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You've been taught, conditioned and drilled to believe this is where you are.

Yo u believe, this is where you live.Yet! you have an address with an area code inc luded. A formula called: EARTH. Handed to you at birth by way of another formula called: SCHOOL. The image could have been pink and rectangular....and you'd sti ll buy this formula called: EARTH. You believe the gravity theory! You believe E arth is spinning on its axis! You believe what your looking at. I bet you believ e the Sun is yellow too. According to most religions, (which I really don't care for) the EARTH was "supposed" to be void without shape or form. Definitely olde r than the Sun! Cut the bull shit!!! (PROOF) And GOD, created light on the 4th d ay. Hmmmmm! EARTH was definitely already the dark if GOD figured he n eeded to create light on the 4th day and saw that it was good. Remember! >>>> Ea rth was: With out shape or any form, in the dark. Most of YOU are in the dark wi thout shape or any form. So! what exactly are we looking at? Can this be debated ? Yes! Can everything that I'm saying be debated? Yes! But the one thing I will remove your head with is: >>>> that address on your drivers license don't say EA RTH. So if this is where you think that you live because you were conditioned an d programmed to believe that, I need to see your license and registration. You m ight be a program called: HUMAN. And I don't stoop down to any programs called: HUMANS. I dare anyone of y'all to get stopped or pulled over....and tell a cop: Earth is where you live! I can promise you where you will be living for the next 24-72 hours This is just food for thought! Don't attempt to engage in a debate you will get your ass embarrassed in