted in no important inner conflicts. You can probably always count on your parents to give you a helping hand when you need it. Your children will learn your uncomplicated outlook on life, and they will benefit from it as much as you have. If you can operate from your home, you will enjoy your career interests. Wherever you go in pursuit of your destiny, you will tend to establish career residence, if only for a short time.

Sun square / opposition Moon
Sun square Moon (Robert Pelletier): The square from the Sun to the moon means that you will have some difficulty in

using your resources to satisfy your desires. You bitterly resent that you must make eenormous adjustments in order to get what you want from life. It seems as if you never have quite the right training for what you want to do, but you make only halfhearted attempts to acquire the training you need to succeed. Although you want the 'good life', you aren't willing to discipline yourself to get it. You are at odds with important people who will not accept you unless you can prove yourself by demonstrating a willingness to work. Your negative response distorts the information you receive, which makes it more difficult to learn from your experiences. Generally you react to stimuli in a way that is not consistent with achieving the recognition you want. The frustration you feel has inhibited your character development and is a problem in other areas, including domestic matters, social relationships, emotional interests, and professional affairs. Your lack of success in these areas shows that you have a lot to learn before you can expect to reap any rewards. You must learn to bring your emotions and your will into line and subdue them with intellect and organization. You seem to think that any response will satisfy the will to achieve significance, but you will have to realize that only hard work and self-control can get you what you want. What you gain from your habitual actions is inadequate to your needs, as can be easily demonstrated. For one thing, you haven't progressed from obscure positions to position of increased responsibility. Also, you either haven't been able to win favor with people in high places, or you've done so by making concessions to them. If you get your ego out of the way, you can accomplish many things. You may have some problem in relating to the opposite sex. Comfortable domestic conditions may be impossible unless you can get that chip off your shoulder. You are argumentative and defensive, probably because of your emotional insecurity. This can be reversed if you will change your fighting attitude and become more compromising. You have a serious misalignment between what you want and what you are willing to do to get it. The possibility of realizing your dreams is in direct proportion to the investment you make. Sun square Moon (Haydn Paul): This suggests the existence of considerable inner stress and tension within the personality, where solar will is in conflict with deep-rooted feelings, emotions and instincts, and where the consious and evolutionary self may be trying to move in a direction which is contraty to certain habit patterns, especially those connected with security and protection of self boundaries. The ongoing struggle is in resolving contradictory inner messages, a psychological tendency which may have its roots deep within childhood perceptions of the parental relationship and your sense of emotional contact with your parents. As the Moon signifies the mother, and the Sun the father, in this context, there is the implication that there was a crucial problem inherent in that parental relationship, perhaps incompatibility on some vital level, or a lack of communication which may have led to a marriage breakdown in some respect. This may not have been evident on the surface of that relationship, but existed as an underlying current within the domestic psyhcic atmosphere which you registered. There may have been a partial identification with one parent to the exclusion of the other, perhaps because one parent had little time to spend with you. Somehow the inner dynamics have been distorted, resulting in personal frustration and difficulties in joining will and feelings in co-operation together. Unless steps are taken to achieve individual integration, you are liable to suffer from emotioanl insecurity founded on a resistance to fully accepting the nature of your

habitual feeling responses. A probable action that you take is inner denial and repression, and this will have eventual consequences of intensifying those inner tensions and possible personality splits. Yet because these powerful emotions seem to burn within you, you try to control their release through expressing them in daily life, and because of the pressures that can accumulate you may display argumentative, provocative and belligerent tendencies in your relationships at times. The danger is falling victim to your own powerful desire nature, and being perpetually frustrated through aiming high and losing an appreciation of what exists in the present. There can be a restless, searching qulity to this apsect which results from the need to resolve deep inner conflicts; the poblem is finding the way to achieve those desires. This need stimulates inner questioning, especially related to 'What's it all about?' and 'What is the measning of life?' These become promptings from your inner Sun, encouraging you to start on your heroic quest to discover the solar centre and the spiritual dimension of life. Yet you can often act as your own worst enemy, reacting in ways that diminish any likelihood of success. You may fail to see how you can utilise existing resources to deepen life enjoyment or reach aims; you may refuse to make necessary compromises; you may consciously devalue your potential and abilities, eroding away self-confidence; you may clash with others who could have been supportive to your efforts. These unconscious patterns of unresolved frustrations interfere between your conscious will and deeper needs, tending to negate satisfaction for either. Sometimes, as a result of this inner stress, all you feel like doing is being very destructive, liberating the repressed energies by either verbal or physical expressions of bad temper. The problem facing you is the movement from 'here' to 'there'. That abyss stares you in the face and will not go away, and apparently, try as you might, you still cannot cross over to the promised land. Being 'here' feels wrong, and you believe that you should be 'there', but how can it be achieved? The only way to gain your aims is through a radical transformation, so that the 'old you' remains on this side, and the 'new you' appears there to claim your ambition. This is the challenge confronting the hero at every stage of his quest, and each step forward on his path represents difficulties overcome on the journey towards the magnetic light that he senses and follows. How may this be done? The honest answer has to be 'with difficulty' and with much hard work. Your promised land will not be gained without great persverance and stuggle, proving your capabilities, transcending any obstacles on the way and never accepting defeat. You may need to pursue additional training or study to qualify for a specialist skill, or to help unfold latent qualities and talents. You may need to apply self-discipline to maintain your efforts, and to display your intention to work until success happens. Relationships may need improving through compromise, to avoid unnecessary conflicts resulting from your frustrations. Lessons need to be learned from previous experiences, and applied in daily living. Clarity may be rquired between what you desire and what you are prepared to do to achieve it, and trying to ensure that your aims will actually be emotionally satisfying when achieved. Integration between your conscious will and those underlying emotions is vitally necessary, and the best way for this is to allow the emotions to rise to the surface of your mind, so that you can look at their nature and develop an understanding of their needs, and then attempt to fuse will and emotions via the medium of the intellectual mind, through imposing a more powerful light upon that emotioanl sea. Investing great effort should result in steps towards realising those desires. It is not an easy path, although viewing that

inner stress as motivation is at least a positive perception of what personal frustration can provide as a transformative spur. Otherwise, what options are left to you? Living with personal disharmony; experiencing lack of success and frustration of aims; a restriction of personal potential; problems spilling over into your domestic life, career and social relationships; dissatisfaction in intimate affairs with the opposite sex; domestic responsibilities and duties limiting your freedom to reach your ambitions, and possible ill health (digestive problems) stimulated by emotional and psychosomatic tensions. If you take the challenge to resolve the conflicts and contradictions of this square, then finding constructive outlets for your powerful energies may help to form your new path. Learning how to listen to those agitating feelings, and managing to integrate them into your life instead of ignoreing them, will help to restore a sense of balance and well-being. Sun opposition Moon (Robert Pelletier): The sun opposition the Moon shows that there are difficulties between you and the people you deal with. You have a natural conflict betwen your emotions and your ego, and you unconsciously communicate this psychological hang-up to your associates, family, friends, and even your romantic partners. You often act in a hesitant spurt of enthusiasm, which is followed by anguish that your action may have been ill-advised. When you try to assert your own individuality, you are often torn by loyalty to those closest to you. You would prefer to have their full support so you could avoid the painful explanations and guilt that seem to accompany anything you want to do. Relationships mean a great deal to you, and you long for someone with whom you can totally identify. Although you enjoy casusal contacts, they never sufficiently satisfy your need to beliong. You want a person who will fulfill your every need: love, friendship, sustaining you in your goals, sharing in your setbacks, fortifying you in your weakness, inspiring you in exploiting your creative talents, and sharing the full benefits of your combined efforts. A tall order, to be sure, and you will have to make concessions to obtain that kind of partner. You will have to be more giving than receiving, more compromising than obstinate, and more humble than arrogant. This too may be a tall order, but you can do it, or at least give it a good try. Any progress will prove beneficial. Your greatest handicap is your unwillingness to let go of the past. Don't be afraid that people will consider you indifferent and unfeeling - you could never be unemotional. Make a realistic appraisal of what you want from your life, and file a plan with yourself to achieve it. Don't wait for people to open doors for you. Some things you must do for yourself, even if it means you have to indulge in yourself. You will experience some problems with partnerships until you know where you stand and can state your position honestly. You might feel sorry for yourself or become bitter when matters don't progress exactly the way you want them to, but that's life. The hard knocks are what make the success that follows so precious. Try to maintain a moderate physical pace, for you can't get away with burning the candle at both ends. Sun opposition Moon (Haydn Paul) This indicates that there are likely to be two main challenging areas in your life. One

involves your relationship with social and intimate partnerships, and your ability to adjust to the demands of the external world; and the second is concerned with inner tensions associated with conflict and contradiction between your conscious egoic will and your unconscious mind, feelings and emotions. Studying the nature of the specific houses of this planetary opposition can offer valuable indications as to the spheres of life that are likely to be especially influenced. You will probably feel internal division, with opposing messages and impulses rising from the differing Sun and Moon tendencies, and this creates stress and confusion regarding which inner voice you should follow. What may be experienced is one inner voice encouraging you to follow an adult path of career, vocation and progress (the Sun), and another more instinctual voice (the Moon) trying to make you pay more attention to your emotional needs for personal nourishment. Pulled in two directions, looking towards those individual future aims and desires, while also turning towards the secure and familiar past, you become unsure of what to do. The Moon's instinctive responses may reject the egoic ambitions of the Sun, and the Sun refuses to allow time and attention to satisfy the Moon's need for emotional nourishment as this does not conform to an adult self-image of independent maturity. One consequence of this inner polarisation is a diminution of vitality and energy, which are burnt away by the friction caused by tension and internal fighting over supremacy. Diminishing both the expression of Sun and Moon reduces your opportunities for satisfaction in either sphere of life; ambitions may fail to be realised, and relationships fail to fulfil your emotional needs. Over time, there develops a pattern of oscillation as your inner balance between Sun and Moon tilts to favour either one or the other; if the balance is regularly in favour of one planet, then the qualities of the other planet are repressed into the unconscious mind. The tendency may be to repress the deeper energies of the Moon back into the unconscious due to their natural affinity there, but in elevating and listening only to the Sun many personal emotional needs are denied, and this will eventually stimulate later problems of integration and will burst through under pressure in later love relationships. In opposition aspects, often part of the planetary polarity which is less expressed and integrated is projected externally onto the world and people, and it is likely that the existence of your inner conflict will be unconsciously transmitted to others, who then serve to mirror back your unintegrated aspect. Stress in the psyche is reflected by relationship difficulties, and this is likely to be an ongoing challenge for you to resolve, and may spill over into domestic, financial, romantic and marital situations. Continual tension may create ill health and deplete your vitality, and one sign of this may be experiences of restlessness, nervous agitation and psychosomatic illness. Changes of moods and emotional responses may occur, ranging from an exhilaration and sense of purpose, meaning and self-confidence to deep depressions, feelings of being unloved, and loss of individual stability. These may be triggered by movement within your inner polarity of Sun-Moon, when the balance of energy flows erratically. This unstable energy flow can be noted in times when you commence a new project or change direction with great enthusiasm and will, and then suddenly everything appearas to be a waste of time and a mistake as your energy level wanes. Scattered and uncompleted schemes, projects and ideas may litter your life. Relationships too could follow a similar pattern, starting as 'the love of your life' and then collapsing into an unsatisfactory withdrawal as feelings change and disillusionment sets in. Underlying your relationships lie those deep Moon needs and desires; fulfilling these is the root of relationship difficulties. You tend to hold an image of a loving partner being able to satisfy all your needs, even needs that you often deny or choose

not to even acknowledge to yourself, someone in whom you can almost become lost and rely on totally. These are probably reflections of previous childhood patterns where your parents proved unable to fully satisfy your childhood needs; now you search for another adult to do so. For you, a partner has to be a lover, friend and companion, sustaining you, healing your conflicts, tending to your needs, and offering clear directions in life. There are dependency needs entangled in this pattern, needs of belonging which temporary short-lived affairs will fail to satisfy. You hope to find someone who either takes charge of things, or help you to develop your own potential; somehow you feel inadequate to do this on your own. Your difficultly lies in a tendency to project your inner stresses on to your close relationships, with phases of dissention, confrontation and argument occurring as a means of releasing energies. Compromise may need more development, and learning how to give rather than just take is essential. Balance and moderation is one approach to consider, instead of reacting to contradictory feelings and responding only to the temporary dominating voice. Take time to determine what are your most consistent aims in life, make a realistic appraisal of your qualities, talents and potentials, and try to discover how the voices of Sun and Moon can be united and integrated into a common message to follow. Break out of that subjective prison, unfold a sense of objectivity, and refuse to blame the environment or people for the obstacles that stand in the way of progress. While part of this personality pattern may have developed during childhood, with you perceiving your parents as offering you two sets of opposing messages, or perhaps losing one of them due to divorce or death, it is your adult responsibility to transcend this difficulty rather than perpetuate it again. Integrating the principles of Sun and Moon in your psyche may not be easy, and a careful balance of listening and honouring both voices needs to be achieved, but discovering a way to do this may be essential to your well-being, emerging after a period of losing life meaning and purpose. A change in consciousness and integration of those deeper and ignored Moon needs can be achieved, if you generate the will to do so. Pursuing humanistic self-therapy techniques designed to liberate repressed feelings and individual desires / needs may be appropriate at such a stage, and looking towards psychosynthesis, gestalt, encounter and co-counselling groups may be beneficial. These can all help to stimulate the integrative quality of both lunar and solar centres, leading to inner balance and freedom of expression. Sun square or opposition Moon (Karen Hamaker-Zondag) The uncertainty generated by the square arises from the fact that the conscious behavior (Sun) conflicts with the behavior needed to give a sense of security (Moon). Therefore a square between Sun and Moon can make the native very unsettled, especially if the background of the elements is tense. In the opposition, the kind of uncertainty is different. This opposition makes us painfully aware of our duality. Conscious behavior and unconscious reaction patterns clash with one another, yet always have something in common because the signs in which they are posited lie on the same axis. Therefore, when they are in opposition, the Sun and Moon can complement one another well once they make common cause. Until such time as they do (and this may take quite a while), the native will suffer from a nagging sense of discomfort and insecurity. In either case, the native is inclined to adopt a certain form of behavior to the virtual exclusion of its alternative, and so the latter seeks to express itself indirectly. But if

he does give both forms of behavior a chance, he generally ends up feeling like 'two individuals rolled into one' with first one, then the other in the forefront. Those around him never know what to expect, and the native feels plagued by inner instability. Usually he has an identiy problem and often wonders which character is the real him, to which the answer is 'both of you'. The uncertainty can result in many things being left half done, or in perpetual changes of opinion, or in general dissatisfaction with one's performance; in short, a great deal of energy has to be expended on tackling inner insecurity before the native can begin to solve external problems. Nevertheless, hard Sun-Moon aspects do have considerable energy at their disposal. The uncertainties and the obstacles produced by their tension compel the native, sooner or later, to start sorting things out. The tension between the Sun and Moon send him in search of answers to such questions as 'Who am I?', 'What is really implied by the difference between male and female?' and 'What is significant in a relationship?' It is not uncommon for conflicts between the Sun and Moon to present problems with the life partner. Since, among other things, the Moon represents what a man is looking for in a woman, and the Sun represents what a woman is looking for in a man, the native tends to fall in love with somebody who jars him or her in some way. At the same time, the hard aspects provide sufficient energy to deal with any problems that may arise. The latter are usually caught in time because, being so insecure, the native is quite sensitive to them and is prepared to work hard to stop them escalating. Therefore it is entirely possible for people with a square between the Sun and the Moon to make happy marriages.

