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In 1972 the federal government produced a report on the fire problem in America. It was called America Burning. This report was intended to convince Congress that there was an extremely serious fire problem within the United States and that only a federal effort could solve the problems. The report was typical federal BS, a politically correct document that carefully avoided the truth. The report was careful to follow in the footsteps of the powerful of the fire business and not put the blame on those mainly responsible. Rather the feds assigned the causes of fire to the unknown, the abstract, God, the victims and wherever else the right people would not be offended. That was a politically correct thing to do because at all costs corruption within the regulatory system was off the table. Blaming the victims was the politically wise thing to do because, if the victim was the person responsible for his demise, why then who else would need to be blamed (no one of course). So the feds decided that there were three causes of fire: men, women and children. How nice and neat that conclusion was. I Attach a report that provides a far more honest and useful analysis of why America is burning, Yes, within 4 pages I say more about the reasons why America is burning than the feds did within that entire xxxpage compendium of correctness they foisted upon us in 1972. My report is certain to have many of our hallowed fire experts foaming at the mouth. So let them foam. R. M. Patton