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31. 045 .1.Mutiara Permata Sari Tingkat 1 A P.11.71.O.

Scary Movie .

jigsaw is a former civil engineer dying from an inoperable frontal lobe tumor that had developed from colon cancer. the purpose of his traps is to see if the subject has the will to survive. jigsaw experienced a new respect for his own life and set out to force others through deadly trials to help them appreciate their own lives by testing their will to live through self-sacrifice.1. Saw   In the series' narrative. As opposed to other killers. Jigsaw does not actually intend to kill his subjects. and thus inflict enough psychological trauma for the subjects to appreciate their life and save themselves from their own demons . After a failed suicide attempt.

ju-on 1 until ju-on 3. where the victims' bodies may or may not disappear. It was said that when one person dies with a deep and burning grudge. such as entering the house or being in contact with somebody who was already cursed. a curse is born. The curse manifests on those who encounter the curse by any means. The curse's manifestation is mainly death. The following deaths create more curses and spreads the curse in other places. Ju-on in english means the curse. The curse gathers in the place where that person has died or where he was frequent at (in the series' case. This movie has three sequel. the house in Nerima) and repeats itself there. This movie tells the story of a curse created by a murdered housewife in a house in Nerima.2. . Ju-on Ju-on is japanese horror movie.

Malam Satu Suro The ghost displayed here is Sundel Bolong . but the protagonist. the Kuntilanak not portrayed as villains. .3. Uniquely in this film. Spooky and memorable scenes from the movie whose name is Sundel Bolong Suketi playing b piano in her husband's house as a parting gift.