Natal Sun quincunx Moon
(Robert Pelletier) The sun inconjunct the moon indicates that your ties to the past and to emotional security are misaligned with the ways in which you consciously express your will and desire. The resulting stress is usually seen in your relationships. In your desire to hold on to old friends and associates, you may enormous concessions that interfere with your own development. You create situations that bind you with obligations to people and that are difficult to free yourself from. You so complicate your life this way that one would suspect you enjoy suffering at the hands of others. Your eagerness to be of service to people would be better utilized by getting a job with that aim in mind. There is constant danger of abusing you health when you yield to the demands people make on your time and energy. You must overcome the feeling that you owe it to them. Furthermore, you don't have the right to interfere with other people's lives by taking their responsibilities on yourself. What are you trying to prove? Are you trying to win their approval because you really feel you don't deserve it? Be assured that you are probably far more competent than those you serve, only you don't know it. You should spend more time with your own affairs and capitalize on your own talents and creative abilities. Let your contribution be to develop your potentials and gain recognition for excellence in everything you do. You are painfully sympathetic to anyone who comes to you with a tale of woe. Channel that sympathy into activities that can bring you some benefits. Many occupations require your depth of understanding, such as medicine, physical therapy, and work with young people and children. In these fields thre is a genuine need for

your kind of unselfish dedication to others. In a more objective application of your talents, you could be happy working woth welfare programs or with fund-raising organizations that serve those who are unable to help themselves. Relaxation is essential if you want to maintain your gneral good health. Get away as often as you can to unwind from the pressure of your daily concerns. Avoid visiting relatives if you are expected to 'chip in' and help while you're there. Your romantic interests can be disappointing because you assign undeserved attributes to the person you love. Being rejected is especially painful to you, and you might say 'I've been so good to taht person, and I don't deserve to be treated this way'. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and learn to accept people the way they are. If you can't accept them as they are, don't try to reshape them to your design, for that always fails. You can offer your prospective mate many advantages, and you are willing to work side by side to get the things you both want. When you know that you are loved, you are inspired, and the best in you is brought to the surface. (Karen Hamaker-Zondag) An inconjunct between the Sun and Moon gives a dormant, clandestine tension that does in fact produce a great sense of insecurity, although the native is only marginally aware of it. Something is quite likely to keep bothering him but he is unable to say what it is. Because the two lights have to do with the life force, this aspect can undermine the vitality every now and then. However, nothing need be seriously wrong; the cause is usually an inability to relax properly. There is a complete cleavage between the conscious behavior and the unconscious reaction pattern. This leads to considerable confusion in everyday life: the attirude adopted to the outside world is entirely different from the attitude the native would like to adopt. Because the active and passive sides operate quite independently, it is often hard to strike a balance because he dithers over them or even tries to ignore them. Troubled relationships may be expected too with this Sun / Moon aspect. Usually husband and wife have completely different dispositions and expect to lead their own lives. The inconjunct is more likely than the other hard aspects to obstruct the view of problem areas, which can therefore become more painful and tiresome. The inconjunct betweem the Sun and Moon can raise false hopes about the partner which end in disappointment. After a crisis, the dilemna connected with the inconjunct can be seen more clearly and the situation can be resolved. In other words, a sense of balance can be developed through weathering a crisis - although the native will always be aware that the balance is precarious.

Natal Sun conjunct Venus
(Robert Pelletier) The Sun conjunct Venus represents a strongly developed love nature. Although it may not be apparent to a casual observer, you are extremely eager for people to like you. In fact, you make subtle adjustments in your urge for recognition so that they will be warmly disposed toward you. But you may not always compromise, simply because you don't want to give an impression of being weak in character. In more intimate contacts with persons you know well, you are not afraid they will misjudge you this way, so you behave more naturally. You especially want people to recognize you as a substantial individual who offerrs many important values to those who are willing to share them. You are open to communication with others and will listen enthusiastically in conversation with them. You enjoy people and are generally cheerful and sociable in large or small gatherings. On the chance of meeting someone who can be useful at another time, you take care to circulate freely and 'touch base' with everyone. You know how to make lasting impressions by dramatizing yourself, for you don't want to be overlooked merely because you didn't take the time to make your presence known. Your greatest problem is that you assume people will think well of you even if you do nothing to deserve it. You can become pompously presumptuous that your presence alone is enough to merit everyone's attention. You are a romanticist at heart and can be swayed by a display of affection. Appreciative of the finer things in life, you get a sense of fulfillment when you indulge in them, in addition to the comfort and pleasure they give you. (Haydn Paul) Only the conjunction, semi=sextile and semi-square aspects are astronomically possible between the Sun and Venus, as the maximum distance between these planets is 48 degrees. This conjunction conveys an optimistic and cheerful spirit, where you will greatly enjoy social company and the pleasures of life, so that easthetic and hedonistic activities are indulged to stimulate your sensual nature. Love and social relationships are highlighted, and you will be attracted to participate in the social whirl, circulating around your collection of friends, family and acquaintances. You feel it important to be liked by others, and this need may make you act in certain ways which gain the approval of people, so care may be required to ensure that you do not overly compromise your own feelings and thoughts in order to remain socially acceptable. There can be a dramatic quality to your style of self-presentation, perhaps emerging out of an artistic and creative sensitivity, and this will be employed to gain the attention of people; you prefer to leave your mark and need to feel recognised. While some may see you in a superficial light, this is not how you desire to be socially acknowledged. The recognition you are looking for is of your whole personality, your talents and qualities, and as you grow older you will prefer to enjoy the company of those who can appreciate you more fully. This may be through mutual interests in art, culture or the beauty of nature, because lying beneath any socialite veneer is your real appreciation of the harmony of life and nature which evokes that romantic and poetic spirit that inspires your perception of life and infuses a hidden desire for inner peace and integration. You enjoy quality in life, and will try to create a pleasing home

environment which allows relaxation into domestic comforts and pleasures. You will attract others to your potent magnetic personality, and you are likely to experience a variety of relationships as a consequence of your romantic attitudes. You open easily to demonstrations of love and affection, and your heart can quickly melt. As a lover of life, a certain intensity will be present, as will the tides of love's joys and pains, but never attempt to turn off your developed love nature, or you may find that life rapidly loses its lustre and becomes grey, mundane and lifeless. Part of your role is to spread life-appreciation, enlivening others so that they too can become sincere lovers of life, and isn't that a task well worth pursuing? Some may find you 'too alive' or narcissistic, so you may need to be aware of others' reactions, and if they are correct in their evaluation of your self-centredness then some modification may be advised, so that you equally acknowledge their natures, qualities and personalities too. In conversations, the art of listening is as important as the art of communication, and your enthusiasms may require occasional toning down. You can bring positive benefits to those who become intimately close, through sharing your vitality, love and affections, and even if your relationships do not persist, you hope that those involved with you do not regret the time that has been shared. Changes will come through the expression of your heart and life enjoyment, and these may reshape your conscious identiy and self-image over time, so that more depth and insight begins to be unfolded. Others may turn to you for support and advice, wanting your flame to relight their own. Your pather of solar development is though the unifying love energies of Venus, so let these radiate ourwards into the world, touching and igniting the hearts of others. (Karen Hamaker-Zondag) When conscious behavior (Sun) is attended by the need for emotional and material safety and comfort and the desire for beauty and harmony (Venus), the behavior is generally friendly and accommodating. Friends are easily made and the native also finds it easy to move in society. The feeling for harmony in relationships gives diplomatic ability. On the other hand, the native finds it difficult to air problems or to talk them through, since he or she loves to be surrounded by a pleasant atmosphere. THe danger is that this attitude will result in a false bonhomie and in superficiality. And so the conjunction will deny depth to the personality if the native is content to smooth things over on the surface. Yet, as we have seen, this conjunction does have its good side. Generally, the native is very agreeable and has no difficulty in being friendly and sympathetic to others. There is also a need for shared experiences, preferably with the life partner. Showing affection is an essential mode of expression for the native and he or she is extremely romantic. The feeling for art is often well developed, although the background of the signs will have a say in this. The individual with the Sun conjunct Venus is fond of pleasure and the good things of life, and may sometimes overindulge in them. By and large, the aspect is an enjoyable one to have, even though it may make the native a trifle lazy. (Betty Lundsted) Venus is similar to Mercury in that it is nevery far from the Sun. Venus is usually in the same sign as the sun or one behind or ahead of it. Venus represents what we

want in life: the finer pleasures, the things we want around us, the person we want to be, the way we appreciate art, the way we appreciate love. It helps to define how we receive loving as well as our intellectual concept of what we think love is. The Venus position in relation to the Sun sign give a clue to what people are (Sun) and how this relates to what they want to be (Venus). When people talk about what they want to be, it is usually Venus talking. People with Venus in the same sign as the Sun usually are quite satisfied to be themselves, whatever that is. They have the potential to like themselves if the conjunction is not afflicted by another planet. It can make them very smug and selfsatisfied, for they like being the person they are. When we try to work out our ties to our parents, or when we try to understand our life, Venus conjunct the Sun can be difficult; for, we tend to stay in our rut rather than try to get out of it. Venus in the same sign as the Sun may indicate that a conscious decision has to be made before we can look at the motivation for what we do in some serious manner. When Venus conjuncts the Sun, the father either overaffects the child or the child subconsciously plays the role of the mother in order to gain Daddy's approval (Venus indicates a tie to the mother; Sun indicates the physical father.) This closeness to the father may be difficult to understand or to become conscious of, and the only time it becomes important is when the person is in the process of self-examination regarding relationships. A woman with Venus conjunct the Sun is tied to her father from a subconscious psychological point. She may marry a man who has the same attributes as her father. If she has Venus conjunct the Sun and no other emotional blocks (by aspect) in her chart, this problem is relatiovely easy to work with if she wants to be free of the influence. But if her Moon, Venus and the Sun are afflicted her chart becomes more obscure to work through; the struggle for consciousness becomes more complex. If she is interested in developing relationships tha tdo not include the father image, she must find a way to understand the conflict. A man with Venus conjunct his Sun is emotionally close to his father, and the aspects to the Sun-Venus conjunction will indicate how this closeness will take place. When Venus conjuncts the Sun, the psychological influence of the mother (Venus) is very close to the father image on a physical level (Sun). The child sees the parents' roles jumbled together and this can confuse him. A boy child may use his mother's 'role' games to get close to his Dad. This aspect depicts a relationship that is not uncommon among parents. The power parent is determined by the Sun sign; yet, when Venus conjuncts the Sun, the mother has a close rapport with the father, which may not be confirmed by the rest of the chart, by the power parent, or by what she says about her husband. In other words, not matter what she says about her husband to the contrary, she really likes the way he is. This confuses the child. In adult relationships it causes the following problems: a mother-dominated male may use his mother's tactics to get on with men as an adult; a father-dominated male feels that there should be some mystical-bond between his lady and himself, and is disappointed when he doesn't feel it; a motherdominateed female will feel a closeness to her dad that she can't understand, so it's a combination of love and resentment; the father-dominated female may marry a man in her father's image. The only time it is necessary to do something about this conjunction is when something keeps interfering with the development of meaningful, lasting emotional relationships. When we think our problems happen to us because we only meet 'awful people', we need to look inside ourselves to understand what has been programmed into our subconscious selves - for this program is the one we draw to us. It cures itself when we become conscious of it.

Natal Sun semisquare / semisextile Venus
Sun semisquare Venus (Charles Carter) This inclines to make women and girls excitable, emotional, warm-hearted, but without much stability. It is, in my opinion, by no means inferior to the conjunction so far as actual artistic ability is concerned, and when it is close (say within 2º) there is usually talent for Venus pursuits, and particularly for music and dancing. It is not very favourable for marriage, although by itself it should not be taken as a sufficient indication of celibacy or an unfortunate alliance. The family may be numerous, and, in female charts, it seems strongly to incline to feminine offspring; there is usually trouble with one of them. It commonly bestows personal charm. Much the same is true of men. It is not good for compatibility in marriage; or, if this exists, there is usually some other cause of sorrow in the married life. Nevertheless, it is a secondary influence, and must be judged as such. It seems (in men) to indicate shyness and solitary habits, with considerable sensitiveness, even though this may in some instances be masked behind bravado and noise. In the charts of rulers, it seems to denote restless and disloyal subjects and unfortunate foreign adventures. Sun semisquare Venus (Julia and Derek Parker) This is a major aspect between these planets, and tends to increase the possibility of a breakdown in marriage or a permanent relationship. Sun semisextile Venus (Charles Carter) The Semi-sextile, though a weak influence, betokens good humour, cheerfulness, and optimism. There is often a liking for human nature and for fun. An orb of about 2º might be allowed for this contact. Sun semisextile Venus (Julia and Derek Parker) The semisextile is not a strong feature, but with it and the conjunction there is nearly always an appreciation of beautiful things, such as art and music. If Mercury is involved, there will be a talent for craft work.

Natal Sun conjunct Mars
(Robert Pelletier) The Sun conjunct Mars gives you a sense of power in asserting your will. You don't feel that you have to compromise in your dealings with anyone. Since you project your will forcefully and with undeniable intensity, your presence may unintentionally threaten less hardy individuals. You are ambitious to be recognized, not so much for your achievements, but simply for yourself. But this may antagonize others, who will resent your assumption of superiority withtout having any achievements to justify it. It is difficult to determine whether you are driven by egocentricity or merely by having energy to spare. In any case, you respond quickly to competition and use every skill at your command to win. Because you find status quo conditions intolerable and apathy unforgivable, you stimulate people to take action when they might have indolently failed to do anything. Your considerable physical strength sustains you in expressing your boundless enthusiasm.

