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Revision Activity

1) Read and complete: Use the words in the box

Is there __________________ on TV tonight?
I’m bored. I want to go ____________________ nice tonight.
Does _________________ have change for two dollars? I want to make a phone call.
Close your eyes! I have ____________________ for you.
___________________ took my newspaper this morning. Who was it?
I looked for my newspaper, but I couldn’t find it _________________.
Jane works ________________ in the centre of town.
Where did you put my coat? _______________________ in the kitchen.
There’s _______________________ at the door. Can you open it, please?

Somebody / something / somewhere /
anywhere / anybody / anywhere
2) Complete the sentences with some or any and a word from the box









Example: Would you like to listen to ___________________? I have a new CD.
a- People couldn’t sit down at the party because there weren’t ____________________________.
b- I couldn’t take _______________________ on holiday because the weather was so bad.
c- We couldn’t buy ___________________ in the supermarket because our money was in the car.
d- I would like to wash my hair, so I ___________________________________.
e- I need to put _______________________ in the car. It’s nearly empty.
f- Do you have ____________________? I want to post these letters.
g- There were _____________________ very interesting ____________________ at the party.
h- I want ____________________ from the library.
3) Complete the questions with How much …? Or How many …?, then write true answers for
a- ____________________________________________? (homework/you/get)
b- ____________________________________________? (English books/you/have)
c- ____________________________________________? (a cup of coffee/cost)
d- ____________________________________________? (languages/you/speak)
e- ____________________________________________? (people/in your class)
f- ____________________________________________? (week’s holiday/have/in summer)
g- ____________________________________________? (coffee/you/drink a day)