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Task One 1.1.

1 The factor I chose was that the school was in an urban community where most of the students also live in the urban community. I would take a direct approach in the instructional strategy, and more of a learning style using an audio and visual approach to this lesson. I would teach the second graders on the social studies state standard 2.2. This teaches children about communities. By explaining how their school and classmates houses are in an urban community and the teachers house is in a suburban, and the student teachers house is in a rural area, you could explain and show these differences. I would begin the lesson by showing pictures and having the students categorize the three parts then watch a video and facts about each. Then end by making a map of each part as a group. This way you are showing and explaining all parts with things they can relate to. I would also use the direct approach instructional strategy by then classifying and comparing and contrasting the community to other communities the children are familiar with. The next factor is within the school district, and I chose to talk about the number of gifted and talented students as a whole. This number is very low. I would take the instructional strategy of the indirect approach with problem solving skills, concept mapping, case studies, and even reading with meaning to increase this score. Children need to be challenged in schools in order to reach new heights. If we are always teaching them right where they need to be they will never get ahead. The learning style is taking each of them and using them in different instructional strategy goals. By applying each of the learning styles you are allowing every child to learn in their own way. The last factor is within the school. Within a classroom the teacher must look at the students and how they learn best. In my students all about me and from talking to my students they love to sing, dance, and some rap. Therefore applying the learning strategy of audio and kinesthetic learning can be used. Take a lesson in Language Arts. Teaching children the sounds of letters and blends sometimes may not be easy, but when applying music to this they will sing along and are still learning these sounds. There are plenty of resources that can be used in finding dances and songs for them to sing with. The instructional strategy to this would be through the interactive strategy. 1.1.2 My ESOL are the classroom demographics that I chose. I believe that these students need an instructional strategy of instructional design and the learning style of visual, logical, and verbal. I believe that these students need to be taught the logical behind concepts because they may not have prior experiences and need to build that schema to learn more concepts. By allowing them to ask why with the instructional design strategy and demonstrating concepts are building that schema for the students. Take a lesson where you are teaching students about matter. The three states of matter are gas, liquid, and solids. If you are using ice/snow to show how it changes from solid to liquid and a student have never seen snow then they could not relate to this concept. The teacher

would need to change the example or build their schema. There are plenty of ways to make fake snow. In my student interest chart, which is the area of interest factor, a lot of the students said they liked to play games. There are always games online that can help increase learning on harder concepts. This would include the instructional strategy of interactive design and the learning style of kinesthetic and logical. 1.2.1 The community factors that is highly important in students learning. This can even include parental support as a whole instead of a class. Career day is a perfect way to incorporate EEDA lessons into the classroom. By having a career day students are open up to the possibility of jobs they may have not thought about. Another factor that highly contributes to the classroom are the resources and instructional materials for each teacher and students. It should not just be up to the teacher to buy all the materials needed for the classroom. The school should be willing to buy materials for the classes to share. This could mean math kits, science kits, social studies materials, and even leveled books. The school I am located at does all of this wonderfully. Disciplinary actions are very important in a school, but it should not all be up to the teacher to implement. They need help with some students who have harsh behavior styles. Take child with an IEP with autism. I have seen this child when he is angry, and he has to be taken out by another male shadow. The school took action and changed his shadow to this male figure, and his behavior has changed tremendously. I think the school took proper action in assisting not only the child, but also the teacher and class as well. Every child has different ways to be handled, and sometimes it is out of the teachers hands. A good administration that can help a teacher figure out proper actions is highly important. 1.2.2 Student interest surveys are wonderful to use to find things to relate to students. If a student has a standard that is just not clicking, I would look back at their inventory and find something to relate to that standard. When you can find something that helps the child relate to something they do not understand you are allowing them to develop that schema for the information. One of the sections in the student interest survey is to write fun facts about themselves. I had a student write they were in love with La Hacienda, a Mexican restaurant in town. If a student was have trouble adding or subtracting number refer to their favorite items at the restaurant. An example could be, Sue had 5 tacos and wanted 10 more. How many does she have now? You can amp the question up for the difficulty needed for every grade level. 1.2.3

I decided to write a letter to my parents and introduce myself. I decided to do this letter so they could learn a little about me and why I am going to be in their childs class. This letter was approved by my teacher and allowed for responses back through parents with any questions through my email. I will also have a section every other week in the newsletter that my cooperating teacher sends out. This way I can also keep in touch with parents and they can understand what is happening within the classroom during my teaching. 1.2.4 We will be active listeners by listening to others with our ears, eyes, and whole body when they are thinking. This rule is highly important because it helps in classroom management, student learning, and etiquette. If students are listening with their whole body then they will learn. Students should learn to be active listeners in the classroom in order to learn. This is something that children need to be reminded of. Internet safety is posted at the computer wall in every classroom. It is highly important that children are taught and retaught the rules of the Internet. The rule I believe is important is, anyone can see what you post on the internet. This means they can see what you do, what you say, or what you put online. A lot of time children do not see this and often post rude comment, racy photos, and much more. As a teacher, this safety is important. The internet can be a wonderful resource when used properly. There is a lot that children do not need to see, but this makes them curious. Online resources can enhance student learning and open up the world to a child. It needs to be taught, and I will continue to stress, that children need all safety procedures on the internet before they get into trouble. The behavior management procedure for the class is done in a tally system. Each time a child does not follow directions, is not paying attention, not walking correctly in the hallway, or talking when out of turn they receive a tally mark. The tally page is divided up by the sections listed above so that way when serving the consequences the teacher can remember what they are serving for. If the student receives more than three tally marks each day, they will get a call home at the end of the day. This system seems to work because they do not like getting tally marks and calls home.