You have enormous creative ability and can excel in any leadership capacity. The kind of work you do isn't as important as the manner in which you accomplish your objectives. Intolerant of insubordination, you react violently to criticism. you tend to be uncompromising with people whose opinions differ from yours, and you are blunt in reprimanding them for it. You feel that anyone who expresses a different opinion is making a direct, personal attack on your credibility. Your temperament is suitable for competitive occupations in which hazard and danger are commonplace. Sports, racing, exploration, military service, working with machinery, or hunting would provide good means for creative expression, as would more intellectual pursuits, such as medicine, surgery, law, or police work. Your insistence on asserting your own desires with no consideration for others is a distinct liabilty. In evaluating the facts before taking action, you often disregard common sense, which makes it necessary to repeat the work later. You are inefficient in managing your energies and waste a lot of effort in unrewarding enterprises. A trusted adviser could help you plan your tactical moves, serve as your spokesperson in disputes, and restrain you from destructive impulsive action. Your powerful libido urges you to violence when your desires are not satisfied. not only that, but you are insensitive to the feelings of others; you must learn to make adjustments for those whose feelings are not as intense as your own. Because you react impulsively when you are angered, the chance of physically hurting yourself is increased. You waste large amounts of energy in fruitless effort that could be utilized constructively. Being hyperactive, you need sufficient rest to preserve your health. (Haydn Paul) This indicates the presence of an energy that is 'masculine' in essence, being highly vitalised, vigorous, forceful and assertive. The application and exploitation of your powerful will becomes a major impulse that demands expression, often resulting in a more self-centred level of preoccupation, focused on satisfying your desires and ambitions. You may have an aggressive, combative temperament, which can respond quickly to any hint of a threat or potentially competitive situations, seeing these as an opportunity to display your force and innate abilities and talents. You will feel a need to prove yourself to the world through achieving, or at least rise to a higher social profile than the majority. You may tend to assume attitudes of superiority, which is often derived from a sense of self-confidence, and inwardly you hold a self0image as a leader in some capacity. An urge to battle lies near the surface of your personality, and you can approach life as if it is a challenge, almost provoking encounters by 'throwing down the gauntlet' as a testing of your strength and power. To some, you may sem overly assertive, and your presence may threaten them by its forceful vibration. You may acquire several adversaries in the course of your journey through life, especially as you are liable to be insensitive to others' feelings. This may occur particularly within your employment or business life, where you are likely to contact other powerful individuals. You intensely enjoy applying your will-power, and may need to pay extra attention to your relationship manner and style of expression, as this could become a source of contention and downfall if it is misapplied. A liability to anger quickly may need some control too, or words spoken in haste may ruin relationships or friendships. You react against limitations and restrictions, and find adherence to the status quo or repetitive routines anathema to your volatile spirit. You love action, and the

adrenaline rush of physical or dangerous sports and activities is highly appealing. Your enthusiasms can be spontaneous and imulsive, and you prefer to leave space in your lifestyle for sudden decisions and changes of direction which can renew vitality and add a touch of freshness when life becomes jaded and familiar. You may be attracted to share this love of life and excess energy with others, stimulating them to break free of their self-imposed ruts and shake off their apathy. Some may not appreciate your endeavours though, and you may need to recognise when your efforts will fall on stony ground. There is an opinionated streak in your character that can take offence if anyone challenges your attitudes, values, thoughts or beliefs, and you take this as a personal attack, rather than a sharing of differing points of view. You can adopt an attitude of 'I'm right, and you're wrong' in such encounters, and refuse to consider alternative perceptions; this can be a restriction of your openness to life's many wonders and infinite variety of perceptions. In relationships, you do not easily compromise, as you tend to be self-centred and concerned about reaching for your desires; this could become a problem unless it is carefully modified, or you have an extremely passive and supportive partner. A strong sexual drive and inflamed passions are likely factors in your relationships, and you may be especially attracted to sudden love affairs, particularly if that theme of 'conquest' is paramount in your nature. While you are likely to possess considerable creative abilities, you may have difficulties in focusing these constructively and consistently, and despite your high level of activity you may waste energy that could be more positively applied. Part of this is due to an impulsiveness that prefers action to forethought and planning, and this tendency may need tempering by better managements of your resources and less haste in charging towards your objectives. Listen to the advice of others, or take professional suggestions; you may not always know best. Your focus is power through action, and the main areas that this can be released through are the conjunction house, and the houses ruled by both Sun and Mars in your chart. Look at these, as they may offer additional opportunities for a successful use of your talents and energies, especially when you begin to handle them with greater self-understanding. (Karen Hamaker-Zondag) Two active planets join forces here, signofying a ready identification of the self (Sun) with ambition, executive ability and leadership (Mars). Often the individual is rather pugnacious, competitive and fond of sport. Such a fiery combination as the Sun and Mars can make for great liveliness and enthusiasm. There is a capacity for hard work and the native's sights are set on solid achievement - also on the honors that go with it. Mars is inflammable and, when conjunct the Sun, can give a very volatile personality. The native is excitable and subject to bursts of enthusiasm; sometimes being shorttempered and agressive into the bargain. Because Mars is uncompromising, the individual is one of those go-getting, turbulent people who display scant consideration for others and are intent on making the most of their own opportunities. The person with a Sun / Mars conjunction pulls no punches and is not easily thwarted. But, though quick to flare up, he or she is not usually one to bear a grudge. The Sun conjunct Mars frequently opens up opportunities in sport, but the native also

treats everyday life as something of a sporting event. Excellent outlets are sports such as boxing, fencing, wrestling, or sports that require explosions of energy. Frequently there is a fondness for high-risk sports and for sports demanding courage and speed. The Sun conjunct Mars can warn of violence, but only when there are insufficient outlets for the enormous amounts of energy generated by this aspect. People with this conjunction know where they stand and are not afraid to make their position clear. Others may be apprehensive of them because they seldom mince words. The native is more forceful than he or she realizes, and unintentional and unwanted ruptures with others can occur. So restraint is advisable, especially as there is a tendency to act before thinking. (Betty Lundsted) This aspect should be read in the context of other aspects that involve the Sun-Mars conjunction. Mars heats up everything that it touches, so it tneds to give energy and spontaneity. When Mars conjuncts the Sun, the personality is acted out; it can be volatile; it can be quick to act and react. WHen reading this aspect it's important to remember in what sign the conjunction takes place in order to evaluate how the energy will express. Mars adds intensity to the Sun so there is a stronger vitality than without the presence of Mars. Well aspected conjunctions of Sun and Mars give added energy, but, when other planets are involved, how those aspects affect the SUn must be considered. (Charles Carter) I do not think that this can be differentiated from the trine and sextile (q.v.), except that it usualy denotes some danger of physical injury or disease - usually the former. It makes the native tremendously hard-working, and he / she may toil on the verge of break-down year after year. On the whole it is beneficial, unless the conjunction itself receives other important bad aspects, in which case it will bring some of the deleterious effects of the bad aspects into the life.

Natal Sun trine / sextile Mars
Sun trine Mars (Robert Pelletier) The trine from the Sun to Mars shows that you have leadership ability and the selfconfidence to use it creatively and fairly. Your courage and endurance enable you to accomplish very demanding tasks. You have faith that you will always be able to succeed without resoprting to deception or dishonorable practices. Not only are you honest in your dealings, you pride yourself on competing successfully with those who aren't so honest. Although you may behave impulsively at times, on the whole you plan your actions efficiently and purposefully. You can always express your creative abilities in such a way that you benefit from it. If anyone dares to question your ethics, you rise in anger, generally with the support of those who know you well. With an abundance of energy to sustain you as you seek your goals, you won't be greatly restricted in expressing your talents in the life work you choose. In performing your duties you don't challenge or threaten people, and you get along well with most of them. You like everyone, and other people think well of you too. When someone needs assistance you will provide it, since you are secure in your own destiny and no one can seriously deter you from it. You mind your own business and maintain privacy in your affairs. It is possible for you to gain prominence in the fields of law, managements, or sports,

in creative activities such as acting and the communications media, or in working with young people as a teacher or guidance counselor. Guidance counseling is especially suitable to your capabilities. You easily win the approval and admiration of youngsters because you accept them at their own level of development, not expecting them to behave as adults. Your emotional interests are average, so you will be able to adjust your desires in order to encourage a partnership with someone who fulfills all your expectations for a mate. You accept people for what they are and expect the same treatment. Your life is apparently untroubled, and you take care of any problems without fanfare or publicity. You are content to let those with driving ambitions have all the rope they need, but you don't need that kind of anxiety to spoil an otherwise tranquil existence. Not that your life is uneventful, for you work diligently and play enthusiastically. But because you don't have high expectations, your investment is less burdensome. Sun trine Mars (Haydn Paul) The trine enables you to turn theory into practical application, and this reconciling quality could become a source of your life direction, as your ability to apply your energy positively can generate ways to resolve problem situations. This may be one approach that utilitises your energy in a creative and beneficial manner, and which poses challenges that you intend to overcome. You will be self-confident and believe in your own abilities, setting goals and pursuing ambitions, emerging from your unique aims directed towards creating a suitable lifestyle, which may not always correspond to traditional paths and signs of success. You do not appreciate a volatile living or working environment, prefferring a more tranquil atmosphere where you are free to follow your interests. While you enjoy new challenges, the cut and thrust of competition seems less appealing, and you see little value in exalting yourself if it requires another's detrimental fall. Fairness, integrity and honesty are qualities that you respect and expect in your dealings with others, and ethical or moral considerations are taken into account in your life. These form your code of relationships, and you try to stay as true to these as possible, even if at times this may require you to forgo some success or progress, as you are not usually willing to compromise for the sake of any advancement. You can adopt an individual chivalry and style of conduct. While you have leadership ability, you try to ensure that you deal correctly with others from any position of responsibility, and are willing to help others on their way, provided they do not attempt less scrupulous tactics to progress. Organisational and managerial qualities are likely to be present, and you can take the strain of highly demanding tasks, proving to be a reliable, efficient and conscientious worker who can purposefully carry out and design successful plans of action. Spheres that may attact include law, business management, education, media, personal creativity and physical endeavours. Opportunities may steer you towards deeper interpersonal contacts, and working in areas of couselling and guidance may be highlighted. One asset that you may possess for this work is a genuine tolerance for others, allowing each to hold their unique view of life, and having respect for their free nature. Many inwardly condemn people for failing to be like themselves, taking an attitude that everyone should conform to a picture that they have developed. Fortunately, the life process disagrees with that attitude, and displays an incredible abundance of variety.

You tend to form a realistic perception of life, so that your expectations are not too excessive and unreal, and you appreciate the gains that you do make through expressing your creative talents and powerful energies. A need for disciplined focus may be required at times, as you may be faced with various options and lack a clarity of purpose which diffuses your will power. Be wary against occasional acts of impulse; they may not always work to your advantage, and a careful and steady progression can prove more beneficial. Working in harmony with this trine energy can serve to open doors throughout your life; be alert to recognise when opportunities are being presented, so that you can take full advantage of the gifts of life. Sun sextile Mars (Haydn Paul) The sextile can offer considerable energy that can be best applied through your mind and intellect, and this level may become the source of your life direction from which your main achievements may be derived. You should have a gift for creative thinking which can be turned into building positive and constructive enterprises, and it is through developing these that your special talents will be displayed. Following your interests could open this dimension of your nature, creating channels to express your creative spirit. This creativity may flow through the houses and signs which are occupied and ruled by the Sun and Mars, and if your interests coincide with the associations of such planetary placings, then take a deeper look at their potential for exploitation. Additional opportunities may occur when transit or progression movements contact the natal sextile, restimulating the flow of inspired ideas. The sextile energy is more balanced and capable of easier assimilation than the abrasive conjunction vibration, and while you will be a forceful personality with a powerful will, this is more controlled and less socially assertive. Your awareness of relationships is developed, and so you do not seem threatening or overly competitive to others. Your personality can be confident, secure and relatively stable, and others may acknowledge your integrity and interpersonal communication skills by turning to you for supportive aid. You will tend to express your views firmly enough, but are always willing to listen to what others are saying or suggesting, recognising that their contributions can be as useful as your own; you do not believe that you have a monopoly on being right. You have an ability to initiate new projects and schemes, and can be an effective leader or co-ordinator capable of managing tasks requiring group co-operation. You will usually plan actions and make decisions carefully, resisting any impulse to launch into action until you feel totally satisfied about the feasibilitiy of an enterprise. You recognise that you can make mistakes, and so try to minimise them. Social interests are active in you, and following current world affairs will be a natural study area to pursue. The whole field of research, study and accumulation of information and knowledge will attract your curious mind, providing a constant source of mental stimulation and intelligent speculation. You may prefer a variety of 'different inputs' into your mental database, and it is likely that you will remain a 'student' all of your life, whether this is through improving skills and knowledge within formal educational courses or following your own independent research interests. These can link with areas of opportunity, especially within the spheres of writing, journalism, teaching, media and consultancy. You may be drawn towards working with the minds of the young, inspiring the future generation, or developing future directions for the benefit of the world, as you attempt to express social responsibility.

You have a highly developed sense of justice and fairness, and often view the world through this lens, possibly becoming involved in issues of civil rights and social matters. Even though you may be intellectually biased, you have the perception that everyone has their own gifts and talents, even if they are different from yours, and that all can contribute something valuable to the well-being of society. In relationships, you prefer intelligent and culture companions, those who acknowledge a sensitivity to life and appreciate its beauty. Partners could possess either a devleoped intellect or artistic awareness, and you will enjoy communicating on such topics. In love, you expect a high quality of partner, one who can match you on all levels, as well as being suitable for your energised physical nature. You will be careful making partnership choices, and finding a good relationship could be a key to discovering a deeper and more fulfilling life direction. Natal Sun square / opposition Mars Sun square Mars (Robert Pelletier) The square from the Sun to Mars gives you much enthusiasm and energy to carry out your tasks, but under prolonged pressure you periodically need to wind down and get away from your work. You must try not to drive yourself so hard in fulfilling your ambitions. When your efforts don't yield the expected results, you become annoyed and fly off the handle in disgust. Experience will probably teach you that you did not plan your actions carefully enough, so that you got exactly what you deserved under the circumstances. In time you should learn to meet obstacles by anticipating them and taking steps to overcome them in advance; in this way you can avoid the frustration of resistance. Think before you do anything, and you will save the precious time that is wasted in doing it over again. You need to learn patience in handling difficulties and to conserve your energy for constructive purposes. When challenged, you react with indignation, feeling that your competence is being threatened. You would be better advised to observe and learn how others conduct themselves under pressure. This is better than indulging in a senseless argument or a bitter display of temperament. There are many fields in which you could successfully apply your talents, such as teaching, writing, sports, military service, medicine, law, and police work. However, you would have to understand the limitations to your freedom that these careers involve. Because you value your freedom, you should determine your priorities before indulging in any worthwhile endeavor. You must be willing to make that investment if you expect to gain prominence and recognition. You are fairly good-natured and enjoy the company of many friends whom you admire for their own accomplishments. But you can be overbearing in demanding attention and trying to focus discussions on subjects that you are especially knowledgeable about. You have to learn to be a good listener too. Although you have a highly developed sexual nature, you aren't too successful in overcoming the frustrations involved in satisfying it. Either you want what you can't have, or you've grown disinterested in what you do have. It is obvious that you will have to compensate as much as possible by diverting your energies into satisfying and enjoyable activities. The mate you are looking for is one who can match your physical needs and also be a companion in your other interests. Somewhat careless about safety precautions, you invite accidents. Take care of any cuts as soon as they happen in order to reduce the possibility of infection.

