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Long before the smoke detector fraud the fire sprinkler system fraud developed. The basic motivation for both frauds was the same. Fire is a business, a business that generates about five hundred billion dollars a year in money transfers today. Those who receive the dollars fear the unregulated marketing of within the building systems and solutions that have the potential to near completely eliminate building fires. As long as the means to control the building fire is located a mile or more from where the fire is, the fires will continue and the profits and funding due to fires will continue. But allow the means to detect and automatically (or manually) control fire, while still small, to be entered into buildings and the money pot will be greatly diminished. With the means to control fire 10 minutes to a half hour away from the site of the fire, and with fire having the ability to kill all occupants of a home within five minutes, the continuity of fire and the money flow due to fire will be guaranteed. There has been a time when the smoke detector fraud and the fire sprinkler fraud was tended to and preserved due to the same fraudulent test program. The Dunes Tests is where the tests were rigged to certify the defective ionization device (so-called smoke detector) as reliable. These same tests were falsified to discredit sprinkler protection and restrict the use of low cost and modernized sprinkler systems. The attached report explains how one test program was rigged to prevent reliable fire detectors from being installed in homes and to also prevent the marketing of practical and affordable residential fire sprinkler systems. The report illustrates the magnitude of the corruption underlying the fire safety programs in America. Richard M. Patton, Registered Engineer, Researcher and Consultant Author, The American Home is a Firetrap 9,25,2012