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My Hometown

A hometown is a place where a person’s ancestors were born. So, hometown is really an important place for everybody. Everybody likes his/her hometown. The name of my hometown is hitta!on!. Historically it is known as Samander. hitta!on! is a divisional town. "t is a ma#or metropolitan town and port city of $an!ladesh. "t is o%r co%ntry’s principle sea port and important ind%strial center. So, it is said as the commercial capital of $an!ladesh. "t is sit%ated on the bank of &arnaf%lly river. "ts pop%lation is over '.( million. "t is the second most pop%lo%s town of $an!ladesh. The area of this town is abo%t (,)*).+* s,%are kilometer. The name of hitta!on! probably emer!ed from a mi-t%re of $en!ali name hatta!ram and hat!aon and Arkanese name .Tsi/Tsi/!on!0 of the town. There are many important and interestin! places in an aro%nd this town. 1e can see the lon!est nat%ral sandy sea/beach known as o-’s $a2ar, the bea%tif%l part of hitta!on! hill districts known as $andarban, the man made bea%tif%l lake named &aptai, 3ia m%se%m, hitta!on! irc%it Ho%se, 1ar emetery, 4oy’s 5ake, $atali Hill, Ethnolo!ical M%se%m of hitta!on! etc. hitta!on! is also famo%s as the home of some important personalities. S%ch as/ Abd%l Hakim, 6stad Ala%ddin &han, 7r. Mohammad 8%n%s, S%rya Sen, 9ritilata 1adder, Mir2a Ahmed "spahani, $inod $ihari and many more. " really love my hometown. " am really happy to have s%ch a flo%rished hometown. " am pro%d of my hometown.