Sun square Mars (Haydn Paul) You may be confronted with frustrations and a lack of satisfaction with this aspect, partly as a consequence of your own attitudes and style of expression which often spoil your chances for success and fulfilment. You can feel a restless energy seeking release, and this inner agitation linked to strong desires can lead to an uneven and eventful life, resulting from the effects of impulsive and sometimes ill-considered actions. You easily become impatient, especially when results are slow in coming, feeling anger and frustration; your natural reaction then is to apply more force and will-power to attain your aims, but this does not necessarily create the effects you want. By tending to act without prior thought, you often sow the seeds of your future failures, undermining what might have been perfectly reasonable plans if they had been more carefully thought out. You are a self-seeking individual, looking to impose your presence on society and make a mark on the world. Striving to prove your worth, you may find that by modifying your approach you achieve greater success. You can have plenty of energy and enthusiasm, yet one problem can lie in your ability to direct and focus these along positive and constructive channels. It may be that certain lessons require learning before your path forward opens. More forethought and planning would be helpful, minimising wastage of energy and restrictive directions, enabling you to plan ahead and form contingency routes to surmount any predictable obstacles. Patience is necessary, so that temporary setbacks do not frustrate too much, and you are able to rely on ingenuity and faith in your abilities to persevere. Being able to maintain your directional focus is also important, as there is a tendency to lose confdidence and change direction when you hit obstacles and disappointing results. Changing your relationships may also be a key which benefits you, especially in consciously modifying any tendencies towards arguing, demanding attention, egocentricity and being temperamental. WHile you can be good company, your lack of tact and diplomacy is sometimes striking; ill-considered impulsive comments may not be appreciated nor any attempts to hijack conversations so that they focus just on you and your interests. You can react against any opposing points of view, often seeing them as a personal attack, rather than carefully listening to see if they offer new perspectives which can enrich your perception and understanding of life or a specific topic. Sexuality will be a major focus of expression, and your passions will run strongly with this aspect, although there may also be frustrations and constraints facing you. These could range from a lack of a partner, to desiring someone who is unattainable, to falling out of love with a partner. An ideal lover is one who suits your needs on every level, and careful choice needs to be taken in deciding to settle down with anyone, or else you may discover that freedom has been restricted through an impulsive action. Right choices depend on self-knowledge; deepening self-understanding will reveal the type of partner who can complement you. Be wary of allowing a contentious nature to interfere with your intimate relationships, or else they could degenerate into an emotional battlefield. If your sexual energies remain high, and there is little opportunity for a healthy release, then to avoid becoming increasingly irritable and unstable, a redirection into creative channels may be recommended. Allowing sexual preoccupations to become dominant in the personality is also unwise and rebalancing may be necessary for adjustment. With several personality modifications, your future can look more promising, adn you may direct energies into the spheres of writing, law, medicine, teaching, or militarystyle careers which could suit your temperament, although limitations on freedom may also occur. Freedom is important to you, so you may oppose any demands for

commitment made of you, through work or partnership; and, until that issue is resolved, you may feel unable to take full advantage of presented opportunities. If you are confronted with situations which may compromise your freedom, then you react by being less decisive, as you hate feeling imprisoned in any way. Finding employment that allows you scope for movement and independence, and a partner that recognises this need, may be a step in the righ direction. Your abilities are present, but may require unlocking to become manifest, yet once they begin to flow can be highly transformative. Sun opposition Mars (Haydn Paul) You probably have a view that perceives life as a challenge, a fight between yourself and the world for supremacy, and you adopt this combativeand assertive stance in an attempt to prove your self-worth. underlying this attitude is a clashing of inner energies, which are projected out as shadow-adversaries in the external world, so that arguments, dissention and conflict almost seem to follow in your footsteps. There is little tranquillity in your world; it becomes more of a battlefield where you believe you can 'win your spurs' proving your capabilities. You are fired by the competitive spirit, intending to win and be number one, although the quality of your aggressive vibration tends to attract similar people into your life, and this can result in power struggles in working or domestic environments. Applying extra force may leave you in a position of superiority, yet can also increase the number of adversaries that you leave in your wake; your genuine friendships can be few if you act in this manner. You have a powerful desire nature, and you easily become fixated on attaining these desires, whether they are lovers, positions of executive status, or whatever, even if your energies are focused only temporarily in such specific directions. These desires can reflect the themes of the houses and signs of Mars and the Sun, and often contain the issues that you feel most combative about. THere can be an aura of 'danger' surrounding you, possibly with a sexual magnetism and aggressive power that some can find extremely attractive, although this energy can overflow through displays of irascible temper and potential violence if uncontrolled. You are very physically responsive, and will have a developed visual and sensual appreciation of life. You may have to ensure that your desires do not become compulsive or obsessive in nature. In relationships, you may lack sensitivity to others' feelings and needs, and may need to transform expectations of a partner so that they conform more closely to a realistic appreciation, rather than providing fuel for later disillusionment. A wise choice of partner is required; otherwise your domestic life could become volatile and traumatic; a partner who evokes your higher nature and qualities is probably more ideal than one who just stimulates your passionate and vigorous nature. Finding a suitable companion, who is strong enough not to allow you to dominate, would probably help in modifying your attitude towards life. A danger can lie in a tendency to make impulsive decisions or actions, and then regret them later. It may be that experience eventually influences you to make changes in your style of expression, and this may not occur until later in life, perhaps after the age of thirty and through developing maturity. It is to be hoped that there will come a point when you lessen that driving feeling of insecurity and lack of worth, so that you can recognise your real value and potential. Once that self-imposed pressure to challenge and compete has diminished, and acknowledgement of your performance has been achieved, then new life directions may open. When this occurs take the opportunity to dismantle your combative attitudes, by broadening your world view beyond those limiting tendencies of yours to percieve life in stark black-and-white distinctions. This could develop to include involvements with social causes and pressure groups, where

your partisan approach and abundant energies could be put to positive use, providing that you can maintain a balanced perspective on your beliefs and attitudes, and do not attempt a forceful proselytising or fanatical expression.

Natal Sun quincunx Mars
(Robert Pelletier) The inconjunct from the Sun to Mars indicates that there is an element of strain in everything you try to do. You are enthusiastic, energetic, and eager to demonstrate your skills, but you seem to offer your services to the wrong people. Disappointment is likely when you find out that your efforts are unappreciated. You seem to be on the prowl for problems to contaminate your life, and you don't lack for them. You want to win the approval of everybody you meet and be remembered for all the favors you have done for them. Although you are more than competent by anyone's standards, you are not personally sure of it. The only way you can be convinced is by enduring the abuses of those who are less competent. You specialize in using all your physical resources well, so that you can be regarded as someone of obvious worth. When people bargain for your skills and are willing to pay for your expert abilities, you are finally convinced of your worth. Then you can afford to be selective. Your talents can be applied in many diverse fields. You could be a diagnostician, medical researcher, industrial researcher, or physical therapist, or have a trade, such as a carpenter, mason, or plumber. You would be well paid for your work, because you would do it as though it were for yourself. You don't put your name on any product that doesn't meet with your full approval. Although you may not gain the recognition you deserve, except in your immediate environment, it doesn't matter to you because you are more interested in doing a good job. You have to be on the lookout for people who will exploit you and try to cash in on your ideas. You are vulnerable to such people because you are so generous in displaying your talents. On the other hand, be mindful of your tendency to use people's ignorance as a device for selling serives to them that they may not need. You underestimate your ability to win the affection of the person you are attracted to. Anyone who is realistic would know that you don't carelessly or insincerely toss your feelings toward someone. You are more than dependable and can fully justify yourself, even to the most demanding critic. (Karen Hamaker-Zondag) The inconjunct between the Sun and Mars enters the unconscious realm more deeply than the other aspects do; therefore it is more awkward to handle. As with the square and the opposition, the conscious attitude is out of phase with actual performance, but in the case of the inconjunct the natives have little awareness of the fact. Initially, they don't know the cause for the inner unrest and aggression or for the tension they project. However, they can become extremely irritated and may fly into a rage without a good reason. As with all Sun / Mars aspects, these people have considerable will power and a desire to please themselves. However, the snag with this aspect is that it is often hard do tell what they really do want because nothing they undertake gives rest or satisfaction. Neither are they aware of how much they try to ram their opinions down other people's throats until others become resentful. Because the nature of the aspect makes it so hard to comprehend or come to terms

with the interaction of the planets, there is a chance that people with the aspect shall become overexcited internally. This can affect the health, and the fact that the aspect is between the Sun and Mars adds the risk of accidents. A good safety valve for this conflict (as for other Sun / Mars conflicts) are sports that use up plenty of physical energy, but anything that helps let off steam is good. (Betty Lundsted) The quincunx represents a strain, and wherever it appears there is a conflict between two approaches to life. The Sun is the essential spirit; Mars represents 'I act'. When the 'I am' principle is in a strain aspect with the action principle, the person experiences a constant feeling of unspoken apprehension or insecurity. The quincunx of Mars to the Sun serves as a stymie. The strains in behavior have to be worked through, with the understanding that action must take place in respect to the Sun, or a feeling of isolation, loneliness and lack of purpose will eventually take place.

Natal Sun conjunct Jupiter
(Robert Pelletier) The conjunction of the Sun and Jupiter indicates that you almost never act in moderation. In everything you do you show boundless enthusiasm, and you never really believe you will fail. Because of this faith in your ability to do anything you set your mind on, you may overestimate your capabilities and suffer disappointment on occasion. But even then, you can pick up the pieces and start in on another venture. If you learn to plan your actions more carefully, your successes would be more consistent. Lacking the ability to efficiently manage your talents, you tend to wander aimlessly from endeavor to endeavor, trusting that everything will eventually work out satisfactorily. While you don't necessarily rely on it, luck seems to attend you when you need it most. Although you want recognition for your efforts, you are not driven by ambition. For you it is more important to live a full life, rich in experiences and with abundant possibilities for using all your potentials. You are generous to a fault, and no one who brings you a tale of woe will go away empty-handed. This is one of the many reasons why you have some difficulty saving money. Even when thrift is essential, you are self-indulgent. Your occupational interests are varied, byt you are generally inclined toward a profession, such as medicine, law, education, philosophy, philanthropic endeavors, travel, or any other field that offers opportunities for growth. You quickly tire of routine jobs that have few chances for progress and development or jobs that don't use your imagination. You work best when you are permitted to use your creativity and work to the full measure of your enthusiasm. You are well informed on many subjects and always eager to learn more. You tend to be liberal in your religious views and somewhat indifferent to religious organizations, a matter that you feel rather apologetic about. An avid reader, you feel you must develop your own philosophy to guide you in life. You have high hopes for the future and never allow yourself to get into a rut that limits your progess. Subtle spiritual urgings tell you that everything that occurs in the outer world has a purpose in the inner world of consciousness. You have enormous faith, although it does not follow any structured ideology, and it sustains you be enabling you to fulfill your destined role. Your emotional contacts are primarily with individuals who share your enthusiasm

about lie, who are eager to share their experiences with you and are not exclusively preoccupied with material concerns. You appreciate the sanctity of all life vegetable, animal, and human - and you are warmly disposed toward anyone with a similar feeling. You are an emotional glutton, and may have some difficulty finding a partner who will satisfy your physical, emotional and spiritual needs in a totally satisfying relationship. Your physical problems come about through lack of moderation. Doing too much for prolonged periods of time without sufficient rest can easily produce physical weariness; also, your blood pressure could become troublesome. Cultivate healthful living habits. (Haydn Paul) You will be naturally optimistic, enthusiastic and eager to explore the potential of life, looking to exploit your solar power and Jupiterian expansive tendency to enable you to taste life as deeply as possible. An image that fits this aspect is that of the seeker, beclieving that you are following a secret path towards a future destiny, reacting against and resisting any restrictive limitations that may occur as obstacles to your progress. This can, however, be an ambivalent tendency. You may be correct in your intuition, discerning the signposts of your path; yet equally, this could become a path of evasion if you believe that it offers a justification for self-centred choices, or if you assert personal fredom to the point where you wander through life with no sense of a clear direction. One of your main assets is an innate self-confidence which generates a powerful faith in your ability to attain aims successfully. Through positive thinking you can attract 'good fortune' into your life, naturally expecting that all will work to your benefit. Usually, your positive attitudes will prove effective, yet there will be occasions when over-optimistic tendencies may stretch your actual capabilities too far, and you experience temporary setbacks to your plans. But even then, due to openness to new opportunities and directions, you'll succeed in discovering new roads to travel. You may need to make more efficient use of your personal talents and resources, perhaps through greater self-discipline and focusing on your intentions. Forethought and planning may be skills which require additional development, and which can help to maximise future success. You will want to use your full potential, and searching for ways to do this may make you restless and unable to settle for very long. It is the expansionary quality of Jupiter that causes this agitation, and by recognising this activity you should ensure that routine work or lifestyles do not restrict or trap you, or else its intended positive contribution to your life could initially result in more disruptive effects. Areas that may attract your interest include education, medicine, law, travel, philosophy, religion, social and humanitarian influence. You look for progress and scope for expansion wherever you become involved, especially when your contribution can be beneficial for others' welfare. There is the potential of merging your talents and interests with areas of social concern, so that your energy flows into the resolution of social issues, or you may become a spokesperson or representative of group ideals and social aims. Work involving the initial impulse for transformative social projects may particularly suit you, and offer ample scope for ongoing development. Linking your path with social needs could be an appropriate action and wise choice.

You enjoy expressing personal creativity and imagination, feeling that energy flowing into new forms and channels, sparking off new thoughts, directions and perceptions. Discovering a path which evokes self-motivation is very important, enabling that enthusiastic energy to be released. You like to be well-informed, and will be aware of most current social trends and world news. Ongoing learning is especially enjoyed, as it provides a source for the renewal of interest in life and opens up new areas of fascination and experience. It is a fullness of life that you seek, a real enjoyment of yourself and the world, and this can lead you to be attracted towards more hedonistic explorations. Yet underlying this is a need to create your own unique perception, philosophy and worldview, which is a reflection of a spiritual need to discover your own meaning and purpose of life. Your spiritual interests do not really fit within orthodox teachings and religious organisations, and mainly derive from the sense of inner guidance and trust in the beneficience of life. You will adopt a position of tolerance and freedom, especially valuing the unity of all life and the concept of universal human fellowship, so civilrights issues may interest you, or ecological concerns. In relationships, you prefer partners who are fundamentally in tune with your perception of life, fellow enthusiasts amd positive thinkers who appreciate the subtler qualities of people and experiences, rather than being preoccupied with materialistic matters and the accumulation of money and social power. You will expect much from a partner, and can inadvertently place pressures on others to satisfy your needs, rather than ebing equally aware of their own feelings and desires. More awareness may be needed in intimate relationships. For example you may need to curb your tendency to over-indulge in pleasurable activities. Otherwise you may create imbalances in yourself that need adjustment through greater health care. Containing that restless spirit may also be necessary at times, and you may need to realise that if you always focus on the horizon then you can lose sight of what is around you, and so diminish your appreciation of what is currently present in your life. (Karen Hamaker-Zondag) THe expansiveness and progressiveness of Jupiter go hand in hand with the way the psyche seeks to develope: a combination that frequently results in self-reliance, optimism and success. An air of confidence usually has a stimulating effect on others. However, people with this aspect need to be careful not to think too highly of themselves: big-headedness and megalomania are the bad side of Jupiter. In principle, Sun conjunct Jupiter can heal both literally (the physician) and immaterially. Properties such as joviality, fair play and optimism come well to the fore with this aspect, enabling these people to put fresh heart into others. Also they are quite likely to be open-handed, magnanimous and protective, but run the risk of acting in a spirit of self-importance and so of extinguishing the spark of true humanity. Thinking too highly of themselves can also be expressed in the optimistic laying of grandiose plans with an inattention to detail that is bound to produce mistakes and disappointments. But then, doing things with a flourish is typical of this aspect. Natives with Jupiter in combination with the Sun tend to see things in broad perspective. Quite often they have philosophical, pedagogic or religious interests, and are keen on anything that gives food for thought or widens the horizons. Tolerance results from a deep conviction that humanity is essentially freedom-loving; people with a Sun / Jupiter conjunction like to make up their own minds and to arrange their own lives.

Moderation is not Jupiter's strongest point and, when the planet is conjunct the Sun, psychological and physical problems can arise through an unwillingness to exercise restraint. These problems are seen in such varied activities as speaking, eating, and drinking. Nevertheless, much of the damage can be repaired thanks to the native's irrepressibility. Natal Sun conjunct Jupiter (2) (Betty Lundsted) These planets in aspect indicate an emphasis regarding how the individual is programmed to relate to the self (the inner values, the personal needs). Jupiter symbolizes how we relate to the conecept of self, family and the universe around us. The conjunction represents the well-born in some way. These children are born at a time when the father feels good about himself and the family is doing better than other families in the naighborhood. If they are born in a poor neighborhood, their family is the most successful around. If they are born to a professional or wealthy family, the environment is comfortable. But the comfort usually expresses itself in financial terms rather than in emotional terms; so, the child may be well fed, well educated and well cared for, but the sense of happiness, or emotional comfort, may not be there. It brings an energy to the child that attracts money, prestige and trust as the child matures. Because people trust them, any venture that these individuals undertake will probably go well, unless there are other aspects to the Sun-Jupiter that cause a problem. When the father feels good about himself, the child absorbs an inner sense of wellbeing and brings to maturity the ability to co-operate with authority figures. The child born in a masculine sign will always do better than the child born into a feminine sign for the Earth / Water sign child gives more emphasis to the aspects coming from the mother's side of the family. In order to develop the influence from the father (the Sun sign) the mother-blocks must be released. Then the energy is free to flow. (Charles Carter) This conjunction may be regarded as a potent benefic influence, probably in a general way second to none in this respect. It is more ambitious and active than the trine or sextile, but commonly it resembles them in the simplicity of its life. It has literary, religious, scientific, and philosophical tendencies, and may also be incline to military and naval matters. It has the benevolence of the good aspects, but perhaps it is more vigorous, decisive, and direct in expression, and there may be a taste for invective or satire if Mars is also strong.

Natal Sun trine / sextile Jupiter
Sun trine Jupiter (Robert Pelletier) The trine between the Sun and Jupiter gives you abundant creative potential, but in oreder to benefit from this potential you must use it. You are inclined to be paathetic so that you don't take advantage of your assets. Although you are intelligent, optimistic, responsive, articulate, and well informed on many subjects, you don't seek challenges. It never seems important to assert yourself toward a specific goal. You prefer to live outside the painful pressures that characterize the 'rat race'. You like to play a comfortable role that doesn't cut too deeply into your freedom and makes only moderate demands. This is a lazy planetary combination, requiring the stimulus of a

strong Saturn relationship to either your Sun or Jupiter. This would fortify you with the courage and faith to take on massive burdens, knowing you have the intellectual skill to handle them. Many fields of endeavor are suited to your creative talents, although there is no way you can be forced to apply them. Suggested fields include medicine, law, philosophy, writing, education, theater, working with large animals (animal husbandry), or any field in which you could set your own level of application. This aspect inclines you to seek less demanding occupations, but you could still pursue your destiny in any of the above fields. You are not a trailblazer, because you lack the necessary incentive to take on arduous tasks. You are indulgent to yourself and similarly generous toward others. Your air of selfassurance is comforting to those nearest you in their times of stress or difficulty. Young people and children are drawn to you because you don't expect a lot from them and don't challenge them. You are doting rather than stimulating. Relating to people is relatively easy for you because you are not selective in your circle of associations. Since you tend to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, you are vulnerable to those who capitalize on your good will. You are especially fond of individuals who are psychologically uncomplicated and live simply. You are direct and forthright in seeking your mate. Your partner must be reasonably polished, have good moral fiber, and uphold good taste in conduct. A person's level of educational accomplishments is less important to you than the degree of good common sense and understanding. Sun trine Jupiter (Haydn Paul) There is the indication that your life is 'protected and guided' and that 'luck' can lead you on the path to good fortune. However, the challenge is that you must fully use your qualities, talents and natural gifts as the means to activate this 'inner blessing'. While the trine offers a reconciliation of these planetary energues, the result may be an inclination to relax into a comfortable lifestyle, coasting along modestly and reasonably, failing really to apply and exert yourself. Growth and self-development does not necessarily occur naturally through life experience, and to some degree requires a conscious search and deliberate effort to stimulate the process. Do you recognise your assets, your potential creativity and qualities or talents that could be positively used? Do you know what you really want to do, or what your aims and ambitions are? Are such goals meaningful to you? Or are you content to pass through life without making much effort or exertion, failing to manifest your latent potential? Only you can answer such questions, and ony you can choose how to live your life. Yet considering some of the astrological indication of this aspects may help you view yourself from an alternative perspective. You are likely to be optimistic, enthusiastic and self-confident, and to hold a positive, constructive and altruistic attitude to life and people. You can be very generous and supportive to others, finding social contacts easy to make and enjoying company. Your attitude is relaxed and easy-going, and you refuse to feel pressurised to conform to others' expectations. Freedom and personal indulgence appeal more, and apart from creating that comfortable lifestyle you may evade more demanding endeavours. You may fall into the category of 'under-achiever' often applied by schools. Yet you also develop your own philosophy, founded by ideals, honesty, morals or religious teachings which underpin your life actions and choices.

The issue which may require confronting is that of application and use of resources. You are intelligent and reasonably articulate, but how far do you intend to actually apply that intelligence, and in what directions? Are there ways to exert yourself more that offer greater life fulfllment, but do not either compromise your philosophical ideals or demand that you enter a competitive rat-race situation? Are there opportunities within areas that may interest you - like medicine, law, writing, education, study, the community, communication - through which you could grow, expanding your potential without constraining your freedom too much? How could your enjoyment of study, knowledge and inner contemplation be used to create a compatible career? Or could this be linked to an ability to see future trends, perhaps as a 'future analyst' and a predictive social commentator in some capacity? Discovering alternative ways to perceive the uses of talents, qualities and interests can be crucial in forming uniquely individual life paths, and yet often there is a lack of social encouragement to learnthe means and techniques of achieving these. You have the responsibility to determine your own degree of ambition and effort, but look first to see if an alternative path could open for you by a shift of perception and selfevaluation. Your social relationships can be quite varied, and your level of tolerance is high, preferring to open to people, accepting them as they are, and not imposing expectations on them to conform to any inwardly preconceived impressions. You can enjoy the vitality and fresh minds of children, and skills in this direction could be usefully applied, providing you are not seeking to evade challenges and growth in other areas. You prefer simplicity in life, and may not be too attracted to people who offer greater intellectual challenges and complexity. It isn't that you cannot cope with them, but it's the effort that you may resist. You will look for a high-quality partner, one who also has their own moral standards in life and posseses a compatible philosophy to your own. Pracitcal abilities will be prized, as will stability of personality and genuine tolerance and understanding; your partner will be someone with whom you can easily relax and enjoy life, and ideally one who will also stimulate you rather than stultify you. Sun sextile Jupiter (Haydn Paul) You should find that you are able to keep focused on your aims and ambitions, and linking these with your innate optimism and self-confidence should ensure success. You may be especially attracted towards opportunities associated witht the media and communication, or in the generation of ideas for schemes and projects which improve the quality of life in society. You feel the need to develop a suitable personal lifestyle in which there are opportunities for freedom, growth, and creative development, enabling you to dominish those less enjoyable aspects of life, consciously replacing them by activities that evoke your strengths and talents. Seeking wealth may not engage your wholehearted participation, but the abundance and prosperity of a suitable lifestyle will attract your creative endeavours. This could be through creating a more simplified, natural lifestyle, provided it fulfils your need for enjoyment. You may find many standard forms of emplyment restrictive, as they often prove to be inimical to creativity and the application of intelligence, through being repetitive and limiting the exploitation of natural talents and personal qualities. You may need to look for new employment avenues, or move into your self-directed path for real satisfaction and greater opportunities. Your communicative skills could be usefully employed, and this opens areas of

education, teaching, public relations, consultancy, law, media and theatre work for possible consideration. As your focus is probably on your mental level engaged in intellectual activity, you can easily manage to study and learn, and over time this increases your inner storehouse of knowledge and information, giving you a 'wellstocked' mind. Applying this can create opportunities for your persuasive skills, convincing arguments and displays of logic; associating these with a taste for dramatic expression could turn you into a 'character' capable of personality projection through media channels. Verbal articulacy is a valuable skill to possess, and if you feel comfortable with this skill, then look for suitable opportunities for expression. You feel an inner resonance with the problems and pain of social issues, both nationally and globally, and your temperament is naturally sympathetic and caring. You prefer to act and live in ways which are beneficial to everyone, and underlying this is a philosophical or religious nature which forms your own worldview. While you may be directed towards attaining your personal aims, you do not choose to achieve by taking advantage of others, and your tendency is to look for the path by which constructive co-operation can be achieved to resolve difficulties, rather than attempt to manipulate for your own gains. This quality could offer paths of conflict resolution, where by applying your creative thinking abilities you can bring about the healing of differences through mutual contact and adjustments. Integrity and ethical issues may become important, and you will carefully choose your intimate partners and friends according to certain guidelines and methods of evaluation. Acquaintances will be many, but the select circle will be more exclusively chosen, and will be composed of similarly confident and self-actualising individuals. Doors open for you, and you may feel that your life is guided and protected by an invisible guardian angel, helping you to take the opportunities that enter your life. Travel may become important too, or contact with other nationalities, as you open to the richness of the world and its varying rainbow colours of different cultures. Periods of contemplation and temporary withdrawal from the whirl of life may be worthwhile, as they enable you to gain a renewed perspective and recharge those inner batteries by reconnecting to your deeper self, especially if your lifestyle requires considerable contact with other people or 'personality projection'. Your basic attitude is to put a lot of energy into living because life will return that amplified, increasing your appreciation and enjoyment. Providing you can create a suitable lifestyle, then you will recognise that your life has been blessed, and that even your earlier childhood had helped to sow the sees for your future benefit

Natal Sun square / opposition Jupiter
Sun square Jupiter (Robert Pelletier) The square from the Sun to Jupiter indicates that you are extremely immoderate in your actions and attitudes. Learn to examine your priorities carefully before you act, or you will waste a lot of effort and time. You tend to bite off more than you can chew and then desperately try to cope with the situation as best you can. You don't plan your affairs well, but you are annoyed when someone offers a suggestion, even when you've asked for advice. It is pompous and arrogant to presume that you can accomplish what you want without self-discipline. Only experience will subdue this arogance, and you will realize that everyone depends to some extent on others in the struggle to gain significance and recognition. After you learn to accept reality and gain some degree of self-control, you can assert yourself toward any goal that you choose. You could attain excellence in education,

the media, theater, law, philosophy, or public relations. Your desire to exploit your creative potentials must be accompanied by a full realization of the responsibilities this entails. You have to accept both good and bad, successes and failures, advances and setbacks, because they are all part of the tapestry of accomplishment. Through the problems you encounter you can make your greatest development, if you are willing to learn from your mistakes. You want to succeed so much that you can fairly taste it, but unless you plan your moves carefully the taste of success may be bittersweet. In many ways you are a wheeler-dealer and enjoy becoming involved in manipulating people in their human situations. You are not afraid of a good fight that tests your competence in the open market of human frailties. You enjoy challenges, but you may have to endure failure before you eventually succeed. Communication is one of your strongest traits, but you must be properly informed before you attempt to present your ideas. You may sometimes bend the truth to achieve your objectives, which can lead to unhealthy complications later. You tend to push your luck unwisely, but it is to be hoped that you will learn greater discretion as you grow in experience. You demand a lot from the person you love. You expect devotion, approval and, if possible, admiration for your efforts. You want your mate to indulge all your considerable desires, and you expect that person to stand by you through all your highs and lows. You make promises you can't always fulfill, although you may fully intend to at the time you make them. Self-indulgence is basically the cause of your physical problems. Too much food, drink and pleasure need to be balanced by moderation and sufficient rest. Avoid doing things on impulse, because this planetary combination inclines you to accidents, especially during periods of relaxation when you may be engaged in sports. Sun square Jupiter (Haydn Paul) This implies confronting frustrations which have their roots in your nature and attitudes, and which can only be resolved through changes and modifications within yourself. The Jupiterian quality of expansiveness is very potent, stimulating excess expansion in your actions and attitudes, tempting you consistently to overreach your actual capabilities. You may lack patience, planning abilities, self-discipline and persistence, and these will work against your ambitions succeeding, even though attaining your aims may be highly motivating. It is not that you are incapable of success, but that your approach sows seeds of future failure as you pass. If this has happened in your life, then acknowledge it, and realise that future progress can be made if certain inner changes are taken. The first step is to ensure that you determine your intentions and aims, and how you can proceed to accomplishment. As your desires and dreams can be varied and multiple, focusing your path may prove difficult, and you may need to pursue a thorough reevaluation of your priorities and major needs in order to gain clarity of purpose. Moving too quickly can often lead to failure due to ill-considered plans, so you may need to stop and think more feeply before jumping into action, or pay more attention to the advice of others. A careful assessment of your current capabilities is required, so that they match the level needed for your goals; working with talents tends to expand latent potential, but a requisite level of skills is initially necessary. A more realistic appreciation of time is essential, or else you will feel your frustrations rising if success does not happen quickly. Excessive optimism and enthusiasm may need to be warily reined back, as do restless tendencies for changes in life, which can become more disruptive than helpful unless properly understood.

The areas of life especially affected are the houses and signs which are ruled and occupied by the Sun and Jupiter, and it is through those spherees that you may overexpand or seek fulfilment within. If you sincerely wish to transform any pattern of frustration in your life, then becoming more realistic, mature and self-controlled will begin to show benefits, especially if you are systematically disciplined to overcome obstacles as they arise. Accepting that failure need never be permanent, or that success is never final or guaranteed, can offer you a more balanced perspective to view your progress. Modifying your attitudes towards life challenges so that they become opportunities for development and growth, instead of perpetuating attitudes of adversarial conflict imposed by a universe intent on thwarting your dreams, will ensure that every experience can bring something of potential value to use as a foundation for your eventual success. Balance and modertaion may need to be consciously developed in your nature and life-style, and extravagance or ostentatious tendencies may need to be controlled due to that pattern of excessive consumption that could be adopted as a compensation for other areas of personal failure. Learning to use your energies and time carefully is important, as you may waste them by futile pursuits. Unlocking latent creative potential may be difficult, yet if you can do so this may open several new doors of opportunity, liberating blocked inner energies and providing the key to future success. In relationships, you may need to guard against tendencies to manipulate people, as this will rarely work to your ultimate advantage; there will always be some other puppet master capable of pulling your strings. Similarly, attempts to distort information for your own aims will equally be turned back against you by others also adroit at such tactics. Treating people honestly and directly is the best approach, and you should possess good communication skills which could be applied to transform blockages and obstacles. You may find that if you rely solely on your 'luck' your progress will be restricted; but if you begin to change those problematic attitude areas and approaches then 'luck' will begin to flow again in your favour. You have high expectations in intimate relationships, especially centred around the fulfilment of your needs and desires; remember that it takes two to make partnership and marriage, and that there is no law that asserts that your needs are paramount. Real love involves mutual sharing and co-operation, each helping to make the other happy, fulfilled and capable of reaching his / her highest potential; it should not be a one-way traffic. Co-operation and interdependence may need developing, through a diminution of the insistent demands of your ego; otherwise, excessive self-indulgence can stimulate problems of health and corresponding illness. Make sure that your expectations and demands of a partner are equal to your own contribution, and to the degree of commitment and effort that you are applying to make the relationship work. Changes can be made to improve the quality and fulfilment in your life; but only if you are willing to start the process and then persist towards 'completion'. Thie may not always be easy to do, but all positive steps that you take will bring benefits into your life, and the option to take that path is yours to choose. Sun opposition Jupiter (Robert Pelletier) The sun opposition Jupiter shows that you are energetic, enthusiastic, and wellinformed in using your creative talents. You know how to put your best foot forward in achieving your ambitions, but you take great chances when you should plan carefully. You assume that people will make way for you as you climb to your goals;

when they challenge you instead, you can't help but be disappointed. You make glowing promises, but you are irresponsible and negligent about keeping them. Your associates call you a fair-weather friend who can't be found when the going gets tough. You know how to turn on the charm to gain the approval of those you deal with in your daily affairs. It may be, however, that you are not totally honest with yourself and others, for you bend the truth to gain your objectives. You are inclined to make a grand display, playing the successful role, but in fact you are constantly fearful of the competition that may one day topple you from your throne. You need to become totally aware of reality in your striving so that you only take on exactly what you can cope with. Stop playing the confidence game with those around you. They know you better than to fall for it. You cannot afford to lose precious allies for the momentary pleasure of victory. You are enormously talented and creative. These qualities should be directed to such fields as education, the media, business managements, travel, or public relations. You must have self-control in order to obtain the best results in any of these endeavors, as well as a willingness to accept the full responsibility of your position. You must know your limits and delegate others to perform the tasks that go beyond those limits. You are ambitious for recognition, but as you climb to the heights of achievement you should seek counsel. Try not to lose contact with those who may have made your success possible - they will support you if you remember them for their efforts. In your romantic contacts you are demanding and expect to be given just about everything you ask for. Lacking continuity of feelings, you may indulge yourself for a long time before taking a partner. Even then, you will grant yourself privileges that you won't allow your partner. You need to be constantly on the move, and you enjoy travelling. New places mean new people and new distractions. You must be discreet at all times, or through unexpected developments you risk losing everything you have gained. It is hard for you to believe that such things could happen to you. Slow down, for you have a lifetime to live. Pay attention to your diet and don't overindulge in food or drink. Plan to take vacations from your daily routine as often as possible to restore yourself to the vigorous health necessary to sustain you in your ambitions.

Natal Sun quincunx Jupiter
(Robert Pelletier) The sun inconjunct Jupiter indicates that you lack the self-assurance to be completely independent. As a result, you strive to show people how competent you are by trying to do things for them. Through their praise you hope you will gain the self-confidence you need. You overreact to anything that hints of criticism and offer your services in hopes of reversing the negative opinion (which the person may never have had in the first place). Being unsure of your capabilities, you underestimate them and need physical proof of their existence. You are a tireless worker, eager to be recognized as an authority in whatever you do, but even more concerned about developing your talents. Education is very important to you, and a work-study program would be an excellent idea. You will have to apply yourself with great determination to acquire the expertise you desire, but you do have the necessary ingredients with which to build and become a speciallist. You can apply your efforts in such endeavors as education, craftwork, physical therapy, veterinary medicine, or any other occupation in which

success means performing an important service. You must always be careful in your relationships with co-workers, however; you are inclined to take on others' duties and responsibilities at the slightest suggestion that you should. Be wary of opportunists who may try to use your ideas for their personal gain. Be cautious about sharing confidences unless you know you can do so safely. You probably feel that your talents are not adequately rewarded, and you can suffere much disonctent because you are not appreciated. In general, you are worth more than you are being paid, if only because of the effort you bring to your job. Seek advice in order to set a proper value of your skills, obtain a suitable contract, and demand that it be observed. This is the only way you can protect yourself. Your emotional relationships are not easily fulfilled because you don't feel you deserve such a reward. You assume that you don't measure up to your lover's expectations, but of course you do. You always offer more than necessary in a mutual relationship, and you probably get less out of it than you deserve. Moderation in everything you do is advised. You are inclined to worry that you are not doing your best or not doing enough, which can cause digestive problems and much discomfort. Driving yourself beyond sane levels invites physical exhaustion. Liquor is especially troublesome for you, but if you must drink never do so on an empty stomach. Liver complaints are rather common with this planetary combination. Get a full measure of daily rest - you'll live longer and better if you do. (Karen Hamaker-Zondag) The more trying facets of the Sun / Jupiter association emerge in the inconjunct. Although with this aspect we can radiate optimism and self-confidence, we are not particularly aware and may actually feel very insecure. We are inclined to push ourselves forward or prove ourselves, without seeing what we are doing. This uncertainty can result in subliminal feelings of self-importance or in a need to mean something to others. Whether deep down we are seeking recognition or only reassurance, there is a danger that we may attempt too much. The consequence can be overwork, because we accept too many responsibilities, or because we do not delegate properly. Also, we may land ourselves in trouble through promising more than we are able to perform. With this aspect, there is a possibility that we shall have unfair advantage taken of us because we are willing to be at the beck and call of others or because we fall for flattery. Each Sun / Jupiter aspect has a tendency toward self-glorification; the inconjunct is the least able to handle it. Under this quincunx of the Sun and Jupiter, matters often get out of hand due to a lack of estimating and planning ability; therefore care is needed. We can unintentionally overdo things, and are sometimes arrogant, but usually possess a cheerfulness that helps us to recover from any setbacks. Once we come to terms with this aspect, we can use it to fine advantage and should do well in fields represented by Jupiter - law, philosophy, religion, etc.. (Betty Lundsted) This aspect creates a strain. Jupiter indicates how we relate to the world, and the Sun represents what we are. The strain usually exists because our relationship abilities conflict in some way with our inner needs. The qualities of the two signs conflict and the owner will feel discomfort.

Generally speaking, Jupiter-Sun afflictions represent a certain barrier to personal growth. If we can't relate to who we are, how are we really share ourselves in a relationship? In the spiritual sense, Jupiter and Saturn are the planets that get us from this plane to the others, for they are the qualities that permit consciousness to expand. Referring back to the ancient houses, Jupiter and Saturn rule the ninth, tenth, eleventh and twelfth houses. These are the areas that represent consciousness expansion. If Jupiter or Saturn afflictions exist in the chart, they should be the first planets to be understood.

Natal Sun conjunct Saturn
(Robert Pelletier) The conjunction of your Sun and Saturn shows that you are serious and perhaps profoundly moved by everything that gains your attention. Every experience teaches you a lesson. You are more capable of handling responsibility than most people, but you may resent it if others always expect you to be the one to take the burden. You may feel that your struggle to gain mastery over material circumstances seems more harsh than what others must face. You matured rather early and probably were disciplined more strictly than other children. You may have encountered restriction from either or both parents in your formative years. No-one ever gave you anything, and now you don't expect anyone to, in your driving ambition to realize your goals. Austerity is a familiar way of life to you, which probably helped you learn to stand on your own feet as you developed. You have depended for success on your ability to effectively mobilize your personal resources. You don't generally express your opinion unless there is a reason for doing so. Although you are not quick to assert your will, when you do you expect others to listn. You don't indulge in idle conversation, and you don't put up with it from others, unless they have something worthwhile to discuss. You must be careful not to feel sorry for yourself if achieving your goals seems to be a laborious and painful process. Self-denial is easier for you, since it is consistent with your early training. Once you realize your objectives, they will be permanently secure because you have made such a tremendous investment in them. You will tenaciously hold on to the benefits brought by reaching your goals. It is not easy for you to be generous; you've worked too hard to get what you want, and you can't forget the lean years. Your success results from your abuility to efficiently consolidate your resources in order to exploit them to full advantage. Many fields need talent such as yours, including industrial management, teaching, politics, science and research, mathematics, and law. Each is a very demanding occupation; the only ones who survive are those who can discipline themselves and who are not afraid of responsibility. You will choose a partner who has self-respect, for you consider this an important quality. Your mate must be willing to share your determination to rise above past or present circumstances. He or she must have humility and sincerity and be able to accept temporary limitations in anticipation of future growth and success. Your greatest peoblem is that you react negatively to setbacks and become bitter. Some physical problems can develop, such as digestive ailments and ulcers, unless you maintain an attitude of hope and high expectation for the future. Try to establish

goals that can be realized in the near future. It is also very important that you occasionally get awy from familiar routines and indulge yourself a littel. Wasting time once in a while will allow you to return to your responsibilities with renewed vigor and enthusiasm. Don't get into a rut - this limits you, so that challenges no longer seem exciting. (Haydn Paul) Your potential success is dependent on personal qualities of perseverance, selfdiscipline, oragnisation and your ability to maximise the effectiveness of all your available resources. Ambition is likely to be a powerful motivating force within your personality, and, once your aims have been clarified, careful planning and application can help you to achieve them. Persistence and hard work may be the keys to later success, and it is unlikely that progress will be swift or aims realised at an early age. As Saturn implies limitations and barriers, it is probable that even when following your solar path there will be obstacles and frustrations confronting you, and there may be periods when you begin to feel the inhibitions of your nature and path acutely. You can lack sufficient confidence, adopting a self-deprecating attitude as justifying any lack of progress. Temperamentally, you are serious and reserved, often taciturn in expression, controlled and disciplined and viewing life with an uneasy attitude. To you, life demands effort and application, and nothing comes easy or free. So you believe that to become materially comfortable you may have to deny certain feelings or needs in order to concentrate and focus on your aims. Unfortunately, through selfdenial and austere attitudes, you may repress self-expression, creating inner imbalances which have later negative side-effects. These could become more predominant if you enter a phase of frustrations, where disappointments generate tensions, stresses, angry thoughts and emotional attitudes. Disorders of the digestive system may be associated with this, and you may need to increase relaxation in your life, perhaps by consciously dismantling any fixity of lifestyle and daily habit patterns that may be unconsciously erected around yourself as a form of protective barrier. The house position of the conjunction is a sphere of opportunity and of limitation for you, depending on the inner changes that you can consciously make. Success can result from applying your strengths, which are likely to be in areas of organisation, self-reliance, discipline, persistence and determined application. The theme of consolidation and building is associated with this aspect, where existing resources are used in ways which take greater advantage of their potential, expanding from a secure foundation but not overly risky or speculative. Careers in management, politics, law, scientific research, teaching, local government may be attractive, especially if you are able to use an ability to assume responsibility within your employment. Your earlier childhood development will have been influenced by the relationship to your dather. Look at the attitudes towards life that your parents expressed, and see if these have become your dominating attitudes and values too. You may have received a highly ordered and strict parental discipline, encouraging conformity to parental desires and codes of conduct; moralistic or religious attitudes may have conditioned your worldview. There may have been a lack of parental approval or response to your unique childhood nature, perhaps a lack of emotioonal affinity (perceived or actual) which made you feel more isolated and independent; certainly you would have experienced an early inner maturation process. Have you become what your parents wanted you to be? And is this in accordance with your desires and dreams? You may need to break free from these earlier psychological programs that are still operating in you, so that you can move in new directions or transcend those restrictions in life

that are acting as barriers to fulfilment and success. You have much of value to share with the world, but this may need greater releasing. For instance, you may feel that everyone makes their own destiny (and certainly, to some degree this is correct), but this should not stop you being generous if you have financial abundance in your life; you could help others to help themselves. There may be a belief that there is a lesson or message within every life experience, but this should never stop feelings of love and friendliness flowing out naturally from you to others. Acknowledging others in a different way may be necessary, so that you are more aware of their needs and qualities, and this can divert you from your selfpreoccupations. Certainly you will require a compatible intimate partner who recognises your need for achievement, and who is willing to support your endeavours; but equally, you should not forget that your partner also has their own life path to follow, and you should not forget their needs either. Mutual aid is the ideal approach. Loosen the chains of your self-imposed limitations, and you may be surprised by how your life can favourably change.

Natal Sun trine / sextile Saturn
Sun trine Saturn (Robert Pelletier) The trine between your Sun and Saturn shows that your drive to achieve success will be easier than for most others because you do not find it difficult to accept responsibility. There is no need to struggle for mastery over the circumstances of your life because you inherently know how to take advantage of opportunities when they arise. Almost whithout effort you can mobilize your talents creatively to gain your objectives. You know you are loved, and you know you have talent. Because you are reasonably sure of yourself, there are few impediments to your rise to success. There are a great many occupations in which you can express your creative potentials and become successful while making an important contribution. Conservation, law, politics, industrial management, architecture, market speculation, land development, or park and recreational management - these are just a few of the fields to which your talents could be applied. You are only moderately ambitious, but you can climb to important positions as long as you know that your abilities are needed. You may not be lucky in the usual sense of the world, but you have a knack for doing the right thing at the right time to achieve the best results. Regardless of the partner you choose, you will bring much stability to the relationship. Your partner must be sincere, creative, and self-disciplined, and have reasonably well-defined goals. If your partner has to work hard to get anywhere, you will be the sustaining force, because if your attentiveness and your faith in the good outcome of such a quest. This planetary combination shows general good health, probably because you care enough about yourself to pay attention to good healthful habits. Sun trine Saturn (Haydn Paul) The trine helps to reconcile these two planetary energies more successfully, and there is less evidence of any underlying Saturnian tendency to restrict and limit. The positive qualities and abilities of Sun-Saturn contacts are present; responsibility, selfdiscipline, practicality, patience, organisation, reliability, concentration, determination, persistence and honesty. These can all be used to further your ambitions, although you may need to be wary of innate Saturn tendencies towards caution which may prevent you taking advantage of all opportunities.

Determining your solar purpose and tapping into that power will be most importnat in applying these energies and qualities, and gaining insight into your life direction may be a necessary first step to achieve before this trine can be used positively. As you can move through life smoothly without facing obstructive challenges, you may not always feel the need to draw upon your full potential. You are attracted towards having a 'comfortable life', and with your self-confidence and creativity expect that this will naturally come to pass. You should be able to use peronal qualities and resources effectively, especially to produce an intended practical result, and you probably have a sense of appropriate timing which ensures that your actions are successful. This can be used in a variety of employments and careers, especially management, law, politics, conservation, financial services and organisational posts. You will enjoy assuming any positions of responsibility, but you may experience inner resistances in any environment that is undergoing rapid change due to social or technological progress, as this can clash with your innate conservatism and preferance for the familiar. Your lifestyle is likely to reflect mainstreadm social attitudes, and you will try to develop it in a moderate and balanced manner, looking to create solid foundations and financial security. You prefer life to feel stable and almost predictable, and will take each step onwards with a patient attitude, usually rejecting any chances that may lead to speedier progress yet which also may lead to failure. A personal philosophy and value system will be established, and once you feel comfortable with your unique worlldview you may evade situations which offer valid alternatives to your chosen perspective. In this context, the Saturninan rigidity may act as a limitation, but as your conformity is grounded within established social values, this should not work against you in achieving your ambitions. Choosing a right partner is important, as he / she needs to be similar in nature to yourself, either wholeheartedly supporting your ais, or alternatively pursuing his / her own ambitions. Career and social involvement is the probable sphere of mutual endeavour, and personal honesty and integrity are qualities that are expected, as is stability and responsibility in your partnership. Balance and moderation are two keynotes that will apply across your whole nature and lifestyle, and this will be reflected in your good health and sense of well-being. Feeling respected and loved by others, and acknowledging your own talents, will amplify your self-worth so that you can move confidently onwards on your solar path. Sun sextile Saturn (Robert Pelletier) The sextile from the Sun to Saturn indicates that you have great depth of understanding and the capacioty to help others understand what you have learned. You are modest in assessing your self-worth and are aware of your limitations, but you also know how to make the most of your potentials. You have a respect for authority and competence. bBecause you rarely voice your opinion unless asked, your views are considered authoriotative and sincere. Usually you prefer to remain in the background and let others with greater needs gain the attention. You don't need anyone's approval for your actions because you generally observe the rules of good behavior. Although you have a driving ambition to succeed, you methodically plan each step toward your goals, quietly and without fanfare. You have a distinct rapport with your professional superiors because you carefully avoid threatening them with your ambition. You always extract important lessons from your experiences.

You are suited for such occupations as teaching, research and devlopment, industrial management, politics, or law. In any of these professions you would very probably rise to a management position. You take your work seriously and always strive to maintain your position by staying abreast of new developments in your field. It would be difficult for anyone to remove you from your position, because you have gained it by demonstrating competence, efficiency, integrity, and sincerity. In other words, you've earned everything you've gained. You relate well to anyone who upholds the virtues mentioned above. Your mate probably shares your high regard for tradition and orderliness. Together you plan for a future made secure by your efforts. Sun sextile Saturn (Haydn Paul) This indicates that you will have a conservative attitude to life, preferring order and discipline linked to tracitional values and social life paths. You will naturally follow a mainstread course through life, which also offers established routes towards achieving 'success'. The sextile is especially effective within your mental nature, helping you to deepen your understanding and extend your communicative skills. Your thought provesses are likely to have a natural logic, organisation, clarity and perception that can be exploited through several careers. Mental precision is valued in management roles, scientific research, law, politics, teaching, business, and this backed by leadership ability and practical, methodical abilities should enable you to attain your ambitions. Work can become extremely important, offering a purpose and life direction, as well as being the sphere where many of your major personal assets are applied. While success highly motivates you, there may be a distastes for assuming a 'high profile' that draws personal attention, as you prefer to remain quietly working in the background. You can feel uncomfortable at personality extroversion, and in some situations this can work to your detriment, and you are overlooked or misvalued. Opportunities could be lost and progress halted. If this does occur, then you are faced with two alternatives. You either adopt a higher personality profile, or consider different routes to your ambitions, perhaps a change of job or career. Doors never close for ever, unless you refuse to open them; there are always alternatives and different options available to those who refuse to limit themselves. You may find your life path in the sphere of communication and teaching, mainly through your ability to explain and express your knowledge in an accessible and meaningful way. You realise the essenticals of a subject and ensure that these are grasped, so that a good foundation of knowledge is transmitted. Social concerns may become more predominant in your life as you grow older, and political issues may attract your attention. You may become involved with community or social activities, or look for power and responsibility linked to political ambitions. While you favour traditional attitudes and values, you also acknowledge the need for development and progress, so you try to act as a 'bridge' between the past-present-future, carefully retaining the value of the past with an awareness of what is required tomorrow. In social and intimate relationships, you prefer the company of like-minded individuals, those who have a similar or compatible perception, and whose attitudes do not openly challenge or disturb your implicit assumptions about life and yourself. Domestically, you will follow established social lifestyles, rarely considering any radical deviations or choosing to step outside conventional patterns. While you are aware of your own limits - but less so of those self-imposed ones - you may not always take advantage of your whole potential, and can create subtle demarcation lines of

personal restrictions formed by your unconscious attitudes. Perhaps a greater tolerance of those who feel less need to conform may open you more to the potential and possibilities of life; not everyone has to follow the same road, and there are more ways open for you than have been consciously realised.

Natal Sun square / opposition Saturn
Sun square Saturn (Haydn Paul) The square indicates that restrictions and limitations derived from your own inner psycholgocial attitudes, values, beliefs and image are likely to confront you, and that these often emerge from a lack of self-esteem and personal insecurities. The power of your solar energy is being held in check - almost imprisoned - by Saturn, until you succeed in 'learning certain lessons', 'recognising inner messages', and manage to transform those constraining attitudes that can cause the failure of your dreams through attracting obstacles along the path. Part of this may have been influenced by your early childhood environment, where conflicts with parents (especially your father) or with authority figures have left you feeling defeated and psychologically wounded. Possibly attempts at being childishly self-assertive were unsympathetically crushed and rejected by strict and disciplinarian adults, or your efforts at self-expression and communication of feelings were dismissed and ignored. Whatever circumstances were experienced, the result was a diminution of a developing personality and loss of confidence and self-esteem. You are likely to hold psychologically defensive attitudes towards life, not able to trust in the beneficience of the universe or people around you, often expecting that rejection and failure will be the only results that will come to you. With such expectations, the mirroring by the universe will bring such results. A transformation in your worldview is required to alter this pattern. The operative effects of such a pattern are as follows: a fear of 'superiors' and authority figures, and the forming of negative comparisons between yourself and others; an underestimation of or failure to recognise your latent potential, qualities and strengths; a lack of personal assertion, and a tendency to be passive, fatalistic, pessimistic, rigid and insecure; a lack of self-confidence, and a belief that you are unlovable and will never taste success; health may be affected, with a loss of physical vitality and vigour, or psychosomatic ailments may periodically erupt. Looking out at life, you may imagine a constant frustration at your efforts, a life of hard toil for little result, and a scattering around you of unrealised dreams. But if this is the case, then it is within you to transform the inner attitudees that generate such a reality; your life can always be changed for the better. This is the challenge and test facing you, to rise beyond those apparent inner limitations and restrictions that to some degree you are choosing to impose on yourself. Specific areas of oppression may be those associated with the sign and house positions of Sun and Saturn, and resolving the lessons implied in those spheres may hold a key to open the rest of your life to a more favourable future. In failure and rejection lie the seeds of possible success, providing that you recognise the lessons and messages that are contained within such experiences. A new approach to self-evaluation is required, one that is not depreciating and negative in prior assumption, but values your strengths and qualities and sese them as assets that can be successfully employed. You may need to review all those traditional attitudes and worldviews that you have acquired in life, and see if they are restrictive

or can postitively serve you. When life presents obstacles in your path, you have two fundamental choices; defeat or discover a way of moving beyond. The first is a path of self-limitation and stagnation, the second is the path of self-development and evolutionary growth, and that is the assertion of the solar power and of a higher self. This second path is the one that beckons to you. While success may never be easy, and you have to work hard for every step forward, changing your conditioning attitudes is the transformative key. Your character can be strengthened and amplified by attitudes of optimism and positive cheerfulness; begin to trust in the universe and yourself, and you will succeed in restoring your selfimage to a positive perception. The aim is to re-empower yourself. One of the most effective ways to do this is through techniques of creative visualisation, which can aid in the psychological reprogramming of all inner attitudes, replacing them by beliefs and worldviews that become positively attractive to the good experience of life. Take the time to explore such techniques. Relationships could be similarly transformed. If you have been holding a negative self-image, it is always difficult to believe that anyone could love or be interested in you, so relationships may have been unsatisfactory, uneasy and lacking development. If you trnasform any unsuitable self-images, then relationships can assume a new light and vitality. Partners may appear who understand and value you for what you are, and have a faith and trust in your latent potential being actualised. Love is a great transforming power, and you will develop under such a gaze from another. Through consolidating and recognising your power, your solar will can be applied to attain your ambitions. Through sharing with a partner, you can gain a renewed perspective, healing and resolving conflicts which may have been previously detrimental. This squares' tendency for negativity is not inviolable; it can be the spur to change, provided you choose to take the future into your hands, and to recreate it into a positive pattern. This is the Saturn lesson and test that is really confronting you; a demand to assert your unique solar power. Sun opposition Saturn (Haydn Paul) The opposition reflects an inner conflict externalised into the outer environment of relationships. The issue of self-esteem and worth is highlighted, and you may experience a degree of hidden insecurity and fears of full involvement in life. You may feel that your success is being frustrated by the world, which appears to confront you by obstacles on your way. Much depends on your reactions to such experiences, and your inner attitudes will determine how you deal with them. At times, you can seem almost over-assertive or aggressive, and this can diminish opportunities for co-operative endeavours to develop, especially when you fail to notice your effect on others, or inadvertently ignore their feelings and sensitivities. Often this is just an overreaction to your fears in relating to people, and instead of relaxing more, you tend to project through your tightness an overdominant energy that others can find uncomfortable. Alternatively, you could retreat back into a surrendered posture of passivity to life's challenges, defeated before you start. Certainly learning how to live with any restrictions imposed by Saturn may be a necessary form of adjustment, although this should not imply a resignation to them, but merely a conscious modification to circumstances and a consequent step to transcend them later. The choice is yours to reshape your lifestyle patterns into a way that is more suitable and open to development. Self-expression and creativity may feel restricted, although this is often dependent on your confidence in your abilities and self-image, rather than on any lack of talents and qualities. Being able to perceive yourself in a positive light may become a key to

your success, because that would also alter your relationships with others. There may be an emotional reserve and lack of warmth in your social contacts, so that you feel uncomfortabnle in bridging social divides and entering deeper relationships. Cooperation may need further development, and that air of formality and strictness may have to be relaxed so that friendships or partnerships can be more easily formed. The need for relaxation is presnt in both your outer and inner relationships. You may be unable to see your nature and direction clearly and this creates an insecurity which destabilises your self-esteem. You try to protect this by establishing defensive barriers from the world, and probably by denying inner insecurities, with needs and potential being 'locked away'. You may choose to hide behind responsibilities, your work or career, family or parents, and these become an excuse for restricting options and failing to exert your power towards success. Personal tightness and control may need to be relinquished, and greater self-relaxation would be highly beneficial, especially in changing certain attitudes and increasing your physical vitality which periodically can become low as the energy is diverted towards restraints. Becoming looser, more tolerant, acecpting and understanding would act as a great liberator, or you may begin to bow under the strain of those self-imposed restrictions, especially as your enjoyment of life progressively diminishes. A new inner balance and self-image is necessary. As this is achieved, any outer frustrations will correspondingly start to dissolve in equal measures to the increase in your self-confidence and clarified inner perspective. While initially it may appear as if the outer world and people are opposiing you, it is this same source which can offer great opportunities as your changes proceed. Through the interplay of your nature and the environment, many inner crises and tensions can be healed and resolved, releasing latent qualities, talents and potentials in their renewal of blocked energies. Look especially towards the houses and signs of the Sun-Saturn opposition for areas which could be especially revitalised, or where your talents could be effectively applied. Similarly, intimate relationships with partners or parents could be equally transformed, as old patterns derived from childhood frictions with authority figures or strict partents are replaced by more adult ones suited to your developed personality. Discovering a sincered loving partner could be very important, as a lover will revivify your self-image reflecting your qualities back, and this can convince you that you are worthy of being loved. Your inner question mark over this urgently needs resolving. A partner can also be a source of advice and confidence, and working cooperatively will open many new areas of potential, prviding you relax sufficiently to be open about your feelings and fears, and to acknowledge the emotional vulnerability of others too. Through greater sensitivity you can enter a different type of social relationship, as those barriers will have been dismantled, and your controlling nature reduced. Taking such a step may initially feel uncomfortable and unsettling, but doing so will transform the nature of your universe and liberate many repressed energies, recreating your future and enabling the following of your solar purpose. Sun square Saturn (Robert Pelletier) Because of the square of the Sun to Saturn, you have had to resolve conflicts about your self-worth during your early years and even into adulthood. You are naturally defensive and fear rejection by people you think of as superior. Success will not come easily because you underestimate your potential and don't assert yourself when you should. You must be willing to suffer the pain of rejection and the frustration of not reaching your goals. From these experiences you will learn, and your judgement will be sharpened so that you can make decisive plans for success. You just may have to fail in order to succeed.

Your qualifications show that you are suited to make achievements in teaching, philosophy, industrial management, conservation, or any occupation that requires methodical application of knowledge and experience. You must expect to begin at the bottom in your chosen field and plan your rise to prominence one step at a time. You must also learn to like yourself so that you can successfully meet competition as you continue to grow. Your present lack of confidence can become self-assurance later. And this applies to your personal relationships as well. In your early years, you tended to assume that others would not welcome your company, perhaps because you were not as aggressive and compulsive as they were. But then you relaized that not everyone admires people who come on strong and that you could relate to many people after all. You will undoubtedly choose a partner who can accept you as you are. Your mate will recognize that your potential is much greater than you know and will believe in you. Try to maintain a positive outlook on life. By talking to those you admire, you'll discover that they too have apprehensions and fears, and you are not alone. Sun opposition Saturn (Robert Pelletier) The opposition of your Sun to Saturn indicates that you are undergoing a crisis in consciousness, trying to discover who and what you are. You see challenges where they may not exist, and you need to be constantly reassured of your self-worth. You are trying to resolve your personal insecurity so that you can get on with the business of making a place for yourself. Most of your lessons will be learned through personal dealings, in which many crises will be resolved. Others feel as threatened by you as you feel threatened by them. Eventually you will achieve a proper perspective, and your self-confidence will be restored to normal. Once you have confidence in yourself, you can go on to success in such endeavors as teaching, contracting, conservation, law, mathematics, architecture, political organization, or any function in which you must express your talents and resources efficiently and with authority. Your partner in life will probably be your greatest source of advice and sound guidance. Discuss with your mate any pending decisions. Try not to become so hardened by experience that you are unmoved by emotional considerations. You should be concerned with the feelings of others as you assert yourself in the world. Temper your judgement with tenderness. Your lack of self-love is your greatest deterrent to success. If others won't give you room to expand, take it anyway. Don't wait for accolades from your competitors - you may wait a long time. But be careful that you don't restrict others when they try to express themselves. You must observe the same rules of behavior you expect others to abide by. As for your health, keep your salt intake at a minimum, and avoid remaining sedentary for long periods. This can have an important effect on your circulation. Sun square Saturn (Betty Lundsted) The child is born into an atmosphere in which the father does not like himself. The Sun represents 'I am'; it also indicates the type of physical father. Saturn indicates where repression comes from. It also indicates the psychological influence of the

father on the child. It can also be used to indicate how the father's father was - for when Saturn squares the Sun, it indicates that the grandfather was influential in developing the behavior pattern of the father, who in turn influences the child. Saturn runs in seven-year cycles, and the Bible is full of references to heredity and the sins of the fathers being visited on the sons. This metaphor can be interpreted as the influence of a parental behavior pattern on the children born into a family. When this aspect occurs it can mean that the father is feeling sorry for himself when the child is born, or he resents his fatherhood, his career, his life style, his responsibilities, his neighborhood, etc.. The child born at this time will inherit or learn Daddy's behavior pattern. The learning process is an unconscious one; the parent may not even be aware that he can influence his child in this manner. The life pattern that the child develops witll be described by the signs that the Sun and Saturn are in. Again, the child born into a positive sign may be anti-tradition, anti-father, anti-men, anti-organization. This energy can be used for accomplishing either good or bad, for world changers go against tradition but so do rabble-rousers. How one wishes to use this energy is a personal decision. When the child is mother-dominated, the Saturn affliction may affect him / her differently. The male child has to garner a sense of self-worth in a world he feels is balanced against him. Mothers rule the universe, he thinks; men have no value, he doesn't care for his father, and eventually he may manifest symptoms of not caring for himself. If the child is a girl, this aspect will affect her relationships with men, for she will have to work through her dislike of them. Here is the set-up for the homosexual woman, or for women who marry in order to disempower men, or for women who become passive and select men who destroy them, for what else do men do? Often the Saturn square Sun children have a father who leaves them. This is particularly important for girls, for some of them subconsciously expect any man they love to leave them since Daddy did. One never knows how the energy of the early environment affects the mind; but we can begin to understand when we listen to a client's problem and begin to tie it into the chart. Because we don't remember our early childhood impression, sometimes the only way to unearth them is by trying to understand the language of the symbolism contained in astrology. Sun square Saturn people carry with them an aura of resentment toward any authority figure, including the boss. People in management dislike people with this aspect, fora lthough the employee does his job he often does it with an 'attitude'. These people are sometimes better off self-employed or working at the management level, for they don't work well with others. In order to get into management, however, one has to do some time on the obedience level. Once a job is well learned, or if we have a talent to offer, we can advance our status. It's important that these people receive the training necessary to free them from subordinate positions. The aspect also doesn't make for enthusiasm in the school system, for teachers represent a form of authority too. Young people with this aspect need to learn to work with the Saturn energy long enough to turn it into a friend. Once the energy is disciplined, they can be world changers, for they methodically plod through reams of ideas and can decide which ones will be most productive. They have energy that allows them to stick to a commitment long enough to complete it. On the self-awareness level, since the father negatively influences these children on a psychological level, and this influence is rarely conscious, they need to develop feelings of self-worth. They have to convince themselves that they have a right to

invest time in themselves, to build a sense of self. When one has no sense of selfworth, one even feels guilty about asking for help, so it's difficult to go into therapy. These individuals may project all their problems onto others - it's the world's fault they aren't successful - and they may sound rather paranoid. A relationship that doesn't go well is the partner's fault; and all the ills in life happen because of other people. However, they aren't able to put much into a relationship until they like themselves, so healthy people may leave them. Understanding the attitude alleviates the problem. Learning that we all have a right to do something to help ourselves can lead these individuals into the right path. When we are on the right path for ourselves, we can feel it in our guts. We begin to feel good.

Natal Sun quincunx Saturn
(Robert Pelletier) The inconjunct from the Sun to Saturn shows that you are somewhat careless about your health and that you tend to take abuse from others. You seem determined to allow others to take advatage of your inability to say 'no' when they ask favours of you. Perhaps in your early years you did more of the household tasks than other members of your family, because you felt it was your duty. You have a subtle fear of others and the power they seem to have over you. Psychologically, this may be referred to as latent masochism, which means you are seeking ways to be punished for what you consider to be past mistakes. In your work, you might accept an obscure position in which there is little possibility of promotion, and in time your job would become boring and dull. It isn't that you are incapable of rising to better positions, but you may not be aggressive enough to be noticed by your superiors. Your survival instinct is distorted; you believe it is better not to 'rock the boat' than to take the chance that you cannot compete with others. But you must realize that others can take advantage of you only if you let them. Your striving for identity and personal significance will be greatly hampered unless you can detach yourself from others and become self-sufficient. Try to define a goal that you want to achieve, and then lay the groundwork and plans to do just that. Forget about what you will do beyond that. When the time comes, you will establish a new goal. If you take one step at a time, success will be yours. Don't compare your achievements with those of others - your greatest priority should be yourself. In your eagerness to be accepted you become tense and apologetic. You must learn to relax, or these reactions can lead to poor circulation and digestion. Be good to yourself and let others take care of themselves - you're worth more to yourself that way. (Karen Hamaker-Zondag) The inconjunct between the Sun and Saturn makes a person very difficult and touchy. He suffers from a vague sense of inferiority, and is haunted by anxiety for no apparent reason. The latent inferiority complex can make the native want to prove himself in a life of unremitting toil, or can make him try to curry favor by being very subservient and self-effacing. In the first instance, he can become extremely isolated through lack of time to socialize and can begrudge himself all sorts of innocent pleasures; in the second instance, nobody bothers with him because he never lets them see his true worth. Either way he has problems, but Saturn inclines him to persist in his course of

action for a rather long time. If he remains as he is, he knows what to expect; if he changes his attitude, who can tell what might happen? Better to have certainty with some discomfort, he reasons, than to brave the hazards of uncertainty. And so he obstinately continues to stand in his own light. Nevertheless, the native can gain self-confidence from his discipline and solid hard work and, as soon as he has a better understanding of the challenge posed by the inconjunct, he can function in a more conscious and structured way, knowing that in spite of being just one small cog in the machinery of the universe, he does have his own special job to do. (Betty Lundsted) Here the father influence is not downright negative, but it causes a strain to develop in the child. The strain concerns the 'I am' principle versus the tradition of the day, and the child wants to know 'Which do I follow?' Father disapproves in a vague way of the child's behavior, or even of the child's existence, but not in a violent way. When this child becomes an adult, the problem will manifest as a compromise between feelings of self-worth and restriction. The feeling of lack caused by Saturn will subtly undermine the expression of self. By using the keywords of the signs, planets and houses, the person with this aspect can train the energy to be manifested in a positive way.

Natal Sun conjunct Uranus
(Robert Pelletier) With the Sun conjunct Uranus, you are highly aware of yourself. You move freely in your environment, expressing yourself in your own unique fashion, unmindful that some people regard you as an eccentric. A very willful person, you are shocked if anyone dares to restrain you in any way. You jealously guard your rights to be yourself and spealk your mind without compromise. When your freedom is curtailed or denied, you have the courage to fight to regain it. You are intolerant of tradition and the social limitations resulting from it. Your permissive attitude could hinder success, because even people who are impressed by you may misinterpret you as being essentically unstable. Your arrogant nature developed early in life, in keeping with your accelerated individuality. In childhood you were as difficult to control as you are now. You took much less time than most to reach maturity, for you were too impatient to endure the restraints imposed by your elders. Because you grew up so quickly and had such a short childhood, you were maligned by some and admired by others. You love being free, and your profession must provide you with freedom to perform your assigned tasks in your own way. The possibilities for a career are almost unlimited. Politics, science, education, or some technical aspect of industry would allow you to exploit your creative potentials. Your philosophy is progressive, and these fields would benefit from your intuition and forethought. Progress is your most important product; you accept the lessons of the past only as a basis for continued development. You enjoy the company of others who share your excitement and expectations for the future. Your free-wheeling temperament, however, needs to be balanced by having a more down-to-earth mate. Otherwise it is too easy for you to lose contact with reality and meaningful social contact, which can enrich your life.

(Haydn Paul) You are likely to experience ongoing clashes and discord with others and society. THis is due to your essential tendency to be hughly individualistic and no-conformist, and this will inevitably bring you into conflict with the social traditions and lifestyle patterns of your country, by your determination to follow your unique path through life. You will not have a passive nature, or acquiesce easily in what is required of you by parents, school, religion or the state-aproved ways of social living; but you will be a passionate rebellious spirit rejecting, questioning or opposing those pressures with which you disagree or which you believe are intending to hinder your freedom. This 'passion', however, is not really emotionally rooted, but is your way of releasing a build-up of energy within your nature which has to find some means of release, similar to the boiling of water which transforms into steam to escape from a container. The slightest threat or fear of 'imprisonment' will cause you to begin looking for the escape route. This need for freedom - in whichever and however many ways you define 'freedom' will be a dominant factor influencing your life. The urgent need to express this tendency will create an unsettling impact upon your adult choices and life direction, and will probably interfere with focusing on your solar path. As a result of experiencing this inner pressure for change, you are likely to observe the elements of unpredictability flowing into your established life patterns. In some ways this could be beneficiial, but an energy acting in uncontrolled unconscious ways can severely disrupt a relatively harmonious lifestyle or family, because someone under its influence begins to act in a potentially destructive manner. Just 'throwing the energy away', attempting to reduce the inner pressure, is not constructive or sensible. This inner process indicates that change is needed, that this will usually be associated with a particaular sphere of life (indicated by this natal house conjunction or by planetary transits activating this aspect), and that a conscious attentive focus is required to tune into the messages being internally triggered so that the energy can be directed into suitable channels of expression. You will have to acknowledge and confront the implications of any innate hatred of restrictions, as life will invariably impose them through family, wmployment, and type of social environment. You may struggle against restrictions all your life, wanting to be 'free', but free to do what? And free to live in what way, and where? Probably you'll lack real answers, but a search to find a satisfying direction is crucial for you, and will reflect your quest for your higher social path; otherwise in gaining your freedom you'll discover that through cutting the binding ties you have become lost or have destroyed those foundations that are now recognised as being important and meaningful for you. In your intimate relationships, you will have to be aware of a tendency to invest your needs with supreme value and importance, where you insist upon individual rights and freedom to express your own nature without compromising, yet often fail to offer the same to your partner. You can have a problem of impatience tinged with intolerance, which can create friction, as can your attraction towards areas of experience that some may consider to be unorthodox or deviant from any socially acceptable norm. Not that such reactions unduly concern you; in fact you may feel tempted to flaunt any such preferences in the face of others. Probably you will be attracted towards entering sudden, intense, exciting physical and emotional relationships, especially spontaneous ones that can occur without too much consideration of any future implications. You prefer 'newness', through exploring the unknown, and may often shy away from commitment and responsibility,

partly based on fear and on your inability to often consider your partner's needs as highly as you do your own. The problem is how to balance your need for novelty and new experiences, your hatred of restictions, and your desire for individual freedom, with the demands of living with people in society. You need to become more mature in relationships, to become more aware of the value of mutual sharing, to care as much for your partner as you do for yourself, and, by helping him / her to express his / her own totality and not subduing his / her personal development by the dominating insistence of your needs, to learn to walk side by side with your partner into freedom and fulfilment. Recognising these tendencies is the first step to beginning taking conscious control to use innate energies, so that your life begins to work better, and becomes more meaningful and satisfying by gaining a greater social cohesion through integrating these planetary energies. One direction that may help in this self-renewal and personal re-orientation lies in expressing your urge for exploration, to investigate new horizons and interests; try not to live this out in a purely self-centred way, but instead attempt to redirect any benefits towards the well-being of others too, especially through improving the quality of relationships. Your mind may have an attunement to the Uranian 'higher mind' or 'Universal Mind'. This implies that there can be mental power, perhaps by your mind taking sudden logic leaps and making connections which can offer new insights or ways of looking at life. While sometimes this can be too erratic and undisciplined to be fully utilised, the natural direction that it moves towards is futuristic. This is both a reaction against the restrictions of predictable staid and static social traditions and also potentially a tool to be used in the visualisation and formation of possible future societies. Combining your natural tendencies to permissiveness and creative expression, you may develop in terms of progressive futurist philosophies and attitudes, associating with like-minded groups and individuals to help build the Aquarian New Humanity. Embodying new lifestyle patterns and more open attitudes can offer a new world for you to explore and one which can benefit others too. Here lies a freedom with less restriction, allowing you to express a rebellious nature against social limitations while helping to build a more understanding and free world for everyone to share. Taking such a direction can enable you to dissolve previous self-preoccupations into participation in group endeavours. This fusion of your Uranian tendencies with a projected heroic path can build a lighted way in your life, where the positive contributions of both Sun and Uranus can be released for individual and collective benefits. (Karen Hamaker-Zondag) The great need here is to develop as an individual, and, where feasible, to break through set patterns in order to create profitable new openings - even though Uranus does not necessarily encourage practicality. The pattern-breaking can sometimes be destructive from sheer perverseness and an unwillingness to be trammeled by convention, because the pasion for freedom is sometimes unbridled. To those around, the native's liability to shock and to make sudden breaks can be seen as irrational, deliberately provocative and very unsettling, and to some extent they are right. Nevertheless, the same lack of restraint and need to break through existing structures that make the Sun / Uranus conjunction so unpredictable are responsible

for a glittering cascade of original ideas. Some of these ideas will have little value, but many will be useful innovations. Not for nothing do we think of Uranus as the planet of the inventor. All t